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    • FDS

      Over 3 Years on the forums,  first time retaining a title. Wow I mean I didn't think it'd take me that long but yeah it took me a while to do it and call it what you will I did retain so thanks.

    • CobheadJake

      Someone want to let me know how to attach a tweet to my posts for future reference, please?

    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      i feel like The fans are not using their Brains when it comes to the royal rumble I'm about to break it down

      if John Cena is coming back Who says he's going to come back And NOT challenge AJ Styles for the World title Nakamura wont even get a title shot against AJ Styles...........If people want to go on about backstage politics I'm betting $100 John Cena will challenge for the WWE Championship

      As For RAW You all seem to think just because RAW Got Elimination Chamber Smackdown Is getting the royal rumble Did you guys Forget Last Year?Smackdown Got Elimination Chamber yet they got the Royal Rumble Win So i bet another $200 that says RAW Gets the Royal Rumble win aswell as the elimination Chamber

      As for Nakamura The way Nakamura has been booked Does not give him the right to challenge for the world title

      My Bet Roman Reigns wins The Royal Rumble And John Cena challenges for the WWE title

      Roman Reigns becomes The Universal Intercontinental Champion and John Cena becomes A 17 Time World champion

    • FDS

      Just Finished school for the year. Six Weeks off now... I say six weeks off when I really have a shit load of Holiday homework to go with it

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    • "Stupid Idiot!"  "Only One Me" by Ice Cube blasts as the crowd boos but also have a feeling that a war is going to break out. After a minute of Brad's new theme playing, all seems lost until Brad appears on the tron, now sporting a suit as he is sitting by his Wall Of Dumbasses. He chuckles and shakes his head. He starts clapping as his theme song dies down. "Bravo Andrew, you managed to copy everyone I have ever faced off against. Want a cookie? No? I thought so since you have to take the words out of the mouths of Slim, Ross, FDS, Echo, Flynn, Smith, that two cent dumbass Josh, his one cent slave George, Jerry in the fifth row, Michael who's selling popcorn, you copied them all! And you ask who is Brad? You're asking who is the next World Champion? The former NXT, United States, two Intercontinental, Global, and Tag Team Champion? The man who made the show his every night? Let me ask you, WHO ARE YOU!?! Don't answer because i know who you are. You're nothing but a newbie who got his first two weeks in, got one match, THAT YA LOST, and now thinks he's the biggest dog in my ring. You're like many others Andrew Richards. You are talented, but lacks intelligence. While you ran around in the minor leagues with your high schools and meat rooms, I've been making the dough and stealing your girl for two years here, ask Adianator. That's Brad. I've been here with my name made in my debut. Your debut to now has been the length of a sneeze. You aren't prepared dawg. But you did piss me off. You know what happens when you anger me? Do you? You know what happens? YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!"   The crowd spilts in reactions as half cheer his wall but the other half boo. Brad pulls a picture out of his back pocket and smirks at it. He turns it around and shows Richards flat on his back from the match at December To Dismember after his lost. Brad takes the glue stick out and glues the back and sticks it on the wall. "As for your claim of me not "matching up in this ring or on this mic", I say put or shut up. At Night Of Legends. Brad vs Andrew Richards one on one. Because I'll show you that I'm the best on this mic like you never faced. My words will cut you like a sword. My words will suffocate you like a rope. And my words will send you to Rock Bottom like your name was C-" The crowd boos loudly, cutting Brad off from finishing his sentence as he smirks. "You all get the point. Andrew, you don't want this fight, you're better fighting off against a Stupid Idiot like one of these fans cause then you'd have a chance at winning. Ya dig?" Brad grins as he awaits Richard's response. A "Andrew Richards" chant rises as the crowd is thoroughly behind the newbie.
    • Great matches Razor, writing Kalisto vs Rey Mysterio would be pretty cool as they’re Lucy’s libre styles would be interesting to write. Keep up the great stuff. 
    • Why does TNA have 38 popularity in Ontario?
    •   A live event being held in New York City earlier today was interrupted by the sound of thousands of fans roaring with excitement as the name Andrew Richards would flash across the screen. As Andrew stepped out from behind the curtain, he could be seen wearing a black long-sleeve dress shirt and dark blue jeans with a somewhat depressed look on his face. The sea of fans in attendance realized that Andrew is not in his usual mood tonight as they began to grow silent. He would then make his way down the entrance way before ascending the ring steps as he set foot between the ropes. Andrew would then look at the ring announcer until he would be handed a microphone as he would walk over and lean on the ropes as he began to speak.   Andrew Richards: "I started wrestling when I was eighteen years old and that was three years ago today. In that time, I became one of the hottest free agents on the Independent Circuit by proving that I belong in this industry. I won championships, I led tag teams and stables and I was signed to this company. However, the biggest moment of my career came last night at December to Dismember when I was within inches of winning this company's top prize, the World Heavyweight Championship against men like Flynn and Smith. Smith, however, seized his moment very carefully and by doing so walked out with what many people believe should have been my title. You see, Smith, I know when to admit defeat but I also know last night I walked out with something far greater than the World Heavyweight Championship. I walked out with an opportunity to get back on my feet, dust myself off and kick your scrawny ass!" The fans in attendance would begin to buzz with anticipation of Andrew's next encounter with Smith. However, they could see the passion that burns within the eyes of Andrew Richards as well. Andrew Richards: "I underestimated you but it won't happen ever again! The next time we meet in this ring, I am going to kick your head off of your fucking shoulders and pry that World Heavyweight Championship from your cold icy hands. You ruined my moment of glory last night and I am going to enjoy paying back that favor because, at the Royal Rumble, I am going to walk out with that World Heavyweight Championship even if it means making a deal with the devil himself. You see, I am willing to do whatever it takes to redeem myself for my fans and I do not care if it kills me! You are not going to steal my moment ever again! But there is one more person I want to address here tonight and his name is...Brad." The thousands of fans inside the arena begin to chant who as they pretend to not even know who Brad is. However, Andrew can be seen smiling and laughing as he nods his head in approvement at their reaction. Andrew Richards: "Exactly! Brad, you're not only kidding these fans but yourself if you actually think you can walk out with the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble going up against men like me and Smith. You have never been relevant in your entire career and nothing you do will ever change that. Well, maybe one thing, retire. You do not belong in this company and you sure as hell do not belong in the same ring as me! I can not only own you in this ring but on this microphone as well and if you really want to step up against me, I will be more than happy to knock you back down. You see, your career has always been, is and always will be a joke! I know it, these fans know it and you know it. So, you're right, there is only one of you and thank the Lord there ain't more of you because we could not handle that much blind stupidity!" Andrew threw the microphone to the ground and would then toss his hands up in the air before mouthing "Notorious" as the sea of fans in attendance joined him. He would then roll up his sleeves before turning his attention to the entrance way as he waited to see if either Brad or Smith had the balls to face a clearly pissed off, Andrew Richards.
    • Who would you like to see take the IC title of Roman Reigns?
    •  1v1 me RL.   I've found myself playing a lot of rocket league the last couple weeks, I've had it in my library for almost a year and never booted it up until a couple weeks ago and got addicted. I've also still been playing a bunch of CS GO and Fifa
    • Shield or NWO?  Batista or HHH  Vince or Bisschof  Austin or Rock
    • -Who would you like to see in WWE?- -Favorite UFC fighter?- -ROH or NJPW?-
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