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    • I’ve been binge watching Sherlock. Got to be one of the greatest dramas of all time 
    • Gotham is a very good show, it about before Bruce Wayne became the Batman we follow the story of Detective Gordon and his adventures in the GCPD, I finished the first season, really good so far. 
    • Been getting back into "The Punisher". I loved the series so far and since the first episode, I've been hooked since. 
    • I have been binge watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Great comedy that I would recommend to anyone who wants to have some laughs. 
    • A series of static waves appear on the screen and the viewer hears a loud ringing. Suddenly, an unknown man is on the screen, he sits in a soft office chair and behind him in a graffitti style wallpaper.  Host: Ladies, gentleman, children of all ages, welcome back to today's of the H.O.T wrestling podcast from New York City. We have talked to many different A List superstars but tonight I am joined by none other than BPZ superstar and former champion of many titles, "The Prince", Echo Wilson. Echo Wilson: Thank you. I guess I'm excited to be here then. Host: Lovely, now let's get right into it, no messing about. My first question for you, is something a little bit deep. So, as we know, upon entering BPZ, you made your past very clear. You weren't shy to tell everyone about your history in other promotions and so on. Now ever since we have seen you join Kingdom, it seems like that doesn't matter to you anymore. Am I right or wrong? Echo Wilson: Actually, you are right. I haven't been paying much attention to that anymore. But I can justify myself by knowing that I don't need to. You know, as the old Echo Wilson, as you call him, I was hung up on the past, its the reason why I was so put off by Xavier King to start off my career. But now I see it, why you look to the past, when your future is brighter. I don't need to recall those memories of past glories, I don't need to remind everyone of my success on the indy scene. First off they already know how great I am and it comes to no surprise that I have had success in the past. Second of all, the way I see it, there is nothing better than the future. There is nothing greater than the Kingdom, there is nothing better than what will happen at BPZ Mayhem. There is nothing brighter than the future that me and Bart will lay out for the Tag Team division. So yes, I don't recall the past as much as I used to and I feel that its right. Let bygones be bygones they say and I agree. There are so many things happening now and in the present that are going to blow people's minds, why look back when you can see something greater going on right now. The Kingdom is the present and the future, but definitely not the past. Host: I think I see where you're coming from. Now.....lets talk about what going on for you right now. What better place to start with than the Power Trip Cup right? Thoughts and anything you have to say to Julius or anyone else? Echo Wilson: I've already said a lot but I can't stress enough just how plastic ROA is. I have spoken about them, for what seems like weeks and weeks on end but they truly are the banes of my existence here. They are not what they make themselves out to be. Julius, he's their young lion, The Underboss, former NXT champion. Of Course, he cannot compare whatsoever to the immense talent that The Kingdom brings so like all in our way, he will fall. The revolution isn't in the hearts and minds of these three men. They don't have the judgment, they don't see the vision. I swear to you that with everything I've said and done, I will commit to these words. Julius will not be a full time wrestler once I'm done with him. I know its overused, I know it sounds cliche but Julius is one of the many stains upon this company. As a leader, as a ruler, it is my job to destroy and personally seek and cut down all the criminals. When you have a man like Julius running around, thinking he is some sort of monster, you have to ruin him. You have to cut him down to the lowest rung of the food chain. There he will be mauled and ripped apart at the seams. I am only doing the world a favor by ridding them of this blemish on their perfect world. Echo Wilson will be the winner of the Carnage Power Trip Cup. No doubt is in my mind that I have all the tools necessary to combat Julius and then whoever wants to face me in the finals. Whether its that backstabber Brad or the other Revolutionist Flynn, I will destroy you both. Brad, I have had too much history but recently Free Agent Corner has got me thinking that AK-17 was one of the greatest teams of all time. But it wasn't thanks to you. People were dying to see everything the Supernova could bring so in one monstrous night I took multiple titles and you came along for the ride. AK-17 was a figment of my imagination and I used you, I used you to be my body, to be the second man so I could carry you to those titles and take another reign to my name. AK-17 was all about Echo and you know it. You are lucky I gave you the chance because you will never have it again. And then Flynn, you were the only blemish of Halloween Havoc, you escaped with your wits about you and you escaped the onslaught of attacking prowess I was handing out to you. If it weren't for the Order...I would've been Universal Champion. And if it weren't for you, and the management of Carnage, I would've gotten my fair rematch and challenged you for the Universal Championship. If it weren't for the clouds in the way of your true vision you would've vouched for me. You would've told someone, anyone, that I deserved a title shot. But now I have to ruin half of the proven Carnage talent in order to claim my shot at the Universal Championship. And yet, it won't even be you that I beat. I think one man who has slipped some of our minds is Necce. Now I don't think me and Necce have been in much contact, besides the Survivor Series matchup but Necce, if you think anything is going to make this any easier for you, you are mistaken. Look, Host, I'm getting riled up. Let's move on please. Host: I'm afraid its not going to get much easier from here on out my friend. But if you really want to so be it. Let's talk a bit about you and Bart. Going for the tag team titles, trying to defeat Ruin and R.O.A. Whats your thoughts? Echo Wilson: We have chosen our words carefully, me and Bart. We have only talked when the time. Once on Evolve, once on Carnage and you are lucky enough that I am willing to grace your poor show with my speech to Ruin and R.O.A. I didn't have the chance to talk about Ruin all that much but now I see it clearly. It has been Ruin at the root of my problems since Day 1. It all started at the Survivor Series match where Jon's treachery combined with FD's complete lack of skill and heart proved to cost Team Flynn the victory on that day. And then we have Necce who took a chance away from me and now is Universal Champion. He should've known very well the costs of that and he should've known that I would be gunning for his titles. Now FD and Jon are the Tag Team Champions but that will not last for long. Myself and Bart will be the new kings of the Tag Team division. It's not something to take lightly. We take our jobs seriously and plan to do everything in our power to bring more and more titles within our walls. Slim, he has had a storied career, he has taken many titles and he has expanded the following of this company farther than anyone else to date. And how he has carried Evolve for the past year and a half or how he has raised the prestige of the BPZ World Championship to being one of the top titles in all of the industry. Me and Bart we plan to do the same. Me, I will rule Carnage, as General Manager, Universal Champion, as the Ace of the brand. Then we have Bart, the future GM of Evolve, Grand Champion, United States champion. It's forumulaic and its proven to be a working system that will lead to a brighter future for all of you, and for the good of wrestling. Ruin has no future here, Necce's craze will soon fade, and he will drop the title to the next best challenger, being me. Jon will go back to retirement and forget that he ever thought about trying to cross the Kingdom. FDS will go back to jobbing out to various efforts in his mad scramble towards a title. And Ruin will fall, someone will turn, they will crumble. And all that will be left is the Kingdom. The foundation we've been building and will continue to build forevermore, it will still be holding strong and that is when we take over, that is when we climb to the very top and take the world and all the perks that go along with it. It's not big ambitions its dreaming big and I know that these big dreams will one day become reality. Mayhem is the start of something new, its the start of something greater than anything we've witnessed here before, Mayhem is the new beginning for some and the end for most.  Host: Keep dreaming big Echo, it gets you places. Now lets move on to our final point. You will be fighting in singles action at Mayhem for the Premium Championship. But it seems that lately, its taken a back seat in your mind, am I wrong? Echo Wilson: You are most indubitably wrong my friend. Just because I haven't spoken about it or felt the need to speak about it, doesn't  mean I don't think about it. The Premium Title is coming home to the Kingdom. I should've never lost this title and Mayhem will prove that Hollow's win was a shocking fluke. He has disappeared into his little rabbit hole now with his title in the Unsanctioned Zone. He has tried to hide from me, knowing that I have all the time in the world to prepare for his demise. He knows very well that all he did by taking my title was anger the beast. I come back with vengeance on my mind at Mayhem. At Mayhem, I rip him into shreds and show him that all he ever did was make me more determined. And this time he will not get his title back. I will hold onto that Premium title for safe keeping and make sure that it stays within the Kingdom forever, like it should've always done. It's a shame that I don't hold that title around my waist. It's a fallacy that Hollow thought he ever will be a champion. You may have your name in the record books but to everyone else who hasn't seen your face since Backlash, let them know exactly where you are and let them know that at Mayhem you can't run, you can't hide. It will just be us in the ring and frankly your effort at killing the prestige of this title will go unnoticed as I raise the title to newer and bigger, grander heights. Hollow, nothing will keep me from you, no words will make me look away, no actions will make me flinch. I will walk into your storm and come out unscathed. So, Host, do you really think its taken a place in the back of my mind? Because I've been contemplating just how I'm going to crush Hollow ever since the day he took my title. I haven't remorsed about what could've been, I have looked forward ever since that day. I knew that his empire wasn't going to last, and so I tear his down and replace it with my Kingdom. It's about the royalty.  Host: Royal it is. Now, Echo, that is all we have time for today, stay tuned for another podcast next week.  You my friend have a lot to work for. I'll leave you to it. Ladies and Gentleman this has been H.O.T wrestling podcast. My name is Host and I bid you all farewell. 

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