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All Elite Wrestling: "AEW Revolution PPV" #40 (TEW2020)

After months of build, it's finally here, AEW Revolution! This show will feature the anticipated match between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, The Inner Circle vs The Young Bucks and MJF vs Sting and much more!
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"Murphy's Law" WWE Universe Mode: #44

The final RAW before Wrestlemania! Brock Lesnar will be in action, plus Becky Lynch versus Ruby Riott! Our Main Event will be Buddy Murphy teaming with AJ Styles to battle Robert Roode and Samoa Joe. Who will have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania? Find out in this episode of "WWE 2k20 Universe Mode".
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Wrestlemania 37

The long journey to the biggest show of the year has nearly reached its destination. WWE WrestleMania 37 is almost here, and given the circumstances, this should be one of the more memorable editions of the "Show of Shows" that we've seen in quite some time. Streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Sakura Genesis

With the New Japan Cup behind us, we now head to Sakura Genesis. Ryogoku plays host to the spring spectacular for the first time since 2018, as cup winner Will Ospreay does battle with Kota Ibushi in the main event for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.
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    • Following a commercial break, we return back to Carnage. Tensions between competitors continue to rise as we get closer to Heroes Immortales. The camera cuts back to the ring, where we see the 2x World Heavyweight Champion Sameer on the top rope doing his pose for the crowd. At Heroes Immortales, he'll be going up against Big Money Nate and The Tiger in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Now in the ring, Sameer takes the microphone and begins to speak to the audience. Last week, I was once again blind-sighted by Big Money Nate and his idiotic muscle goon that calls himself "The Tiger". Yet again Nate shows how much of a coward he really is. He's hiding from a fair fight with me, trust me Nate soon enough, reality will hit you and you'll go from riches to rags. But what if, I embarrass you before then, you know more than a lot of people Nate. You and I both know that no matter how far my back is against the wall, I'll always keep swinging. You're as corrupt as they come in this business. The power that you hold here on Carnage won't be enough for you to take me down and by the time you figure that out, it'll be too late for you. The Tiger won't be there to save you.  Speaking of him, I got some words for that son of a bitch. I saw you're little segment earlier tonight. You cost me the World Heavyweight Championship at BPZMania, congrats pal. You got the spotlight on yourself again. The way I see it is that you've been gifted big-time match after match against some of the best on this brand. Each and every time, you seem to fall short. Maybe it's not clear to you but it's pretty clear to me that you can't hang when it's prime time. Like you said it could be you getting a Number One Contenders match against FDS right now instead of Max. However, once again you fell short in the Battle Royal. It just seems to be the story with you. I don't care how long you've held the NXT Championship because you're playing with boys down there. I wasn't given the name The Beast for no reason. I was given that name long before you came along pal. I got the name when I dominated the Premium Divison in 2015, I was the first-ever man to hold a belt for 6 months long. Unlike you, I'm able to control myself in that ring but trust me, I can cause some fucking havoc if I choose to. You can try and kill me but when you are down on the mat just like everyone else who has attempted to, don't say I didn't warn you. You call yourself a Tiger but right now you look like a puppet that's in Nate's pocket. Take the next couple of days to gloat about how you put down Sameer at BPZMania after he had a 30 minute battle with one of BPZ's best. How you put him down with a blind-sighted attack. You have no pride, others in the back may be frightened of you, but I'm not. You can attempt you break my arm, leave me unconscious on the mat. It won't make me fear you. At Heroes Immortales, you might have the advantage in numbers but you don't have the heart and determination that I have. You picked a bone with the wrong dog, you'll realize that when you step in the ring with me in Mexico City. You two want to rule Carnage by fear but what do you do to those who aren't afraid? With that question asked, Sameer drops the microphone in the middle of the ring. He stares into the camera before exiting the ring and heading backstage, sending a message here tonight to the General Manager and The Tiger. 
    • Hello my sweet boys, I have been bullied by Tomal into giving my review of the album I received for this album swap. The album that I was assigned was Justice, the sixth studio album by singer, songwriter, and overall Canadian human, Justin Bieber. Now, as some of you know, I am usually a rock/metal guy. I listen to songs that have what many would consider as “Cookie Monster” vocals. However, I do enjoy a good dabble in pop music. I’m not one of those metal elitists who only listen to metal and think that everything else is trash, if it’s catchy it’s catchy.    However, whenever it comes to Justice, the sixth studio album by singer, songwriter, and overall Bill Clinton hater, Justin Bieber, it makes me consider whether it not humanity should be punished for creating the concept of music. It makes me hope that the person who suggested this album, and I know who it is, counts their lucky fucking stars that I don’t currently know their address and they can rest easy for at least one more night with both kneecaps in tact.   Now look friends, I was alive in 2012. I remember when Bieber Fever was at its zenith. I remember when any human that didn’t listen to Bieber fucking hated him and wished death on our sweet man. I never really fell into that, I just mostly didn’t care, I was too busy listening to shit like Korn and Slipknot and Epic Rap Battles of History (I was hardcore as fuck). So whenever I was assigned this album, I just kinda sighed, dug in, and expected to listen to a standard pop album.    I played the first song on the album, 2 Much, and was really bored. I’d equate that song to a fart that doesn’t make any noise and leaves only wisps of an odor. It happened, but just barely, The only thing I could say about it is that it is, in fact, a song, that was written and recorded. But whatever, right? It’s just the first song, there’s still plenty more to go, an odd choice for your first outing, but eh what do I know?    This is what I thought as the first song drew to a close, and then the second song started, and it sounded exactly the same. It’s literally the same song with bespackelings of synthesizers. That’s when the fear started, that sinking feeling of dread as I sat on my porch with a cigarette in my hand. “Oh god” I said aloud, “is the whole album gonna sound this way?”    Yes, yes it did.    There is nothing that I can say about this album, what I said about the album's opener is essentially what I could repeat 16 more times and then wait for my next album. It is simply an album that happened. There was nothing exciting that happened, nothing that surprised me, nothing that really grabbed my attention. It was legitimately 15 ballads, all sung in the same key, at the same tempo, and had the same instrumentals playing over them. I was prepared to just give this mediocre album a mediocre rating and be done with it, and then I listened to the MLK Interlude, that little nugget right in the middle of the album.    It was a very nice clip, it would probably be better if it had any goddamn thing to do with the rest of the album, but on its own, it’s fine. And then you get to literally the last second of the track, and you hear the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say “You died when you refused to stand up for Justin.” I had to listen to it a couple more times just to make sure it wasn’t something going wrong on my end. I even pulled it up on YouTube to make sure nothing was going on on Spotify. Nope, it’s there. It’s deliberately cut to where the “ce” are taken out of the word justice.    Up until that point, I didn’t understand why Bieber had received all the hate he has throughout his career. I didn’t know why people wished for his death in the early 2010s, especially when he wrote and released a song like Boyfriend, which was instrumental in ending the war in Iraq. I didn’t understand the hate he received  in the mid 2010s, when he was trying his absolute hardest to be seen as a “bad boy.” But honestly, I think I get it now. I think I know why people have despised him over the better part of 10 years.    This dudes ego is so monstrous that he’d take the voice of a man who was literally gunned down because he wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he knew was right. A man murdered because he saw the suffering and torment that the generations of his race before him had gone through, that he himself had gone through, and that the generations after his death will and are going through. He took this man’s heartful and soaring voice (might I add, the clip he used is also considered a RARE clip of a Dr. King sermon) of a man telling a choir that if you do not stand for what you believe in, stand for what you know is right, and stand for what you are willing to die for, then you are already dead. He took those words, and he said “but like what about me tho?”    And to top it off, not only did he edit the clip, but he used the transition to set up yet another shitty pop ballad. The same as every song before the interlude, and the same as every song after it. It’s all the same. I can even give you a full synopsis of the album in like 3 words; “I love my wife.” This album is like what The Big Day would’ve been if a white guy made it.    Overall, I give this album a ⅕ rating. I will probably never listen to or think about this album ever again.    Fuck you Bailey.
    • Brody King Tom Lawlor Karl Fredricks team
    • New Japan Cup USA 2021: Day Two Matchcard: Semi-Final: Brody King (ROH) vs Lio Rush (Free Agent) Semi-Final: Hikuleo (Bullet Club) vs Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy) Bonus Point: Hontai (Misterioso, Adrian Quest, Barrett Brown, & Jordan Clearwater) vs Karl Fredericks, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, & The DKC  
    • The scene begins late at night as the camera pans across the Mansion belonging to the King Sabretooth and now the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time. A lot had happened since his press conference prior to BPZMania VI having retained his NXT Championship against Jack Bishop in dominant fashion letting the world know that he personified the NXT Division. Despite his dominance of Jack Bishop,this did not translate to success in the Nebakos Battle Royal as he lost to the other favourite in the match: Max Volare who now had an opportunity to face FDS for the Number 1 contendership for the Universal Championship. It was certainly what could have been for the Tiger and honestly he was fed up of seeing others prosper at his expense. It’s why it was such a huge shock in BPZ when he showed up after the World Championship match laying out the Beast known as Sameer allowing Big Money Nate to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase for the victory to steal the World title from a man who had finally reached the summit of BPZ. It was revealed that the payment had been made to lay out the rival of the GM after his NXT Championship match to leave him incapacitated and vulnerable to a Cash in. The alliance between the King Sabretooth and General Manager of Carnage was confirmed to be more than a one time thing as revealed on the latest episode of Wednesday Night Carnage as the 6’4 Animal blindsided Sameer and locked him into the Jaws of The Tiger to apply some damage to the right arm. It was shortly after this moment that a match was proposed for the next Carnage event: Heroes Immortales with the opportunity for the self proclaimed Beast to get his revenge against the GM and his hired gun in a 2 on 1 handicap match but nothing had been set in stone as of just yet. However this did not mean that the Tiger would remain silent, in fact quite the opposite. This was an opportunity to bring the BPZ Universe into the new World he had entered post BPZMania VI. The camera shot finally arrived at its destination near poolside meeting with the NXT Champion and his blonde femme fatale whom had yet to be introduced properly having made her first appearance at the surprising BPZ Press Conference of the Champion. The Behemoth was clad in black with his NXT Championship resting on his shoulder whilst his partner was in a similar coloured attire. “You know, whenever anyone chooses to do anything in this company they never get praised for having the balls to go against the expectations of every individual who sees them progress. The first question that people ask never fucking changes. Why? Why is it that you did the thing that goes against what people expect?   The short answer is simple: Big Money Nate provided me some incentive to get the job done. And here we stand with the General Manager of Carnage as the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. You may say that I robbed Sameer of his BPZ Mania moment but the truth of the matter is that men like him get moments like that every time they compete on Pay Per View. This man carried Valor on his back for an entire year keeping eyes on the BPZ product like a good representative. Never asking questions and being the valiant hero that every man dreams that they could be. However this hero came to the dance later than anticipated because our former Universal Champion wanted to be greedy and defend his title at BPZMania against Mr Jones. He deserted this brand because he wanted to move back into a position of power, I wonder if you’ll make another set of Death Riders to follow your lead Bailey. This exact reason is why the Carnage higher ups panicked bringing you in to steady the ship heading towards a Maelstrom of uncertainty. For a long time now, I’ve always been the man who falls to the side of the pack in order for another to succeed. You want proof? Have a look at Max Volare, I was the last man eliminated in the Nebakos Battle Royale and now he has the opportunity to face the Universal Champion in Mr Jones if he is able to put down the leader of FD-GUN. It’s always a case of hypotheticals wondering what would happen if I had actually succeeded in these moments of near success. Money wasn’t the sole drive to take you out and if it was, it’d be a very one dimensional motivation. In fact, this mission started as far back as after my defeat to our Universal Champion.  My desires come from wanting face off against the very best. I’m not just talking about competing against them for a fucking pay check, you can find that out from the Intercontinental Champion as he still walks around with a limp that came from the beatdowns I gave him. What I crave is to defeat any and every talent who is perceived to be on the highest level  to prove that I belong within the conversation of names of the Kings of the BPZ Jungle. I have been NXT Champion for 107 days which is 20 days longer than the previous record holder and whilst I define this championship , it does not mean that I am the level of an NXT competitor who is just getting his feet wet for the first time in the sea of competition. Nate has promised me that this will be a vehicle in pursuing my goals going forward but do not think that this means I'm simply his bitch. In fact, without that incentive that he has given me Nate is in as much danger as yourself Sameer. That is the true nature of the Beasts of this Jungle, being willing to kill whoever necessary to get what they desire. This name isn't something I can just pick and choose on a whim, it's a way of life. You choose the name Beast because you believe that you are cool,that you are untouchable because of the accomplishments that you have achieved. That you are off limits because of the people you have put down for the 1,2,3. Unlike you, this is who I have always been. I haven't chosen this name because I believe in my own hype. I'm not the King of the Jungle because I think it's a cool title to accompany my own ego. I am the Tiger because it is the inner beast that lives within my soul and it influences my every move in this company. From hospitalising Slim to spiking James Knight to my recent move: attempting to break your arm preventing you from achieving your dreams of carrying this brand into the future. Now it's rather ironic that this upcoming Pay Per View is called Heroes Immortales because I've proven every time that I've been in a ring with you that you heroes can be broken. That immortality that you envision is but a mental illusion.  The Heroes only live so long because they never had a worthy adversary and one able to counteract everything that they are. In a week's time, the Beast will enter the Jaws of the Tiger once more and this time he won't escape. His heart will stop beating and his death will be certain. Goodnight." A smirk appeared on the lips of the Tiger as he raised his NXT Championship letting out a sinister laugh looking forward to the slaughter that will take place at Heroes Immortales. He hoped that Sameer underestimated him for it would make things much more enjoyable.
    • Monday Night RAW (April 1, 2005) Sylvain Grenier VS Carlito (WWE Championship Tournament First Round) As the new General Manager of RAW, Meko has decided to wipe the slate clean and vacate all three men's championships on the RAW brand, with all three new champions set to be decided at the first RAW exclusive PPV in four weeks, Backlash. As such, we will see a tournament comprising the entire male RAW roster culminating at Backlash, with the winner becoming the new WWE champion. We will also see the semi-finalists who don't reach the finals compete against each other for the Intercontinental championship at Backlash. Tonight's first of four tournament matches sees Sylvain Grenier take on Carlito. Carlito would put Grenier down with relative ease, pinning him with a Backstabber after a few minutes. Eugene/William Regal VS The Bashams Our next match sees a preview of next week's fatal four-way tournament match, as Cabinet members Danny and Doug Basham do battle with Eugene and William Regal. Despite attempted interference and cheating, Regal would use his prior experience as a scoundrel to counter, rolling Danny into a Regal Stretch and forcing a submission. JBL Pushes Orlando Jordan RAW then sees former WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield, where he approaches new RAW superstar, Orlando Jordan. JBL tells Jordan that he had to pay Muhammad Hassan a pretty penny to accept Meko's trade offer and he had to do a lot of negotiating to make the offer happen in the first place, but money talks, and now the Cabinet is fully reunited. As repayment, JBL expects Jordan to really step up and fulfill his potential, and he can start by eliminating Booker T from the tournament next week. However, Jordan's gonna accompany him to the ring for his tournament match against Robert Conway right now. Jordan obliges and thanks JBL for giving him the opportunity. JBL VS Robert Conway (WWE Championship Tournament First Round) Our next tournament match sees JBL with the Cabinet at ringside, taking on La Resistance's Robert Conway. Surprisingly, Conway would push JBL farther than he was expecting, relying on Orlando Jordan to distract Conway long enough for a Clothesline From Hell to end his night. After the match, JBL would demand that the Bashams hold Conway up for a second one. Before JBL can knock Conway's head off once more, the rest of La Resistance, Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree, would run out to make the save, chasing the Cabinet off and helping their friend. Chris Masters VS Kurt Angle (WWE Championship Tournament First Round) Our next match sees two submission specialists do battle as Chris Masters takes on former WWE champion Kurt Angle. Masters would have the clear strength advantage, but Angle would capitalize with his speed and superior mat wrestling acumen, eventually catching Masters in an Ankle Lock and forcing the submission from the Masterpiece. Trish Stratus Announces Women's Championship Match for Backlash Our next segment sees the only current champion on RAW, Trish Stratus, announce what awaits her in her next title defense at Backlash. Trish says that Christy Hemme gave her more of a fight than she was expecting at WrestleMania 21, and she will have another chance to become Women's champion, because we will see three contendership matches over the next three weeks between the rest of the women's division. The three winners will face Trish for her Women's championship at Backlash in a fatal four-way. As a preview, we will see a six-woman tag match between the rest of the division, and it will happen right now. Lita/Christy Hemme/Stacy Keibler VS Torrie Wilson/Michelle McCool/Joy Giovanni Before tonight's main event, we see the six women who will potentially challenge for the Women's championship in four weeks at Backlash. We would see Lita score the victory for her trio, putting away Giovanni after a Moonsault and getting a boost of momentum ahead of her potential rematch with long-time rival Trish Stratus.  Edge VS Batista (WWE Championship Tournament First Round) Tonight's main event sees the former World Heavyweight champion, Batista, do battle with Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge. Batista would pick up the victory with a massive Batista Bomb, continuing his path to once again claiming world championship glory. RAW ends with Batista celebrating his victory, joining Kurt Angle, Carlito and JBL in the quarter finals in two weeks.
    • Friday Night Smackdown: Roster, Personel, Champions(Flynn)    Men:    Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman  AJ Styles Omos  Drew McIntyre  Randy Orton  Sheamus  Cesaro  Big E  Jimmy Uso  Jey Uso Edge  Bray Wyatt  Sami Zayn  Erik  Ivar  Dolph Ziggler  Robert Roode  Buddy Murphy  Chad Gable  Otis  King Corbin  Cedric Alexander  Shelton Benjamin  Lince Durado  Gran Matelik  Elias  Jaxson Ryker  Humberto Carrillo  Tucker Knight  R-Truth  ?????   Tag Teams:  AJ Styles and Omos  The Dirty Dawgs(Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode)  The Uso’s(Jimmy and Jey Uso)  War Machine(Erik and Ivar)  Alpha Academy(Chad Gable and Otis)  Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin  Lucha House Party(Lince Durado and Gran Metalik)  Elias and Jaxson Ryker    Women:   Bianca Belair  Becky Lynch  Alexa Bliss  Bayley  Shayna Bayzler  Carmella  Liv Morgan  Billie Kay  Peyton Royce  Tamina  Dana Brooke    ___________________________________________________________   Smackdown Hall of Champions:  
    • This was one of the worst RAW after WrestleManias I've ever seen. The only ups really were Charlotte returning and delivering a great promo, aswell as Viking Raiders returning. We had T-Bar and Mace attack Drew post-match, and yeah these are terrible replacements for Cedric and Shelton. Maryse being back and paired with Miz and Morrison is good because Miz was saved by her return back in 2016, when he started doing some of his best work. Drew/Lashley #3 is something I am not looking forward to, but due to Lashley winning cheaply it makes since. This feels like it was written lazily or at the last possible minute, and not really anyone benefited.
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