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    • The show had a whole lot of wrestling on it, and I kind of lost interest during SCU vs the Lucha Bros so I never saw Omega vs CIMA or the tag match which I hear is me missing out.  However, other than that, I thought the show was fantastic.  The pre-show was even quite good (the women's tag match, not the match before).  I thought the 3vs3 match was brilliant, all 6 men really showed up for it.  I'm a huge fan of MJF and Spears, they're hilarious but good heels and I think they both have a fantastic future ahead of them in AEW.  Rhodes vs Allie was shit as expected, but seeing Awesome Kong and AJA Kong in a ring together was electric and I'm so ready for an all out brawl between the two of them.  The 3 way tag match was quite good as well, I can't say I'm the biggest fun of Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus but I was impressed by them nonetheless. Evans and Angelico were just being Evans and Angelico, but the Dark Order really surprised me.  I thought they were brilliant and I was happy to see them pick up a win, hopefully they'll get a big opportunity soon.  Sabian vs Page was great, I think it was just amazing in ring work while making both guys look like stars.  And finally, SCU vs Lucha Brothers seemed quite good for what I watched, and overall I think the part of the show I watched was great and I'm hella hyped for more.
    • Hit 450 today and I made it to 461 aswell
    • Storm don’t get gassed up. Storm- Very Talented Kayfabe All Rounder just think he needs a push to get him to the next level and then we can go at it Brenden- It would be fun but he hides behind sameer to win tag team championships and yes I want that smoke Arius- When it’s all set and done he is going to be the GOAT no doubt I would put my mother on the line for hat bet Julius- My favorite mentor just would be cool to see the mentor passing the torch to the former trainee that was just starting out Bailey- One of the best members all time without a doubt if he didn’t have a personality issue  Nebakos- Never knew the extent to he was back in the early days of BPZ but because of the high standards of everyone who knew how good he was on the forums  Sorry to everyone that didn’t make the list these are the guys that I would have dreams of going against with everyone else I don’t have that.
    • Echo Wilson vs me, it was so tight and when I won it was such a bitter sweet feeling.
    • I really wish to have a Feud with Smith, always wanted to have a feud with him just on a level of how good he is at kayfabe and I feel it would be very cool!
    • The Brenden Playz The episode will serve as an introduction to the team and to showcase what we have going for it so far (thanks to @Ropati4 and @Sameer for helping me with the in game setup after many hours of suffering, and thank you to Kai for making a diary like this before, kind of using his format. Without further ado, let's meet the team! As our starting Center, we have the man who is named after the team, or the team is named after him, we're not sure, but it is the 81 overall Brenden Playz. In the position of Power Forward, we have the big man with a deadly 3 point shot, the 74 overall Kwame Brown II. At Point Guard, we have the beast himself, the 75 overall Sameer Amell. And the best Shooting Guard on the team, we have a splash-master in his own right, the 78 overall James Ropati. And to top it all of, you all know him, the starting Small Forward, the 79 overall Bailey Justin. But that's not all, no team would be complete without the bench. 6th Man - SG Storm Servio (wouldn't let me use Icon), 75 overall 7th Man - SG Ian Kenton, 75 overall 8th Man - C HR Pufnstuf, 73 overall 9th Man - PF George AK, 72 overall 10 - 13th Man - Still needed And that's all for the team.  We got a couple of jabronis filling in for the missing spots, but don't worry, they won't be taking any minutes away.  To finish off this episode, the schedule for the first month is below, with the first game (next episode) being against the Utah Jazz.  Best of luck to the Playz, and thank you for reading. And that's all for now! If you're reading and you haven't signed up yet, feel free to do so with the format in the first post, I'll find a way to work you in.
    • WWE Championship match AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship match Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - SmackDown Tag Team Championships match ??? vs. The New Day vs. Prime Time Players - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley vs. Natalya Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor - United States Championship match Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch vs. Paige - RAW Tag Team Championships Tables match Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville vs. Apollo Crews vs. The Miz Cesaro vs. Sheamus Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest rating on the card? AJ Styles VS Dean Ambrose VS John Cena VS Roman Reigns The SmackDown Tag Team Championships match will change throughout the show, who are ??? (One point per each correctly guessed wrestler) The Revival Despite his ban, will Chris Jericho interfere in a match on the SummerSlam card? Yes
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