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    • We pan back from commercial to see Jason Ryan in the ring with a mic in his hand. He puts the mic to his mouth and begins to speak in a low, dark, powerful voice. He says” before any of you ask or before storms lawyers get involved, I have no idea who and why someone attacked storm. All I have is one question, will he be able to compete for this title. If he can’t, I thank who ever attacked him but if he can compete... I’ll end him. That is why this title will always be mine and why I am the best....” before he can get the words out of his ugly mouth the masked man comes from behind and superkicks him in the back of the head. The masked man hits him with vicious elbow shots to the head until he draws blood out of Jason’s head. Blood is dripping out of Jason’s face and he is drowning in a pool of his blood. The masked man stands up the limp and unconscious flesh of Jason and hits him with a DDKnee. The masked man looks at the body on the ground and rips off the mask to reveal his true identity, he is Drake Scarface. He picks up Jason and hits him with another vicious DDKnee. He looks out to the commentators and screams at them” GIVE ME A FUCKING MIC RIGHT NOW!!!!” One of the cameraman that is stunned with fear finally snaps out of it and rolls a mic into the ring. Drake Scarface with blood from Jason  Ryan’s head all of his elbow begins to speak.” For all of you idiotic pieces of shit that don’t know who I am, I am drake scarface... I am here to destroy all of your hero’s. They are fake, I am the true hero. I brought TnA out of bankruptcy and put them back in it because I beat up all of their fucking wrestlers to a point where they couldn’t fucking breathe anymore. What I did to them is nothing compared to what I will o here in NXT. I am not here for the title..... I am here to make sure Storm and Jason fucking Ryan never wrestle  in NXT ever again.” As he ends his promo he pulls up Jason Ryan and hits him with another DDKnee. Drake Scarface will end the NXT division.
    • This is lowkey the greatest promo of all time
    • Fantastic work, thank you very much BiC!
    • think TK will win it which will lead to Banks vs Cooper where i think Banks will lose giving Cooper the title which i am fine with as Cooper is also a kiwi.
    • If anyone wants to be apart of this, dm me about it on discord.
    • As Storm turns the corner to see his car, a shadow figure is seen standing next to it holding a crowbar trying to break into the car. Storm starts running to the figure screaming and trying to scare off the would be robber. But the figure turns and all we see is glowing eyes like a cat. Storm stops and shook with fear. The shadowed man comes right at storm and super kicks him so hard there is a dent in his head. He pulls up storm and throws him through the car window and shards of glass are flying everywhere. As security are running out we here sirens everywhere. In the darkness all we see is a match burning. The figured man sets the car alight and runs away in the darkness. Who is this man and why did he attack storm. Is storm okay. WHAT WILL THIS MASKED MAN DO NEXT!!
    •     {The Carnage crowd is hyped up as we are in the middle of yet another amazing show, one that has seen the likes of Brad, Echo Wilson, and Blade so far. But the big news going into the show was the return of Kyle Reeves, when he shocked the world by returning to go face to face with Brad. The crowd is clam until the opening to one of BPZs best begins to play and the crowd comes alive, almost everyone standing up to get a good look}   {The one, the only, Kyle Reeves music plays through the Carnage PA system. This man returned last week to challenge Blade to a Premium Championship match and now he comes back out for a totally different reason. He is wearing the same thing he wore last week, white tights with black designs on them along with a white vest with his name written on the side} {He steps into the ring with a microphone in hand, planting his feet in the center of the ring and taking in all the cheers. Kyle Reeves, in his short time wrestling for BPZ has become one of the most beloved stars we have seen and as he speaks, the crowd silents. Hanging on every word as if what he says determines if they live or die} "When I was 13 years old, I joined my first wrestling promotion by the name of South Boston Pro Wrestling. In that business I met various people who helped me out in my career and I met even more people who decided it would be better to shoot me down, to knock me down the card. its those very people that I want to thank, now you may be asking me. Kyle why the hell would you thank them if they tried to end your career. Because it motivates me, all the hate I receive...I love it. This isn't some story that I am telling you, this is the story I am living." {The crowd cheers, chanting his name} "I don't want any of you to feel pity for me, or to pray for me at night. I want you to focus on yourself, your own goals. Because if you have a goal, you can complete it no matter what it is. Now that all the sappy stuff is over...how about we get right into what I came out here for....in exactly 4 days I will be going one on one with Storm in my first match back since losing to Slim. I plan to win that match, I plan to to win the next, and the next, any match I have inside this Power Cup I WILL win. Because Kyle Reeves is back and better then ever baby"
      {The crowd cheers for Kyle as he smiles and lowers the mic, he paces back and fourth. Putting more emotion into his words as he gets comfortable with the microphone} "I have tons of respect for my fist round opponent Storm, because despite losing, despite not getting the NXT title after multiple tries. He never gave up and he defeated Mal Hades, a man who took Slim to his limits. Storm did not give up and I respect that from him, however....I do not respect the way he gets things done. He cheats, he lies, and frankly he is just not a good person. But I am looking forward to our match with him as it will be a good one, and when I defeat him. Whoever my opponent will be, Brad or Apex. I am sure to hell going to give it my all against them and I WILL walk out going into the third round....I will be facing Necce for the Universal Championship when the time comes. And when Mayhem rolls around, I will be winning the Premium Championship....the point is....if I can do something...I will." {Reeves lets the crowd cheer and goes to speak again before he would be cut off by a certain theme, one infamous amongst the BPZ fans}      
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