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  2. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Looking forward to it.
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  5. BPZ RolePlay

    You start off as BPZs hottest signee for the NXT brand. Telling people to run and causing mayhem and destruction every you go. Your first target is: A. JoshNow B. Storm C. Slim
  6. BPZ RolePlay

    You face storm and destory him the entire match. You win with a: A. Powerslam B. World Strongest Slam C. Chokeslam
  7. BPZ RolePlay

    You start off as BPZs hottest signee for the NXT brand. Telling people to run and causing mayhem and destruction every you go. Your first target is: A. JoshNow B. Akki C. Slim
  8. BPZ RolePlay

    You start off as BPZs hottest signee for the NXT brand. Telling people to run and causing mayhem and destruction every you go. Your first target is: A. Julius B. Storm C. Slim
  9. Rivalry Game (Forums Edition)

    Slim vs Flynn
  10. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Story- 7 Quality- 6
  11. Rate The User Above.

  12. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    This looks really good so far. I like the banner and logo along with the description. I'll be sure to read on as i see this TEW being fun to read!
  13. WWE United Kingdom Championship Discussion

    Pete Dunne has done really well with the UK Championship putting on very good matches with people like, Roderick Strong, Johnny Gargano and of course Tyler Bate. I would however like there to be a real rivalry of the title as there really hasn't been one. Overall Pete Dunne has been a good champion but it's about time they featured it heavily on NXT TV and had a good feud surrounding it. He definitely has a good future ahead of him
  14. Here is a place to discuss the current champion, what you think of him, how you view the WWE United Kingdom Championship and if you like the rivalry currently happening over it. First Champion: Tyler Bate Most Reigns: All Titleholders (1) Longest Reign: Pete Dunne (273+ days) Shortest Reign: Tyler Bate (125 days) Current Champion: Pete Dunne Former Champion: Tyler Bate Won At: NXT Takeover: Chicago Next Challenger(s): N/A
  15. NXT Holding Tryouts For Several Names

    Yeah true, I remember when Reigns was called Leakee. I could see Jarek being a main event star as well not gonna lie. Also cause of this I watched a few more Austin Theory matches, he is very talented.
  16. Smith's Graphics

    I would like an Kenny Omega avi and sig if you don't mind my dude
  17. Smith's Graphics

  18. Kicking off Carnage is JoshsNow whom is staring at a clip as John Trenton approaches him. The clip is GeorgeAK's return promo John: Josh, what are your thoughts on this Josh: I'll be honest, I'm surprised. I thought the attack would render him unable for Mania but instead he is fit for Mania and only has minor brain damage. Anyway, what's all this about Yukanda and inserting. I think the doctors need to insert some more morphine into him. John: Ok, well that addresses the situation of George. So is the Mania Match on? Josh: As of now, yes. John: My next topic then, the Intercontinental Championship. FDS won after beating you and Slim. Do you plan on challenging for that belt at Mania. Josh: FDS bested me and I can't deny that. At Mania I will prove myself by beating George. Then FD, or whomever holds the belt, will face me in a duel and will fall down to the Gentlemen. John: Now upcoming is the Bragging Rights PPV. I have checked the match card and you aren't on it. Josh: No, that must be a mistake. I was told I was on Team Carnage by Bailey. Surely Bailey wouldn't kick me off the team Josh looks distressed as Flynn walks past, holding his belt. Josh beckons him over. Josh: Flynn, why am I not on Team Carnage. I am one of the biggest stars Flynn laughs and then realises Josh is being serious Flynn: Josh no offence, but when was the last time you won a singles match Josh: September Flynn: Exactly. You've got too big of an ego. When was the last time you won a blowoff match. You had 10 partners turn on you last year or something. You haven't proved yourself yet. Sorry kid Flynn walks off, leaving Josh in anger as he stares at Trenton Trenton: No more questions Trenton walks off as Carnage goes to commercial break, leaving JoshsNow looking depressed
  19. Smith's Graphics

    Noam Dar titantron for Summer
  20. Trish Stratus purchases the rights to Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling! Following the success of Netflix series GLOW, it was only inevitable that the former wrestling promotion would be revived and now that has happened. Announced on www.trishstratus.com, the former seven time WWE Women's Champion stated that she has successfully purchased the rights to the eighties promotion from Ursula Hayden. Referencing the current women's revolution thriving throughout the business, most notably in the company she made her name within, she stated she wishes to continue that momentum through Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting, whilst remaining to the originality that made the women's promotion a success in the time that it lasted. Names such as Angel Williams and Courtney Rush, known to most as Angelina Love and Rosemary respectively, are being heavily rumoured to have signed pay-per-appearance deals with the promotion. Running out of Ontario, Canada, news on more signings, as well as the inaugural event under Stratus' reign, should be expected in the days to come.
  21. https://mobile.twitter.com/WWE/status/965635701877432320
  22. Smith vs FDS - Deathmatch

    As the crowd sits in anticipation for tonight's main event, the excitement is overcast by a sudden infection of darkness as the lights cut out. Then, the lights explode with a frenzy of flashing black and white beams shining around the arena. They continue flickering until they all focus on one spotlight, shining down on Smith on the stage. His routine towel draped over his bowed head is hiding his face but the lights catch the gloss of the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and one-half of the BPZ Tag Team Championships on his shoulders. Smith slowly, step-by-step, creeps to the ring with the spotlight following him all the way down. He reaches ringside and freezes, glaring across the ring. Then, Smith suddenly dashes into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and into the center of the ring where he stops with one knee planted on the mat. He rests his head on his hand that's situated on his lifted knee. He then gently ascends to standing on both feet before abruptly ripping the towel off his head. As he does so, the lights return, exposing Smith and the blackheart painted on his chest, attached to veins running all around his body, as well as the tape applied to his injured arm. As Smith stands in the ring, staring deeply up the ramp as he awaits FD, the lights go out and the notorious theme of FDS, "We Are", hits the PA system. The plucking of the guitar is shortly met. They pedal together until a spotlight breaks the darkness and unveils FDS stood on the stage with a customized blood-stained white steel chair. He peers across the crowd, looks down at the steel chair in his hand with a smile and then looks back to the crowd, flipping them off. He then glares at Smith in the ring before beginning to laugh at him. FDS then begins to make his way to the ring, unbuttoning his usual white coat as he does so. He climbs the apron and opens his coat out fully, once again revealing his newest shirt that reads 'Cleanse your Sins'. FDS then enters the ring and comes up close to Smith as now, the 'FD you're a cunt' chants are emphatic. Smith looks past FD to the boisterous crowd before running to the ropes and holding his hand high. The crowd then switch their chant from 'FD you're a cunt' to the classic 'Smith' chant established during his run in 2015. As the crowd dies down, both men go to their respective corner. Smith stares across the ring at FDS with intent whilst FDS swings his personalized weapon around with a smirk on his face. The referee signals for the bell but the two rivals remain in their corners, staring into each other's soul until all of a sudden, they both charge at each other simultaneously. FDS, still holding his special chair, swings the steel at Smith's head but Smith baseball slides through the legs of FDS. FDS turns around but is caught with an elbow, followed by a harrowing bicycle knee. Smith then heads to the ropes to build momentum but as he comes back at FDS, FDS completely flattens him with a thunderous chair shot to the skull. Smith stays on the floor, holding his head in pain, as FDS stands tall over him, laughing at his opponent. FDS then begins to just stomp on the head of Smith whilst he struggles to his feet. Smith suddenly catches the leg of FDS and gets to his feet. He stares right through FDS before hooking the leg for a superb capture suplex. Both men quickly get back on their feet. They meet in the middle of the ring where FDS blocks Smith's knee attempt. Then, Smith dodges FDS' dropkick attempt. As FDS gets back to his feet, Smith goes for an open palm strike with his injured arm but FDS catches it and majestically applies a cross armbreaker! FDS has an armbreaker locked in on the injured arm of Smith! Smith struggles, trying to find the ropes but is too far away. He begins trying to fight his way out, punching FDS repeatedly. FDS eventually releases the hold, rolling back onto his feet. He sees Smith struggling to get back to his feet and darts over. He attempts a swinging neckbreaker on Smith but Smith is able to escape. Smith goes for another bicycle knee but FDS moves out the way and then connects with a backstabber! With Smith down, FDS returns to his chair. He picks it up, brings it over to Smith and then sets it up. He stomps on the arm of Smith a few times before placing it on the chair. FDS then heads to the top rope... DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON SMITH'S ARM IN THE CHAIR! Smith begins to roll about in a frenzy of pain, screaming as he grips his arm. He rolls to the apron as FDS chuckles, impressed by the damage he has inflicted. Two medical staff come to help Smith at ringside but Smith refuses their help, even pushing one of them onto the floor. On the outside now, Smith turns back to the ring to see FDS darting at him. FDS goes for a suicide dive but out of instinct, Smith catches him with an elbow! FDS lifelessly drops onto the outside. However, Smith is hurt too as he used his already injured arm to strike FDS without realizing. Smith crawls towards the apron and uses it to climb back to his feet. He throws himself into the ring and collects himself there. Meanwhile, FDS is recovering on the outside. Once recovered, FDS goes under the ring and collects a table! He picks it up but as he looks back into the ring, he sees Smith sprinting at him. This time, it's Smith going for the dive to the outside... TOPE CON HILO ONTO FDS HOLDING THE TABLE! Both men are laid out for a while but it's Smith who gets to his feet first. He lifts up the table that FDS collected. He looks around the crowd and holds the table up above his head, instigating a massive cheer from the crowd. Smith then sets up the table at ringside whilst FDS clambers on the apron to try help himself recuperate. However, Smith climbs onto the apron with FDS and grabs him by the head. He looks down at the table and back at FDS... No! FDS fights back with a massive headbutt. Both men are stunned. FDS then goes for a clobbering blow to the back of Smith's head but Smith ducks it and hooks both arms of FDS... DRAGON SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! The two fighters lay flat until finally, Smith begins to move. He looks under the ring and retrieves a black sack. He carries the sack into the ring and swings it about with a sick look on his face before pouring the contents onto the mat. Out of the sack falls light tubes, panes of glass and thumbtacks. Just in time, FDS gets up on the outside and looks at Smith's collection of weapons. Smith stares at FDS and tells him to come get some. FDS doesn't hesitate and runs straight into the ring. The two become infused into an all-out brawl. Blow after blow, these two tear each other apart until they can go no longer. They tire down and stop. They then clash heads and start going at it again! They pummel each other until they fall down to their knees. Smith sluggishly headbutts FDS. FDS almost collapses completely but then all of a sudden grabs a light tubes and smashes it on the head of Smith, cutting him open. Blood begins to ooze out of Smith's head. He looks as though he's going to pass out whilst FDS maniacally laughs at his bleeding opponent. FDS lethargically climbs to his feet. With Smith still almost unconscious on his knees, FDS superkicks his damn head off! Smith's barren body crumbles onto the mat. FDS goes for the pinfall but as the referee comes down for the three count, FDS lifts Smith's shoulders off of the canvas and once again lets off a maniacal laugh. He stands up and heads to the outside where he searches under the ring. He pulls out some sort of sleeve with thumbtacks pressed into it. FDS slithers back into the ring. He puts on the sleeve whilst staring down at the lifeless body of Smith. He grabs Smith by his arm, lifts him up in the ripcord and goes for the Bloody Rainmaker with the sleeve on! No! Somehow, Smith blocks it by kicking the arm of FDS! Smith then follows up by connecting with a roundhouse kick! FDS falls to his knees. Now, Smith grabs the arm of FDS with the sleeve on. He stomps on FDS' head a few times before disarming FDS of the deadly sleeve. Then, Smith puts the sleeve on his leg, over his knee! He taunts with a cutthroat... KNEE TO THE HEAD OF FDS WITH THE THUMBTACK SLEEVE ON! Now, it's FDS who begins to bleed from the head! Blood can be seen dripping out of each individual hole made by the collection of thumbtacks! FDS slowly drops from his knees onto his back as Smith falls into the cover... One... Two... Thre- No! FDS gets his shoulder up at the last second! Smith sits up and looks over his shoulder at the laid out FDS who somehow was able to kick out. Both men look absolutely exhausted but a sense of drive and passion is still emitted from each warrior. Smith begins to look about, figuring out his next move. His eye is caught by the timekeeper at ringside. Smith crawls over to the apron and rolls out onto his feet. He stumbles over to the timekeeper and takes his chair, throwing it in the ring. He then goes back and takes two more chairs, throwing them in the ring as well. Smith goes back for more weapons but as he's looking, FDS comes from behind and blasts him. FDS then relentlessly beats Smith down until he's not moving. FDS then returns to the damaged arm of Smith that he was aiming at earlier in the match. He grabs the injured arm and brings it over to the stairs at ringside. He twists Smith's arm and positions it awkwardly on the stairs. Holding Smith's arm in place, FDS climbs up the stairs and then viciously stamps on the arm of Smith! Smith grips his arm and begins rolling around on the floor. He leans against the barricade, breathing extremely heavily, with a tight grip on his arm. Meanwhile, FDS is setting something up. He clears the announce table and sets up the steel stairs in front of them. Then, FDS goes back to Smith and grabs his arm once again. He pulls Smith over to the steps and once again, wrenches Smith's arm into a dangerous angle and places it on the steel. With Smith's arm on the steps and him too tired to move it, FDS climbs onto the table... FDS jumps off the table to stomp on the arm of Smith with even more impact but Smith just about gets his arm away in time. FDS almost trips but is able to catch his balance. He turns back to the steps where Smith is as Smith launches off the steps and goes for a flying knee on FDS. However, FDS moves out of the way but Smith comes straight back for him. Smith sprints at FDS but runs right into the grip of FDS. FDS catches him in a spinebuster, pushes off the stairs and then slams Smith through the announce table! Both men lie lifeless but eventually, FDS is able to crawl to the apron. He climbs to one knee and looks back at Smith, who is now on his hands and knees. FDS rolls into the ring and goes straight for his customized chair. As Smith stands up at ringside, FDS smacks his chair against the mat and screams at Smith to get in the ring. Smith glares at FDS before suddenly dashing into the ring. FDS swings for Smith but Smith dives into a kip up to dodge it. Smith then quickly picks up one of the chairs he threw into the ring earlier. FDS and Smith run at each other with chairs in hand and they both brutally blast each other's bloody skulls in with their chairs. Smith stumbles backward and falls into the corner. He is sat down with his chair statured in front of him while FDS is still stood, leaning in the opposite corner. FDS looks up from the mat and sees Smith directly in front of him. With a sudden surge of energy, FDS rushes at Smith and connects with a double knee strike through the chair! Smith lifelessly topples out of the corner and FDS takes advantage, going for the pin. One... Two... Thre- No! It's Smith who kicks out this time! A flood of anger swells in the face of FDS as he now just lays into Smith. He begins with straight fists, stops for a second and then returns with a series of knees to the skull! FDS then stands up and begins to mess around with the weapons Smith brought into the ring. He places two chairs next to each other, facing each other, and then places a glass pane across them both. He drags the barren body of Smith to the chairs and lifts him onto the contraption. FDS then looks to the top rope and begins to climb it, facing away from Smith. All of a sudden, Smith bursts onto his feet. He runs up the ropes behind FDS and grabs his arms. He crosses the arms of FDS in a straight jacket waistlock... 8TH SIN OFF THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE GLASS PANE AND ONTO THE CHAIRS! Both men lay, bleeding even more now as glass, thumbtacks, and chairs cover the ring. Smith looks up at the motionless body of FDS. Bit-by-bit, Smith desperately crawls over the FDS. He eventually gets to FDS and throws his arm over his chest for the cover... One... Two... Three! SMITH GETS THE PIN! IT'S ALL OVER! SMITH BESTED FDS IN A DEATHMATCH! Both men remain laid out until the referee comes over to Smith and helps him to his feet. Once on his feet, Smith is handed his two championships. He puts all his effort into raising them. Smith then looks back and sees FDS on his knees with blood still pouring out his head. Smith stands in front of FDS and drops to his knees. He stares at FDS until FDS looks back at him. All of a sudden, the two of them put their heads together as they both nod as a sign of respect. Smith leans back, pats FDS on the shoulder and then climbs back to his feet. He finishes his celebration and then the lights go out. When they come back, all that's left is FDS sat in a bloody mess.
  23. Joshua Scott makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of boos, the fans completely despise him. Josh points into the audience as if to point out his one and only fan as he walks down to the ring but the person he points to boos him as well but Josh still smiles on his way to the ring. Josh then enters the ring and awaits his opponents to come out for the intercontinental championship match. The Lights go out, the boos already begin, the spotlight then follows FDS who stands at the top of the stage and then flips off the crowd before walking down to the ring. FDS then walks down to the ring and enters removing his jacket as the fans continue to boo him and after his theme they chant “Fuck you FD” at him. Slim’s theme plays as the fans await the arrival of the Intercontinental and Premium Champion. His theme echoes through the building but the fans still haven’t seen him enter. A camera then shows Slim taken out just before the entrance way with the Intercontinental championship being picked up by Necce. Necce then walks out and throws the Intercontinental championship into the ring, the ref picks it up and shrugs it off and then raises the Intercontinental Championship as the match begins. The bell sounds and right out of the ring FDS nails Josh with a massive running knee strike! Josh is completely rocked, He gets back to his feet but FDS grabs him from behind and then nails him with a Back Suplex! FDS then taunting Josh, just telling him to get up. Josh gets back up and FDS then just kicks him in the back, Josh then gets up and then he tries to chop FDS but FDS catches the chop then headbutts Josh and Josh just hits the mat. FDS just not taking Josh seriously at all, FDS then grabs the arm of Josh, he pulls Josh up by the arm and then stomps his head back down to the mat. FDS then picks up Josh and then nails him with a lifting DDT. FDS then goes to the top rope and he nails Josh with a diving Double foot stomp! FDS covers Josh but Josh Finds the strength to kick out at 2. FDS then gets Josh up and he throws him into the ropes but Josh just falls out of the ring. FDS just looks at Necce who’s sitting in a chair on the outside and FDS just says to him “can you believe this shit?”. FDS then looks like he’s about to go for a suicide dive but just as he’s about to he slides out of the ring and throws Josh back into the ring. FDS then gets Josh up in the middle of the ring in position and he nails him with a spinning tombstone piledriver! Josh is down but FDS isn’t done he gets him back to his feet and then he sets him up in position and then nails him with the Go Home Driver! FDS covers Josh but Josh somehow again Kicks out at 2! FDS just laughs and then just gets Josh up again this time for the rainmaker but Josh manages to slip out of it and then nails FDS with a german suplex. FDS rocked he heads into the corner and then Josh catches him with the Gentlemen's Dropkick! FDS comes out of the corner and Josh then springboards up onto the middle rope and then nails FDS with the Josh Cutter! Josh gets the Cover but FDS kicks out at 2! Josh now goes to the top goes for the frog splash but FDS gets the knees up as Josh comes down! Josh then moves over to the corner in pain, FDS gets back up and then he nails Josh with a corner knee strike to the back of the head! Josh is completely Rocked, FDS Pulls him by the arm out of the corner and then he sets him up and nails him with the Blood Rainmaker! FDS is about to go for the cover on Josh but then suddenly he spots something, the camera pans over and Slim is limping to the ring, FDS is just laughing as Slim slides into the ring but FDS just starts stomping on him as he slides into the ring, FDS then pulls Slim up and throws him into the ropes, FDS goes for a dropkick but Slim holds onto the ropes, FDS gets back up but instead of going after Slim he just tells Slim to bring it, Slim then charges at FDS going for a clothesline but FDS ducks it, Slim turns around into a dropkick from FDS! Slim rocked sent into the ropes and he rebounds into Spin Kick from FDS! Slim’s rocked and FDS grabs him and then nails him with a Fisherman’s Buster! FDS gets back up but he doesn’t see Josh who grabs him from behind and nails him with a Skull Crushing Finale! Josh Covers FDS but FDS up at 2! Josh now gets up and he Calls for a Spear on FDS, FDS Back to his Feet, Josh goes for a spear but FDS counters it and catches Josh in a crossface! FDS trying to get Josh to tap out but Slim comes in and breaks it up! Slim now grabs Josh and picks him up and he then takes him right down with Skull Shatter! Cover by Slim but FDS grabs him and pulls him off by the trunks, then underhooks both arms and Nails him with a Dragon Suplex! FDS Not letting go though gets Slim back up and nails him with a German Suplex! Slim now in the corner and FDS then nails him with a hesitation Dropkick! FDS then pulls Slim out of the corner and gets him up on his shoulders in Fireman’s Carry position and Nails him with the Ushigoroshi! Slim down, FDS then is about to get him up but he sees Josh moving out of the corner of his eye. He grabs Josh first and then Nails him with another Blood Rainmaker! FDS then goes over to Slim and he picks him up and nails him with a Blood Rainmaker! FDS then grabs Josh up and gets him inverted DDT position. FDS then drops him and locks him into Worst Nightmare! FDS then holds him in place Josh isn’t moving, The ref checks on Josh, Slim is crawling trying to break up the hold but The ref calls a stop to the match after Josh fails to respond! FDS Wins the Intercontinental Championship! FDS releases Josh from the hold and then looks at Slim on the ground, FDS smiles at him then flips him off before stomping on him and kicking him out of the ring. The Ref Hands FDS the championship, FDS doesn’t throw it around this time, first he raises it and then puts the 3 up to the camera as Necce watches on applauding FDS. FDS then lowers the IC title and just throws it over his shoulder like Slim used to when he had the title, FDS then walks out of the arena with Necce and the Intercontinental Championship in Tow.
  24. At the load of ticks point, I suggest if you get even one tick after having say ten ticks, they would get banned for three more days. Then if the member does good after a week, a few ticks removed till they either get to zero or add more for bad behavior.
  25. BPZ W/L Record of 2018

    I should be on the list now. 2 wins and 1 loss for this year so far. Better then last year this year is looking great for me between wins and losses so far.
  26. Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 86. Today we are going to preview the King of the Ring pay per view. And by we I mean me and Gary Green. Karico Vs Akki vs Bart: NXT Championship Josh: Bart has been tormenting the Karico Brand for weeks with various partners, and now he fights Karico for his prize, the NXT Championship. Akki also joins the fight, desperate for relevancy. But who will come out on top. I say Bart Green: I agree Josh: Two votes for Bart Prince Vs Ark Vs JoshsNow: United States Championship Josh: Josh promised he wouldn't challenge for US again as long as Ross was Champ. Then he vacated it and now I go for it again. One man though is desperate to stop Josh. The man Josh betrayed Ark Universe. These 2 were set to meet but now they are joined by Prince following his KOTR failure. Who can win? Me Green: Going with Prince Josh: One for me and one for Prince Broken Nate Vs BiC: KOTR Final Josh: A collision course. Both men have succeeded in their respective matches and now they meet. Nate wants revenge on the man who turned on him, Slim whilst BiC is desperate for his moment. Who will win? I say my mentor BiC Green: Going with Nate Josh: 1 for each Slim and Necce Vs Smith and Nate: Tag Team Championships Josh: Nate and Smith shockingly turned on Slim and kicked him out of Pride. Slim needed an ally, and he found one in Necce. Now these 2 teams battle in a war for Tag gold. But will revenge be acted, or will it be another retainment for Pride. Going with Pride Green: Same Josh: Two for Pride Smith Vs FDS: Intercontinental Championship Josh: Every rose has its thorn. And FD has certainly been a thorn in Smith's reign. Desperate to win the gold, FD has often failed but could tonight be his night? Going with Smith Green: I'm going with the man you betrayed FDS. Josh: 1 for Smith and 1 for FD Smith Vs Bashka: Premium Championship Josh: Talking of Pride, two originals meet tonight. Bashka and Smith have history as Bash cashed in his briefcase to ruin Smith's first World Title reign, and Smith has been desperate to exact revenge ever since. Now, who will win, can Smith get retribution or will Bash cement his legacy. Smith Green: Just like how he will lose IC, he will lose this title also. Bashka Josh: 1 for Smith and 1 for Bashka Slim Vs Flynn Josh: The end of a trilogy. Months ago a war began when Slim and Flynn alligned to form a team but it didn't last long. They met in a 5 Star Match at Mania but Slim prevailed and he did the same in a 5.75 star. Flynn wants to win but can he? I say no, Slim will win Green: In agreement, going with Slim Josh: 2 for Slim Slim vs Bizzy Vs Nanovirus vs Ryan Reeves: World Championship Josh: Slim has been unstoppable as champ - wins over Flynn, Nate, Alyx Wilde have proved that but he has beaten one man too many times for his liking and now Nanovirus wants one last go. Joining them are two of Slim's oldest foes. A man Slim turned on to become Evolve GM, a man who's career was almost destroyed - Ryan Reeves. And Slim's oldest foe, a member of the NXT 3 - Bizzy. Will Nano finally do it? Will Bizzy gain a win over his enemy? Can Reeves get revenge. Or does Slim do it again? Slim will win Green: Ryan Reeves Josh: 1 for Reeves and 1 for Slim. Back to the studio BACK TO STUDIO And now for the results. Green got 3 whilst I got 7 meaning I am still host of FAC. Join me tomorrow when we review these matches. Goodnight
  27. Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 12th 2018

    Would love to see more of these reviews Josh
  28. Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 12th 2018

    Raw kicked off with a solid match up between Cena and Miz but it doesn't make sense having Miz lose. Finally having a win for The Revival was good even if it was due to a pre match attack. Kurt Angle had another Ok segment, with Rollins coming across well. There was a great match between Bayley and Sasha and teasing something between them only for Nia to attack built up good heat for Nia. Next match wasnt anything special. The Elias/Strowman segment was good, although they attempted murder of Elias might have been a step too far. Reigns and Sheamus both should've won this match but it was obvious Reigns was going to win. It was nice to see Ivory win and then although Balor and Rollins winning was interesting having them stare off was a bit pointless with nothing occuring Hour 1: 4/5. Match of the Hour: Miz vs Cena. Star of the Hour: Cena. Bought out the best of Miz, even if it did mean "burying" him Hour 2: 4/5. Match of the Hour: Sasha Vs Bayley. Star of the Hour: Seth Rollins. Delivered a strong face promo and told a story. Better than what he has been doing. Hour 3: 4/5 Match of the Hour: Balor Vs Wyatt Vs Hardy Vs Crews Vs Rollins. Star of the Hour: Elias. A quality heel who somehow made a comedy segment with Braun Strowman work. Overall: 4/5. A consistent and great episode of Raw. Match of the Show Balor Vs Wyatt Vs Hardy Vs Crews Vs Rollins. Star of the Show: Seth Rollins
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