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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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    • despite people saying TNA straight up copied WWE by having Young win two matches in one night and become world champion, the same as Daniel Bryan did 4 Days before. However, this was still a great moment and it was a great way to cap off his long journey to the top.
    • BPZ Wrestling | EVOLVE: Episode Three (September, Week 4) Evolve wrestling is back and we are going to waste little time getting into singles action. It will be The Bailey taking on Prince. The two got into a twitter spat on Twitter over the previous week as Prince would claim that the only reason they won was because of him. Bailey took issue with this calling Prince nothing more than a jobber and a bitch. Bob Sparks would chime in making a match between the two here tonight to kick off the show. The Bailey vs Prince In a great match, The Bailey defeated Prince in 11:40 after putting him away with a Career Killer. Bailey was able to put down Prince in the end but Prince brought the fight to him tonight as The Bailey could have lost this match for sure. But once again Bailey would prove why he is the GOAT of this company by picking up yet another win here tonight. After the match we would see our Global champion celebrating in the ring holding his title high as suddenly the celebration would be cut short as we see Necce attack The Bailey from behind eventually hitting him with the Begotten. Necce would then look down at The Bailey who is out cold, face down on the Canvas as the crowd cheers. Necce would raise his arms soaking it all in as no doubt his intentions are clear now, as he has his sights set on the Global championship. Eventually we would see him make it as clear as day as he would look over at the title before picking it up and holding it high. Eventually we would see Necce throw the title down back on top of The Bailey before leaving the ring and walking backstage. We would see backstage personnel rush the ring attending to the GOAT of BPZ and our Global champion. As we roll on we get set for our second match of the night as we will see Ogre in action. Akki Mahal will be taking on Ogre and has been running through everything from 16 wheelers to BPZ Wrestlers. Nothing has been able to stop this absolute animal yet but maybe Akki Mahal will be the one to put down Ogre, unlikely but hey you never know. Ogre vs Akki Mahal In a short match, Ogre defeated Akki Mahal in 1:03 after putting him away with a Powerbomb. Ogre was dominant here as he absolutely ran through Akki Mahal here. Ogre continues to roll on undefeated as no one can seemingly stop this behemoth. Akki Mahal loses here but the question is what is next for both of these men. Next we would see Mecko make his way down to the ring, last week he was able to knock off Bart in what was no doubt the biggest win of his career so far in BPZ. You can feel a dark aura just food through the arena as the fans go quiet, not knowing whether to cheer or boo. Eventually we would hear Mecko begin to speak as he enters the ring. He would say that he is the darkest, most sinister member of the BPZ roster. There is no one on his level when it comes to unleashing utter hell. He is the most cruel and vile son of a bitch in this entire company and not one person can tell him otherwise. So starting now fall victim to the Tiger just as Bart did last week and no one will survive. Suddenly though we would see the lights go out as the crowd once again is stunned. When they come back on we see another man in the ring standing behind Mecko, it’s Hollow! Hollow is here live on Evolve. Mecko though would smirk as he turns to face him as the two stare down. Neither man making any expression, just two cold dead stares. Eventually though we would see Mecko laugh at Hollow before walking backstage as the segment comes to a close. Next we would get set for singles action as we will see Addy take on Austin Omega. Both of these men are no strangers to each other, fighting in recent times. But both men are being rumored to be in line for a shot at the United States championship and a win here could no doubt help their care toward that. So it should be interesting to see who comes out on top between these two top rising stars here on the GOAT brand of BPZ Wrestling. Addy vs Austin Omega In a solid match, Addy defeated Austin Omega in 10:04 after putting him away with the Riot Control. Addy picks up the win here over Omega in quite impressive fashion. A big win here for Addy as he no doubt should be in a line for that US Title shot now but the question is not if he deserves it now it is more a question of when he will get it. Finally we get set for our main event of the evening as we will see Julius and Bart pair up to take on the reformed Firing Squad. Mikey and Alex Costa were unsuccessful a week ago when taking on The Bailey and Prince, but it ain’t an easy feat taking on the GOAT of BPZ Wrestling. But Julius and Bart are arguably a better overall team so it’ll for sure be a hell of a tag team bout so let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it. Julius & Bart vs Firing Squad In a hell of a match, Firing Squad defeated Julius & Bart in 16:25 after Mikey was able to put away Bart with the Nightmare. Bart once again falls short as he loses this match for himself and Julius here tonight. Bart is in a huge slump at the moment and is turning out to be a bit of a bust here on Evolve. After the match as Firing Squad would celebrate, we would see Julius attempt to console Bart only for him to push Julius away and head backstage leaving Julius in the ring at a loss of words as the show comes to an end.
    • God I don't think I've seen either wrestler do anything as focused, well done or adventorous as this. Not a whole lot of moves done throughout but everything here had so much purpose and intention, it took me back to Ziggler/Alberto from Payback 2013. Particularly, when Roman hammered down on his cousin's skull with forearms as he mouthed off endlessly about being the breadwinner. Speaking of which: jesus fucking christ the dialogue here. Given the MCU gobshite NXT seems to have surrounded so much of it's big matches in the stuff Roman said here easily could've come off as hokey or corny but he was absolutely brutal in establishing this alpha narrative throughout, and Jey's dazed selling near the end was damn near immaculate. Just superb all around man. 
    • Madden MyTeam, to start off not that good the Washington Football Team will go 0-1 losing to the eagles 34-20 the run game for the eagles was just too much, but this team can cruel around and come out with a W soon, hopefully make the playoffs.    Washington Gained 372 yards all combined, 62 rushing yards, 310 passing yards. While picking up 15 first downs still wasn’t enough for it. Having 5 turnovers vs the eagles. 34-20 Eagles. Not what we want to see here.    Johnny SparkleT thrown for 340 yards 2 touchdowns, 4 ints, and got sacked 4 times and also Picking up 37 rushing yards.    Antonio Tender rushed 5 times 22 yards not the best game for rushing, hopefully next week he can have a better rushing game.    James Ropati had 0 targets and 0 catches as he got injured in the 1st quarter and never returned back but, I’m sure he is returning this game coming up for Washington Football Team.    Sameer Jones had 7 catches 231 yards and 2 touchdowns longest catch was 81 yards.  Also getting NFC’s offensive player of the week.    The Tight End Eric Shun having a good game trying to save us with 5 catches 55 yards.    Now on the defensive side, Andre Delarge had 2 solo tackles, 5 assists, 7 all together.    For Kicking, Michael Jeffries made 1 field goal 2 extra points and missed one.    These are the stats in Week 1. Hopefully week 2 is better as we go to face the cardinals.  Now we are off with good news, James Ropati is playing vs the Cardinals.      
    • The best thing to ever happen in TNA is when Kurt Angle debuted against Samoa Joe. The crowd was ready to explode and Mike Tenay had the call of his career, damn near killing himself by screaming “OLYMPIC SLAM!! OLYMPIC SLAM!!”

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