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  4. Update on CFO$ & WWE Relationship
  5. Underneath this gimmick is a pretty damn good worker. (For those that don't know, if you've ever watched Chikara, he was Fire Ant). A guy who is so good he can chain wrestle and do Lucha high flying with his hands in his pockets and therefore doesn't try I can work with because from what i've seen of Orange is that he knows how to pace his matches well. Especially if his lack of care comes back to bite him, which from what I see it normally does. What will be most interesting is seeing how he works on a weekly product because it feels suited for sporadic indy matches mostly. We'll be seeing it evolve.
  6. I am actually really curious to see how well Teal Piper does in Battle Royal. Hopefully we can see some shades of her dad in her as she will really have big shoes to fill. However she really only needs to look at Charlotte Flair and Tessa Blanchard for inspiration on how well a 2nd generation female superstar can do so hopefully she does well. Also I wouldn't be suprised if she ended up at Impact soon considering the women Impact and WOW have in common as apart from Tessa, Jessika Havok and I think Katarina (the former Katie Lea) are in Impact, not totally sure on the later.
  7. Really happy for them both on there engagement. Just like Arius mentioned I hope WWE doesn't turn this into another storyline. Last thing we need is a repeat of the Cena proposal to Nikki Bella in the middle of Wrestlemania or god forbid another on-screen wedding.
  8. Hopefully WWE can restrain themselves and not push to explout this on television. Hearing from Becky post-Extreme Rules about how she didn't like the way WWE handled it at all hopefully they can just continue being who they are on screen and having a personal life as well. Anyway, I'm ecstatic for them. They seem like they really love each other from how they always talk about the other. Good for them for finding someone who knows what that life is like and has the same travel schedule and all that. I wish them nothing but happiness,
  9. Ronda Rousey Suffers Nasty Finger Injury While Filming Fox 9-1-1 Series
  10. This is interesting since even though he would be under Fox contract he would be activlery talking about WWE, be involved in WWE programming ect which is more than i ever expected to see especially in the next year. With the constant AEW rumours if this were to happen it would kill that opening fast and instead i'd start to wonder if this position would warm CM Punk into getting involved in a on off with WWE again. A lot of thoughts based on a "His agent reached out" I understand but it's great to see the possibility. He is natural behind a microphone and a desk.
  11. Honestly could be a good thing for AEW here. PAC vs Omega will be a great match at All In. This will allow the Omega and Moxley feud to have an even better story. With All Out selling out anyways it will allow them to have Omega and Moxley at an another event down the line which will likely help it sell out once again.
  12. BobdaBomb


    Carnage cuts to a video as we see Bob Sparks, he seems to be upset but it is unclear why. Bob is in a white room and we can see him grabbing his head as he seems to be fighting something but it is unclear what it is. When then see Bob look at the camera and wipe the sweat off of his face as he begins to talk as he sounds a bit on the edge. “I thought it was over. But now it looks as if it has only begun. The voice that I had once diminished have returned. This time however there is no clear way to get rid of her. She keeps me up in the dead of the night and she attempts to provoke me and bring forth the beast buried deep within myself. She makes me feel as if god himself has put this burden on me for all of my wrong doings. Each time she claws deeper and deeper and I can only stall the inevitable for so long. This thing that I have been trying to hide, this beast, monster, this living horror is coming. I have only become it once before and I had promised myself to never let it return but it’s coming and I fear that the worst is yet to come. I fear that this thing will hurt people and not only my enemies but the few people I hold most dear. You see I may seem like this bad guy to all of you people but I upset you with words. This thing will upset you with actions. It takes things to an entirely different level. A level that you all had never had the opportunity to bear witness to.” We then see Bob grab his head again as we see him scream in pain. He sits down as the camera continues to roll. Bob is clearly not right in the head right now but it seems he is pushing through it. Bob begins to breathe heavier as he seems to have been able to fight off whatever just happened for now. Bob looks at the camera with a concerned look. You people find this amusing I bet. You all love to witness my suffering and my hardship. You people never cared about me, my mental state, or my personal life. All you people care about is your damn self. You right now watch a man in a clear mental crisis but offer no help. You watch a man you used to cheer breakdown and you enjoy it. You people are is what’s wrong with our world today. But don’t you worry because sooner rather than later I will break and what comes off it will frighten you and you will all wish you had Bob Sparks back. But it is too late for that I will do my best to win the NXT Title at Summerslam and keep myself sane but after that I cannot make any promises or even tell you what is going to become of Bob Sparks. But one thing I can tell you is that this is not going to be the end of me. Even if you don't see "me" for a while. The camera then cuts to black as Bob is once again fighting back whatever is attacking him from the inside. Bob seems to be in a rough state right now will he get better or will this thing take over? Bob though is focusing on his NXT Title Match at Summerslam as he looks to win the title for a second time.
  13. I think a deal will be reached. Spider-Man is an integral part of the MCU and so Disney want to keep him. Sony want to keep making money from high-grossing Spidey films and so would prefer he was a part of the MCU. It is in both of their interests to make a deal. Sure, it will be hard to sort out the money, but when both companies want to make a deal I am reasonably certain that they will. I found it really odd how Spider-Man was made so integral to the MCU by Marvel Studios in Far From Home by basically saying he's our new main man. Because of the nature of the deal with Sony. I actually thought about that after watching the movie. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was cool how the torch was handed to Peter... but I found it odd because Sony could take Spidey away at any moment, and it actually kinda happened now.
  14. Really unfortunate that Mox is out of the match but as Brenden stated PAC is still a really good replacement although having Moxley there would have been a lot better in my opinion. The injury he has apparently got infected while working in Japan, so it will be interesting to see how AEW responds to this especially given that Moxley was working for promotion that wasn't theirs. Might sour the relationship if there's any in the first place with New Japan
  15. Hopefully they end it or get rid of the wildcard rule
  16. 1. Ricochet 2.Aj Styles 3.Sami Zayn 4.Cedrick Alexander 5. Seth Rollins
  17. Very intriguing bit of news especially because of how distant Punk has been with all things WWE. I don't see this coming into fruition at all, I don't think Punk really wants anything to do with the company and this might just be a bit of overblown reporting. If it did happen though, it would be something spectacular
  18. At the end of the day it's pretty much whatever Vince McMahon wants it to be. One minute he could want a strict brand split policy and the next he wants a wildcard rule, it really depends on how he wakes up some days. However, with SD and RAW being on different TV Networks it makes it a lot harder for superstars to cross brands because the TV Networks wouldn't want it. I love the brand split and it can be done really well lets just hope they can put some more effort into it
  19. 1. Buddy Murphy 2. Bray Wyatt 3. Killian Dain 4. Andrade 5. Braun Strowman
  20. Julius

    WWE Reborn

    We welcome you back to NXT and we are not too far away from NXT TakeOver culminating at Summerslam Weekend where once again the stars of the future are primed to takeover. Tonight we have a special announcement from William Regal regarding the future of the NXT. We also have the return of WALTER to NXT TV as he looks to continue his run of scintillating form with another victory tonight Breakout Tournament Announced William Regal opens this weeks episode of NXT heading down to the ring to gift us all with his promised announcement. Regal begins by saying how proud and happy he is for NXT as a brand to be moving to the USA Network and promises that the world of professional wrestling will be awestruck by what they will see. Regal then announces the start of a breakout tournament involving some of the best talent around the world with the winner gaining themselves an WWE Contract A graphic on the tron pops up with the announced names being: Angel "El Sicaribo Del Diablo", Jack Bashka, Oliver Gordan, KENJI, Ryan Star, El Vida and New Shaq. Regal then states that tonight in our Main Event, a battle royal will take place with the victor claiming that eighth final spot in the tournament. He wishes the competitors the best of luck before heading out of the ring and to the back Fenix warns Johnny about Pentagon Jr The Camera cuts to the back, where NXT Champion Johnny Gargano is speaking to some media outlets before he is interrupted by Fenix. Fenix warns Johnny about his brother Pentagon Jr saying that Johnny has no idea what he has gotten himself into when they face at TakeOver Boston. Fenix wishes him the best of luck because he will need it, leaving the NXT Champion lost for words as he ponders his upcoming war with the fearless one Matt Riddle vs Shane Thorne Coming off a successful retention of the North-American Championship at TakeOver: Homecoming, Riddle is back in action and this time taking on the Australian Born Shane Thorne who will be looking to make a statement against the champ. From the onset, Thorne was aggressive knowing he had to take the fight to Riddle, but that wasn't meant to be as Riddle cleaned up his opponent in quick fashion to pick up yet another dominant victory and keeping him undefeated in NXT. After the match Riddle addressed the challenge from the Velveteen Dream and he accepted it meaning we are getting Riddle vs Dream at TakeOver Boston! MJF is better than you and you know it The News of Maxwell Jacob Friedman signing with NXT spread like wildfire during the week, with the "Salt of the Earth" announcing that he will dominate the WWE like he has dominated the Independent Circuit. A video of MJF's contract signing was played for the fans in Full-Sail where MJF made sure to degrade and humiliate everyone watching. MJF announced that he will appear in NXT on his time and not on anyone else's WALTER vs Trent Seven NXT UK Champion WALTER has run-through all competition since joining the company and looked to continue his run of dominance again tonight facing off against Trent Seven. In a battle of heavyweight monsters, WALTER continued his stretch of dominance picking up yet another victory to add to his resume. After the match WALTER got on the mic and challenged any man to try and take his title away from him at TakeOver: Boston. WALTER stated that he has dominated every single person in NXT UK and is now issuing the challenge to anyone in the US As WALTER stood in the ring waiting for a challenge, the "Limitless" Keith Lee made an appearance and made his way down to the ring. Lee, fresh off his astounding victory over Dijakovic at TakeOver: Homecoming is in sublime form and looms to be a major challenge to WALTER and the NXT UK Championship. Both men had a face to face staredown before Lee backed out of the ring signalling that the title would be his Breakout Tournament Battle Royal Qualifier As announced by GM Regal at the top of the show, the final spot in the NXT Breakout Tournament will be up for grabs in a 5-man Battle Royal. The English born Birdman made his entrance first finally getting his opportunity to step inside a WWE ring a chance he won't want to waste. Out next was Mikey the Canadian born star is well known throughout the United States and Japan conquering respective companies in those regions and now takes his talents to an NXT ring. We then have Kieron Black, the always unpredictable superstar can wow crowds with his stunning athleticism and his cold-blooded mannerisms. The MMA turned professional Wrestler Shinjeta Okaewa was the fourth man to make his way down to the ring, his intensity on display as he looked focused as ever with a huge opportunity up for grabs. And finally the fifth man was Marker Andrews a second generation superstar from Ireland From the onset all five of these men put everything they had on the line, scratching and clawing to ensure that they wouldn't let an opportunity as great as this pass. The first eliminated was Marker Andrews after he suffered a brutal V-trigger from Mikey which sent him crashing to the floor. This cut the field down to four with Shinjeta Okaewa being the main target. Okaewa would fight off the assault of the other 3 men using his MMA skills to ground them but was then pushed out of the ring once again by Mikey who seemed to be on a roll. This left Mikey, Birdman and Kieron Black. These three had an amazing 3-way mini-match however it was once again Mikey who eliminated Birdman. Mikey would taunt Kieron Black screaming at him to give up, however this wasn't to be the case as Black would unleash utter chaos and eliminate Mikey, granting him the eighth and final spot in the NXT Breakout Tournament
  21. Well done to AEW for finding a suitable replacement. Not easy to do. Pac and Omega will be fun.
  22. I am a bit upset that we won't get Moxley v Omega like planned but PAC v Omega should still be good. I'm sure it will probably be in match of the night contention. And hopefully PAC can get the win so it can be a great kick start to his career in AEW
  23. It would be even better if it was actually happening
  24. The gm of VWL nitro Barron Blade tonight are main event will determine the first ever VWL universal champion which will be Aj Styles the debuting Drew McIntyre Apollo Crews and Chad Gable as for the other matches will be n1lcs and it will be Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch winner goes to VWLS first paper per view which is titled no mercy against the winner of this 2nd match between Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Bayziler but our first match will be Shelton Benjamin vs Sin Cara which will be voted by you
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