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  • Recent Status Updates


    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      just a quick status update After Seeing How Triple H has Booked Hideo Itami Tye Dillinger And Tyler Breeze

      If you asked me Should Triple H take over WWE

      Yes or No

      my answer is no Because

      hideo itami got injured and Triple H didnt EVEN look in his direction to be NXT Champion and Why am i NOW hearing about hideo itami now that he's challenging for the Cruiserweight championship if he's not going to win the match then why is he even in the match?

    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      Normally i'd go off on a Rant and say how Finn Balor Doesn't Deserve a World title shot and how they are forcing him down our throats HOWEVER

      Finn Debuted On The Main Roster July 25th 2016 My Question back then is what has Finn Balor done to win a world title shot?

      People's Excuse: Oh he beat roman reigns

      My Response: So Kevin Owens beat John Cena a bigger star than Roman Reigns Yet Kevin Owens wasn't handed the world title

      Fast Forward to January 14th 2018 My Question Now is What has Finn Balor done since his return to deserve a world title shot?

      And you are not going to convince me that Finn Balor can Beat Brock Lesnar

      When CM Punk Failed, Roman Reigns Failed, Seth Rollins Failed, Dean Ambrose Failed, AJ Styles Failed, Samoa Joe Failed, Daniel Bryan Failed

      If brock lesnar can kick out of multiple Spears You are not going to convince me 1 Coup De  Grace can beat brock lesnar

      here's something to think about.................What if Finn Balor Is One of the talent's wanting to leave WWE and go to AEW and WWE doesn't want that and WWE is Handing Finn Balor A WWE Universal Title Shot undeservedly

    • BrendenPlayz

      All characters are made for the BPZ vs Twitch mod!

    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      I know I'm not one to be Asking Favors But I was Wondering if Someone Could do me a 1 Time Favor Of Making me A Free Survivor Series Graphic Featuring

      Team Reigns

      Roman Reigns Aleister Black Finn Balor Adam Cole


      Team Nakamura

      Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Samoa Joe and Andrade Cien Almas

    • STSMVs

      Glad to pronounce that I'm in the rumble. :)





      Ok, you caught me lacking - I'm not.

  • Posts

    • https://youtu.be/Aw82tqUquSk Brett Storm comes out to 'Broken Dreams' by Shaman's Harvest and points to the Titantron and says: Brett: "Does that look like an "indy" show? Haha." Before continuing to walk down the isle. He goes into the ring and grabs a mic. Brett: "January 27th, a night that will be forever etched in history as it is the ROYAL RUMBLE! I've had experience in Rumbles. Not only here in BPZ but outside of BPZ as well where I wrestled all over the globe and no, it is not the "indies". I've already announced my participation in the Rumble and what I'm gonna do if someone somehow throws me over the top rope, so now I think it's time just to prepare myself for the Rumble. So I decided to have a look at the Rumble Participants that have been announced. There's a few guys there that I took a closer look at. First up is Odyssey Sellers. Now I doubt we'll see each other in the match unless I get a number lower than yours so when I get the shot Odyssey, I'll toss your a$$ over the top rope and get revenge for my loss at Night of Legends. Next guy I want to talk about is none other than the BPZ Universal Champion Bart. Who seemingly is too lazy to defend his Title like an actual Champion as where is a Universal Championship match on the Rumble card? Can't see it. And no, don't say the IC Title match is the reason as look at Julius, he's defending both of his Championships. So I can easily take one look at Bart and be able to figure out my strategy. Wait until he gets lazy, then toss his sorry a$$ over the top rope. Next we have the......oh, loser. As he is the FORMER Global Champion Jason Ryan. Now I respect the fact that he did face Necce in that match where he lost his Championship so it's not gonna be easy. Someone like Necce is gonna give you a hard match. But unlike me, Jason was pinned. Jason was actually beaten in his match at Night of Legends. So....Jason, get ready for a case of Deja vu. As once again, you'll be on the losing side. Whereas I will win. I'll win a Royal Rumble for the first time in my career. Now I'll talk about Mikey. A guy that refused a fight with some guy called Maasa. Who's Maasa I hear you ask? Don't ask me I've got no clue. But Mikey refused a fight with him which tells me that he's gonna be no problem for me at the Royal Rumble. Finally I want to talk about Legends simply because I have no clue who he is and why he's in the Rumble. I only think he's there to fill the numbers. Which is all he will be as he will be one of many people eliminated by yours truly. Am I being narcissistic? Maybe, you can say I am. I won't care. I have an ego. Everyone has an ego. But I'll be the only one to back it up in the Royal Rumble Match. 29 losers. And a 1 of a kind winner." Shaman's Harvest's 'Broken Dreams' plays again as Brett Storm walks to the back. Brett: "Broken Dreams. What a suitable name."
    • "Young and bitter" hits signaling the arrival of 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati he walks down the ramp to the ring with a mic. He walks with his usual cockiness most likely because of the fact that he has just beaten Prince.  I TOLD YOU, I told you all that I was going to beat Prince at Night of Legends but still, people had Prince as the favorite to win because you are all a bunch of ignorant idiots. I mean how could you think a pathetic attempt at a musician could beat me.   But I didn't come out here to talk about Prince you see because as soon as I pinned Prince I knew I had to move on to bigger and better things and I have the perfect match in mind. What's that? I hear you ask well whats bigger and better than winning the Royal Rumble and going on to main event BPZMania 4 against my tag partner Julius.  That is why I am officially entering myself in the Royal Rumble and I am telling you all now I will beat the other 29 men that enter no matter who it is Bailey, Bart or the bloody boss himself in Brenden i will eliminate them and reign supreme.
    • Brock Lesnar  For a man that had less than 10 matches, Brock Lesnar had an extremely successful year in the World of WWE. Not only did he hold the Universal Championship for 8 of the 12 months he went through the year losing only one match. Brock was dominant in matches against Strowman, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Reigns with Reigns finally picking up the victory over Lesnar at Summerslam. Lesnar is a big money draw and is one of the few genuine stars in WWE therefore his monster booking is expected. He brings in the media attention and the cash which allows him to be paid back handsomely 2019 Prediction  As of this writing, Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion and is set to defend his Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble against Plucky Underdog and part-time demon Finn Balor. Expect Lesnar to win in a competitive match setting him up as champion heading into Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Seth Rollins looks like he might be the one to dethrone Lesnar at Wrestlemania but we said that last year with Roman and oh how we were wrong. This time I truly think Rollins beats the beast and sends him on his way for a short-term hiatus. Look for Lesnar to reappear in late 2019 and look to reclaim his Universal Championship unsuccessfully and maybe even jump over to Smackdown when it moves to Fox. It's hard to truly predict what such an absent superstar will do, but expect Lesnar to be in the forefront of WWE's booking while he is still around  Up Next: Pete Dunne 
    • With how unfocused the US Championship has been i wouldn't be surprised that by the time Wrestlemania comes around they are still unfocused and just decide to hold a multi-man match. Doesn't need as much storyline effort as an actual feud and is a crowd-pleaser. With Almas, Mysterio, Joe, Ali all just waiting around the championship can be used better.

      With how tired this feud has been in such a short time i'm fine with whoever comes out on top of this match. The week before Rusev won the championship i was optimistic going by their backstage promos. Rusev was funny but didn't look weak in delivery and Nakamura was himself but going down the "Man defends woman" path took all the energy out for me. I hope that something changes for the better for the both of them. 
    • The wildcard! Don't see many people praising Strong (Hager) that much these days but he has been doing better than most ex-WWE wrestlers have after leaving the company. He took a big step by choosing to walk away for himself and with the confidence LU have shown in him as of late it's going well.
      Going to be watching his MMA debut next week?
    • Kind of like how Mephisto was a part of Bullet Club for one tour back in 2015 but never referenced again. I'd love to see more long term representation though outside of the country similar to how Rush represents Los Ingobernables in Mexico and Japan.

      Gino Gambino (Australian Wrestler) was recruited for Bullet Club by Fale while in the country but i'm not sure if that still stands.
    • We are live at Carnage when an unfamiliar theme begins to play   Jason walks on the stage, a duffel bag in one hand and a cooler in another one. Jason marches to the ring as the fans give the man sympathetic cheers while others still boo him, not ready to forget all the things he has done. Jason gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. First thing's first. I recently went after a certain someone in a verbal tirade and looking back on it, I may have let my anger cloud my vision. This person recently sat me down backstage and had a serious discussion with me. So Necce, disregard whatever I said about you man We're cool. Now on to other matters. Lately I The Rumble is coming up and while everyone else is pointing at the Mania sign, I'm pointing at the back. See there are two people backstage that are dead men walking. Buddy Ace and Marker.  The fans boo at the mention of their names Buddy and Marker. Two guys I thought I could always rely on, two guys who I thought would always stand at my side as we took over the world together. And we did. The Flock was Untouchable. We took BPZ by storm, we accomplished everything. We won the NXT title, we won the Premium title, we won the Tag Team titles, we even won the Global title. We are the reason Kingdom died, we did something no one else in this company managed to do and that is knock Kingdom off their throne in back to back matchups. But... little did I know, the men I called brothers, the men I trusted with my very life were nothing but Judas in disguise. Buddy Ace. Everyone in this building knows someone like you. A slimy, sneaky, little rat who carries a various amount of diseases. You're the kind of guy who'd sleep with his brother's wife, you're the kind of guy to date the ex of your best friend, you, my brother are scum! You committed the most unforgivable sin. You better sleep with one eye open Buddy because when I get my hands on you, I'm going to get arrested for it. I'm going to go to jail for a long long time. There's going to be nothing left of you, they are gonna have to identify you with dental records! Buddy, you can claim to be awesome all you want but the only thing awesome about you is how much of a flop you've become! You squander opportunity after opportunity and yet can't figure out why I was the one who carried The Frontier! Buddy, if I were you, I'd get your affairs in order and tell your loved ones goodbye because you, my friend are leaving on borrowed time.  Jason is angrily pacing in the ring getting worked up Marker, my brother! Oooh you done messed up son! You and I have been partners in crime ever since I debuted, we were best friends. I have always stood by your side, even when everyone called you the weak link of The Flock I said no, he's as strong as the rest of us. Every time you screwed up I was there to bail you out, I was always there when you needed someone and I never asked for anything in return! Marker, what you did when you turned on me, after I spoke for you, was disgusting. You.... you're damn lucky I didn't have access to a weapon after you did it. Marker, you made a grave mistake when you turned on me. You left me breathing. Worst thing you could have done. There's a reason no one who has ever done me dirty is around anymore Marker. You know what kind of man I am. You know you're going to get what's coming to you. I'll tell you this right now, as long as I'm standing here, as long as you and I breathe the same air, you will NEVER achieve success in this company again. Every day you come to work, I'm gonna be here and beat the piss out of you. You best believe I'll make sure you lose your match with Julius. Because you and Buddy have just made my hit list, and trust me son, whenever I make a hitlist, I make damn sure that I'm able to cross every name off! And I'm going to do it right here, right now.  Jason opens the duffel bag and pulls out a steel chair and his steel rod. He sets up the chair and sits down. He opens the cooler and pulls out a beer. He pops it open and lights a cigarette Marker, Buddy I know you''re here. If these past few months meant anything to you, get your asses out here! Come on, be men for once in your lives and get out and get what's coming to you! Don't hide, come on. Both of you go buy a set of nuts at the concession stand and get down here so I can kick your asses! I'm not leaving until you two come on out. I'll hold the entire show up, I got plenty of beer and nothing but time. Don't make me come back there and find you two myself. And if anyone else thinks about getting involved, I'll make sure your career ends here and now. Unless your name Is Buddy Ace or Marker, the stupidest thing you can do in life right now is to get between these ropes right now. Marker, Buddy, I'm going to say this one more time, and then, I'm going looking for you. Get your asses out here! Jason stands up and kicks the chair away, readying his steel rod. He's clearly itching for a fight. Question is, will he get one?
    • Men’s Royal Rumble Match participants: Aiden English AJ Styles Bray Wyatt Finn Bálor Jason Jordan Jeff Hardy Jinder Mahal Kurt Angle The Miz Mojo Rawley Rey Mysterio Roman Reigns Rusev Samoa Joe Seth Rollins Shelton Benjamin Tye Dillinger Zack Ryder   Women’s Royal Rumble Match participants: Alexa Bliss Alicia Fox Bayley Becky Lynch Brie Bella Carmella Dana Brooke Lana Lita Maryse Mickie James Naomi Natalya Nia Jax Nikki Bella Paige Tamina Trish Stratus
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