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Extreme Rules

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One of the most extreme nights returns to the WWE Network July 15th.

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    • July 10
      Meet The Roster III
      Return Volley Another three men have inked contracts with Pro Wrestling Elite, men coming from across the pond and back have competed in the “hole in the wall” promotions to even the biggest promotion in the world in the WWE, being perhaps the most highly touted Meet The Roster yet. There’s no more hyping this edition of MTR, here they are: “Untouchable” King Slim | 5’11” 3/4, 230 lbs “I earned my title of King. I didn’t bestow it upon myself like people desperate to gain my status have and despite attempts others have made to knock me off, I’m still here. There’s nothing left to do, except hail your King.” King Slim is a name recognized by almost any independent wrestling fan. A man who’s traversed the country, working a range of promotions to even getting his foot in the door of Impact Wrestling. Slim is one of the brightest prospects that America has to offer, up there with the likes of Flip Gordan, Lio Rush, and Trevor Lee. But Slim has put aside his freelancing and put a more solid deal with the Pro Wrestling Elite, being perhaps the biggest star to sign to the company so far. He personifies Elite, the prototypical wrestler who’ll be a star for the entirety of PWE’s life cycle. Slim got his start at 16, dropping out of high school to enroll at Ring Of Honor Wrestling School, where the likes of CM Punk and Samoa Joe learned the ropes. Slim had a natural inclination for the ring skills and used those to excel in his training, then be called up to Ring Of Honor six months after his first lesson. Slim wallowed in the lower card until breaking through with a victory over Silas Young that led to a title shot against them champion, Jay Lethal where he lost. The title match caused a drastic rise for the popularity of a then 17 year old Slim, who began cross country travel as he was getting bookings from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. By the time he’d turned 19, Slim had wrestled for every major independent promotion in America, even being in some NXT house show matches from time to time to flown out to Japan by none other than New Japan Wrestling. Now at only 20, Slim has grasped the Impact Grand and Tag Team, ROH TV and World title, and even PWG Tag Team titles being one of the most decorated Independent Wrestlers. But the years of travel overwhelming workloads broke Slim mentally and physically, after a short sabbatical, he signed a written deal with none other than the Pro Wrestling Elite. In ring, Slim is a man of many talents being inept and strong at every attribute one could name about the ring, even having the entertainment and marketing aspects that one wants from their top star, which is the title that Slim is vying for. His strengths are only amplified when he goes for the jugular so to speak, relying on the Essential Eliminator or The Death Penalty to put an end to matches. “The Gentleman” JoshsNow | 5’7, 160 lbs “Well, I was raised being taught that being kind no matter the situation costs nothing but causes a happy person. And no that probably isn't the person probably is my opponent but maybe it's the crowd, the ref, the announcers, it doesn't matter to me who it is so long as somebody is. Maybe it helps the match become more special in the eyes of someone watching, anything to help brighten the day of somebody. That's why I'm the gentlemen no matter what anybody thinks of the way I choose to behave in the ring. That's why I will continue to do that and bring it to PWE.” JoshsNow is one of the straightest arrows in the entire industry, there’s not to many men as kind as him but I dare to wager that none of those men can best Josh in the squared circle. Despite all his politeness, Josh is as tenacious as a British Bulldog and doesn’t allow the men in the ring with him to mistake the kindness for weakness. That attitude has bolstered his work ethic and led to him making it all the way to the WWE, which will be discussed a little later on. Josh is a strange mixture, one not normally seen in professional wrestlers but he’s made it work, it hasn’t hampered his career yet as now he’ll be joining the Pro Wrestling Elite. Josh grew up on amateur wrestling mats, learning from his father who was an alternate for the English Olympic Team. By the time Josh turned 21, he was quite proficient in that chain wrestling department and his slender frame combined with short stature made him quite agile. With his strengths abundantly clear, Mr. Josh set out into the British Independent scene where he caught the eyes of talent scouts as one of the most prominent cruiserweights in the country, with a technical ability that aided him have classics with people like Zack Sabre Jr. This got Josh an invite to the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, and though he was bounced in the second round by Noam Dar, he impressed enough to receive a contract to 205 Live. He floundered in the midcard for most of his tenure but constantly turned in quality performances and picked up a trick or two. Eventually, he was cut from the roster but his popularity was at an all time high and after a couple months working in America, he penned a contract with PWE. Josh wrestles the style that a lot of British wrestlers are gravitating towards, heavily focusing on mat wrestling and a level of athleticism to keep opponents guessing. He’s quite reliant on the use of submissions to ground and wound opponents, but when it comes to ending a match he goes to his Great Scott 5.0 Armbar or the Seven Nations Army. “The Yorkshire Rose” Rei Smith | 5’8, 160 lbs “I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m underestimated, people understand the threat I pose because I’m not some Barbie flouncing around in lingerie to sell tickets. I’ve beaten men that are tougher then those signed here, even beaten men signed here. If I have to play the underdog so be it, but I’m not gonna try to prove my worth here.” Ms. Rei Smith is one of the fiercest competitors on the open market. The Britain Born Bombshell has shaken up the independent scene, refusing to step in any women’s division and instead on wrestling other male superstars, where she enjoyed immense success in various promotions across the British Isles and even further east, where she did in fact take on the women wrestlers in Japan because she believed they are just as talented as their male counterparts but didn’t shy away from other mainly male promotions, like Dragon Gate where she crossed paths with another PWE Wrestler. Rei is as vicious as she is calculated, and all this fueled not by a desire to be viewed as an equal counterpart, but to accomplish the same underdog story that the likes of Daniel Bryan accomplished. Rei started out at 23, getting a late jump into the world of wrestling but she came in well versed in the Mixed Martial Arts, particularly Brazilian Ju-Jitsu which enables her to maximize damage done despite a smaller frame. With her background in MMA, she had no problem finding success against other women when she announced that she’d be wrestling her male counterparts, not allowing herself to be pigeonholed by the sexual hierarchy of wrestling. Booking became fewer and far between but after some convincing performances against the likes of Dwayne Williams, Mark Andrews, and Pete Dunne, she proved herself as one of the most talented performers in the Isles, at one point sparking a debate about who’d enjoy the better career, her or Ty Heller, that was set to culminate in a match that was cancelled by an injury sustained by Heller. From there, Smith began to make regular tours of Japan, wrestling in STARDOM and Dragon Gate, primarily where she had a feud with Bart Hoogveld of PWE. After working the international independent scene, Smith has finally made the trip across the pond to wrestle in the US, becoming one of the Elite here at PWE. Inside the ropes, Smith wrestles a style rather comparable to that of Kenny Omega, combining agility, striking proficiency, and technical ability to become quite the package whilst wrestling, which only frustrates opponents trying to pin her down alongside her charismatic antics. To end matches, Smith gravitates towards her 8th Sin and Black Rose to garner a three count.  
    • Evolve has gotten back from the warning of Johnny Kills to Bart leading to Evolve Takeover: Fallout, and as soon as he leaves through the curtain, the light in the arena starts to dim in and out of brightness as a high pitch noise comes through the PA System. Then, the entire arena goes pitch black, which causes fans to pull out their phones for lights, and that's when the sound of what seems to be something stabbing into a metal object. After each stab, a shine of light comes through the hole. The image goes away and so does the sound. Slowly, a image comes up as it shows a room filled with holes, having sun light shine in through them. And through the holes of light, the black shape of a man towards the source of the video. The man then stops and stares at the direction of the video source. It is shown him titling his head to the side before he reaches into his coat pocket. He then slowly moves his arm out before quickly pulling it in for a throat slit taunt. He pulls something out and holds it by his side. What seems to be a camera zooms in fast to the object and all noise from the background fades as a black handle is in his hand, and the sound of a spring is heard with the view of the knife popping out is seen. The knife slowly moves up out of frame of the camera. The camera slowly moves up from the pants of the man, up his leather jacket, and to the face of Angelo Caito. He holds the blade against his face as he stands there, like he is in a shock of awe. He rubs his face with the knife for seconds, and his face shows joy in this. He then looks at the camera fast as he pushes a button and the blade retracts into the handle. He then slides his blade back into his pocket as he tilts his head again. He then looks down and opens his jacket some to reveal him wearing no shirt and a necklace. A zoom up shows a design of a switchblade on his necklace as he rubs it before speaking. "Why Angelo why? Everyone wants to know one question, why? Why did you turn your backs on us? Why would you attack a beat down Johnny Kills, crush his leg, and possibly crush his goals for King Of The Ring? Why why why? Well, it's simple. Because I can. I can do that and get off scotch clean because I can. When I came to Evolve, I had to play victim for you. And look at where it got me. Four wins, one lose, and a championship. And to rub y'alls undeserving egos, I would of pandered to the herpes virus that is the BPZ Universe. The clogged disease that kills any momentum a male wrestler has. I lost to Johnny Kills not because of his ability, not because of my ability, but because of the distraction those people brought me. Those cheers, distracted me from the goal of becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Your chants of "Angelo!" and "Johnny Kills" was the nail on my coffin. You slim of fans would be better off left as a carcass in your mom's cunt then out here spilling the shit that comes from your mouths. But, to my next goal. The Intercontinental Championship. I believe in a third chance, which is quite funny since this is my third reign as a Champion, which has been the greatest championship reign in the past four years of this titles entire creation. And at King Of The Ring, whoever decides to step up for my title at the event, will feel the same pain Kills felt at my hands. I will chop you down with the force of my body and watch yoh crumble down bad as I drop you on your skull and walk out still the Intercontinental Champion.  Now, to this World Heavyweight Championship finals at King Of The Ring. While Johnny, you barely made it past me, Julius dismantled Josh and moved on. But this whole title match, is just to lose to me, however, due to BPZ bullshit, I cannot challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship while being the Intercontinental Champion, while other companies have allowed it, so for the next while till i decide I have had enough of this title, I shall not go for the title. But, there is one issue I want to bring out with Mr. Julius. You got the look of a monster. Kids run by you and they run and scream in terror, terrified of your giant nature and your built to crush. However, on this road, you never crushed me, and by my logic, that doesn't make you worthy of the spot at all. But with that mindset, I do want you to win, so I can have a even more clear reason to come to Carnage again, because if you win Julius, then at Carnage: Cyber Sunday, I want a Champion vs Champion match, and I don't care what these cunts picks for a stipulation, it will end the same way Julius..." Angelo slides his hand up his stomach to his chest and grabs the necklace. He then places both hands on the back of his neck and unhooks the necklace. He holds it in the air as the blade swings around the air, catching Angelo's attention. It's almost like a knife of any kind sends him into a deep stare at the movement. He then rubs it against his face before looking at the camera again. "I got a blade with your name on it. And you got a heart with my name on it, and I plan to strike the blade in your... heart." Angelo chuckles as he drops the necklace. It falls down to the ground, with the sound being the last thing heard as the picture of the necklace and blade being imprinted on the tron as a slow and devious song plays until the picture goes away, ending the segement.
    • You know, I thought about it for a long.... long time.  We are live in the Carnage arena before suddenly the titantron and everyone’s televisions at home cut to a very familiar scene. The most dark and desolate place in BPZ, Necce’s boiler room. However the man who we have come accustomed to seeing in such a setting is nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by his rival, the very man who he will do battle with at King of the Ring, Flynn. The light from the camera just barely makes Flynn’s face visible, while much of it still remains covered by his long hair. Flynn appears to be sweating, looking directly to the floor as he speaks to the camera, his voice heavy and carries much pain.  This war that I started, it’s going to be he end of us. You and I, we don’t know just when to quit. We were born and bred for this like no one else. I knew three years ago when we began this journey together, it would end up coming down to us. There was never going to be anyone else that would take the other to such a limit as you take me to. There have been close seconds.... Slim, Bailey, Nebakos, however no one has ever taken me to my limit like you did at BPZ Mania. You broke me. You destroyed my ego but most importantly, you freed me. Freed me from this pain that I’ve had for so long. That I was alone.  That, not just in this company, but in this world, no one could touch me in this ring. Yet you did, not just that but you beat me. You did something that Bailey, Slim and so many others before you couldn’t. You put me away with no question as to wether or not who the better man truly was. You made me question who I was. I realized that I wasn’t the best in the world. But I could be. That’s why I never attempted to challenge you to a rematch. Because.... for the past year, I had belittled that entire roster, calling myself a King above all and yet in the end, you proved to me that I wasn’t. So I wanted to earn my title shot, not have it handed to me, and I wanted to show the world that I can beat you.  Howver, one can not help but to remember that cold November night. The night where I did something that I will forever regret. A night where I thought I would change my perception from the world, defeat the men I had done wrong to, and turn a new leaf. Instead I yet again let my own frustration and greed corrupt me, and I took it all out on my only friend. I can’t apologize. I hurt you, I injured you and I betrayed you. Friends fight, they go through turmoils but this is no turmoil. This is a war. The two best at what we do, fighting for not just the top prize, not just bragging rights but fr revenge, and heart break. However, the man you will be stepping into the ring with at King of the Ring, is not the same man you faced at BPZ Mania.  At Mania, I was fueled by my own ego, driven by my own greed to keep the Universal Championship. I’ve casted away my ego for this. My greed isn’t what drives me at King of the Ring. It’s love. Love for wrestling in a squared circle against someone that can challenge me like no other. You and I are going to beat the hell out of one another and I’m gonna love every single second of it. You Necce, as you’ve said, is driven by hate. This hate will cost you everything just as it did me.  That brings me to why I’m here, sitting alone in your own boiler room. This room, it has its own energy. It encourages pain and loneliness. You are someone with such greater potential Necce. I wanted to be alone in here, and I wanted to feel your pain Necce. I wanted to go through the same motions as you prior to a fight. I feel your hate Necce, and at King of the Ring, Love will be my only response. Necce you were my best friend and I loved you. I say loved, because I don’t know what you’ve become, but at King of the Ring, I’m going to try and save you. Quote the Raven, Nevermore.  Flynn switched the light on the camera off, darkness eluding the room. A final message sent as we now head into the second installment of Flynn vs. Necce. 
    • 1. Apollo Crews should be one of the brightest stars in WWE, the only reason in why he isn't is because of not being able to develop his character enough to the point where he can get cheer or boo from the crowd.  2. 205 Live is the second best show in WWE at the moment, they should move it to a different day because the crowd are too tired after Smackdown Live and they can have more development.  3. Aiden English is the only reason why Rusev Day is over as hell, his microphone skills are very underrated and the fans listen to every word he says, he also did Lana Day which was sorta over I guess, but the fact is that without Aiden, this wouldn't be over. 

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