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    • 6 Major points that happened on the RAW After WrestleMania John Morrison defeated Finn Balor to win the Intercontinental Championship  Viking Raiders debuted on the main show defeating AOP  Bianca Belair debuted on RAW challenging Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championship but lost. Shayna Baszler attacked Becky after the match  AJ Styles and Alesiter Blacks War is not finished yet  Edge Emotional promo officially back and can put HHH behind him  Drew McIntyre defeated The ATGMBR winner Kane in the main event but then after the match General Manger Kurt Angle returned to TV and Angle Slammed McIntyre 
    • WWE '17 The Network Era Monday Night Raw: April 24th, 2017 - Live from the Sprint Center, in Kansas City, Missouri The theme music of Monday Night Raw blasts through the arena as we are welcomed to the flagship show of the WWE, just 6 days away from Raw's first exclusive pay-per-view after WrestleMania, entitled Payback. Tonight is the go-home show, as we're welcomed to the show by Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Dio Madden, who serves as a stand-in for Bryon Saxton this week. They hype up the appearance of the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, as Lesnar vs. Styles contract signing happens... TONIGHT! Dean Ambrose calls out Braun Strowman Dean Ambrose would open the show, coming through the ramp as he would grab a microphone, telling them to "cut that shit off", as he says he's not out here to waste time. He said there's no point in waiting till this Sunday, Braun, and that if Braun Strowman is gonna put his head on a stake, he can do it right now. Braun Strowman would shortly come out, and the two would get at it! Ambrose and Strowman would brawl all over the arena, lighting each other up with chairs and anything they can find. Eventually, they find their way to the backstage area, where Strowman would just biel throw Ambrose through a table! Ambrose would find a trash-can lid, and hit Strowman on the head with it, as The Monster Among Men was stunned. Following it up, Ambrose would rain down punches and attempt a Dirty Deeds on the trash can lid, but security would break the two men up before doing so. Stephanie McMahon, enraged with the two superstars, would say that if they want a fight, they got a fight and would make their match at Payback... HARDCORE! Anything goes, you can be pinned anywhere and we all know these two will slug it out this Sunday, as Monday Night Raw opens with a bang! #1 Contender's Match - United States Championship Tye Dillinger vs. Mojo Rawley United States Champion Kevin Owens would be on commentary for this match and would be asked by Dio Madden why he didn't defend last week against Tye Dillinger. Owens would respond that Dillinger needs to earn a title match, which Dillinger wouild do in this match. In the end, Mojo Rawley would go for his corner punch to the face, but Tye Dillinger would roll out of the way, nailing a huge Thrust Kick to the chin of Rawley, before following it up with a Tye-Breaker (Kamigoye), and pinning Rawley! Owens, as Dillinger stared him down from the ring, would be enraged as he picked up his title and scurried off, a title defense against The Perfect 10 just 6 days away. Austin Aries is All In on the Cruiserweights A video package highlighting Austin Aries would play, as the established veteran in the business would be shown hitting his signature Brainbuster and Last Chancery. The video package would end with Austin Aries sitting in an office, rewatching himself vs. Neville at WrestleMania 33 for the Cruiserweight Championship. He would say that this is now his time, with Neville on SmackDown. He vows to become Cruiserweight Champion, and if he doesn't... He doesn't know what he will do. Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal would square off, with this serving as a warm-up for what will await Seth Rollins at Payback, Samoa Joe. Jinder Mahal would use his power early on, but Seth Rollins would weather the storm, before using a Ripcord Knee Strike to put Jinder Mahal down. Samoa Joe would appear on the outside, stalking Rollins. Rollins, ever the fighter, would dare Joe to come into the ring, but Samoa Joe would just smirk, stalking Rollins like a lion stalking his prey. Eventually, The Samoan Submission Machine would walk off, playing games with Seth as the segment would come to a close. Mickie James promises to walk out of Payback with the Raw Women's Championship: Mickie James would make her entrance, walking down to the ring to cheers from the crowd as she grabbed a microphone. She said she came back to WWE to be a champion, even though she came back to help Alexa Bliss, it's been the goal of being a champion. She hypes up Charlotte Flair as possibly the greatest women's wrestler ever, before cutting an impassioned message about how this may be her last ride, her last title shot and she's gonna make the most of it and win the Raw Women's Championship. Mickie James would drop the microphone, walking out of the ring and up the ramp as the commentary team would hype up the clash of Flair vs. Mickie, a battle of generations. Kevin Owens is asked about the Perfect Ten: Kayla Braxton would find Kevin Owens backstage, about to leave the arena. Owens would be asked about the impending challenge of his United States Championship match with Tye Dillinger at Payback, and Owens would respond that Tye Dillinger has been propelled to heights by fans, and that he has no natural skill, or ability whatsoever. Owens promised to make the Perfect 10, the broken 10 as he walked off, getting into his car and leaving. Will the Face of America be able to fend off the challenge of Perfect 10? Nia Jax & Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon & Bayley A tag team bout between Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax, versus the newest addition to Raw, Ember Moon, and the former Raw Women's Champion, Bayley. Midway through the match, the referee would go down, and Natalya would come down to the ring and suddenly attack Ember Moon! Natalya would lock Ember in the Sharpshooter on the outside, as the referee was down! With Bayley left in a two-on-one, Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax would make quick work of Bayley with a Big Boot followed by a Top-Rope Splash from Nia Jax! Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax would stare down after the match, signalling a future collison as this Sunday, Nia Jax will get Bayley again, one-on-one, while Charlotte Flair defends her title against Mickie James. Stephanie McMahon promises a new Raw General Manager will be announced next week: Stephanie McMahon would be backstage, as she promised that next week, live on Monday Night Raw, she will officially reveal the new general manager of Monday Night Raw after last month when Mick Foley was fired by Triple H and herself as GM. She ends it with a smile, as we're turned back to the ring. Jeff Hardy vs. Xavier Woods Jeff Hardy & Xavier Woods would clash before The Hardyz defend their tag team championships against Big E & Kofi Kingston this Sunday. The two would show insane ability, having an excellent match filled with high-flying moves, as Xavier Woods pulled out all the stops. In the end, Jeff Hardy's experience helps him, as he plays possum to Woods before nailing a Twist of Fate and then go up to the top rope, before diving onto him with a Swanton Bomb! 1... 2... 3! Jeff Hardy wins! After the match, Jeff Hardy would shake hands with Xavier Woods, showing his respect to one third of the New Day just days away from a clash with them. AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar Contract Signing The last segment of the evening would be the Universal Championship Contract Signing, between 'The Phenomenal One', AJ Styles, versus 'The Beast', Brock Lesnar. The two men would make their entrances, as Heyman and Styles traded verbal shots, before the two men would sign the contract, facing off, before Lesnar would shove AJ Styles! AJ Styles would remove his shirt, as would Brock, as Styles would go for a right hand, but Lesnar would duck and knock Styles down with a brutal clothesline! Lesnar would hold up the Universal Championship, before throwing it to Heyman on the outside. As AJ Styles recovered, the veteran would nail a Pele Kick on Lesnar, stunning him! AJ Styles would get to his feet, his opportunity opening, as he ran at Lesnar, before Lesnar would scoop him up on his shoulders before nailing an F5 through the table with the contract in it! Despite Lesnar taking one of Styles' most devastating moves, he just shook it off and nailed Styles with an F5!  Lesnar and Heyman would make it up the ramp, as Lesnar held up the Universal Championship as Styles laid in the wreckage of the table and contract, as Monday Night Raw came to a close.    
    • A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE...The God with Flaws vs the Prince with Awareness “H-hold on a second? I’m looking for forgiveness? My goodness and here I was thinking that I was finally getting through to you! You look at me and you see a guy looking for forgiveness is just you being fickle. I’m one of the realist guys in that locker room and they all know it. I put my heart and soul into this industry, and it was with the heart and soul that I came out as vulnerable as ever to tell the fans that perhaps this wasn’t for me anymore.” Prince continues to laugh as he reflects on the things that Addy as said, shaking his head in disbelief over some of the things that were said. “You are telling me that I’m flipping this narrative! Look at you Addy, everything about you is a narrative! Nothing you say is really coming from you, it’s a persona that you put on that we can all instantly see through. Here you go about how I failed at being the next big thing blah blah, I say that shit myself all the damn time. The reason I am still in this ring is because I’m trying to make up for the time that I have lost, when this…change happened I finally realised what expectations could do to make you better as a performer in that ring” The smirk on Prince’s face is gone, as instead it is replaced with a look of determination that has never been seen by fans to show that he is serious about this. “You tell everybody that we are your children, but I can see from this emotional reaction that you are the mere child around here, you’re confused…you’re going to be lost. When that happens, as I said before you are not someone who can see that is able to reinvent and pick himself back up…all you are is a one trick pony that is as convincing in your promos as a politician’s speech.” However, Prince begins to clap his hands and mockingly starts to give a thumbs up to the camera. “I thank you though, I thank you for the fact that I don’t feel sympathy for you anymore. I thought maybe I could see some self-awareness in what you say, maybe consider my comments yet all I see is someone who thinks that they’re the shit simply without doing shit all because you have a man putting blind faith into you. You are nothing like a God because it’s damn clear that you omniscient, you’re really just despicable. Even if you do somehow defeat me really, you’re not going to be a winner because you’ve been blinded…child. Blinded from what the truth actually is as you continue to run your mouth.” Prince goes off screen for a second but as he comes back on we see him wearing a crown. “You talk about the current royalty that we have in this world and think that’s a reflection of me…no no no. I’m nothing like them. Who are am is a prince is who ready to go into a battle, into a bloody war and is willing to do whatever it damn takes to come out as the victor. I’m pushing your limit, you think you’re ready for me but all you’ve got to study from is a shadow of the man that I am now. You or nobody else has seen me like this or what it is that I have to offer and I damn glad of that! Continue to underestimate my talent, continue to brush me to the side because that gives me all the freaking cards! Addy…it’s time to wake up.”
    • AWA Action Episode 1: Jim Cornette opens the show by introducing everybody to the Atlantic Wrestling Association. Cornette announces that the owner of the AWA has graciously given him the role of General Manager, and so Cornette will try his best to give a pure wrestling product unlike any other. Cornette then goes over the roster given to him by the General Manager on a piece of paper. He then begins reading out the names in disgust. Kenny Omega? The Young Bucks? Kevin Owens? The World's Cutest Tag Team? Joey Janela? The Best Friends? ORANGE CASSIDY? Cornette has enough of naming the roster and decides he'll just go over them in better detail in the back. Cornette then announces a tag team tournament was demanded by the owner of the company who put him in the GM role. The tournament will start out tonight and continue until its finals at our first PPV "Beginnings" where the winners will be crowned the inaugural AWA Tag Team Champions. The first round will see The Motor City Machine Guns face The North, The Young Bucks (he gags here) vs Gallus, The World's Cutest Tag Team fight The Briscoes, and in our first match in our promotions history The Best Friends face TM-61. Cornette then announces that at "Beginnings" we will see the first ever AWA World Champion and our first AWA Atlantic Champion crowned. And the participants in those matches will be decided upon by who impresses Cornette the most in the coming weeks. In a good compelling match with a 20 minute time limit, The Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy defeat TMDK in 11:23 by pinfall after they hit the Strong Zero onto Mikey Nicholls, advancing in the AWA Tag Title Tournament facing next week's winner of The Briscoes vs The World's Cutest Tag Team. In a match explained on commentary as one of those matches created in order to "Impress General Manager Cornette" with a 20 minute time limit, Hangman Page defeats Dalton Castle by pinfall in 8:54 with the DeadEye. Jim Cornette after the match walks out and congratulates Page on his victory, saying he "greatly admires his work in the ring" and that he has "big things in his future." It looks as though Page has made a good first impression on the AWA General Manager. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, The Motor City Machine Guns defeat The North in 7:46 by pinfall after hitting the Skull and Bones onto Josh Alexander, advancing in the AWA Tag Title Tournament facing next week's winner of The Young Bucks vs Gallus. A man shows up on the titantron, imploring people to "Give up themselves. Stop losing all of the time. Follow the lead of The Exalted One. And Join The Dark Order." And in the main event of the evening with TV time remaining, in another "Impress General Manager Cornette" match, Marty Scurll would defeat Adam Cole in 20:29 by submission after locking in The Crossface Chickenwing. AWA Action Episode 2: The show opens immediately with wrestling action (just like the show name), as in a match with a 20 minute time limit, Kevin Owens defeats Damien Priest by pinfall in 9:14 with the Pop Up Powerbomb. Marty Scurll is seen backstage in Jim Cornette's office, Cornette is shaking his head in disgust at the "fat fuck" Kevin Owens somehow defeating Damien Priest. Scurll then talks to Cornette about all the people on the roster he hates, Owens, The Bucks, and so on and so forth. Scurll tells Cornette that he and his group "Villain Enterprises" can be used by Cornette to "keep everything in order just as you like." Cornette likes the sound of this, however Scurll tells Cornette that this needs to be a two-way street, and that in return, Villain Enterprises has a few... demands. The feed then cuts off after that statement, leaving the viewer wondering as to what the demands were. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, The Briscoes defeat The World's Cutest Tag Team in 6:31 by pinfall after Jay Briscoe hit the J-Driller onto Joey Ryan. The Briscoes from this advance in the AWA Tag Team Title Tournament, facing The Best Friends in the next round. In another "Impress Cornette" bout with a 20 minute time limit, a great match would take place as Kota Ibushi would defeat Hiromu Takahashi in a fast-paced 17:04 by pinfall after Ibushi hit the Kamigoye to Takahashi. David Starr would walk out with a microphone in hand and announce that until Jim Cornette and ownership allows wrestlers to unionize and receive the benefits and accommodations they deserve such as healthcare and fairer wages, he will refuse to wrestle for the AWA, as such, Jim Cornette would get security to throw out Starr from the building because he is refusing to work. In another AWA Tag Title Tournament match with a 20 minute time limit, The Young Bucks would defeat Gallus in 7:26 after hitting the Meltzer Driver onto Mark Coffey. They will now move on to the Semi Finals of the tournament where they will face the Motor City Machine Guns. And in the main event of the evening with TV time remaining, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano's match would continue fighting until AWA Action was forced off of the air, the match ending in a draw. AWA Action Episode 3: Jim Cornette is out to open AWA Action Episode 3, he gives his opinions on the "Impress Me" matches recently. Cornette says that the only competitors that have impressed him in the ring wholly so far are Hangman Page and Marty Scurll. This is suspicious as last week it was seen that Scurll made a deal with Cornette to allow him use of Villain Enterprises for some demands. Cornette then announces that because of those impressions, at "Beginnings" the main event for the AWA World Championship will be Hangman Page vs Marty Scurll. Kenny Omega's music then plays and he comes out and complains to Cornette that he was not given an opportunity to have an "Impress Me" match. Cornette responds by saying "I know how I feel about you, you're a little indy piece of shit." Kenny then pleads to the audience to give him an "Impress Me" match who cheer, being on Kenny's side. Finally, Cornette relents, telling Kenny to get one of his indy shit friends out here and have a match. Joey Janela walks out, much to Cornette's disgust, and the match is set to open the show. In 12:49 in a match where Joey Janela tried to put Kenny Omega through a table and also tried to hit Omega with a barbed wire bat, Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela by pinfall with the One Winged Angel. This match had a 20 minute time limit and Jim Cornette watching from ringside. Jim Cornette gets on the microphone and announces his displeasure at the match, saying Omega was "shit as always" and to Joey Janela "You have a fuckin death wish. But ya know what? I'll make your wishes come true. At Beginnings, you will go one on one in a Death Match with a bad bad man. At Beginnings Joey Janela will die when he faces P...C...O! Janela's face morphs from one of shock, to a grin as the segment ends. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, Hangman Page defeats Adam Cole in a great 18:22 match by pinfall with the DeadEye, further proving he deserves a spot in the AWA World Championship match at Beginnings. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, Buddy Murphy defeated a Johnny Gargano by pinfall after hitting Gargano with Murphy's Law in 14:11. Gargano was taped up in the ribs from his brutal draw with Tommaso Ciampa last week on AWA Action, which Murphy took advantage on in this match. After Murphy left to the back, The Exalted One Brodie Lee, flanked by the rest of The Dark Order as of now in Evil Uno and Stu Greyson walked out to the ring and cornered Johnny Gargano. A Dark Order mask was offered to him by Brodie Lee but Gargano would shake his head no to The Exalted One. Lee would then sick Uno & Greyson on him. Gargano would try to fight the two off but the numbers game and his injuries from tonight and last week would prove too much, as Uno & Greyson would beat him down before hitting Fatality onto Gargano. After this was done Lee would instruct Uno & Greyson to prop up Gargano for him, allowing Lee to hit a monstrous Discus Clothesline onto Gargano. The mask Johnny initially refused would be placed on his chest by the Exalted One before The Dark Order left. And in the main event of the evening with TV Time Remaining, The Young Bucks would defeat The Motor City Machine Guns by pinfall in 21:38 after hitting Chris Sabin with the IndyTaker. The Young Bucks from this will move on to the finals of AWA Tag Team Title Tournament, where they will face the winners of The Best Friends vs The Briscoes. AWA Action Episode 4: Jim Cornette would open the go home show to AWA's first ever PPV "Beginnings" by announcing more matches for the card. In addition to the main event for the AWA World Championship between Marty Scurll and Hangman Page, and the Death Match between PCO and the "chicken shit" Joey Janela, the AWA Atlantic Championship will be on the line as Kota Ibushi goes one on one with Flip Gordon. This is very suspicious as Flip Gordon has not had a match in AWA yet, but the Villain Enterprises deal, may have something to do with this. Kenny Omega comes out to protest the AWA World Championship match not including him, to which Cornette tells him no, he will not be in the match. Omega then does what he did last week with getting the fans on his side, but Cornette learns from what he did last week and does not give up. Omega then tells Cornette he will face anyone on the roster in any type of match, just to get a shot at the AWA World Championship at Beginnings. Cornette then asks "Any type of match?" to which Omega reaffirms "Any." Cornette then announces that Omega can be added to the AWA World Championship match if in tonight's main event he can defeat both of the men currently in the AWA World Championship match in a tag team match. Oh, and his partner... is the man Jim Cornette only will ever call "Pockets" because he hates him so damn much, but we know him, as Orange Cassidy. The stage is set, and Jim Cornette is laughing as the opening segment ends. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, The Briscoes would defeat The Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy by pinfall after hitting the Redneck Boogie onto Chuck Taylor for the victory in 16:29. The Briscoes now move on to the finals of the AWA Tag Team Title Tournament, facing The Young Bucks at "Beginnings." Johnny Gargano comes out to the ring, still hobbled from the last few weeks, and gets on the microphone with the Dark Order mask in hand. Gargano teases joining the Dark Order before dropping and stamping on the mask and challenging The Exalted One, Brodie Lee, to a singles match at Beginnings. The lights in the arena then shut off and Brodie Lee then shows up on the titantron and accepts Gargano's offer, before telling him that refusing to join The Dark Order, and then disrespecting The Exalted One by stamping on the mask... was a grave mistake. The feed of Brodie on the titantron then shuts off and the lights come back on, revealing Uno & Greyson behind Gargano! The two beat Gargano down just like last week, except instead of simply leaving the mask on Gargano, the two force Gargano to wear the mask, forcing it on his head. Gargano is laid out prone in the ring with the mask on as Uno & Greyson go to the back, pleased with their work. In a match with a 20 minute time limit, Kevin Owens defeats Hiromu Takahashi in 17:38 by pinfall with the Pop Up Powerbomb. After the match Jim Cornette walks out displeased at the fact that Owens has won another match in the AWA. "You have a larger gut than me, you're a nobody fuckin fat slob," Cornette says. General Manager Cornette then announces a match for Beginnings, to finally make Owens lose in humiliating fashion. So Cornette announces a match between Owens and a man who impressed him last week with the dismantling of Johnny Gargano, and that is Buddy Murphy. In the main event of AWA Action with TV Time Remaining, Kenny Omega and Orange Cassidy defeat Marty Scurll and Hangman Page in 18:11 by pinfall after Orange Cassidy rolled up Marty Scurll. In the match Jim Cornette and Villain Enterprises (Flip Gordon, PCO, and Brody King) all attempted to get involved only to be fought off by The Best Friends interfering and Orange Cassidy hitting a hands in pockets Tope Suicida onto all of them (besides Cornette). Miscommunication would ultimately be the downfall of Page & Scurll, as Scurll would tag himself in as Page was about to prepare for the Buckshot Lariat onto Omega. As Scurll was explaining the move to Page, Cassidy would surprise Scurll with a roll up, Page not in position to stop it, allowing Omega & Cassidy to pick up the win. Following the match Jim Cornette would have a mental breakdown and his face would get all red and shit as if Vince Russo just told him he's taking over as General Manager as Kenny Omega is now one match away from becoming the inaugural AWA World Champion, and its all thanks to the man Cornette despises most (after Russo). One "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy AWA BEGINNINGS: Marty Scurll vs Hangman Page vs Kenny Omega for the AWA World Championship The Young Bucks vs The Briscoes for the AWA Tag Team Championships Kota Ibushi vs Flip Gordon for the AWA Atlantic Championship PCO vs Joey Janela in a Death Match Johnny Gargano vs Brodie Lee Kevin Owens vs Buddy Murphy
    • *White noise forever. Endless and lacking substance of anything extraordinary. This would go on for some time before absolute silence. A sound similar to an old VHS tape being put in could be heard and a video would begin*   "And I heard as it were...the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying "Come and see", and I saw, and behold a white horse."   *The iconic words of Johnny Cash was spoken by the man himself. As the words echoed into the darkness it would eventually lead to a flicker of static. Addy stood before the crowd, inside the ring. As the attention shifted from what was shown on the titantron and as the camera slowly panned towards the ring, it was evident that Addy was alone. The white noise persisted.*   "Take a man's bible, take a man's society, take a man's material possessions...And we shall see what becomes of him. Ladies and Gentlemen, I need not give you a possession as one of my children, for tonight, I address you all individually as equals..."   *Addy would almost raise a hand in a come hither motion to a referee by the ring however would stop, simply shake his head and would make his way out of the ring. Producing a steel chair he'd slowly make his way back to the ring, silence brooding. He sat upon the chair, would lean forward and would grasp the microphone like a chalice.*   "Do I have your attention now...?"   "We need not need ego, we need not war...we need obedience." "Ladies and gentlemen, I deliver my final words before rapture. Ladies and Gentlemen I believe we all know the hardships Prince has been through...we know the insecurities he once had and we know the gruelling trials and tribulations he has forgone and has failed each and every one of them."   *The Titantron would reveal a montage of Prince's various losses throughout his career including his tearful retirement speech. Addy would watch with intrigue, hands resting upon his legs watching with a sparkle in his eye as he watched every movement carefully*   "You know what isn't known however? My own trials and tribulations to come. When Prince goes fourth unto this ring, you know his voice, you know his behaviour and you damn sure know the sob story he tells! But I...I offer something far more...captivating."   *Addy would stand from his chair, one arm spread out and the other holding the make to his mouth*    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just proved exactly that. You all look at me with your wide eyes...You look upon me with wonder, curiosity and fear. I have you right where I want you and unlike some, I can control your very own feelings without having to put on some boy who cried wolf sob story retirement speech! I am the future and Prince is the past. His era of failure as "the next big thing" has passed him and so, it is the dawning of a new era. My era..."   *Addy would stand from his chair, pacing back and fourth seemingly growing irate. His previous hush tones were now as sharp as a dagger, his silver tongue now pointed and sharpened for war.*   "Prince. I see you. Ladies and Gentlemen not only is Prince a jobber but he's a damn...bitch! He has pulled the wool over your eyes. By changing the narrative and making this whole issue about himself and his "second coming" he merely wants your forgiveness...forgiveness for being a bitch. He speaks of what is to come for him after World At War with such confidence that it makes me sick. Pushing such a narrative its almost as if you are forcing the man above to vo- ...choose you...to be the next big thing in BPZ."   *Addy would pace seemingly faster and faster before turning to the hard camera and grasping the ropes wrapping his claw around it ensnaring it with the aggression he oozed.*   "I may be new to BPZ, Silly boy. But you are far out of your league and very...very far from home. It is unfortunate that the man must come around when you are most finding your footing after so long but I do not have pity. You do not have grit, you do not know hardship and you sure don't know anything else like me, boy.   *Addy would pace at increasingly fast speed as he spoke. Beads of sweat dripping from his brow as he retaliated with such aggression. He'd stop, almost speak then stop himself to contain his anger. He'd point in gesture, his speech now much slower*   "The only reason you are still here in BPZ Prince...Is because no one in management or the roster has the damn balls to put you down! But I do, Prince...I do. As a man from England I know of royalty such as yourself and make no mistake, if you now see yourself as some kind of king...I also know of regicide."   *Addy would pace only a couple more times slowly before turning his head to his chair and sitting back down., He'd run a hand over his sweat filled brow and would pass the hairline running the hand through his unkempt hair, notably his hand would become stuck, entangled by the knots and hardship but would persist after a tug*   "I need not speak from the heart for much longer like you have so, Prince. I need not speak with a mouth of fire which you cast upon me by acting with such insolence."   *Addy would face the hard camera, slowly walking closer so his children could see him up close*   "My children. Rapture is coming. There shall be retribution for those who have sinned in this world and there shall be peace. Prince, I now address you directly. You're scared. But that's OK. I want you to savour that fear. My cult of personality within my humble beginnings in jail was born out of fear. Fear of the guards, fear of the justice system and what it'll do to us. Just like my children who were trapped within that concrete jungle, you shall learn to savour fear when I teach you your lesson and cleanse your soul..for I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath him be. Your time has come, child...and judgement shall be made."   *Suddenly, as Addy muttered his last words the entire arena would blackout into total darkness. All that remained was the white noise. The iconic words of Johnny Cash would return.*   "And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts. And I looked, and behold, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him..."   *The lights would return, no sign of Addy. Nothing besides remained upon the decay that Addy just moments ago ravaged. The show goes on.*
    • Hans' Fight Club Lucario-Mega Machamp Conkeldurr Mienshao Virizon Infernape Emboar Primeape
    • I think the Undertaker going from the Deadman to the American Bad Ass is one of the more underrated transformations. It was such a needed change for Taker at the time coming off the injury. Wrestling was going into more of a different time with a lot more ruthless and charismatic gimmicks and the Deadman gimmick limits you from showing that traits. I think the change overall freshened up the Undertaker and made him be able to compete at high level during the end of the attitude era and the beginning of the Ruthless aggression. Plus when the Deadman gimmick came back it felt fresh and exciting and so him going to Biker Taker helped him be able to make them even the Deadman gimmick become fresh and last longer in its 2nd run 
    • Starting with a fairly obvious one, Becky Lynch's late 2018 transformation from a plucky babyface to 'The Man' and face of the promotion was awesome. I feel that this transformation was well accepted since Lynch had been underutilised in terms of use and wins on the SmackDown roster. Fans were ready to see Becky Lynch in a more prominent role taking on the likes of Charlotte Flair and Asuka. The transformation from underdog to confident, swaggering wrestler was awesome and I'd credit the gimmick change as the reason Becky Lynch reached the level of popularity she did in such a short amount of time. Another and slightly less appreciated character change is the Usos, in late 2017. Since I returned to watching wrestling they had been this bright colour wearing tag team, with flashy moves such as super kicks and frog splashes. I was surprised to see how quickly and how well they fitted into their new gimmick, and their feuds since then most notably with The New Day have been the cornerstone and highlight of an otherwise very sad time to be in the WWE tag team division. I just think it's worth the mention due to how effective The Usos can play both babyface and heel characters, and they're one of the best teams in the business due to that.
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