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  3. My experience in this field is extremely limited, I really have two or three options to choose from, but I'm gonna have to go with being apart of the Firing Squad. Being apart of Bulletproof was absolutely amazing as I had a really good opportunity to learn from some of the best and form bonds with some guys that I'll have for months (hopefully years). But being apart of the Firing Squad was just different. Sure, I had been apart of a team with Owen before, but we don't think about that. This was my first real experience to not be a singles star, and in my eyes it was a huge success. We had our fair share of victories and losses, and every single match helped both myself and Alex improve and become what I would say legitimate stars. Everything about it just worked for me, and hopefully down the line I have another opportunity to be in something similar to it.
  4. World: Bailey, Bart, Arius, Hans Undisputed: Smith, Arius, Hans (again), Flynn IC: Alex, Ropati, Gunner, Bailey NA: Bob, Gunner, Me, Alex US: Me, Bob, Kai, Toxik NXT: Austin, Addy, Amai (again), Yuvraj (hopefully)
  5. Hit 3.4K earlier this week! THANK YOU, NEXT.
  6. Firstly, I wanna shoutout @Broken Nate. I got inspired to do Album/Music review because of his topic and what I've seen from him so before I start any reviews. I wanted to give him credit. Today I'll be reviewing just a song to get started. FIND MY WAY BY DA BABY! Da Baby is one of the hottest rappers currently. He's currently one of my favourites and this song gives me some a boogie wit da hoodie vibes, don't know why lol. I guess it's due to the guitar that is in the song. It feels different than his other songs. It isn't the same person that sung in his album a couple months ago, KIRK. It has a different type of flow in this song. If I'd compare this song to another one, it'd be Me and My Guitar from A Boogie which I really enjoyed. You can really vibe to this song, The lyrics is pretty catchy. Overall, I'd give this song a 8/10. If there's any albums or songs that you want me to review go ahead and suggest.
  7. The most emotional promo you will ever read. 

  8. I felt it yesterday thinking about WM, and they did it. Strowman as champion legitimatizes him and does wonders for the personnel of Smackdown. You now have a legit Strowman, Fiend, Reigns, Bryan/Gulak, the absolutely LIT tag team division, and Artist Collective. SmackDown is looking up, who knew it would just take not having Goldberg and Corbin in prominent roles?
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  10. Its been fun. 


  11. I enjoyed this match a lot, it played a fantastic role of showing the hatred that Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens have for eachother. With this feud dating all the way back to November, they needed to hit it out of the park and I feel they did just that. The ending got me confused at first, as im sure it did to a lot of others but with Owen's microphone work and making it a No Holds Barred Match really made up for it. The Wrestlemania sign spot really did it for me, it brought this match from a stellar one to a one to remember. Something that I heavily noticed through this matchup was the use of eachother's voice. Without any crowd to draw out energy, they had to rely on the story through the use of their lips, and I feel they were able to tell a story just by doing that. Surely one of the better matches of the night, and paid off with a good feud.
  12. For the final time...A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE - thank you for everything...goodbye We cut back to Carnage as the team are still red hot from what has transpired so far tonight and we a lot more to come there is a lot of excitement in the air. One of which includes Prince’s tweet about having an announcement which caused discussion among the wrestling credit as to what he was talking about. Their questions would be answered shortly however, as the entrance theme for Prince kicks in before he makes his way out from behind the curtain. For a second, the fans are excited to see the Royal one come out…however their mood changes suddenly. Here we see Prince, a saddened look on his face. Sorrow, disappointment…as though he isn’t even there. He walks slowly to the ring and doesn’t even acknowledge the crowd for a second and remains expressionless…he gets into the ring and grabs a microphone to ringside. As the music dies out, he stands still and continues to look down with dead silence coming from the crowd. For a minute, nothing happens. It’s as though time stood still. Prince raises the microphone to his mouth, seeming as though he is going to speak but before he can utter any words he chokes up. Another minute goes by before he raises the microphone again, fighting back some clear emotions. “Well…uh. This is tough, ok.” The growing concern is shown in the faces of the Carnage crowd. “I was in the back and, they asked me – ‘you can always change your mind’ ‘you don’t have to go out there and do this’. To be honest, with the emotions I’ve felt recently I thought this would be easy. That I’d just come out there, say my piece and that’s it. Yet I’m here now and…” Prince starts to get choked up again, he takes the microphone away from his mouth and coughs to clear his throat. He fights back as he raises the microphone. “Ok, here we go. So…this is the last time you will ever see me in a wrestling ring.” A collective sound of pure shock fills the Carnage arena, with disbelief over what is heard. Many joked about this but it wasn’t taken seriously. “The truth is. When you have a career that people mainly see as a failure you can go about it two ways, you try prove those people wrong or you let the demons control wrong. For a while I’ve tried going with option A but I keep falling short. It’s one thing for fail. It’s another to hear people talk about that failure. People that once saw you as a threat, now only seeing you as a joke. That’s why I have to leave.” A tear rolls down the cheek of Prince as looks to the crowd who are still in shock. He quickly wipes away the tear before he continues on. “Recently its been made clear that I can’t change what people think. That’s not their fault though, it’s mine. It’s my fault because I never pushed myself the way that I could’ve and not here we are a few years in my career which not a lot to show. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning realizing that, to get in this ring and try put on a show. When you’ve had so much help yet you couldn’t capitalize on it. I want the newer guys to use me as an example, don’t waste the opportunities you have. Don’t become yesterdays news.” The tears continue to come for Prince but he ignores them to carry on. “With that being said, I have some thank yous that I would like to give. First off, to you guys…the BPZ audience. Thank you for blessing me by giving me responses whenever I came out here, good or bad. I’m forever grateful. You made this worthwhile for so long. Second, I’d like to thank FDS. Now, he will likely wonder why I’m doing this but it’s simple. I use to be a brash kid who thought he was better then everyone else but FDS saw past that. He was the first guy to give me a proper shot and try make my name worth something so for that he has my upmost respect. Then, there’s Karico. We had a lot of ups and downs but working with you gave me the best moments of my career that I will always cherish. Who will ever forget the pub burning down? George you crazy bastard haha. Then, there’s Bart. I have so much I can say about Bart but that will take forever. I just want you to know that I’m proud of what you became, I knew you had the potential when I first saw you and seeing what you have become for me personally is one of my proudest achievements. You just kept climbing the ladder and are a prime example of how the student can become the master. Listen, I can take up the whole show with this. I can talk about Slim, Smith, Ropati, Kieron, Cody whoever. I just want you all to know those to know that shared a ring even beside me or against me…I appreciate you all. With that said, I’m done. Goodbye. Time for a new chapter, hopefully I don’t keep messing this one up.” In instance Prince is rushing out of the ring and gets up the ramp and onto the stage. Clearly trying to hide his emotions he seems keen to make it back quickly. However, he takes a second to look at the crowd once again and bursts into tears. Before he can leave however, he is stopped in his tracks.
  13. The fans in the Carnage Arena continue their chanting, with them all hoping they can see the Bedroom Brawl between the two sexiest men in BPZ history. However it seems that Yeldick is having none of it. Still appalled at the squeezing out of all of his baby oil all over the floor, his face is dyed with a red tint from how angry he is at the atrocious and taboo actions of Eric Shun. Yeldick goes over to the Interviewer and snatches the microphone from his hands, then going face to face with the InterYourMum Champion. So you want a Bedroom Brawl with me, huh? Eric Shun nods his head forcefully as he jawjacks at Yeldick, though it is unknown what The Mass Debater truly said to The King of Dong Style. DO YOU PEOPLE WANT TO SEE ERIC SHUN VS YELDICK IN A BEDROOM BRAWL!? The people in the Carnage Arena go absolutely apeshit, begging like a certain member of the BPZ roster (you know who you are) for quite possibly the biggest wet dream match for all BPZ fans. You don't deserve it. The Carnage Arena boos loudly for this, as they desperately want this match because they all have the minds of hormone-addled teenagers, who's only quest in life is to seek out things that might lead them to the land of pleasure, this match being one of those things. The Uncircumcised Savior is a very busy man, and he has no time for B-rate adult film stars like Eric Shun. He only has time for the hot babes to slob on this knob. But... there is one thing that can entice me. You see, Yeldick would like to not be such a busy man, and currently, Yeldick is booking all of his shoots personally, vetting and scheduling filming times takes a lot of time out of my day, a day that could be spent allowing more ladies experience Dong Style. What Yeldick needs, is an agent. What Yeldick needs is Eric Shun's agent. She somehow not only got you more shoots and gigs, but she got you, a man who has never been able to grow a single chest hair in his life, to become the InterYourMum Champion. I want that. So I accept to the Bedroom Brawl ON THE CONDITION, that when I teach you who is the best Pornstar on this planet, that I gain the services of your agent. Yelich then outstretches his hand to Eric Shun who considers the offer as the Carnage Arena's attendants are cheering in anticipation of the match they almost lost mere minutes ago. Eric Shun ponders... looking around at the Carnage faithful who cheer in support of the Bedroom Brawl taking place as Yeldick begins goading Shun into taking the match, saying to, "give the people what they want," to him. Shun then looks back at Yeldick and his hand... HE ACCEPTS! The roof in the Carnage Arena pops off as the Bedroom Brawl, the biggest wet dream match in BPZ history has been agreed to as it is confirmed that two absolute superstars of the porn industry will face off in a Bedroom Brawl match at World At War! Subscriptions begin skyrocketing for the BPZ Neccework from this absolute mammoth of an announcement. Eric Shun and Yeldick stare each other down in front of their twice used bed from their Sex-Off, both unwilling to let go of the handshake as to not show weakness as we go into commercial break, the wrestling world turned upside down.
  14. GUNNERS BUGTASTIC TEAM Pinsir-Mega Buzzwole Volcarona Scizor Golisopod Rimbombee Galvantula Accelgor
  15. Extreme Rules 2011: Edge is retired, The Corre has a pending implosion, and The Miz takes his last stand at the top. Also, an Extreme Rules PPV without an Extreme Rules match. 🤔 Match #1: Last Man Standing Match: Randy Orton vs CM Punk Off the bat, I preferred the WrestleMania match whereas this match was revolved around the usage of the Kendo Stick. While unique, it wasn't as effective as what the WrestleMania match did for the two competitors especially Orton. The WrestleMania match felt like a grand enough end especially with the New Nexus already taken out and Orton getting his revenge for all of Punk's attacks on the Road To WrestleMania, the existence of this match made the whole rivalry take steps backwards especially since Orton won again. (they couldn't give Punk a break, could they?) It was cool seeing both Superstars take liberty in being extra aggressive with the Kendo Stick since most of the time Kendo Stick shots (along with Steel Chair shots) are just common and uneventful. The finish was really cool with the Avalanche RKO, something that Orton doesn't usually get to hit as so many people simply want to see a crazy "Outta Nowhere" moment so having the smart Orton that took the time to think of a different way to finish the match was a nice touch. Rating: 3.3/5 Match #2: WWE United States Championship: Tables Match: Sheamus (c) vs Kofi Kingston This is the first time the United States Championship has been defending on a 2011 PPV! It took five months! Seeing the talent in this match gave me some hope for a good match especially with the always interesting Tables stipulation. Kofi Kingston was impressive in this match with the way he dodged tables in the corner and on the outside but it did not do much for the overall flow of the match. The finish while epic also ended up being the moment that woke everyone up into a state of "did this match just end?" rather than get them excited for an innovative finish. Rating: 3.3/5 Match #3: Tag Team Country Whipping Match: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs Jack Swagger & Michael Cole Heat magnet Cole strikes again! Extreme Rules is the perfect PPV to experiment these kind of matches on and I appreciate the uniqueness & effort. I'm not going to address the competitors as Cole, Lawler, and JR were all limited which did not leave room for Swagger to do much. At the beginning, it was interesting seeing how the rubber straps were going to get worked into the match and it was done really well but the effect of the strap quickly wore off to the point in which Swagger and Lawler did not even need it at all and were just looking to win the match the traditional way while Cole wanted to get the chance to humiliate his opponents and JR wanted to give Michael Cole what he deserved. Much like WrestleMania, this was Lawler's match to win and having Cole go on this "win streak" was completely unnecessary. At least this was shorter than necessary. Rating: 0.5/5 Match #4: Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes Much like the previous two WrestleMania rematches mentioned in this review, I also preferred the WrestleMania match to this one. Not that I did not like this match but I feel like Rey Mysterio was playing an unsuitable role on a couple of occasions which put the dynamic of the match in an awkward position with my main example being when Mysterio Speared Rhodes through the trash cans in the concessions area. Otherwise, both competitors put on a nice, competitive match which used the arena to their advantage. The storytelling with Mysterio's knee brace was done really well and I especially liked how the commentators sold it specifically with Booker T somewhat pointing out that Mysterio is not a vicious person but this is the one night that the viciousness could get unleashed by anyone. The primary reason as to why I preferred the WrestleMania encounter was because it felt even more competitive especially since the two competitors are a luchador and a grappler whereas the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation is more suited to a couple of brawlers. Rating: 2.5/5 Match #5: No Disqualifications, No Countouts, Loser Leaves WWE: Michelle McCool vs Layla Not sure why we needed the No DQ, No Countouts stipulation but okay. The match was what it was, McCool was the de facto heel and Layla was redefined as a sympathetic babyface especially with the nice segment before the match in which Layla apologized to the Divas division for previous problems. I was actually impressed by the finish, the smooth way in which McCool set up the Faith Breaker and the way it was turned into a counter, evidence of two wrestlers that know each other very well which made it such a shame that they were only given five minutes. In addition to putting over Layla, it was cool for her to put over the newest addition to the Divas division in Kharma on her way out which is one reason why McCool is a legend, definitely one of those Divas that would be able to mix in with today's Women's division. Rating: 1.9/5 Match #6: World Heavyweight Championship: Ladder Match: Christian vs Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez While the pace of the match was generally slow in my opinion, the transition from one spot to another was very smooth as both competitors traded the advantage in the match. My favourite spot, while not the most eventful one, was when Del Rio delivered an Enzuigiri to Christian while holding a ladder on the top turnbuckle. A systemic shot that paid off big time. There was one brutal spot which stood out from the match in which it didn't fit in with the trading of spots which was when Del Rio managed to fall hip-first onto a ringside ladder. We got a truly happy ending when Edge returned to PPV and helped Christian win the big one which was followed by an emotional embrace, a genuine "I finally did it" moment. Rating: 2.5/5 Match #7: WWE Tag Team Championship: Lumberjack Match: Kane & Big Show (c) vs The Corre (WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson) Of course, we threw in more dirt into the grave of The Corre after they were collectively buried at WrestleMania. In addition to burying them, of course we had to throw a screw in the works and hint at a potential breakup. 🤦‍♂️ Also, a wild Byron Saxton was spotted. 😁 Rating: 0.5/5 Main Event: WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match: The Miz (c) vs John Cena vs John Morrison The pacing of this match was really good and what I really liked was how each competitor had their own character within the match. John Morrison once again showed that he is the Prince of Parkour with his slick attempts at escaping the cage, The Miz (my favourite) in an out-of-character position, lacked control for most of the match and had to run from post-to-post to keep everyone in the cage while trying to barely escape it himself. And surprisingly, Cena has to out-wrestle everyone and keep everyone down with new moves in addition to his signature moves. These characteristics added a unique dynamic to this match and any of the three competitors deserved to win. While it was cool to further R-Truth's suddenly new character, his interference unfortunately dragged the match down and ruined the overall pace. Rating: 4.25/5 PPV Rating: 1.9/5 Match Of The Night: Miz vs Cena vs Morrison MVP Of The Night: John Morrison Moment Of The Night: John Morrison smoothly dropping a Starship Pain from the top of the Steel Cage I always liked Lumberjack Matches, it makes it nice to see the occasional Superstar Easter Eggs with tonight's top players being one half of AEW's Best Friends Trent Berreta, Tyler Reks who suspiciously looked like Lance Archer, and a still-wrestling Byron Saxton.
  16. "Buddy, whats going on my man" The voice belongs to non other than 'The Heart Of BPZ' Isaiah Carter. Still bruised up from his BPZMania match and the assault given to him a few days ago. He sits down on a stool next to Ace, looking up at the bartender "Just a Moscow mule please" Carter takes a deep breath before speaking to Buddy. "The best thing about losing Ace, is that you learn that it actually helps you. It makes that fire under you roar louder than ever and burn hotter than before. You came out to that ring and saved me on a 3 on 1 attack. That took guts, the type of guts that only come from someone who knows how to lose and wipe themselves off and keep on moving." "Whiskey is great. But its not the answer, I think we should do this together. We should climb back to the top together, the only two tag teams I have been in....well...I've won gold with both" Isaiah is handed his drink and he thanks the bartender, he takes a big swig before setting it down and looking back to Ace. "You're the future of this company Ace. The fans love you, management loves you, and if it wasn't for a hall of famer ruining your moment, well you'd be sitting here with a championship around your waist. So, lets forget about the what ifs...and focus on how we are going to kick Bulletproofs ass" Isaiah Carter and Buddy Ace share a drink, both sitting at the bar as a group of men playing poker in the back can be heard, one of the men places down his hand. "Aces High...pay up" Carter smiles, looking at Ace. "Aces High...I like that.....I'll drink to that" The glass of the two mens drinks clink together as their night begins, as they share drinks and stories. The segment comes to an end.
  17. After Johnny Kills finishes talking to Aidan and The Tiger, he approaches Cody and he hands the microphone to his tag-team partner. Cody Cage takes a minute to look at all the chaos and shenanigans as he takes a deep breath and put the microphone near his mouth. He tries to start off his sentence in a normal and well-presented way but the laughter that was kept inside just broke out. "You can't tell me that this isn't the biggest bullshit you ever saw Johnny! We're in a ring with three delusional people who clearly have approached the wrong people about their crazy fantasies. I've already talked about how last week, we both witnessed the biggest fuckery we've ever seen. But this week tops it! We get to see it in person! A literal fucking fish, in a wrestling promotion!" Cody approaches the tank filled with water, the one that Aiden is being held in. A mischievous smile crosses his face as he approaches the tank, Cody taps on the tank to disturb Aiden. Aiden starts backing up away from the glass, he does this very slowly as Cody looks at him and laughs, until he catches John Johnson staring Cody down. Cody approaches the much smaller man and grabs him by the eye-hedonistic tie. Cody grabs on to his tie in a very tight grip as John tells him to calm down. He once again puts the microphone to his lips. "I don't know why the fuck you were looking at me like you had something to say. You're a little man, prey in a big world filled with many predators who are looking to eat you alive. The same goes for the fish, if only he weren't in that tank, he would have no sort of protection. No help or support. This is a clear representation of your status in this company, weak and useless. Around here, you are a joke, a joke to the BPZ and so we treat you as such." Cody lets go of John's tie and takes a step back. "Your career here is over, you have reached a point where your client is a literal fucking fish, just pack your bags and leave this company." Cody turns around and sees The Tiger, who glares angrily at Cody. "Not sure why you're looking so angry too. Last time we've faced, I laid your ass on the floor and pinned you. Yeah, I'm sure you remember how good-looking I was when I held the title in your face. Well, next time we face, it won't be any different." Cody starts to walk towards The Tiger very slowly. Cody keeps a very smug look on his face as he approaches the enraged man. "There's a very clear correlation here. John is wasting his job here. Aidan doesn't deserve to be here. And now you. You have a good eye for spotting people who can relate with you. Because just like those dipshits, you shouldn't be here either. I knocked you out in that ring before and the next time we face, it won't be any different." Cody stops in his tracks. He looks once more at The Tiger before turning around and approaching his friend, Johnny Kills. "You must think that you're some sort of hero in a villain's world. You think that calling out Bailey like that will make you look cool. You think that calling The Mafia out will make you look dangerous. But you're just a fool. Just another one on the hitlist. Your actions tonight have lead you to be targeted and lead you to becoming an idiot in our eyes. I thought animals were smart, but tonight you made a rookie mistake. You seriously don't know who you're messing with and it just makes me laugh. Pathetic." Cody turns around and takes one last look at The Tiger. "I and Johnny will be excited to destroy a piece of shit like you."
  18. A familiar siren blares through the arena at the close of The Tiger’s ferocious address. His fiery words towards the two members of Ex Machina has seemingly caused them to materialize. As the sirens fade and are replaced by a thumping bass, Cage and Kills emerge from the curtain. The pair shockingly aren’t seething with anger from the insults thrown their way, instead they still maintain the smiles they held when they last spoke about the Natural Progression. They make their way to the ring, swagger exuding off them with each and every step, in spite of the the boos raining down from each and every crevice of the rafters. The pair reach the ring, a steady stream of boos still cascading down. Johnny looks out to the crowd, Cheshire-esque grin painted on his lips. He plays to the crowd, stoking the flames as the crowd grows even more raucous. Seemingly pleased with himself, he redirects his focus to the team Ex Machina are set to face, raising the microphone to his curled lips. “That was a bit harsh Mr. Exotic, don’t you think? I mean calling us rats and all, I think it was a touch too dramatic but I understand. You have to come here and grandstand in front of your ever adoring public. You come here and you puff your chest out and promise results regardless of what you genuinely believe. I know you don’t actually believe that you can hold a candle to the dynastic unfolding before you. It’s extraordinary the lengths you’ll go to in order to project strength. But those are simply the rules of the jungle correct? Each and every moment you have to display strength or else it’s open season is it not? So you play up to the crowd, you play up to give them the show they desire. You play up to them to prove to the boys in the back that you mean business. Most importantly, you play up to it so that just a little bit... in your heart of hearts... you can believe even just a sliver of it. I can’t imagine how painstaking it must be to lie to yourself and EVERYBODY else? But I suppose that’s only a part of the business, everybody is a showman right? And what you choose to lie about, that’s between you and... well I’m up to date on all the animal gods, just whichever tiger god you send your Frosted Flakes up to.” “You see, that actually wasn’t the biggest thing that stuck for me. No, I was more hung up on your proclamations of divine premonition. It’s that part that alerted me to just how full of shit you are.” The smile on Kills’s face proves not permanent, as it slowly evaporates, being replaced with the signature look of Johnny Kills, lips pursed, eyes locked in a stare that stretches through souls into forever. He presses closer to The Tiger, keeping his gaze locked, lifting to microphone back to his lips. “You hold this supposed foretelling of the demise of Bulletproof in such goddamn high regard, it’s so starkly pathetic. It’s not a win that you hold your hat on, no fashion if your own dominance. It’s the group you thought to be destined for destruction that you claim prevented your reign atop the division. So incredibly spineless... brat you couldn’t even think to contest those men, that you saw a powder keg and decided that you’d rather not spark it yourself. It makes one realize, that you’re nothing. That when you exude that arrogance I mentioned earlier, when you dismiss Cody and I as a faction of mercenaries, that... what’d he say Cody?” Cody: “He’d break down our mental state and disrupt our career.” Johnny dryly chuckles at Cody’s response, looking back towards his partner who, in complete contrast to Kills, is struggling to keep himself from cackling. Kills pivots away from Tiger, stepping towards Johnson and Aidan. He looks down at the tank of Aidan, witnessing him in his full glory. He turns away from both, walking towards his partner, muttering into the microphone as he hands it to Cody. “This is fucking ridiculous.”
  19. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 3 Game Reviews: A mixed bag of results since our win over Zaragoza. We lost against Rayo 1-0 in a game we easily could have won, we had 2 clear cut chances in the first half but we didn't put them away. The performance wasn't bad since they're top of the league but it could prove to be a big loss come the end of the season. Then we beat Elche 2-0 which was expected of us really. We were all over them the entire game and deserved the win, Keko got his first 2 goals of the season which was great to see. Then the next game against Ponferrada was pretty boring, neither side really deserved to win and there was a lack of chances from both teams. Not a terrible result considering they're up there in the playoffs spots with us though. LaLiga 2: Deportivo La Coruna (H) VS Malaga (A) First XI:
  20. At WAW, I will show Mirage the true meaning of WAR!
  21. As we see Arrow walking down the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and he begins to speak. Man Jo Nathan you think that you can run and hide but you can’t because when we fight inside the ring you will be destroyed demolished and battered by me and by my weapons which I won’t show you what they are they made be violent but I don’t care because you are a bastard that will be deleted by me and my weapons. Unlike you I’m actually here showing my face because you are hiding but it’s ok because when we face off you won’t be able to hide at least for long because if you think that it’s time for a change how about you actually show up to sign this contract next week you delusional bastard and stop hiding and don’t bring your weapons because I want it to be a surprise because I don’t believe you have gotten violent weapons because I found some violent weapons that will make you change your mind about attacking someone from behind. What’s that you guys want it to be a boneyard match instead of a last man standing match? As the fans cheer! So Jo Nathan if you aren’t going to hide you will accept the boneyard match instead of it being a last man standing match give the fans what they want because I’m going to bury you alive because you can’t accept the fact that you can’t get your own spotlight because you are blaming others for your own failure but you can change that instead of blaming others for you’re failure you start blaming yourself and push yourself to reach a top star in this company! Before I leave this ring I got one more idea for our match if you accept it to be a boneyard match let’s have a little fun and make it to the first to fill the whole grave up with dirt. As Arrow leaves the ring without saying anything.
  22. Aidanator

    BPZ: Evolve

    NAME: The Aidanator Tweener/face/Heel: Face Move set: Corner Cannonball, Clothesline, Frog Splash Signature: Spear Finishers: Pop-Up Powerbomb, Stunner Theme: Kevin Owens' theme Gimmick: Kevin Owens
  23. I recommend reviewing Backlash from 2009.
  24. Justin Reiland Heel. Justin is a brawler. His signatures consist of the power slam and the inverted suplex. His finishers are the "Eye of Doom" which is a headlock which turns into the dragon sleeper. His other finisher is the Spinebuster. Theme: Jimi Hendrix - Astro Man Gimmick: Non-Caring Individual who only seeks to cause chaos and create mischief. Justin Reiland has been a very common observation in a pub in his local town of Westport, Ireland. He was a very fun person to be around, he always met new friends and always told them the stories of how wild it was to be an Irishman living in Texas. He was a former pro-fighter who was signed to a local Texan promotion, after long months of training hard. Justin abandoned the career as a professional fighter to seek a normal job back in his home country. Ultimately, after telling all these amazing stories to the lads he met. A job employer approached to become a professional wrestler. He told Justin that the career doesn't require the same amount of effort as a fighting career would and Justin decided to listen to the man who became his manager. His first multiple wrestling jobs were to be a personality on numerous wrestling shows across Ireland until he caught the eye of the biggest Irish promotion, additionally, it was to become a wrestler. Justin was already 33 and he really felt like he wouldn't succeed at the wrestling career, but his skill came to show from the numerous camps he attended beforehand. Eventually after years of wrestling in Ireland. He moved to America to find a job there, and the first person he approached was BPZ. They gave him a contract and so it began...
  25. Addy

    BPZ: Evolve

    Addy Heel -Move set: Finisher: Sleeper, Big Boot. Signature: Codebreaker, Springboard European Uppercut Moves and spots: Tiger Suplex, Mid air armbar takedown, Skull crushing big boot against ringpost, Shoot star through a table, Bridge pin escape, cross body, Crossface. -Theme: To whom the bell tolls-Metallica -Gimmick: Best Technical Wrestler in the world
  26. Suddenly a glass is busted over the head of Akki as the camera pans over to reveal Austin Mirage standing over him as he continues to kick Akki before stopping and getting a sledge hammer and busting out the windows of Akki's limo before returning attention to Akki. Austin Mirage: You're no hero. Austin Mirage now lines up the sledgehammer to Akki's head however before he can swing it down the singh brothers pull it out of his hands as he quickly turns his attention to them and quickly kicks one of them in the gut causing him to drop the sledgehammer before grabbing the other one and bashing him face first into the limo as he picks back up the sledgehammer and begins to choke out of on the two singh brothers with itas he is hit from behind by the other before turning his attention back to them and landing a brutal roundhouse kick right on their jaw and grabs them and lands Cruel Justice. Now Austin Mirage walks over to the downed singh brothers and hits them both in the head with the sledgehammer knocking them both out instantly and likely giving them severe injuries before he turns his attention back to Akki who he locks in The Enlightenment on while also using the sledge hammer to choke him out. However Austin Mirage lets go and grabs a jug of gasoline and pours it all over the inside of Akki's limo before getting out a match and uses Akki's own boot to light it before holding Akki up by the hair in order to make him watch Austin Mirage toss the match inside the limo catching it on fire and to make it explode before dropping him back down and looking down on him. Austin Mirage: That is only a small taste of war. See you at World At War bitch. Austin Mirage then walks off laughing to himself as Akki is left laying on the floor in pain.
  27. Mikey

    BPZ: Evolve

    NAME: Mikey Tweener/face/Heel: Tweener Move set: Technical moveset Signatures: Pele Kick, Adrenaline (V-Trigger) Finishers: Shattered Illusion (Burning Hammer into Piledriver), Lockdown (Liontamer) Theme: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir Gimmick (character): Cold, calculated competitor (AEW Cody Rhodes)
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