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All Elite Wrestling: "End of Year Awards" #31

In the new episode 2020 comes to an end and with that, we will crown the Wrestler of the Year among many other awards. Can AEW pick up any major awards as we continue to prepare for our New Years Smash PPV?
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"Upstaging Rivals" WWE Universe Mode: #41

The road to Wrestlemania continues in Episode 41 of WWE Universe Mode as we will see Bray Wyatt face Daniel Bryans opponent from last week Jeff Hardy in single's action. Can The Fiend defeat the same man that his Wrestlemania opponent beat?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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  2. Valor Card- January 15th, 2021: Main Event: Julius & Ropati © vs Bad Influence (Austin Omega & Brandon Hendrix) Sheridan vs Mikey- Sheridan Wins, she gets rematch next week. If she loses, she loses the rematch clause. Jeremiah Flynn vs Nesus Sameer vs Necce Hans vs Echo Wilson Wednesday Night Carnage: January 13th, 2021 - North American #1 Contender’s Match Tournament Match: Joh vs. Jason Ryan - North American #1 Contender’s Tournament Match: Joshua Scott w/ Jack Bishop vs. Gunner - Epic Obama vs. Austin Mirage - MAIN EVENT
  3. Suplex Style Pro v Catch Style Kings “Warden” Alex Costa v “Braveheart” Epic McDonald Mafia v Mile High Squad “Triple X” Paris v “The Pride of the Posh” Ty Heller “Auckland’s All-Star” James Ropati v “Jersey Devil” Bailey Justin (Steel Cage)
  4. Jonathan has hit the points right on the nail. It's such a big contrast between AEW and NXT for exemple. Right now the NXT Women's Division is probably one of the best booked women's divisions in the world if not the best (excluding Joshi companies). You can argue there talent is overall better than AEW's but the fact is AEW does have some really good women on there roster it's just they don't know how to book them. Brandi clearly just feels the need to put the spotlight on herself and I figured that Kenny Omega doesn't got a fucking clue how to book women despite arguebly being a massive Josh
  5. Thunder Championship Wrestling Matchmaker: Bob Backlund Full Roster: “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan “The Macho Man” Randy Savage “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley The Ultimate Warrior “Ravishing” Rick Rude “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle “The Franchise” Shane Douglas “Rated R Superstar” Edge “Captain Charisma” Christian
  6. Much like Hans, Tamer and Toxik at first I thought wrestlers were using there real names to wrestle, this around the time I thought wrestling was real. Funny enough it was a pretty quick phase for me since well seeing the Undertaker do some of the stuff he did as the Deadman character made me realize it right away.
  7. Red Raven wRestling Shawn Michaels Triple H Scott Steiner Rick Steiner Booker T Stevie Ray Big Van Vader Lex Luger Bam Bam Bigelow X-Pac Ron Simmons Dustin Rhodes Barry Windham Bradshaw Jeff Jarrett Chyna Mr. Perfect Sid Vicious Gregory Helms Shannon Moore Chris Kanyon Christopher Daniels Brian Adams Bryan Clark Chis Hero Ron Killings Marty Jannetty Buff Bagwell Kid Kash Simon Dean Stevie Richards Sable
  8. Toxik Pro Wrestling Owner: Vince McMahon Roster: Undertaker Sting Jericho DDP Hardy Boyz Ken Shamrock Dean Malenko Ultimo Dragon Dan Severn d'lo brown the sandman Ahmed Johnson Savio Vega Dr. Wagner, Jr. Meng The Rock N' Roll Express Justin Credible Mikey Whipwreck Big Boss Man Marc Mero Bushwackers Fake La Parka Shane McMahon Gillberg
  9. GCW Splendor - May 2020 Match 1 (GCW Ascension Championship): Akira Tozawa (c) vs Marty Scurll To kick off the show in classic GCW fashion, the GCW Ascension Championship was defended as champion Akira Tozawa took on Marty Scurll. Scurll has claimed he is Tozawa's first real challenge, and tonight we saw that he meant what he said. Scurll was able to match Tozawa's every move, seemingly having predicted everything before Tozawa even executed. In the end, the match ended up being back and forth due to Tozawa showing exactly why he has been champion for
  10. Discuss all Main Roster call ups here!
  11. Discuss WWE Trademark Filing news here!
  12. It appears that, if Kevin Smith is accurate, a Batman The Animated Series sequel series is in development at HBO Max. Smith said on his Fatman Beyond podcast with co-host Marc Bernardin that they’ve heard from reliable sources that HBO Max is developing a sequel show. After Bernardin said that he’s heard the rumor of the series, Smith said (per CS.net), “I think that’s real. I don’t think that’s a rumor, I wouldn’t say ‘Set your watch to it,’ but it’s an idea whose time is not only coming, I think it came, and it’s smoking a cigarette. I think that’s gonna happen. How f**king amazing woul
  13. And in addition to this, a battle royal to crown the #1 contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships for Revolution will be held.
  14. for all those fucking twitter beefs dios mio they are so frequent
  15. Like Hans and Tamer I too believed that Wrestlers sang their theme songs and as far as I’m aware Cena does but other than that I can’t think of any that do, and as for something none wrestling related I used to believe the myth of eating the seeds of a watermelon would cause a watermelon to grow inside you and to this day I can’t figure out where that myth came from or why any adult would tell that to their kid.
  16. The Blood is "Ketchup" was a myth I kinda believed in when I was kid. I remember my cousin telling me the blood was fake and the wrestlers were just using ketchup which just sounds pretty fucking dumb now but back then man did we believe that lol. Kane and Taker being brothers is a common but I believed that too when watching wrestling and I think i was like maybe like 10 when I figured out they both weren't actually brothers. Finally going on from Tamer's point about wrestler's singing their own theme and 100% can relate. I always thought it was fucking Triple H singing his own song lmaooo.
  17. 25,000 I guess is good enough. It’s not 70k plus of course of screaming fans making it crazy. But If they can pull off 25k that will be at least something and we can have actual real fan reactions and chants rather than those god awful piped in noises. I wonder if WWE still goes all out with the Mania set and design of the stage and ramp.
  18. idk how much rep I got I’ll see when I post thus
  19. This divisions problems isn't to do with lack of talent or ability, it isn't to do with weak promos or segments. These issues have been assigned to people time and time again before they fully settle in AEW, people like Ricky Starks, Hangman Page, Taz, FTR, Hardy (after Stadium Stampede), and more. It's the fact that AEW waffles with booking some of their talent, and by some I mean all those not in the Elite and Jon Moxley. They have storylines for them every once in a while, they can put them in programs and stand back and watch the wrestlers sell the story (which I enjoy and think is fine),
  20. -We're live on Valor Television on Friday Nights as the location of the house belonging to "Based God", "Baddest Motherfucker On Valor", and "The Sex Symbol Of BPZ", Brandon Hendrix. Inside, he's seen with his back turned to the camera and the sound of his voice and a female voice is heard on the audio sound byte of the camera. Suddenly the doorbell rings and the talking stops. Brandon sighs before he and the chick continue talking before the doorbell rings two more times.- "What the fuck…." -He shakes his head before continuing his conversation. Then, the doorbell
  21. Discuss all rumors related to this year’s WrestleMania 37 set to take place over two nights on April 10th and 11th. Whether that includes rumors about matches, attendance, fans, whatever, post it here and all topics related to it can be merged here into a big discussion thread
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