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    • This simulation is absolutely wild. It's interesting to see names like David Silva and Vincent Kompany getting big-money moves, knowing how successful their careers turned out and it's also funny to see names I don't recognise going for even higher fees. Are Tom Huddlestone and Xabi Alonso the same calibre of player? Also I noticed that Wayne Rooney and Stuwart Downing are in centre back in the world XI, which made me laugh. As for the prospects, well most of them seem to be down on their luck. From your writing O'Gaff and Ropati seem to be the pick of the bunch. Hopefully some of the others have a career resurgence soon. Really good work, Echo!
    • 600, just need 400 more and I’m past 1k
    • NXT, now known as the 3rd Brand of WWE and the brand that goes head to head against All Elite Wrestling in the weekly "Wednesday Night Wars". Before all of  that in 2019, from 2010-2018, NXT went from a Game Show to a Developmental Brand that helped get former Indy Stars accustomed to the WWE Style. However, that didn't stop NXT from putting on potential MOTYs and having great feud, and even a Women's Division, feature the 4 Horsewomen and others, the Opposite of the Main Roster besides AJ Lee and Paige. Take a look at the Greatest Moments in NXT History from 2012-Now, in a list ranked by @Austin Omega and @Gunner. We Hope You Guys Enjoy.
    • Booker’s Journal: Positives:      In terms of positives for my brand, we have a STACKED main event scene in terms of talent. AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe (who will be back in a month) etc. are all vastly talented and could easily be the top players for the RAW brand. You also got Edge, who will be useful in his part-time role, and hopefully he isn’t in decline when I do book him in matches and segments. Not only does my roster have some awesome current stars, I also have some dope young prospects that I will try and push and get over in this save. Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Mustafa Ali, Angel Garza, and Damien Priest are the names I see being pushed or being featured regularly. So, as far as the single men’s division goes, it looks very promising and RAW will deliver in those matches on PPV and on TV from the names I mentioned. Whilst I only have 5 teams in my tag division, they are all excellent besides Indus Sher. Whilst I think another team or two could help the division, we have single stars that fill that void pretty nicely.    Negatives:      My major negative I think my roster as compared to Arius’ and Sheridan’s roster is my Women’s division. Whilst I do have the likes of Asuka, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler, those are really the major names for the division. While I do have Rhea Ripley as a young prospect, I feel as though the Women’s division is something I need to work on, and a priority of making the division as sick as it can be. I think the three women I mentioned at the start will help me, get the other women’s popularities in terms of growth. Whilst my main event scene is stacked with talented people, the only real star power I have are Reigns, Styles, and Edge. I think Sheridan’s roster definitely has more drawable people than I do, and hopefully I can change that when we are 4 months, 5 months down the line. Monday Night RAW Championships:    
    • As Alex and Gunner have said before me, good job on fixing G.O.D. to be the centrepieces of the division. Instead of handing reigns to the Briscoes or to Tencozy it's important to fill in the hole that Gallows and Anderson left, and G.O.D. are a great team to do that with. It does feel like the Heavyweight Tag Team division in NJPW has lost a bit of shimmer over the course of the last few years and your rebooking prevents that, building up the new faces of the division instead of dragging the belts through triple threat matches and shoving them onto anyone who is around and breathing. I also liked how you fixed the Killer Elite Squad problem. Good stuff.

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