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    • A robotic voice plays on the speakers. "The current EVOLVE programming has been temporarily suspended. Welcome to Flock Programming Entertainment."   Jason walks out with the rest of The Flock holding his Global championship up high. The fans boo loudly as The Flock surrounds the ring. Jason get in Josh's face and holds up his championship, flips him off and takes a few steps back So what makes you think that you are, 1) Worthy of my time, 2) Worthy of being on The Flock's show featuring the EVOLVE roster and friends and 3) Worthy of my championship? You had your chance and you failed. See Josh, I won my championship match, you didn't win yours. And if you haven;t been paying attention, I said that after Necce beats Flynn and ends his fucking career, he gets the first shot at my title. And then it'll be Marker, and then it'll be Buddy and then it'll go right around to Necce. And it'll keep going on and on and on because this is no longer the EVOLVE Global Championship, this is now the Flock Programming Entertainment Championship. You see Josh, BPZ has not outgrown The Flock. The Flock has outgrown BPZ. Now speaking of your challenge, I have nothing to prove to you Josh. I kicked your ass and exposed you for the jobber you are. Gary Green didn't cost you shit, you did not have me beat. And instead of being a man and accepting the fact that you just were not good enough, you want to piss and moan. You are a sad pathetic excuse for a wrestler, and you ain't much of a man either. You can't beat me Josh and you know it. Same with Angelo, Storm, Echo and whoever else has been getting in my way as of late. Whenever people get in the ring with me, bad things happen to them. Hell, it wasn't too long ago that I out your father in the hospital. So Josh, I am officially...rejecting your offer. But don't feel too bad, I do have a consolation prize for you Jason smirks and kicks Josh in the groin. Josh groans in pain as he drops to his knees. And The Flock with their pack-like mentality attacking Josh, four on one! Come on, what does this prove?! Buddy, Marker and Necce all hold Josh down who is fighting to escape. Jason holds up his Global championship and gets in Josh's face again You will never have this! Josh spits in his face. As Josh continues to try to escape, Jason backs up, wiping the spit from his face, eyes closed. When he opens them, there is a murderous intent. He rears back and damn near kicks Josh's skull clean off! Josh is no lying motionless as Jason picks him up and lands his newest version of Last Rites. Jason stands up and The Frontier set Josh up... and there's the Triple Powerbomb. Wait, they're picking Josh up again, enough already! They hand him over to Necce who looks at Josh with contempt before landing The Begotten on a lifeless Josh Jason grabs his infamous steel rod and a couple cinder blocks. Josh's head is placed on the cinder blocks as Jason rests his steel rod on the back of Josh's neck. Oh come on now! This is going too far. Jason raises the steel rod over his head. Someone has to stop this! Jason is about to bring it down on Josh when a familiar theme plays
    • LADIES, GENTLEMAN, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! IT'S WHY TIME! So you see, friends. I took a one week hiatus, I know, very rude of me. I'll tell you why I took my hiatus. Cause I had no ideas for this show. The world of BPZ wrestling has been a little more than dead recently, and this week, we've kicked these back up a notch, on the road to Survivor Series. I would like have a moment of remembrance for BPZ Commentaries though, who have recently fallen short of their own ideas. SIKE! I think they've gone under as a company, and that means. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Let us celebrate!  OH WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY! IT'S THE WHY SERIES!   WHY BPZ BRAGGING RIGHTS 2 SHOULD BE CANCELLED Bragging Rights, the annual predecessor for BPZ Mania, where EVOLVE faces off against Carnage in a general dream card. Last year, it was more than a little controversial. With more talent and bodies at the time, Carnage completed a clean sweep of the blue brand. On all fronts they were more successful than EVOLVE and people were seriously upset at the burial EVOLVE faced, and oh so close to BPZ Mania where Slim and Smith, two EVOLVE stars, were set to do battle in the main event. It was seriously worrying and it gave BPZ more headaches than they originally expected.  So why should Bragging Rights 2, if its even in the books, be cancelled? Simply because the way it is built. There is no way, with the current format, to make a fair fight. Naturally, the way it is created, the way it plays out, the brand that has the most stockpiled talent is the winner. Last year, that was Carnage. A lot EVOLVE wasn't on TV and they paid the price for it at Bragging Rights. Honestly, I don't want it to be cancelled. We aren't getting a proper Survivor Series 5 v 5 match this year so it would be nice to get one at Bragging Rights. But the way this is laid out, we aren't gonna get anything but another clean sweep. So wipe the tears off your faces, We are getting a large dose of Faction Warfare at the moment that should make up for the lack of Brand Warfare. All is good in the world of BPZ, we are avoiding a potential banana skin. Tune into Survivor Series this weekend, Evolution vs Kingdom. Be there or be square. Bragging Rights seems to be off the table so we need to make the most of what we've got now. Faction Warfare is upon us. WHY THESE 6 MEN SHOULD BE THE FINAL 6 IN THE NEXT ROYAL RUMBLE Are there really 6 men who deserve a Royal Rumble Final 6 moment more than these 6? Echo Wilson, Joshua Scott, Jason Ryan, Bart, FDS and Hollow.  Echo Wilson has been heavily linked with the Royal Rumble win. He's probably deserving of it as well and if we're gonna head into BPZ Mania with the Kingdom Triple Threat in mind than either Echo or Bart needs to win the Rumble to make it a possibility. Echo Wilson is currently the Universal Champion and it would be a trouble having him presumably defend the Universal Championship and fight for the World Championship in the same night. BPZ does have a trend of putting major Universal Title matches on BPZ Mania, Flynn vs Necce was the biggest example of this. Echo would have to do war at Mania for the title  in a similar fashion which does make his case slightly weaker. Maybe he co main events? 2nd is Joshua Scott, this is purely to reward him for his constant hard work. Josh as I've stated on earlier episodes, he has a lot of backstage playing power. This could be a good use of his backstage power. I seriously doubt that any amount of playing power would be enough for BPZ to give Josh a BPZ Mania main event, but this would just be a feel good inclusion for the fans. Joshua's story with Green could be overcome as he makes the Final 6. 3rd is probably the most deserving out of all 6 of these guys, Jason Ryan. His Premium Title win was up there with one of the best title wins of all of the year, and he has blown up in BPZ as basically the figurehead, or the stand out of the Flock group. Now a Jason Ryan vs Julius feud would be bad ass, and it would also give room for Echo and Bart to feud for the Uni Title if that's what they want to do. Jason makes a helluva lot of sense going forwards, he could have a similar rise to stardom as Julius did. Speaking of Bart, he's got to be a favorite for the Royal Rumble winner. For similar reasons as Echo actually. But more than that. Bart is a spectacular worker and he's beyond worthy of a BPZ Mania Main event. He's a little more World Title Division ready than Echo which would mean he's more likely to not win the Rumble and just get there naturally. 5th man is the surprise return of the match, F.D.S. FD has been gone for some time and what was once remembered as one of the most crazy gimmicks in BPZ history, is now on the road to redemption. We have seen more than a few videos on live TV hinting at his return to Carnage and it would make sense for him to be up there in the Top 6 of the Rumble this year. It would be huge for the former IC champ to get his return on the right mark and maybe even a chance at a major BPZ Mania sort of match. Lastly, we have Hollow. A man who continues to prove himself time after time. Not many will say that he's worthy of a BPZ Mania main event but he's definitely up there in terms of guys who deserve a long rumble run. Hollow would be a perfect candidate for the ironman in this match and could go from a very low number to an extremely high one.  LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! THAT IS GONNA DO IT! THE WHY'S HAVE BEEN ALL WHY'D! DING DONG! COMMENTARIES IS DEAD, BPZ COMMENTARIES IS DEAD! DING DONG! DING DONG!  

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