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    • January Results Franchise Players: Week 1: (No minor show in week 1) Franchise Players in week 2 and end of the month Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Importance, Pop Progress, Medical, Finances:   Owner Goal Progress: Japan Popularity i need 2 more for Tohoku or 3 for Kanto The Hearlanders have neutral chemistry which i guess is all right... Trying to drop down Tenzan from my franchise players so that he can have more tag matches
    • {Echo looks FD up and down, the Punisher is fuming, his veins popping out of his neck. He is about one word away from slicing a man in half with his butter knife. Echo pats his Global Title before speaking.} "Take a chill pill psycho. Look, I already know what you're screaming about. Necce, that little self centered prick. Nothing but garbage to the both of us. But here's what I'm saying. You were honored tonight. No matter how much of a beat down we received, you were treasured...by me. Now I don't just give anybody a hand shake, in fact, I despise most people I come across. When I see people, like you, I feel ashamed to be around you but something, something strange came over me. I was filled with a overwhelming feeling of content and of respect. You lost cleanly but that didn't stop you. I respect a man who admits that they are second rate and that's what you've done. Try again and again the result will be the same, but first we have other and more important business to attend to. Usually, my skill is enough to overcome any problem, but Necce, Necce has bad blood with both of us. And the last thing that I am is cruel, I will not deny you a chance at revenge against Necce. You want it just as much as me. So before we get into an unnecessary brawl, here me out. We have a common enemy, and as the saying goes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Do you catch my drift?" {Echo looks at FD to see if he understand. He nods and smiles a bit as an understanding starts to be reached.} "This goes out to you then Necce. If I'm going the road alone, or whether I have backup behind me...I want you to know. There is no place you can hide, no room you can run to, no hideaway you will feel safe. You will not become the Global Champion again, you will not accomplish anything again. You walked away from the business and all of the perks that came with it. I happened to capitalize off of your misjudgment but trust in this Necce, it will not be a seamless transition for you. I cannot confidently bet on you Necce, but if I was a betting man, I would bet on Echo Wilson. The man who is going to become The UNDISPUTED BRAND CHAMPION. The man who will dethrone two of the most storied, two of the most decorated brand champions in history." "So FDS, you have a decision to make I believe. Choose wisely, there's me and then there's the rest. You know Necce want's nothing from you but to get to me. Let's stack the odds in our favor. Sleep on it. You might come to regret what you choose if you don't choose well." {Echo Wilson, smirks. He pats the reporter on the shoulder and then pats his Global Title. The proposal is there for FDS, will he take it to heart? Or will he choose to walk alone once again? 
    • I am in no way familiar with Ring of Honor so I'll keep my comments to the New Japan portion for now.

      NEVER Openweight Championship - Very excited to see Ospreay make a NEVER Title Defence, he's really given some new optimism to the belt after the good, but not outstanding Goto runs. Hopefully Castle doesn't fall apart. Will Ospreay to retain. ROH Television Championship - This match. Will. Be. Great. Their match in San Fransisco for Goto's NEVER Title was just getting into the awesome sequences before it was cut short at around 14 minutes. I'd love to see these guys get 20 minutes and go full hoss battle. Jeff Cobb to retain. IWGP Tag Team Championships - Yeesh, 3rd match of G.O.D. vs. EVIL and SANADA since World Tag League. Let's pray that they don't go too long, as G.O.D. can really be a drag in long matches. EVIL and SANADA retain. ROH World Tag Team Championships - I haven't seen much of the Briscoe Brothers' work, none the less this match should be a banger. Juice and Finlay are a great tag team, and giving Juice his own faction will really boost his profile. Lifeblood to win the ROH World Tag Team Championships. NEVER 6-Man Tag Team Championships - They're the hot potato belts, not bothered who wins. Minor Extra Point: Glad to see Robbie Eagles back. I can't say I was enamoured with him in the Super Jr. Tag League, but I think there is a lot of potential there. 
    • Mine would have to be getting to interact with so many different people and getting to know them while also having fun with stuff like kayfabe 
    • Well I have been having a lot of fun with Kayfabe but I also love the discussions about the matches