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WWE Super Show-Down

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The home of Australian Cricket the Melbourne Cricket Ground will see its first ever WWE PPV named WWE Super Show-Down, LIVE on the WWE Network October 6th.

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    • Live on Evolve and the fans are excited because in one weeks time the first Evolve PPV since the brand split: Global Series occurs. Many have questioned the star quality of its main event when Jason Ryan meets JoshsNow but last week both men won their matches to earn it. Despite amazing wrestling last week the night ended on a sour note when The Frontier confronted JoshsNow, mocked him and his father befor handcuffing Josh to the ringpost and making him watch as Jason Ryan broke Josh’s Dads arm with a Kimura, smashed his head with a steel rod into the steel steps as Josh looked on hopeless before putting Josh out of his misery with a steel rod shot to the head.

      We are towards the end of Evolve and after this recap we cut to a hospital room where Josh’s father lies, unconscious with “Get Well” cards and flowers surrounding him. We see Josh walk in and although he is trying to keep a brave face we see him almost choking up when he sees his father. He sits in the seat next to him and looks at his father sadly

      I respected him. I didn’t like him, he was too arrogant. But I respected how despite the fact he hadn’t won in 5 months until last month he still carried on and didn’t stop trying. And now he’s Premium Champ and in the main event of Global Series.

      He is on the form of his life but so am I. You know Jason you talk about how you, Buddy and Mark are the third incarnation of the NXT 3 but where does that put you in comparisons. Buddy reminds me a bit of Slim and Summer. Mark reminds me of Bizzy and Aidan. You my friend Jason are similar to me and Blade

      But unlike me and Blade you have done nothing to earn any respect here. Any respect I had for you was lost with what you did to my father. You are the scum of the earth but this is how you operate Jason.

      I see right through you. You have accumulated 5 wins in this company and you have made every single one of them personal. When you faced Apex you revealed you had murdered his father and that put him off. You stole Storms wife off him to put him off. You, or one of your buddies, hit Ark with a car to put him off. You tried to murder Echo to put him off. And the match with Ace was a disgrace.

      And I know what you’re doing Jason. You’re trying to get into my mind. Well you know what Jason. It worked. This is personal now. At Global Series I’m going to beat you. But before that I’m going to make you suffer.

      And with that we see him leave the room before returning with a crutch in his hand. He points at the camera and smiles devilishly

      You’re going to suffer Jason. “The Gentleman” comes at High Noon

      The crowd watch shocked as Josh echos the words Jason Ryan debuted on his debut. He begins to walk out of the room before he hears 6 words

      Dad: I thought you were “The Gentleman”

      Josh turns at his Father who smiles at him before going to back to sleep. Josh puts the crutch down and looks sad

      You’re right. I’m “The Gentleman.” I’ve got some bad news Jason. You’re not getting into my head. I said this to Gary Green and I will say it to you. I’m not a bad man. Next week we’re going to step in that ring and no matter what you try, no matter what mind games you try to play we are going to put on a great match. And at the end of the night there will be one outcome. Me walking out as Global Champion. See you Jason.

      And with that Josh leaves the room, this time for the last time and the camera turns to black
    • "Echo Wilson is a fool, is a fool Echo Wilson is a fool Just as Hollow said" A group of lookalike Hollows start walking the ring singing 'Echo Wilson is a Fool' Once they get to the ring they surround the ring and down from the rafters Hollow is lowered down into the ring. Hollow, "Well , well , well look how many people have seen the truth.  Sing it to the roof tops for all can hear, Echo Wilson is a fool and we proved at Halloween Havoc.  Lets look back a month back and see the truth!" The big screen cuts to a month ago back at Hollow's Demands   After the playback of Echo's response Hollow laughs begins to speak again Hollow, "We are deluded if we believe we are going to outlast five others in that cage.  Look at what we did at Halloween Havoc Hollow defeated the five other men who Mr.Fourteen put in this match and he broke them all!  Echo said Hollow was deluded but Hollow said he would win and he did.  Now what will happen now when Hollow says we will go  to Carnage's next event Power Trip Redemption and tear the title from Echo Wilson's grasp and become the Universal  Champion!" Hollow starts singing himself "Echo Wilson is a fool, is a fool Echo Wilson is a fool Just as Hollow said" Hollow stops and resumes speaking again. Hollow, "Echo Wilson Redemption is our next path way.   Emergence Hollow went to war with Kieron Black and ended it with one battle.  Halloween Havoc Hollow met five others he destroyed four and delivered the apocalyptic end to one's credibility in spectacular fashion.   Now who is next, what is next." Hollow looks around and yells Hollow,  "ECHO WILSON YOUR NEXT!" Hollow sits down in the middle of the ring Hollow, "This Echo will not be a war, or your apocalypse.  This will simply be your end.   Your reign as champion will end, your presence as a strong member in the Kingdom will end.  It will all end for you Echo Wilson at Redemption.  All that will remain of you will be you will become another victim of Hollow's on his path to the pinnacle  of Carnage.  Then finally at the top of Carnage will finally be the only being who can call themself's the embodiment of carnage in Carnage.  Hollow will finally ascend and hold the crimson title  to become the Universal Champion!" The Hollow look alikes around the ring begin singing again "Echo Wilson is a fool, is a fool Echo Wilson is a fool Just as Hollow said"    
    • You know why this company lost faith in me? For something that happened in 2015. Yes, not surprising, I fucked up, and unlike you, I have owned up to the stuff that I do wrong. I said things that lost Faith in a few of management back then, but now it's different. I lose because my career is one that's Hall Of Fame worthy, while yours will because of someone else making it happen. Just like how someone else is the reason that you are relevant to this day. And yes Necce, out of them all, I managed to lose them all, you're right, I piss away all chances that occur to me because I let it slip through my tips of my fingers. And yes all these times I promise that I will fix all that has been said over and over and over again but they haven't but after that, I still come in and do my best the next month. I don't go and run far far away to my house to sulk about it. And why you got so many appearances is not because of why you think. You are here so little is because we don't want you here all the time. We don't want you to drag this place down into depression kid, that's what you need to understand. We want this place to live and live happily, not die because of you. You call me a jobber, but I call you BPZ's Mental Cancer. 
    • You bring up main eventing PPVS, but let’s ask a follow up question. How many of those main events have you won? How many opportunities that you’ve “earned” did you piss away? How many chances did you squander because you just weren’t good enough? Every. Single. One. You may have more main event matches, but you aren’t in my league Angelo. You try so hard too, which makes it sadder. You slave away day in day out, month in month out, year in year out, and still just can’t cut it. I show up, do what I do better then everyone else who has ever stepped into this company, and then I leave. I don’t need to prove myself Angelo. I’ve done it enough already, management has enough faith in me to know that I can be given a few matches a year and kill it every time. But after years of unflinching service, they don’t have the same faith in you? It just shows us who has the most potential. 

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