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  2. Clash of Champions (FKA Night of Champions), has always proven to be one of the most important nights in WWE Dreams. Tonight will be no different. Event Pre-Show Before defending his United States Championship, Jinder Mahal serenaded the crowd with his rendition of the national anthem. He was interrupted, thankfully, by Rusev who, after a brutal Machka Kick, defeated Mahal to capture the US Title. The first match of the main show was for the SDL Women's Championship. Asuka defended against Mae Young Classic winner Ember Moon. These two put on a clinic, but it was Asuka retaining her title after Ember tapped to the Asuka Lock. Is anyone ready for Asuka? Next, Lucha House Party challenged Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler for the RAW Tag Team Championship. McIntyre was an absolute monster, dropping Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado with Claymore kicks in order to retain. After the match, McIntyre delivered a third Claymore to Kalisto. Sami Zayn defended his Intercontinental Championship against Braun Strowman in match three. While outside the ring, Zayn attempted a Tornado DDT after diving between turnbuckles but Strowman caught him. Braun then climbed onto the apron with Sami on his shoulders and dropped him in the ring. There, Braun hit the Strowman Slam to go on to win his second Intercontinental Title. The fourth match was the Universal Championship Match between Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins. Momentum was on Rollins' side as he set up for the Curb Stomp, but as the referee checked on Joe, The Demon came out from underneath the ring and kicked Seth in the head. Joe capitalized with a Uranage on Rollins to win the match. AWESOME! The Miz made his way to the ring to host a special "Mizzies" edition of Miz TV. This is the second-annual "Mizzies" award show in which The Miz presents not-so-glamorous awards to WWE Dreams superstars. Miz said this year he had only two awards to give out. The first one went to Roman Reigns for "Most Unearned & Undeserving Title Matches". Reigns came out with a smile on his face and played along. Bobby Lashley crashed the party and said he agreed with The Miz for once. Miz told Lashley he had perfect timing because the last award of the evening goes to him for "Worst Comeback in WWE Dreams History". Miz went on to list Bobby's losses since his return earlier this year. This pissed off "The All-Mighty" and him and Miz began to brawl. After disposing of The Miz, Lashley fell victim to a Superman punch from Roman. Up next was more tag team action as Kurt Angle & Shelton Benjamin defended the SDL Tag Team Championship against American Alpha. As expected, this was a fantastic wrestling contest and in the end, Team Angle came out on top. Later, Becky Lynch defended the RAW Women's Championship against both Bayley and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match. The bad blood between Banks and Bayley would lead to their downfall as Lynch took advantage and retained her title. The main event was for the WWE Championship. Kevin Owens cashed in Money in the Bank to challenge AJ Styles. Triple H appointed himself special guest referee. KO argued with Triple H throughout the match, complaining about slow counts and biased officiating. At one point, Styles yelled at "The Game" to call the match down the middle. Towards the end, Owens nailed the Pop-Up Powerbomb, followed by a Stunner, but when he went for the pin, Triple H kicked him and delivered a Pedigree before placing AJ on top of KO and counting three. After the match, Triple H went to hand Styles the WWE Title but AJ refused it. Styles turned his back on Triple H but was then also dropped by a Pedigree as the show ended. Results
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  4. How I Met Your Mother was pretty disappointing ending the mother dying so it was basically pointless from the beginning, that why I dislike it.
  5. A few songs I've been enjoying recently: Makin Moves - Dbae Tha Truth Ft D-Rock Ransom - Lil Tecca Sanguine Paradise - Lil Uzi Vert
  6. Last movie I watched was Spider Man Homecoming since it came to Netflix in Ireland which I'm happy about since it a great movie to watch for everyone, love Tom Holland as Spider Man
  7. REBUILDING THE BULLS POST SEASON 2020-21 Player Retirements - Zach Randolph, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, J.J. Barea Draft Lottery Results 1) Orlando Magic 2) New York Knicks 3) Chicago Bulls 4) Indiana Pacers 5) Minnesota Timberwolves 6) Charlotte Hornets 7) Brooklyn Nets 8.) Phoenix Suns 9) Celtics (Via MEM) 10) San Antonio Spurs 11) Los Angeles Clippers 12) Detroit Pistons 13) Los Angeles Lakers 14) Hawks (Via DAL) Amazing draft lottery for us, potentially we could draft a Point Guard, or look into trading the pick for an established superstar. Staff Signing Only one change for us as we sign Kuba Gooding a great Head Scout. NBA Draft 1) Magic select Anthony Edwards 2) Knicks select Isaiah Stewart 3) Bulls select R.J. Hampton 4) Pacers select James Wiseman 5) Timberwolves select LaMelo Ball 6) Hornets select Ochai Agbaji 7) Nets select Jalen Smith 8.) Suns select Bryan Antoine 9) Celtics select Cole Anthony 10) Spurs select Precious Achiuwa 11) Clippers select Kahlil Whitney 12) Pistons select Theo Maledon 13) Lakers select Trendon Watford 14) Hawks select Scottie Lewis Great draft for us, we finally patch the hole in our team that was the Point Guard position, allowing us to let Derrick Rose walk in free agency. We also drafted two Shooting Guards in the second round: Tyler Bey and Marcos Louzado-Silva. Player/Team Options Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr, Mitchell Robinson, Landry Shamet and Chandler Hutchinson were all under team options. We accepted all of them for 2 years apart from Lauri who is on 1 year. Kelly Olynyk also accepted his player option. Whilst this isn’t terrible for us it also isn’t good as he takes up 13 mil of our cap space, perhaps we will look into trading him. Free Agency We had a couple of free agents, we let Derrick Rose, Lance Stephenson, Trey Burke and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot all walk. Meanwhile we signed Kelly Oubre Jr, Shabazz Napier and Mike Scott. So we had backups and because we needed 14 players. Training Camps Zach LaVine - Perimeter Shooting R.J. Hampton - Combo Guard TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Chandler Hutchinson, 2022 1st round top 10 protected, 2021 2nd round NO swap best (CHI), 2022 2nd round CHI swap best (DET), 2024 2nd round unprotected to the Washington Wizards for 2021 1st round unprotected, P.J. Washington and 2023 1st round lottery protected.
  8. Looks like an exciting signing, hopefully he can do well for the company!
  9. The card looks very good at the moment, Cage vs Elgin is just Goliath vs Goliath and I love it so much, Rich vs Impact is a great X Division match for the Title, Moose vs RVD is also a good match, the big strong youth vs the high flyer veteran, very exciting for that, don't know the people in the Monsters Ball and don't care for the Women's match
  10. Aladdin Pinocchio Winnie the Pooh Lilo & Stitch Peter Pan Wreck-It Ralph 101 Dalmatians Big Hero 6 Nightmare Before Christmas (Rip Lion King 2 ;( ) Mulan Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Tangled A Goofy Movie Zootopia Saludos Amigos (Never actually seen it, but it can’t be worse than Peter Pan 2…)
  11. The matches so far look absolutely amazing, I'm very excited for Jon to take on Kenny, I know they will do a amazing match with each other and make themselves the best wrestlers on the roster, Page vs Jericho as well is a great match, I feel that Jericho is gonna win the title tho, they need that big name as the champ and who better than Chris Jericho.
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  13. Damn, that really bad for the Undisputed Era, Kyle is so good and very entertaining, he brings the energy into the Undisputed Era, hopefully it isn't that long of a injury and he makes a great recovery from it.
  14. Never good for an injury but at least he can rest and get healed up before his TakeOver match which is 8 weeks away leaving some time for him to get prepared. The good thing is that all the tapings have been done so he really doesn't need to work until the event. Hopefully nothing serious and he is back in-time
  15. GeorgeAK


    Twas the night after the BPZ Power Trip Cup. An air of jubilance filled the crowd after an outstanding pay per view with many marque matches. Each fan in the arena was exuberant, exhilarate and extremely excited for the night of action that stood before them on carnage. As every fan intensely waited for anything to happen, the titantron image changed. Showing the insides of a house. A wooden coffee table, next to a fireplace that wasn’t lit. On the floor multiple bottles of Jack Daniels and cans of Fosters. An ashtray had been knocked over, and a second was completely full. On the coffee table were 5 packets of cigarettes scattered around. As the camera panned around, it focused on the owner of the house, a man dressed in a gown, with slippers on. As the camera panned up, it was evident that the man who owned the house was retired BPZ superstar George AK. His hands were shaking, his entire body tense. He seemed to be vibrating like a particle full of energy. Tears dropped down his cheeks. He looked lost, empty. “It’s done, I’ve done it again. Always me, I always get myself into these kind of situations. I’ve let them down, why can’t I do it. I’m a coward, I make promises, ask for the world from everyone, and in return they get one week. One week of me. One week of me talking to them just for me to return to hibernation once again. Why? Always was me, always will be me. I’ve had my glory days, I ruined them. I’ve had my chances, had my time. Why can’t I accept that I am over?” “I arrive, I make promises that I full well know I can’t keep. I ask questions of myself that I have never ever asked before and don’t ever wanna ask again. Then I go, I leave everyone wondering, why? Sometimes I think, what is the point. Why do I do all of this, why do I bail out whenever the time suits me.” “Then I realised because it is me, it’s in my nature. I can’t control and I damn well don’t want it to happen. But I am hopeless, there is genuinely nothing that I can do to stop it. I am inferior, it is superior to me. And that thing that is superior is also me. I am so little and so much. I ask for the world and try to take it away from every single person who deserves it for my own personal demand.” “I am not a good person, but I wouldn’t say I am a bad one. I am challenged, by myself. My day to day life is restricted by me. And I need to change that. But, I can’t I have tried time and time again to make the change that will make my life an easier one, a better one. And sometimes it takes everything away from you.” “And then you hit rock bottom, and I know that feeling myself, as you can see. You turn to anything. You have no friends because your false pretences have steered them clear of you. You see, my only friend is the bottom of the bottle, the lighter that sparks my own demise. I don’t do it to myself purposely, but at the same time I do.” “That’s why I need to change. I need to alter things about my life. Go back to the drawing board and think. Strategize, think. Even though I have done all I think I can, I can’t give in. I have to fight on. I am seen as a quitter, a coward and a joke. But they don’t know the truth” “Because I’m not. I know I have something inside me. I can make a change, I have to. There is a fire inside of me, one that I have to try and show. Can I? Who knows, who cares. Me. Living like this isn’t me, this isn’t who I am. Why do I treat myself like this? Why do I do it to myself, I have to change. So I will. ” George stands up, looks around and leaves the cluttered room. Evidently distraught by what he has let himself become. As the titantron fades to black.
  16. My current Top 10 10. Damian Lillard 9. Joel Embiid 8. Kyrie Irving 7. Paul George 6. Anthony Davis 5. James Harden 4. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3. Lebron James 2. Steph Curry 1. Kawhi Leonard Also since your a mad Nets fan, if you were the GM for this offseason what signings/trades would you make in order to have Brooklyn a strong contender in the East?
  17. Any chance we get a quick update on the AD trade to the Lakers?
  18. Name: Raven Nickname: The Enigma Gimmick: The Crow Figurehead: Sting Alignment: Face Backstory: Former British indie wrestling legend, "Birdman," he entered BPZ as a member of SSW Club, playing the role of a gentlemanly technician, talking down to the simpler American masses. Unfortunately, this gimmick found no success, and with every subsequent loss he suffered, he became more and more unstable, even reverting back to his "Birdman" persona in hopes of it giving him a victory. Since then, he's left SSW Club and has embraced his lack of stability, now painting his face like a crow and carrying around a baseball bat to get in his opponent's heads and cause general mayhem in BPZ. Moveset: Fighting Style: British strong style, aerial. Regular Moves: Hard chops, general strikes. Signatures: Superkick, 21-Plex. Finisher: Bird Bomb (Frog Splash) Taunt: Throat-slit into pointing at the opponent, his hand shaped like a gun. Theme:
  19. After what happened at Super Show down with both of these guys nearly getting seriously injured I'm not sure if they would even want to go twice more let alone inside of a Steel Cage. If the first match went down well, no one got hurt and everyone enjoyed it then definitely do another 2, but I think the backlash and the negativity from almost everyone might force WWE's hand to not go ahead with these plans
  20. Julius

    BPZ Battles

    Aladdin Pinocchio Winnie the Pooh Lilo and Stitch Peter PAN Jungle Book Hercules Snow White Nightmare before christmas Mulan Tarzan Lion King Tangled Goofy Movie Bolt Saludos Amigos
  21. Predictions Warriors in 4 (Durant) Clippers in 5 (Leonard) Rockets in 6 (Harden) Lakers in 7 (James) Bucks in 5 (Antetokounmpo) Celtics in 7 (Tatum) Raptors in 4 (Siakam) Knicks in 6 (Zion)
  22. We are here in San Antonio, at BPZ Powertrip Cup, one of the most stacked cards of the year. Next up we have a match that the BPZ Universe have been eagerly awaiting for 2 whole months, The BPZ North American Championship Match. The arena goes dark as the video package for the match plays on the titantron. April 12th. World at War. The Inaugural North American Champion was decided. A hellacious battle between eight of BPZ's future stars. Arius was crowned the first-ever champion, but his natural challenger was clear, the Sendai Supernova came oh so close to hoisting the gold for himself in that agonising ladder match, only to fall just short. With Arius' responsibilities as United States Champion occupying him at Mayhem, we finally see the first defence of the North American Championship here at the Powertrip Cup. In the wake of the ladder match we've seen an unusual sense of warmth between champion and challenger, an aura of honour, if not respect. The offering of a mask playing into the strange mind games of the champion. A twisted facade of respect behind the schemes to rattle any who may threaten his throne. Their demeanours are worlds apart, but one thing links these wayward souls together, the search for competition. Neither man willing to accept anything less than the absolute best from their opponent. One stands atop the mountain, their legacy cast in the fire and set into the tapestry that is BPZ Wrestling. The other, a burning star that seeks to shine brighter than ever before, to take that first and hardest step to greatness. The video package ends and the silence takes over for a brief moment before the whirling and pumping tones of "Break Heart" begin to fill the arena. The BPZ Universe on their feet as the challenger, KENJI, appears from the stage. His face betrays that he is almost taken aback by the volume of cheers and chants for him as he makes his way down the ramp. His excitement is palpable, his trepidation, tangible. Everything has been building to this moment. It's do or die. The No.1 Contender sweeps his red and gold jacket around as he walks the perimeter of the ring, clapping hands with a few fans at ringside. KENJI quickly steps into the ring and poses for the crowd on the turnbuckle. His music fades and is replaced with a groundswell of "KEN-JI" chants, the BPZ Universe cheering on the Supernova. He takes off his jacket and anxiously awaits the arrival of the champion. The circling lights of red and gold fall to nothingness as the orchestral strings of Malmsteen's Fugue fill the arena, dry ice covering the stage. The lights illuminate a sickly greenish-yellow moon on the titantron as Arius emerges onto the stage, clad in full regalia. Accompanied by half a dozen ghouls following in his wake, and flanked by the ever-loyal Rin Akane, both glimmering championships over her shoulders as The Revenant's Entourage walk to the ring. Arius approaches and takes the North American Championship from Rin before stepping between the ropes. He and KENJI stand face to face in the middle of the ring as the music stops, the crowd bursting into cheers and hollers at the two wrestlers, eagerly awaiting their clash. KENJI and Arius take to their respective corners as the ring announcer formerly introduces the match, the referee holding up the North American Championship. Arius (c) vs. KENJI - BPZ North American Championship The bell rings, and both men stare at each other from across the ring, both peering out at the crowd as their thunderous "Yes!", "Arius!" and "KEN-JI" chants all begin to coalesce into this cacophony of excitement. KENJI and Arius circle each other for a moment before they lock up into a collar-and-elbow tie up. Jockeying for position, the larger Arius, who has a good 4 inches height over the challenger seems to have the strength advantage, pushing his challenger to the ropes, but KENJI quickly switches position, holding Arius to the ropes. The referee calls for a break, with KENJI very slowly, and cautiously stepping back, allowing the clean break, his eyes laser focused on Arius. The champion's painted face reveals nothing as he steps forward, locking up again. Both men shift and work for a hold, Arius aiming for a headlock, while KENJI works for a wristlock. The challenger manages to slip behind Arius and apply a hammerlock, the champion wincing a little as he counters into a hammerlock of his own, transitioning to a side headlock. Arius wrenches away at the challenger, but KENJI presses down on Arius' calf with his foot to lower the champion to one knee, looking to apply a standing armbar. Arius shifts and sweeps KENJI's legs from under him, lungeing to a grounded headlock, but the challenger counters with a headscissors, Arius kicking up to escape. Their attempts to out wrestle each other lead to another sequence of targeting the challenger's neck, and the champion's arm, mixed in with various pin attempts. The pace begins to reach a blinding speed as these two technical marvels try to one up each other. It ends as both men stop and stare at each other, small smiles on their faces as the crowd cheer loudly at the exchange. KENJI attempts to grab an arm again, but Arius stops it with a simple, but effective kick to the gut. He lays in some forearms to the challenger and leads him over to the corner. Arius motions to the crowd slightly before landing a stiff clothesline to KENJI, who stumbles forward slightly, allowing Arius to hit a snappy neckbreaker, sending the challenger down to the mat. KENJI winces and grabs at his neck while sprawled out on the mat. There is not a moments respite as Arius begins to brutally stomp away at his opponent, he remembers that KENJI's neck was feeling the effects of the Ladder Match, and the champion is taking full advantage of that. Arius soon stops however, motioning to KENJI, almost looking a little disappointed as he lifts up KENJI into a vertical suplex, slamming down to the mat with authority. Arius' eyes are entirely fixed on his opponent as Rin looks on approvingly. Her gaze is still distant, wishing for Arius to end the match now and return home. The champion goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a 1. Once again, Arius applies a headlock to a prone KENJI. He manages to transition KENJI to a seated postion, and drives his knee into the back of KENJI's neck, the challenger flinching at the pain. Arius pulls back on KENJI's head, locking in a half nelson choke, only to throw it back to the mat, and landing a pair of big leaping knee drops. Arius goes for another pin attempt, but only a 2 this time. Arius tries to get another headlock applied, but KENJI manages to get to his feet, breaking away with some strikes to the champion's midsection. KENJI lands some crisp chops to the chest of Arius, their sounds reverberating through the arena, followed by some forearm strikes landing snug in Arius' collar. KENJI quickly lifts a knee into the champion's gut and trying to lift into a bodyslam, but Arius counters and tries to transition into another neckbreaker, but KENJI pushes the champion away just in time into the corner. KENJI takes a run up to lariat Arius, but he dodges out of the way, however.... KENJI gracefully rolls over the top rope and immediately flies back in with a springboard missile dropkick! The crowd come alive as KENJI moves to make a pin, but only gets a 1. It will take a lot more than that to defeat The Revenant. KENJI wastes no time and bombards the champion with a series of stiff knees to head, shoulders and arms of Arius, the champion squirming around in pain, clutching his right arm. KENJI applies a side headlock takeover as Arius gets to his feet. Arius struggles to escape as KENJI pulls the champion's arm back to apply an Anaconda Vice! However, Arius' taller frame allows him to get to the ropes. KENJI breaks the hold and tries to strike Arius, but he counters with a strong uppercut to the challenger, sending him stumbling back. Arius runs forward and connects with a big knee lift to KENJI before whipping him back to the ropes. Arius ducks under as KENJI runs the ropes, landing a huge scoop slam that shakes the ring, going for the pin, but again, only gets a 2. Arius picks up the challenger, but stops as he clutches at his arm, allowing enough time for KENJI to wriggle out over the champion's shoulders, landing a painful looking backcracker! Arius bounces back up and shudders in pain as KENJI quickly tries to lock the champion's arms to his side, he's trying to hit the "Horizon Suplex Hold"! Arius grimaces and manages to prevent both his arms from getting locked in as he counters into a full nelson. The champion tries to hit "Seeing Red", but the challenger manages to power out of it, only to get levelled with a clubbing blow to the back. Arius smiles as he tenses his fingers, trying to get some feeling back into his arm before lifting up KENJI and connecting with some body punches. Arius goes to apply the full nelson again, but his arm appears to be giving him more discomfort, so he decides to suplex KENJI anyway with a Half Nelson variation of "Seeing Red" with brutal impact! Arius calmly stands and grinds his elbow into KENJI's neck, who squirms at the pain and throws a big uppercut to Arius on instinct as he eventually stands, only to get whipped to the ropes by the Revenant, KENJI perched on the apron next to the turnbuckle. Arius walks forward, looking to suplex KENJI over the ropes back into the ring, but no! KENJI counters with a hanging armbreaker! Arius winces as he is tied up in the brutal hold, he can't lose the title by tapping here, but it's very painful. As the ref begins the count for KENJI to break the hold, Arius manages to slip out of the armbreaker as KENJI stands up on the apron. The champion uses his good arm to smash his forearm right into KENJI's face before trying to suplex him again, stepping up onto the second rope! With some difficulty from his damaged arm, the larger Arius manages to power up KENJI with pure strength into an earth-shaking superplex over the ropes!!! Both men slamming down to the mat as the crowd cheers for both champion and challenger. The champion strains as he crawls over to make the cover! 1....2....no! KENJI kicked out again! What will it take to get the win? The champion pulls a shaky KENJI up to his feet, gesturing for the end as he goes to apply the "Final Testimony", his brutal Dragon Sleeper finisher. KENJI jolts around in the hold as Arius begins choking out his opponent, but as Arius drops to the mat to lock in the bodyscissors, KENJI rolls through, he's got the champion's shoulders down to the mat!! 1.....2.....Arius just kicked out in time, the crowd audibly gasping as both men quickly scramble to their feet, the intensity of the match running through them. Arius and KENJI meet in the middle of the ring and both exchange snug forearms into the other's collarbone, neither man willing to give an inch. But soon, to the champion's dismay, the pain in his arm becomes too much, and his strikes grow slower, and lighter, giving the challenger the opening he needs to turn the tide. KENJI whips Arius off the ropes, jumping over him with two leapfrogs, but Arius has the dropkick scouted, pushing it out of the way. Arius runs forward for a clothesline, but KENJI counters by lifting him up onto his shoulders, no small feat given the size difference. KENJI spins around for a moment before connecting with a crisp and painful looking Ushigoroshi! Arius crumples to the mat, clutching his neck and tensing his arm. The crowd rallies behind KENJI as there is some glimmer of hope left now that the champion is down. KENJI scales to the middle rope and lands a diving knee drop onto Arius' injured arm! The champion practically bounces at the pain as KENJI quickly goes for a cover. 1....2...Arius kicks out. KENJI exhales, the strain of the match taking it's toll on both men as evident from their spent looks. KENJI crawls over and begins manipulating the arms again, could he be going for a backslide perhaps? No! He's trying to lift the champion up to hit the Gaudi Bakudan, his Gory Bomb Manoeuvre! Arius groans as he tries to fight out, just able to free his good arm. Arius escapes and tries to hit a ripcord lariat by holding onto KENJI's wrist, but no! KENJI counters into a flying armbar!!! The champion is in big trouble here! Will he tap! Arius is just able to lock his hands to block the hold, but KENJI's strategy of targeting the arms must make even that a painful feat to muster. Arius tries to use his long legs to reach the ropes, but KENJI rolls them back into the middle of the ring, transitioning to the Bermuda Triangle!!! This is it! Will the champion tap? The crowd in San Antonio is almost deafening with support for both sides. Arius screams in pain as KENJI wrenches away on his arm, while also slowly choking the consciousness out of the champion. Eventually, Arius struggles to gain a footing, but gradually gets to his feet, and breaks the hold by slamming KENJI down with a brutal deadlift powerbomb! right onto his neck! The crowd gasp, all on the edge of their seats as Arius shudders while clutching his arm, likewise for the downed and groggy KENJI, favouring his neck. Arius grunts in frustration as he drives his knee into the challenger's midsection, then picking him up on his shoulders, connecting with a huge Death Valley Driver! Arius is so overcome with adrenaline and intensity that he forgoes the pin attempt, and immediately lifts up KENJI and applies the Final Testimony again, fighting through the pain on his arm, maintaining the hold must be painful. Arius smiles as he slowly chokes the life out of KENJI, but what?!?! KENJI just reversed the Dragon Sleeper into one of his own! The crowd explode as KENJI motions to them and lands the KJR from the reversed dragon sleeper! KENJI goes for the pin!! 1.... 2.... No!! The champion refuses to give up! He's kicked out again! KENJI exhales and looks down almost in disbelief before pulling up the limp form of Arius, trying to lock the arms in again for the Horizon Suplex Hold. Arius screams against the strain and headbutts KENJI right in the nose to escape! Arius then clatters the challenger with a vicious lariat! The loopy KENJI stumbles and bounces off the ropes, but answers with a Hi Ko Kokoro!! His Bicycle Big Boot! Clean on the champion's jaw! Arius shakily stays on his feet as KENJI winds up for another, rebounding off the ropes, but Arius dodges out of the way and grabs KENJI from behind, he's going for "The Sentence", if he hits that move, it's all over! He lifts KENJI but the Supernova manages to counter into a Guillotine Choke! Unfortunately for KENJI, Arius powers out and drops KENJI with a nasty sit-out gourdbuster, the challenger going splat against the mat. Arius is on shaky legs as he looks over at his opponent, who is slowly and groggily getting to one knee. To the crowd's and Arius' surprise, KENJI just kneels there, his lip bloody from this war of a match, motioning for Arius to give him even more, the crowd cheering ever louder. The champion stands there for a moment, almost a humoured smile on his face as he downs KENJI with a brutal running knee strike. Arius is almost running on autopilot with how quickly he is transitioning from move to move. Following the knee strike, he lifts up KENJI only to spike him down with a snap DDT! Instead of going for the pin, Arius waits and watches as KENJI slowly gets up again, the defiant challenger looking Arius dead in the eyes, beckoning on more from the champion. Running forearm Smash. Inuzuma Leg Lariat. Osaka Street Cutter. All of them connect for Arius, but after all of them, KENJI still finds his way back to his feet, even using the ropes to assist. Arius' smile only grows wider each time KENJI's resolve is proven ironclad. Arius motions for the Final Testimony, spinning KENJI around, but the Sendai Supernova quickly darts around Arius and hooking the arms, looking to hit the Gaudi Bakudan again! The crowd have a brief burst of hope at KENJI's rally, but Arius keeps his bad arm well away from harm, sweeping KENJI's legs from under him. Wasting no time, and done with playing, Arius applies the Final Testimony with in the bodyscissors, finally and definitively locking in the submission hold. The crowd begin to fall quieter as KENJI's movements fade, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. But in an act of pure resilience, his hand never betrays him, nor his words of defeat. It takes the referee's call to end the match. The champion retains. Arius (c) def. KENJI via referee stoppage with a Final Testimony to retain and make his first defence of the BPZ North American Championship The orchestral strings and flashy guitar runs of Malmersteen's Fugue fill the arena as Arius releases the hold and slowly gets to his feet, his arm visibly bothering him as he motions for the referee to raise his other hand in victory before being handed his North American Championship, Rin Akane clasping the title around her client's waist. The crowd is slightly forlorn and speechless at the result they should have seen coming. While certainly a valiant and spirited effort from the challenger, The Revenant's grip on BPZ is no weaker after tonight. Both men showing and feeling the effects of the brutal contest that had just occurred. After a few moments of celebrating his title retention, Arius points as his music stops. His point is directed to the man across the ring who has just returned to consciousness and slowly standing with help from the ropes. The crowd liven up into a chorus of applause and louder "KEN-JI" chants than ever before. Even in defeat, his performance is to be commended. KENJI looks around in his admittedly, slightly delirious state at the crowd, the wells of emotion preventing even a smile, just a look of a man who is trying to process it all. He slowly turns from the crowd to face Arius, looking him straight in the eyes, even now. The expression he is met with is a small smile. Arius' facial expressions are usually so indiscernible to their real meaning that a smile could mean anything. But something told him that this was an acknowledgement of his effort. The crowd then gasp in a wave of excitement. KENJI looks around for a moment before turning back to Arius and noticing the outstretched hand of the champion, gesturing for a handshake. The BPZ Universe explode into "YES" chants at the prospect. KENJI looks at Arius intently, his hand beginning to move towards the other.....but then.......
  23. I will give you 5 matches that I think will still be remembered in 20 years time because of the impact they had on the business, which needs to be if you want the match to be considered the best of the decade: Taker vs Shawn at Mania 26 Cena vs Punk at MITB 2011 Okada vs Omega at WK 2017 Bayley vs Sasha Banks at Takeover Brooklyn 2? A long shot, Cody vs Dustin from Double or Nothing
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