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    • Who will win the Opening Block?: Antonio Inoki Who will come 2nd in the block?: Dusty Rhodes Who will win the Entire 2nd MSG League?: Antonio Inoki
    • Who will win the Opening Block?: Antonio Inoki Who will come 2nd in the block?: Dusty Rhodes Who will win the Entire 2nd MSG League?: Antonio Inoki
    • APRIL-MAY 1980 - THE 3RD MSG LEAGUE Dusty Rhodes: Plumber turned into one of the greatest pro wrestlers in the world today? That's Dusty Rhodes for you. Dusty Rhodes' story is heart warming, yes and he has the history to match. His career started in WCCW with The Von Erichs, before he began to work the various NWA promotions. On and off matches for WWF, have made another Huge resume for Dusty Rhodes to follow up on. Rhodes may not have the physique people look for in a wrestler, but he makes up for it double with his charisma, his personality and his interview capabilities. Chavo Guerrero Sr.: Hailing from Mexico, the top of the Guerrero family, a legendary line of luchadors and pro wrestlers from Mexico. Better known as Chavo Classic, he began to wrestle off the name of his father in NWA. He is a 15 time NWA Americas Heavyweight Champion, that speaks to his success. Guerrero is more than just another name of his long lineage of warrior family members, Chavo is the next big thing.  The first MSG League of the decade, features one of the biggest, best groups yet. The field has stayed the exact same, a roster of 10 names for this year's MSG League.  Who will win the Opening Block?: Who will come 2nd in the block?: Who will win the Entire 2nd MSG League?:
    • This isn't really ground-breaking news as Ronda Rousey has been one of the best draws for WWE in recent years and I don't think there was ever any doubt that WWE would want to have her return; I think the concern lays in whether Ronda wants to return. Assumedly though, if Triple H is saying their relationship with Ronda is "great" in an interview, then that at least suggests that Ronda is still fond of the WWE and that her comments about "fake fighting" didn't result in any heat.
    • He did it! It is so great to see Apollo Crews finally getting the push that he deserves, dethroning a star such as Andrade should do wonders for Crews in the future. Now taking a step back and looking at the show overall, i thought it was decent. So lets begin with the IIconics/ Bliss & Cross segment, well this was unexpected for me atleast. I haven't seen this type of fire from Nikki Cross before, and it was really amazing to watch. She seemed so passionate on the microphone, and made you actually feel the story that she has portrayed. I think they are planning on Peyton Royce & Billie Kay breaking up, most likely losing at Backlash and moving on from there. But in my opinion, I can only see Peyton Royce being successful on her own and I think it is an unwise decision by WWE to break them up at the moment. The VIP Lounge is always fun to watch, I really enjoy Drew's microphone work most of the time and last night did not disappoint. As he ended the segment with a Claymore kick, I am very excited for Bobby Lashley vs Drew Mcintyre at Backlash. I have been a big fan of Angel Garza since his NXT Days, and he keeps improving week by week which is great to see. With Kevin Owens being a former Universal Champion, Angel Garza picking up a win over him only means he is continuing to rise the ranks on Monday Night Raw. Over these past few weeks, the video packages of The Street Profits/ Viking Raiders playing certain games to see who are the better team have been great and this week didn't disappoint at all with Golf. Seth Rollins is one of the best things on RAW right now, if not the best thing and he continues to prove that with this Rey Mysterio storyline. Last night, we saw the advertisement of a retirement ceremony for Mysterio which I see that leading to Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio at backlash which I dont mind one bit. I think the #1 Contender's match was the most predictable match of the night, as Nia Jax will take on Asuka at Backlash and with Flair not being pinned that keeps her strong which smart on their end. And finally, the Main Event of The Street Profits taking on both MVP & Bobby Lashley which I enjoyed. It was a fun little tag team match, which resulted in Bobby getting disqualified for his beastly behavior. As the show would end with a major brawl by both Drew Mcintyre & Bobby Lashley. Overall not a bad night of Monday Night Raw.

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