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If you’re a trophy hunter like myself, you will know the satisfaction gained from grinding out a long and difficult trophy list to achieve the platinum trophy. I decided to open up a channel that primarily documents the platinum trophies that I earn whilst on the Playstation 3 & 4. Each video showcases the final moments before the platinum trophy is earned and the platinum itself being unlocked.

This channel is more-so for my own personal enjoyment and my own video log for the platinums that I’ve earned but instead of keeping them and not sharing to the world I figured other trophy hunters would enjoy seeing a trophy diary of some sorts like this.


Below is a playlist for all the platinum trophies that I have earned, some are posted on my old channel “Headsh0tPlatinums” and the rest are now uploaded onto the new channel “BrendensPlatinums”. Check out the platinum’s that I’ve earned below!


The BrendensPlatinums channel has also recently introduced a new section to the channel devoted to helping out fellow trophy hunters through the form of Trophy/Achievement guides.

As a trophy hunter I understand the difficulties of achieving a trophy and sometimes it helps to have a visual of how to complete it, this is why I’ve decided to help out the fellow gamer and provide a short and to the point video walk through on how to accomplish trophies within various games.

Below is a playlist containing all of the trophy guides posted on the “BrendensPlatinums” channel, if the video helped you out in anyway feel free to show your gratitude by leaving a rating and by subscribing to the channel.

And now recently, BrendensPlatinums has also taken a new direction by expanding into walkthroughs/playthroughs of various games! I’ve always wanted to do walkthroughs but found that I often lacked the motivation to complete the game.  I believe that doing playthroughs on games will make me play and complete more games and force me to finish them rather than leave them and play something else half way through.

Below is a playlist of my latest walkthrough that I’ve been playing.


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