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  2. I was late the party when i wondered why Billy Ray Cryus was on the hit charts but...it's 2 minutes of addicting music. It gets stuck in your head.
  3. Suprised they are going with Styles vs Rollins so quickly. It makes it fairly obvious that Rollins is winning the match, but we can hope that they have learned from the Styles Nakamura on how to do a face vs face feud. Not a bad episode of RAW, I enjoyed it. Hope they can keep it up.
  4. 2 years on the forums today. Just like many others, I had no idea what I would be in store for when I signed up. It's been a blast. Thank you all for that.

  5. I'm going to choose a more bizarre one and that is Brodus Clay. Brodus initially pitched Mark Henry's fantastic Hall of Pain Gimmick and if Brodus would have had the chance to take that gimmick I think he would have been a high level heel in the company just like Henry was. He had the size, he had the intimidation but instead they made him come out as a dancing fool from Planet Funk with the nickname the Funkasaurus. What could have been
  6. This was one of the more enjoyable RAW's I have watched in recent memory because of how fresh it felt and how different it was to the stagnant filler-filled show of the last couple of months. I'm definitely a fan of Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles as Rollins first feud as champ because it adds credibility and importance to the Universal Championship. By pitting the two biggest names on the roster against each other for the Universal Championship immediately elevates the belt and is much better than a Baron Corbin alternative. Yes it could have been saved for Summerslam but I think this is still a great way to kick off Seth's Universal Championship run This new re-incarnation of Bray Wyatt is absolutely fantastic, it's a sick/twisted friendly character that no doubt looks like Bray came up with himself. There was something about Bray holding a chainsaw and acting like a babyface that was really eerie and that is what was so good about it. It's great to see Bray in a different form because his old gimmick was getting a little stale and this might just be his most sinister form yet Also RIP The Viking Experience (2019-2019)
  7. Today
  8. I am 100% in on Bray Wyatt with his new direction. I am blown away by how hilarious and insanely different this is. What an amazing swerve. This is such a fresh gimmick for WWE that still has the same vein of creepiness Wyatt embodies. Right now the only important note i need to see is how this new versions fights in the ring. This has real potential to be something incredible as long as they don't ruin it. Does anyone think we could see Bo being involved as a "Mailman" type character at one point of the show? So how is this working with the Women's Titles? When Lacey mentioned she looked forward to holding both titles it caught me off guard because i thought she was challenging for the Raw Women's Championship only. Anyway Lacey Evans is growing on me with her character now that she can talk i'm enjoying Becky Two Belts but tonight showed there is something off, Becky can't really work as an underdog anymore. It takes away the aggression and intensity that got her over in the first place. Maybe that can change but i'm not feeling it. “What I’d like to have right now is for all you fat, out-of-shape, Saskatoon slobs to keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show you what a real glorious man is supposed to look like. Now hit the music....” Okay yes Roode looks like Rick Rude but i'm just happy to see the heel Glorious one i've been craving for months and months. A victory tonight over Ricochet sets the tone nicely of hopefully a new age of Roode in WWE. It's odd but tonight with Roode, Cesaro, Alexander and Bray Wyatt. I am twice as excited for this new Raw now than i was last week. Both triple threat matches were fun matches and opening the show with all the potential challengers gathering in the ring was a good way to showcase the core talent of Raw going forward for at least now to Summerslam and it looks good. Though i would've liked to see the newly acquired Cesaro be in that position over Baron Corbin since they are both heel you can't win them all. Cesaro getting the win over the debuting Alexander was nice enough. I'm surprised by some of the negative reactions i've seen online about getting Rollins against AJ Styles "too early". On one hand i understand that they would rather they face at a point down the road where AJ has a chance but with injuries happening frequently now post-Wrestlemania, I think they want to pull the trigger right away rather than wait a couple of months. To think if either guy gets injured, it could delay the match another year. And AJ and Rollins can be done again later in the year if needed.
  9. I’ve been here 3 years and never dared to attempt this but this is my first attempt at a graphic. This is for Blade vs Bailey at Backlash. I know it’s not great but I’d appreciate some feedback on it
  10. Definitely interesting to see these changes especially with the Andrade/Zelina Vega and Aleister Black scenario where FOX wanted a Latino presence. The first choice coming to mind was Rey Mysterio but Maybe now that Smackdown is going to become a flagship show they are entrusting Andrade hopefully leading to a push. The Bar as much as we love them, it was time for them to go their separate ways. Sheamus will be a solid mid-card Heel on Smackdown and expect Cesaro to turn Babyface sooner rather than later to make him a babyface in a very Heel heavy mid-card on RAW. Interesting moves but they make a lot of sense
  11. Wade Barrett. As a Brit it was a massive shame to see him leave
  12. I don’t agree with the Big Show necessarily but The Miz would be brilliant at it. He’s a joy even on guest commentary
  13. Gable + Roode and Black/Ricochet being split up is beneficial but I wa sunset to see The Bar split. Maybe it can mean a singles run for Cesaro.
  14. Match of the Night: Epic v Marker v Eli Smith Shocker of the Night: Arrows attire (It's fantastic) Superstar of the Night: The Enforcer!! aka Epic.
  15. Julius

    Project Exodus

    The Roster is looking very well balanced with a mix of star players and then some veteran shooters to help give good minutes off the bench. The additions of Jamal Crawford, Kyle Korver, JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley are great, all 4 of these men can shoot the ball at an extremely high percentage and have that experience that is going to come in handy when you inevitably make the playoffs. LeBron as the star with Fox as his sideman is a great addition and with the length of Jerami Grant and then the monster presence of Steven Adams, this could be a very scary team to come up against
  16. The Bray Wyatt segment was awesome as hell. Love the direction there going with him. I hope it all goes well. I think Styles already becoming Nunber 1 contender i didn't really like. Just seems forced. I think Drew McIntyre should of been the first number one Contender. Loved The Robert Roode stuff as well
  17. Wolfe having a singles career in NXT UK would be great because he's pretty good as are his SaNity friends. Seeing this Sanity gimmick spread accross three brands is interesting.
  18. It's apparently because Andrade is dating Charlotte and Aleister is dating Zelina. I could be wrong though and i also don't see how them not being on the same brand with their lovers affects anything.
  19. Both triple threat matches were good the winners made sense too.All the segments and matches were the women's division were not good,kinda repetitive.WWE changing Bobby Roode into Robert Roode will be fantastic for him same with Viking Raiders this was a great name change too.Good debut for Cedric Alexander even though he did not get the win the match showcase his abilities.Bray Wyatt new gimmick is interesting I wonder what the future hold his new character hopefully good cause I'm a fan of Bray Wyatt.And lastly,Aj Styles becoming the #1 contender for the Universal title was a great choice to keep the momentum of the title because if they had Baron Corbin face Seth Rollins it would kill the momentum of the title because we've seen Rollins vs Corbin face a lot last year so Styles vs Rollins will be a fresh matchup and a good one.Overall a good show.
  20. What the hell was that Bray Wyatt segment, I won't hate on it to much before it gets going but, that is...just not what i was expecting. Really hope he doesn't wrestle in that red shirt thing, we don't need another constable corbin running around. Wasn't expecting Styles to win, but I am hoping for a Styles heel turn, finally get that cocky Styles we deserve. The rest of the show wasn't to notable, Becky Lynch cut the same promo she has been doing for weeks and its getting annoying, Lacey Evans has possibly the worst finisher in WWE, atleast when Big Show did it, his fist is huge and it makes sense, but with Lacey, she needs a new one. Robert Roode is a very cool thing to see, I don't think much will come of it but it was a great addition and it just freshens things up, excited to see what Robert Roode, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Cesaro have to offer, I feel like they all will become mid card guys and deserve it. Overall, good episode of RAW, didn't catch all of it but I feel like I didn't miss anything important, excited to see where storylines and superstars go
  21. I think Raw was solid tonight, Wyatt gimmick took a left turn and I didn't expect it. It could be the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever, a psychotic Mr Rogers sounds unique and I'm intrigued. Robert Roode was also a surprise I didn't expect and could be could thing for Roode. Styles vs Rollins at MITB will be a killer match and I can't wait for it.
  22. Carnage is back after a commercial break and a brand new video plays on the titantron. *A large man appears and starts walking down to the ring giving high fives and fist pumps to fans. He grabs a mic and starts talking.* Hello my name is Bob Sparks and I am the newest signing to Carnage. To put it simply I’m here to make a spark on this roster and to fight for you fans day in and day out. Let's be honest you all deserve better entertainment then you've been given lately. I remember when this company was in it's prime and had the greatest entertainment in the world. I’ve been a fan just like you all my entire life from the time I was born I was watching carnage and making my own wrestling moves. I used to sit right there in fact back when I was a fan like all of you. *Pointing to some seats in the front row* I used to come to Carnage with my family just like most of you have tonight. Unfortunately they aren’t with us anymore but you are my family now. The wrestling community is what I have built my life around after my family was shot and killed years ago. This is my life and passion now which is only going to help me push my way to the top. I’m going to put my best foot forward to entertain each and everyone one of you, every night and grind my way to the main event. So that one day I can become champion and we can share and defend that reign together as a family. Because with you all behind me as my family there is nothing that we can’t do in the business. So I thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the rest of the show. *The crowd cheers as Bob returns his mic to the timekeepers area and exits through the back giving fans high fives and fists pumps on his way*
  23. Name: Bob Sparks Nickname: "The Bomb" Figurehead: Big Show ( In-Ring) - Big Smo (Promo) Gimmick: Family man. Alignment: Face Backstory: Bob had a successful life as a business man working for the local Insurance company. Everything was going great until he got involved with the wrong people. He was coming home after watching a Carnage show at the large sporting arena he lived near with his family. He thought he would try to take a shortcut through the city streets to get home sooner to make some more sales. This was he greatest mistake he ever made. His family and him came across some upset past clients who pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg and killed his wife, son, and daughter. Who were never caught. Ever since he has been training non stop to do the one thing his family loved wrestling. Now he had made the BPZ roster and is looking to go to the top. Fighting Style: Powerhouse Regular Moves: Scoop Slam, Big Boot, Buckle Bomb, Running Powebomb Signatures: Chokeslam, Spear, Running Powerslam Finisher: The Bob Bomb (Batista Bomb), Bear Hug (submission), choke slam on ropes. Taunt: Stare straight over shorter opponents, Dikembe Mutombo Finger Wave Theme: Blood in the Water by Grandson. 
  24. Even though RAW has started, I am actually excited to see where they bring it with all of these new roster members, like others have said, brings in new storylines and based on what has been announced, it will be good. I can't wait till Styles vs Seth Rollins, but I think Corbin or The Miz would be a great starter feud for Rollins to give him some wins, but they may just feed Drew to him which I hate but, better then nothing. I hope they end this puppet crap and bring Bray in already, I just wanna see what they do with it because ngl i am interested in it, hope it isn't crap, but then again, its WWE.
  25. Hearing that Cesaro has moved to RAW with the announcement of him facing Cedric Alexander tonight is one way to find out. A great way even. Knowing Sheamus is on the shelf i actually thought he would be better off as a singles star on Smackdown but maybe they have some plans for him? I can just cross my fingers. This is really bad for Smackdown's tag team division though. Now they are down to four teams maybe, and two of those teams are never used as it is like The Club and The Colons. Disbanding Sanity might not have been the best idea. I guess Heavy Machinery, NakaRusev and The Hardys are going to hold down the fort.
  26. Name: Xaiver King Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) : Fast Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) : Sword Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) : cocky Strengths: fast and strong Weakness: too cocky
  27. BiC

    The BPZ Gladiator Arena

    BPZ GLADIATOR ARENA EPISODE 1 The games have begun. The 9 competitors are set and are ready for war, the arena has been built, and everyone has been waiting for this moment. The arena is built for war, into 4 sections. A small city with abandoned buildings, cars, shops, and more. This is where the majority of weapons have been placed as well as food, there is the forest which has been planted with Bears, Wolves, and other dangerous factors, the west side of the map is filled with a hot, grueling desert, and finally, the open wasteland of the north. Filled with landmines, and pure destruction. The 9 competitors are dropped in from a pod in a random location, and each are given a random bag, inside that bag are various and random items. A filled water bottle, one peanut butter sandwhich, a small knife, and a random item. Maximus Creed was the first to land, walking out and looking at the city with a large smile on his face, he reaches into his bag and pulls out his random item, which is a small hand grenade. Creed nods before quickly running into a building, beginning to look for items as more pods begin to fall from the sky. Dikey and Maasa land next to each other and when they come out, they agree to work together, but when Dikey pulls out his secret item, which is a Magic 8 Ball, and shakes it, asking it if he should trust Maasa, it says "No", and Dikey runs away in fear as Maasa looks on confused, his secret item being a ziplock bag of Mashed Potatoes Bob Of Bomberton lands and his pod door gets stuck, so he punches the door off, Maasa, who sees this from the distance, instantly soils himself as Bob walks over to a tree in the forest, pushing it over with a grunt before sitting on it, looking in his bad and quickly eating the Peanut Butter Sandwhich before looking at his random item, a mirror, which breaks when Bob looks at it. Bob hears Maasa laugh and instantly begins to chase him. Jose Dela Cruz, Sir K.C.I.D, Aaron North, would all land in the desert area and spread out, not seeing eachother. Aaron North quickly gets sun burned and finds cover in a sand cave, not knowing that a family of King Cobras lives in the same cave. Sir K.C.I.D runs as fast as he can through the desert for some reason, there is no one around him, but it turns out his random item was Cocaine. Gwyn Gannish falls asleep in his pod as it opens, and doesn't move from the wasteland, he snores away as a Giant Cockroach begins to make its way towards his pod, him not knowing. Everyone has landed, except one, as H.R Pufnstuf pod got stuck in mid air, H.R looks down, a smile on his face, as he can see everyone in the arena, and he got a random iteam that he loves, a mace, but how will he get down?
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