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  2. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - JANUARY TOP FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY INTRODUCING THE NEW MINOR TV SHOW - THRUST P.S THANKS TO ARIUS FOR THE TV LOGO! (HASNT YET CHANGED UNDER SHOW HISTORY) WEEK 1: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 1: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) CHANGE OF FRANCHISE PLAYERS WEEK 2: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: USA PPV WEEK 3: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 3: FUSION TV WEEK 3: JAPAN PPV WEEK 4: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 4: FUSION END OF JANUARY FRANCHISE PLAYERS FINANCE END OF JANUARY MEDICAL END OF JANUARY POPULARITY PROGRESS END OF JANUARY TAG TEAM OWNER GOAL - CURRENT EXPERIENCE END OF JANUARY 80 POP OWNER GOAL PROGRESS AT END OF JANUARY NOTES: - On Track to Reach 35 popularity in Kanto by April. (Currently 32) - Random Team for Owner Goal Currently at 12 Experience. - Owner Goal to Reach 80 Popularity Progressing well with Matt Striker Gaining 8-9 Popularity in All USA Regions. (Currently at 49-50 Pop) - Shane Douglas Went to Rehab Due to Shawn Michaels Entering the Company. (Have a Strong Dislike Towards Eachother) - Arnold To Come Back From Rehab in 12 Days. - Gained 2 Million Dollars In January - Gained 1 Popularity in the USA - Minor Show (Thrust) Begun In January. - Rey Mysterio & Shawn Michaels Joined the Company Whilst Macho Man Randy Savage & Chris Benoit Started New Ventures.
  3. Smith

    NXT Championship Discussion

    With Ciampa, Gargano, Black & Ricochet seemingly moving up to the main roster, it shouldn’t be a surprise if Ciampa loses the NXT title soon, most likely at the TakeOver on WrestleMania weekend, like Gargano lost his NA title to Dream. If I had to guess who he is going to lose it to, I’d say it will be Adam Cole as four of NXT’s big six are moving up and the only two remaining are Cole and Dream. Therefore, because Dream already has the NA title, I don’t see any other option better than Cole. The only other guy I could see taking the title off Ciampa is Riddle but it’s still a bit early for him in my opinion.
  4. FDS

    NXT Discussion: February 20th, 2019

    Cool to see them go with Dream over Gargano, I feel like this opens up many new feuds within NXT and I can't wait to see what they do with the NXT NA Storylines going forward and I'm gonna go ahead and shockingly say that we'll be getting Gargano VS Ciampa one more time
  6. SilkySlimer

    Silkys Road to Wrestlemania WWE TEW2016

    WRESTLEMANIA GOES HOLYWOOD The Rock made his surprise return to the WWE at Summerslam during a special edition of Miz TV. Ever since The Miz has consistently called out The Rock without reply. With The Rock not showing up in the WWE, it was Roman Reigns who defended the honour of his family member. Numerous battles later with the Uso's and Reigns, The Miz was eliminated from the Royal Rumble AND the Elimination Chamber by Roman Reigns. After a vicious attack on Smackdown, it was The Rock who finally made his return to defend the honour of Reigns. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns would suffer a serious injury at the hands of The Miz so the Rock laid down the challenge. At Wrestlemania 36 live from Hollywood, California, the so called A-Lister The Miz meets a bonafide A-Lister and the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment, The Rock.
  7. Julius

    NXT Discussion: February 20th, 2019

    Really happy to see The Velveteen Dream come away with his first Championship in WWE after beating Gargano to win the North American Championship. The match itself was absolutely brilliant and both men really left everything they possibly could out there in the ring. Other than that the show was alright. I enjoyed the Black vs Strong match but I am not too thrilled about a Ricochet and Black vs Undisputed Era feud, there isn't a real need for it
  8. Agreed, I would love more things to be added. Narratives we can't add though.
  9. Just wanted to make this for Brenden because we need more things you can get when if you do a sub or if you donate 500 bits like getting a extra narrative put in.
  10. Snoopy Goose

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    Goose decide to get a big tattoo on his chest saying BOOK ME! Will his chances of getting book increase or will this make him the biggest fool in TPW?
  11. Cuttzz

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Name: Rubén Martínez Jr. Born: March, 1994 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Nationality: American Status: USA Style: Luchadore Body Type: Toned Size: Middleweight Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: Light Heavyweight Move Set: Flying Elbow Drop Face Gimmick: Fun Babyface Heel Gimmick: Latino Thug Mask: No Mask Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler Bio: Ruben is a Hispanic wrestler from Portland, Oregon. He he been a fan have wrestling for basically his entire life since his father, Ruben Sr. has been a legend in Mexico. He has been wrestling in Mexico gaining experience and truly learning the Lucha style. He has since returned to the United States looking for more work as his outsider thug gimmick in Mexico had been well received by everyone in Mexico and hopes that will be the same result in the US. Picture: Long hair Eddie Guerrero
  12. Stereoermine26

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Name: Ellie Luthor Gender: Female Nationality: Italian White Body size: toned small Minimum body size: small Maximum body size: small Wrestling style: Cruiserweight Finisher: shooting star elbow drop Face gimmick: realistic Heel gimmick: crazy Bio: growing up with her brother Corey Lyn was a tough time for the young girl as she was abused physically by her biological mother until the age of 15 when her brother came back to get her and take her on the road with him while he wrestled. She eventually dropped out of college to train to become a wrestler alongside her brother and hopes to become just as good as Corey Lyn.
  13. Youngkobeee

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Born September 19th 1996 Set to debut next available Gender male Race white Nationality idc Based in Canada Active wrestler Style high flyer Size cruiserweight Minimum and maximum size light heavyweight Moves death Valley bomb, Running knee, shooting star press Face gimmick Daniel Bryan type Heel gimmick don't give a damn about the fans or anyone that's not me Mask no Hair yes Favoured role wrestler Name Max Novak
  14. slickjonny

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Name: Buck Tu Born: 7 September 1995 Set to debut: March 2019 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Australian Based in: USA Status: Active Wrestler Style: Luchador Body Type: Toned Size: Lightweight Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Turnbuckle Tornado DDT, Springboard Missile Dropkick, Second Rope Uppercut Face Gimmick: Underdog Heel Gimmick: Forced Heel Mask: Weak Hair: New Favoured Role: Wrestler Character image:
  15. Mave Deltzer

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Name: Mave Deltzer Born: August 24, 2001 Set to debut: Next Available Gender: Male Race: Black Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Hammerlock Brainbuster, Cobra Clutch Powerbomb Face Gimmick: Something Cocky Heel Gimmick: Something Cocky Mask: No Hair: Yes Favored Role: Wrestler
  16. Born: 31, May, 1997 Set to debut: Next available Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Greek (If not in there it's Eastern European) Based in: USA, Europe Active Wrestler Style: MMA Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: "NtaBoom" Powerbomb, "Facesplitter" Crossface Chickenwing Face Gimmick: Something Cocky Heel Gimmick: Something Cocky Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler, Manager
  17. Yesterday
  18. owendalton


    Jack Bishop is backstage about to leave, looking disappointed, when a reporter runs up behind him. ”Um, Mr. Bishop, any thoughts on what just went down within the NXT division?” Jack, has his hand on his car door, when all of a sudden he whips around, now that you can see his face, clearly fuming. ” You know what, I do have some thoughts. What happened to the integrity of this division, huh? What happened was incredibly, well, stupid. When I came into this division I was proud, of being a part of this division, and now I couldn’t be more ashamed of it. This division we have now is way too chaotic, no order. Alex, while I respect you, you’ve allowed this division to grow into the mess that it’s in. You need to whip this division into shape. Or, well, The New Bloods might be forced to.” Hans and Wall now catch up to him, and they leave the arena together.
  19. ArrowFreakingRollins

    My Universe Mode storylines

    what a night at summerslam
  20. ArrowFreakingRollins

    My Universe Mode storylines

    Summerslam results Bayley beats Ember Moon to retain the raw women's championship, Askua beats Lana to retain the smackdown live women's championship, Seth Rollins beats Drew to retain the IC championship, Jeff Hardy and Johnny Gargano beat the usos to retain the smackdown live tag team championships, Kofi beats Soma Joe to retain the wwe championship, and Finn Balor beats Triple H to retain the UC championship
  21. I Can't Odd

    NXT Discussion: February 20th, 2019

    I'm excited for the title match tonight, it should be great. I'm interested in the result as I remember there was some confusion around the taping but I didn't see.
  22. ArrowFreakingRollins

    My Universe Mode storylines

    Mibt results Askua beats Becky Lynch to become the new smackdown women's champion Shelton Benjamin beats Sin Cara, Nakmura beats Ali, Kofi beats Joe to retain the wwe title, Charlotte Flair wins the women's money in the bank, Aj Styles wins the men's money in the bank that's all for money in the bank come back for the biggest party of the summer witch is gonna be summerslammm
  23. I Can't Odd

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it's alright but all 3 games feel a bit samey. Also been going back to play some BO2 since it's still active.
  24. January Results Franchise Players: Week 1: (No minor show in week 1) Franchise Players in week 2 and end of the month Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Importance, Pop Progress, Medical, Finances: Owner Goal Progress: Japan Popularity i need 2 more for Tohoku or 3 for Kanto The Hearlanders have neutral chemistry which i guess is all right... Trying to drop down Tenzan from my franchise players so that he can have more tag matches
  25. Echo Wilson

    Post Match Comments

    {Echo looks FD up and down, the Punisher is fuming, his veins popping out of his neck. He is about one word away from slicing a man in half with his butter knife. Echo pats his Global Title before speaking.} "Take a chill pill psycho. Look, I already know what you're screaming about. Necce, that little self centered prick. Nothing but garbage to the both of us. But here's what I'm saying. You were honored tonight. No matter how much of a beat down we received, you were treasured...by me. Now I don't just give anybody a hand shake, in fact, I despise most people I come across. When I see people, like you, I feel ashamed to be around you but something, something strange came over me. I was filled with a overwhelming feeling of content and of respect. You lost cleanly but that didn't stop you. I respect a man who admits that they are second rate and that's what you've done. Try again and again the result will be the same, but first we have other and more important business to attend to. Usually, my skill is enough to overcome any problem, but Necce, Necce has bad blood with both of us. And the last thing that I am is cruel, I will not deny you a chance at revenge against Necce. You want it just as much as me. So before we get into an unnecessary brawl, here me out. We have a common enemy, and as the saying goes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Do you catch my drift?" {Echo looks at FD to see if he understand. He nods and smiles a bit as an understanding starts to be reached.} "This goes out to you then Necce. If I'm going the road alone, or whether I have backup behind me...I want you to know. There is no place you can hide, no room you can run to, no hideaway you will feel safe. You will not become the Global Champion again, you will not accomplish anything again. You walked away from the business and all of the perks that came with it. I happened to capitalize off of your misjudgment but trust in this Necce, it will not be a seamless transition for you. I cannot confidently bet on you Necce, but if I was a betting man, I would bet on Echo Wilson. The man who is going to become The UNDISPUTED BRAND CHAMPION. The man who will dethrone two of the most storied, two of the most decorated brand champions in history." "So FDS, you have a decision to make I believe. Choose wisely, there's me and then there's the rest. You know Necce want's nothing from you but to get to me. Let's stack the odds in our favor. Sleep on it. You might come to regret what you choose if you don't choose well." {Echo Wilson, smirks. He pats the reporter on the shoulder and then pats his Global Title. The proposal is there for FDS, will he take it to heart? Or will he choose to walk alone once again?
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