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    • First big day in the books. Happy with my teams performance, averaged 38 across the board. Big aquistion of Booker coming into my team tomorrow scored over 60. With his production I think I can certainly go deep with the roster I have. My risk on Tobias Harris and Drummond paid off. Both guys played very well. Drummond with a 20/20 game. Elfrid Payton with a surprising TD as well, I hope he can keep those numbers up. The surprise of the night was Spencer Dinwiddie, his 43 Fpts was awesome. Doubt that will continue since hes a back up PG but a 12th round pick scoring that, you'll take that every day.  Ayton got 47 but hes on his way out, I wish I could've kept him but it was the right call.
    • I think its a great gimmick for Aries to pull off and I think that the continuation of this feud with Johnny Impact will be great. They had pretty good in-ring chemistry when they fought at Bound For Glory and with a more heated feud this time around, it could set up for a really strong matchup
    • An unfamiliar tune plays through the evolve loudspeakers, as the audience sits in confusion until an all-too-familiar face steps onstage. Gill walks down to the ring, and requests a microphone, before sitting in the ring Indian-style. "Hello, Evolve." A loud pop resonates from the crowd. "Silence. My words are more important than your opinions of me ever will be." The crowd then boos Gill.
      "As the King's of yesteryear fall to the side of the road, too tired to carry onward, the Prince's of the yesteryear begin to step up to the challenge now that the Kings have slain themselves. Well rest assured, princes, I'm not here to compare myself to you. I cant, because unlike you, I didn't wait for the Kings to fall before trying to claim the crown. I didn't hide, waiting for the right time to stop jerking the curtain. None of you ever put fear in the King's-- no, in Slim's eyes." "But I did." The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Gill's statement. "I put fear in the World Champions eyes without even being on his level. And some of you may think it was because of my clown persona at the time. You some are mistaken. Slim feared me for the same reason anyone back there should. Because I am a threat at any and all times." The crowd once again gives a mixed reaction, although it seems to be leaned more towards the boos this time around. "So let me put myself back in this ring again. Ark, at the Global Series finale, I'm coming for you. And when I'm through, Evolve's going to be putting out advertisements that look..." "...well, that look about like this." Gill holds up a flyer that bares the Evolve logo, with the words "LOOKING FOR NEW TALENT" underneath. "I'm not just going to pin you or submit you, Ark. I'm going to dismantle you and your entire career." "The Re-Evolution of Gill begins now." Black Hole Sun plays again, as Gill returns his microphone and walks back up the ramp to an outpour of boos.
    • {The camera cuts to the boiler room of BPZ, a place that we haven’t seen in months. The scenery is as it usually is; The entire room is pitch black with the only light in the room coming from the camera. The camera slowly pans down to see Necce sitting without any other members of The Flock. We see him in his usual environment for the first time since before SummerSlam. He is alone, sitting against a wall on the floor with one leg sticking straight out, and the other bent up. His hair covers the entirety of his face. For a few weeks we have heard the man behind the proverbial mask, but now it’s time that The Antichrist makes his return to BPZ TV. He talks in his usual low tone, just above a whisper with a bit of a growl.} The world is a vampire, set to drain. Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flame. And what do I get for my pain? Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game. Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show, all my cool and cold, like old Job. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. And someone will say what is lost can never be saved. But despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. {Necce pauses for a moment after his opening monologue, as if to let the words he just spoke sink in to the listener. He lets these words hang in the air like the smoke from the cigarettes he smokes.} In 1994, Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins penned those lyrics for ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ and ever since then, those words have become the mantra of the alternative. A battlecry for the disenfranchised. And for 10 years, those words were the catalyst of the way I lived my life. In my entire 22 years of life, I have been trapped. Trapped in a home that hated my very existence. Trapped in a company that only saw me as a young has-been. Trapped in the shadow of a man that was never on my level, but was pushed to the moon. And trapped inside of my own pit of demons and misery. For years, I have been dragged down by the weight of the chains that I have been forced to carry around with me. With every addition of a link, the weight grew; Starting a family at only 18 years of age. The addictions and demons that I allowed to consume my very being in an attempt to numb a pain that has loomed over me like a rain cloud filled with omens. The responsibilities as a father, a husband, but also as a wrestler and an on screen personality piling up on each other. The weight only grew, but I persisted, giving myself some vague hope that if I drag this chain for as long as I can, then maybe I will be able to escape the mental cage I was in. But it wasn’t until SummerSlam where I came to the shattering realization that I was nothing more than a line in a song. A rat in a cage. Running on its wheel to nowhere. It’s a numbing experience when you learn your accomplishments aren’t your own. At SummerSlam, when I held that tag team title belt in my hands, it didn’t feel like a title that I had worked for. When I held my previous 4 titles before that I had won; The United States Championship, The European Championship, The Premium Championship, and The Universal Championship, I felt a sense of pride and relief. These were belts that I scratched and clawed for, and finally they were in my hands. But when I held my half of the Tag Team Championship belts, it put into place that this title, much like my all of my 5 Championship reigns, were not prizes that I had earned. They weren’t tokens of my effort, status, and tenure. They were just treats that were thrown my way. Like a bone that you give a dog when it behaves. So I made a choice right then and there. I drew my line in the sand. I was either going to continue to be that rat in a cage that can be bribed with championships before he steps out of line, or I could finally take my career into my own hands without any fear of repercussions or what the higher ups might think. So I made my decision, and I laid “The Omega” out. At that moment, I didn’t care what the fans thought, I didn’t care what the boys in the back thought, and I didn’t care what Flynn thought. I wasn’t going to allow him to string me along anymore, I wasn’t going to allow him to manipulate me anymore. I was going to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I was going to do what others could do with no kickback, but would be an abomination if I did. I was going to be the man and the wrestlers I always knew I could be, and others knew I could be. The words I spoke at SummerSlam weren’t the ramblings of a scorned narcissist, they were years of manipulation and being held back finally allowed to come out. All of the venom and bile I had building up for 3 years like a cancer were able to show their true nature. And in that moment, I became the so called “Most despised man in BPZ.” It certainly is an odd feeling when you go from someone that is so popular that the arena shakes every time I show up, to someone that the wrestling forums hates. But unlike most men in my predicament, I don’t blame them. I’d hate me too if over the course of a year, I’ve been following a story between two men that culminated with them putting their differences behind them, only to see the man I rooted for along the way turn his back on the other, the same way that started this war. But the thing is that, the fans don’t often read deeper into the minds of the men they see on the screen or in the ring, they take everything at face value. They see a man turning on his tag team partner and so called best friend, and they take it as that, no other questions are asked. But coming from someone who the world has forced to dwell within his own mind, forced to take refuge and befriend his inner voice, you begin to learn the inner working of the cerebral of your fellow man. You learn when the actions they take are sporadic and in the moment, or carefully thought out 3 steps ahead. You can also tell when you are being lied to, when you are being manipulated, and when you are being used. He said it best on the night we reunited, the night where the war had seemingly ended. What did Flynn want more than anything? “Gold.” I didn’t think about it at the time, I was just in a state of pure euphoric bliss that I had finally got the man that I thought I had lost forever back. The man who turned his back on me in my lowest moment, who insulted the death of one of my only friends growing up, and tried to end my career, had finally turned over a new leaf. He was back, the man I trained with back in the BPZ Performance Center. The man I lived with in a run down little apartment with no heating or running water most of the time. The man I’d stay awake with throughout all hours of the night, talking about wrestling and how when we were given the chance, we were going to set the world on fire. My brother. When I think about it today, one of my biggest regrets in my career is not walking away from the ring on that night. I wish I would’ve just left him in the middle of the ring with his hand out, hoping for forgiveness that would never come, that he doesn’t deserve. I wish I never would’ve allowed him to become the victim that he’s always wanted to be. But I cannot live in the past now, I have done that for far too long. It’s time that I start looking to the present and the future. {Necce pushes his hair away to show that he is looking directly into the camera.} Flynn, as much as you like to pretend that we are, we are not even. We aren’t even close, and we never will be. Things never could be, throughout our entire careers, we have been so competitive with each other, trying desperately to one up each other and prove that we are the better man. The only way we could ever be even is if I see to it that you never wrestle again. Not just in BPZ, but in the entire sport. I need to do something that you tried and failed to do to me, end your career. That is the only thing that could truly satisfy us Flynn, if one of us forces the other out of BPZ entirely. That is the point that this story has gotten to. But before that, you have yet another World title match that you didn’t earn. I guess that’s managements apology for letting you look weak for once. You have a chance to prove to the man that you helped soar to such heights that you are the true ace of BPZ. Well that’s not going to happen Flynn. Mark my words, you will not leave Halloween Havoc as World Heavyweight Champion. It doesn’t matter if Julius has to beat you within an inch of your life, or if I have to show up and see to it myself. You will fail in your quest to become world champion for a 5th time Flynn. And when you do, I will prove yet again that I am just that much better than you when I do something that you couldn’t do, and beat Julius for the BPZ Tag Team championships. I will prove that I never needed you to win. I will prove that The Flock is stronger now than The Kingdom, or The Golden Legacy has ever been. And when I do, you will then be forced to come to grips with the fact that the man who has always been in your shadow, the man who has always been delegated to the “best friend” spot, is better now than he ever was without you weighing him down.  You wanted so badly to save me Flynn. You wanted to prevent me from becoming the monster that you see now. But as Billy Corgan once said, “I do believe, that I cannot be saved.” Quote The Raven, Nevermore {The camera hangs on Necce face for a moment. His eyes show a fierce and intense emotion as they barely peak out through his long hair. The camera slowly fades to black.}
    • SEASON 12 | EPISODE 9   Corey Graves: It began with a whisper. That whisper became a secret. Now, the secret is out! Welcome to NXT! Michael Cole: In our main event, Dean Ambrose defends the NXT Championship against Drew McIntyre. It's The Lunatic versus The Psychopath, tonight! Byron Saxton: But we kick off the show with another First Round match in the NXT Women's Championship Tournament! Match 1 - Singles (NXT Women's Championship Tournament - First Round) Naomi vs Bianca Belair     Michael Cole: Naomi will now face Ruby Riott in Round Two. Corey Graves: And later tonight, we will see another First Round match. It will be a Tag Team Match where the Superstar that gains the pinfall or submission will be the one to advance. Match 2 - Tag Team Heavy Machinery vs SAnitY Corey Graves: Look at the size of these two men. Michael Cole: I can't believe the strength of Killian Dain! Corey Graves: Springboard Elbow Drop by Tucker Knight! This Heavy Machinery is sneakily agile! Michael Cole: Eric Young off the top rope! Byron Saxton: But Otis moves out of the way! Michael Cole: Well, that was unique! And that does it! Heavy Machinery upset SAnitY! Heavy Machinery defeat SAnitY by way of pinfall via Compactor. Michael Cole: Coming up next, its the debut of Andrade "Cien" Almas. Match 3 - Singles No Way Jose vs Andrade "Cien" Almas w/Zelina Vega     Michael Cole: What an impressive debut for- VELVETEEN DREAM Velveteen Dream: Andrade, Andrade, Andrade. That performance put The Dream to sleep. Byron Saxton: That's it? Corey Graves: That's all that needs to be said, Saxton. Michael Cole: You know what performance won't put people to sleep? Elias! Elias will finally, finally, perform...next! Michael Cole: Not again! Elias: I can't really perform with you standing there. Aleister Black springboards off the ropes, lands on his feet, and then sits down. Elias: That's not exactly what I meant. Elias: Can you even talk? Aleister Black: Yes. Elias: Then tell me what you're doing out here on my time. Aleister Black: I'm looking for a challenger for my United Kingdom Championship. Byron Saxton: Tyler Bate? Corey Graves: These two had a great title match last week. I wonder why Bate is coming out here. Tyler Bate: I nearly had you beat last week. I'm out here asking for a rematch. Michael Cole: Strong words from both men. It looks like we'll be seeing a rematch between Bate and Black in the near future! Corey Graves: Be sure to tune in next week because the NXT Tag Team Champions A.O.P. will make their 2019 debut in tag team action! Byron Saxton: M- Corey Graves: Byron, don't you dare ruin this entrance for me! Match 4 - Tag Team (NXT Women's Championship Tournament - First Round) The IIconics vs Absolution Michael Cole: Absolution wins and Sonya Deville gets the pin. That means she advances in the tournament and will face the winner of next week's last First Round match between Ember Moon and Kairi Sane. Absolution defeat The IIconics by way of pinfall via Square-Up Kick. A replay shows how Dean Ambrose won the NXT Title. Match 5 - Singles (NXT Championship) Drew McIntyre vs Dean Ambrose(c) Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre is in full control. Oh my, who is that? Corey Graves: Lars Sullivan attacking McIntyre! Byron Saxton: And now tossing him out of the ring. Michael Cole: Ambrose is back on his feet. Dean's trying to fight. Oh! Freak Accident from Lars Sullivan! What is the reason for this? Lars Sullivan has just ruined the main event.   Emoji Recap: 💃🥩🏋️‍💯😴😤👋🏻🥊❔🤔

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