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    • Kane and Bray Wyatt Ricochet and Alli Black and The Ascension 
    • SmackDown December Week 4 (Go Home Show before Clash of Champions) Tommaso Ciampa opens the show up with an eerie promo talking about how Cedric will come out of their 'war' at Clash of Champions as a new man, he also calls the Cruiserweight Champion out to no success.   MATCH 1 Tanga Loa (W/Tama Tonga) defeated Sin Cara (W/Gran Metalik) via Ape Shit To the fans' delight they saw the fan favourite GoD member Tanga Loa defeat the annoying Lucha pest known as Sin Cara.   MATCH 2 Cedric Alexander Vs Hideo Itami was a no contest As Cedric was making his entrance, Tommaso Ciampa brutally attacked the champion on the ramp, hitting him with a sliding knee, before finally hitting the Fairy Tale Ending, leaving the champion's Clash of Champions status at risk.   MATCH 3 Gauntlet Match Shayna Baszler defeated Charlotte Flair via Kirifuda Driver After a great back and forth bout, Shayna picked up the win against the Queen and countered her Natural Selection into a Kirifuda Driver that put Charlotte away. Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler via Dis-arm-her The fact that Becky was fresh was too much to handle for Shayna, and in fairly quick fashion, Becky hit the Dis-arm-her to finish the champion off, but Shayna definitely put up a hell of a fight. After the match Becky cut a promo saying how she can do it, how she can defeat the champion, and that at Clash of Champions she is taking the gold that is 'rightfully' hers.   MATCH 4 Samoa Joe defeated Mustafa Ali via Coquina Clutch Samoa Joe was out to send a message to Finn Balor and he certainly did that by brutally assaulting Mustafa after the match, only for Balor to come in for the save and help Mustafa out, making Joe leave the ring.   MATCH 5 Drew McIntyre, EC3 & Daniel Bryan defeated Adam Cole, Rey Mysterio & Chris Jericho via a Running Knee In Bryan's return match from his injury at the hands of Jericho he proved that he still has it by being the man to pin his former rival with a running knee to the fans' applause, after the match all 3 faces celebrated in the ring to the roaring cheers of the fans.   END
    • Yeah, they should in my opinion, they are on the road 365 days a year, they need time to relax and spent time with friends, family and other things. 
    • Damn you're grinding these out Arius, amazing work here! All your graphics are good and could use some minor work, such as the blending of colors, they all seem to be dark and the next becomes hard to see, my favorite one has to be the "Working Class Illuminati" for the BPZ vs Twitch mod, great work there. Kepe at it Arius, and try to find ways to make the Text pop more!
    • Should WWE have an Offseason like many other sports?  
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