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    • Echo Wilson

      So...I missed a week. I should probably explain that. Well, let's start with the fact that taking a forums hiatus was purely my idea, and not anything involving my parents decision.

      Senior year is tough, for those of you who have gone through it you'll get what i'm saying. My GPA is good, my extra curriculars are above average but my test scores are abysmal. If I didn't pick those up, then I'd be out of the running for a lot of good school. So I decided with the ACT coming up it would be best for me if I shut myself off from the forums which were dominating my time.

      I don't expect to continue right where I left off and I completely am okay with losing matches at Halloween Havoc for the week I was off. I'm sure Jason has done a fantastic job. I feel sorry that we couldn't end this awesome feud with a bang. 

    • JoshsNow

      On Monday it’s been 2 years since I made my first post. Can I just say it’s been an amazing 2 years since I fully joined and thank you everyone for making it that

  • Posts

    • Im hoping Drew Gets added to the match so we can at least have a decent universal championship match lmao
    • Strowman is the right guy to have the belt. Hes over, hes credible and can play the babyface or heel role. I get it, we want Ambrose/Rollins for the belt. But they can save that. Braun and McIntyre would be great for now.
    • They’ll most likely put the title on Braun, have him hold it until Rumble, have Dean win it and Seth win the rumble setting up Seth vs Dean at Mania
    • Man, this scene is wide open now. I can't see Strowman getting the belt and keeping it till WM, so if I had to make a pick, it would be Ambrose and Rollins for the Universal Title match at the Show of Shows. Both of those guys can do a good job with the title and can put up an amazing match together, and if they book it right, it would be great. I wouldn't count out Drew getting the belt down the line either, but I think that Strowman will keep it for a while and the only two guys who I can see him dropping it to are the ones I mentioned earlier. 
    • I woke up to hear the Roman Reigns news and was really shocked. It's really sad and reminds us that these wrestlers are actually just people like the rest of us, something that we tend to forget when watching the product. It was rough to see him get booed in his entrance knowing what he was going to say, but he got the standing ovation that he deserverd in the end. Seeing the emotions on the faces of Ambrose and Rollins showed their friendship and all the backstage stuff was touching as well.  Yet, I believe that turning Ambrose tonight was the right call. Think about it, without the Shield being complete, Ambrose's turn becomes as predictable as it gets. This was the way to give him a proper shock moment and give him the heat, I am confident that he would have been cheered otherwise and how he is probably the most hated man on the roster. Seth sold it really great as well. It was the best turn since the orginal shield break up in my opinion and elevates Rollins and Ambrose, eventhough they were stars already. 
    • SEASON 12 | EPISODE 14   Michael Cole: Hot off the heels of Hell in a Cell, this is Monday Night RAW! The General Manager Constable Corbin is in the ring. Constable Corbin: At Hell in a Cell, Braun Strowman became the number one contender for the Universal Championship and he will challenge John Cena next month at Survivor Series. In the meantime, the anonymous majority shareholder and myself have decided that, to preserve that match, Braun Strowman and John Cena will become a tag team. And just to sweeten the deal, you two will compete at TLC in two weeks for the RAW Tag Team Championship against The Revival. Later tonight, Braun Strowman will face Scott Dawson. Next week, John Cena will take on Dash Wilder. Speaking of Survivor Series, that is the focus tonight. By the end of the show, you will know every member of Team RAW. That includes the captain, who I'm about to announce right now. This Superstar has been on a roll as of late and what he did at Hell in a Cell made the decision to name him captain that much easier. He isn't here tonight because I gave him the night off, but the first member of Team RAW and captain is... The other three members will all be decided tonight in Triple Threat Matches. The winners of those matches will join Joe on the team. And the first match starts...now! Michael Cole: Remember, this is a Triple Threat Match, but you have to wonder if Roman Reigns is thinking this is going to be 2-on-1. Match 1 - Triple Threat Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens Corey Graves: Roman Reigns overcomes the double team, drops KO with a Superman Punch and Spears Sami Zayn for the win. Roman Reigns wins. Michael Cole: But now this means Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe are on the same team. Joe cost Reigns the Universal Championship. How are they going to get along? In the back, Braun Strowman is getting ready for his match. He runs into John Cena. Braun Strowman: Listen to me when I tell you this. I am not your partner. I am not your friend. I am the monster that's going to take your Universal Championship. Until then, stay out of my way. Match 2 - Singles Braun Strowman w/Universal Champion John Cena vs RAW Tag Team Champion Scott Dawson w/RAW Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder Braun Strowman defeats Scott Dawson by way of pinfall via Strowman Slam. Corey Graves: Are we short on time or something? Braun Strowman just annihilated Scott Dawson. Byron Saxton: And he never took his eyes off John Cena. Michael Cole: Next week, John Cena faces Dash Wilder. But still to come tonight, two more Triple Threat Matches to determine the last members of Team RAW at Survivor Series. Constable Corbin named Samoa Joe the first member and team captain. Roman Reigns joined the team earlier tonight. In the main event, it will be Finn Balor versus Dolph Ziggler versus Seth Rollins! Corey Graves: That's new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to you, Michael Cole. Byron Saxton: He cheated to win after taking advantage of Rollins' injured knee. Corey Graves: Win any way you can, Byron. Unfortunately for you, you couldn't win in any way possible and that's why you're sitting here. Michael Cole: But coming up next, we find out who the next member of Team RAW will be! Match 3 - Triple Threat The Miz vs Jinder Mahal vs Daniel Bryan Michael Cole: Yes Kicks to Jinder! And now the Yes Lock on Miz! Miz taps! Daniel Bryan joins Team RAW! Daniel Bryan wins. Corey Graves: If managers weren’t banned from ringside, the outcome would have been completely different. On the next SmackDown Live, prepare yourself for a huge Tag Team Match. United States Champion Batista teams with Shinsuke Nakamura to take on "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Plus, Nikki Bella defends the SDL Women's Championship against Beth Phoenix one-on-one. In the locker room, RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks approaches Asuka. Sasha Banks: What do you say we take care of your "Foxy Bliss" problem together on Main Event? Asuka: Okay. Then, I'm coming for the RAW Women's Championship. Sasha Banks: Looking forward to it. Michael Cole: Welcome back. Paige is already in the ring. Match 4 - Singles Paige vs Nia Jax     Byron Saxton: Nia Jax continues to dominate since returning to WWE Dreams. Michael Cole: Our main event is next! Match 5 - Triple Threat (Non-title) Finn Balor vs Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins     Michael Cole: Team RAW is now set: Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Finn Balor! Thank you for joining us. Goodnight!   Emoji Recap: 👮👊🏽👹☝🏻☝🏻👁👁🙌🏻
    • The presentation of the turn was excellent. Just letting Ambrose speak and the crowd react was brilliant. A genuine shock and a really good moment to execute the turn. This is a turn that will get the fans to truly boo. Rollins is a hot babyface, he can explode now with a strong feud with Dean. Now that Roman is out, it means someone new can step up and take the ball. One of these two might be that guy. 
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