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  2. Name - Austin Mirage appearance - White, sky blue eyes, mostly black with a hint of brown hair, full grown beard backstory - Grew up idolizing the armed forces and was amongst the first to sign up into the army. personality - Comedic but serious when needs to be quote - “ The difference between us and the enemy is we don’t lose “ War I’m fighting in - World War 2/ American
  3. Name: James Nolan Appearance: White, blue eyes and brown hair Backstory: A man with no family, just trying to do what he can to survive. Being in a war is the only way to do that. Personality: Smartass Quote: "If you dont want to love, then dont". War I am fighting in/Nationality :World War 1/ Italian
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  5. Smith The kingdom The Kingdom ( again ) Arius Bart
  6. Whelp, I'm trying this again. I know I have a very terrible track record of updating diaries, but I actually am going to try with this one, pinky promise. For anybody wondering, the premise of BPZ: War Stories is that you get to send in a character that will fight in a historic war of your choice(I'll provide the list below). Once you do, I'll write them in to be as accurate as I possibly can, both to history and to your information form. Without further adieu, here's what you need to fill out: Name: Appearance: Backstory(Remember to make it accurate to the times): Personality: Quotes(Only one or two is necessary): What War They Are Fighting In and Which Nationality(If it's a multi-front war, please provide the theater as well): List: World War 2(1939-1945) American(Pacific Theater, Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) Soviet German(Western Front, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) British(Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa, Burma Campaign) Italian(Greece, North Africa, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign) Chinese Japanese(Pacific Theater, Burma Campaign, Chinese Theater) Brazilian World War 1(1914-1918) British(Western Front, Middle Eastern Theater, Gallipoli) French(Western Front, Gallipoli) German(Western Front, Eastern Front) Italian Austro-Hungarian(Italian Theater, Eastern Front) Russian(Eastern Front, Caucasus Campaign) Ottoman(Gallipoli, Middle Eastern Theater, Caucasus Campaign) American Belgian Korean War(1950-1953) Chinese North Korean South Korean American British Turkish Colombian Ethiopian Dutch Spanish-American War(1898) American Spanish Cuban Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871) Prussian French Russo Turkish War(1877-1878) Russian Ottoman Romanian American Civil War(1861-1865) Union Confederate Crimean War(1853-1856) Russian Ottoman French British Mexican-American War(1846-1848) Mexican American Napoleonic Wars(1803-1815) Austrian(Third Coalition, Fifth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Russian(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) British(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition, War of 1812) French(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Prussian(Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Spanish(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) American American War of Independence(1775-1783) American French Spanish British Seven Years' War(1756-1763) British Prussian French Austrian Russian Spanish War of the Spanish Succession(1701-1714) British Austrian Dutch French Nine Years' War(1688-1697) English Dutch Austrian Spanish French Great Turkish War(1683-1699) Austrian Polish Russian Ottoman Thirty Years' War(1618-1648) Bohemian Palatinate Dutch Swedish French Austrian Spanish Danish(Protestant Side, Catholic Side) Great Siege of Malta(1565) Maltese Spanish Ottoman Crusade of Varna(1443-1444) Hungarian Polish Serbian Ottoman Byzantine-Sassanid War(602-628) Eastern Roman Sassanid Persian Gothic War(535-554) Eastern Roman Ostrogoth And that's all! Long list, I know. Anyways, if you haven't been scared off yet I really hope you submit some characters, since I need to keep this diary going so I can beat Mikey at Halloween Havoc!
  7. Eli Smith The Kingdom The Mob Arius Bart Hoogveld
  8. We have met 14 of our roster members and now, its time for the Opening Act of this brand new BPZ!!! It truly doesn't get better then this, taking place from "The Battle Tent", BPZ is going to the Festival Of War as superstars such as Eli Smith, Arius, The Mob, and more will be in action, also, Alyxander Cuddlezworth will be making a HUGE announcement!!! ________ Festival Of War Match Card MAIN EVENT: Eli Smith vs Sameer FACTION WARFARE PART ONE: Flynn (The Mob) vs Slim (The Kingdom) TAG TEAM WARFARE: The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey) DEATHMATCH: FDS vs Arius SHOWCASE MATCH: James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld
  9. Name: Captain Ketchup Gender: Male Superpower: wears a suit of armour (like war machines but red) instead of shooting bullets out of the shoulder cannon he shoots ketchup Backstory: Captain Ketchup was kidnapped at a young age by the mustard gang, he was forced to test mustard flavours on their helecarrier until he broke out and destroyed their energy core (made out of mustard) in the explosion he landed in water and hid from the mustard gang until he met mayor ketchup who made epic a suit of armour, Epic flew around and killed all of the mustard gang Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Hero Other information: weak to Mustard but if his ketchup gets onto enemies skin it pops them out of existence
  10. Name: The Flash (Icon) Gender:Male Superpower: Flying and Super Speed. Backstory: A lonely man, who got hit by a truck, that truck had electrical circuits, who hit Icon. Now his Super Powers are unmatched. Alignment:Villian
  11. Heel Akki Heel Akki in the streets of Suriname Background information Birth name Akshay Akki Chadamie Born February 24, 2003 (age 16) Paramaribo, Suriname Origin Nickerie, Suriname Genres Hip hop Grime Occupation(s) Rapper Singer Youtuber Songwriter Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano Years active 2017–present[1] Labels D4Records (2017-2019) Bad Boy Entertainment Associated acts George AK AJ Tracey VS Height 5 ft 6 Children 1 Albums Fuck Life, Incursion
  12. amai

    Amai Graphics

    new one, think this one fits my current persona more
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  14. Welcome back to WPW, tonight sure should be a great night of action. But before we go ringside, we head backstage, to see Seth Rollins get ready for his match tonight. As we head backstage, we want to get a few words with the current WPW World Champion Seth Rollins. When it is time to do so, Rollins is sure pumped up. As he talks about his match against Buddy Murphy at WPW: Day Into Night. But tonight is about one man, Joey Ryan. The newest signee to WPW. But Seth Rollins promises to "Burn It Down". Mustafa Ali vs Fandango Mustafa Ali has looked great the past two weeks. And looks to continue that statement here tonight. As he goes one on one with Fandango. In an impressing effort, Ali really took it to Fandango. Showing that he is a viable threat to anyone on the WPW roster. When the last few moments of this clash came, Ali was looking for that O-54 but instead, a man with a mask came out to attack Ali from behind costing him the matchup. As Fandango would roll him up for the victory. The masked man revealed himself to be Joeseph Conners. Drew Mcintyre vs WolfGang Damn, an amazing match here. Both men showed off their skills, but it surely was shown Drew Mcintyre is the real deal. He took every possible chance, to show his dominance. As he tried to throw Wolfgang for a belly to belly suplex, he was unable to do so though. As his weight was to much to handle, Wolfgang would go for a lariat, but Drew would duck under and hit a Claymore. Securing the victory with the three count. Yummy We head backstage, where Joey Ryan is sucking on a lollipop, viciously. Before he begins to speak, in a sexy tone. Joey Ryan: Oh I didnt see you there. Lets talk about sexiness tonight, Sethy Sethy, how adorable you were looking earlier tonight. All mad and such, just calm down and lick with me. Tonight should be a magical night, see you in the ring beautiful. EC3 vs Mike Bennett This match was a quite quick one. As EC3 is a true force, not to be wrecked with. In a 6 minute match, EC3 went through Mike Bennett with ease. At the 6 minute mark, he would put Mike away with a huge lariat. Marty Scrull Is Coming When we return from commercial break, we are met with a surprising eary figure. The phrase repeats itself, "Im coming". Numerous times, over and over again. As the screen fades to black, the crowd is in shock. Who is this?! Seth Rollins vs Joey Ryan We now get ready for our main event of the evening. A really good one, the champion looked very impressive. So did Joey Ryan on his debut night. But was it enough? Sadly it was not, after a 12 minute match, Seth Rollins would end off Ryan with a Curb Stomp securing the victory. But while, Rollins was celebrating, Murphy would come out from behind, hitting the Murphy's law on Seth. Ending the show, Murphy holding the WPW World Title over Rollins.
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  16. amai

    Making of a madman

    He’s here, Amai is sitting behind his desk, with countless stacks of bills in front of him, thrown onto there with absolutely no care whatsoever. Amai is sat down with his signature cigar in his mouth, and multiple shots of vodka to his side, he puts the cigar down, and starts to speak. Lately, I haven’t been myself, it seems like the success has just gone into this big intellectual brain of mine; money on my mind, I’ve become out of touch with my loved ones, the people I care about the most. He takes another drag of his cigar, and then takes a shot of vodka, before slamming his head down to the desk, and raising it again in a much happier manner. All of these guys, whether it be Epic, or The Tiger, all they want to do is see my empire burn, they want to hate on me purely based on my achievements, but I won’t let that happen anymore, I’m not going to let myself be put down by these peasants any longer. I’m not going to let myself change just because of these fools, I’m not going down that road again, I’m not going to become someone that I’m not. I’ve already said this and I’ll say this again, Kyle Pain is gone, that sadistic old maniac is no more, now only the Moneymaker is alive, I am- Amai hesitates and takes another shot of vodka, before finally getting back to his senses, calming down, trying to resist losing his temper like he used to in the old days. I can’t do this any longer, I can’t let these idiots turn me into that disgusting monster any more, I have to finish what they have started, and I will do so at Halloween Havoc, the time when the monsters are supposed to come out, I will unleash the beast, the alter ego that shall not be named. I will prove everyone wrong, I am not that coward that the media portrays me as, none of you know what I go through every single day, you don’t know what I can do when someone as foolish as The Tiger provokes me. And let me be honest with you, you don’t want to know what I can do. Amai smokes the cigar once again, before using a lighter to set up a fire in the chimney, the light reveals a cross behind Amai, on the cross is a model of Epic, which foresees the fate of him at Halloween Havoc. Next to the cross is the burnt skull of the tiger that Amai had killed many weeks previous. He smiles, before starting to talk again. My life is a secret, and this is exactly why that’s the case, I didn’t want to do this, believe me, I really didn’t; but they made me… They pushed me to the limit and now they are feeling the consequences, but this isn’t the ultimate punishment, oh no no. The ultimate punishment will come at a later date, where I shall celebrate by beating down the bodies of my opponents, and laughing in their faces as I crucify them in the middle of that very ring come Halloween Havoc. Like the real king of the jungle would, because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. Before the camera cuts out, Amai pulls out a gun from his pocket, begins to smile at the camera, and shoots the lens without hesitation. The screen is black, and nothing but the sinister laugh of the NXT Champion can be heard as Carnage moves on to the next scene.
  17. This is probably be a good match with Mansoor clearly winning however I believe that Cesaro being the one to take the loss is the wrong choice but oh well not much we can do I just hope Cesaro eventually gets past being the guy who takes the losses and eventually reaches that Main Event level that we all know he deserves to be at.
  18. Honestly as much as this pains me to say I don’t see Bray winning the belt here especially with the recent report of supposedly what’s supposed to happen although I’m not entirely sure how much I believe said report.
  19. Judging based off who’s in it so far I would say this match will be fun to watch if nothing else however as said many times here with basically no story behind it this match probably won’t be all that great and also because of that I really have very little interest or care about this match and to me it’s only there to fill the numbers and a spot on the card.
  20. NCAA END OF SEASON AWARDS: AWARD PLAYER POS TEAM Wooden & Naismaith Player of the Year Zion Williamson PF Duke Blue Devils Bob Cousy Award (Best PG) Ja Morant PG Murray State Racers Jerry West Award (Best SG) RJ Barrett SG Duke Blue Devils Julius Erving Award (Best SF) DeAndre Hunter SF Virginia Cavaliers Karl Malone Award (Best PF) Zion Williamson PF Duke Blue Devils Kareem Abdul Jabbar Award (Best C) H.R Pufsnuf C Villanova Wildcats ALL-NBA 1ST TEAM All-NCAA 1st Team Ja Morant PG Murray State RJ Barrett SG Duke DeAndre Hunter SF Virginia Zion Williamson PF Duke H.R Pufsnuf C Villanova ALL-NBA 2ND TEAM All-NCAA 2nd Team Darius Garland PG Vanderbilt Bart Baller SG Kentucky Echo Wilson SF UCLA Rui Hachimura PF Gonzaga Daniel Gafford C Arkansas
  21. I think Moxley's injury was a bit of a blessing in disguise because the build for this match on Dynamite has made for some fantastic television. I do think Moxley is gonna win and it ends up being some sort of last straw for Omega since it seems they have been teasing a snap or turn from him lately. It's cool Omega seems to want to try something new for AEW rather than just being the version of himself he's been the past few years. Plus, Moxley is still their top name right now and I think they're gonna carry the hype around him for at least the rest of the year. The only way I could see Moxley losing right now in a singles match would be if it was unsanctioned, which doesn't even count anyways.
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