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    • That's cause they haven't been built up yet compelety. But they've all had segments so far to make the matches 
    • I will commend Bailey for putting together a good show, but some of these matches are not very well-built.. or make sense. But, good luck to Carnage.
    • Some men are driven by the thought of success. Me? I am driven on the thought of being able to kick the ass of people who do me wrong. Josh, you decided to get in my way. You've F*cked Up. @JoshsNow
    • *The crowd is silent, but when the scream of crows permeates the arena, cheers begin to go off. The arena becomes dark.      *When the music hits, Fear comes out and is blasted by a chorus of cheers. As he slowly makes his way to the ring, he kneels right in the middle, begin to mumble something. After a moment, Fear rises, taking off his Hood. And begins.   I have been gone for a long time. Someone who believed themselves to be above me tried to lock me away. But they soon realized, you cannot lock Fear away. That is what I believe everyone here on Evolve has forgotten. The have forgotten to be afraid.    *Fear's tone begins to get more angrier   I have returned, not to win any singular title. I have not returned to let you worthless sheep praise me for doing my work. I am here to remind the Evolve Roster of what true terror, true suffering,    *Fear begins to bang his head onto the mat until it is clear he is busted open underneath his mask. He begins to scream at the ceiling. After a while, he stops, touches the blood seeping through his mask. He stares at it and wipes the mat with it.   What true Fear is like.   *Fear walks out of ring and is on the entrance way when the lights shut off followed by screams of crows.
    • Pretty good epsoide of SD..still don't think it was as good as raw but this is a good start in where hopefully SD can turn it around  and keep this momentum up. Whether they keep this Shelton and Gable thing going as an actual team will be interesting some people suggest Shelton turns on gable next  week but I'm not sure even tho it would be a nice first feud for gable. Looks like we are gonna get Owens vs Shane inside HIAC and possibly Styles vs Corbin for the United States Championship which is really nice and should do good. Shinsuke will probably be gettin his rematch for the WWE Championship and i hope he wins it this time. As far as the other thing what an awesome debut for Roode right now he looks like a face but won't be surprised if this was just debut as a face thing but over the next few weeks start showing up as a heel because u knew he wasn't gonna get booed on his debut.  I definitely see Roode as a big player on Smackdown. Who he feuds with first will be interesting. If hes heel a feud with Zayn could be good. If hes face i see him getting Ziggler at first which should be a really good match but ya never know cause we all thought Nakamaura vs Ziggler would be good. So some interesting stuff on Smackdown hopefully they continue to get better each week
    • The appearances of Bobby Roode and Shelton Benjamin really make me excited for what SmackDown Live is gonna be like in the future. Shame Corbin is being wasted as a ref.
    • Nice to see Roode debut in SD. Great addition to their roster,  especially since Cena left Smackdown. I think we Will get Styles VS Corbin the near future.
    • Discuss this weeks SmackDown LIVE here!

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