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  2. Thelastemperor


    Jason takes a moment to respond by lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag Where shall I begin? Let's talk about the weak link. The worst human being to ever grace my green world, the biggest bitch of bitches, the embodiment of being a pussy, the man who every night as God, I get thousands of prayers that this...boy just drinks a gallon of bleach, Sameer. Sameer is nothing. He is nothing but Brendan's homosexual sex slave. All he does is bend over so Brendan can fuck him in the ass. And to make it worse, the retard only knows a couple words that he says over and over again with a bank uninterested look in his eyes as if he doesn't even know where he is. Jason looks at the camera and begins to mock Sameer Ima beast. Ima beast. Ima beast. Ima beast Jason rolls his eyes as he stops imitating Sameer's voice Sameer, you re no beast. You aren't threatening, you aren't special, you are nothing. You are no better than Brendan's cum rag which he uses everytime he thinks about you. Sameer you should just go play in traffic until you get run over by a semi. Every night your parents regret having birthed you. You are the reason bad things happen in the world. The Holocaust, your fault. 9/11 your faults. Brendan being in charge still even though he does no work whatsoever your fault. And the worst part is that this is basically a handicap match. Sameer, you have no business in being in this match. The only reason you got here is because Brendan did all the work and like the little parasite you are, you are just leeching off him. You are a one brain celled yes man who will do anything Brendan tells him. Now I know that 99% of my words are too big for you to understand Sameer because you never went to school so I actually have a clip that explains how I feel about you. Can we please roll it? Jason and Marker turn their attention to the Titantron where a clip begins to play Oh what?! We all think it whenever Sameer shows up on his days off from sucking Brendan's dick. Speaking of which Jason takes off his sunglasses and takes a drink from his flask Brendanplayz. The Bossman. The drunk with Down Syndrome. The incompetent alcoholic. The idiot who thinks guys like Ross and Bailey are good enough to be GMs. The guy who can't even run this company so he has everyone else do it for him while all he does is drink and not even the good shit. Hey pussy, no real man drinks Miller Lite. Brendan, I know what you're gonna do. You're going to use your power to intimidate the referees and attempted to bend me and Marker over so you can fuck us just like you've done to literally everyone in this company. Brendan, you are the poison that is killing this place and you are too short-sighted to see that. You have let many people slip right through your fingers, some being main event caliber. Guys like Smith for example. Guys like Ginge who left as soon as he came back. Guys like Neb. I could keep going but you get the idea. Brendan, you said something at the start of that irrelevant tournament that caught my attention. And that's that you entered it because no one has told you thank you for signing them. Jason exchanges an amused look with Marker I find that amusing, you sound like a little kid. "No one told me thank you waa waa waa." Shut the fuck up! I don't owe you a damn thing, Marker doesn't owe you a damn thing, Buddy doesn't owe you a damn thing, Necce doesn't owe you a damn thing, Julius doesn't, Echo doesn't, Slim doesn't Bart doesn't, no one here owes you shit excluding Baliey, Ross and Sameer but those three have their lips superglued to your ass and pretty much worship the mediocre ground you walk on. Listen here you dumb motherfucker. I own a ranch that's been in my family longer then you've been alive and it generates more revenue then your little wrestling company. I'm just here so I can ruin this stupid place and considering I've done more in my short career then you have in your entire life, I'd say the plan's going just fine. And I know what you and Sammer are going to say. Right now, you're both on Google looking up tips on how to speak to crowds without shitting yourselves, then you're going to come out. Sammer is going to stand in the corner and utter the only phrase he knows and you're going to do tell me I'm a paper champion, you regret signing me, this that bullshit bullshit bullshit that I'm not even going to pay attention to because I don't give a shit what you have to say. I'll put it in terms even you two simpletons can understand. Whenever The Flock does anything you are witnessing greatness. When we wrestle you are witnessing greatness, when we talk you are witnessing greatness, we could take a piss right now and you'd still be witnessing greatness. So, just so we are clear gentlemen. me and Marker fucking hate you. And Brendan, I have a clip for you too cause I know you hate being left out of things. Take a look Once more Jason's and Marker's attention is drawn to the Titantron We'll be seeing you at December to Dismember. See you ladies there. Until we meet again bitches Jason and Marker soak in the boos from the crowd before getting out of the ring and look att he apron cover with the BPZ logo. They tear it off and Jason grabs some lighter fluid and a match. They douse the cover and then set it ablaze. They both look at the camera Fuck you BPZ! Suck our dicks!
  3. Maddrix2900

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 17th 2018

    You can't change something overnight they might need 3-6 months to fully change but this is a start.WWE has been focusing in the W(World) too much.Their brand expansion is certainly their focus for many years now but they should focus now in the W(Wrestling) and E(Entertainment) side of things.I know sometimes WWE gives us a banger of a match but the part that it lacks is great or decent storylines.A good wrestling match needs a good story to make it engaging for us to watch and enjoy. It also needs a decent or good characters.They also need to lessen their heel/face turns.Give someone a reason on why does he do the things that he not just have someone randomly hate someone for no good reason.
  4. The Marker


    {We start off EVOLVE with the Tag Team Champions MARKER and Jason Ryan. It is confirmed that Big Ballers are going to be taking on The Flock for the titles at DTD, these men doesn't look intimidated by the team of Sameer and Brenden Playz, instead they smile to the audience as they boo them hard.} {The men are in the ring with their microphones, what they have to say about their opponents in a couple of days time.} THE FLOCK IS HERE BABY!!!!!! Now as everybody knows by now, The Flock, the greatest group in the world today is taking on the owner of the company Brenden Playz and Sameer. Now, this right here is probably the biggest of challenge The Flock has ever faced to date and for once I'm excited for a match, an opponent that really tests our skills and I'm talking about Brenden, you see, in my opinion and most other people as well, I don't see Sameer as a threat, I see Sameer as a wash up veteran that comes for time to time to steal other peoples spotlight and I feel everyone else is sick and tired of his moaning while Brenden has to do the work for him, it no wonder why he lost his IC title. {The fans are in shock right now, Marker now has the fans off their seats and he speaks again.} Oh, you didn't know?. Yeah, the owner himself told Sameer to lay down for Bart because he knew that he could one day become the face of the company and he liked Bart because of how good he promos and his ring style is so unnatural, so on that one faithful BPZ Summerslam, your new INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...... BART!. So why is Brenden tagging with Sameer?. Simple, Brenden doesn't need Sameer, Sameer needs Brenden, because can easily do it by himself, I mean why isn't ROA taking on Bizzy and Hollow since they drew?. Easy, Brenden didn't want another tag team facing against his team and us, it would be too much of a hassle so he decide to cut the match and BOOM, our confirmed Tag Team Title match between us and Big Ballers has come to life, so Brenden, Sameer, I don't care if you call us weaklings, I don't care if you have the power and I don't care about your title accomplishments, it all happens here and now and I think that The Flock is gonna win even though the audience doesn't want, it gonna happen. {Marker waits for Jason to respond.}
  5. Zack Leo Zodiac, back at it with Microsoft Edge. I am running out of web browsers to use because they have slow down, does not work and many problems it had.

  6. I honestly don't think that WWE will change that much, but like Brenden said I'll give them some time. I only watched the first parts of RAW as always and what I saw was decent, nothing really different but it did have some moments. Seeing Shane back on RAW was cool as well as seeing Angle, as forced as it was. Honestly, I like what they are doing with Baron, he is the most over heel and if they start giving him wins sometime soon he could be a great heel. Just have him go back to being a low card guy. And I am beyond excited for EC3 and Lars, although I don't see them doing many things in WWE. I do not think Heavy Machinery will do good, not because they aren't good but I just do not think WWE will do many things with them. As well as EC3, I feel like much like Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Bo Dallas, and others WWE will ruin him. And for the two women I don't really know what they will do, good luck to them tho. I'm happy to see Sami is coming back, I think they should have kept his return a surprise and had him return at the Rumble for a huge pop and become a baby face again and they could totally repackage him. I honestly don't know what they will be doing now, they had a lot of potential and Sami has proved he can keep up with the greats and a title win at Mania is something I could see him getting. He could even lose 7 pounds and join the CW division. Other then that, I didn't really take anything from this RAW. Deans new gimmick is amazing and I'm just excited to see what WWE does, not that it'll be much different.
  7. Hello. I may have some problems logging in to Discord in the BrendenPlayz Forums. I was wondering if anyone has the same problems as I. I tried to go in the other servers and they work fine. When I try to log in to the Discord for BrendenPlayz, it would show the messages for about 2-3 seconds and all the messages disappear, while seeing only a black screen in the process. If you have any ideas of how to get back into the servers with no problems, can you let me know when you have the chance? Thanks.
  8. Alex Costa

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 17th 2018

    Decent show, so it's a start. I like the new injection of talent, but keep in mind, I don't think they are all going to Raw. Pretty sure they didn't specify a brand so some might still end up going to Smackdown. I personally think Heavy Machinary, Lars Sullivan (Smackdown needs a Monster) and Nikki Cross would fit Smackdown better than Raw. ECIII could end up on either. And I suppose I would put Lacey Evans on Raw. They are saving Aleister Black for post Wrestlemania it seems. Overall I liked the Ambrose and Rollins seguements which again makes me sad that there match at TLC failed to deliver. Ambrose's match with Breeze was good. Loved the Women's Gauntlet and we finally gonna get Ronda vs Nattie. But I noticed that Nia Jax and Tamina were nowhere to be seen on this show. As for Corbin, honestly he needs to go away for a couple of weeks. People were booing him, but I feel it was more like go away heat, than actual heel heat. Like Drew gets heel heat but that is because people like him as a heel. Lashley and Lio Rush get heel heat because they are good heels. I feel Corbin gets booed because people don't really wanna see him and want him to go away. Edit: Excited Owens and Zayn are coming back. Hope Kevin Owens actually comes back as a Face under some variation of his Prize Fighter gimmick. Zayn can stay as a heel for now though.
  9. BrendenPlayz

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 17th 2018

    Alright so they're promising to do change. Not much changed on RAW this week but I'll give them some time. I mean at least they KNOW that their show sucks. That's a start. Calling people up isn't going to help much. Corbin needs to go, plenty of others can get cut too to make room. No point adding new names when you keep the same tiresome names around too. It just adds a mix. The Wrestlemania Season will be a real test to see how committed they are to trying to make this show watchable.
  10. Arius

    Favorite Christmas Movie

    What are your favourite Christmas films that aren't about Christmas?
  11. Julius01

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 17th 2018

    The announcement was good but the show itself was pretty average to be completely honest, I like the new injection of NXT Talent and the fact that a team such as the Revival is finally getting noticed, but we continues Bobby vs Elias. I really did enjoy the gauntlet match although someone like Banks and Ember Moon would have been a better opponent than Nattie but I'm not complaining. Hopefully heading into the new year RAW can start on a clean slate and put on an entertaining show, this was a step in the right direction, but far away from a rightful resolution
  12. Arius

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 17th 2018

    I did not expect that Shane 's Music would get better pop than HHH's but that is what you get for being around more often i suppose. I'm happy with the announcement though if it's as genuine as it came across. Vince can't do it on his own and the power is shifting little by little to the rest of the family. For the love of god do not axe the brand split! But i don't mind the idea of the whole family being the larger power with GM's on each brand. - Angle looks in much better shape than he did before taking his break. It's good to see and i hope it leads to a retirement run into Mania this year or next because there are a few dream matches i'd like to see that isn't Corbin. Especially with some NXT talent. - Would have been a nice moment if Tyler Breeze won the Intercontinental Championship, i honestly thought it was possible the whole match thinking that Rollins is going to cost him the championship at any moment "HE HAS TO BE NEXT TO THAT RING! DO IT!" but sadly he waited until after that match. Either he has too much respect for competition or he really doesn't like Breeze. Something tells me that Ambrose will get cocky and do the challenge again until he loses it. "You know Gran Metalik was given his mask at birth so his mum would stop crying" "You used that one last week Corey" - I had this thought while watching the match and wondered if anyone had other comparisons to this. With Kalisto he is a former US, Cruiserweight and Tag Team champion but it feels like his career hasn't amounted to much all the same. Has someone in wrestling accomplished a lot as far as championships, wins ect but still doesn't feel like they haven't done anything at all? Anyway i hope that Kalisto has found his footing teaming with Lince and Metalik because he is quite talented. Just shelve the noise makers please. - I'm glad to see The Revival getting the victory tonight. After Rollins called Corbin out on his handling on the team it felt like the door was finally set open for something great and i feel Roode/Gable are a good pair to feud with them over AOP. Though i get a good chuckle because Roode looking at The Revival probably shows glimpses of what Beer Money were in TNA. "We didn't lie to you, folks. We told you we had living, breathing monstrosities." Good NXT call ups. All these NXT stars are talented but there wasn't much for them in NXT, especially EC3 who felt like he was just waiting his time down there since he debuted. Similarly with Lacey Evans but more so that i feel her gimmick is more suited to the main roster than NXT like Elias fared better as a heel on RAW than NXT. At first it seems odd to hype up the incoming debut of Heavy Machinery to either Raw or Smackdown while they are feuding with Undisputed Era potentially over their championships. Either it was a recent decision or maybe their current feud is going to be shorter than expect. Still how can i not be hyped for STEAKS & WEIGHTS!? I think they would be great on the Smackdown brand but could also add credibility to the Raw division. Though i think The Revival, AOP and Lucha House Party deserve some time to shine. Most exciting is the impending return of both Owens and Zayn finally. The Raw's Women''s Division is talent but an one hour gauntlet match? It started off strong but towards the end when you had Natalya holding up the match it started to really drag. I'd like to see other opinions on the match. That being said Mickie James continues to be great in her veteran role and Dana impressed in the short time she had to show how far she has come. Bayley isn't what she used to be though sadly and i worry about what she is going to transition to as she gets older. Can the huger gimmick sustain? - I just want to say how much of a fan Liv Morgan has made me ever since her injury with Nikki Bella. Just the way she handles herself on screen and it showed on the outside tonight. I doubted the Riott Squad as a unite when they debuted but they have proved my doubts wrong since switching brands. Tyler Breeze got a shot, the Revival won and the faces in the midcard are being shown more prominently and positively. It felt like a taste of new but this project needs a run of 3 or 4 weeks before we can see if things really are different. Similar to when Vince ushered in the Attitude Era (not trying to compare it) in that infamous promo video we didn't see it happen overnight. I'm glad they didn't panic and have a bunch of debuts like they did last "shake up".
  13. Julius01

    Proclamation of a King

    A camera turns on showing a room with a huge monitor and a sole chair sitting in the middle of the room. The Camera zooms in on the monitor and slowly fades its point of view. A countdown plays 3..2..1 when a video package is shown highlighting the career achievements of the former King of BPZ Slim. It shows all four of his triumphant World Title Victories, his victory at the Royal Rumble and finally his victory in the Main Event of BPZ Mania 3. The lasting image of Slim holding his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in burnt away and a new package is shown. It highlights Julius’ run in the King of The Ring Tournament before their stare down at the end of King of the Ring. It then cuts to the Main Event of Summerslam where Julius and Slim battled for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. It then shows Bart’s betrayal of Slim and then Julius’ victory before showing Julius standing over Slim’s body raising his World Championship in the air. The screen then cuts out and we resume back to the room where a figure is sitting in the sole chair. He starts to clap before swinging around to face the camera, revealing it to be none other than Julius Quite fantastic isn’t it seeing how dominant you once were, how everyone in this company bowed down at your feet like you were some kind of God. There is no doubt that you were the best thing to ever happen to this company, all the memorable moments, all the amazing matches and with one quick defeat the legend of Slim was erased and the legend of Julius was born. See what separates me from everyone else is my drive, my determination to win at all costs no matter who stands across from me in that ring. I was something you had never encountered before, someone who you knew had the talent and the guts to step up in front of you and spit in your face like you were some ordinary person. You may say you underestimated me at Summerslam, but I know you use that as a way to reassure yourself, to make you think that you are unbeatable when the truth is that I am better than you and you can’t help it For the months since my victory, I have been ignoring you hoping that you would go away but like the pest you are you kept coming back, something I have to applaud you for Slim, your drive to beat me and your determination to take down the one man who you can’t beat. I know that I have been haunting your mind, spurring you on in your crusade to stop the unstoppable, to beat the unbeatable and now Slim I must say that you have succeeded, you have now caught my attention, something that spells danger to both your health and safety. When you appeared last week on Carnage, you came into my show, you invaded my Kingdom and that I will not let go. Ever since I beat you at Summerslam I have been unstoppable, I have taken out every single name that has been thrown in my direction, whether it be Flynn, Angelo Caito and after this Sunday BPZ Hall of Famer Bashka, I have taken this company to great heights in your absence and I will not let you just walk in here like you own the place and threaten to Burn it Down not after everything I have done to build this company into what it is now. I don’t know if you have recognised but since I won the title, people like Flynn, Bailey, Ginge, Angelo, Bashka have all suffered. Since I became the Man a new generation has taken over, Echo Wilson is in the best form of his career, Bart is the Intercontinental Champion and Jason Ryan and the Flock are taking over Evolve. I have inspired the new generation to rise up against the old firm and with your inevitable defeat this Sunday I will put the final nail in the coffin and end the aura, the mystique that is attached to you Slim. This whole redemption story for you Slim, is going to falter at my hands at the event that I made my debut at just one year ago. I will show the world that I am the King of this company when I batter you across the ring, the screams of your pain being heard by millions across the world as I once again have my hand raised in victory. I will put you down Slim, I promised to do it at Summerslam and once again it is time for the Executioner to make good on his promises, mark my words Slim this Sunday at December to Dismember the whole world will pronounce me as the King of BPZ As Julius leaves the room, the monitor turns back on with lasting images of both Julius and Slim holding up the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship
  14. Flynn

    Who Am I?

    The titantron in the arena cuts to a black and white scene. We are live on the BPZ network as “The Fallen King” Flynn’s cold eye stare blankly into the camera. We are only days away from December to Dismember where Flynn will take on the Madman known as Hollow in what is seemingly set to be a brutal battle between two old foes. Flynn most recently targeted Hollow, claiming that he would end the madman and make him “The Fallen King’s“ first victim. Finally, after a long, long silence, Flynn speaks into the camera, his voice dead, showing absolutely no emotion. Hollow is right. You know, for a crazy person, you sure do know your stuff. But maybe that’s why, they say crazy knows crazy. And you seem to completely understand me. I am not the same Flynn. To call myself Flynn IS an insult to who Flynn was. Because Flynn was a proud man, he was a powerful man who defeated all challengers but..... Flynn is Dead now. Necce killed him. You people, your great hero, “The Omega” has perished. In his place, as Hollow said, is “The Fallen King”. So, who am I? Who is the Fallen King. I am the lowest of the low. I am a man who has lost everything. A man who has made the ultimate sacrifice and suffered the ultimate humiliation. I’m a man who has been on top of the world, and kicked all the way back down to the gutter. I am the man who everyone wanted to be, but now they’d rather be anyone else. I was the man who had it all, but now I’m desperate to have anything. So who am I? WHO AM I....... I’m the most dangerous man in BPZ. Hollow, I really do hope you know what you have gotten yourself into. Two years ago in our last one on one encounter we faced off for the Intercontinental Championship. I defeated you in seconds. That was out of mercy. The old Flynn was a merciful man. I am not. I’m going to beat you within an inch of your life. I’m going to make you sane Hollow. I’m going to beat some sense into that dim witted skull. And at the end of it all, I’m going to make you tap out. I’m going to humiliate you like Necce humiliated me. I’m going to humiliate you as well as all of these sheep that cheer you on. Hollow you see me as weak. You think that the New Flynn, is my weakest form to date. You are wrong. I am a combination of the athleticism and skill of the old Flynn, as well as the brutality and desperation of “The Fallen King”. I am at my PEAK. Yet you and all of these sheep see me at my lowest. You laugh at me, you ridicule me and you boo me. Hollow I’m going to Dismember you piece by piece and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. You can all boo me, and you can cheer on that idiot but I promise you, by the end of the match, you will be able to hear a pen drop. The camera cuts out, Flynn’s statement made. A war between to psychopaths heating up as the fans are left to wonder what the new Flynn has in store for Hollow come December to Dismember.
  15. Jessica Goldman

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    Wrestler: Ricky Garcia Ricky's insanity is strong in the ring, wrestlers will need to be careful of the unpredictability that Ricky Garcia possess. Ricky Garcia has no fear, he only contains chaos, even in the dangerous stipulations in professional wrestling.
  16. Angelo Caito

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    **** 1/2 A very technical and fast pace match up for the ages. A gem in BPZ History I must add. Both BiC and Smith were red hot that month and this eighteen plus minute match was the perfect case of what BPZ is all about. Having Smith drop the belt after being the longest reigning Champion of the titles history was a correct choice, especially dropping it to a hard working BiC.
  17. Angelo Caito

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    Seeing how Josh has slowed down on the match ratings, should be a good time to bring this back and rate y'alls matches. Bring them on and see what you get. Also my answer is a honest one.
  18. Storm


    As Josh respectfully offers the respect of Storm, the crowd chants yes, yes, yes. Storm thinks cautiously about the decision and further more shakes the hand of the Gentleman. Josh now smiles in the warmth of Storm having his respect still. Josh turns his back and begins to exit the ring. Before he can fully exit the ring, Storm strikes Josh's legs. He picks him up and throws him to the outside of the ring. He picks him up and sets him on top of the announce table. Storm grabs a chair and strikes josh without any mercy, repeatedly until Josh's breath is gone and then he heads inside the ring. Josh begins to proceed to his feet, but STORM HITS A DEADRIGHTS ON JOSH AND HE GOES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Storm walks over to Josh and laughs at his agony, as we head to commercial break.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Debut: April 13 2014 Born: January 5, 1993 Name: Maasa Gender: Male Skin: White Nationality: Dutch Based: USA Active in Wrestling High Flyer Finisher: Death Star (Skull Crushing Finale) Signature: Obelisk (Frog Splash) Gimmicks: (Heel) Rich Snob (Face) UnderDog Muscular Light heavyweight Max and Min Don’t have a Mask Picture: https://goo.gl/images/kCfV4jd Blonde hair Maasa was born very rich in fact he got all his wrestling gear without a single minute of working but he was always working on his wrestling skills at the gym in his home. His father doubted him so he kicked him out of the house when he was 16, everyday from there on he has been working hard to prove his father wrong. I am Nxinxja on Twitch.
  21. This was a great match by the women with some nice spots in it. Rousey getting involved was an awesome surprise and I'm looking forward to seeing the implications of her actions, though it does seem to be leading to that long rumoured WM main event. It was also nice to see Asuka win the title, she should tear all her challengers apart.
  22. I don't like Ronda much but she is really good and has shown she can make some really unique moments in matches. Hopefully Ronda starts working more matches, I'd like to see her defend against Bayley and Sasha before Mania.
  23. My favorite match of the night easily. Styles and Bryan are two of the best wrestlers in the world and you could see it there. I agree with BiC about Otunga, what an annoying cunt.
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