Extreme Rules 2014: Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro – Triple Threat Match

Ex-tag team partners Cesaro and Jack Swagger will have another opportunity to take out their anger against one another at Extreme Rules. Only this time, there will be an additional five-star Superstar to take into consideration: Rob Van Dam.

On the April 28 edition of Raw Backstage Fallout, it was announced that the three competitors will meet in a Triple Threat Match this Sunday, bringing to a head weeks of bad feelings among them.

Swagger and his Real American mentor, Zeb Colter, have had it out for Cesaro ever since “The King of Swing” ditched them and hitched his wagon to Paul Heyman the night after WrestleMania. Meanwhile, RVD became mixed up in the drama during the Intercontinental Title No. 1 Contender’s Tournament: Van Dam defeated Cesaro by count-out in the second round after Swagger attacked “The Swiss Superman” behind the referee’s back.

Though Van Dam turned down a subsequent offer to join Swagger and Colter, his trouble didn’t end there, as Cesaro and Swagger interrupted his match against Bad News Barrett in the tournament finals the following week, leading to “Mr. Monday Night’s” exit from title contention.

This Sunday at Extreme Rules, one of the three Superstars will score vindication, but who will it be? Colter and RVD have both cautioned Cesaro to be wary of his new business partner, Heyman; to what degree will that affect Cesaro’s mindset heading into Extreme Rules?

Before The Real Americans’ breakup, much of the WWE Universe’s attention was keyed in on Cesaro. Can Swagger prove that the hype was misplaced and rightfully belongs to him?

Or will the always-exciting RVD, having lost his opportunity at the Intercontinental Title for the time being, again soar to victory with an all-important win over Cesaro and Swagger, who just happen to have two of WWE’s most brilliant minds in their respective corners?



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