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  2. This one was the one that first came to mind for me, as I think Minoru's theme is iconic to NJPW. Also Scurll's theme is pretty sick.
  3. Although most theme songs in wrestling are known from being in WWE there are a lot of good songs used by independent wrestlers. So what are your favourites? Which ones do you think reflect the characters best or fit any criteria you wish to Use? Personally Mine are all of Jimmy Havoc's themes, Pentagon Dark's theme, Jinny's theme and Flash Morgan Webster's theme.
  4. Today
  5. hmmm that last statement at the bottom of the article isn't true but a Women's Royal Rumble is definitely a good thing. Depending on who they give the win to could affect who wins the Mens Rumble. I'd say Maybe Asuka is a likely candidate for Raw to win the rumble and maybe Ruby Riot or Becky Lynch depending on who's champion at the time.
  6. Full WWE 2018 PPV Schedule

    MITB being co branded is what they should of done from the gecko, a 8 man MITB match with both RAW and SD Live superstars with a gold briefcase is a good idea, along with the white womens briefcase. MITB has always been one of my favorite match types, as for the other PPVs, nothing to fancy but its a good line up. Wish there was some new PPV names but thats alight.
  7. Simon Gotch was a good talent, now that he is going to ROH everyone is going to hop on his dick and say that WWE missed out like they do with everyone they release. Imo, Gotch was a good superstar, I liked the Vaudvillians gimmick but I think they should of made them not jobbers, and not dominating, make them a lot like early Usos. There kinda just there, I feel like Gotch will be over hyped in the indies much like many other WWE talent. Anywho, Jay Lethal vs Mart Scrull is going to be the match I watch from this show unless something else pops up.
  8. Brand United

    As Carnage rolls on, members of the Carnage roster as in Josh, who's recuperating from the Codebreaker he suffered a while ago, his stunt double George, the United States and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Echo Wilson, The Universal Champion Flynn, and many others of the Carnage brand gear up in the locker room after the contract signing which started the show. Few moments later, Brad walks in with a smirk on his face, which Josh gets angry about, and George as well since he has to copy everything Josh does. Brad looks around and spots a empty bench in the middle of the locker room. He walks over and stands on the bench and looks out into the room of superstars. Brad: Thank you all for attending my announcement gentlemen. Means a lot to me. Many superstars look up at Brad like he's a lunatic and others are just laughing at him. Brad: Think this is funny huh? You think this brands only and most likely chance of any sense of making this brand one step over Evovle? Where I battle their greatest part timer of all time? Easy work. Hell, all there superstars are easy. Cause even though our brand champion is nothing but the biggest hypocrite and false king I have ever seen in my eyes, yeah Thats right Flynn, I Don't see you as the King Of Carnage, cause I rule Carnage, son. Flynn slowly stands to his feet not taking his eyes off of Brad, who has his hands out to calm down the champ. Brad: However, you are wayy better than the Global champion, Nate. Cause, well, A. He shows up once a month as well, barely. And B. Cause he is scared to face me, let alone you. Now, Carnage got Mr. Echo Wilson. My "tag team partner". How ya doing buddy? How's the family? Sister missed me at all? Echo doesn't look at Brad, as he clearly hasn't fully forgiven him for walking out on him a couple weeks ago. Brad shrugs. Brad: Guess you got some feelings hurt. Well, you and your hurt feelings are better than a man who spent twelve months sitting at home in Tamer. Tamer in his prime, wasn't the prime he wished. He stole everything he has. The charisma, attitude, and microphone work of a true BPZ Hall Of Famer in Zombie. That you right now, would kill him from 2015, 2016, or any time period anyday! Summer takes a minute before he slowly looks over and up at Brad for the first time in a while. Brad looks over at his recent opponent, Peter. He gives a little royal wave at Wilchester. Brad: Sorry man, I forgot to bring you your pancakes with some top notch maple syrup. And you know who's like syrup? Sameer. He sticks to you like syrup. He sticks to people who can bring him to any source of relevance at all. First Slim, now Jonathan, who I'll get too shortly. Sameer uses people to get remembered, as to you, who can do it yourself. You done everything in your power for people to know the name of Peter Wilchester. Josh, you just ate the knees of Brad and it screwed you up man. But you're up and ready for more. Unlike that cagna Smith. Where is Smith?!? Oh yeah, he's letting Slim carry his team for him. He's been gone longer than any champion should of, and that's why his perfection was short lived. Like a fart in the wind, like most people from this stupid country. ?: Aren't you from here? Brad looks over to the person who said that. He slowly raises his arm up before quickly pointing a finger at the man. Brad: I'm from Milan Italy you idiot. Anyway, he is another reason why Evolve is sinking because he claims for perfection yet uses his opponents to make him perfect. And Necce and BiC would give me less chances to throw up than Undisputed, even though one is the stalker like version of a goblin and the other is a pig face hip hop hobit. But Undisputed is full of men who are like two ham sandwiches. Yeah they're good every once in a while, but after a bit, we want something freaking new unless that ham has a different flavor. Unfortunately this ham decided to spilt off with each side laughing at the other, ain't no word life in that. And now Jonathan. The man who would of left again already but didn't because he cannot escape the match that haunted his career for all this time. The man who drove him to this point of his career. The man who made his career meaningful again..... only to rip it out of him like the Ice JJ Fish looking headass he is! We are Carnage. And at Survivor Series, i Will put this brand on my back and make us the best brand ever. Hail Carnage!! A lot of the superstars cheer on hyping up the Carnage member in Brad for his match up this weekend against Jonathan. Brad hops off the bench and gives a queen wave goodbye. As he exits the locker room, he smirks and shakes his head. Brad: Dumb Fucks. Brad chuckles to himself as he walks off into the hallway as the camera fades to black.
  9. Yesterday
  10. BPZ Booking Competition

    I'm in
  11. Respect?

    Monda looks at Bailey's handshake proposal and accepts, and goes in for the hug. Bailey returns one back. I am glad we could get along now. Whether win or loss, I can say you have my respect as well. I am glad I can call a glorious man like you a brother. I would love to stay on your brand, but I need a little bit of time to heal from my wounds. Monda looks towards the crowd. I came here with a mission and I settled it. If I do not return for a little while, you all know to stay on your toes as I can pop out of my "cave" at any time. Good night, people! Monda walks to the back with a look of success in his face, not knowing what is about to happen...
  12. Re-Debut

    The lights fade out in the arena, the titantron shows the words "The Enigma" while Kieron Black walks out to a slightly louder reaction than the last time, he is about to face local talent from last night, James. James runs down to the ring to loud applause and cheers, he enters the ring and both men stare down as the bell rings. Kieron Black: This is your last chance James, leave of your own free will, or I force you out of this arena. James retaliates with a fist to Kieron, making him stumble backwards, before grinning and looking at James. James charges Kieron but runs straight into a fist from Kieron, sending him down to the mat, Kieron climbs onto James and enters full mount, then punches James repeatedly until the ref makes him stop, Kieron then stands on the top rope and taunts the crowd while James gets up to his feet. Both men square up to each other once again, this time James bleeding from the mouth and Kieron having all the confidence in the world. Kieron offers James a free punch on the chin, James strikes Kieron again and again, eventually making him stumble into the ropes and exit the ring. Kieron grabs a chair from ringside and the referee exits the ring to take it away from Black, while this is happening a hooded woman enters the ring with a chair and smashes it over James' face, causing even more blood. Kieron climbs onto the apron and hits a springboard 450. 1...2...3! Kieron Black wins. Kieron and the hooded woman celebrate next to each other before the lights go dim and they exit the arena.
  13. BPZ Booking Competition

    I'm in
  14. BPZ Whatculture

    Hello. I am secret agent 3458. HAHA. Tricked you, its really Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture. Got ya! Anyway, this is the fast count. We start this episode of the Fast Count with more Survivor Series news. The show itself is this weekend and finally we have a full card for the show. With a great pool of talent that are going to be active on the show. With such matches as Team Smith V Team Flynn, Jonathon V Brad, and The NXT Open Challenge, among many, many more. But, which team is going to win on the weekend, Team Smith or Team Flynn. I say Team Flynn, I mean, I am still scared of his eyes. Jeez. Gives me the spooks. Next up is the shocking news of another BPZ return! This time it is the return of Tamer! I know right! Insane. Returning after Redemption during the celebration of Flynn. The lights went out and the number 5 was distributed on the titantron in blood. Probably not actual blood but yeah. Tamer then went onto cutting one of the best promos in recent times. And I cannot wait to see what he does now. Our third piece of news this week is the completely, crazy, mental, insane news. And it doesn't make any sens at all. Slim has joined the Josh-Tourage. I know right! Mental. But it makes no sense. Slim & Akki have been teaming for a few weeks now so I don't think this is going to happen but I may be wrong, if Slim is joining the Josh-Tourage then they have the tag team titles around their waists already. But I am sceptical though, as Josh announced it and Slim never came out. What will happen? Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Now it is the part of the show where everyone bullies me. Wrestler of the week. This week for somehow managing to get Slim to join himself and George in the Josh-Tourage it is Josh. Wait, maybe, maybe Josh is a secret agent and, and he is gonna get Dan Matha in next. If he does that then he is winning Wrestler Of The Week next week too. Damn. And that is all we have time for this week on the Fast Count. Now its time for me to do as many star-jumps as possible in a minute. So, make sure you tune in for more Fast Count, I have been Jimmy the Jabroni, you already know that and bye!
  15. Prince's BPZ FIFA Challenge

    Division 8 Match - Ultimate Team: vs George AK TEAM I USED: (better image coming soon) GEORGE AK'S TEAM: RESULT: Another game in which has left me in frustration as Son was able to pull a brace for George by scoring a great goal in the first half from a cross into the box and just another great effort within the second half. Meanwhile my goal with Morata was a bit more of a scramble with an eventful tap-in managing to squeeze the ball across the line. Sadly my quality in the midfield was the downfall of this game for me, causing me to lose possession a lot and making some poor decisions that George was able to capitalise on. Moving forward I need to work on that. 2/10 GAMES PLAYED IN DIV 8 0 POINTS 9 NEEDED FOR PROMOTION _____________________________ Division 8 Match - Ultimate Team: vs George AK MY TEAM: GEORGE AK'S TEAM: RESULT: PROVING ALL YOU HATERS WRONG BAYBAY. But really quite happy to have gotten my first win here it what was a game that could of gone either way. First half I managed to get the advantage as in what was a vintage moment for FIFA as George tackled my player but it had bounced perfectly to Defoe who managed to break away and score. George managed to equalise with Zaha and the second half was just a lot of attacking by both halfs where we traded goals, I had put Martial at striker who managed to score for me to get the score to 2-1. George answered right back to make it 2-2. At the 83rd moment I had the decisive moment of the game by scoring another with Martial to end the game at 3-2 to get some points onto the table. GG George for both games. 3/10 GAMES PLAYED IN DIV 8 1-0-2 3 POINTS 9 NEEDED FOR PROMOTION
  16. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Honestly, unless something about him catches on hot in the main roster, I don't think he'd ever make it further than midcard titles anyway. I love him but he doesn't really have the necessary personality for WWE to make it too far. At least in the 205 live division he'll be treated like one of their top stars, whereas on raw or smackdown he would likely end up getting lost in the shuffle. I am saying all of this completely biased for 205 live because I want to see Enzo sell Itami's kicks like death.
  17. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Itami on 205 Live will be a nice boost for the brand but could really hurt his chances at ever reaching the pinnacle in the company.
  18. i'm amazed at how much Roman Reigns has accomplished in his run in WWE just 7 Years ago he Was 25 Now He's 32 and He's Done it all In WWE except Win the universal title,MITB and Beat Brock Lesnar

    That's not even the best part Roman Reigns is only 32 Has achieved everything and He can Continue to go on And Wrestle Bobby Roode Shinsuke Nakamura Adam Cole Omega if he ever comes to WWE

    you guys may hate how he was booked but you have to respect him

  19. Your Nightmare

    The music is blaring, the lights are flashing and its all just another day for the Carnage Arena. A man who has built himself to be a staple of this show, the face of the company perhaps. A man who has been gifted more than his fair share of opportunities as of late, and has been very overdosed on confidence. A rocket has been strapped around his waist and whoever is holding on has been taken for a very spectacular ride with the supernova. The Supernova steps out finally, and points his taped up pinky finger to the moon. He sticks his tongue out and he is on a full joyride of life. He pulls the mic out of his shoe and starts to talk on his way to the ring, the US title glimmering on his shoulder. In just a few moments, at my leisure, I will call out a special man, who has become obsessed with the thought of me, the Canadian who has made it is only mission statement to defeat me and gain redemption for the one thing he lost that he can never regain, his Pride. He has asked and even attacked me, in order to show his anger, and his fury towards me. It won't last long though, because on Sunday, at Survivor Series, everything that he's built himself up for, will come crashing down, and he will face his second loss to me. I know, you people appreciate what I've done for this title, how we've built something out of nothing, and created an empire that is heartily never outmatched. So whenever a threat comes knocking on my door, we simply dispose of them, and unfortunately the way that this is going, there is only one conclusion. To wipe, Peter Wilchester and his Canadian smirk on the face of this industry. But I don't feel like I'm all to blame, people's emotions can carry people away, it can make them do stupid things, and honestly it makes them lose their sense of judgment. So if there's anyone to blame its Peter himself because he has let the very image of me, drive him to insanity. Despite this very emotional discourse, I feel it is also necessary to bring up the fact that he is easily the most dangerous of my opponents. Why? Because he has a motive. For him this is life or death, and when I tell you that I will wipe his name out of every history book in BPZ, he knows this as well, so he will be throwing everything at me, his body, his soul, his life. Echo gets in the ring, and jumps over and into the ring. You see, Survivor Series means so much to Peter, which makes it much more than a simple US Title bout, he wants to make sure, i'm buried down, where he'll never find me again, and I? I want to make sure that Peter is justified, I want to make sure that Peter knows I'm too good to be buried, I want Peter to realize that this war, although it was worth fighting for, was never going to end up with him on top. I sat backstage and watched Peter and Brad fight at Redemption, and I realized something, Peter wasn't there for Brad, he was trying to destroy someone close to me. He wanted to make my world crumble so that by the time Survivor Series had come and gone, I would be just a shell of my former self, that I would crumble into the rubble with the rest of my friends. But he failed. He failed to beat Brad, so he makes adjustments to his game plan and goes straight for me, it won't work, he's jumping the gun and trying to get to his goal all too quickly, he'll learn eventually that this war is not worth the fight for him. In fact, excuse my big words, but he's antiquated, meaning he's old fashioned, and he thinks he can outrun the implosion in his body, but he can't, the pain, the true pain will catch up with him before he can even meet me this weekend, and if it wasn't already enough to bury him, I'll finish the job, because the hole has already been dug, its just about time someone tosses him in there, lifeless body and all. Echo leans on the turnbuckle, looking out into the crowd. A mixture of boos and cheers, but mostly a chant that screams "Calgary Sucks!" Peter, do you want lightning to strike twice? Do you want me to shame your proud and patriotic country again? Do you want me to defend my honor all over again? Because I'll do it. I'll take everything you've built towards and burn it in hell. I'll take your precious home and watch it crumble, and i'll take your soul and watch the precious second tick by before i crush it with one quick stroke of genius. You make yourself seem like more than you are. Peter, you aren't a big deal, millions of people look to you for guidance, and you dissappoint them, you steal from them, hoping to make your case known, and just when fans start to pity you you steal their lives, their money, their dreams, their legacies, and you put it all towards one front, one front which is all aimed at me. Cause I see the red lasers Peter, I can see all your guns pointed at me, all the hatred pent up inside of you, all building to one mega explosion, its a flawed strategy because once all the smoke clears, I will be standing right here, still on my feet, with you, laid back, empty and unfullfilled. Peter what kind of person are you? Are the one to put all your eggs in one basket? Are you the one to take all options into consideration? This Sunday, I will find out, I'll see just the man you are. Wilchester, this face, the one thats haunted your dreams, will be the only face you'll see as I retire you from wrestling. This glare, will the last imprint in your mind as you close your eyes, the muffled Headline theme creeping through your eardrums. My title, shining in the lights, will be the end all, be all, there's nothing left to do Peter, but to come meet me this weekend, your nightmare, Echo Wilson. Echo moves to the center of the ring, as the light dims darker and darker, until Echo is enveloped in the jet black shadows.
  20. Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 70. Today we have a very, erm, interesting "Interview" with Slim and Flynn Josh: Welcome to the 70th edition of FAC, and its the second Slammy Awards. First, despite the fact he isn't here, xCozza, you have won Breakout Star of the Year. Now, my next award, Match of the Year, the Royal Rumble. Flynn. Do you have anything to say? Slim: Boo Flynn: I defeated 29 other men imao Josh: Now for the main award. The Double Cross of the Year. It's awarded to both of you Flynn: Lmao what a bunch of idiots. Josh: Do you have any words to say. Whose idea was it? Slim: Mine and Flynn's Flynn: Just mine. This guy's an idiot. Who fell for it. Josh: So Flynn. How did you come up with the idea. Slim: You're bias. OH WHAT'S THAT SOUND. ITS BIAS. Flynn: No, I came up with it when I decided the main event sucked without me. So I decided to FKO the s**t out of Slim after tricking him into destroying his mighty faction Slim: What Josh: Lol Slim: N***a. Josh: That sounds true, now moving on Slim: Is this what the award is about. Oh Flynn: Yea Josh: Yes Flynn: Heada*s Slim: I thought we meant when Flynn Speared me at Bragging Rights. Flynn: ALL OF THESE AWARDS ARE BECAUSE OF ME Slim: Oh yea then Flynn did it Josh: Aah. Slim: I was shocked. I kind of knew though Flynn: I don't even know why Slim is here right now. Slim: Cause Flynn was like Josh: Glad we settled this Slim: Trying to influence me. Flynn: I was like Slim: Trying to influence the votings. Make Nate and Alyx tie Flynn: Turn around. Josh: It was a clever move to be honest. Slim: It was weird Flynn: FKO Slim: Yea, but it didn't matter in the end did it. Josh: But everyone knew Alyx and Nate were gonna tie Flynn: Yeah, it did. Josh: I voted for..., Which I say as I can't say his real name Flynn: I won this award, which is why I did it. To win this specific award. Josh: I've awarded it to everyone here. Now, moving on. Flynn: Ok, next question. Josh: All 3 of you Slim: What? Josh: Final question about the award before I do one thing more Flynn: One more thing. Not whatever the f**k you just said Josh: Did this benefit or not benefit your career Slim: Yes Flynn: Yes Josh: And how? Flynn: It made me a star because I was a nobody before. Josh: You were already a 2x World Champ. Slim: I beat them all, just a week later. Flynn: Don't remember that Slim: Proving I was truly the best. Josh: Seeing as he isn't here. What about Alyxs career. Flynn: Josh, quote this Josh: Ok Slim: Made it s**tier lol Flynn: I RUINED ALYX WILDE'S CAREER AHAHAHAHA Slim: This legitimately ruined Alyx lol. Flynn: I BURIED HIM. AND HIS S**TTY DARK GIMMICK. I RUINED IT Slim: Josh quote this. I avenged Alyx by making Flynn blow a 10 vote advantage. LMAO Josh: Lol. Ok. Flynn, remember when you threw a 10 vote advantage Flynn: Josh. Remember when you beat me ever Josh. Remember when I made this show relevant. Today marks that day Slim: Remember when I beat you. Twice. Haha Josh: Erm. I don't remember losing to any of you. Slim: Me and Flynn beat Josh and Ropati Josh: And then you beat me up. I remember well Slim: Oh yeah Imfao. Josh: Lol Slim: Good times Josh: It's bad being beaten up was the highlight of my career. And then in the next 11 months I lost 24 times. Final thing. Here's your awards. And now we'll play a game Slim: Alright n****h. Hurry up. I've got s**t to do. Josh: Any suggestions Slim: You have got to be kidding. THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL. You don't even have the game ready. Josh: I've never done a game before on FAC. Fine, I say a forums member and you say the first word that enters your head. Slim: Ok Josh: Josh Slim and Flynn (I'm not joking, they said it at exactly the same time): Jobber Slim: Lmao Flynn: Keep it moving Josh. Josh: Echo Wilson Flynn: Second place Slim: Monday Night Raw. Josh: Alyx Wilde Flynn: Bust Slim: Wasted talent Flynn: Agreed Josh: Nate Slim: Lazy Flynn: Overrated Josh: Akki Slim: Underrated Flynn: Glorified Jobber Josh: Bailey Slim: Overrated Flynn: Teacher Josh: Final 2. Slim Flynn: Who? Slim: Cocky Flynn: Oh my arch rival. WHO WILL PAY FOR HIS SINS AND BURN IN HELL MOTHERF**KER Josh: And finally Flynn Flynn: The King, the God, The Almighty One. The face of BPZ Slim: Snake. Flynn: King snake Slim: Love it how Josh forgot Smith Josh: Ok. Smith Slim: P***y Flynn: P***y Slim: Now Josh, you're welcome Flynn: You are welcome. We just made this show relevant Slim: You just had Stone Cold and Rock on Flynn: Now Josh, we have a question. What's it like to know this show has reached its peak and it's all downhill from here Josh: Please. I still have 1 more award to award next week. Slim: What is it? Josh: Superstar of the Year. One of you two has won it Slim: Oh lol. Me Flynn: Me. Obviously me. Just hand it to me Slim: Just award it right now. Josh: Ok, I'll award it right now. First why do think you should win it Slim: I beat him twice lol Flynn: I beat this jobber twice lol Slim: 310 days as World Champ. I overcame a 10 vote advantage Flynn: 200+ days as Universal. I beat him despite having all the sheep against me. In what was a 2 on 1 handicap match against him and Ross. Slim: I created the best faction in the Order with my best friend Smith. Flynn: Won the Tag Classic and the Rumble Slim: Won the Mania Main Event Flynn: Defended a title more than anyone has defended a title. Slim: Won the World Title again Flynn: Carried the Mania Main Event. I was also IC Slim: Who won Josh? Josh: Ok, the grand reveal. Flynn: I created the Foundation which still stands Josh: Wait. It does? Flynn: Kinda. With me and Bailey. And I'm going to win at SS Slim: Reveal it Josh. Flynn: Wait, let me remind you Josh. I have FAC open and my finger hovering above delete Slim: Same Josh: The winner of Superstar of the Year. Will be revealed after the advert break ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Survivor Series. Coming 26th November. Don't miss it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Flynn: Continue Josh: I'm counting up the votes from our 4 fans. Slim: Lmao Flynn: Who are these s**theads. Josh: Slim, Smith, BiC and me Slim: Oh I won Flynn: Bro. What the f**k. Those are all Slim marks Josh: And the winner, with 100% of the votes is... Flynn: Bro, what the f**k is this biased s**t Josh: Believe it or not. SLIM Flynn: Kill yourself Slim: YES Flynn: Alright, he's going out first at SS Slim: I DID IT. I'd like to thank, my Mum, my Dad, BrendenPlayz, I'm coming for you nigguhhh Josh: A challenge on FAC. @BrendenPlayz do you accept? Slim: He's too Pu*sy to accept Josh: If you accept, come on the next episode of FAC. Slim: He'll talk about how he's already beaten me. But he's just too pu*sy. Flynn: If you lose. Permaban Slim: Fine. I'll go to NJPW with his World Title Flynn: STFU YOU'RE F*CKING BLACK Josh: And this is where we stop the show. Flynn: Fu*k this show Slim: No. You don't stop the show I do. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. But first I'd like to read out a list of accomplishments in BPZ for me. First in 2015, I won the BPZ NXT Championship. Then, once again in 2015, I won the United States Championship. You know what I cant be arsed. Goodnight. Flynn: I've won more Slim: Not Slammies. I've won 17 Flynn: Those don't matter Slim: They do Josh: And that's a wrap. Goodnight
  21. I drop Kalisto for Paige
  22. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    As "Crew" plays, Josh goes to speak until Brad takes the microphone from him, which angers the former United States Champion. As Brad goes to speak, Josh rips the mic from Brad and starts yelling at Brad. Josh: I AM TIRED OF THE DISRESPECT YOU, JONATHAN, AND YOU UNGRATEFUL FANS!! I'M A GOD IN THIS RING! I'M A BOX OFFICE STRAW! I'M A- Out of nowhere Josh gets cut off with a Codebreaker by Brad, sending him up in the air and flat on his back. Shockingly, the crowd chants "Thank You Brad" for shutting Josh up about movies and all that. Brad picks up the microphone again. Brad: Touch me again, and there will be more than that you clown. As for you Jonathan..... well, you're not worth anymore of my breath tonight. I will see you at Survivor Series son. Brad tosses the mic behind him that lands on Josh's mid section. "Judas" plays as Brad rolls under the ring and walks up the ramp to end this segment.
  23. Just gonna leave this here: 


  24. Full WWE 2018 PPV Schedule

    wrestlinginc.com I am happy that they've made MitB a joint PPV again. Though, looking at this its weird to me that RAW get the last PPV before and first PPV after SummerSlam.
  25. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Did anyone watch last night? I get why he has but I am not a fan that Enzo has essentially taken over control of the show, and now his 'Zo train' are essentially his bitches, when initially everyone hated him because he wasn't a good wrestler. Nonetheless, I thought the matches were enjoyable, as always, and it was interesting that all the matches involved Enzo's guys. Also, they confirmed that Itami is debuting on 205 live soon, so that should be fun.
  26. The Road To Change

    The titantron changes to an image of George AK sitting in an empty waiting room, it seems dull. Just a few chairs scattered around, A few misplaced flowers, and colours that mad the room feel dark. George remained seated until he heard his name, and he got up and walked into a room. Therapist: Hey, George, nice to see you, I brought you here toady as I have seen some problems with your attitude. I frequently watch Carnage and Evolve, and I am really worried about you George. So please open up to me. George: About what, I, I feel fine. Therapist: Do you, are you sure? Tell me George, is there anyone, anything that has been bugging you recently? George: Myself really, but nobody else. Its not important. Therapist: Oh, I think it is. Everything is important. Are you sure there isn't anything important wrong? George: Well, I dont mean its not important, but at the same time, I do. Therapist: Continue, George. You can tell me anything, nothing you say leaves this room. George: I, I was failing class, real bad. I was averaging 5/50 on tests. And, and one day, one day. I was sitting in my dads office, stressed, paranoid, annoyed. I was staring at the blackboard in the corner, as people come into my dads office for a meeting. There were, tens of people in there, including this one women. Whenever I looked up, she seemed more interested on me than on the important meeting that was going on around me, and I realised that. We always linked eyes, whenever I looked up. And I, had no clue who she was, she picked up a marker pen and went to the blackboard. She said "She could see something in me". Something that nobody realised was there, nobody cared to know was there. My parent had given up on me, my friends, well at least I thought they were, my friends turned their back on me. And I saw something different than that in this women, so I looked at the blackboard. The date was 12th January 2004. I will always remember that date. And as she was drawing on the board, she drew pictures. Off a young boy, didn't listen in class, much like me, felt isolated, much like me. And she drew this boy, travelling the world, speaking to millions of people, speaking in front of a million people. Keep in mind at this point. I was failing all classes. Thinking of joining the army, thinking that, that was my only option, other than being homeless. And I was looking up at this drawing on the board, of a boy in the same situation as me, with the opportunity to travel the world, meet and speak to millions of people. After drawing the picture she sat down. And for the rest of that meeting, I was fixated on the drawing. Until the end, where the women came up to me and told me that the drawing was based off of me. I was shocked, I insisted that I would never be able to do that. But look at me now, I have travelled the world, spoke to millions of people. And at the time of me in that meeting, I believed that the important part of the drawing was the boy travelling the world, speaking to millions of people, but I was wrong. The most important thing, the most important lesson I have ever been told was by that woman. You see, now I realised that the important thing in that drawing, you couldn't see. The most important factor was the heart of that boy, the determination. And well, I had that, and that is why I am here today. And that message has stayed present with me ever since. It has protected me, directed me and corrected me many many times. And to quote Denver Washington "Fail Big, thats right. Fail big. You only live once, so do what you feel passionate about, take chances, professionally don't be afraid to fail." Fail big, because when you fail big, you will learn many many more lessons than somebody who changed their answer last minute as the answer came up on the screen in class. And, one thing that always seemed to get me was the old IQ test. Im pretty sure you have seen it, the nine dots. And with five lines you had to connect these dots without letting your pencil leave the paper. And to do it you had to go outside the box. And going outside the box is how you should think in life. That should be the first thing you go to when you are stuck or need help. So don't be afraid to go outside the box, maybe treat it as a boundary, beat that boundary, go pat it. Show everyone who ever doubted you wrong. Dont be afraid. Dont be afraid to fail big, or to dream big. That was my new mentality as the boy in the meeting. And I had to remember that any dreams without goals are worthless. Purely dreams, that will lead to one big pot of disappointment. Im not saying dont have dreams, but have the goal at the end. That is what I remembered as that boy, so I set myself, goals. |For life, for every year, every month, week and day. So I could show that woman that she was right about me, and I could show my parents, show my friends, show them I am and was nowhere near to being a flop. And quickly I realised that achieving these goals, reaching these targets. Was all about showing, heart and determination. The same things that I believed that boy was showing. It got me here, because I worked hard, in every little thing I did. In this world were all we do is text, tweet, snapchat each other. Whatever you do. Remember, there is a difference between looking busy and being busy, there is no point doing loads and loads of things, if there is no goal to get to. And that is very close to another famous Denver Washington quote. Which I am sure I don't have to say. But my main message, throughout what I have been saying in these past minutes. All comes from that woman who believed in me. Aspire to make a difference. After saying these words, George got up and left the room, leaving the therapist alone. After the therapist was sure that George had gone, she said to herself. Therapist: I knew he was going to do big things.
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