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    • Im in ..... but you already knew that
    • Slim and BrendenPlayz Backstage Fight DETAILS: Two years following the big backstage blowup that got intense between the two, resulting in Slim losing his 310 day World Championship reign, another backstage fight has occured between Slim and Brenden following Survival Games, which led to Slim's suspension until after Halloween Havoc, and also the stripping of Slim as BPZ World Champion. Reportedly the two clashed over the idea that Slim was turning the wrestlers against Brenden, a huge blowup resulted, calling Brenden and the creative team corrupt. Slim reportedly outed Brenden for helping him pass drug test after drug test, but firing Smith for it which led to even more tension, as the idea of Brenden passing a drug test for Slim but firing Smith for it got the locker room fired up, as many of them went at Brenden, including Brenden's former right hand man, Bailey. The former head of creative said that Brenden had lost his touch and began to play favorites which is why the ratings have been down, as Bailey criticized Brenden's decision to have Sameer, a known BrendenPlayz favorite, to hold the belt for so long, with Brenden publicly announcing Slim had been suspended for drug test failure and disruption. Slim laughed at Brenden's ruling, as the talent were outraged. Slim reportedly walked out, and flew home that night, with him not scheduled to appear until after Halloween Havoc.
    • Name: The Bolt (Alex Costa) Gender: Male Superpower: Can control Electricity and the Electromagnetic sphere Backstory: Son of Portuguese immigrants, Costa was hit by a Lightning Bolt when he was 8 years old which somehow granted him powers over electricity and the electromagnetic sphere. Has decided to use his powers for good after his dad was murdered by a assailant while he was in college Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Hero Other information:
    • Wednesday Night Wars: Week Two: AEW Dynamite: Young Bucks vs Private Party: Brilliant match from all angles, Young Bucks showed why they are the best Tag Team in the world (to be honest, when putting them with obscure and new teams like Private Party or maybe Dark Order, the Bucks are clearly much farther ahead in every step), Marc Quen really impressed me and thousands of fans in the arena with his barrage of suicide dives, and Isaiah Cassidy with him playing the role of 2018 Matt Jackson with the back injury. In comparison to NXT, this match was much more exciting (regardless of the stakes) than Breezango vs Forgotten Sons. Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc: This match has been getting a lot of criticism due to the fact that it's to determine the first challenger to Chris Jericho's AEW World Championship and it involves two people with terrible win-loss records. But, according to the theory I came up with: While AEW really wants to put up the best TV content, they also want to preserve their big money matches for PPVs, so a TV Title defense would be seen as a rarity for viewers and for AEW roster members that may not have the best win records. Why waste Jericho vs PAC or Jericho vs Moxley on TV? The match itself was really good, initially, Jimmy Havoc and Darby Allin don't necessarily represent fans or support but they manage to suck in the audience with their aura & unique offense and in this case, it resulted in a smooth & memorable match which I definitely recommend over Drew Gulak vs Lio Rush (high stakes singles match). The moments at the end of the NXT match was awesome but other than that I couldn't get into it as well as Havoc vs Allin. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes: I'll just say it, I preferred Walter vs Kushida. But I can see why this match was put together and the pace it went at, obviously AEW has the star power and they want to utilize it to its fullest extent with guys like Chris Jericho ("Y2J") & Dustin Rhodes ("Goldust"). The match itself felt a bit weird to to me, it's like the pace drastically changed depending on the pairing in the ring but it was a nice main event that settles us into the weekly AEW Dynamite program pace instead of having something crazy or shocking happen at the end of every episode. (Yes, I know there was a big brawl but other than Allin hitting some kind of skateboard Clothesline on Jericho it all went the way you would expect it). Inner Circle & PAC: Looking at it on first sight, a faction led by Chris Jericho with Sammy Guevara for a mercenary, Jake Hager for an enforcer, and LAX for duo-backup seems awesome...the branding is a bit lame (in my opinion). The name, the logo, the vibe, all of it. This should've belonged to someone like Shawn Spears and have Jericho basically create his own Bullet Club and call it Alpha Club or something like that. Even Alpha Circle works 😂. Aside from two marquee matches coming up are Full Gear, it's interesting to see how the male singles division develops into more storylines with guys like Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes floating around, but PAC did not wait like the others to meaninglessly float around. He took his shot on Kenny Omega (even though PAC beat him), and didn't decide to lay out Jon Moxley next to Omega (for some reason). Most people have been speculating an alliance especially since they are teaming up next week against Omega & Page but i don't think that's the case, I could see them being semi-allies for about a month and then Moxley turns on PAC. Honestly, I thought AEW Dynamite this week was extremely better than last week but in my war of opinions, I think NXT was better with the whole Undisputed Era/Velveteen Dream/Tommaso Ciampa segment clutching it.

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