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    • What move do you look for
    • Article From DailyDDT.com
    • Which Shield Member Had The Best World Title Reign In your opinion, which Shield member had the best reign in terms of matches, entertainment factor, what did he bring to the title? Honestly, I would have to say Seth. I know some people did not enjoy his 2014 reign but I liked it greatly. He was a good heel and its bad it ended sooner, but what do you guys think?
    • {BiC stands up, he gets eye to eye with FD, FD lifts up his finger and flips him off. BiC acts surprised and the crowd laughs} "Did you just do that on live tv? Is that even aloud, of course I am making a joke from this because thats all you are to me. A joke, a living, breathing, cursing joke who thinks just because he lets out a few f bombs that he has a chance in this business. And if you say I am a knockoff Ryan then so be it, at least Ryan was smart enough to get rid of you. Actually, you know what. No, I am not a knock off Ryan Reeves. Ryan Reeves wishes that I would copy him, it would actually bring some value to his name. Ryan Reeves is just another man who comes and goes, a man who is in it for the money. A sell out, and if theres one things I don't like its sell outs. I was one in the past, huge mistake. If you want to bring up Josh, what about what you did to the kid? You used him to carry your bags and claimed to be helping him. But I saved him from you, after all I am the hero. I saved him from the never ending cycle of loss after loss and now look at him, he is a former United States champion and, hell I think I am the one he should be thanking. As for you FD, you don't need saving. You don't need a hero because you can save yourself, you can stop this little phase you are going through before you get yourself hurt." {FD shows no emotion, staring BIC right in the eye} "Yes, I lost the world championship. Yes, I gave it up easily after an injury. But I didn't see any of you even coming close to beating Slim, I didn't see ANY of you defeating Slim. FD, you claim that you wanted that shot, you had a clear opportunity and I beat you. IN the center of the ring, I pinned you. I ended the little comeback miracle story you were telling, if you claim that you want to, or will murder me. Then you can threaten me all you want, just know thats its going to take murder to stop me. Every psychotic thought in your head is nothing compared to what I can handle...FD, I was the world champion. I gave that opportunity up, and boy did it rally you up. It mad you so pissed when you saw the title was vacant, that the guy who beat who was injured and had to give that title up. That anger is running through your veins, but you won't do anything about it. Want to know why......because you are a pussy." {Before FD can even think of swinging his chair, BiC turns around and exits the ring. He begins to walk up the ramp, still talking} "I mean it can't be more obvious, you follow the rules no matter what. In the ring and backstage you listen to every command, do as your told, I mean even when your telling me you will kill me I feel like its a complaiment, maybe its your voice, could be the hair cut, who knows really. Anyways, I am outta here, I hear there selling BPZ Ice Crea..." {BiC gets cut off by FD, who runs up the stage and clobbers him in the back. The two begin brawling, left and rights are hit. FD screams at BiC before sending him into the titantron, BUT BIC REVERSE THE CLOTHESLINE! BiC hits a jumping STO on the stage! BiC stands up and looks down at FD who struggles to get up. He looks over at....oh no, the crowd gets excited as the camera pans over and reveals that BiC is looking at the staging area where the pyro techniques are controlled. He walks over to it and looks off the stage, a 10 foot drop at least. He turns around INTO A CHAIR SHOT! BiC is stumbling, omfg what is FD thinking?} {Refs and EMTs scramble as Pyro begins to light off on stage, fans scream and chant "Holy Shit" as the fireworks stop and the smoke clears, dozens of EMTs are tending to both men. The refs help FD up and he stumbles to his feet, he pushes away all help and walks backstage as BiC is helped up. The war has begun}  
    • Discuss This Weeks NXT Here!
    • FDS picks up the mic and he just sniggers. That's it? That's all you have to say? Jesus BIC I've heard that same speech 1000 times and only once has it been true. BIC you did beat me and I did have respect for you but then you did something that was unforgivable in my eyes: You failed. I can see why you think you're above everyone on this brand but you're not and in my mind BiC you are nothing but a second rate, wannabe Ryan Reeves. the Crowd go "OOHHH" Oh shut up you stupid idiots. BIC the fact that you think I'm a failure isn't news. Of course I'm a failure, I just have the balls to admit, I have the ability to reinvent myself, to change my mindset. You on the other hand BIC well you are simply blind to your own failure. You act like you're above everyone on this roster yet you've never even faced Flynn one on one, You lost to Slim just like everyone else and yes while you did beat him and end his record breaking reign but after that what'd you do? You didn't show up for about a week, you kept saying backstage that you didn't even want to be world champion and you just completely squandered your potential and the most notable thing you did in your world title reign was turning on the guy you stole from me and corrupted. Now while i'm not one to be talking about successfully retaining titles because yes I understand I've never retained a title and the next person so if that was your retort to that congratulations your customer number 35102 and I already know you idiot. BIC I absolutely despise you. You were everything the people wanted in the man that should have defeated slim, you were the light in an era of darkness... but then we realized the light was merely a gateway that would lead to even greater darkness from the past that you allowed to happen. BIC you could've been amazing but instead you are nothing but a small dog who finally got his bite of the largest steak for once and then you took one bite and spat it right back out because you didn't like the taste while other dogs in this company sat back and watched you spit out the piece of meat that they so desperately wanted.
        BIC you wanna get into this match that's fine but I am going to show you the errors of your ways and I am going to destroy everything you think you know about yourself and just when you make the realization (FDS gets in close with BIC) I am going to fucking Murder you. FDS Drops the Mic and grabs his chair. He doesn't leave the ring as he waits for BIC to make his retort.
    • As, Carnage returns from the long awaited break. We wait around 2 to 3 minutes of non stop cheers from commentators coming after the flashback of Halloween Havoc that was last Sunday. The crowd excited to see what's up next before getting interrupted by flashing lights. The crowd begins to half cheer as some of them remember these flashing lights. Screen goes to darkness, before........... OH COULD IT BE. IT IS!!!! "Sher" plays loud through the speakers as, the returning "Maharaja" Akki Mahal!!!! Akki slowly walks over to the ring with the Singh brothers who are admiring the "Maharaja" who's been out of action for weeks. 

      For the first time ever here in Carnage, Akki Mahal stands up in front of thousands of Carnage fans. A brand he never accepted. But, the draft got him caught up, so for the first time ever Akki Mahal here in a Carnage arena a sight we never thought we'd see. Akki slowly walking to the ring, the Singh brothers all looking happy along with Akki, who gets in the ring and handed a mic.  Ladies and gentlemen let me welcome you to the new kingdom of the Maharaja. After
      Slim not having the balls and the guts to draft me to Evolve, Bailey gave me a chance.
      A chance that I will surely not forget. But since then all he's been feeding me is nothing,
      I've not had one single match since. Everyday I come to work Bailey keeps saying I'll call
      you when we have something in store for you. It's been happening for a lot of days, 
      Bailey if there's one problem I never had with Slim it's that he was more loyal to his
      superstars. But that's the problem with D graded men like Bailey, they play all loyal, but
      they never deliver. When was the last time he gave his superstars opportunities? Never!
      So that's why I took the guts to come out here and tell everyone what I think and what I
      deserve! The "Maharaja" Akki Mahal smiles as, the Singh brothers exits the ring and brings in a couple of chairs. Everyone wondering what their up to. Akki Mahal sets up some chairs in a row. The Singh brothers gets back in the ring as, Akki Mahal returns to speak.  Tonight ladies and gentlemen I am going to tell everyone what I deserve and what the
      fun part of it is, I am going to demonstrate it with chairs. Let's start of with the most 
      popular one, a thing that I want the most in life. Especially from the BPZ locker room,
      but then again people like me don't deserve it in their mind.
      Respect is what I need, what I want and I will get! After months and months of asking it
      I will get that after speaking the truth tonight! Akki Mahal with no hesitation picks up a chair and hits with it to the back of Sameer Singh. What is Akki actually doing? It's in everyone's mind. With 5 smacks on the back with 2 different chairs. Sameer helplessly crawls out of the ring. Now for my next piece of art is a title shot. After months and months of hard work I want
      nothing else but, a title shot. So tonight I'm here to challenge Ross, for a match with his
      number one contender's spot on the line. There are many reasons for it. One being that I 
      deserve this more than him. He has earned more titles than me, he has not worked that
      hard like I have for the past few months. Ross I want you to come out here with your 
      stupid little plan and shove it right out of the gate, because my only plan is to be beating
      little undeserving peasants like you! After everything I've been through it's fair enough to
      say that I deserve this better than anyone else. I earn every single inch of the Universal
      Champion that Flynn is holding and that Ross is the number one contender makes it 
      unfair and stupid. After doing my bribe traditions for the past few weeks I will demand 
      Ross to come out here tonight. Akki Mahal just like before with no hesitation grabs the chair and beats down the other brother of the Singh Brothers. With every chair in the ring and weapon. He throws him out of the ring as, he sets up 2 chairs in the ring. One opposite of each other. Akki Mahal goes to the top rope and poses.

      Akki Mahal still doesn't leave the ring. He stays in the ring and sits down waiting for Ross. 
    • In Ring: i gotta go with Edge. He truly was the Master Manipulator that the WWE ever had. He's heel work was top notch and deserves to be known as the best heel ever.  Overall: Vince McMahon. He going after a very over and popular Teaxs Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin in a feud that turned the tides for WWE in the Monday Night Wars. 

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