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    • As bad as PPV's like Battleground 2017 and Backlash 2018 were, I think that there's only one PPV that can take the prize for being the absolute WORST. And that PPV is none other than... First of all THE WORLD CUP, what were they honestly thinking with this, they had a few average 5 minute matches (Angle vs Ziggler and Ziggler vs Rollins was pretty good I guess) and absolutely none of the actual competitors benefited at all from this because Shane McMahon comes in and wins it all for himself! I mean it did end up being a decent storyline but this was an absolutely terrible booking choice, making Ziggler look like a complete and utter idiot after just defeating two of the top wrestlers in the entire company. Maybe this wouldn't have been so bad if Dolph actually put up a fight but he didn't, he just stood there and looked like an absolute fool while Shane looked like Superman in comparison. I would've shit on this even more if it didn't lead up to the pretty good feud that was Shane vs Miz, but since that happened I'm just gonna leave this here. Next, the Universal Title match, this was the final straw in completely killing Braun's momentum, and he hasn't recovered at all one year later. I don't mind at all that Brock won the match because I like him, but as was the case with Dolph, Braun was just made to look like a useless tool after over 2 years of building up to the main event only for his momentum to be thrown down the shitter. Finally, the main event, oh my fucking god what an absolute disaster. Michaels was the only one that looked decent in the whole thing and he's the one who had been retired for 8 years, this was just a complete and utter botchfest, and no one cared about it due to it dragging on for 30 long minutes. Maybe if the match was 10-15 minutes long it would've been more bearable, but it was complete and utter ass. Do not watch this unless you're drunk or want something to laugh at. Only positives about this show were AJ vs Joe Rollins vs Ziggler Ziggler vs Angle And maybe Miz vs Rey, depends what mood I'm in.
    • Game Review #1   WWE 2K20   First of all, this game will always be remembered for one thing, being the most controversial entry in the WWE Games franchise because of its poor release, being filled with many glitches and bugs that made it almost unplayable, with the game constantly crashing on users all over the world. This obviously caused backlash within the community and the reception has made this probably the worst received game in the franchise, with a 43 on Metacritic, with a 1.3 user score.    So now it is time to see whether it is still that bad nearly 4 months after the launch of the game.   GAMEPLAY   The gameplay in the WWE Games has been almost identical since WWE 2K15, and this game is no different, aside from the controls being changed, which I personally don’t mind as I find it easier to time reversals correctly with the triangle button, overall the only thing different is the fact that the pace is a bit on and off, the gameplay itself is slightly faster, but some animations (lifting the opponent up) are significantly slower than previous years. There were some concerns with the game’s hit detection at launch, but since then those problems have been fixed, and with that problem being fixed and match types like HIAC and Extreme Rules being improved (plus the addition of the Mixed Tag match which is ok I guess) I have to say that the gameplay as a whole is a slight improvement to WWE 2K19’s, but not by much.   STORY The main story mode in the game is the MyCareer, which I honestly don’t like at all, I haven’t finished it yet and I have no plans to, the main characters are so obnoxious that it is just not enjoyable to play as them. But aside from the characters, the story is actually decent (at least from what I’ve played so far) it tells the simple story of going from rags to riches and it does it well for the most part, aside from the stupid characters. The second story mode which was a huge selling point for this years’ game is the WWE Originals, which I think is one of the highlights of this game. The premise is pretty self-explanatory, there’s brand new original worlds, with brand new original characters based on real life wrestlers, and original stories based on those characters to go with that, featuring new arenas, attires and moves to be used in the other modes. I find this mode very fun, with the towers also being decently fun to play through, if not a bit of a hassle, overall this mode gets a thumbs up from me.   The final story mode in the game is the 2K Showcase, which focuses on the Women’s Revolution… I have played one match and I honestly have no plans to continue playing this mode, I’m not really the biggest fan of women’s wrestling and this story is nowhere near as interesting as the Daniel Bryan one from last year.   PRESENTATION/GRAPHICS   The graphics this year are very hit or miss, while some character models look very good this year, some look strange due to the new lighting being extremely bright, personally I think that 75% of the time the graphics are an improvement, but that could just be me and my retarded eyes. Some people say that the graphics are good, some say they aren’t. The main downgrade in graphics is definitely the CAW models, especially compared to the real life models, where they look like PS2 models in comparison.   The presentation in the menus is, in my opinion, probably the worst it’s been in a few years, not because it’s hard to navigate through, but because since 2K17, the menus have been so unique and interesting to look at, the only thing you’re got this year is the exact same clip playing in the background over and over again, and it gets boring to look at after a while, especially for a guy who spends a lot of his time in the menu, maybe if the clips playing had a bit more variety in them it would be a bit more interesting to look at, but ehh, it’s nothing. The roster in 2K20 is lacking, while it has the big names from NXT like Riddle, Keith Lee and Io Shirai added to it, there are many names missing, with some notable omissions being WALTER & the rest of Imperium, Lio Rush and Killian Dain, with many legends also being removed. Things are made even weirder when you see that Jaxson Ryker is in the game, despite the rest of the Forgotten Sons not being included. So overall, this is definitely a step down, considering that there are no new DLC superstars aside from the Originals, who are just reskins of already existing superstars.   EVERYTHING ELSE   The creation suite has also taken a step down, with the Create A Title feature not even being included in the base game, only for it to be filled with bugs when it did get added, and the Create A Wrestler feature having little to nothing new added to it. Create An Arena also has some bugs to it, but nowhere near the amount it did at launch. Overall the creation suite is pretty much the same, with only twice the glitches. Online has taken a major blow, this really did annoy me as I used to love playing online in 2K18 and 19, but this just ruined pretty much everything. Yeah lobbies are back but they’re not like they used to be, first of all there’s no custom arenas or entrances, which means that online leagues and such take a massive hit. Second of all, there’s a 30 second timer when a lobby becomes full, I get this feature on public matches to ensure that the game actually starts but it’s so unnecessary in private lobbies, it’s just a hassle to work around.   Universe mode surprisingly took a slight step up, with you now being able to select how many matches you want on a PPV, with the match count going as high as 14, but that’s about it for universe mode, literally nothing else has changed.   VERDICT   Overall, the game is decent today. Despite Yukes leaving and the game being absolutely broken at launch, 2K have finally managed to make a somewhat functioning game (some of the time). Yes they took 2 steps back for every step forward and it resulted in an arguably worse game than last years, but in its current state, it’s playable and it’s pretty fun, so I’ll continue to play it. But do I recommend buying it? No, absolutely not, unless you really want to play as the new characters and Originals, then go for it, but 2K19 will offer you that same experience if not better at probably the same price at this point considering 2K are dropping the price of 2K20 every second of the day. While the game is pretty fun to actually play, the other modes just aren't very interesting to me, and some of the features have definitely declined in quality compared to previous entries in the series. But because of the features that are actually fun and good (Gameplay, Originals, Towers, Graphics???) this game gets...   5.5/10
    • It's the night after the Royal Rumble as Carnage is rolling on as we see a video pop up. We see Bob Sparks, he stands there with a stern look. He waits for a second before talking he just stands there looking into the camera, seemingly feeling empty a bit after having to take down his former friend Raven at the Royal Rumble PPV. Bob eventually begins to speak as he addresses the audience. You all saw the Royal Rumble, no heart, no remorse, no soul left in my you said. Hurting one of the guys I considered a brother and feeling nothing from it. The problem with your criticisms is that you don’t understand, you don’t understand why I did what I did. You judge me blindly, you judge me blindly on what you think you know. You form this image of a man in front of you, paint me as a monster. Now when you do this It confusing me to be completely honest with you. You see it was not Bob Sparks that turned himself into what he is today, no it is what the people did to form the Bob Sparks that stands in front of all of you today. The crowd goes to boo but Bob sticks his hand out motioning for them to stop seemingly shutting them up. Where boos usually reign through the arena at Bob today he stopped them. Bob doesn't smile or grin he just looks back at the camera with the same stern expression as he begins to talk once again. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear the garbage that spews from your mouths. You see those boos used to be cheers. When I arrived on the scene all you could do is cheer. A true unstoppable force we used to be Bob Sparks and the people. We ran through NXT until...until one day. That day. The day that you all stopped. Your cheers dissipated and moved on. You moved on to the new guy, the bright shiny toy that was climbing up the ranks. You moved on from Bob Sparks to a guy like Kenji. A man who is your hero, the one who you all seem to praise. To pretend that one is a god is a sin in my book and that is simply unacceptable. A mistake by you people that Kenji is going to end up paying for. And trust me that price is far steeper than any of you can imagine. Bob stops for a moment collecting his thoughts as he shakes his head as the crowd begins to boo. Bob looks disgusted as he just stares at the camera. The boos begin to grow louder as Bob sighs. He begins to grow angry as he eventually cuts to crowd off beginning to speak. You people continue to act on your sin. You show no remorse for Kenji you seemingly want to kill him. Your boos continue and continue and which each moment I can imagine putting an end to your god. You see this is not the first time that I have done battle with one regarded as a god rather by you people or by the man in the ring. Bulldozer pretended, he played games, then he paid. He paid the price of his sins and I was the one to carry out the punishment. You see I ended her career, once a rising NXT Talent now nothing more than just another jobber in the BPZ ranks. Now we will see this once again with Kenji. A man of the people, no...no, a god of the people. A false god. A false god who is going to fall just as others had before. You see I’ve taken down heroes of yours, hell...I took down the so called Antichrist of BPZ so taking down your god will be just another step on my way to the top. So Kenji, get ready cause for you and your people hell is on the way. We see Bob stare at the camera once again no expression just a stern face. Bob then walks off as the camera turns to black. The crowd is speechless as Bob Sparks has made it clear tonight that he is coming after Kenji and he is coming after the North American Title.
    • Ok so I have thought about what team I should rebuild and I have decided it will be the New York Knicks because honestly they need a rebuild and they need a good point guard which is why I’m going to look at young pgs including Ja Morant because I think RJ Barret and Morant could be deadly as a duo and with Zion that’s too unstoppable so I’m going to rebuild the Knicks and I hope y’all enjoy this rebuild and leave who I should trade for (Point Guards) and I have been your host Arrow and I can’t wait to start this rebuild.
    • It's just a little wellness policy violation, Andrade will be fine. Plenty of big stars have failed them and been fine, and yeah Andrade isn't at that same level of necessity, but I think that Andrade is liked enough by everyone all around that he will recover from this. Especially since they didn't simply take the title off of him when they could have, so I think they have some big plans in the near future for him and he's safe for now. 

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