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  2. The Marker

    You Are Nothing

    {Evolve begins by Marker already in the ring, pacing around, ready to go, ready to talk and ready for Judgement Day, fans begin chanting "Marker" around the arena, he smirks, but immediately stopped as begins his promo} Alright Ladies and Gentlemen , let's get straight to the point here, for the last couple of weeks Buddy Ace keeps spouting on bullcrap after bullcrap after bullcrap about me and my partner Jason Ryan. I was gonna wait until Judgement Day to kick your ass into oblivion, but with the amount of words that came out of your annoying mouth these past couple of weeks, I have decide to come to grace everyone with my appearance today. So Buddy, what I've seen from your promos so far, you speak alot of the same things, things like "I'm the greatest thing to walk in NXT", "Your just a placeholder", "Your devaluing the belt" and to that I laugh, I am a fighting champion, I am a Prizefighter and reasons why you say these things is because I haven't got the chance yet and now I officially will be doing so at Judgement Day, but listen Buddy. {Marker takes out notebook and a pen and shows it off to the fans around the arena} Here a notebook and pen and what do you do with these?, You write in them of course, but what will you write in this?. Well I'll give you something to write, how about your career?. Well what can you write about that when you haven't got much of a career to begin with. Hmm what else?, Oh I know, how about your promo style and how gonna word them because it seems like you act like a robot then an actual human being most of the time. {The fans "OOOOO" out of the arena as fans weren't except this much brutality from Marker, soon enough he threw the notebook and pen away} I have worked so hard to get to the top of NXT Championship ladder and finally I climbed and grabbed it and now it's in my hands and I'm not gonna let some egotistical and selfish person come here and take it away from me, I'll honor the people like Bart and Julius who made the NXT Championship what it is and I'm not gonna fade into the shadows like the rest who couldn't hold it for long. I have accomplished so much already like winning the NXT Championship in my first five months, I was in the first ever Inferno match and I have won it, so tell me this, what has Buddy done?. {Marker puts out his microphone to the crowd and he moves around the ring, but no fans says a word as it is so quiet you could probably hear a raindrop} That right, nothing, so Buddy come Judgement Day, I'll walk into the ring, feeling great as ever and I'll pummel you and beat the ever living daylights out of you and I feel Jason would love to destroy you more than I would and it's your fault, you wanted this, you spoken trash about me, you spoken trash about Jason which made him enter into this little feud of ours and Jason, I apologise for this, for you to get involved in this situation, but for some reason, I don't think you really mind this, I think you want to destroy Buddy, so it doesn't matter what happens I'll win either way possible, so for the people who attend this show, Goodbye and good night.
  3. JoshsNow

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia have all been eliminated, meaning @Name Redacted has lost one of his teams and @SilkySlimer is the first person eliminated as both his teams have gone
  4. Thelastemperor

    A Coward's Game

    Jason walks out to the ring wearing different attire. He now wears MMA trunks, MMA gloves elbow pads, knee pads, and a black trench coat. He has changed his black half Phantom of the Opera mask for a white one. He is wearing a large smirk and mockingly claps before beginning to speak in a slow methodical pace. Mr. Ace, once again your blatant ignorance of your place shows. Just about every claim you have made about yourself is vastly incorrect. You think you're going to stand out? Oh no. Oh no, if that's the case then we might as well prepare the funeral service for your career. And Mr. Ace, I will be more than happy to oblige. Jason begins to slowly walk to the ring, his eyes with a sinister glint in them You seem unable to understand that I am the one who runs the division, anything I wish to happen, happens. Which is why I am not NXT champion, I have zero interest in a mediocre title that I'd rather wipe my ass with than wear. The crowd boos so loudly Jason has to wait until they quiet down before he can continue due to the fact they would drown him out. I planned for Marker to win the title because as a god, I have no need for earthly pleasures. You mortals and your need for earthly treasures. You horde money. You horde cars. You horde gemstones. All in a vain need to be validated because you can't stand the face that stares back at you when you stare in the mirror. You are desperate to seem important in your own lives, refusing to acknowledge the fact it is all pointless. And Mr. Ace that applies to you more than it does most. And I happen to know why. Jason climbs in the ring You are the very disease that makes me hate mortals. You are everything wrong with mankind, a failure in every sense of the word. A fact you are very aware of. I know you Mr. Ace. I know you grew up an outcast at school for being a wrestling fan. Something that is not uncommon. I can tell that your nothing but a facade. You are nothing but a scared little child. And I know just how to beat you, how to break you. I warned you that I shall be ruining your life. Consider this phase one. Jason makes a single with his hand and fans hop the barricade. Buddy Ace looks puzzled as he recognizes them as members of his family. Each person reaches into their back pocket and pulls out a mask identical to Jason's and slowly puts it on. Buddy's face twists in horror as he realizes what this means. Jason rams his steel rod in the back of his head, dropping Buddy. Jason takes off his mask and puts in on Buddy's face. Buddy. May you be a half-hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead. This is your Last Rites! Buddy's family bows before their new god as Jason poses in the ring a little simliar to another cult leader.
  5. I Can't Odd

    A Coward's Game

    Buddy Ace heads to the ring with a microphone in hand and an annoyed look on his face. Heading into Judgement Day, the NXT division has been heating up and Ace is looking to add more fuel to the fire here tonight. "Jason, Jason, Jason...do you really think that you're a threat to me? Or anyone on the roster for that matter? That's real funny, pal. The only way you're a real threat to anyone is when you use cowardly tactics to catch people off guard. Look at the match itself. An elimination triple threat? Are you kidding me? That's complete bull shit. It's like management is actively trying to screw me over for some reason. First making me debut against Flynn and now this? But of course, that's the only way in hell either Marker or Jason would be able to walk out as champ. I mean, it's obvious what you're gonna try to do. First you both double team me to get me eliminated, then Jason lays down for Marker. Do you really think I'll let that happen? Marker can try to hide behind you all he wants, but I'm gonna tear you down and then take his championship. By singlehandedly eliminating both members of Marking the Empire and winning the NXT championship, I will solidify myself as the greatest superstar in the NXT division!" Buddy Ace grins as he takes a moment to listen to the fans reaction's before looking a bit serious again. "Jason, just like your pal Marker, you too have failed time and time again, but you're so delusional that you still think you actually matter. You have had your chances to become the leader of this division, but you will have no more with me here. You were the heavy favorite to take Julius' place as champion once he left but yet the seemingly inferior Marker made you look like a fool at Mayhem. Let's not forget your laughable performance recently at the Power Trip Cup pay per view. Seriously, Slim absolutely destroyed you yet you still have the audacity to call yourself a God? Your mouth is spewing so much shit I can't distinguish it from your ass. From here on out, you shouldn't come out and talk ever again. You make all these massive claims and you're really just setting yourself up to look like an idiot. I am sick of the disrespect that you have shown me. I am the single most promising prospect here in BPZ yet you continue to talk down to me. You, someone who is struggling at even the lowest level of BPZ, is in no position to do so. Your words are empty and meaningless threats that no one seems to believe except yourself. It's just 'blah blah I'm gonna hurt you blah blah blah' over and over. If you're gonna threaten me, at least get a little more creative than giving the same lines over and over just with a different synonym for ruin being inserted. Though I.k guess I shouldn't expect much from some dumb hick, should I? You might as well start packing your bags now because I'm gonna send you back to your ranch crying. You're gonna learn to never put your grubby hands on a superstar of my calibre ever again." The fans cheer at the idea of Jason Ryan getting beaten down in the ring. "Marker, you really haven't done a great job of actually establishing yourself as being a champion. In my eyes, you're just keeping that belt warm for me. I'll admit, at least you aren't making yourself look like as big idiot of an idiot as your boyfriend. But that doesn't mean you aren't stupid in your own right. The so called king of NXT is just a bad joke. I told you that I was already looking past you and that is still true. I'm ready to make NXT awesome. And though you're incorrect about a lot of things, you're damn right I'm an attention seeker, because I want everyone to be watching as I whip your ass. People deserve to know just how great I am. Nothing I have said up to this point has been a lie. I am an honest man who could do no wrong, and the fact that you are causing people to question my word irritates me. What gives you the right to say anything about me? I'll make sure to shut you up good. But not only does Marking The Empire talk shit about me, but they constanstly blow each other in their promos! I'm sick of you two talking about one another all the time. You aren't co-champions like you want to think. There is one championship belt and one champion and your foolishness is making the belt lose its prestige. Wanna be co champs, go back to your failing quest of winning the tag team titles. This match should be all about the belt and the belt only, but you both want to be petty bitches and are devaluing the belt. That's a damn shame considering all that Julius did for it. But worry not, because I promised to win the NXT championship at that is what I'm gonna do. Now I don't really care all that much about how you or anyone else on the roster feels about me, but I am fully aware of those feelings and I know that after Judgment Day, those feelings will change. All of you in the back will become fans of Buddy Ace just like all these people here tonight. I will make you realize just how awesome I truly am. But I won't forget the unjust treatment I've received so far in my stay here at BPZ. You'll regret not having recognized my greatness sooner. At Judgement Day, the most awesome NXT championship reign behind!"
  6. Yesterday
  7. JoshsNow

    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 111 where me and Gary Green preview Carnage Power Trip Redemption for the ownership of FAC. Opening Match: Brother vs Brother: Bailey vs Monda Josh: Brother faces Brother as Bailey takes on Monda. Monda revealed his relationship to Bailey however Bailey denied it. Today it’s time for Monda to get redemption, will he? I say no, Baileys winning Green: I’m saying Monda Josh: Split decision Champion vs The Return: Apex vs George Josh: Although George has been under the wing of Josh he has been successful, winning the NXT Championship. His next challenge is a very experienced man, the beloved Apex who is making his return. Will the champ prove himself, or can the fans power Apex to a return win? I say George will win Green: I agree George Josh: Full house for George Grudge Match: Brad vs Peter Wilchester Josh: It all started when a bored Peter Wilchester who had recently been suspended, began brainstorming ways of how to beat Echo Wilson. After calling Bret Hart, Edge and his Mum, he came to the conclusion the best way to get to Echo was through his partner. Can Peter get to Echo? Or will Brad step up for his partner? Saying Brad Green: Going with Peter Wilchester Josh: One vote for Brad and one vote for Peter United States Championship Match: Echo Wilson (c) vs JoshsNow Josh: It’s time. The US Title is defended on a rare occasion on a Carnage show as JoshsNow looks to gain redemption on Echo Wilson, who beat him twice at Halloween Havoc and took everything away from him. Will he do it? Or will Echo make it 3-0? As you could guess, I’m going with myself Green: Saying Echo Josh: We’ve got a third split decision Grudge Match: FDS vs BiC Josh: After a lauded feud between the two we finally get the grudge match we’ve been waiting for. It started when BiC stole JoshsNow from FDS, and then proceeded to use these mind games to beat FDS and knock him out of KOTR. FDS, set to leave Carnage, chose his last match on Carnage to be against rival BiC. Will he go out on a bang. Or is BiC too good? Thinking BiC here Green: Going FDS Josh: One vote for FD, one vote for BiC Grudge Match: Fear vs Bash Josh: It is time for the debut match of Fear. On Evolve he picked up a feud with Bash and now it comes to a conclusion tonight? Can the OPG prove his worth on Carnage? Or will the OGM prove it’s still his brand? Saying Bash Green: Thinking Fear Josh: A fifth split decision Main Event: Universal Championship Match: Flynn (c) vs Ross Josh: The main event is arguably the biggest main event in Carnage history. Flynn takes on his former friend and partner Ross, who betrayed him at Halloween Havoc for the biggest prize on Carnage TV. Will Flynn defeat his new nemesis? Or will we finally see a new Universal Champion? I say Flynn Green: I agree Josh: Two votes for Flynn ••••• Now time for the results. I won 6-4, which means I’m finally back to being full host of FAC. Join me tomorrow for a review of his show. Goodnight
  8. Bart

    "Purple Reign"

    As the face of the Global Champion emerges on the Titantron and “One True Villain” starts to play, boos are heard throughout the arena as the fans show how much they despise the Triple Champion. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as he walks down the ramp, wide smile on his face as he stares at Kills while making his way to the ring with the Global and US championships around his shoulder, while having the Tag Team Title around his waist. . He walks up the stairs before speaking through his microphone. When will you learn it Johnny. First, I defeat you at BPZMania, then I, I take your tag team title, the only piece of power that Ruin had left in the BPZ, and yet, you will continue to challenge me. I get it, you were forced to face me. You had a qualification match against some random local talent and therefore are forced to once again step inside the ring with me, but what thrives you to continue to act like you stand a chance? Is it proud Kills, is it the inabilty to accept that I am superior to you? Or is it just that you are just delusional. I think you know that I am better than you, I think that you know that I will beat you. I think that you have given up, and that’s the right thing to do. But be honest about it, tell them that you will try your best but that it won’t be enough, because that’s the reality. I know that this will be hard for you, but instead of putting fake hope into your body, why don’t you just admit to it. We can still promote the match, it won’t hurt anybody. But it will make you feel better. I see that you wonder why the crowd doesn’t like you, and if I am being honest, I am surprised about that myself. Normally, the fans love to root for losers, people who they can relate to because just like them they won’t succeed. They might not pretend to be some spooky individual, but they can all relate to you as a guy that will never have his big moment. Frustration is seen on the face of Kills, but Bart does not give him a chance to interrupt, as he continues to talk. But Kills, I don’t have an issue with you being in this match, you will just lose and claim that you will win it the next night, no matter how many times you lose. But for our other participant in the match, I am not so sure. I feel bad knowing that I will beat him because as the Face of Evolve, I will responsible for the brand in some way, and then when I look at the history of mister Wilde, I am scared that Evolve will not like the aftermath of this match. The former management of Evolve signed him to a very generous contract, around 3 times what I am earning. But Alyx Wilde has the habit to disappear when something doesn’t go his way, he lost in a US title match and all of a sudden we didn’t hear from him in months. We will see those same events occur after Fallout, when Alyx Wilde once again leaves the BPZ, with all of his fans wondering why their favourite has quit on them again. It’s crazy when you think about it, time after time leaves the fans and yet they continue to root for him, it’s a sad story. But trust me, he will quit on the BPZ again, he won’t see it coming, being on holiday for 11 of the 12 months makes you forgot about your own weaknesses inside the ring, it makes Alyx think that he is untouchable, but in reality, he is a prone target for anyone who tries. I am not going to say this match will be a battle, a blood bath, because it won’t be anything like that, it will be simple domination. I know you won’t believe me, but I will proof you that I am right every single time. Kills wants to respond, but before he can, Bart is walking down the stairs, on his face back to where he came from as he taunts Kills with the Global title before disappearing from the sight of the camera.
  10. FDS

    NXT Tag Team Championship Discussion

    I think its Awesome that WWE have all 3 members of British Strong Style holding championships in the WWE, it makes the NXT United Kingdom brand look amazing with 3 of their top guys already holding gold but what this makes me question is who are they going to put the NXT UK Tag belts on? Should be interesting but for now i can't wait to get to watch this match.
  11. Finished this early so decided to drop it early. Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #1 Cerberus Origin The Cerberus was first depicted in ancient greece as the 3 headed hell hound guardian of Hades, offspring of Echidna (not the australian animal) a half woman half snake and Typhon a monsterous serpentine giant. Location Greek Underworld aka Hades Most Common Myth Surrounding it The cerberus is most commonly known as the guardian of the river styx and first appears in the 12 trials/labours of hercules with the Cerberus being the 12th trial being subdued but not killed by hercules. Strengths Mane of Snakes, most likely venomous Heightened strength Venomous bite in some accounts Long, sharp teeth Immortal Control over Fire Weakness(es) Weakness is being overpowered That's it. You can’t kill it. Werewolf Origin A shapeshifting Human that when under a full moon transforms into a lycanthrope or werewolf usually due to being bitten or scratched by another lycanthrope or via being cursed by a witch. Emerged in early nordic folklore. Location Most of Europe Most Common Myth Surrounding it No most common myth, demonstrated in multiple different myths and mediums. Most common pop culture depictions include The Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Strengths Superhuman Strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, durability, stamina Heightened senses Ability to inflict lycanthropism onto other humans Regenerative healing factor Weakness(es) Vary depending on werewolf but usually silver If the moon becomes covered or is no longer full then the transformation ceases Not immortal. Overall Decision I forgot how overpowered the Cerberus actually is when i came up with this battle to be honest. All things considered with all the abilities stacked up they seem equal… until we get to the weaknesses. The Werewolf’s list of weaknesses while not long is still quite a problem for the beast compared to the cerberus. The werewolf would be on a timer as once the moon disappears from the sky he’s back to being a human and if the werewolf hasn’t overpowered the cerberus by that point he’s dog, snake thing food. I’d say the cerberus would have this battle won quite decisively with its venomous bite not even needing to being considered which could easily kill the Werewolf within one bite as well as it possibly being set on fire and burnt to death as we are unsure of the effects of fire on a werewolf however i believe the cerberus’ animal like tendecies and nature would cause for it to defeat the werewolf within this first fight. Winner: Cerberus Next Battle: Horses… Kinda. Unicorn VS Pegasus
  12. BrendenPlayz

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: June 19th 2018

    Shocked to see Rusev get this. I thought maybe Joe would get the win, would rather they save that anyways. It's a good opportunity for Rusev, lets see if he can hang with the best and if he is truly worth going with. With Cass out of the picture, there's a spot now for a bigger guy to grab.
  13. The Ryan

    [PWE] Pro Wrestling Elite: Revolutionaries

    Well, this one had potential. RIP.
  14. Last week
  15. Johnny Kills

    "Purple Reign"

    Kills looks around at the crowd in attendance as he makes his meticulous gait down to the ring with the crowd strongly opposed to the newly dubbed “Sadist Savior” after his match with Matt Evans where for the first time in months, he lost his cool, it resulted in Evans being carted off as Kills remained in the ring, in his meditative pose. Kills flips into the ring, rolling into a cross-legged stop with the crowd howling at him. He leaves one eye open as he look out at the crowd, enveloped in this purple smoke. He closes his eye and pulls his microphone from his jacket, tapping it against his boot before putting it to his mouth. “You’re all subject to the purple reign. Enslaved to the whim of those who call brand themselves as “The Greatest Show On Earth” and the silver-spooned champion who reigns with a Kingdom enforced fist. I find myself positioned as your hero once again, the Savior to rescue you from the purple reign.” The crowd vehemently boo Kills, who seems content enough to stop speaking altogether and simply gaze out into the sold-out arena as he twirls the microphone between his fingers, patiently waiting for the reaction to cease. It finally begins to die down and immediately, the unsettlingly even tone of Kills breaks through. “I wonder why it is you boo me? Is it because I pulled away from the cult that abandoned me in the middle of that ring to suffer at the hands of others? Or because I exercised my demons on the newest one of your toys in Matt Evans? Isn’t doing that to people, snapping their arms the people who stepped up to me if you all loathed them. Perhaps you hate me because I did what each and every last one of you do. I lost myself, and it drives you all crazy that somebody you once respected could be as feeble as you all.” “It’s okay, you’ll won’t even realize it when you begin to cheer for me. You’ll no longer be mesmerized by the newest infatuation of the BPZ Universe in Alyx Wilde, and realize that Bart has nothing to offer you. You’ll be behind me, wishing for the Purple Reign to fade to black.” As Kills seemingly ends his address, “One True Villain” commences, blaring from the sound system as EVOLVE Grand Champion Bart emerges from the gorilla.
  16. JoshsNow

    Talking Carnage

    We are live after the first Carnage since Power Trip Cup, where Renee Young and John Trenton are currently doing the Carnage post show - “Talking Carnage.” Joining them first is “The Gentleman” JoshsNow Renee: First, let me introduce a man very familiar to our first guest, John Trenton John: Thanks for having me on Young: No problem. Now please welcome my first guest, “The Gentleman” JoshsNow. Josh: Hi Renee Young: Good to have you on. Now, listen you are fresh off a loss to Angelo Catio. This means that you can’t challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Judgement Day. Do you have any other plans? Josh: Renee, at Judgement Day I’ll be watching as a fan only. I’ll be resting for the King of the Ring tournament Renee: So, as for that loss to Angelo, is there a reason? An excuse some may call it? Josh: There sure is Renee. The reason I lost is because I wasn’t good enough. He fought hard and earned my respect. What annoyed me however is that even Bailey, the general manager wanted me to lose that match. He only made that match because he knew I would fail. You know why? Because he is a man stuck in the past. He is stuck in the days of 2014-15 back when he was relevant. That’s why he made me defend IC against Flynn, because he didn’t want the belt to be on a 2016 guy. That’s why the man he claimed was “The Future of Carnage” is a 2014 guy. He was so happy that a 2016 or afterwards guy had held World, IC, Universal, won KOTR, MITB or Royal Rumble or main evented Mania. Then I changed that by winning IC. And because I spoke the truth out against him, Bailey did the next best thing to hating me, he ignored me. He doesn’t care about building Carnage up for the future. He only cares about Carnage now. But you know what Renee Young: What Josh: I’m going to prove everyone that believes 2015 is the present wrong. The future starts now and I prove that at KOTR. I was already the first IC Champ from the post 2015 era and I will become the first KOTR winner from post 2015 and the first World Champion from post 2015. Maybe then all the Baileys in the world can see that they’re living in the past, I am the present and at KOTR I prove that. Thanks for having me on With that Josh storms out, his mind obviously distracted by anger at his loss and Bailey.
  17. Bad Attitude Bullet

    My Summerslam 2018 PPV Card

    Nice Card Couldn't figure out another match for Daniel Bryan to be in? That's Okay Sick Card i liked how you tried not to put daniel bryan in a WWE Championship Match As for The WWE United States Championship? Shelton Benjamin, Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Miz, Rusev, Xavier Woods
  18. Angelo Caito

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

    The GOAT is back.
  19. Ross

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

    #WelcomeBack #Legend
  20. Hey guys its me WWE234 and I am here to make my comeback.But this time it is completly different so let me explain please.So I have recently been working very hard creating a screenplay and heros for my own super hero universe thanks to my love of super heros and films and I figured this would be the best plate form for that.Now I won't be constant stay here like I used to be but all I ask is you give my stories/screenplays a chance and just read them.I will very soon be posting in that section what my plans are.
  21. RIP X, gone so soon. John 20:4 rip my idol and hero only 20 smh, buy my merch on his death btw £20 for a t-shirt £40 for hoodie all money goes to me.

  22. This match was pretty solid, Ronda is definitely the MVP of the match, she has put my doubts to rest after her great performances again Nia, and she can properly sell so good, I hope maybe one day she'll become Women's Champion. Poor Nia, she absolutely deserves way more than this, instead she was a transitional just so Alexa could take the title off of her, I think WWE has found a pair of safe hands in Alexa Bliss
  23. The Marker

    Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Yeah, I feel Braun shouldn't have won the match, I feel Miz was gonna be the decisive Victor in this, but I guess that maybe Braun might pull a RVD and cashes it in at SummerSlam and with probably Roman winning at Extreme Rules, it can definitely be a Triple Threat Match which would be very interesting to see.
  24. The Marker

    My Summerslam 2018 PPV Card

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs Daniel Byran Universal Championship: Brock vs Seth vs Braun vs Roman Intercontinental Championship: Ziggler vs Elias vs Balor RAW Women's Championship: Alexa vs Nia vs Ronda SD Women's Championship: Carmella vs Becky Lynch United States Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Rusev RAW Tag Team Championship: Revival vs Authors of Pain vs Eaters Of Worlds SD Tag Team Championship: Bludgeon Brothers vs Sanity
  25. I Can't Odd

    My Summerslam 2018 PPV Card

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe (if it wasn't Bryan) WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins (or Strowman if he decided to pull an RVD) WWE RAW Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey WWE SDLive Womens Championship: Carmella vs Becky Lynch WWE RAW Tag Team Championship: The Authors Of Pain Vs Matt and Bray WWE SDLive Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers Vs Sanity WWE Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor WWE United States Championship: Jeff Hardy vs The Miz (I really dont know for this one because there are so many people that could challenge for US rn, but i like miz so) this isn't like a definitive thing, because there are definitely other people that could fill the role of challenger that id be 100% down for, just some suggestions type things.
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