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    • Drew McIntyre's themes (Gallantry, Broken Dreams and Wish it Away.
    • It's kind of weird that Asuka's challenger is being decided in a fatal 4 way match it's almost like WWE don't  know what to do with Asuka. Angle vs. Styles should be a great match, i remember seeing their matches in TNA Wrestling those were awesome matches. Well seems like Kofi Kingston is going to face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 35 after WWE tweeted about it on Twitter. I don't really know what's gonna happen with the Becky vs. Ronda vs. Charlotte feud i have a feeling one of them is gonna cut a promo and get interrupted.
    • This Smackdown should be a good one, I think Kofi vs Bryan will get announced tonight and Angle vs Styles feels very nostalgic and I love it. My guess to win the 4 way would be Sonya Deville.
    • Only one name really comes to mind right now and that's Ed Leslie in WCW. The only reason he got hired or pushed was because of his best friend Hulk Hogan who asked WCW to offer Leslie a contract he even got a match in the main event at Starrcade 1994 against Hulk Hogan
    • Lesnar through 2002-2003, my god did he have a monster run or what. He won the WWE title within 5 months after his debut, win the 03 rumble and main evented Wrestlemania. Not only that he was the face of Smackdown and was always in the the main event scene.
    • Kyle Reeves: "What's up Kid? Didn't you get the memo? Wearing sunglasses indoors very much died in the 80's, well unless your name is Ryan Reeves." It was Kyle Reeves. Fresh off his main event victory and still on a high. He snatched off the Kid's glasses and revealed the giant shiner courtesy of Julius.  Kyle Reeves: "Holy hell! What happened to your eye?" The Kid: "This? Nah...nothing. Just walked into a door." Kyle Reeves: "I'l tell you what, a door don't leave knuckle marks like that, so you might wanna change your story, eh? You know me and the guys in the back, got your back if you need any help." The Kid: "Appreciate it Kyle, but it's nothing I can't handle." Kyle Reeves: "Alright well me, Buddy, Marker and Bart are hitting the pub, wanna tag along?" The Kid: "I'd love to but Brenden has a meeting tonight and I don't know how late it's gonna go. Plus, I'm not sure Buddy Ace is over being dropped from the Intercontinental Title scene." Kyle Reeves: "Eh, don't worry about Buddy. He's just likes working with Bart is all, it's not about the strap. Anyways apparently BPZ Jr says he's got a programme with a new guy now." The Kid: "Errr....right, yeah that's right." Kyle Reeves: "Wait, JR told you about that right?" The Kid: "Yeah of course, why wouldn't he?" Kyle Reeves: "Blimey! He hasn't told you has he?" The Kid: "No....says he's sworn to secrecy." Kyle Reeves: "Jeez! Half the locker room knows! Bet you wanna know don't you?" The Kid: "You bet." Kyle Reeves: "Well....you're gonna have to wait a bit longer then because I got no clue! Marker and Buddy are sworn to secrecy as well! See you around Kid!" As Kyle walked away, The Kid got the feeling that Kyle was gonna try and get the better of him on multiple occassions. He continued to the tiny little side office where Brenden held his meetings. He knew these kinda impromptu meetings weren't good. Things were gonna get heated and he'd be on the receiving end of it. At least Brenden could keep the sex talk for Keeley at home this time.  Brenden: "Evening gentleman, won't keep you too long. Jr, Kid, good show, however....what the hell were you thinking booking that New Bloods Tag Match without asking me first!" There it was. The Kid had no part in this. It was all Jr's idea. He had wanted to surprise Brenden with a good match. No matter what the Kid said to stop him, it was hard to negotiate with a Playz.  BPZ JR: "We thought you'd be happy! It's gonna be a good match." Brenden: "Tell me, anyone, why is this a bad match?" Smith: "Too many faces." Brenden: "Correct, now tell me. Why is having 3 face teams against 3 heel teams a horrible idea?" Smith: "Well, the heels are at a significant disadvantage. How do you expect them to get booed when the odds are stacked against them?" Brenden: "Bingo! So since you two screwed up. I'm expecting you to get out of this mess. Now in other news.... Kid, it seems like after your talk with Slim, he feels like we owe him one. Now he refuses to put over Bailey at Mania. Nice going Kid! We had Slim where we wanted him, him owing us one, now you've turned everything on it's head. Go deal with it." The Kid was really upset. How could Slim do this? He felt like he really had a connection with Slim and that he understood he was only as strong as his challengers. The Kid was pissed off, but he also felt like he had been taken advantage of by Slim. Brenden: "Last but not least. That Big Gus kid officially signed his short term deal with us. I'll give him three dark matches to get over or he's outta here. Ross, you'll be working with him. Get him a gimmick and a opponent. See what he can do." BPZ Jr: "But dad, I thought we were gonna be working with Gus." Brenden: "You two are lucky you guys even have a job. I suggest we leave it at that. Let's get out of this dump." One by one, the bookers left the room. Smith however stayed behind to talk to the Kid.  Smith: "Look I'm sorry to do that to you Kid, but Brenden had a point. I apologize if I came through harsh but you're still learning around here. You'll get it in time." The Kid: "If people keep helping me like you Smith. I won't have much time left." The Kid stormed off.  Smith: "Whatever Kid. Just remember I tried to help you."
    • Khail is a name that should not have been pushed, as well as Kozlov. Funny enough both those men defeated the the Undertaker clean so there you go.
    • Even though its 2 themes combined together, I loved how it turned out.  
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