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    • Best character on the show? 
    • He's doing okay, but he hasn't really taken that next step to make him a credible in ring competitor. He's got a strong act and the fans always react to him. But I feel like in ring wise he's not taken serious enough. It's like they are just waiting and waiting on him. It's time to strike.
    • I have started a Universe Mode comprised of all cruiserweights. 205 Live is now the only show and the Cruiserweight Championship is the only title. The PPV schedule will stay the same with the Royal Rumble being replaced with the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament, with the winner getting a title shot at Wrestlemania. The first event of the UM will be Backlash.   Backlash Card: Pete Dunne vs Rey Mysterio Noam Dar vs Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Roderick Strong w/ UE vs Gran Metalik Kalisto vs Hideo Itami TJP vs Drew Gulak Johnny Gargano vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred - Cedric Alexander (c) vs Finn Balor   Starting Roster:
    • Buffalo Bills Bye Week The Bills have had a fantastic start to their season heading into their week 6 bye. The stand on top of the AFC East winning and leading it pretty comfortably. The Bills decided to rest up this week a bit instead of extra practice for the players. With this extra week of rest Ryan Lewis a cornerback for the Bills is returning from injury and should be good to go next week. The Bills look healed up and ready to go as they look to maintain their lead in the AFC East. AFC East Standings: Bills 4-1 Dolphins 2-2 Patriots 2-3 Jets 1-3 With this week to relax and not have to worry about a game the Bills were able to negotiate contracts with three solid players for the team Quinton Spain, Levi Wallace and Robert Foster. Levi Wallace who is having a great season agreed to a 3 yr/12 M deal to stay with the team. For Robert Foster it took a bit more time to agree but both sides settled on a 4 yr/13.25 M deal. For Quinton Spain it was a big more expensive deal but both sides agreed on a 2 yr/ 14.6 M deal. These signings are big for the Bills as it allows them to lock some players in for the future of this franchise. Last but not least the Bills made a big move to help freshen up this offense. The Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to a deal that is the big news around the league. Bills Receive: Leonard Fournette, Isiah Mckenzie, and Jaguars 2020 5th Round pick Jaguars receive: Lesean McCoy, Zay Jones, and Bills 2020 3rd Round Pick For the Bills it helps them get younger at the running back position with Leonard Fournette who has had a rough start this season but hopefully this can be a change that helps him maximize his potential. The Bills also bring in former wideout Isiah Mckenzie who was picked up by the Jags after he was released by the Bills earlier this season. The Bills off load McCoy who was having a terrible season for the Bills and a change was needed to improve the run game. Zay Jones was also not very productive as he just seemed to never get open and when he did  he just could not seem to hang on to the ball. This move freshens the Bills up a bit as they look to keep the momentum going after the bye week.  
    • _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Road to Annihilation: Part 1 Slim’s Quest to Gold Ever since Slim pinned Sameer during the final night of Global Series Climax, he has bad mouthed the champion, whenever he was in interviews or at backstage press conferences. Slim said he needed to win this year’s Global Series Climax because he wanted that main event spot but he’s glad that a member of ASCENT in Flynn did.   “You know, I don’t hate Sameer. I don’t hate him one bit. He just doesn’t deserve to hold on to that World Heavyweight Title. I proved it, I pinned this man in the middle of the ring, and sure I may have hit him with a steel chair but that’s part of the game in professional wrestling. You do what you need to do to win” - Slim   So the shows leading up to Annihilation, in multiman tag matches. Slim has been mocking Sameer every chance he gets, whether its from taunts to even moves, he’s getting into the mind of Sameer. Sameer meanwhile knows he has tough task in Slim, he knows that he is facing the longest reigning NWGP Champion ever, and that’s why he has been in the gym all day and night to prepare for this challenge. He says he will give it is all because he still believes that he is the best there is, and he’s not going to let Slim take it from him.   On the final road shows before Annihilation, Sameer was attacked by Slim from behind. Slim beats the hell out of Sameer. He takes the championship and holds it high in the air. He then screams “This baby is coming right back to me” The tension is there and these two will go to battle at the Annihilation Show in Manhattan.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________   IC Title Frenzy Julius had a very good run during this year’s Global Series Climax, finishing the tournament with an impressive 13 points. Notably he was pinned twice by only two men, Arius and Bashka. With these 2 having legitimate reason to have an Intercontinental Title Match, BPZ Officials have agreed to do a special 3 Way Match for the Title at Annihilation. Ever since that announcement, Arius has been targeting both Julius and Bashka with pre taped Segments. Basically saying only he can win this match, because he is the answer to most questions.    Bashka says he willing to do anything, no matter how much tension he has had with Slim, to win the Intercontinental Title. He will give it is all leading up to Annihilation. Julius states that he is a fighting champion no matter how tough the competition to willing to prove to his haters and critics that he doesn’t back down from anybody. This will sure be an excellent 3 Way Match at Annihilation in Manhattan.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Tag Team Title Hunt Currently there are no active Tag Team Champions in BPZ, but that’s all going to change. BPZ officials announced they have been scouting the tag teams in BPZ for the past couple of weeks have determined they will have a Fatal 4 Tag Team Elimination Match. The 4 teams that have impressed them are Royal Flush (Johnny Kills & Sheridan), Jay Sellers & Brett Storm, North & Brad, and finally The Killer Machines (Bubba and Beastly). Every one of these teams want those tag titles, any of these teams would be great tag champs. Who will be your next tag team champs? ______________________________________________________________________________________________   Mikey’s Time After pinning Hans twice, Mikey will get his shot at Hans for the United States Title at the Annihilation show in Manhattan. Mikey stated that he can beat Hans any day of the week, because he knows he defeat him, and he’s going to take his United States Title and bring this title to Villain’s Kingdom. Mikey confidence is shown as he keeps racking up wins during the road shows.    Meanwhile Hans isn’t taking Mikey lightly, he knows that Mikey is a big deal and he will be ready for Mikey come Annihilation. After one of Hans’ matches Mikey comes to confront Hans, both them of an intense stare down as Mikey looks down at Hans’ US title. Mikey then shouts “I’ll see you soon Champ!” Should be an interesting encounter   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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