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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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    • We are live on Carnage, just a few days removed from Survival of the Fittest. Earlier in the night, Joshua Scott called out Mr Slim because Josh was fed up of not being given opportunities. Slim came out, and Josh challenged him to a match in the main event of next weeks Carnage. And if Josh pulls off the upset victory, he gets a title shot. Slim accepted the match, and that means next week, two veterans of the company collide for the first time next week 1 on 1. Now Josh Trenton is with one of those competitors, let’s hear live, from “Manchester’s Number One” Trenton: Joshua Scott, earlier in the night we saw you book a match with Slim for the first time ever. With the history between you, especially on your part, why has it taken so long for this match to happen Scott: I’ll tell you why Josh, because Slim is a parasite Care to elaborate? Of course I do Trenton. Let me start with a story. The year was 2018, and one of my friends Jack Rea, a fellow Mancunian, had a trial at BPZ. They were doing it in the Performance Centre, so I went to watch. A few other wrestlers and BPZ personnel stopped by to watch, just to scout. Of course when Brenden watched for a bit, everyone that was trialling suddenly turned up the intensity  But what shocked me most, is when Slim turned up, everyone started wrestling even more intensely. Everyone was trying much harder for Slim, than they were for the owner of the company, Brenden. I couldn’t believe it. I asked Jack after the trial why, and he gave me his response As he said, even if you make it into BPZ, you’re not guaranteed anything. But if you make it into BPZ and then into a Slim stable, you’re guaranteed success. It shocked me that Slim had accomplished his goal, thanks to the myth of a “Slim stable” he had more power than anyone in the company And to be honest, when I first came into the company, I believed in the myth of a “Slim stable.” Even when I was teaming with Ropati, even when I was calling out Slim on Christmas Eve 2016 the truth was, had Slim offered me a place in his stable The Top Guys, I’d have taken it I mean look who was in it. Alyx Wilde, the US, Euro and Tag Team champion. Summer, the NXT Champion, Aidan, the Tag Team Champion. Nate, the Premium Champion. Yelich, the Global Champion. These 5 men weren’t mega stars yet under Slims leadership they became champions Which is what Slim wanted you to see. That’s how he’s built the myth of a “Slim stable.” He wants you to believe he can make you into a superstar. It builds the awe and respect around him. But as I’ve said many times, this is just a myth. Because the truth is Slim is a parasite Nate, Yelich, summer, Aidan and Alyx would’ve all been as good as they were without Slim. All Slim did, all Slim has ever done, is take superstars and leech of their success. He used the success of Alyx, Aidan, Summer, Nate and Yelich and leeched off it to keep himself at the top And when he was done with them, he’d ducked their careers out of them, and none were the same again. I’ve spoken at great length about how much of a failure Alyx is. Nate’s relied on Slim giving him opportunities. Aidan is a fish. And Yelich is talking with Danny DeVito I think And Summer hasn’t been seen in 3 years. Slim leeched of the careers of 5 stars to stay relevant and left them all for dead. I thought I was unlucky being the only member of the NXT 3 2.0 to not be a part of your stable but I look at where Aidan and Summer are and realise that’s the one good thing you ever did for me Slim But even now Slim is still a parasite, leeching off careers to stay relevant. I mean, he came from Valor over to the best brand Carnage, and became the Owner of Carnage. Why? He saw now successful Carnage were and fresh off a defeat, wanted to leech off Carnage’s success to make him relevant  Back to your question Trenton. Why do you think it is that Slim has never faced me before? That despite 4 years of me wanting to fight him, he’s never accepted until now. It’s because now I’m a success. Because now, I’m making headlines. Now I’ve turned my back on those moronic fans, people are seeing the real me and seeing how dangerous I am Now the talks on me, now Slim is happy to fight me. He sees a chance to leech of my recent success and use that to boost his career once again. Unfortunately for you Slim, you’ve underestimated me. We are still 6 weeks removed from me losing to a blindfolded man And as I said then, I can fall no further. I’m not fighting for the fans anymore, and I can’t fall any further than I already have. I have nothing to lose. Yet you Mr Slim, could be looking at your third consecutive defeat. How much of a blow would it be, if you lost to me?  I have nothing to lose, you have everything to lose. 6 weeks ago I promised SSW stood for SaviourS of Wrestling. Well I’m going to deliver that promise, for I am going to end the career of the biggest parasite wrestling has ever seen. Tune in to Carnage next week, cause Mr Slim is going to get his ass kicked I am “Manchester’s Number One” and I am going to win. See you next week Slim And with that Josh storms off from the interview, which turned into a Joshua Scott rant. As we pan back to our commentators they have to wonder, surely the upset won’t happen? Or could Mr Slim lose to Joshua Scott. See you next week on Carnagenfor that massive main event
    • This is the greatest promo of all time. Also greatest title of all time to a promo
    • Jesus, another stunning show. I mean, Slim vs Neb, on Valor, I don’t have any more to say. No Mercy shaping up to be a great show Going to have to say, the best show of Week 2 in my opinion was Sheridan’s Carnage though but to all 3 of you keep this up
    • It'd work about as well as they want it to. Hardy's a creative enough guy so no doubt he'd do well with it, it all comes down to freedom and timing. Broken Matt in WWE occured long after the heat died down and it suffered from that, plus a lot of what they did wasn't nearly as organic or daring as the original iteration. If they can overcome that, I'm sure it'd pan out well.
    • Episode 30 Season Finale Its Gone. Cassi and Gallant start punching each other before they run into the gallons of the gasoline so it would spill over the floor after a hour of fighting Cassi sees the hole Gallant doesn’t KAYLA NOW Kayla would lit the matches at the gas tank and it would explode and then Cassi gets Kayla and throws her out before getting to the exit and getting out until part of the roof fell onto her leg but Cassi was trying to get it off but she couldn’t and Kayla would see Cassi struggling before the whole building would collapse on to her leg Kayla runs over to Cassi and pulls her out and then she gets into the moving truck with Cassi. We would see Gallant get locked into the Springtrap suit and then die from the springlocks. The End!

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