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    • The lights go black inside the Evolve arena and a spotlight shines at the top of the ramp, shining on Kieron Black as he walks out onto the stage with the flag of the USA wrapped around him as he walks down the ramp with a mic in hand. He enters the ring and sits down cross-legged before speaking. Hello there. I stand before you all, a changed man with a changed heart. Kieron places the flag down on the mat. See, you all will know by now I had no interest in this country, I still don't and while I am no patriot, I would rather be in England then America right now. He pauses for a few seconds as the crowd boos.  Anyway, let's get down to business, I'm here to make a statement and I intend to make it quick. Black reaches into his pocket and grabs a lighter, then switches it on and looks deeply into the flames. Not long ago I was sat down in my old rocking chair, adamant that I didn't care about my match at BPZMANIA, after all, I took the match on a few days notice. In the last month, however, I seem to of had a change of hears, I seem to of evolved as I now stand here before you, a changed man, no longer am I a wannabe cult leader, no longer am I a leader with no followers. I am a man. A man with a lot to prove to the world and my quest to prove myself as worthy of my life begins here. Now. See, the man I am going to ask to join me tonight is a man I have wanted to face for the last month. Bart. You hold what I want. What is rightfully mine. YOU hold the United States Championship. I am asking you to come out here so that man to man, I can challenge you to a match at Mayhem, one on one, and unlike at BPZMANIA, you have my undivided attention.  Kieron drops the lighter down onto the flag of America, making it catch light then stamps on it. The flag burns rapidly as Kieron stands over it before sitting down next to it. Unlike at BPZMANIA, you won't be facing a rusty Kieron Black focused on collecting followers. You will be looking at a hungry Kieron Black, willing to kill, willing to torture, willing to do whatever it takes to defeat you. So, Bart, there's nothing left to wait for, just me and you. Right here, right now.  
    • The lights suddenly dim and there is a moment of silence in the audience. The lights come back on and Karico is in the ring with Julius. Karico is just looking at Julius laughing, while Julius is screaming for him to get out of his ring. Julius goes to strike Karico, however he is reversed into 'Ferb's Fate' Karico looks at the NXT Championship next to Julius and picks it up. He begins to laugh once again, as he raises the belt.
    • MITB Card The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) beat The NWO (Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton) w/Kevin Nash NWO (Jerry Lawler and Kevin Owens) beat Zack Ryder and Sami Zayn The New Era (Aiden English and The Uso’s (Jimmy and Jey Uso) beat Kurt Angle, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose Dana Brooke won the Women’s MITB briefcase by beating Becky Lynch, AJ Lee, Lana and Paige Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) beat The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) to retain the Tag Team Championships Jeff Hardy beat King Barrett, Tyler Breeze and Mojo Rawley to win the WWE Championship Stephanie McMahon beat Natalya to win the Women’s Championship  Braun Strowman beat Seth Rollins by DQ. Seth retained the WWE US Championship  AJ Styles won the MITB briefcase by beating Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Shinsuke Nakamura 
    • Lane Martinez LeRae and Hamada
    • Imagine if Roman Reigns went to saudi arabia Destroys Brock lesnar in 5 Minutes flat and comes back to america goes to cut a promo but drops the microphone and says nothing and then goes into backlash and Absolutely Destroys Samoa Joe by Spearing him as soon as the bell rings and then attack him after the match and turns heel That would be great
    • Just after Jason's proclamation of his kingdom, the lights turn off with a certain fear in Jason's eyes but ready for a fight because we know exactly who this is. The lights start to turn back on, but only a little spotlight so you can feel the fear of the presence known as hell. Jason, i see that certain look in your eyes. The look that defines you as a human and as a competitor. You want to take this kingdom, come take it but just know i am here and as Julius made an announcement I have one too. Mayhem will be my last match as an Nxt Competitor. With that off my hellish Chest, I hate you with all my inner body but I damn well respect you. You brought the fight and you came close but I have been trying to hold this monster inside me away for months but when you arrived and made all of those hatred remarks about me that was it and the monster and the demon of the underground has appeared and it will not be dissapearing anytime soon.  Storm now makes his way to his feet and gives an emotion of anger and hatred to Jason Ryan.  Jason you are all talk and some may say the same towards me and im sure as hell not waiting till next month to get my hands on you so fuck it.  Storm starts to run at Jason and connects with a Underground kIck (Shotgun Dropkick). Jason hits the turnbuckle hard on his skull but he is getting right back up as he said earlier he is not taking anyone lightly any longer but the Demon known as Storm never does. Jason now hits a huge clothesline taking Storm inside out, But Storm gets back up just as Jason did previously and they start brawling fists meeting each other's skulls and now both of them not giving an inch. Storm then grabs his microphone once again. The nxt title will be mine for the taking and no else will stop me, so you can stand there all tough and tall but you will get reminded that I am no one to be taken lightly and hell I am the next NXT Champion Bitch! But theres a story that needs to be told to your rotten soul and you will listen ever so closely.  At Backlash the Underground haunted me and presumably cost me my shot at redemption. I tried to keep the monster from under away from inside me but after that loss, I could not take it any longer and I let it inside my veins and my soul. This is your first warning and your last, so if you come again with these ruthless words this warning will become much more threatening. As Storm finishes his warning, he takes a left turn over his shoulder and stares to the standing but weary Jason Ryan before leaving the ring and to the back.
    • The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement.. The Entrance to the Unsanctioned Zone appears on screen with Blade standing at the entrance and he walks inside with the Premium Championship and the camera follows. Senior Alfredo, "Master Blade, you have returned.  Congratulations on your success at Backlash.  You and Master Hollow completed your goals.   Is Master Hollow gone sir?" Blade, "Senior Alfred!  Thank you, and to answer your question.  Is Hollow gone?  He isnt obsolete, he still still part of me...For we are one, and it was he who got us the grail.  Our reign as champion has one  has only just begun.  The madness will never cease it only grows in strength, now we are different, we are new..." Senior Alfredo, "If you say so sir.  While you were returning, we have had a message from a one Yelich for you sir...." Blade, "We heard Alfred,  and to that we must get ready for the Power Trip Cup as we are going to be facing, a lot of old faces and new faces we have to battle to get to where we need to go from here..." Senior Alfredo, "I thought winning the Premium Championship was your goal,  you did it Sir there is no where to go from there..." Blade, "Wrong!  We cannot stop now, we hold the title but we must continue or we will fall and be rendered obsolete!   So we have to have a new destination, a new goal to strive for.  And those in charge o Carnage gave us our new path.  A direct route to the Universal Championship, a direct route to our ultimate destined fight.  Our foe of and undying rivalry that has stretched across the Universes across multiple dimensions.  We will face him once again to reach the universal goal, to become the Universal Premium Champion!" Blade moves over to the Display case that Hollow built and puts the Premium Championship inside.  Senior Alfredo, "What are you going to do about this Yelich character?" Blade,  "Yelich is my problem, had had a meeting of the minds.  The three Yeliches and the Crazy one emerges.  The one Hollow and I created, he is a creation of madness.  The Mad King knows this and we know what we must do.  He will be deleted from the world of madness and we will do this as one.   Hollow has foreseen this and with the grail in our grasp.  On the 27th we will see something this universe hasnt seen.  Hollow and Blade are one in the same and soon the world will understand that without the mask of Hollow when the mad king rises again.  He will see Crazy Yelich's insanity and he will laugh at the man thinking he can stand before him." Senior Alfredo nods and walks away and the screen cuts away as Blade begins to laugh like Hollow would.  The preparations are to begin for the Power Trip Cup has just begun.  
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