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    • Bad Attitude Bullet

      i'm amazed at how much Roman Reigns has accomplished in his run in WWE just 7 Years ago he Was 25 Now He's 32 and He's Done it all In WWE except Win the universal title,MITB and Beat Brock Lesnar

      That's not even the best part Roman Reigns is only 32 Has achieved everything and He can Continue to go on And Wrestle Bobby Roode Shinsuke Nakamura Adam Cole Omega if he ever comes to WWE

      you guys may hate how he was booked but you have to respect him

    • FDS

      Just gonna leave this here: 


    • Slim

      Two things, a new promo about Team Flynn and my title intentions for Survivor Series:

      And secondly, replacing Brand Warfare for the time being, EWA, A Paul Heyman Production:


    • BiC

      That was the greatest endings in the history of endings.

    • HeelAkki

      Aight... So.. I'm now only going to be on, on the weekends because, I need to pay more attention in school lmao.. So I'm not gonna be on from Monday to Thursday. Hope you guys understand. And don't worry, I'll get so much work done in 3 days. So Dairies, Promo's and other stuff I'll still be active on. Only a little time collapse..

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    • This one was the one that first came to mind for me, as I think Minoru's theme is iconic to NJPW.  Also Scurll's theme is pretty sick. 
    • Although most theme songs in wrestling are known from being in WWE there are a lot of good songs used by independent wrestlers. So what are your favourites? Which ones do you think reflect the characters best or fit any criteria you wish to Use?  Personally Mine are all of Jimmy Havoc's themes, Pentagon Dark's theme, Jinny's theme and Flash Morgan Webster's theme. 
    •  hmmm that last statement at the bottom of the article isn't true but a Women's Royal Rumble is definitely a good thing. Depending on who they give the win to could affect who wins the Mens Rumble. I'd say Maybe Asuka is a likely candidate for Raw to win the rumble and maybe Ruby Riot or Becky Lynch depending on who's champion at the time. 
    • MITB being co branded is what they should of done from the gecko, a 8 man MITB match with both RAW and SD Live superstars with a gold briefcase is a good idea, along with the white womens briefcase. MITB has always been one of my favorite match types, as for the other PPVs, nothing to fancy but its a good line up. Wish there was some new PPV names but thats alight.
    • Simon Gotch was a good talent, now that he is going to ROH everyone is going to hop on his dick and say that WWE missed out like they do with everyone they release. Imo, Gotch was a good superstar, I liked the Vaudvillians gimmick but I think they should of made them not jobbers, and not dominating, make them a lot like early Usos. There kinda just there, I feel like Gotch will be over hyped in the indies much like many other WWE talent. Anywho, Jay Lethal vs Mart Scrull is going to be the match I watch from this show unless something else pops up.
    • As Carnage rolls on, members of the Carnage roster as in Josh, who's recuperating from the Codebreaker he suffered a while ago, his stunt double George, the United States and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Echo Wilson, The Universal Champion Flynn, and many others of the Carnage brand gear up in the locker room after the contract signing which started the show. Few moments later, Brad walks in with a smirk on his face, which Josh gets angry about, and George as well since he has to copy everything Josh does. Brad looks around and spots a empty bench in the middle of the locker room. He walks over and stands on the bench and looks out into the room of superstars. Brad: Thank you all for attending my announcement gentlemen. Means a lot to me. Many superstars look up at Brad like he's a lunatic and others are just laughing at him. Brad: Think this is funny huh? You think this brands only and most likely chance of any sense of making this brand one step over Evovle? Where I battle their greatest part timer of all time? Easy work. Hell, all there superstars are easy. Cause even though our brand champion is nothing but the biggest hypocrite and false king I have ever seen in my eyes, yeah Thats right Flynn, I Don't see you as the King Of Carnage, cause I rule Carnage, son. Flynn slowly stands to his feet not taking his eyes off of Brad, who has his hands out to calm down the champ. Brad: However, you are wayy better than the Global champion, Nate. Cause, well, A. He shows up once a month as well, barely. And B. Cause he is scared to face me, let alone you. Now, Carnage got Mr. Echo Wilson. My "tag team partner". How ya doing buddy? How's the family? Sister missed me at all? Echo doesn't look at Brad, as he clearly hasn't fully forgiven him for walking out on him a couple weeks ago. Brad shrugs. Brad: Guess you got some feelings hurt. Well, you and your hurt feelings are better than a man who spent twelve months sitting at home in Tamer. Tamer in his prime, wasn't the prime he wished. He stole everything he has. The charisma, attitude, and microphone work of a true BPZ Hall Of Famer in Zombie. That you right now, would kill him from 2015, 2016, or any time period anyday! Summer takes a minute before he slowly looks over and up at Brad for the first time in a while. Brad looks over at his recent opponent, Peter. He gives a little royal wave at Wilchester. Brad: Sorry man, I forgot to bring you your pancakes with some top notch maple syrup. And you know who's like syrup? Sameer. He sticks to you like syrup. He sticks to people who can bring him to any source of relevance at all. First Slim, now Jonathan, who I'll get too shortly. Sameer uses people to get remembered, as to you, who can do it yourself. You done everything in your power for people to know the name of Peter Wilchester.  Josh, you just ate the knees of Brad and it screwed you up man. But you're up and ready for more. Unlike that cagna Smith. Where is Smith?!? Oh yeah, he's letting Slim carry his team for him. He's been gone longer than any champion should of, and that's why his perfection was short lived. Like a fart in the wind, like most people from this stupid country.  ?: Aren't you from here? Brad looks over to the person who said that. He slowly raises his arm up before quickly pointing a finger at the man. Brad: I'm from Milan Italy you idiot. Anyway, he is another reason why Evolve is sinking because he claims for perfection yet uses his opponents to make him perfect. And Necce and BiC would give me less chances to throw up than Undisputed, even though one is the stalker like version of a goblin and the other is a pig face hip hop hobit. But Undisputed is full of men who are like two ham sandwiches. Yeah they're good every once in a while, but after a bit, we want something freaking new unless that ham has a different flavor. Unfortunately this ham decided to spilt off with each side laughing at the other, ain't no word life in that. And now Jonathan. The man who would of left again already but didn't because he cannot escape the match that haunted his career for all this time. The man who drove him to this point of his career. The man who made his career meaningful again..... only to rip it out of him like the Ice JJ Fish looking headass he is! We are Carnage. And at Survivor Series, i Will put this brand on my back and make us the best brand ever. Hail Carnage!! A lot of the superstars cheer on hyping up the Carnage member in Brad for his match up this weekend against Jonathan. Brad hops off the bench and gives a queen wave goodbye. As he exits the locker room, he smirks and shakes his head. Brad: Dumb Fucks. Brad chuckles to himself as he walks off into the hallway as the camera fades to black.
    • Monda looks at Bailey's handshake proposal and accepts, and goes in for the hug. Bailey returns one back. I am glad we could get along now. Whether win or loss, I can say you have my respect as well. I am glad I can call a glorious man like you a brother. I would love to stay on your brand, but I need a little bit of time to heal from my wounds.  Monda looks towards the crowd. I came here with a mission and I settled it. If I do not return for a little while, you all know to stay on your toes as I can pop out of my "cave" at any time. Good night, people! Monda walks to the back with a look of success in his face, not knowing what is about to happen...

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