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All Elite Wrestling: "Big Television Ratings" #45 (TEW2020)

It's the final episode before The House That Always Wins and we're looking to pop a big rating as we put our top stars on the card for one last chance to increase our storyline heat before the PPV. Can we achieve one of our best Dynamites to date?
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AEW Double or Nothing 2021

All Elite Wrestling is heading back to pay-per-view this month with Double or Nothing. This is the third year for the event, which served as AEW's inaugural pay-per-view event in 2019 and has featured some of the young promotion's most exciting moments!
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Wrestlemania Backash

Backlash is once again taking the position of the first major WWE wrestling card to take place after WrestleMania this year. And the wildest part about that development is how both shows are getting mashed together to produce a “new” event altogether – WrestleMania Backlash. Discuss it here!
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Valor Chapter V: Paramount

Join us on May 14th live from Madison Square Garden and on the BPZ Network for Chapter V: Paramount!
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  2. Month Nine Weeklies (M8Y3) look man fuck you im tired Week One "Assault Commander" HZK v "Harakuze" Tsukushi Haruka - And starting our evening we would have HZK and Tsukushi face off in what seemed likely to all but decide who would face Konami for the Shinobu Championship at Dream Rush. And it was a fantastic match between the women, frantically paced as expected, with action coming thick and fast. HZK seemed to be on the back foot, Tsukushi's particular brand of devious offense was especially brutal tonight, with antics seeming to fall behind. The new style on display for Tsukushi seemed like it would propel her forward, but she couldn't find a move to put HZK away. Eventually she looked to turn to the Japanese Ocean Cyclone (Wrist-clutch Electric Chair Drop), as she lifted HZK to the second rope, HZK began to fight again, forcing Tsukushi out from under her, and immediately HZK jumped back, crashing down onto Tsukushi with a "Coffin Drop" Bombs Away. The move visibly took the air out Tsukushi's lungs, long enough that she could not kick out of the ensuing pin. - HZK - As HZK began her celebration, Tsukushi stormed out the ring, clearly irate from her loss. Tsukasa attempted to console her but she was quickly shoved away, Tsukushi continued to the back, and as she reached the curtain, Emi Sakura stepped out to meet her. The entire audience was stunned by the development, but Tsukushi quickly took to the side of Emi, looking down at a morbidly confused Tsukasa Fujimoto. And as quick as she entered, Emi returned to the back with Tsukushi in tow, leaving no questions answered. - But HZK didn't much care for the theatrics of those at ringside. She was quickly joined by the rest of Oedo Tai. HZK called Konami down to the ring, formally making the challenge for a shot at the Shinobu title. - And Konami would make her appearance, sauntering to the ring, asking why Oedo Tai still stood before her even after she disabled them all a few months ago? Why would she waste her time taking on HZK again? She seemed fixed to decline the challenge when-- - AZM! THE HIGH SPEED PRODIGY MAKING HER DEBUT IN HERITAGE! There was no question as to why she was here. She settled in front of Konami, much to the ire of HZK, who said AZM would have to beat her to even think about taking on Konami. AZM simply nodded at the challenge set by HZK, still looking at Konami, who looked non-plussed as usual, before cracking a wicked smile and leaving the ring. Oedo Tai (Natsu Sumire & Andras Miyagi) v Magical Sugar Rabbits (Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki) - The next match would be a newly galvanized Oedo Tai attempting to make good on the momentum started by HZK, and they would have a MSR team that had recently been down their luck. And that continued tonight, it was a very disheartening performance for two women fresh off title shots, they were in total disarray, allowing Oedo Tai to take control and never look back. - Oedo Tai Sendai Special Series "Final Boss" Meiko Satomura v "Bear-Chan" Chihiro Hashimoto - And we would move onto the first match of Meiko Satomura's Sendai Series, taking on one of her most successful proteges. It would be a contest between student and teacher, these women having so many matches between them in times past and this was another notch in the tale. It was a back and forth match, as expected of two women who have battled each other so many times in the past. Meiko viciously targeted the right knee of Chihiro, but it would take many a kick to neutralize the power of Chihiro, so in the meantime, Chihiro enjoyed the lions share of the offensive output. But as the match wore on, it was clear that she was slowing down. As she attempted to muscle up Meiko for an Albright, her knee failed on her, Meiko broke free from Chihiro's grip, and blasted her left knee with her hardest kick yet. Chihiro reflexively lifted her leg to shake the pain, but her right knee couldn't bear her weight, forcing her to a knee, which Meiko instantly used for a stepup Axe Kick. But Meiko wasn't done there, she waited for Chihiro to get to a knee again, before connecting on a second step up axe kick killing the contest. - Meiko Satomura - After the pleasantries were exchanged and the respect was given, Meiko took the microphone and invited Syuri and Kagetsu down to the ring. She said that she was a tad dishonest in her return here, she wasn't just here for a series to invoke nostalgia. Though Meiko wanted to face those who she helped bring up, she also waned to return to OW with a title in tow. And there's no other choice on who to challenge, she wanted to face Syuri. - Kagetsu and Syuri appeared, both women having an extensive history with Meiko. Syuri frequented Sendai Girls and had many a battle with and against Meiko, and Kagetsu was trained by Meiko herself, and so safe to say that there was a number of emotions present. Or that's what would normally be expected. Kagetsu took up a mic of her own and declined on behalf of Syuri. She said that Meiko was nobody in the landscape of HERITAGE, not worth the effort that Syuri would have to expend to dispatch her. But Meiko quickly snapped back, telling Kagetsu not to forget where she came from. She could domineer all she wanted with the rest of Mala del Kyoto, but Meiko sees through the veil. Meiko then directed her attention to Syuri, asking her what her response was. And as Syuri snatched the microphone from Kagetsu, she accepted the challenge. "Golden Tiger" Yoshiko v "Jaeger" Jaguar Yokota - We would pivot to another match in the saga of D vs Yakuza. These groups were doomed to be joined at the hip since Sareee left D for Yakuza. Another there was not an end in sight, just a mess of anger and aggression. And all that was on display in this match, Yoshiko and Yokota were both infamous for their nastiness, and it was on display here. Strands of hair, pieces of skin, and a number of splotches were left on the mat following the outing. But Yokota could not keep up with the unending fury of Yoshiko, continuing ever forward until she could combo together a big Samoan Drop and diving Senton for the victory. - Yoshiko "Fukabun" Nanae Takahashi v "Flying Angel" Tsukasa Fujimoto - Speaking of unending sagas, the next match would feature Nanae Takahashi and Tsukasa Fujimoto, a matchup with its own history in and of itself, but tonight it was a proxy for Nanae/Arisa. Nanae came out the blocks on fire, trying to take out Tsukasa in short order. The burst was at first attributed to emotion and her desire to embarrass Tsukka in front of her partner, but as the match continued it was clear Nanae was not all the way recovered from the beating she took at the hands of Arisa. Tsukka herself started the match in a daze, taking a drumming from Nanae, likely preoccupied with the happenings earlier this evening with Tsukushi and Emi. but eventually she snapped to attention, taking the fight back to a wounded Nanae and dispatching her in rather short order, overcoming every attempt at a comeback, before ending it with a Infinity. - Tsukasa Fujimoto - And as Nanae lay in the ring, utterly embarrassed on two nights in a row, Momo Watanabe would make her way to the ring. She would remark that Nanae looked pathetic supine on the ground, demanding that she rise and face her. Nanae didn't become short on pride, and she stood, staring down Momo. Momo said that she remembered what Nanae said to her all those years ago, the challenge that she delivered, the invitation to test herself against Nanae when she had grown stronger. She had thought about this for years on end, Nanae capturing the Empress title had reignited the fervor in which Momo sought to take up that gauntlet with, but it seemed all a flash in a pan now. She wouldn't challenge such a pathetic Nanae to measure her skills against. - Nanae roared back, ears burning, forearming Momo and shouting at her as she reeled from the strike. Before Momo could reply to the strike, Iroha and Yoshiko rushed the ring, as did AZM, all pulling Nanae and Momo apart from each other. As Momo was deposited outside the ring, she glared back at Nanae, saying if Nanae thought better of it, then they could have that match all these years later, BOTH with a point to prove now. Empire of Tomorrow (Saya & Madeline) v Alto Livello KABALIWAN (Giulia & Syuri) - And finally for our main event of the evening, we would have the Empire of Tomorrow taking on the team of Giulia and Syuri. And what a match it was, both teams have beautiful blends of striking prowess and technical ability, with Saya and Madi having the advantage when it came to speed and Giulia and Syuri power. And being so, the match was shockingly balanced on a knife's tip. Giulia and Syuri to have the match in their favor, but never one to be easily put away, Saya and Madeline battled back as we approached the close of the match. Giulia had Madeline seemingly dead to rights when she ate a lightning quick roundhouse out of nowhere. Madeline took the opportunity to tag in Saya, who came firing off, catching Giulia with a bicycle kick, then a forearm, but before she could hit a third move Giulia popped her with a big closed fist punch. The admonishment from Ref Tommy didn't dissuade Giulia, who quickly pulled Saya to her shoulders, looking for a Glorious Driver, as Syuri sped across the ring to hold Madeline back. Giulia brought Saya down for the Driver, BUT SAYA VICTORY ROLL, 1...2...3! SAYA DID IT AGAIN! - Empire of Tomorrow - The shock took hold of everyone, it all happened in a flash, too fast for Syuri to even realize that the count was in Saya's favor, not Giulia's. As Saya lay on the mat, spent from the occasion, with two fingers lifted in the air. She had pinned Giulia twice, more than any other individual in HERITAGE, twice she had found herself the one to pin the Empress Champion. Saya finally pulled herself off the mat as Giulia still sat there, unable to process what had occurred, face turnt red. Saya received a microphone, and with the entire crowd backing her, there was nothing left to do. She challenged Giulia to an Empress Championship match. - Before Giulia could respond Arisa Nakajima stormed down from the back, saying that the two fluke victories claimed by Saya weren't enough to put her over Arisa in the totem pole. Arisa had dominated in tag, in singles, she had found success after success and dominated the inaugural Empress Champion. She would not be skipped over, she would avenge her loss and Tsukka's loss to Giulia. - Giulia remained speechless, finally Kagetsu came to the ring and with Syuri pulled Giulia to the back, all without a word, leaving the two women vying for her spot in the ring, nothing needed to be said. HERITAGE Dream Rush in Kyoto “Sun Warrior” Sareee v “Golden Tiger” Yoshiko “Dark Peach” Momo Watanabe v “Fukabun” Nanae Takahashi HERITAGE Musashi Championship Match “Shin Seiki no Sozoshin” Syuri v “Final Boss” Meiko Satomura HERITAGE Empress Championship Match “Indomitable Hand” Giulia v “Empress of Tomorrow” Saya Kamitani
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  11. If we would just use history as a relevant point, then we would also have to question Tottenham's spot in the Big 6 since they have failed to win any major trophy for the last couple of years, yet in my mind there is no doubt, Tottenham are a big 6 club. Arsenal I feel could be losing that spot soon if tendencies continue and certainly Leicester seem to be the team ready to take that spot. For now I would say no but I would argue that they will eventually take it if they continue improving and Arsenal continues this fall.
  12. G1 Climax Night 4 (September 24) Preview B Block do battle in Ota
  13. No, they're a great team and will finish over Arsenal in atleast the next 2/3 years but they don't have the same history that Arsenal does, which is the major factor towards counting Arsenal as a big 6 club. They also don't have the same reach across the world as Arsenal do with many people from different cultures repping Arsenal gear. Leicester CAN make it into the big 6 but it might take some time and misfortune for Arsenal.
  14. In the Premier League, there is an ‘undisputed’ big six clubs, consisting of Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Arsenal. These clubs have been consistently towards the top end of the table since the beginning of the premier league and have earned the right to call themselves the top six. However, in recent years, one of these top six clubs have turned into somewhat of a joke, and one of the outside fourteen have been beginning to sneak into the top six consistently, creating the debate; are Leicester City a top six club over Arsenal? Now, this debate appears to have sparked from the fact that Arsenal have been unable to finish within the top six since the 2018/19 season, and have had two 8th place finishes since then, and appearing to have yet another lacklustre season ahead, being in 13th place five games into the season. Not only this, Arsenal have been unable to win the Premier League since their famous invincible season in 2003/04. Many years ago, many would find it laughable to include Leicester City in the top six over Arsenal, however in the 2015/16, Leicester achieved the greatest title win in history, finishing 14th and barely escaping relegation the season prior to winning the league, finishing 10 points above Arsenal in what many considered to be Arsenal’s best chance of winning the league in years, due to bad performances from the other top six clubs. Leicester would fail to replicate this success in the following season, finishing 12th place and sacking their title-winning manager in the process. This marked the end of Leicester’s underdog story, and they were back to the bottom half of the table - where they belonged. Two 9th place finishes in 2017/18 and 2018/19 displayed the demise of the once great Leicester City. Or did it? Following the appointment of Brendan Rodgers from Celtic, Leicester’s success was rejuvenated, as they finished within the top 6 in both the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, two seasons in which they spent much of the season within the top 4, and should’ve found disappointed with finishing outside of it. During both of these seasons, Arsenal finished in 8th place twice, which caused the sparking of this debate. Not only this, but results against other big teams and trophies also contributed to the debate. Arsenal found it extremely difficult to pick up points against the other big teams, including Leicester, whilst Leicester were picking up great results against the big clubs, including defeating Liverpool and Man City in convincing fashion. Many were beginning to question whether or not Arsenal deserved such a high status, and if Leicester had done everything necessary to achieve that status. Arsenal fans have also attempted to deflect this question upon Tottenham Hotspur, stating that the lack of trophies that Tottenham have makes it questionable of if they are a top six club. However, due to the sheer amount of times they’ve finished within the top six in the last couple of years I think they can keep the title. Personally, I do not think Leicester are a top six team YET. However, I definitely see and understand where the argument is coming from, and if Leicester are able to have many more years of consistently finishing within the top six and winning FA Cups, Community Shields, etc. whilst Arsenal are finishing in like 8th place and not winning anything, then I can definitely imagine Leicester becoming part of the argument. So, what do you think?
  15. Omega/Danielson was a fantastic match and honestly the result was the right call, definitely makes the most sense from a booking perspective to keep both men strong. Glad Malaki Black doesn’t take his first loss against Cody in this match, I think he needs to stay unbeaten for a bit longer in order to keep the aura around him.
  16. I noticed that Spider-Man 2 and 3 were both on Netflix (obviously the first one wasn’t because that’s a big fuck you from Netflix) so I decided to rewatch them and honestly I forgot how good these are and how different they really are from the Spider-Man movies that have been released since then. Rewatching them reinforced the idea within my head that Tobey Maguire is still the best version of Peter Parker there is, I’m still desperately hoping that he’s in NWH.
  17. I'm honestly stuck between, The Dark Knight and Into The Spiderverse. While TDK is my favourite movie ever I think I just have to go with Spiderverse, without fail the "What's up Danger" scene will get more so fucking hyped, every single time.
  18. I’ve seen Baby Driver many, many times since it’s release in 2017 and honestly I could keep watching it forever. Everything about it is a masterpiece, the acting, the soundtrack, the directing, it’s just so good.
  19. Hello hello. We're still in the tournament phase of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But we are on the cusp of introducing a second division as well as us now having a genuine championship for our top fighters to contend for. I'm not going to waste time here we're just going to hope feet first into UFC 11 - UFC 20. Mark Coleman made the first defence of his championship, beating UFC 10 tournament winner Ken Shamrock in what was touted as a great fight. Alongside this big main event we also ran a tournament for the Light Heavyweight division which we introduced in the build-up to this show. The winner of that tournament was none other than Frank Shamrock after he submitted Tito Ortiz in the finals. Frank Shamrock will go on to contend for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Vitor Belfort delivered on his potential at UFC 12, the teenager winning the entire tournament. He picked up a knockout win as well as a submission win en route to the final, where he beat Don Fyre via decision. Vitor Belfort will go on to face Mark Coleman with the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the line. Other debutants included Maurice Smith and Scott Ferrozzo but neither man was able to get one over on Don Fyre, who made his second tournament final in the UFC. Frank Shamrock's opponent was decided at UFC 13, with the Light Heavyweight division having its first individual show since being formed in the promotion. Tito Ortiz, the man who lost to Shamrock at UFC 11, won the tournament dispatching of Enson Inoue and Kevin Jackson before outpointing the dangerous Guy Mezger in the finals. Ortiz will go on to main event UFC 15 with Frank Shamrock, both fighting to be the inaugural UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. UFC 14 saw the impressive debuts of two fighters, Mark Kerr and Kevin Randleman managing to both get to the tournaments finals before Kerr won via decision. Mark Kerr will go on to fight Mark Coleman, who despite being the underdog against Vitor Belfort was able to pull out the upset win. Like UFC 13, this wasn't the most exciting night for action with a lot of fights going to decision. But Coleman makes the second defence of his championship here. Frank Shamrock claimed the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship for himself at UFC 15. The rematch with Tito Ortiz went to a decision, where he was the unanimous victor. The undercard featured a tournament to decide who would get first crack at the first-ever champion, Guy Mezger winning the right after a somewhat one-sided run. Frank Shamrock is the best in the world in this division and validated such when he defeated Tito Ortiz for the second time in his career. UFC 16 was the best show we have ran to date. It featured a stacked heavyweight tournament, featuring big names such as Vitor Belfort, Ken Shamrock and the debuting Randy Couture. Couture would win the UFC 16 tournament, seeing off Shamrock in the semi-finals and Belfort in the finals in a great fight. Mark Kerr and Mark Coleman put on a classic in the main event, with Mark Kerr capturing the UFC Heavyweight Championship to round off a spectacular event for the UFC. Frank Shamrock submitted Guy Mezger to make the first defence of his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Believe it or not but this is our first title fight that hasn't gone to decision. On the undercard, we ran a tournament to seek out Shamrock's next challenger, excluding Ortiz this time around. Two debutants in Jeremy Horn and Chuck Liddell would make it to the finals, Liddell winning via decision and earning himself next crack at Frank Shamrock's crown. Randy Couture knocked out Mark Kerr in the main event of UFC 18, handing Kerr the first loss of his career as well as winning himself the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Another fighter who got knocked out on this card was the former champion in Mark Coleman, who beat debutant Pedro Rizzo and Pete Williams to make it to the tournament finals only to lose to Kevin Randleman. UFC 20 will see a huge main event, Couture defending his title against Randleman. The Iceman Chuck Liddell shocked the world at UFC 19, knocking out Frank Shamrock despite being a huge underdog coming into the event. Alongside Randy Couture, Liddell ushers in a new era in the UFC. Tito Ortiz will be Liddell's first test after the American beat Mark Hall, Reza Nasri and Wanderlei Silva, the world's best outside of Shamrock at the time to win the second tournament of his career. Liddell vs. Ortiz is sure to be an intriguing and close, close contest. UFC 20 saw the debuts of Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez in the promotion. Alongside Pedro Rizzo and Mark Kerr both won their opening match-ups, before Barnett beat Rodriguez and then fell to Mark Kerr in the tournament finals. In the main event we saw a defence of the UFC Heavyweight Championship, Randy Couture beating Kevin Randleman via decision to retain his title. At UFC 22, we'll see Couture vs. Kerr 2, as Couture looks to equal Coleman's defences. Some names left the UFC throughout these shows, Don Fyre and Oleg Taktarov being the big two. Ken Shamrock is still around but won't be thrown into all of our tournaments. I am also considering releasing Vitor Belfort, in real life he came to the UFC for a couple of years before taking his craft elsewhere and coming back later down the road. Mark Coleman might also be on the chopping block, depending on his performances when it comes to UFC 22. When it comes to the first-half of these shows, no big surprises. I was expecting Coleman to defend against Shamrock as well as Belfort, Frank Shamrock becoming our first LHW Champion was a near guarantee also. From UFC 16 to UFC 20 a lot happened that I didn't see coming. Couture and Liddell won their titles very early into their careers. I am also shocked that Mark Kerr and Frank Shamrock lost to them. Tito Ortiz beating Wanderlei Silva is a huge upset too. But in terms of our champions I can't have complaints. Coleman and Couture are legends of the Heavyweight division in real life while for the Light Heavyweight division, Shamrock and Liddell are former champions. Mark Kerr is someone who could have probably been champion in his career, he won two Heavyweight tournaments in real life. In-game he's still in his late 20s so there is a lot of time for him to maybe win a second belt, the fact he won the tournament at UFC 20 tells me he's still great. Thanks for reading, it's appreciated. Next update will be over the weekend.
  20. Personally I think this will be a good show for AEW. I can’t wait to see Omega vs Danielson tonight. Should be a good one and I wonder who’s CM punk is gonna fight next since he just fought Darby Allin at All out. I think Britt baker has an easy defense tonight and will retain the AEW women’s title. Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes is also gonna be a good one on tonight. Can’t wait to see that one too. I really don’t know about the MJF match but we will see lol. But yeah that’s my predictions no one cares about FTR they probably will lose anyway
  21. * Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes * Brian Pillman Jr. vs. MJF * AEW World Champion Kenny Omega with Don Callis vs. Bryan Danielson (Non-Title Match) * CM Punk live interview * Britt Baker (c) with Rebel vs. Ruby Soho (AEW Women’s World Championship) * Sting and Darby Allin vs. FTR with Tully Blanchard
  22. IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW) 🤘Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club) vs Kenta (Bullet Club)🤘 KOPW2021 Holder Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Great O-Khan (United Empire) Bonus Match: Yuji Nagata (NJPW) vs Tanga Loa (Bullet Club)
  23. G1 Climax 31: Day Three Matchcard: IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW) 🤘Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club) vs Kenta (Bullet Club)🤘 KOPW2021 Holder Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Great O-Khan (United Empire) Bonus Match: Yuji Nagata (NJPW) vs Tanga Loa (Bullet Club) My predictions: Takagi, Ibushi, Takahashi, O-Khan, Loa.
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