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Post everything related to NXT here. This also includes discussions about possible WWE signings, releases etc.

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    • Halloween Havoc 2018
      Elimination Chamber  Match
      Winner goes on to redemption to face Echo Wilson for the universal championship.
      Angelo Caito vs Kieron Black vs Prince vs Yelich vs Ropati vs Hollow

      The Co main event of Halloween havoc gets ready to begin.  The elimination chamber surrounds the ring.  It's doors are opened and the pods are opened to a wait those who are to enter this match to go into the chamber.

      First to the ring s Angelo.  He gets to the ring and goes into one of the four pods.  Next to the ring is Hollow who is escorted to the ring by security.  Looks like Bailey is taking no cost to make sure Hollow doesnt go off and ruin this match with his shenanigans.     Hollow is escorted into a pod looking not too happy about not starting this match.

      After Hollow is Yelich who gets to the ring and goes into a pod. Then comes Ropati into the last available pod.   Finally to the ring is one of the two men that will start this match.  Kieron Black the finally Prince who showed up or rather is also escorted out to the ring by security seems like Bailey is going to force Prince to compete.

      Prince is forced into the chamber and the door closes and the bell rings.  Prince gets into the ring reluctantly with Kieron.   Before either could come to blows Hollow yells in his pod. "Let the chamber match begin!!!"

       The lights in the arena go dark for a bit when they come back on. Only Prince stands in the middle of the ring.  Kieron is locked inside the pod with Hollow who yells, "Oh you should have never come!"   Hollow grabs Kieron and starts  slamming him into each wall of the pod.

      Hollow throwing punches and slamming Kieron into the glass and metal walls of the chamber pod.  The referee in the ring is freaking out the same with Prince and those officials outside the ring.    The pod Hollow is opened up to try to get Kieron out but the moment the pod opens Hollow chucks Kieron out of his pod and gets out. 

      He throws Kieron into the ring.  Prince goes for a pin attempt right away looking to get the pin off of Hollow's work.   Hollow puts a stop to the pin attempt by springboards off the ropes driving his elbow down onto the back of Prince with a deviating elbow drop.

      Hollow get up and drags Prince to his feet along with Kieron.  He drags them to a corner of the ring facing Angelo and he lifts them both onto the top turnbuckle.  He then points at Angelo and says ,  "What this!"

      Hollow springs up between Prince and Kieron then forces them both to their feet and then springs backwards.  A dragon spanish fly to two men!  The clock on titantron begins.  Ten, nine eight, seven, six....five...Hollow covers both men.  The referee counts.  One, two, three both men are eliminated! The clock on the tron is at one, the lights flash around the pods going to release who will be let go.

      The light falls upon Yelich.  Hollow looks at him and jumps over the rope towards the pod.Yelich grabs the pod door and tries to shut himself inside wanting nothing to do with Hollow.

      Yelich holds the door closed and Hollow laughs he backs up towards Ropati's pod then runs at Yeliches and dropkicks into the pod door.  Breaking the glass pod into Yelich.  Hollow gets up slowly seemingly being banged up himself from his own running dropkick.  Hollow stands up and pulls Yelich from under the chamber's pod glass and drags him towards the ring.  Meanwhile taking enough time for the count down to start for the next person to released.  Once it gets to zero. 

      Ropati is next to be released.  Full of energy he runs out and towards Hollow and clocks him with a stiff shot from behind.  Yelich begins to work with Ropati to force Hollow down on the metal floor.  They grab him and looked to fling him back into the chamber wall.  Then both fall back Hollow is flung towards the chamber chain wall and he grabs onto the wall!   Like spiderman Hollow begins climbing up higher.

      Yelich goes to climb up after Hollow who kicks down onto Yelich's skull Yelich stumbles back into Ropati while Hollow climbs up a bit higher than flings back in a lionsault off of the chamber wall.  Landing on both Ropati and Yelich. The high risk move doing its toll on Hollow.   The clock once again goes to zero and only one left in their pods is Angelo.   He is released he gets up and runs into one of the ropes and  runs up and hits Ropati who is using the ropes to stand with a stiff forearm.    Angelo grabs Ropati and  drags him into the middle rope then pushes his head down onto the rope.  Crushing his throat onto the middle rope trying to strangle him on the middle rope.

      Yelich tries to get up and tries to hit Angelo but he has it well scouted and clocks Yelich with a stiff jab right to the throat. Angelo drags Yelich through the ropes and hit him with a swinging neck breaker.   Angelo gets up and pulls Ropati through the ropes and picks him up and drops him down onto Yelich with a scoop slam.  Angelo stands up and pushes Yelich into the corner stands back and hits him with a super kick into the corner known as bitter-sweet!

      Ropati tries to roll up Angelo but he rolls through completely stands up Ropati goes Angelo in a german suplex portion Angelo answers back for the unexpected pin attempt with not one but three stiff elbow shots to Ropati's head and face.    Then tags him down with a stiff snapnare takedown.  He then grabs Ropati by the legs to lock in a sharpshooter submission.  Yelich tries to blindly attack Angelo and gets hit by the Madman cutter by Hollow out of nowhere who springboards off the ropes over him to hit his cutter finisher.

      Hollow rolls Yelich over, one, two and three Yelich is eliminated and Ropati starts tapping out to Angelo's  submission maneuvers.   Hollow looks at Angelo and starts clapping like a fan after seeing him eliminate Ropati.   Angelo angryed rushes after Hollow who dodges him rolling out of his way then runs up and hits him with a running headbutt.   Hollow is knocked back by his own stiff headbutt.

      Hollow runs at Angelo who is at the ropes and Angelo ducks down and  lifts Hollow up an over the top rope with a back body drop.  Hollow hits the metal floor of of the chamber hard.  Hollow starts laughing after he hits the floor and it seems to shock Angelo that Hollow could be laughing.   Angelo goes out of the ropes and grabs Hollow and drags him up to his feet then shoves Hollow into the metal chain wall head first.    Hollow looked to be in pain but he starts laughing again.  Angelo starts hitting Hollow with stiff punches to the skull.  Each punch Hollow keeps laughing in Angelo's face.  Angelo starts with stiff elbows to the back of Hollow's head forcing him down to his knees.  Hollow stops laughing and Angelo has a smirk look on his face.

      Suddenly Hollow springs up and grabs a shocked Angelo with a capture suplex and then throws him back into the chamber chained wall.  Hollow gets up and drags Angelo to one of the nearby pods and then german suplexes him into the wall.  Angelo hits stiffly into the wall neck and the back of his head.   The glass wall doesnt give.  Hollow picks Angelo up again and says, "One more time!"  Hollow grabs Angelo with a belly to belly suplex and throws Angelo through into the chamber pod wall and he breaks right through the wall this time.

      Hollow sits back and watches Angelo suffer within the rubble which was the bullet proof glass wall.   Angelo stands up slowly leaning against the other pod wall inside the pod.  Hollow walks to the other pod right across from the now broken one then runs right at Angelo.   Hollow runs up looking for a running crossbody and smashes into Angelo and through the other pod glass wall.

      Both men get up slowly but Hollow is to fully stand but Angelo springs up an hits Hollow with a stiff superkick right to the jaw.  Hollow stumbles back into the ropes and back into the ring.  Angelo is slow to follow.   By the time Angelo gets in the ring Hollow is gettng up in the corner slowly.

      Angelo sees his moment and looks to hit bitter sweet to put an end to this. As soon as Hollow turns he runs up going for a superkick in the corner but Hollow moves and shoves Angelo into the corner leg first and he kicks over the top turnbuckle an into the pod corner behind hit. Hyper extending his leg and getting caught on the second rope.  Hollow kicks out Angelo's other leg hanging him up on the top turnbuckle with one leg.  Hollow then jumps up stomping both feet onto Angelo's head.

      Hollow rolls to his feet after the jumping double stomp.  He rolls to his feet and runs up to Angelo and hits him with a penalty kick right to the knee.  Angelo's pain in his leg get up quickly.  But his leg buckles under his weight slightly forcing him to grab to the ropes to remain standing. Hollow runs up and hits Angelo with a sliding chop block to the bad leg. Hollow stands up dragging Angelo to his feet lifting him up then dropping him down onto his leg Hollow has started to work on.

      Hollow tries to go for another shot at the leg.  Angelo counters with a low blow! A swift kick down stairs and he manages to bring down Hollow a bit.  Angelo moves to the corner to get some space. He climbs up to of the turnbuckle on one leg looking for his elbow drop.  But Hollow springs up and clocks Angelo with a uppercut.   Angelo is stunned but manages to kick Hollow away.    Angelo looking to get away from Hollow he climbs up onto a pod.

      He wouldn't find himself up there for long as Hollow climbs up the turnbuckle to go after Angelo.  He tries to stop Hollow from getting to him but Hollow pokes Angelo in the eye and then bashes Angelo's head onto the ceiling of the pod.   Hollow climbs up and grabs Angelo for a Madness clash!(styles clash).  Hollow gets ready but Angelo fights out of it and tries to push Hollow down but he doesnt go.  Angelo stands up all the way, both men standing at the top of the chamber pod.

      Angelo hits Hollow with a stiff elbow followed by a Chop.  Another elbow. Hollow is staggering on the edge of the pod.  Angelo backs up and lunges forward with a  heavy right hook.  Hollow springs off the pod grabbing Angelo by the head.  Madman cutter!  Off the pod onto the canvas of the ring. Hollow crawls over to Angelo and rolls him over and covers him for a pin. One, two three!!!!  Hollow pinned Angelo after the amazing spot.  

      Hollow sits up slowly laughing seemingly with blood coming from his mouth he laughs with a smile on his face as he listens to the ring announcer, "The winner of this match and number one contender for the Universal championship  Hollow!"

      Hollow wins the match he stands up he walks for the doors of the chamber to leave but he stops and walks back to the ring and pulls a mask like his from his pocket.   A scene just like lie his match at Emergence he walks over to his downed opponent and puts the mask on him. 

      Hollow leaves the ring as the winner.  Looking for his sights on his next opponent at Carnage's next event Redemption where Hollow gets to take on Echo Wilson.
    • SEASON 12 | EPISODE 13     Michael Cole: Tonight, five championships will be defended, a future championship opportunity will be earned, a score will be settled, and a rivalry will come to an end. Welcome to Hell in a Cell! All pay-per-view events are co-branded now so you never know what will happen when RAW and SDL are under the same roof. Corey Graves: You talk about under the roof but what about what's hanging over our heads? Later tonight, that structure will lower and trap Brock Lesnar and Goldberg inside it. Byron Saxton: I can't wait! Match 1 - Singles (United States Championship) AJ Styles vs United States Champion Batista Background The anonymous majority shareholder of WWE Dreams made United States Champion AJ Styles defend the title on the RAW Supershow. His challenger turned out to be Batista. In that match, Batista defeated Styles to capture his first US Title. On the following SDL, Batista was victorious again over Styles in a Tag Team Match. Next week, AJ Styles defeated Sin Cara and then attempted to hit him with a chair but The Animal made the save. On the last SDL, AJ Styles would try to distract Batista by threatening to remove Sin Cara's mask but was unsuccessful as Batista defeated the WWE Champion and got a shot in on AJ for good measure. Result AJ Styles had Batista down. He went out to the apron to set up for The Phenomenal Forearm. AJ sprung off the ropes and Batista Speared him in mid-air! The champ followed up with a Batista Bomb to win the match. Batista defeats AJ Styles by way of pinfall via Batista Bomb - STILL United States Champion. Michael Cole: A limo has arrived. Who's inside?! Match 2 - Singles (Intercontinental Championship) Dolph Ziggler vs Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins Background At SummerSlam, Seth Rollins became the new Intercontinental Champion. His first challenger was decided in a Fatal 4-Way, which Dolph Ziggler won. That same night, Ziggler injured Rollins' knee. The following week, champion and challenger exchanged heated words and promised different results for their upcoming title match. In the main event of the last RAW before Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins won a 6-Man Tag Team Match by pinning Dolph after a Curb Stomp, but tweaked his knee in the process. Result Rollins' knee was a target for Ziggler for the entirety of the match. After Seth attempted the Curb Stomp and missed, he grabbed at his knee. Dolph would then attack the knee, roll up Rollins, grab the tights, and defeat the champion. Dolph Ziggler defeats Seth Rollins by way of pinfall - NEW Intercontinental Champion. Michael Cole: There you see Goldberg's dressing room. Goldberg IS here tonight and will face Brock Lesnar in Hell in a Cell. Match 3 - Singles Kurt Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura Background After losing the United States Championship and still being out of contention for the WWE Title, Kurt Angle needed a match at SummerSlam. Finding himself in a similar situation, Shinsuke Nakamura challenged Angle to a match. Nakamura came out the winner but it was Kurt standing tall in the end after hitting an Angle Slam on Shinsuke after the match. In a rematch on SDL, Kurt Angle would even the score by pinning Nakamura. At Hell in a Cell, Kurt is out to prove he is better, whereas Shinsuke is out to prove that Angle sucks. Result Shinsuke Nakamura had Angle set up in position for the Kinshasa but as he ran at him, Kurt countered into the Angle Lock. Shinsuke held on for as long as he could but ultimately tapped out. Kurt Angle defeats Shinsuke Nakamura by way of submission via Angle Lock. John Cena: It is very important to me that I retain this Universal Championship tonight. Not only to remain champion but because of what the title represents. Being Universal Champion, I'm representing the WWE Dreams Universe. And whether they cheer me, or boo me, I do what I do every night for them. The Miz does everything he does for himself. I can't let him win. I won't. Match 4 - Singles (WWE Championship) Jeff Hardy vs WWE Champion Randy Orton Background Randy Orton became the WWE Champion once again at SummerSlam. Jeff Hardy became the number one contender by winning a Fatal 4-Way Match. After the match, Randy Orton struck with an RKO on Hardy. The following week, Jeff told Randy that he developed a taste for the RKO and wanted another. Orton delivered, but it seemed ineffective as Hardy got right to his feet. On SDL, Jeff Hardy got the last laugh by hitting a Swanton Bomb on Orton. Will the RKO be a factor in their title match? Result Randy Orton hit the RKO but Jeff Hardy kicked out! Orton couldn't believe it. Randy noticed the position Hardy was in and slithered to the corner. Orton's thinking Punt Kick. He ran at Jeff but Hardy flipped him over the ropes to the outside. Orton fell near the timekeeper's area. Jeff went to the outside and attempted to run across the barricade and attack Orton but he was hit with the WWE Championship. Orton's disqualified. Jeff Hardy defeats Randy Orton by way of disqualification; Randy Orton STILL WWE Champion. Corey Graves: Obviously, Orton doesn't care he lost. He's still WWE Champion. Michael Cole: We talked about the RKO not being effective. Orton couldn't beat Jeff with it so he took the easy way out. Michael Cole: Paul Heyman? Why are you here? Paul Heyman: Allow me to lay to rest the rumors right here, right now. I promise I am not here to involve myself in tonight's match between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. I am simply here to watch. I admit that I invested in the wrong man years ago. Byron Saxton: Do you have a prediction on who will win? Paul Heyman: This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler: tonight's winner, and the only man walking out of Hell in a Cell...Brock Lesnar! Match 5 - Singles (RAW Women's Championship) Paige vs RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks Background Paige returned to WWE Dreams at the Royal Rumble event and became the third winner of the women's Royal Rumble Match. She defeated Alexa Bliss at WrestleMania to win the RAW Women's Championship. She successfully defended the title against all of the RAW Superstars, including Sasha Banks. The Boss would earn herself another shot at the title after winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. She announced her cash-in would take place at SummerSlam. In that match, Sasha Banks became the first woman to hold the SDL and RAW Women's Championships when she made Paige tap out. The weeks leading up to their title rematch at Hell in a Cell has been full of sneak attacks and brawls throughout arenas. Result After countering the Ram-Paige (the move that won Paige the title once before), Sasha Banks would hit the Meteora off the top rope to pin Paige and retain. Sasha Banks defeated Paige by way of pinfall via Meteora - STILL RAW Women's Champion. Michael Cole: Chris Jericho, we are moments away from the Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns match which you will referee. My question is will you call this match down the middle considering what both men have done to you? Chris Jericho: My job tonight is to put on this shirt, go to that ring, count the pin or call for the submission, and name a new number one contender for the Universal Championship. That's what I'm going to do. Michael Cole: Well before Jericho does that, we need to find out who the Universal Champion is going to be. Match 6 - Singles (Universal Championship) The Miz w/Maryse vs Universal Champion John Cena w/Nia Jax Background At WrestleMania, John Cena defeated Bobby Roode to win the championship. It was an amazing moment for Cena that turned into an awesome moment for The Miz who cashed in Money in the Bank and took the title. At the following Money in the Bank event, both John Cena and Bobby Roode climbed separate ladders and pulled down their individual briefcases. One contained a title match contact, while the other contained a pink slip. The contents of the briefcases were revealed and John Cena was fired. However, Universal Champion The Miz was caught on camera saying he switched the briefcases before the reveal, meaning John Cena originally had the title match contract. John Cena was reinstated and earned his title shot all over again by winning a Triple Threat Match at Great Balls of Fire. At SummerSlam, John Cena defeated The Miz to capture the Universal Championship. The Miz announced he wanted his rematch at Hell in a Cell. Cena, knowing The Miz would have his wife Maryse in his corner, went out and got Nia Jax to be in his corner to even the odds. Result After being ejected by the referee, Maryse refused to leave and tried to spray perfume in John Cena's eyes. Nia Jax would chase Maryse away. Cena countered a second Skull-Crushing Finale and turned it into an Attitude Adjustment for the victory. John Cena defeats The Miz by way of pinfall via Attitude Adjustment - STILL Universal Champion. Match 7 - Singles (Special Guest Referee: Chris Jericho) Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman Background Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns took each other on at this same event a year ago in a Hell in a Cell Match. This season, an opportunity at the Universal Title is at stake. Both Superstars were victorious at SummerSlam and believe they deserve this shot more than the other. Tensions would rise on an edition of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel which resulted in an inadvertent Spear from Roman Reigns to Chris Jericho. The following week, Y2J called out Braun Strowman and slapped The Monster Among Men in the face. This caused Strowman to Powerslam Jericho. RAW General Manager Constable Corbin named Chris Jericho the special guest referee for Strowman and Reigns' match. Jericho has been Speared by Roman and Powerslammed by Strowman. Something's got to give at Hell in a Cell. Result Roman Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Strowman. With The Monster Among Men down, Reigns signaled for the Spear. At this time, Samoa Joe came out on stage with a microphone. Samoa Joe: You mean to tell me that beating a 2-time World Champion and 3-time WWE Champion back-to-back wasn't good enough to put me on the card, let alone this match? What do I have to do? I guess I just have to take the both of you out. Joe walked to the ring but Chris Jericho stopped him. They argued outside the ring, while Strowman kicked Roman after a failed Spear. Braun headed outside the ring to face Joe. Jericho is in the middle of them. Roman recovered and leaped outside, taking everyone out. Eventually, Reigns got Strowman back in the ring. He tried to Spear him again but Joe held his feet. Roman kicked Joe. But as Reigns turned around, Braun Strowman Powerslammed him. Jericho got back in the ring and made the count. Braun Strowman defeats Roman Reigns by way of pinfall via Running Powerslam. Match 8 - Hell in a Cell Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Background Goldberg was dominating every challenge put in front of him as WWE Champion. Mr. McMahon and Paul Heyman brought in Brock Lesnar for the first time in WWE Dreams to take on Goldberg at WrestleMania. In that match, Paul Heyman screwed Lesnar, allowing Goldberg to retain. Their rematch would take place at Payback in a Last Man Standing Match. Brock hit an F-5 on Goldberg that sent both men flying off the stage. They both received multiple injuries and would miss about a year of action. They returned in the Royal Rumble Match which Lesnar went on to win. Goldberg challenged Lesnar for his WrestleMania title shot at Fastlane in a No Holds Barred Match. Brock retained. Goldberg said he quit WWE Dreams but interfered in Brock's title match against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania. Lesnar still went on to win the championship. Both Superstars were sent to SDL in the Superstar Shake-Up and established themselves as the two top guys of the brand. In a Fatal 4-Way Match for Brock's WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Goldberg Speared Lesnar through the set, taking both men out of the picture. Randy Orton went on to become WWE Champion. The rivalry between Goldberg and Lesnar needs to come to an end and it will at Hell in a Cell in a match of the same name. We haven't seen nor heard from Goldberg since SummerSlam, meanwhile Lesnar has been running through the SDL locker room sending messages to his rival. Result It was an absolutely physical fight that found its way to the top of the cell at one point. Lesnar threw Goldberg off the top through the announce table! Back in the ring, Goldberg kicked out of three F-5s. However, a fourth F-5 eventually put Goldberg away. Brock Lesnar defeats Goldberg by way of pinfall via F-5.
    • Universal Championship John Cena(c) w/Nia Jax vs The Miz w/Maryse   Intercontinental Championship Seth Rollins(c) vs Dolph Ziggler   Winner Earns Universal Title Match Special Guest Referee: Chris Jericho Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns   Hell in a Cell Match Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg   WWE Championship Randy Orton(c) vs Jeff Hardy   Kurt Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura   RAW Women's Championship Sasha Banks(c) vs Paige   United States Championship Batista(c) vs AJ Styles
    • Evolve comes back from commercial break with a closed casket in the ring. The crowd is confused until the lights dim and Henrico walks out with a covered canvas and a stand. He enters the ring and sets the stand a canvas next to the casket. He turns and takes a deep breath before removing the cover and revealing the canvas to be a picture of Ark. The crowd is speechless, clueless to what is going on.  You all know who I am. I was Ark's mentor, his tutor, the one who led him during his younger days at Dragon's Gate. I was his coach, his father figure...his friend. I have been with Ark his entire career. I knew what he was feeling the entire time, and I was forced to watch as bit by bit as BPZ destroyed his smile. I watched him grow from the little kid doing flips and tricks to the underdog...to this.
      He was so excited when he received that call fro, BPZ. He thought he had finally done it, he had made it big. We at Dragon's Gate were happy for him. We knew he was a young prodigy, one of the best high-flyers to run these ropes. He did come with a bit of a cocky attitude but that was wrinkled out soon enough. He fought for fun, to make other people smile and feel good. He saw the darkness, the despair, he saw the low roads that some people took to make to the top he made an oath to himself to prove that you could make it with your soul intact. He fought to bring light to a world shrouded in darkness. He thought that people would respect that, that he could find friends willing to take the hard road. He was met with ridicule, with honeyed words followed by toxic daggers. by beatings at the hands of not one or two, but upwards of three and four men....to getting hit by a car then beat down the next week. Then the week after that. Then expected to suck it up and go out again. And he tried to keep that smile. He tried his best to keep his smile in front of you all that is. He had lost it long ago. Now, the Ark that you knew is dead. The Ark that struggled with keeping his demon happy when he wanted to collapse in despair is gone. He is in this casket right here. Shall I open it for you?  Henrico walks over and grabs the lid of the casket. He unlatches the top then slowly opens it revealing.....a nothing.  The Ark that was labeled a loser, a wash-up, a failure, that Ark is gone. The Ark that was made to seem like the worst thing to step in this ring, even though he was better than half the roster, is gone. The Ark that was labeled the worst of his generation is gone. Why is he gone? Because it had to die. It had to be erased, it had to be burned to ashes so that from the ashes, Ark could be reborn!     Ark is back! Ark looks around, straight-faced. He pauses then smiles to deafening applause and cheers before posing then making his way the ring. He hugs Henrico before taking the mic from him. He quiets the crowd who are chanting for him, having missed him in the past weeks.  I have not been me the past weeks. I have been in a dark place. I was face to face with my demons. I looked each one in the eye and called them by name. Regret, Revenge, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger, Futility. I looked them all in the eye and told them to get out. That they had NO control over me. I dealt with my inner demons and cleansed myself of them. They, however, are only half of the reason my smile was lost. I have to announce my new resolve to my outer demons as well. So. Buddy, Jason, Marker.  Necce now I guess. I now know for sure, one of you hit me with that car. I know without a fact you all had no remorse as you all beat me down in this ring for no reason but to try and break me! Well...Im haven't given up, and I'm not broken! So consider that attack a declaration of war. I might not have any allies, but ill fight all the same. First, I have to face Gill, but ill talk more about that another time.  I came here to say one thing. I won't lose this smile no matter what. No matter how bad the defeat, how bad the beating, I'm going to get up and smile. Each defeat only leads to more experience. Each beatdown only means I am becoming more and more of a threat. So come all you weak and wicked. Ark stands before with a light you can't extinguish. You are all welcome to try your hardest, but one by one you will all fall. It might take a day, a month, a year. But I am here. And I'm not leaving! Ark tosses Henrico back the mic and poses atop the turnbuckle. He has a big smile on his face and according to him, it's not leaving anytime soon. Ark is back with a passion and he has declared war on the Flock. A bold claim and we all have to wonder how he plans to back that up with no allies and enemies all around. If there is one person you can bet on to fight on when the odds are against them, its Ark!   
    • You literally asked me by name. And what would I be running from exactly, an easy win? No thanks. 

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