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    • SmackDown VS RAW 2008 GM Mode Hey, guys, this is my SmackDown VS Raw 2008 GM Mode diary. Basically with this, I'm taking a bit of a lower-tier roster from SvR 2008 and trying to make a compelling roster and fun stories out of it. The 2008 GM Mode is mainly a framework, as episodes, matches and PPV's will coincide with the SvR 2008 calendar on the SmackDown side, beginning in April 2017, but the booking is all that matters. This isn't an actual GM Mode playthrough, so no keeping track of fan changes and PPV ratings and stuff like that (especially since it's 2008, which is so broken). I don't plan to have any trades, and this will only run for a year, ending at WrestleMania. The New Era will take priority, but this is more of a palette cleanser for when that one gets tiring. Side note: If anyone wants to tag along on this and book RAW or ECW for funsies, I'm down for it. Just inform me ahead of time and I'll post PPV schedules and everything like that. . SmackDown Roster Bobby Lashley Booker T Chavo Guerrero Chris Masters CM Punk Elijah Burke Gregory Helms Jeff Hardy Johnny Nitro Matt Hardy Marcus Cor Von Mr. Kennedy MVP Rey Mysterio Ric Flair Snitsky . The first six weeks of SmackDown will see four individual tournaments take place for each individual championship, all culminating at Judgment Day, where all four of SmackDown's champions will be crowned. As an additional bonus, the man who wins the World Heavyweight championship tournament will be crowned 2007's King of the Ring winner. . World Heavyweight Championship United States Championship Cruiserweight championship Tag Team championship
    • Is there no Elias segment in this Wrestlemania?
    • I can see behind your facade "The Wrestler" {We begin with MARKER looking into a camera in a dark backstage area with nobody to be seen, the camera spans to MARKER has he is frantically moving around…. He begins speaking.}     You see, you speak a lot about how you feel about yourself, you treat yourself like God gave you a gift, a gift of salvation that you were desperately needed for so long….   However you say that experience is what separate us, but I don't see it that way, I see that I am better than you in every way possible, you could say I am a better version of you…..   I see myself as one of the best talents in the company, yeah I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but let's look at the facts, I've already done more than any other people that are in NXT currently than any other…..   I was in one of the best factions of last year with The Flock, holding my own against the best of the best and nobody can deny that.   You know for a man who hates his other side….. You seem to want to talk about it a lot, is it because you can't let go? The other side that have gotten you the championships that you won? It seems that you are going into denial…..   It doesn't matter to me because I will beat you FDS, see you soon….  
    • So to be honest I don't watch much wrestling besides WWE. But AEW was getting all this hype figured I would give it a watch and I am very happy I did. I managed to watch a large majority of the show which was nice since I have barely managed to make it through 20 minutes of raw and smack down lately. Saw some guys that really caught my eye besides the obvious like Page, Omega, the Young Bucks, and ex wwe guys. MJF in my opinion is gonna be a star if he keeps doing what he is doing. I really liked Kylie Rae her in ring ability and gimmick are both great. I really liked Kip Sabien I don't really have a reason it just kind of happend. Now I like him so yeah. It was cool to see Awesome Kong and Jon Moxley debut. Really looking forward to a Havoc vs Moxley match down the line. My match of the night was Cody vs Dustin. The storytelling was outstanding. With the shot in the beginning at HHH and JR doing to amazing stuff on commentary. Probably one of my favorite matches I have seen to this day. Other than that Jerichos body threw me off a bit used to him being a bit more skinny but it will grow on me i'm sure. But yeah hopefully AEW can keep the ball rolling now.
    • Fantastic first show by AEW, Cody vs Dustin was brutal and awesome, Lucha Bros and Bucks tore the house down, and MJF may be my new favorite heel. Of course Moxley showing up was insane, overall a fun and great show. A few production errors but what can you do.

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