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WWE PPV Archive

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Discuss WWE PPV's from the past here.

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    • Excellent shows Sheri. Your Lucha Underground Championship scene is excellent but I did think your Medallion stories were a let down. Overall excellent shows Sheridan and I am excited for more 
    • Season 2 I Episode 05 I ''Working in Tandem''
      Week 1, November 2015 I 29,000 viewers I El Rey Network I 56 Rating

      Son of Havoc and Taylor Made defeated Cortez Castro and El Texano Jr. I 49
      ANGLE: The Martinez Clan show their disgust towards Worldwide Underground, Aztec Medallion revealed I 24
      Marisol Martinez and Marty Martinez defeated Aero Star and Fénix I 53
      ANGLE: Maryse Ouellet talks with Bobby Lashley about him spearing Mil Muertes through Dario Cueto's office I 51
      Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo defeated Dante Fox and Killshot I 66

      Season 2 I Episode 06 I ''Sonidos Despedidos''
      Week 2, November 2015 I 29,110 viewers I El Rey Network I 54 Rating

      Ivelisse defeated El Texano Jr. I 52
      ANGLE: Catrina sounds off about Bobby Lashley, Boyle Heights Street Fight planned for next week I 43
      Mike Bennett defeated Marisol Martinez to retain the Lucha Underground Medallón Championship title I 48
      ANGLE: Worldwide Underground challenge final Aztec Medallion holder to appear I 50
      Bobby Lashley defeated Johnny Mundo I 61

      Season 2 I Episode 07 I ''Fog of War''
      Week 3, November 2015 I 29,420 viewers I El Rey Network I 49 Rating

      Angélico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc defeated Mariposa Martinez, Marisol Martinez and Marty Martinez I 49
      ANGLE: Bobby Lashley asks Dante Fox and Killshot for support against Mil Muertes I 48
      Cortez Castro and El Texano Jr. defeated Brian Cage and Fénix I 57
      ANGLE: Taylor Made meekly reveals she has the final Aztec Medallion, Joey Ryan offers his support I 46
      Mil Muertes defeated Bobby Lashley in a Boyle Heights Street Fight match to retain the Lucha Underground Championship title I 67

      Season 2 I Episode 08 I ''Solo Quiero Sentir''
      Week 4, November 2015 I 27,910 viewers I El Rey Network I 38 Rating

      Mariposa Martinez and Marty Martinez defeated Aero Star and Fénix I 48
      ANGLE: Mil Muertes brutalises Mike Bennett before his match, Catrina orders match to start I 30
      Taylor Made defeated Mike Bennett for the Lucha Underground Medallón Championship title I 40
      ANGLE: Pentagon Jr. wants to feel something, issues open challenge I 46
      Bobby Lashley defeated Pentagon Jr. I 48
    • Welcome back to WWE Randy Orton, this is they sort of Orton that I miss this sadistic brutal heel who doesn’t give a shit. I really enjoyed Orton’s beatdown of Hardy and subsequentally I can’t wait for their eventual match. I also really liked the Almas vs AJ match with AJ making Almas look strong at many moments during the match. It also looks like we are getting Miz and Bryan at SS which is awesome and I once again am intrigued to see where they take it from here because the eulogy was great. Really good Smackdown and can’t wait for next weeks show 
    • The fans are the ones hampering Roman Reigns now, they’ve used their bitterness from his earlier booking to completely ruin his momentum and stifle his pushes, which is a large factor as to why Lesnar is still champion. It’s hard for product to advance when everybody reacts so violently to the man the clearly want to win the championship. That’s why this repeatition of a storyline still has yet to die. Judging him for what he did a year ago is a cancerous attitude to have. 
    • The lights in EVOLVE arena fall to darkness as the fans begin to bop, not even waiting for the flutes to sound after the King of the Ring semi-finals. The smokes clouds the stage as a full fledged “Fuck You Johnny” takes form. After fifty seconds of sweat producing anticipation, Johnny Kills materializes from the fog on the stage to an even more hostile reaction. The “Sadist Savior” looks around the arena, unfazed as usual as he starts striding towards the ring. He reaches the apron and once again looks towards all those gathered who are vehemently protesting him and for less than a fraction of a second, his lips unfurl and curl upwards before straightening again. Kills dives into the ring and pulls a microphone from his vest pocket. He pulls the microphone to his lips before the lights are even returned, a change from the anxt he’s generally responsible for.  “I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do, what each and every one of you don’t want to admit that you wanted me to do. I’ve ended the selfish pursuits that overcame each and every EVOLVE King Of The Ring members that I faced. The greed that corrupts has been stifled and its almost complete. I made a promise to each and every one of you at the start that The Elite, those champions who sit perched on the rooftops hampering the growth of anybody who’d approach them would be stopped. The champions I’ve faced have faded to black, no longer exhausting the spotlight with their presence, the desperate criers for attention have failed in their last ditch efforts and have returned from the brink of self-obsession. I’ve delivered their remedy for the insanity being the one percent produces by knocking them off their pedestals. The egomaniac attitudes, humbled by a legitimate cause that’s steered by hope of betterment. I didn’t lie when I told you that this would be a cleansing of a wicked company, that will conclude in days time.” Johnny pauses, collecting himself after the grating words that he just spoke, and for the second time that evening, smiles. This smile doesn’t disappear the instant after it appears and in fact, for the second time since his radical transformation, Kills shows a genuine happiness with the smile he wears. Even a chuckle escapes him as the microphone is brought back to his mouth.  “And that cleansing will be concluded against the pinnacle against the pinnacle of greed that has corrupted a member that hasn’t been in the swamp for as long as the rest. A power hungry wrestler that vainly vies for success by selling himself to the most influential bidder. From the blasphemous revolutionaries in ROA to the perfected art form of power consolidation by the Kingdom. There’s no man I’d rather face then the man who’s dominated all by being a politician in a low cut tank top. Julius, your the perfection that practice made, the one who is all that I fight against. Thank you for getting to this point.” “You see, I’m not underestimating all that you’ve done by aligning yourself with those with the gauntlet of power. At one point of my career, I would’ve envied your storied rise to a status that I was only dreaming about. Your success has resulting in a winning aura that emanates from you at all times and an ego that courses through your veins. Of course you’ve been dominant, your too prideful to underperform which is why defeating you is what made me smile. It’s all I wanted to do the moment I found our matchup would be confirmed, I couldn’t wait to get in the ring with you. But then I remembered that your ego is suffocating your brain.” Unlike most things Johnny says, this is received well by the fans who genuinely pop for the comment against the other man that they hate in Julius. The smile that was still on the face of Mr. Kills dissipates and his normal stoic demeanor is returned.  “You’re the apex of the disease that has crippled this company. You choke the life force from every division you enter by having friends with influence. Your downfall is all but written in stone, and you’ll fall from grace soon enough. I don’t care enough to expedite that process by badgering your stablemates into comprehending the extent of your arrogance or yourself by recalling what you’d hoped to be when you entered this company. I just want to see you slump to your knees what that title of King escapes your grasp and I slam the crown against the turnbuckle. You’ve been facing people who wanted the same thing as you, the crown and scepter in hand and robe around your shoulders, I’ve tasted that all before and it’s rather bittersweet. Julius, your desires will be snuffed out and you’ll be left with nothing but your mind to be imprisoned to thoughts of ‘What If?’ I’ve said that I’ll be the hero this company needs whether it realizes it or not. You’re simply the last one who I need to defeat, it’s ironically perfection.”

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