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  2. I've been asking for this match to happen and finally we have this. The story is already there which is great and I think the personal history between these two will elevate it to the next level. Looking forward to the match, and this could quite possibly be the match I'm looking forward to the most
  3. I'm personally excited for this match, this feels like a big match in my personal opinion, and the history is there to make a compelling and great match. I see Orton winning the championship here, Kofi has had good reign with the belt but I see Orton walking away with the title.
  4. A report like this came out after RAW 25 and I don't even doubt its credibility because of how much of a clusterfuck these shows look to be. They would have to book all these people on TV and make sure they all get their chance to shine. I feel like they did pretty well with what they had and put on a pretty good enjoyable show
  5. Should be an interesting match, would have been awesome if it was The Fined vs The Demon. Bray gets the win here of course as there are rumors of Balor leaving for some time off after Summerslam.
  6. Loved what they did with Kofi and Randy really looking forward to their match at Summerslam should be great because of the history they have with each other. Fiend vs Finn should be great and what they did with HBK and Ziggler is interesting. No idea where this is going to go but I'm definitely intrigued about it
  7. Really looking forward to this match, a shame that it isn't Fiend vs Demon but this should still be an entertaining contest. Bray has been pretty much faultless since his return as the Fiend and I'm looking forward to seeing how he works in the ring. Bray should definitely win here, he needs it more and needs to get his character off to a good start with a solid victory
  8. I really enjoyed this episode of smackdown, lots of good stuff, nothing terrible If i could recall. Kofi vs Randy should be good, and actually excited to see what happens next between KO and Shane.
  9. I guess this was good news for Impact that they can still stream their product when it looks like interest in them seems to be dwindling. From what I have seen they have been doing average on Twitch while putting on a good product which is a shame because they do deserve some success for the work they have been putting in
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  11. Sad there not doing the Demom in thjs match but ig tthey wanna keep that undefeated as well. Ik we saw this match 2 years ago but this is a different more exciting Wyatt. I hope he just destroys Balor and sends him away for a few months
  12. Julius is a 2K God

  13. BiC

    Natedog, Nategod

    (fuck nicolas) Natedog, what a funny guy he is, constantly making people laugh with his jokes and his quick humor in discord. But thats where it only begins, as Nate is a truckload of fun and greatness. As his many wins over me prove that he is one of the greatest alive, not only does he win at King Of The Ring a lot, and has won multiple titles. He is one of the best PS players around, constantly destroying at GTA, Fifa, WWE, and every other game he plays. His taste in music is byfar past anyone else on the forums, and the ideas he puts into his post can be confused with Einstein sometimes as he is just a brilliant worker. Some of the best moments on the forums has been when Natedog said something, created something, or was there in general. Such as creating "The Greatest Song Ever", and making Akki a famous rapper. His verse on Akkis album is one of the best of all time and rappers like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Tupac wish they could be him. His promos are that of god level, and he has never dropped a bad one, and he was the first person to call me a pen. There is nothing that brings me more joy, then seeing Natedog type in chat, as he always adds to the conversation, and has a great outlook on life. While he may be ginger, he is now sixteen, and is one of the greatest looking members, in forums history. I remember when I first started playing PS, me and Nate would always be on the same team, and I was an annoying little shit so he would groan and groan. But we would still win, and GTA was a place where I talked to Nate a lot, and while he shot me with RPGs and made jokes, I realized how much of a god he is. And much like Nicolas, he is a future world champion when he eventually wins King of the ring once again, and becomes the GREATEST OF ALL TIME on the Brendenplayz Forums. Where he will sure to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Nate has made many great jokes in the past.. And even though I have spammed him with the word "Poop" hundredsof times, he still talks to me, and for that, he is a god. Poop.
  14. WWF Championship Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Rock Hell In a Cell Match: The Undertaker WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle  Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit Sting WWF European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero  WWF United States Championship Match: Booker T WWF Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Dudley Boys WWF LHWC/ WCW CW Championship Match: Rey Mysterio Texas Bull Rope Match: Scott Steiner
  15. WWF Championship Match: Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H vs The Rock Hell In a Cell Match: Goldberg vs The Undertaker WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle The Outsiders vs Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit Kane vs Sting WWF European Championship Match: DDP vs Eddie Guerrero WWF United States Championship Match: Booker T vs Edge WWF Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boyz WWF LHWC/ WCW CW Championship Match: Rey Mysterio vs X-Pac Texas Bull Rope Match: Scott Steiner vs The Big Show
  16. Stone Cold Steve Austin The Rock Goldberg Kurt Angle The Outsiders Sting Eddie Guerrero Edge Hardy Boyz Rey Mysterio The Big Show
  17. SmackDown LIVE - April 4th, 2017 The Superstar Shakeup - Part 2 The King arrives on SmackDown with his stake to the throne What new superstars will emerge in the flourishing Land of Opportunity? The Hugger... Finally Champion How will Roman Reigns respond to Bray Wyatt and Pentagon's attack, and are they now SmackDown superstars?
  18. Carnage returns from commercial break as Yelich is pacing around a room backstage, filming again with his crappy handheld camera that has bad quality again. The room he is in is quite messy with a lot of printed out news articles about BPZ strewn about the room. BPZ Commentaries, Smarks Daily, BPZPedia, BPZ Observer, The Blurry Lines, and Yelich's Yell (wait his own show? why is he looking for clues in his own show? Sometimes I, the narrator of BPZ Promo's, thinks he's an idiot) all seen on the floor or crumpled up. There's even one paper that just says "THAILAND?" just on the floor. What? Yelich: Okay, now to find out where the hell BPZ Headquarters is. Maybe I should ask Mr. F, he would probably know.... nah, I shouldn't bother Mr. F with this, he has his own stuff to deal with. Oh wait, I have to be in his corner for his match against Jon... ehhh it's Jon I'm sure I won't have to prepare much, he'll be able to beat him easy peasy. Now, if I were a BPZ Headquarters where would I be? Yelich sits down in a chair and picks up from the floor a map of the world with almost indiscriminate circles and scrawls of words in just about unreadable handwriting all across it, seeming to look for where the BPZ Headquarters is. All Yelich is missing right now is a tinfoil hat to keep the government (or in this case the higher ups in BPZ) from tapping into his brain. If he had that he'd fit right in with the Flat Earthers. Wait that map is rectangular and not a globe.... crap. Yelich: Now I have come to the conclusion that it could be in one of these four countries, Australia, The UK, Ireland, or The United States of America. Now sources... well my source has told me it's in America. Though that'd be weird since Br- Mystery Voice With An Annoying New Zealand Accent: I'm telling you it's in America. Yelich: DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO! Ropati pops up on screen next to Yelich at this point as Yelich's "source." Let's all celebrate that Ropati is not dead! ♫Celebrate good times! Come on!♫ Yelich: Anyways, before I was RUDELY INTERRUPTED by my source, I was going to say that'd be weird because this company originated in Australia, which is also where Brenden lives. But off-brand Aussie over here is insistent it's in America. Ropati: People who I have been close with have told me it is in America, though they refused to tell me where in America it was. Yelich: Oh really? Who? Which people who you have been "close with" have told you it's in America. Ropati: Flynn and Julius. Yelich: God I really should just ask Mr. F. You're good for nothing you know that Ropati? Ropati: You tell me that everyday. Yelich: And it's always true. But since Mr. F is not to be bothered or else I may be fired as his... whatever I am to him. I shall keep theorizing. So the main two ideas are Australia and the US, but you can not rule out The UK and Ireland because of the sheer amount of talent from there that keeps coming over to BPZ. So we got a list of cities: Melbourne, Sydney, London, Dublin, or any major US City... so that whittles it down to 75 cities. Ropati: Oh my god, just give me your phone. Yelich: What? No it's my ph- Ropati snatches Yelich's phone out of his hand and texts Flynn or as he's known in Yelich's contacts "Mr. F." The poor quality handheld camera Yelich is using somehow picks up what was texted after Yelich gets his phone back from Ropati. Ropati: It's in Queens. Yelich: Why would you do that? Mr. F is gonna kill me for talking to him in messages that are over eight characters long! Also how did you even get in there it's password protected. Ropati: You only use Thumbprint ID and your therapist changed the backup password to "therapist" just in case he ever needed to get into your phone, he told me that because you don't have any friends and I'm closest person you have to a friend in this world. Yelich: That's hurtful.... But we're not friends, you're gross. Ropati: Whatever helps you sleep at night. So, we going to Queens? Yelich: I'm going to Queens, I dunno where you got we from. Ropati: Dude I literally got the city for you, I'm going to Queens with you. Yelich: Nope, you ain't showing up again in this promo series. Now I'm going to go on a flight to New York City! The raid is happening during King of the Ring! Yelich slams the door on the way out of the room leaving a dejected Ropati sitting next to all of Yelich's conspiracy theory stuff. Ropati: I never get to do anything mildly interesting anymore. Carnage then cuts to commercial break with the last shot seen a very sad Ropati sitting in a messy room that was all Yelich's doing, he probably has to clean it up now. Poor Ropati.
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