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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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  3. According to the chart my name is Hammer Steel. Only slightly worse than the others honestly.
  4. Valor, when I was taking my exit in discord about a day or so before I left what did I tell you to not do?, I said don’t lose anymore members and I believe Arius responded with a “We’re locking the door on your way out, so you don’t gonna worry about that”. But I find myself up at 3:20 AM on a Saturday morning to find out that Akki left?, I thought y’all locked the door?!?!, did y’all at least double check?; please tell me he did!

  5. BPZ Wrestling | Monday Night Carnage (September, Week 4) ________________________________________________________ Carnage's go-home show begins with Sheridan in the ring. Before her is a table, with contract upon it and two chairs on either side. Sheridan says she wants Carnage's first event under her leadership to be a success, and for the sake of also being professional, she believes holding a contract signing for the match between Jeremiah Flynn and Sameer is the best way to go about things. She talks about the history of the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and hope
  6. Necce


    I’ll fuck you up, I’ll fuck Tom up, I’ll fuck Danny up, and I’ll even fuck up Xenu.
  7. Episode 80 JCW Sentiment Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs HARPER In a hard hitting and grueling match, Wade Barrett defeated HARPER in 17:31, making the 7th defense of the JCW National Championship Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Tetsuya Endo (c) vs Lince Dorado Tetsuya Endo defeated Lince Dorado in 14:17, making his 1st defense of the JCW Breakout Championship After all the competitors clear the ring, General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger takes their spot. He is still bandaged up from Lesnar's attack at
  8. Episode 76 JCW Thursday Night Punishment The show kicks off with the winner of the JCW Justice Cup just last month, Jay White. White comes down to the ring and addresses what happened after his victory, the attack from Lesnar. White says he will not fall into Lesnar's trap of giving him a match at JCW Sentiment, and that if he wants it he'll have to take it some other way. But before White can finish speaking, a clip plays from JCW Justice after the broadcast ended. Lesnar is standing over a bruised and battered Jushin Thunder Liger, staring right at Milano Collection AT
  9. My Predictions (While we both have an idea of what the other is doing, Im not privy to his booking, so these predictions are legitimate predictions, so this isn’t a spoiler) Jeff Hardy Lashley Natalya Rusev New Day CM Punk
  10. Yesterday
  11. > OVW Clock Strikes 12 PPV (Preview) Here is the preview for Ohio Valley Wrestling's first PPV, Clock Strikes 12. Feel free to make your predictions. The show will be posted this Sunday. Jeff Hardy vs Aaron Stevens To start the show, we have Jeff Hardy vs Aaron stevens. Both participants lost to the members of our main event. Aaron Stevens is currently at a 1-1 record while Jeff Hardy is sitting at 2-1. Who will walk away with the win? TV Championship- Kofi vs And
  12. FFW Full House PPV Welcome everyone to FFW Full House as we no doubt have a hell of a night planned for you all. We have plenty of highly contested matchups and hot feuds culminated here tonight. As we kick off the show we will kick it off with a great showcase of how talented this FFW roster is. Two of the coldest and most sadistic wrestlers in the sport will go one on one, as we will see WALTER face off with Randy Orton. WALTER took issue with Orton’s return, laying him out minutes after he appeared. Orton though answered back with an RKO the following week so it
  13. Yelich


    Tom Cruise is driving to the arena while Yelich with his EVOLVE Global Championship is over his shoulder. Yelich is freaking out as we are mere minutes away from the Survival Games matches happening tonight as apart of the Bad Blood festival while Tom Cruise drives at a reasonable pace. Yelich: TOM WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ARENA?! Tom Cruise: Yelich, I'm trying to drive this is the fastest I can go, the arena is a solid 20 minutes away, I know that's late and that you don't know when you'll be on, but that's the deal. Yelich: BULLSHIT, YOU'RE A BILLIONAIR
  14. Arius


    Last Time: Diesel and Dust The titantron fills with a cinematic as a vulture is seen circling the arena that is hosting BPZ Bad Blood 2020. Looking over the opponents standing in the ring before the beginning strings of 'Dazed And Confused' begin to play. As the lights go dark the beat drops at around the thirty-fourth-second mark the curtains are brushed to the side, smoke spewing out from behind the curtains as it covers the stage. Out steps Arius as he walks alone on the stage. He pauses, confused, before he turns around and reaches to dr
  15. Riptide From Asbury Park Convention Hall Jake Lee Open Challenge: The undefeated Jake Lee would make an open challenge to open OW Riptide, ready to face anyone in the back. Jake Lee so far is 3-0 in OW, with wins over TK Cooper, Ultimo Dargon, & AJ Gray. And looks to climb the ladder some more tonight. He would be waiting for someone to answer his call when out would come... DALTON CASTLE IS HERE IN OCEANSIDE WRESTLING, ANSWERING THE CALL OF JAKE LEE! Jake would be very surprised at this, as former JCW Breakout Champion Dalton Castle who nearly had his arm ripped off by Br
  16. It’s time, go vote while you all still can.

    The Voting: 


    1. Epic1237_
    2. NardieIsTastic


      damn...I forgot about that rule.

  17. Sameer


    . Smith backs away from the set camera as Sameer steps up towards it. The view of Rangitoto Island looking magical in the background of the video. Sameer lets out a huge sigh before beginning to speak to the camera as his brother Eli Smith watches on what he has to say. With Bad Blood upon us, Smith and I normally are always training within the few days left before the Pay Per View. However, we couldn't resist seeing the sight of Rangitoto Island. I mean you all can just see for yourselves. Now, it's no secret that I go into Bad Blood with probably one of the biggest tasks to
  18. We didn’t get any suggestions, but the votings will still happen, make sure to vote when you see this.
  19. Tamer


    Last Promo: An Interview with Chimera (I don’t know why everyone simultaneously appears to have missed this. I’m doing my own thread next time.) Valor returns presumably for one last time before Bad Blood, as the forecast appears in a slight haze but still calm as several pedestrians walk across the New Brighton Pier in NZ. The waves clash slightly against the shore, as the camera pulls in slightly to see tournament favorite Tamer taking in the soothing atmosphere before him. Several developments had been made since the last time he spoke, most notably the fact that his match with Yelich
  20. {We open on a scene of an empty arena. Thousands of chairs are set up, and a ring is fully constructed in the middle of the arena. The building is the Spark Arena, the setting of the 3rd week of the Survival Games tournament. On this show, we will see the very first meeting between 2 legends of the business, as ‘The Antichrist’ Necce takes on ‘The Enigma’ Smith. We pan around to the hard cam side of the ring, where we see Necce sitting amongst the rows of empty chairs. He sits alone, all he has to accompany him is his peace and his thoughts. As he stares out towards the ring, he starts to spea
  21. 5K REPS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Road to 10k now bby.
  22. I really, really liked the match between Brodie Lee and Orange Cassidy. Lee has looked really dominant in recent weeks and since feuding with Chris Jericho, Cassidy kind of has a different more serious light on his character. I think that the Dark Order disrupted this match a little too much, and Cody's return seems almost premature. I think it'd have been more impactful if he returned two or three weeks later. The women's tag team match was decent. I thought that the match was good, but I feel like AEW doesn't really care too much about their women's division, the storytelling aspect just isn
  23. Sucks that Archer got Covid during The time of course where he’s in line for a world title match and finally had some direction. And now Cage might be out so idk he said he was feeling sick. Looks like Mox could be feuding with Kingston and the fraction he’s got going right now. The main event was decent but you obviously knew Mox would win. Interesting that Kenny Omega is the one that wants to go singles and Page wants to get the team back but Page is the one that continues to have singles matches. Brodie vs OC was a good match you knew Brodie would win but OC looked good coming out of this.
  24. Playing: Better by The Screaming Jets Arius is shown at an apartment seated on his couch with friend, Tasteful. Of course, they are rolling up and bumping classic tunes, but also seem to be in deep conversation. Arius is just finishing grinding the weed with a grinder he got from a fan - a rainbow one with his face on the removable top. Tasteful is simply watching Arius's hands as he goes. Arius: I'm finally feeling (Arius belches loudly) better after our uh, Summerslam "mourning".. Tasteful: Yeah..I saw the event. That was rough, man
  25. Bailey to make first defence of BPZ Universal Championship in two out of three falls rematch against FDS
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