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    • TastefulChain4

      Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that I will be streaming my fourth public NXT Takeover event which I chose to be NXT Takeover: Respect, the show will begin at this Saturday/Sunday at 15:00 (EST), 20:00 (GMT), 07:00 (ACDT) with the stream kicking off five minutes before the show. The stream will be in my channel called TastefulChain4 - TC4, the main matches for NXT Takeover: Respect include:

      NXT Women's Championship: Ironman Match: Nia Jax (Champion - Four successful title defenses including one against the challenger) vs Ember Moon (Challenger)

      WWE Cruiserweight Championship: TJP (Champion) vs Cedric Alexander (A Previous Champion) vs Noam Dar ("Young Lion" of Universe Mode equivalent of Bullet Club called "Bulletproof")

      NXT Tag Team Championship: Roppongi 3K (Champions, also IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions) vs The Colons (Former Champions)

      NXT Championship: Nick Aldis (Champion, also NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion) vs Roderick Strong (Former Champion, nearly 400 day title reign ended by champion)

      In addition to those matches, there will be a couple of matches to hype up the upcoming Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. As usual, feel free to watch the event at your convenience. All NXT Takeover events will remain on the channel if the stream is missed.

    • JoshsNow

      What a show. Don’t know what it was like on TV, will have to watch a future date but at the show itself, incredible 

    • JoshsNow

      Off to watch NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II. Can not wait

    • Isaiah Carter

      I just want it to be as simple as it was when chris jericho had his stupid idiot gimmick

    • BrendenPlayz

      The Lana wedding summed up the last 10 years for WWE pretty well; disasterious. 

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    • Just finished playing through the free Uncharted bundle for PS Plus. The game is amazing, I had heard of it and the hype surrounding it before playing it, and honest it lived up to the hype and some. Never a dull moment, the puzzles kept you on your toes and all round was really really fun.
    • While I can understand WWE's wish to stay out of political matters, I do feel there is no merit to keeping Bryan away from environmentalist topics at the moment. In a similar article I read by WhatCulture, it spoke on WWE's reluctance to let a heel speak on topics such as positively affecting the environment, which makes no sense at this moment in time, considering Daniel is a babyface. I guess controversy is just too much for this company to handle... While one of it's top pushed storylines is based around cuckolds and lesbian cucks. https://www.google.com/amp/s/whatculture.com/amp/wwe/wwe-told-daniel-bryan-to-stop-talking-about-the-environment
    • I’m thinking about getting the free PS4 Plus games. Are Goat Simulator and the other game good?
    • Just started playing Just Cause 3. Downloaded it when it was free for PS Plus a while back and only started it now. Its a really fun game, you have to liberate provinces from this leader who abuses his power. There are sidequests you can also do and the large map means theres more area for chaos.
    • Farooq in the NOD.  I think this one is fairly obvious, the Rock overshadowed the entire group including Farooq. Not suprising however  when one of the best of all time is in your group that the leader wont manage to get most of the spotlight.
    • What a career Eric Young has had, wrestling since 1998 if he is able to make it another 8 years that will be three decades of in ring experience and from recent interviews it seems he isn't even close to wanting to retire even though the chance to be a road agent or a prdocuer has been explored within the WWE. It seems he has the respect of talent and management alike so who knows he might stick out for the long haul within the company if he is comfortable working the lower card and house shows or this time next year we'll see Eric Young return to another company. But today this isn't a career retrospective but more looking into his time as a stable leader. Over the years he has been a part of may groups as a member but he has also had the privilege of being the leader of a few "key" ones also. The most recent example is Sanity. The stable held a strong presence in NXT during their time but it is also a cautionary tale of what happens when you're called up to switch shows without a plan in motion. They might have fallen apart but its members have moved on to pastures anew. Nikki Cross is a former Women's Tag Team Champion and aligned with one of the top women in the company. Killian Dain is receiving a renewed push in NXT as an behemoth. Alexander Wolfe is a part of one of the top factions, with the top heel of NXT UK. Eric Young today? Filling time on Main Event and that's about it outside of behind the scenes work. Even had to remove his facial hair because that belonged to Sanity. I can't think of any other faction in recent WWE memory where the leader fell so flat on their face while the other members did pretty well for themselves.  This isn't exactly the same example i was going for ut sadly for Eric Young he has had a history of losing out as a leader. Another example I loved The World Elite.  Now granted, I was a big British Invasion fan so they are what really sold that faction. But the idea of the group, which predated a stable like League of Nations (WWE). Taking a group of lesser known wrestlers, put them with one or two known entities and push them together so that they are greater together than apart.    This is one of the points in his career where he moved away from the slapstick and was a more serious leader. When he led "World Elite," it seemed as if things were looking up for Eric Young as he held the Global Championship for a bit and was great as the leader but it seemed after feuding with Main Event Mafia it fizzled out. Overshadowed by the continued success of British Invasion and being lost in the shuffle again after it fell hard. So I guess the question today is has a faction leader ever drawn the short straw as badly as Eric Young? Where most members have overshadowed them in the company.    
    • Altered Carbon Season 2 Sets February 27th Release Date on Netflix I think so many will be excited till they realise he will have a new sleeve and so be a different actor but i hope that isn't the case.  I actually like that it can be any actor; like a new version of dr who; except this one kicks people’s asses instead of using a magic screwdriver. In every book in which it is based off, on every planet where he's sent to investigate anything, he puts on a different suit. It's a core component of this sci-fi series.   I really enjoyed this show. I  thought it was kind of corny but fun as hell, mixing cyber punk and transhumanism . It was like Blade Runner mixed with grind house. Honestly, Poe is back and that’s more than enough to bring me back in. Best and most interesting actor and character from the first season in my opinion. 
    • Tottenham 2016-17 While last season provided some incredible moments in Europe the poor run we had to finish the season and the failure to win the Champions League spoil it for me. This season I believe we played the best football i've seen since i started watching Spurs, Lloris was incredible, The Belgian Duo in defence were great, Rose and Walker were there own version of Robertson and Alexander Arnold, In the Midfield Alli, Eriksen, Dembele, Wanyama all incredible, While Son was more of a people patch player this season when he was on he was great winning POTM twice. Then upfront you had Harry Kane who scored 29 goals in the prem and throughout the year of 2017 he outscored both Ronaldo and Messi in all comps. 86pts in the Prem was great and in many other seasons would be enough to win it and while sadly the lack of silverwear makes the season less fun to remember I've only seen Spurs win a trophy once and I was 4, So I'll take this incredible season while I wait for some Trophies. 
    • Liverpool 2019/20 Liverpool have been amazing this season. Its actually unbelievable, over halfway through the league, we are yet to lose and have only dropped points once. We play amazing football and we just look outstanding. 5 Players in the team of the year, 10 nominees for the Team Of The Year. Its mental, I remember us finishing 7th and 8th season after season, playing thursday night football regularly. Now we are the Champions League Holders. We are back where we belong and now all we need is that Premier League title to top it all off.
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