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Royal Rumble

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The road to Wrestlemania begins with the Royal Rumble, LIVE on the WWE Network January 28th.


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    • Red Arrow slowly makes his way to the ring, bat in one hand, NXT Championship in the other "Do you believe me now? After the NXT Championship Match at the Royal Rumble, I showed how I unleash my punishment on those who stand in my way. I did exactly what I said I would, and I won my first match in a hellacious beating. When I said I would leave the others in a bloody mess, I meant it. And how did the match end? With Julius and Storm Hunter out cold, in a crumbled mess of human. It was me who raised the title over my head as I proved why I am the most dangerous man in this company. Storm hasn't even been seen since this match. The destruction that I caused has already injured "monsters''." "Julius. Do you think you can be called a monster? When it was you out on the outside when I pinned Hunter to become the NXT Champion. I showed you why every word you've said has been a lie. At the Royal Rumble, I exposed you for who you really are, a weak mortal individual. If you were a so called "monster", then you would have been able to stand up and break that pin up. But no, I broke you. I turned you into a heaping mess left on the outside." "And at the Royal Rumble match, I outlived 24 other men and I would have won the whole damn thing if it weren't for George. George knew of my power, and he was frightened. He was willing to sacrifice his own chance to win the Rumble to avoid the likely possibility of a Red Arrow win. George, you fear the Reign of Red Arrow. See, Julius and Storm learned what happens when I have acquired a target. George, after taking me out of MY Royal Rumble match, you have become a target. "As the Reign of Red Arrow begins, I will only grow more powerful. Julius, you still want a rematch for the NXT Championship? You can have it. Any time, any place. But before you do, remember what happened to you at the Royal Rumble. The beating you receive will only grow worse. 
    • WWE Dreams has suspended Enzo Amore.
    • I'm glad I could entertain you and help you through a tough time. It's been great to get to know you and play fortnite and other games with you regularly. Hope to see more of you on the forums.
    • We are over two hours into the Royal Rumble show and are about to head into the main event until suddenly... The crowd and the commentators go crazy as the eminent theme of Smith blasts out of the PA system. The world champion wasn't scheduled to appear tonight but it seems as though the champ has a motive to change that. Within a completely blacked out arena, a single spotlight shines down on the stage, highlighting Smith as his stands flat-footed on the stage with his head down, a towel draped over him, one half of the BPZ Tag Team Championships on his shoulder and the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship fastened tightly around his waist. Smith then begins slowly making his way to the ring in a demented fashion. Smith would continue his unusual approach to the ring until he would reach ringside where he would then stand in front of the apron and gradually remove the towel. Smith would then hastily climb into the ring and slide to the center, freezing on one knee with his hand pressed against the mat and his head hanging down. The champ would then, in an unhurried manner, raise his head, get to his feet and collect a mic from the ringside crewmen. I scratched and clawed my way back to the top. For the second time, I defied destiny and wrote my own. The only difference this time around is that I don't intend on letting fictitious brotherhoods blind me from realizing who my true foes are. This time, I continue the fight, I go further than winning this championship, I cleanse this championship and I reinstate the real meaning behind this it. This title crowns the top man in this company. This championship is treasured as the most valuable championship in this company's history. However, loathsome politics and corrupt champions have dragged this title through the dirt of dishonor. I fully intend on restoring this championship's value and not defending this championship is a step in the wrong direction. That's exactly why, despite being told I am not defending this title here tonight, I'm out here right now to present an open challenge to every single member of the BPZ roster. Please, anyone, come out here and let's put on a match worth being for this company's top prize.  Smith drops his mic and determinedly glares back up the ramp. He takes the championship belt off of his waist and with one arm, holds it high in the air as he awaits a challenger to step out from the back. THE FIVE TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND ARGUABLY THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME IN BPZ! Bailey, with a surge of confidence in his stride, waltzes onto the stage. He looks down the ramp at the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion with a cocky grin. The champion looks back, nodding his head as the challenger arrogantly chuckles before beginning his parade to the ring. Bailey steps into the ring and doesn't shy away at all as he immediately approaches the champion. He points at the championship and then signals that it'll be around his waist by the end of the night. What's worth noting is that over two years ago, in 2015, at Bad Blood, Bailey would hold an open challenge for his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at the time. To the shock of everyone, Smith would answer the challenge and not only compete in his first ever World Championship match but would go on to win his first ever BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. The bell rings to signal the start of this matchup but both men remain in their corners. Smith stares profusely at Bailey, breathing strikingly heavy. On the other side of the ring, Bailey continues to exhibit a confident attitude as he strolls up to the champion. Bailey then begins taunting the champion, ridiculing him and letting him know he wasn't made to be at the top of this company. Smith, with an outburst of rage, unleashes a frenzy of strikes onto Bailey, beginning with a slap to face, followed by an elbow strike to the jaw, then a kick to the back of the knee causing Bailey to fall to his knees and to finish it off, a vicious knee strike to the side of Bailey's skull. Smith then stalks the stunned Bailey before dashing to the ropes, bouncing off of them and running straight into a decapitating lariat from Bailey! Bailey then mounts the champion and begins laying merciless fists into his skull. He continues until he decides to stop. At which point he gets off the champ, gets back to his feet and taunts to the crowd. Bailey then turns his attention back to Smith, grabbing his head and pulling him to his feet. With one head still grabbing the head of Smith, Bailey goes at Smith with a European uppercut before locking him in a front headlock and lifting him up into a suplex position. Bailey keeps Smith in the air, perfectly vertical, as he then removes one of his hands, showboating. However, Smith makes him pay for it as he begins kneeing Bailey whilst held in the suplex position. It looks as though Bailey is going to drop him until suddenly, Bailey finishes off the suplex, slamming Smith down maliciously. Bailey then keeps the front facelock locked in and as he climbs to his feet, he lifts Smith up with him. Then, as Bailey looks to hit another suplex, Smith blocks it by wrapping his leg around Bailey's. Smith then knees the face of Bailey whilst they're in the front facelock before hooking the leg of Bailey and connecting with a picture-perfect fisherman suplex. Smith bridges the suplex for the pin, keeping Bailey's leg hooked but only gets one count. Smith then gets to one knee, checks his face after receiving that pummeling from Bailey and then gets to his feet. He attends to Bailey who is by the ropes, using them to get to his feet. Smith stands behind Bailey, measuring him up and as Bailey turns around, Smith attempts a roundhouse kick but Bailey ducks it. Bailey then quickly clinches the waist lock on Smith and throws him with a German suplex but Smith backflips through, landing on his feet. Smith then gathers his balance whilst Bailey turns to face him, realizing the German didn't connect. Smith then runs at Bailey and attempts a bicycle knee strike but Bailey dodges out of the way and pushes Smith towards the ropes. Smith's momentum takes him into the ropes and he bounces off, stumbling backward into a German suplex from Bailey which connects this time! Bailey keeps the waist lock applied, lifts Smith up and connects with another German! Bailey still has the waist lock in on Smith and connects with a third German! Bailey then goes for the cover off of the third German suplex but Smith kicks out at two. Bailey takes some time to recover and plan out his next move before returning to Smith who has now crawled his way to the corner. Bailey lifts Smith to his feet and then onto the top rope. Bailey then joins Smith on the top rope, looking to possibly hit a superplex. Nevertheless, Smith fights back, striking Bailey until he eventually falls off but does land on his feet. Smith sees Bailey stunned in front of him and realizes the opportunity at hand. He turns his back to Bailey... MOONSAULT! No! Bailey catches Smith on his shoulder! Bailey then attempts a running powerslam on the champ but Smith spins off of Bailey's shoulder into a sharp DDT. Smith, after somehow landing that DDT, reaches out into the air as he begins crawling to the ropes. He climbs to his feet on the apron and stalks Bailey from there. He waits for Bailey to get to his feet and goes for a springboard knee strike but Bailey catches him with an IMPACT! IMPACT OUT OF NOWHERE! Bailey sluggishly covers Smith. One... Two... Thr- No! Smith just about gets his shoulder up at the very last moment! Bailey is shocked as he sits up. He pins Smith again but the champion kicks out once again. Enraged, Bailey hurries to his feet and begins stomping on the champion. Bailey then raises his arm, signaling for the end. He lifts up the lifeless body of Smith, hooks both arms... He goes for a Career Killer but as he lifts up Smith, Smith escapes and reverse it into an arm drag! Bailey is able to roll through onto his feet but as he is getting to his feet, Smith sprints at him and connects with a devastating bicycle knee strike! Smith then falls into the turnbuckles, leaning against them. He looks around the arena at the buzzing fans. The passion from the fans can be felt and gives Smith a resurgence of energy as he now scales the ropes. He points down at the laid out Bailey... Frog Splash! Smith bounces off of Bailey's body but instantly turns back, holding his gut, and hooks Bailey's leg for the cover. One... Two... Thr- No! Now, it's Bailey with the close kickout. Smith is thrown off of Bailey by his kick out and lays on his back, pulling on his hair in frustration. He decides his next move and slwoly climbs back to his feet. Once up, Smith stalks Bailey who is also struggling to his feet. Frombehind, Smith goes for a backstabber but Bailey refuses to fall into the knees of Smith. He fights against the move, holding the weight of Smith up on his back before then desperately yet ever-so viciously grabbing the hands of Smith and whipping him up and over onto the mat. Smith, holding his back in pain, is quick to get back to his feet but runs right into a prime Bailey. Bailey goes for a spinebuster but instead, Smith uses the momentum to jump up onto the shoulders of Bailey, in a head scissor position. He would then spin around, now set in position for an inverted frankensteiner but before he would be able to hit it, Bailey would connect with the GOATplex! Bailey looks over at the body of Smith and with all the effort he can muster, he crawls into the cover... One... Two... Thre- No! Another close kickout by Smith! However, this time, Bailey isn't interested in waisting time. Numbing out the pain inflicted in this matchup, Bailey quickly returns to his feet and now looks to return to his notorious suplexes. This time, he connects with a belly-to-belly but keeps the hold applied and hits another. He now looks for a third consecutive belly-to-belly but Smith is able to use the momentum to front flip onto his feet! SMITH'S SIN! BAILEY DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING! THAT'S THE MOVE SMITH USED TO BEAT BAILEY AT BAD BLOOD TWO YEARS AGO! Smith is able to cover Bailey straight from the Smith's Sin! One... Two... Thre- No! Bailey defies Smith and refuses to quit! It was enough to put him away two years ago but not now. Smith is once again in shock and looks around helplessly. He eventually gets back to his feet and stands by the motionless body of Bailey. He falls back to one knee. He looks up, hoping for fate to be on his side. He rests his head in his hands and then returns to both feet before hitting a beautiful standing moonsault! He goes for the cover straight away but Bailey is able to once again kickout. Smith then leans back onto his knees and looks around. He spots the top rope, points at it and heads towards the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top rope and turns around. For the second time in this matchup, he's looking for the moonsault but this time, Bailey is able to sweep his feet from underneath him before he can even hit it! Smith falls onto his crotch and is visibly in a lot of pain. Nonetheless, showing absolutely no mercy, Bailey positions his head between Smith's legs and lifts him onto his shoulders. He carries Smith into the center of the ring, looking to end this match with a Game Changer! No! Smith slips off of Bailey's shoulders, landing behind him... 8TH SIN! HE BRIDGES THE COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! SMITH RETAINS! SMITH HAS OVERCOME BAILEY! SMITH HAS UNDOUBTEDLY PROVEN HIMSELF WORTHY TO REMAIN YOUR BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Smith can barely move. The excitement is prominent on his face but after giving so much into such a grueling match, he struggles to even climb onto his knees. The referee hands him the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship whilst he is still kneeling and bit by bit, Smith makes it to his feet. He raises his championship high, showing his appreciation to the crowd but as he lowers the title, he tilts his head forward. Suddenly, the lights go out and when they return, Smith has dissapeared alongside both of his championships. All that's left in his place is a mysterious black rose on the chest of Bailey's barren body.
    • The camera pans around a run down room, with broken tables and shattered glass "You won RedArrow, you won" Julius appears and moves towards the camera "You did the impossible, and you somehow walked out of the Royal Rumble with my NXT Championship. But see, you never pinned me you never defeated me you got lucky that i wasn't in the ring at the moment you defeated Alex Storm. See you may have won the first battle but i assure you RedArrow that you have definitely not won the War. I will get my rematch and i will defeat you and become the most dominant NXT Champion in history. You better be ready RedArrow because i will hunt you down untill you are defeated and you are nothing but an unconscious carcus and i will have my hand raised in victory. This isn't over RedArrow RUN!!

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