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    • Undisputed ERA is gonna move to the main roster soon after this show or after SummerSlam, they need to become the main part of any brand, they are too good not to. If anyone is winning the Tag Titles, it gonna be The Forgotten Sons or Street Profits. 
    • I love this idea it can easily be some the best segments on the shows and can if booked correctly help make someone a star especially when they are called up to the main roster and help the fans that only watch the main roster get used to them 
    • If you were counting by their first run only then I guess so, but their latest runs have been straight ass. I'd put them maybe in top 10, probably near the bottom, nowhere near top 5.
    • Absolutely yes for me and that’s saying a lot for me because I loved the old school stables like DX and the NWO and evolution even Legacy and I think what Roman, Seth, and Dean have been able to do has been absolutely fantastic and they have all more than earned their place at the top of the company 
    • My top 5 underrated members of the forums huh? Alright well I guess it’s time to put this list together  1. Aaron, does his fair share of contribution around here and arguably more and in the kayfabe his promos really don’t get as much attention as they probably should and on top of all that he’s very active.  2. Alex Costa, very underrated as well but also does a good bit of work around here and his work doesn’t really get the credit it arguably deserves either.  3. Kirk, a relatively newer member to the forums but already has done a great deal of work and his work is already super great and already does work that takes most people years to produce  4. Sheridan, without a doubt one of nicest members of the forums if not the nicest and while she’s not the most active at times when she is active she does some solid work around here  5. Bic, this one baffles me a bit while he does get a fair amount of acknowledgement for his work around here I feel he is just slightly underrated with the actual quality of his all around work around here.  So there’s my top 5 underrated members of the forums and I hope they all get a bit more attention soon 
    • A video of FDS is played, a simple black background, soft piano music playing in the background. FDS stares into the camera lense. Well. This is different… no not different this is right. I shouldn’t have to do sit in a run down murder workshop, I shouldn’t have to burn down houses, I shouldn’t have to murder people to get your attention… and yet for the last two years that's all you’ve wanted, you haven’t cared about the man that I am all you cared about was watching me do insane things in and out of the ring. So now you expect me to Entertain you oh boy let’s get the old novelty act and get him to yell baybay and murder people and rain money from the sky and… No. No. No are you kidding me!? I worked my ass of to get here, I worked extremely hard to be here and all you care about is watching me be a carnival act, you just want me to come out there and act like a tiger jumping through a ring of fire and just listen to the circus conductors. So you know what I did, I the tiger has left the circus, I ran out and I went into the wilderness I belong and I set myself free. So now I am what I always should have been, A Wrestler. A professional wrestler because that's why I work here isn’t it? Isn’t it? No. No its not apparently. All this company cares about is money and the way I best make this company money is by killing myself. Hurting myself, breaking my body and you know what they do when I do it? They laugh. They make fun of me. They call me a failure, a joke well no more. I am not here to entertain anybody, I am not here to be a joke, I am here to be a professional wrestler and I am here to win matches. So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to Wrestle and I am going to win. Now MARKER, You said you’re ready for me, you said you’re disappointed in me and you said I always needed groups to win championships. Let me tell you something to start with I never needed anybody, everybody I’ve worked i’ve used and then I threw away. Ryan, I threw him out when I was done with him, Necce and Jon, I couldn’t care less about them at this point and Echo, who gives a damn about him he’s gone. I have won more championships outside of groups than I have in them, you know why? Because I can rely on myself and I always have. I didn’t have help when I won the United States Championship for the first time or the second time, I didn’t have help winning any of my 3 intercontinental championships or when I won the global championship. I work better alone than I do with others so I don’t see any real merit to your claim that I need people to survive here. The only thing I need is a Wrestling Ring because that’s what I do, I Wrestle and I win. I am independent and I am wrestler. I don’t need anybody's help. So you’re disappointed? Good. I don’t want people to be happy with this, I am not here to make you excited or to make you entertained. I am here to wrestle you, I am not going to make some fancy statement about how I’m gonna “Kill you” or “make you my bitch” because i don’t care about that. All I care about is beating you and winning the premium championship, a championship I haven’t held in a long, long time so I plan on taking it from you and making you even more disappointed. You’re ready for me, Ok. I don’t doubt that you think that, I doubt that you might be ready for me it’s very possible but keep in mind i’ve been focused on you a lot. I’ve seen what you can do and you may think you know what I can do but i’ve got some new things I will be showing you in our match. I can’t wait to face you at Mayhem because I know we will have a great Wrestling match. You and I MARKER, we’re not so different we both just wanna be seen as the best wrestlers in a division but there's one thing that separates you and me: Experience. I am more experienced than you in the ring and I can out wrestle you in ways you can’t think of. So I hope at Mayhem you and I can have a great Wrestling match but I will beat you and I will win the premium title because I am really good at professional wrestling. The picture fades out as the piano music gets louder and a graphic for the Premium Championship match at Mayhem appears on screen.
    • Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega  Cody vs Dustin Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Kylie Rae  SCU (Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) vs Cima, T-Hawk and Lindaman Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Emi Sakura vs Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, Ryo Mizunami Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros (AAA Tag Team Championships) Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) vs Angelico and Jack Evans  Hangman Page vs ??? Casino Battle Royale: Shawn Spears Kip Sabien vs Sammy Guevara   
    • Josh Trenton is seen backstage with Sir Raven, who the audience reacts to with some light cheers. Sir Raven has a smile on his face, decked out in an especially flashy suit for this interview, but the smile seems a bit disingenuous.  Josh Trenton: Now, Sir Raven, you've recently left SSW Club. Can I get some insight as to why you left the group that brought you into this company? Sir Raven: Well, Mr. Trenton, it's very simple...First off, I'd like to apologize for my heated words in my resignation. I harbor no ill will towards my former SSW Club allies, but...We were diametrically opposed. SSW Club likes to attack people from behind, use the numbers advantage, just cause a general ruckus...That's not my style. I could no longer pretend to adhere to that mindset. It's just not who I am. Josh Trenton: Well, Sir Raven, now that you've left SSW Club, you've told us that you want to compete for the NXT championship at Mayhem. What are your thoughts? Sir Raven: Well, Josh...Allow me to be quite real for a second. I've been in BPZ for a few months now, and I haven't had the most success so far. The disappointing loss in the North American ladder match, the failure against Royal Flush...And the heartbreaking defeat at Mr. Julius' hands. Sir Raven takes a breath before continuing, the loss against Julius still visibly shaking him. Sir Raven: That, uh...That one stung the most. Coming so close to topping the Intercontinental champion and a surefire future Hall of Famer...But that loss did something to me. It lit a fire in my heart. A fire I hadn't felt since before I was in this company. Knowing the crowd was able to see the real me on that night, hearing the faint sounds of their warm embrace yet again...Knowing that if I hadn't made just one careless mistake, I would've beaten the Intercontinental champion...Everything clicked for me in that moment.  Sir Raven looks down for a second, contemplating his past actions in BPZ Wrestling. I know I speak of being a British wrestling legend, but...At heart, I am just a man. A man who came to this company, to this country, with a dream. A man who not only fights with submissions and strong strikes, but...A man who fights with heart. I left my friends and family at home, and all I want to do is prove that their sacrifice to help me get to this point wasn't in vain. That brings me to Mayhem. I don't care who I have to run through, whether it's 10 men or an entire club of people looking to get revenge on me. At Mayhem, I will finally become NXT champion. Not only for the honor of my family and friends watching me from across the sea...But for the family I have now. The fans watching me, cheering me on, and seeing my rise throughout this company firsthand. And make no mistake, at Mayhem...The Raven will Rise. Sir Raven hears the crowd cheer at this, and he has a new smile on his face at the reaction. A smile of pure joy, slightly undercut by a quiet contemplation. He takes another deep breath before continuing, this time egged on by the reaction from the audience. I'm through with resting on my laurels of being a British wrestling legend in my native country...That doesn't matter here. I'm finished relying on a group of people who ultimately can't win my matches for me to get ahead in my career. I'm done shutting off the fans who brought me to this point to begin with...When I become NXT champion at Mayhem, I plan to do it with the crowd on my side, because the sounds of their adoration are just so intoxicating. I know I have yet to win a match in this company, but make no mistake...The old, bitter man who didn't know his place and desperately sought approval from anyone...He is, Quoth the Raven, never more. You'll see a new Sir Raven at Mayhem. One who fights for the fans. One who puts his body on the line for his new family. One who is worthy of the honor and prestige of representing this company as NXT champion. Sir Raven begins to exit, but he thinks about it and stops, returning for one final word. Sir Raven: Also, Mr. Julius...If you're ever looking for a rematch, I'll be more than happy to show you exactly what being an Extraordinary Gentleman truly means. Sir Raven winks at the camera before again walking off, a smile on his face and a newfound pep in his step.
    • I'd have to say personally Julius. Always a good guy to talk about. Brad was also important in welcoming me into the forums.
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