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All Elite Wrestling: "Big Television Ratings" #45 (TEW2020)

It's the final episode before The House That Always Wins and we're looking to pop a big rating as we put our top stars on the card for one last chance to increase our storyline heat before the PPV. Can we achieve one of our best Dynamites to date?
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AEW Double or Nothing 2021

All Elite Wrestling is heading back to pay-per-view this month with Double or Nothing. This is the third year for the event, which served as AEW's inaugural pay-per-view event in 2019 and has featured some of the young promotion's most exciting moments!
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Wrestlemania Backash

Backlash is once again taking the position of the first major WWE wrestling card to take place after WrestleMania this year. And the wildest part about that development is how both shows are getting mashed together to produce a “new” event altogether – WrestleMania Backlash. Discuss it here!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount

Join us on May 14th live from Madison Square Garden and on the BPZ Network for Chapter V: Paramount!
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    • Turning Point PPV:  Junior Heavyweight Championship Ambulance Match: King Cuerno (C) vs Johnny Gargano  King Cuerno defeated Johnny Gargano in the opening match in 16:39 when getting Gargano in the ambulance to win the match and retain the Junior Heavyweight Championship.    ASW BMF Championship Match: Brian Cage (C) w/ Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin w/ Big Omos Brian Cage defeated Shelton Benjamin with Weapon X in 10:22 to retain the BMF Championship    ASW City Championship Street Fight Match: Dexter Lumis (C) the Mack  Dexter Lumis defeated the Mack in 11:37 with the Silence to retain the City Championship   Dominick Dijakoivc vs Pete Dunne w/ The Bastards  Pete Dunne defeated Dominick Dijakoivc when Ridge Holland returned helping Pete Dunne win the match in 14:43. Holland as joined the Bastards as the 4 men stand tall over Dijakoivc    ASW Tri State Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs Deadshot w/ Joesf Samael  Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Deadshot in 15:55 with a Kinshasa to retain the Tri State Championship    Matt Riddle vs Jacob Fatu w/ Josef Samael  In our next match, Jacob Fatu defeated Matt Riddle with a Samoan drop. Fatu completely dominated Riddle and won the match in 8:42. Fatu controlled most of the match completely beating down Riddle. Fatu stands tall over Riddle    ASW Tag Team Championship Match: War Machine (C) w/ Don Callis vs Team Taz w/ Taz  War Machine defeated Team Taz in 13:21 when Raymond Rowe pinned Shawn Spears to pickup the win    ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kenny Omega (C) w/ Don Callis vs Christian  In our main event, Kenny Omega defeated Christian in 18:49 with a one winged angled to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match. After the match, the War Machine start to beat down Christian post match when suddenly out of nowhere. “You think you know me”…… ITS EDGE. Edge is back in ASW he runs to the ring and fights off The War Machine coming to help his friend Christian. They fight the War Machine off and send them away as Edge and Christian stand tall together to close the show. 
    • Week 1:  The war machine are out to the ring when Johnny Gargano comes out to challenge Kenny Omega tonight to a match. Kenny Omega accepts the challenge when than Jungle Express come out. Jungle Boy says he got another win over Omega and think he deserves one more shot at the world championship. Kenny Omega accepts to try and shut up Jungle Boy for good. He says he will beat Johnny Gargano tonight and than Jungle Boy next week.    Chris Jericho announces a 4 man tag team tournament to determine the next NOC for the tag team championships and that also War Machine will defend the belts next week against Jungle Express. He announces the teams to be, Team Taz vs The North, Bad Influence vs The Acclaimed. He also announces Chris Bey will get an opportunity at the BMF Championship tonight!    Street Profits vs Death Squad  The Street Profits defeated Sato and Hachiman of the Death Squad in a tag match. After the match, Nakamura and Riddle helped Profits fight off Contra Unit.    Dexter Lumis is in the ring waiting for his opponent tonight when he is attacked by Cameron Grimes from behind who beats Lumis and then runs away. Kurt Angle comes out and tells Grimes the running stops next week. That in one final match between these 2, Dexter Lumis will defend The City Championship in a Steel Cage match against Cameron Grimes.    BMF Championship Match: Brian Cage (C) vs Chris Bey w/ Big Omos  Brian Cage manhandles and Defeated Chris Bey to retain the BMF Championship. After the match Bobby Lashley comes out to confront Cage but Cage walks away not giving Lashley what he wants.    The Bastards are having their Big 3 Championship celebration. Celebrating their tournament win when Dominick Dijakoivc returns attacking Pete Dunne. The Bastards are able to get Dijakoivc off Dunne but as Dunne rolls out of the ring and away Dijakoivc is able to fight off The Bastards. He stares down with Dunne as Dijakoivc is back!    Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis vs Johnny Gargano  Kenny Omega defeated Johnny Gargano in the main event when King Cuerno attacked Gargano to set up an Omega win. After the match Jungle Express get into a brawl with The War Machine and lay the War Machine out to stand tall to close the show.    Week 2:  Tag Team Tournament Match: Team Taz (Hobbs and Spears) W/ Taz vs The North W/ Chris Jericho  Team Taz defeated the North when Will Hobbs pinned Ethan Page to pick up the win    Josef Samael steps up for Contra Unit and tells Shinsuke Nakamura that Deadshot is ready to step up to face him for the Tri State Championship. Nakamura wants Fatu to step up and face him but Samuel tells Nakamura he ain’t getting Fatu. That Fatu has someone else on his mind and that is Matt Riddle. Fatu is challenging Matt Riddle to a match. In which Riddle accepts. Nakamura says he will make quick work of Deadshot and then get his opportunity at Fatu.    ASW City Championship Steel Cage Match: Dexter Lumis (C) vs Cameron Grimes  In a steel cage match, Lumis defeat Cameron Grimes by making him pass out to the Silence to retain the City Championship    Bobby Lashley cuts a backstage promo Saying basically he will not rest to gets his opportunity to win back the BMF Championship    Tag Team Tournament Match: Bad Influence vs The Acclaimed  Bad Influence defeated The Acclaimed when Daniels pinned Caster. They will face Team Taz in the finals    ASW Tag Team Championship Match: War Machine (C) w/ Don Callis vs Jungle Express (Luchasauraus and Marko Stunt)  War Machine defeated Jungle Express when Hanson pinned Stunt to retain the Tag Team Championships.    King Cuerno explains why he attacked Johnny Gargano that they have a long history that King Cuerno is not over with. He says to be the true number one Junior Heavyweight of ASW he must take out Johnny Gargano for good.    ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kenny Omega (C) W/ Don Callis vs Jungle Boy  In our main event, we finally get the anticipated rematch between Kenny Omega and Jungle Boy for the World Heavyweight Championship. Kenny Omega defeated Jungle Boy ending the underdog story and retaining the ASW World Heavyweight Championship. Kenny Omega tried to continue to beat down on Jungle Boy when Christian made his official ASW TV debut running out to save Jungle Boy and sending Kenny Omega running to close the show.    Week 3:  Christian and Kenny Omega come face to face. Christian says He was really wishing Jungle Boy beat your ass but since he came up just short I guess it’s my time to step up to face you. Christian points out how it was his doing that got Kenny Omega knocked out and pinned by Jungle Boy in the first place. Kenny Omega though fires back stating to Christian that remember he was the one to eliminate Christian in his ASW debut at Rise of Anarchy in the Empire Cup Rumble. Kenny Omega accepts Christians challenge because he is the best wrestler in the world and can beat anyone. Christian tells Omega he’s not just anyone he’s the hardest worker in this entire industry. He will outwork anyone and he will outwork Kenny Omega to become the ASW World Heavyweight Champion.    Tag Team Tournament Final: Team Taz (Hobbs and Spears) w/ Taz vs Bad Influence  Team Taz defeated Bad Influence when Hobbs pinned Daniels to win the match. Hobbs and Spears will face War Machine for the Tag Team Championships    Johnny Gargano responds to King Cuerno says you want to put an end to me? A end to our history once and for all? Ok Cuerno than how about you Defend the Junior Heavyweight Championship against me in an Ambulance Match!    The Mack vs Lee Johnson  The Mack defeated Lee Johnson, after the match The Mack called out Dexter Lumis. He says Lumis you like to fight, I like to fight let’s fight at the PPV for that City Championship! Dexter Lumis nods his head accepting the challenge    Dominick Dijakoivc cuts a promo explaining why he came back and that he came back because he needs to shut Pete Dunne up. That he hates to see Pete Dunne find all this new success when it was him that was always right there with Dunne putting in the work. Dijakoivc says he knows he better than Dunne and he will prove it in one more match.    Chris Jericho announces Brian Cages next BMF Championship challenger and no surprise it’s not Bobby Lashley. He announces that Shelton Benjamin will face Brian Cage at the PPV for the BMF Championship. Bobby Lashley loses it backstage throwing Stuff around just furious. Shelton Benjamin makes Lashley aware he didn’t ask for this but he will win that belt for Lashley.    Shinsuke Nakamura and Matt Riddle vs Deadshot and Jacob Fatu  In our main event, Deadshot and Fatu defeated Nakamura and Riddle when Fatu hit his finisher on Nakamura and then tagged in Deadshot allowing Deadshot to officially finish off Nakamura and pick up the win. As Contra Unit stands tall to close the show.    Week 4:  To open the show, we have Christian and Kenny Omega have their contract signing for the world championship that ends with Christian slamming Kenny Omega through the table and holding up the World Heavyweight Championship    Dexter Lumis and The Mack vs The Von Erichs  Lumis and the Mack team up to defeat the Von Erichs after the match the Mack lays out Lumis to send a message.    King Cuerno accepts Johnny Garganos challenge for an ambulance match and then the 2 brawl until security breaks them up    Pete Dunne responds to Dominick Dijakoivc saying just like last time he will beat him and and this time he will make sure Dijakoivc is gone for good. He will continue to prove that he is better and never needed him.    Shinsuke Nakamura, Matt Riddle and the Street Profits vs Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu, Deadshot, Punishment Martinez and Josef Samael)  In our main event Contra Unit once again defeated a group of ASW wrestlers when Jacob Fatu pinned Angelo Dawkins to pick up the victory but after the match Team ASW are able to fight back on Contra Unit and are able to be the ones standing tall to close the show. 
    • Monthly 11 (M10Y3) "very cool" Year-End Climax KBS Hall Kyoto, Japan "sick poster innit?"   Best Friends (Tsukasa Fujimoto & Arisa Nakajima) v Frank Sisters (Mochi Miyagi & Hiiragi Kurumi) ... - Frank Sisters Cinderella Qualifier Match "Harakuze" Tsukushi Haruka v "Azure Siren" Risa Sera ... - Tsukushi Haruka   D (Takumi Iroha & Yoshiko) v MOMOAZ (Momo Watanabe & AZM) ... - MOMOAZ HERITAGE Shinobu Championship Match "The End" Konami v "Vivacious" Madeline As we moved to our first championship contest of the evening, we would see Konami look to make another defense of her Shinobu title. And she would come in with a world of confidence, looking to pick apart Madeline as she had opponents prior, negating their ability to dictate the contest. She shot for a double leg takedown, and Madeline scouted it, raising a knee, catching Konami with a nice knee lift... AND KONAMI WAS STILL DOWN. Ref Tommy pulled Madeline away from Konami, checking on the downed champion, AND CALLED FOR THE BELL. IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, A FLASH KO BEFORE A SINGLE HOLD WAS ADMINISTERED, MADELINE HAS DETHRONED KONAMI! - WINNER AND NEWWW SHINOBU CHAMPION, Madeline HERITAGE Musashi Championship Match "Ace of Absolute Immovability" Syuri v "Gaijin God" Jamie Hayter As we attempt to shake off what just occurred, we move to another installment of Syuri/Hayter, a feud within the confines of the Mala del Kyoto clan, two women with nothing but ill-will despite their shared alliance. This match marked that, as the two seemed to do everything in their power to leave the other maimed beyond repair when the final bell rang. Hayter showed all her newfound moxy in this contest, not shying away from the fight, trading blows with Syuri, ignoring the detriment it posed. Be it as it may, the headlong approach wouldn't be enough, Syuri remained composed despite the big blows being endured, responding with vicious strikes of her own. In the end Syuri again proved that she was in a league of her own, as she lifted Jamie up for an Emerald Piledriver to kill it, Jamie continued to fight, forcing Syuri off balance and the pair crashed into Tommy. As both women reached their feet Syuri was the faster off the mark, catching Hayter with a roundhouse, but Tommy was still downed. Syuri attempted to stir her, eventually giving up on her efforts, turning back INTO MIST, KAGETSU MISTED SYURI? BUZZSAW KICK DELIVERED TO SYURI. WHAT IS HAPPENING? KAGETSU PULLS SYURI TO THE CORNER, SHE SCALES THE ROPES, DELIVERING HER FIRST 450 IN OVER THREE YEARS. Hayter finally comes to life, and begins to wake Tommy, pulling her towards Syuri, making sure to cover her face as Tommy counts the pin, 1...2...3! HAYTER HAS DEFEATED SYURI, SYURI IS OUT OF MALA DEL KYOTO! - WINNER AND NEWWW MUSASHI CHAMPION, Jamie Hayter   HERITAGE Sengoku Championship Match BAKURETSU Sisters (Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino) v Oedo Tai (Andras Miyagi & HIBIKI) ... - WINNER AND STILLLLL SENGOKU CHAMPION, BAKURETSU Sisters Cinderella Qualifier Match Yuka Sakazaki v Saya Kamitani ... - Yuka Sakazaki If Nanae Loses, D Must Disband "Sun Warrior" Sareee v "Fukabun" Nanae Takahashi And in the main event, we would see the final chapter of this saga. At the start of the year these two stood side by side, champions in the same clan, undeniable in every contest, and yet here they stand, with that very clan that housed them both hanging in the balance. It was an emotional outing, you could feel the renowned passion that Nanae fought with turned up to the highest degree, every move reeked of desperation, so desperately trying to keep the Dream alive. But Sareee matched the passion with indignation, and coupled that with intensity. She blistered Nanae's neck with almost all her offense, attempting to reduce her to Masato Tanaka before the night was over. But Nanae fought anyways, catching Sareee with whatever she could, Blue Thunder Bomb, German Suplex, Burning Lariat, whatever would prolong the lifespan of D. But that's all it was, despite her attempts, dumping token after token in the machine so that the game would never have to end, those tokens ran out, the endless encroach of Sareee would not be derailed here. And despite the two Sun Exploders it took to seal the deal, Sareee had done it regardless. D was dead. Sareee pinned Nanae in the middle of the ring, leaving no room for doubt in her performance, she had bested all the women she once shared the stage with, and now stood alone, with only Giulia left to conquer. - Sareee Sun God SZN
    • Month Nine Weeklies (M8Y3) look man fuck you im tired Week One MdK Walkdown, Madeline Speaks - And to welcome all to HERITAGE this month, we would have Mala del Kyoto’s Giulia, Syuri, and Madeline come down to the ring, with Madeline amongst their ranks following her betrayal of Saya at Dream Rush. It seemed as though the three would remain alone, but to a shock to all in the audience, Kagetsu would come out with a new look Jamie Hayter, sporting a change in look and demeanor. (i dont have an updated Hayter icon soz) - Giulia would speak first, giving herself and her clan plaudits for all they had accomplished. She complimented her reign as Empress Champion, and said that she had proven herself to be a cut above of all her competitors. She didn’t see that changing, all her detractors that said the margins of her victory were shrinking could continue their lip service, because the matches ended all the same, with Giulia as the victor. She accepted Sareee’s challenge, setting the stage for her next opponent. - Madeline would speak after. She would be candid, she betrayed Saya, not because of anything Saya did. Saya was strong, their alliance was built on the fact that Saya was strong, and would make her stronger. But Saya couldn’t. It wasn’t harbored out of ill-will, or any idea that Saya failed her. She just wasn’t capable, she wasn’t capable like Giulia was capable, like Kagetsu was capable. The grass was greener, so Madeline walked, and now she would join a hall of champions, knowing she would be the next among them.  - Hayter would be next to speak, or so it seemed. Saya would come out, impassioned from the words of Madeline, she wouldn’t be satisfied with her response, but there was no point in attempting to persuade her back. Saya had spent too long attempting to revive dead alliances, raising vigils, she wouldn’t waste anymore time. If Madeline was a member of MdK, if she was an ally of Giulia, then she would destroy her as she went to destroy Giulia. - Kagetsu finally had enough of the words, telling Saya to bring her words to action, Hayter and Madi would mark this turn in Mala del Kyoto, would Mirai and Saya answer.   Mala del Kyoto (Jamie Hayter & Madeline) v Empire of Tomorrow (Saya Kamitani & Mirai) - And of course they would, we would see Madeline make her MdK debut as Hayter made her return. It was an aggressive contest, both sides showing fire, in the end, Saya would scale the top for a Phoenix Splash on Hayter, would to be rocked off the turnbuckle by a big Madeline rope-assist gamiguri. Saya tumbled to the mat, where she was hit with a devastating Curbstomp by Hayter, allowing MdK to pick up a big win, Saya left holding the bag for Empire of Tomorrow. - Mala del Kyoto "Assault Commander" HZK v "Acid Black Cherry" Mika Iwata - A match between two women normally atop the Shinobu title standings, but had found themselves on the losing end of a couple big matches as of late. It was a quick tempoed, hard hitting contest, one that saw HZK crowned the victor. - HZK "Phoenix" Arisa Nakajima v "Harakuze" Tsukushi Haruka - The next would see Best Friends ongoing war with the Darejo Project, with Arisa Nakajima being the one to take on Tsukushi. The numbers game present at ringside would be an obvious factor in the match, Emi and the Frank Sisters at ringside would give Arisa pause the entire night, Tsukushi taking advantage as he battled with Arisa. Arisa would seemingly have a handle on the match regardless, her technical prowess and veteran experience allowing her to stifle Haruka for portions, but Tsukushi was never quickly toppled, the two battled for control, and eventually the numbers became too much, Tsukushi would take advantage of a Sakura distraction, landing a dropkick to the back of Nakajima’s head, following it up Tiger Suplex Clutch, coming away with her second consecutive singles win over Best Friends. - Tsukushi Haruka - Tsukasa would attempt to come to the aide of Arisa following the bell, only to be booted out of the ring, Darejo Project at full force left in the ring, Frank Sisters flanking Emi and Tsukushi. They wouldn’t go unabated however, Black Dahlia would storm the ring, Maya and Saori pushing back against Darejo, Tsukasa and Arisa soon joining them for a United front before Black Dahlia faced off against the Frank Sisters. There was a world of history in the ring at the moment, but none of that was relevant in this moment, the battle lines were drawn.   Frank Sisters (Hiiragi Kurumi & Mochi Miyagi) v Black Dahlia (Saori Anou & Maya Yukihi) - And as Black Dahlia attempted to slow the momentum Darejo Project was gathering. But despite their best efforts the mammoth Frank Sisters were a harrowing sight for anybody, and they showed why tonight. It was an exhibition of their power, ending with an emphatic German Suplex Lariat combination. - Frank Sisters   Yakuza (Sareee & Konami) v Alto Livello Kawabalian (Giulia & Syuri) - And the final match of the evening would see Giulia take on Sareee for the first time, both champion and soon to be challenger bringing along their champion teammates in Konami and Syuri. It was a great contest between the two teams, the cream of the crop all going to war. In the end it appeared that Giulia was going to kill the contest with a Glorious Driver to Konami, but Sareee quickly joined the fray, pulling Konami off the shoulders of Giulia, looking to pull her in for a Sun Exploder, but Syuri came to the aid of Giulia, leaving all to plunge into chaos again. In the end we would see a result not often seen in HERITAGE, a time limit marking the end of the contest, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of all the contestants. - Time Limit Draw - Sareee would obviously not be pleased with the result, seeking out Giulia, snatching at the champion’s hair, having the action reciprocated by Giulia. The two women were ones of exceptional pride, and as they were pried apart, neither wanting to loose their grip first, it would serve as a great preview as what was to come. - But as the parties finally separated, Nanae Takahashi made her way down to the ring, parking herself between Giulia and Sareee. Nanae didn’t make excuses for the slide she had been on, she didn’t come to insert herself in a title picture for a title she had not deserved as prior contests showed, she was there for Sareee. Nanae prostrated, a sight not often seen of Nanae, asking Sareee to face her, to allow the war Sareee and Yakuza had been on to end, to allow the saga that had been undergoing for the whole year to reach its close, to forfeit her title shot to instead face her. - Sareee of course laughed her off, Nanae had nothing to offer her, there would be no reason to go backwards now to grant Nanae her match. But Nanae quickly spoke up, saying that Sareee took this match and defeated Nanae, D would be dissolved. Sareee was buckled by the words, and after considering for a moment, she informed Giulia that next month she would take her title, but this month, she needed to close the book on D. Week Two   Oedo Tai (Andras Miyagi & Hibiki) v Neo Bear Beauty (Yuu & Mika Iwata) - Oedo Tai would debut a new pairing, as Natsu Sumire would take a backseat she would have her replacement found in Hibiki, pairing with Andras. They would prove quite formidable, doing battle with Yuu and Mika Iwata. Neo Bear Beauty seemed to have it bagged when two of the ringside young girls would spring up, snatching at the feet of Yuu, causing her enough pause for Yuu and Ref Tommy. As Tommy scolded the girls, HZK would slide into the ring, bashing Yuu with a chair, leaving her in a world of trouble. Hibiki would capitalize, hitting a top rope senton, coming away with a stolen victory. - Oedo Tai - Oedo Tai would be quick to taunt the downed Neo Bear Beauty, as well as the BAKURETSU Sisters who helped their clanmates to the back. HZK would take the microphone, saying that Oedo Tai had wasted enough time wandering without aim. This injection of new blood was enough to spark something, Hibiki, Ruaka, and Rina would not have to watch Oedo Tai waste away. And the first goal of the revitalized Oedo Tai was to capture the Sengoku titles.   MOMOAZ (Momo Watanabe & AZM) v DayDream (Rika Tatsumi & Miu Watanabe) - Great contest between two premier tag teams, MOMOAZ just had too much on this occasion, a double Kamigoye putting Miu Watanabe away and giving MOMOAZ a win.  - MOMOAZ - Momo would take the microphone afterward, she had come to HERITAGE with a clear purpose in mind, and through even the missteps, all was accomplished. She saw QQ put to rest at last and had her debt with Nanae cleared, but she and AZM still had one more thing to accomplish. Though she lamented that she wasn't the final nail for D, she still desired a chance to push them into the dirt. She challenged Yoshiko and Iroha for Year-End Climax. Iroha. and Yoshiko would come down to the ring and accept the challenge. "Crystal Snow" Maya Yukihi v "Harakuze" Tsukushi Haruka - In what would be another big test for Tsukushi, she would take on Maya Yukihi. This match was less about Darejo Project creeping around the ring, with both Best Friends and Saori Anou at ringside dissuading any attempts to interfere. It was a hard-fought match, with Tsukushi being forced to rely solely on herself. Though Maya pushed her, Tsukushi was more than capable of the task, ending the match with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex, a smile in the direction of Tsukasa as Tsukushi made the cover. - Tsukushi Haruka - Darejo Project would finally pounce after the bell, as it would all breakdown at ringside. But for a second week in a row, their attack would be interrupted, and this time it was RISA SERA. The Azure Siren who had been a paragon of apathy the last time she was present would now stop the attack. As she claimed a microphone, she expressed her disgust at the whole of the Darejo Project, especially at Tsukushi. Revolted by the group, she would challenge Tsukushi to face her without the aid of the women she was in the ring with, and Tsukushi laughed at the proposition "Gaijin God" Jamie Hayter v "Bear-Chan" Chihiro Hashimoto - Jamie Hayter would look to announce a "new her" by avenging her loss to Chihiro all that time ago that saw her tumble start, and she would, a more vindictive, punishing Hayter was on display tonight, and a big Curbstomp would mark a monumentous victory for Hayter. - Following the match, Hayter would take to the mic. She had spent a lot of lonely nights reflecting on where she failed, on the gaps in her strength, she was broken, but in those around her she had drawn strength, she had been blessed with revitalization, and she would make the most of it. This "new her" would have to face the trials that she failed at before, and to fully begin anew, she would have to conquer them. With that, she challenged Syuri for Musashi, and Kagetsu would answer the call, saying there was no question that the match would be accepted.   Yakuza (Sareee/Konami) v MdK (Syuri/Madi) - Almost a rematch of the main event a show prior, we would see Yakuza and MdK face off again, with Madeline entering in the place of Giulia. One would think that Yakuza wouldn't struggle so much with Giulia out the frame, and it seemed that would hold true, but Madeline had rocked Sareee and Konami on occasion, looking like she had caught them with strikes that could kill the contest, but every attempted pin would be broken up. Yakuza would eventually seemingly weather the storm, and as the well on the strikes ran empty of Mala del Kyoto, a Sun Exploder to Madeline would spell the end, impressive showing aside. - Yakuza Nanae Takahashi v Kyoko Inoue - A clash of two veterans revered for the trailblazing careers they led, both paramount in the development of Sareee, both still with much in the tank to do battle with. It was one hell of a fight, a nasty contest reminiscent of the battles of AJW these two had. Nanae however was fighting with more purpose, she poured everything into the contest, overcoming powerbomb after powerbomb, tanking through incredible damage, fire burning in her eyes. It would take three Nana Rockers, but eventually, Nanae had put the finishing touches on Inoue, coming away with a massive victory. - Nanae Takahashi Week Three Tsukasa Fujimoto v Hiiragi Kurumi - Tsukasa Fujimoto Risa Sera v Mochi Miyagi - As Risa Sera would attempt to feed off the momentum gathered by Tsukka in the prior match, she would have to face an ever dangerous Mochi Miyagi attempted to avenger her partner's loss. It was a great contest, but Risa Sera proved that the mean streak she displayed in months prior hadn't faded. Wicked somatos and double knees through the contest left Miyagi's chest, ribs, and back horribly bruised, and allowed Sera to pick up the victory. - Risa Sera HERITAGE Shinobu Championship NOC Madeline v Tsukushi - The next match would see a sea of people at ringside: Black Dahlia, Best Friends, Mala del Kyoto, and Darejo Project all with a vested interest in the outcome of the contest. It was a cagey affair between two of the Shinobu division's brightest prospects, both in weeks prior having proven themselves to be as legitimate threats to the title as all their peers. They went all-out in the contest, the speed of Tsukushi proving difficult for Madeline to put a stop to, but when she did the shots of Madi were big, every strike laced with malice, all looking like they could cause a premature end to the contest. In the end, Tsukushi looked for a double foot stomp, but Risa Sera pulled a page out of Darejo Project's book, climbing onto the apron and distracting Tsukushi, as Tommy forced Risa away, Madeline pounced, a rope-assisted gamiguri seeing Tsukushi take a nasty fall, followed by a Buzzsaw Kick that saw Tsukushi barely clinging to consciousness, in no state to kick out from the impending pin. - Madeline - Following the match, it was a very tense scene, all the gathered clans walking on eggshells as to not start an all-out brawl. Tsukushi was carried away, cursing at Risa Sera, screaming that she would see her at the month's end, accepting the challenge from last week at last. - As the scene began to clear, Konami would make way to the edge of the ramp, stopping before the rest of Mala del Kyoto gathered in front of her. She would applaud Madeline for seeing what Konami saw months ago, for finally leaving Saya, but all those months ago Saya did something Konami had to applaud. She protected Madeline from what she knew was certain doom, she allowed Maddy to live her dreams and try to capture Hanami, Madeline never had to brave the danger. That dream was long over, Saya wasn't being protected anymore, she was being thrown to The End of the bliss she felt from her departure. Maybe in the end, Saya was a good leader, not that it mattered now. Syuri v Chihiro Hashimoto - Syuri was ever the dickhead, and as to prove Hayter inadequate, she would face the same challenge Hayter cleared last week, facing Chihiro and defeating her as well, reminding Hayter in the process that she was a perpetual second-place finisher. - Syuri D (Nanae, Yoshiko, Iroha) v MOMOAZ & Mei Hoshizuki - D Yuka Sakazaki v Mirai Maiumi - Yuka Sakazaki Week Four Konami v Mirai Maiumi - Konami would finally get a chance to have a one on one contest, taking on the woman who beat her next challenger in the Hanami Tournament Final, Mirai Maiumi. It was a very fun contest, the power of Mirai gave her the ability to impose herself on Konami, not a sight accustomed in Konami matches, but the "Submission Sniper" would never be in too much trouble, able to use the aggressive approach of Mirai to lock in a variety of holds, the final one being a lariat countered into a Triangle Lancer, giving Konami a hard-fought victory. - Konami "Burning Venus" Yuki Aino v "Grand Marquis" Andras Miyagi - Yuki Aino MdK Special Triple Threat Syuri v Jamie Hayter v Madeline - Mala del Kyoto were no strangers to intra-clan fighting and that would be the case her. The women would not take it easy on each other, each desperately trying to come away with the victory. Hayter and Maddy would spend a large portion of the contest working as a unit against Syuri, attempting to eliminate the biggest threat from the running. But the teamwork could only go so long, and as the match devolved for each woman for herself, the scramble resulted in Syuri snatching the reins of the contest, and a Buzzsaw Kick to Hayter would be the end of it. - Syuri Darejo Project (Tsukushi, Hiiragi, Mochi) v Best Friends & Risa Sera - Darejo Project Saya Kamitani v Mizuki - Saya Kamitani - Mizuki's first appearance since the heart-wrenching contest with Yuka would end in the same result, and as all eyes turned to see her exit, it was clear that Mizuki was disturbed, not in a way that anybody had quite seen of Mizuki to this point. She shoved away all who came from ringside to aide her, staggering to the back under her own power, defeated all the same. 10 Woman War: Elimination, Pinfall or Submission, No Time Limit D (Nanae, Yoshiko, Iroha, Hotta, Momoe) v Yakuza (Sareee, Chigusa, Kyoko) & MOMOAZ - And in the last match before Year-End Climax, we would see a brutal multi-man contest, in what could potentially be D's final match with all members present, they would take on the groups looking to end them once and for all. It was a killer match, all ten women tearing into each other for the thirty-minute duration of the contest. But as we reached the end of the contest, each team had one representative standing: Yoshiko & Sareee. We began to where it all started, a disgruntled tag team, two coexisting stars, two friends driven apart by their individual ambition. It was a dogfight, Sareee looking to repeat her victory at Dream Rush, Yoshiko attempting to repay Sareee in full for what happened all those months ago. And as the dust settled on this contest, it would be the latter, Yoshiko would battle out of a Sun Exploder, landing a sick lariat, as she climbed to the top rope, she would on perhaps be giving D one final victory in the ledger, the senton connected, and the winner was crowned, an exhausting contest coming to an end, with D standing tall one more time. All that was left to see is what would happen at the Climax. - D Year-End Climax Cinderella Qualifier Tsukushi Haruka v Risa Sera Iroha & Yoshiko v MOMOAZ HERITAGE Shinobu Championship Match Konami v Madeline HERITAGE Musashi Championship Match Syuri v Jamie Hayter HERITAGE Sengoku Championship Match BAKURETSU Sisters v Oedo Tai Cinderella Qualifier Yuka Sakazaki v Saya Kamitani If Nanae Loses, D Must Disband Sareee v Nanae Takahashi
    • G1 Climax 31: Day 17 Matchcard: (A Block Finals) Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Kenta (Bullet Club) IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) vs Tanga Loa (Bullet Club) IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club) KOPW2021 Holder Toru Yano (Chaos) vs NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) Bonus Match: Satoshi Kojima (NJPW) vs Great O-Khan (United Empire) My predictions: Kenta, Loa, Takahashi, Ishii, O-Khan. 
    • ICPW format ICPW & SHOGUN Present: Glory Through Pain III Year 3, November, PPV Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan   Opening Match  ICPW Tag Team Championships AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki) (c) VS FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)  AXIZ (c) defeats FinJuice at 15:22 via pinfall by way of a Vertical Spike/Gowan Lariat Combination on Finlay to make their first defence of the ICPW Tag Team Championships Second Match  ICPW Openweight Championship   Cesaro (c) VS Shingo Takagi  Cesaro (c) defeats Shingo Takagi at 17:44 via pinfall by way of a Gotch Style Neutraliser to make his 6th defence of the ICPW Openweight Championship Third Match  Special Singles Match  AJ Styles VS Kota Ibushi  AJ Styles defeats Kota Ibushi at 19:00 via pinfall by way of a Styles Clash  Fourth Match SHOGUN Openweight Championship  Will Ospreay (c) VS Zack Sabre JR  Zack Sabre JR defeats Will Ospreay (c) at 18:03 via submission with Yes! I’m a Long way from home! To win the SHOGUN Openweight Championship for the first time Fifth Match  Special Singles Match Kaito Kiyomiya VS Sami Zayn  Sami Zayn defeats Kaito Kiyomiya at 23:44 via pinfall by way of a blue thunder flowsion  Sixth Match  Rite Of Iron J Cup Finals  Taiji Ishimori VS El Desperado  Taiji Ishimori defeats El Desperado at 18:04 via pinfall by way of a bloody cross to win the Rite Of Iron J Cup  Seventh Match  Special Singles Match  KENTA VS Tetsuya Naito  KENTA defeats Tetsuya Naito at 21:30 via pinfall by way of a Go 2 Sleep Eighth Match  SHOGUN International Championship  Jeff Cobb (c) VS Tomohiro Ishii  Jeff Cobb (c) defeats Tomohiro Ishii at 16:03 via pinfall by way of a Tour of The Islands to make his first defence of the SHOGUN International Championship  Semi-Main Event  ICPW Heavyweight Championship  Minoru Suzuki (c) VS Samoa Joe  Minoru Suzuki (c) defeats Samoa Joe at 27:04 via pinfall by way of a Gotch Style Piledriver to make his fourth defence of the ICPW Heavyweight Championship Main Event  SHOGUN Triple Crown Championship  PAC (c) VS Jon Moxley PAC (c) defeats Jon Moxley at 33:44 via pinfall by way of a Black Arrow to make his first defence of the SHOGUN Triple Crown Championship 
    • ICPW Kings Of The Ring 136 Location: Korakuen Hall - Tokyo, Japan Rite of Iron J Cup Round 1 Match: Mark Haskins VS Yuki Ueno  Opening up Kings Of The Ring, the Rite of Iron J Cup would continue as former ICPW JR Heavyweight Champion Mark Haskins would take on SHOGUN’s Yuki Ueno. Ueno would show great ability in his first appearance in ICPW going at the former JR Heavyweight Champion with some great offence and hard shots to the Breaker Squad Member but Haskins would turn things around as he would manage to escape a WR attempt and hit him with a brutal german suplex. From there the match would go back and forth with the two hitting each other with wave after wave of offence as the Korakuen Hall crowd would be at the edge of their seats in what would be an incredible match, Haskins though would eventually take the win after working over the legs of Ueno and managing to stop him from utilising his Best Moonsault Ever, Haskins would catch Ueno with a victory roll bringing him into the Sharpshooter locking him in the center of the ring and forcing the Sauna Kamina member to submit as Haskins would secure himself a spot in the semifinals after an incredible contest with Ueno.  Mark Haskins defeats Yuki Ueno at 14:33 via submission with a Sharpshooter to advance to the semi-finals of the Rite of Iron J-Cup  Bring your best.  Fresh off capturing the ICPW Tag Team Championships for the second time at Kingdom Come, AXIZ would not be taking their time with this reign as they would be looking to make a statement. Nakajima would state that while they have succeeded in regaining the titles, there is still much work to be done. Shiozaki would agree and would then lay out the challenge to any SHOGUN tag team to face them for the ICPW Tag Team Championships at the Tokyo Dome edition of Glory Through Pain. Nakajima would smile stating that it doesn’t matter what team steps up as they will topple them with no issues remaining on top of the tag team division not just in ICPW but around the world.  Cesaro & Kota Ibushi VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Mascara Dorada    A rare tag team match would see Openweight Champion Cesaro team with Kota Ibushi to take on Kaito Kiyomiya and JR Heavyweight Champion Mascara Dorada. Kaito and Ibushi both seemingly looking to warm up for their respective opponents for Glory Through Pain (Sami Zayn for Kaito, AJ Styles for Kota Ibushi) as they would be holding nothing back however Kaito clearly was still rattled by his loss to Minoru Suzuki in the main event of Kingdom Come III as he was somewhat sloppy in the ring which would not be beneficial for his team. Dorada and Cesaro would also be looking to make an impression in this match, the two ICPW Main Unit Champions looking to prove their abilities in this match up as the two would go back and forth throughout the match in a rare match up, Dorada perhaps looking to earn a shot at the Openweight Crown as to become a double champion but Cesaro would not go down easily as the Dominant Openweight Champion would prove exactly why he would be just that as eventually he would finish things off with a Ricola Bomb to the JR Heavyweight Champion pinning him to get the win for his team.  Cesaro & Ibushi defeats Dorada & Kiyomiya at 12:44 via pinfall by way of a Ricola Bomb on Dorada  After the match, the four would all shake hands as the Main Unit allies would stand together, Kaito seemingly disappointed in himself leaving alone with his head down, Kota looking over his shoulders wary of an assault by Styles after what occured on SHOGUN earlier this week. Dorada would make his exit but Cesaro would remain in the ring picking up a microphone. Cesaro would state that he is looking forward to the Tokyo Dome and says that he fully intends on defending his championship at the premier event against a SHOGUN Wrestler and he knows exactly who he wants… the former Triple Crown Champion Shingo Takagi! Cesaro would state that he wants to prove himself even more by beating a former world champion and what better opponent than The Dragon of SHOGUN himself. Cesaro would finish stating that he eagerly awaits Takagi’s response before leaving, raising the Openweight Championship high a massive challenge made for Glory Through Pain.  Preparing for the Bomber.  Next, a video package would play of Tomohiro Ishii training. He would be seen focusing on heavy amounts of weights and dealing with high amounts of force, even sparring with BEN-K in order to increase the amount of punishment he could take, clearly in preparation for his upcoming SHOGUN International Championship match with Jeff Cobb. Ishii would continue to train before the video would end with a close up on Ishii’s face, a look of focus and determination in his eyes ready to take on the leader of The Bombers.  Rite Of Iron J Cup Round 1: Taiji Ishimori VS Jonathan Gresham  The Rite Of Iron J-Cup would continue with Taiji Ishimori taking on one half of the SHOGUN Tag Team Champions in Jonathan Gresham. Gresham and Ishimori would start things off technically attempting to out wrestle each other but the pace would quicken as Ishimori would utilise his high speed offence to take Gresham off guard on several occasions, Gresham would attempt to bring things back down to a pace more suited to him with some submissions trying to ground The Bone Soldier but Ishimori would not be denied continuing to stay active in this match up hitting the Octopus with a high amount of high speed offence as the two would go back and forth Gresham eventually having no choice but to try and match Ishimori’s speed. Gresham would have a great showing but Ishimori would prove why he is so decorated in ICPW as he would eventually catch Gresham and finish him off with the Bloody Cross scoring the win and advancing to the semi-finals.  Taiji Ishimori defeats Jonathan Gresham at 15:03 via pinfall by way of a Bloody Cross to advance to the semi-finals of the Rite Of Iron J Cup  Billy No Brains.  Next up, a promo from Zack Sabre JR after his confrontation with SHOGUN Openweight Champion Will Ospreay. ZSJ would call Ospreay an embarrassment to not only the British wrestling community but to Britain as a whole. He would state that he is nothing more than an overconfident idiot and that it’s apt that he calls himself the “Billy Goat” because he’s got about as much brains as a goat does. He would state that at Glory Through Pain, he’s gonna pretend Ospreay is Boris Johnson because they are basically the same person in Zack’s eyes in that they’re both embarrassments to the UK and that he wants to choke both of them out. Zack would conclude stating that he’ll save the SHOGUN Openweight title like he saved the ICPW Heavyweight Championship and become the first wrestler to win a championship from the opposite company in Glory Through Pain History.  Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Chris Ridgeway) VS Shigehiro Irie & Master Wato  Next, ICPW Heavyweight Champion Minoru Suzuki and his JR Heavyweight Protege Chris Ridgeway would team up to take on Shigehiro Irie and Master Wato. Suzuki would be looking to make a statement here to his challenger for the Tokyo Dome in Samoa Joe as he would be dealing with an opponent of similar build and style in Irie. Irie though would be looking to take advantage of being across the ring from the ICPW Heavyweight Champion and would do absolutely everything he could to beat down the top wrestler in ICPW, Wato would look to similarly gain a massive victory by defeating former two time JR Heavyweight Champion Chris Ridgeway. Suzuki-Gun would prove to be too much of an effective unit as Suzuki and Ridgeway would hit Irie and Wato with massive amounts of offence dispatching Irie and Wato in impressive fashions with Suzuki getting the win after hitting Wato with a Gotch Style Piledriver.  Suzuki-Gun defeats Irie & Wato at 13:44 via pinfall by way of a Gotch Style Piledriver on Wato  After the match, Suzuki would take to the mic and he would begin to talk about his challenger immediately stating “SEE JOE THAT’S HOW YOU LEAD A FACTION!”. Suzuki would then discuss how Joe failed to keep his army together and how he allowed for such a pathetic end to his group. He would state that while true at one point Joe was the most dominant wrestler in SHOGUN, those days have long since passed him by and now he is nothing more than a fat slob roaming around the SHOGUN locker room looking for something to eat. Suzuki would state that he is going to show Joe exactly why the two have never faced each other when he destroys him and retains the ICPW Heavyweight Championship.  Absolute Destruction.  The leader of the Rebel Sons KENTA would be cutting a promo next discussing his thoughts on his Tokyo Dome opponent in Tetsuya Naito. He would state that while he is impressed with Naito’s achievements in SHOGUN as the first and only two time Triple Crown Champion, he is not allowing himself to be phased by this challenge. He says he thinks Naito’s idea of “Tranquilo” is idiotic and that he will tear Naito to pieces when they step into the ring. He would go on to call this match a “Detour” from his pursuit of the ICPW Heavyweight Championship and that he’ll simply use Naito as more fuel to his ever increasing fire when they face inside the Tokyo Dome.  Death Riders (Jon Moxley & Rickey Shane Page) VS Legion (Rampage Brown & The Great O-Khan)  In the main event of the evening, ICPW Ironheart Champion Jon Moxley and ICPW Obsidian Killer Champion Rickey Shane Page would take on Legion in a tag team match of epic proportions. The two sides would go to absolute war with Mox and RSP finally back in full swing as a team, Mox’s doubts seemingly swept away with his victory over Kingston at Kingdom Come while Legion would show off their impressive streak of dominance against the opposition with some great powerful offence. The two teams would go to war in this main event as they would light the Korakuen Hall crowd up with some incredible action both sides going to absolute war with one another, in the end though Moxley and RSP would finish things as RSP would hit a Death Valley Driver on Rampage which Moxley would follow up with a Death Rider to get the pinfall victory in the main event.  Death Riders defeats Legion at 14:55 via pinfall by way of a Death Rider on Rampage  After the match, Moxley would head backstage for his post match comments where he would discuss his upcoming Triple Crown Championship match with PAC.  Moxley would state that he’s had his ups and downs this year but the fact of the matter is Glory Through Pain is his yard. He main evented the last two, he won both of those matches and this match will be no different. He would state that at The Tokyo Dome The Death Rider will destroy R.E.D’s leader and that he will raise the Triple Crown and Ironheart Championships high as The Death Rider walks out of the Tokyo Dome as a double champion and with three main event wins at Glory Through Pain.  ICPW Kings Of The Ring 137 Location: KBS Hall - Kyoto, Japan  Kaito Kiyomiya, Sami Zayn & Cesaro VS Los Ingobernables De Japon (SANADA, BUSHI & Shingo Takagi)  Opening up Kings Of The Ring in KBS Hall, an almost new incarnation of The Emerald Ironmen would take on Los Ingobernables De Japon in a six man tag team match up. The match would be a high energy affair as all the participants involved would give their all against each other with Kaito and Zayn despite being scheduled to face at Glory Through Pain, would work exceptionally well together combining a lot of their offence together as the two next generation aces would show a lot of ability. The Main highlight of the match however was most definitely the exchanges between Cesaro and Takagi with the two men going blow for blow with each other in an incredible series of sequences as the prospect of Takagi accepting Cesaro’s challenge for a match for the ICPW Openweight Championship was mouth watering for both SHOGUN and ICPW fans. The two trios would have an incredible match but Zayn would score the victory as he would deliver a brutal Helluva Kick to BUSHI to get the win for his team with Shingo and Cesaro going at it on the outside.  Cesaro, Kiyomiya & Zayn defeats Los Ingobernables De Japon at 12:05 via pinfall by way of a Helluva Kick on BUSHI  After the match, Shingo would take to the microphone as he and Cesaro would stare at each other from across the ring. Takagi would state that he has been in championship matches at the last two Glory Through Pain’s and sees no reason to end his streak now stating that he accepts Cesaro’s challenge and that at the Tokyo Dome he’ll become the first man to win both the ICPW and SHOGUN Openweight titles become the best Openweight Wrestler of all time!  Finjuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) & Chad Gable VS Stone Pitbull Wrestling (Katsuhiko Nakajima, Go Shiozaki & Rocky Romero)  More six man tag team action up next as FinJuice (who accepted AXIZ’s challenge for an ICPW Tag Team Championship match at Glory Through Pain on SHOGUN this week) would team with one half of the SHOGUN JR Tag Team Champions Chad Gable to take on ICPW Tag Team Champions AXIZ and stablemate Rocky Romero. FinJuice having been in ICPW before but never having challenged for the tag team championships would be looking to make a prominent statement against the foundation of ICPW’s Tag Team Division. Romero meanwhile would perhaps be looking to get a shot at the SHOGUN JR Tag Team Championships as he would square off with Chad Gable. The match would be a hard hitting affair with all parties smashing each other into with fire and FinJuice and AXIZ’s collisions being especially impressive with the two sides hitting each other with absolutely everything they had. In the end though it would be Chad Gable dropping Romero with a massive Chaos Theory to get the win for his team while FinJuice would prevent AXIZ from breaking up the pinfall despite AXIZ hitting FinJuice with some especially hard shots.  FinJuice & Gable defeats SPW at 13:44 via pinfall by way of a Chaos Theory on Romero  Fury of The Fangs  Tetsuya Naito would be in ICPW next as he would sit down for an interview. He would state that he loves this time of year with ICPW and SHOGUN getting to become a bit more ingobernable and that he loves mixing it up with opponents he doesn’t normally get to face. He would continue though that he is slightly disappointed in KENTA being his opponent in that he feels that he isn’t quite on his level. Naito stated that he has been the Shuyaka of SHOGUN for quite some time now whereas KENTA has been successful in some areas but not quite reaching that mountain top. Before Naito could finish his statement however KENTA would blind side him, attacking him with a fury beating down El Ingobernable before picking him up and dropping him with the Go 2 Sleep. KENTA would then taunt the leader of LIJ with a look of fury in his eyes as he would walk away having left Naito in a heap.  Bullet Club (AJ Styles & El Phantasmo) VS Kota Ibushi & Robbie Eagles  An incredible tag team match would be up next as AJ Styles would team up with Headbanger Club Leader and Bullet Club ally El Phantasmo to take on Kota Ibushi and his partner former SHOGUN JR Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles. Eagles and Phantasmo would actually have some very interesting sequences as the two would hit each other with some incredible offence and perhaps in another lifetime the two would have been rivals but here they were simply opponents. We would also see our first preview of the upcoming match between Styles and Ibushi as the two would have several exchanges with Ibushi looking to get some retribution for Styles’ attack on SHOGUN. Ibushi and Phantasmo, of course familiar with each other from their shared history would go at it going move for move with one another. In the end though Phantasmo would score the pinfall hitting Eagles with the CR2 to get the pinfall victory for his team while Ibushi and Styles would go at it on the outside.  Bullet Club defeats Ibushi & Eagles at 14:03 via pinfall by way of a CR2 on Eagles  Face to Face, Champion to Champion. Next, the SHOGUN Triple Crown Champion PAC would step into the ICPW Ring with the title over his shoulder as he would be met by the ICPW Ironheart Champion, his challenger for Glory Through Pain III Jon Moxley. Moxley would start things off stating that PAC, while an impressive wrestler, has a lot to learn about hanging at the top of the Japanese Wrestling scene. He would state that he understands that PAC seems to think he has everything figured out with his new little stable and beating his belt but he is about to make everything PAC come crashing down in front of him. PAC would then cut Moxley off stating that he is one to talk about things crashing down considering how just before he spent his year moping about losing his title and his closest ally. He would state that he’s disappointed that he is facing whatever this is and not the top level version of Moxley. Mox would counter stating that PAC is nowhere near the opponents that Naito and Joe were in previous years and that in the Tokyo Dome, He’ll destroy PAC and become the undisputed best wrestler in all of Japan. The two would staredown, raising their titles as they would be ready to do battle soon.  Rite Of Iron J Cup Semi-Finals: Taiji Ishimori VS Hiromu Takahashi  Semi-Final action in the Rite Of Iron J Cup up next as Taiji Ishimori would take on Hiromu Takahashi. The two would have a chaotic, wild match with the two hitting each other with absolutely everything they had straight away neither wanting to give an inch in this match. The two decorated athletes would hit each other with absolutely everything they had, both refusing to quit. In a match that would see the two men just going at each other attempting to secure their place in the finals. Hiromu would look to finish things with a Dynamite Plunge but Ishimori would stay alive. Ishimori would catch Hiromu in the bone lock and would look to finish things but Hiromu would just barely manage to escape making it to the ropes. The two would go at each other with everything they had but in the end it would see Ishimori escaping the attempt at a Timebomb and then catching Hiromu with the bloody cross to pin him and secure himself a place in the finals and on the tokyo dome card.  Taiji Ishimori defeats Hiromu Takahashi at 16:47 via pinfall by way of a Bloody Cross to advance to the finals of the Rite Of Iron J Cup  Contract Signed: A match made in hell.  Next, backstage we would see the contract signing between Samoa Joe and Minoru Suzuki for their ICPW Heavyweight Championship match at Glory Through Pain. Manabu Nakanishi and Katsuyori Shibata would both be present for this as they would each stand in the ring to preside over proceedings. Joe would start by stating that despite his faction's destruction, he is still very much in control of this upcoming match and that he will stop at nothing to gain the championship that he challenged for a year ago. Suzuki would laugh stating that last year he too challenged for a title at this event and while he failed, he now walks into this event with a title of his own… he would then taunt Joe asking him where his title is because it appears that despite all of his allies and previous allies success he has nothing to show right now. Joe would then state that he will have no problem putting Suzuki’s ass to sleep and taking the title from him if that’s what he needs to do, Suzuki would simply laugh and state that he would like to see him try. The two would then sign the Contract as Photos would then be taken for their upcoming match.  The Bombers (Jeff Cobb, Joe Doering & Dylan James) VS Stone Pitbull Wrestling (Tomohiro Ishii, SHO & YOH)  Next, a six man tag team contest would see The Bombers take on SPW in a massive collision. This contest would be an incredible one with James and Doering colliding with 3K in tag team action with the two sides exchanging some great tag team moves. The Main focus of this of course would be Ishii and Cobb going at it in an impressive contest with the two demonstrating some incredible offense as the two would hit each other with everything they had. In the end the Bombers would score the victory as Doering would connect with a massive Revolution bomb on YOH to get the pinfall victory as Cobb and Ishii would continue to beat each other up long after the bell, the two eventually disappearing to the back as they would exchange strikes.  The Bombers defeats SPW at 15:44 via pinfall by way of a Revolution Bomb on YOH  SHOGUN Tag Team Championships: The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham) (c) VS Dangerous Tekkers (Zack Sabre JR & Taichi)  The Main Event of the evening would see the SHOGUN Tag Team Championships on the line as The Foundation would look to make their third defence of the titles against Dangerous Tekkers. The match would be an incredible one as we would see Gresham and Sabre mix it up technically throughout the match but also we would see explosive offence from both sides as the two groups would go blow for blow with one another. Gresham and Lethal seemed determined to retain the tag team titles but Tekkers were clearly the favourites and being an away game for the Foundation really sent them on the back foot. Taichi and ZSJ did not go down easily at all and in fact clearly had their sights set on winning the titles. Gresham tried to finish things with an Octopus Stretch on Sabre but Sabre would quickly escape it. Lethal even seemed to be about to hit the Lethal combination on ZSJ who was Legal at the time but Taichi would push Sabre out of the way to counter the move into a Dangerous Backdrop keeping the match going. The match though would reach its conclusion as Sabre would be preparing to hit Gresham with a PK but SHOGUN Openweight Champion Will Ospreay would come out and Distract ZSJ, ZSJ would try to knock Ospreay off the apron but Ospreay would jump down but by this time Gresham would manage to catch Sabre from behind and catch him with a bridging O’Connor roll to score the roll up victory and retain the titles for The Foundation, leaving Sabre furious with Ospreay heading into their openweight championship match.  The Foundation (c) defeats Dangerous Tekkers at 17:55 via pinfall by way of an O’Connor Roll to make their third defence of the SHOGUN Tag Team Championships  ICPW Kings Of The Ring 138 Location: Sendai Sun Plaza - Miyagi, Japan   Cesaro & Eruption (Yukio Sakaguchi & Kazusada Higuchi) VS Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi)  Opening up the show, another six man preview of the upcoming ICPW Openweight Championship clash between Shingo Takagi and Cesaro. The match would be an intense one with all the participants giving it absolutely everything they had as Shingo and Cesaro would be leading the charge in this absolute war of a six man match. All six men would give absolutely everything throughout this match, nobody giving an inch at all. The match would conclude though with Shingo dropping Sakaguchi with a last of the dragon to score the victory for his team staring a hole through Cesaro as he would make the pinfall. Los Ingobernables De Japon defeats Cesaro & Eruption at 11:44 via pinfall by way of a Last of The Dragon on Sakaguchi  After the match, Shingo would take to the microphone and he would taunt Cesaro stating that this is just getting easier and that the first time he slipped up a bit but now he’s confident he can easily beat Cesaro for the title at The Tokyo Dome! Kaito Kiyomiya & Mascara Dorada VS Sami Zayn & Robbie Eagles     Next up, a massive tag team contest would see Kaito Kiyomiya team with ICPW JR Heavyweight Champion Mascara Dorada to take on Sami Zayn and Robbie Eagles. The match would be incredible as the four athletes in this contest would hit each other with absolutely everything they had. Zayn and Kaito would also finally square off for the first time as we would see exactly how different the two’s styles would be despite them both being heralded by many as their respective companies' next generation aces. Zayn though would clearly be more confident as Kaito would seemingly still be feeling the effects of his loss to Suzuki at Kingdom Come, luckily Dorada being his partner was able to supplement this and Kaito was able to at least partially focus with it being enough for Dorada to have the time to hit the Dorada Screwdriver on Eagles to get the win.  Kiyomiya & Dorada defeats Zayn & Eagles at 14:03 via pinfall by way of a Dorada Screwdriver on Eagles  Eyes Peeled.  We would see SHOGUN Triple Crown Champion PAC up next who would be discussing his upcoming title match with Jon Moxley. He would state that he does admire Moxley’s fire and that he’s happy that he’s at least resembling the man that was once ICPW Heavyweight Champion but the fact of the matter is that he will still decimate him when the time comes and that the Bastard will remain the Triple Crown Champion. He would go on to wish Moxley good luck in the main event tonight that he’ll be watching very closely as he would then have a very sinister laugh to close out the video.  El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Diamond Soldiers (Taiji Ishimori & DIAMANTE)  Next, a tag team preview of the Rite Of Iron J Cup finals would see Desperado & Kanemaru take on the Diamond Soldiers. In a match that would be full throttle JR Heavyweight tag team action, we would see almost a glimpse of what it would be like if Ishimori and DIAMANTE were in the SHOGUN JR Heavyweight division as they would take it to the former SHOGUN Triangle champions. The two sides would hit each other with maneuver after maneuver going at it with everything they had in an incredible contest. In the end though Despy and Kanemaru would take the win as Desperado would hit DIAMANTE with Pinche Loco to get the pinfall victory as he would make the cover taunting his finals opponent in Ishimori. Desperado & Kanemaru defeats The Diamond Soldiers at 13:05 via pinfall by way of a Pinche Loco on DIAMANTE  El Ingobernable’s retort.  After attacking Tetsuya Naito’s interview last week, KENTA would be walking backstage seemingly just heading back to his locker room, he would be approached by a camera crew who would ask for an interview but he would simply tell them go to away stating that he wasn’t particularly in the mood for an interview right now but as he would turn around, Naito would jump KENTA attacking him beating the hell out of him throwing him into a wall before stomping on his head onto the floor and then spitting on him before walking away getting a measure of revenge for KENTA’s Assault last week.  Kota Ibushi & Naomichi Marufuji VS Bullet Club (AJ Styles & El Phantasmo)  A blockbuster tag team contest up next would see Ibushi and Marufuji team up in a rare occurrence to take on AJ and Phantasmo. The match would be an incredible one with the four men just going at it with incredible offence as each man would be able to keep up with one another, all former champions in their own rights this star studded matchup would see some of the most innovative and jaw dropping offence. The sequences between the four men as each one would step into the ring with the others would just be incredible and it was clear that none of these four men were going to go down easily. Bullet Club of course resorted to cheating and the use of the numbers game but that was a certainty as soon as the match began and Ibushi and Marufuji had come prepared for it dealing with quite quickly. In the end Ibushi and Marufuji would manage to catch Phantasmo and they would deliver a brutal Emerald Trigger to get the win for their team after Ibushi would take out AJ with a Powerbomb to the outside.  Marufuji & Ibushi defeats Bullet Club at 15:04 via pinfall by way of an Emerald Trigger on Phantasmo  Katsuhiko Nakajima VS David Finlay  A singles preview of the ICPW Tag Team Championship match at Glory Through Pain III would see Nakajima take on Finlay in what would be a brutal match up. The Genius of the Kick would deliver precise and brutal blows to Finlay but the fourth generation wrestler would not go down easily fighting back with all his heart and he would try to hit Nakajima with everything he had. The former Openweight Champion though would not go down easily as he would not allow Finlay to take the advantage at all with everything that Finlay would try to do, Nakajima would have an answer for. In the end, Nakajima would finish things with a brutal Vertical Spike on Finlay to pin him and get the win, gaining some momentum going into their tag team championship match, Nakajima taunting FinJuice as he would make his leave after a tremendous win.   Katsuhiko Nakajima defeats David Finlay at 15:04 via pinfall by way of a Vertical Spike Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Davey Boy Smith JR) VS Samoa Joe & Hirooki Goto  Next, we would see Hirooki Goto make his return to ICPW as he would have previously wrestled here earlier in the year in his attempt to dethrone Minoru Suzuki. This clash of the titans would see two incredible units go at with huge amounts of pure and striking precision with all four men just beating the absolute hell out of each other. Joe and Suzuki would obviously have high amounts of intensity with all that had been said during the build up to their upcoming match up but Goto and DBS JR would spare nothing within the match as well as they would smash into each other like two moose locking horns as they would fight for dominance. In the end, Joe would finish things as he would lock DBS in the Coquina clutch as the son of the bulldog would pass out with Joe and Goto getting the victory heading into the match with Joe having a manic look on his face as he would choke on DBS Staring at Suzuki who would simply be smiling ear to ear.  Joe & Goto defeats Suzuki-Gun at 15:15 via submission with a Coquina clutch on DBS JR  Jon Moxley VS Will Ospreay  In the main event, an incredible singles contest would see ICPW Ironheart Champion Jon Moxley take on SHOGUN Openweight Champion Will Ospreay. This would be a very impressive match up with the two starting technically surprisingly but things would speed up over time with Ospreay beginning to use his hybrid style offence to deal with Moxley’s unpredictable brawling style in a very fast and furious contest. The two would hit each other with everything they had in a great series of exchanges. Ospreay would look to finish things with an Oscutter but Moxley would manage to kick out. Moxley would hit a Paradigm Shift on Ospreay but Ospreay would survive. PAC at one point would come down to the ring in an attempt to distract the referee but surprisingly Zack Sabre JR would take out PAC assisting Moxley, in something that no ICPW fan would have seen coming. Moxley would then be able to fight off Ospreay uninterrupted, eventually finishing him with a Death Rider. After this, Moxley would exchange a bit of a look with Sabre, the two realising that they have a common enemy currently.  Jon Moxley defeats Will Ospreay at 18:55 via pinfall by way of a Death Rider  ICPW Kings Of The Ring 139 Location: Tokyo Dome City Hall - Tokyo, Japan Sabre-Gun (Zack Sabre JR, Taichi & Chris Brookes) VS The Rebel Sons (Apollo Crews, Takashi Sugiura & Kazushi Sakuraba)  Sabre-Gun defeats The Rebel Sons at 13:04 via pinfall by way of a Praying Mantis Bomb on Crews  After the match, ZSJ would get on the mic and state that he’s in top shape heading into this match with Ospreay and that regardless of what happened last week on SHOGUN that when they step into the Tokyo Dome, there is only one escape for Ospreay… JUST TAP OUT!  “Not Matter what, we won’t lose!” AXIZ would cut a promo regarding their upcoming championship match with FinJuice at Glory Through Pain. Shiozaki would talk about how FinJuice were in ICPW Before but to them they don’t see them as part of this. Nakajima would state that FinJuice didn’t find their footing until they left for SHOGUN and even then it still took them a while to make something of themselves. Shiozaki would finish stating that for not just the sake of themselves but for the entire ICPW Tag Team Division they must defeat FinJuice to simply prove once and for all that the ICPW Tag Team Division is superior. Nakajima would finish stating that no matter what FinJuice Tries, AXIZ Will not lose and they will remain tag team champions! Stone Pitbull Wrestling (Tomohiro Ishii & BEN-K) VS M’s Alliance (Masato Tanaka & Masaaki Mochizuki)  SPW defeats M’s Alliance at 12:33 via pinfall by way of a Vertical Drop Brainbuster on Mochizuki  After the match, Ishii says into the camera off mic that he is coming for Jeff Cobb’s head!  Diamond Soldiers (Taiji Ishimori & DIAMANTE) VS Breaker Squad (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)  Diamond Soldiers defeats Breaker Squad at 14:03 via pinfall by way of a Vuelta Finale on Williams  Ishimori taunts Desperado as Diamond Soldiers make their leave.  To Slay The Dragon.  Next, an interview with ICPW Openweight Champion Cesaro would play as he would discuss his upcoming defence against Shingo Takagi. Cesaro would discuss why he chose Shingo as an opponent and he would simply state that if he manages to beat him, nobody can ever take that away from him. Takagi is one of the most dominant wrestlers in SHOGUN’s history and that a win over him has him set completely with nobody being able to touch him at that point. He would continue stating that he isn’t out to start a war with SHOGUN but he will do whatever it takes to keep his title and that since he represents ICPW he wants to do right by it and by beating everybody he can in order to keep the title and prove that he is in fact the very best. Cesaro would finish stating that he hopes Shingo brings his best at the Tokyo Dome and that he will absolutely not hesitate to do whatever it takes to finish him off.  KENTA VS Yukio Sakaguchi  KENTA defeats Sakaguchi at 14:02 via pinfall by way of a Go 2 Sleep  After the match, KENTA would take the microphone stating that he doesn’t really care what Naito does at this point but that he will look to dissect him and break him down. He doesn’t care what Naito’s accomplished or where they’re at comparatively because all that matters to him is that when they step in the ring together, he is going to beat him and use him as just another stepping stone to the ICPW Heavyweight Championship.  Back on the Road.  We would next see a video cut together of Kaito training while he would be discussing his upcoming battle with Sami Zayn. He would state while both have already been champions, Zayn has been seen in a much higher regard. He would continue stating that he is looking to become the Ace and that while he may have lost at Kingdom Come, he believes that he is not done with his journey yet. Kaito would state that he will begin his new journey at Glory Through Pain by beating Sami Zayn and that he will then make his way to becoming the Ace of ICPW, though it was very apparent that Kaito seemed to be attempting to convince himself of this as well as the audience.  Jon Moxley VS Fred Yehi  Jon Moxley defeats Fred Yehi at 15:44 via pinfall by way of a Death Rider  After the match, Moxley would say that he feels like he’s in top form right now and that nobody can touch him. He says he’s not even considering the chance that he loses in the Tokyo Dome and that he will take the SHOGUN Triple Crown no problem. He would state that PAC has nothing on him and that he will absolutely walking out of Glory Through Pain 3-0 at the event with nobody being able to touch him.  Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Davey Boy Smith JR) VS Kota Ibushi & Shigehiro Irie Suzuki-Gun defeats Ibushi & Irie at 15:03 via pinfall by way of a Gotch Style Piledriver on Irie  Suzuki would close the show with a post match promo, he would tell Samoa Joe that all the talk, the bluster it doesn’t matter because when they step into the ring together inside the Tokyo Dome, it becomes a whole different field and Joe is nothing more than a peasant at his feet. He would conclude stating that he will remain ICPW Heavyweight Champion and that after Glory Through Pain there will be no more doubt that Suzuki-Gun is Ichiban! 
    • Press Conference Dan Campbell after losing 32-22 to Green Bay.   “We played our hearts out but tonight it just wasn’t what we wanted losing to Green Bay after a unfortunate fumble by Jarred Goff but we will be ready to hopefully get our second win when we play Baltimore in Detroit in week 3 I think we can be a threat in the years to come but for now we are going to try to win and stay in games as we saw last night in the loss to Green Bay we will be fighting with The Ravens of Baltimore in hopes for our second win on the season thank you for your time.”

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