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Clash of Champions

Every title is on the line at WWE Clash of Champions! Discuss the event here.
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Clash of Champions

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Every title is on the line LIVE on the WWE Network September 15th at Clash of the Champions. Discuss the PPV here.

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    • Nice Review Jason! I really enjoyed reading it pretty funny lol, But just a suggestion maybe change how big the match card image is.
    • Really good Smackdown last night! Lesnar challenging for Kofi's WWE World Heavyweight Championship, this is going to be the first time he wrestles on SmackDown in 15 years. I think that Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns will happen at Hell In A Cell really cool how much screen time he is getting now. if that match happens hopefully Rowan and Harper win I just don't know if they would have Reigns lose twice so maybe Bryan takes the pinfall? I think they'll give Lesnar the championship since he is such a huge draw and it's the start of them going to FOX. 
    • I wasn't really a big fan of Corbin winning King Of The Ring but I will be giving it a chance. When The Fiend is on RAW or just in general that's the best part of the show. Crazy how some people thought it was a jobber thing at the start when he started the gimmick. Him attacking Kane is another legend added to the list and I think alot of them are really into The Fiend if they are agreeing to being attacked and his 24/7 Championship win was pretty funny. THATS GOTTA BE KANE! I knew Banks vs Lynch would be in hell in a cell should be good honestly I was pretty impressed on there match before it got out of hand. Overall a decent show.
    • [ The camera comes down on the gorgeous Sydney Opera house and as the camera continues to lower we can see a man in a grey tuxedo come out of the building and stop at the stair case then the camera descend low enough we can see the man is Mirage ]   [ The camera comes down on the gorgeous Sydney Opera house and as the camera continues to lower we can see a man in a grey tuxedo come out of the building and stop at the stair case then the camera descend low enough we can see the man is Mirage ]   Mirage : Now that was quite the Opera, must say that performance of The Magic Flute was quite beautiful. [ Mirage would then notice some approaching cameramen from BPZ ]  Mirage : Ah hello there so glad you could meet me here as I actually have had some stuff on my mind, you see I have come to realize the truth in the words of you never truly know what you have until it’s gone. Now the reason I say this is quite simple Raven still has Alice kidnapped however come time for Bad Blood he’ll be busy defending the NXT championship against myself and multiple other competitors leaving plenty of time for some top men to find Alice and bring her to safety which I am very certain is the last thing Raven expected me to do. Cameraman : What do you mean top men?  Mirage : Let’s just say I made a quite a good amount of trustworthy friends on the indies one of which may or may not be six feet tall and weigh three hundred twenty five pounds. Now you may wonder why I have called in some favors in order to save Alice and not gone looking for her myself, well that answer is quite simple that’s exactly what Raven wants me to do and if I do that then he wins, but this way he’s the one on the back foot, the one who has his attention divided, and is in the position to not only lose his prisoner but also the championship title he loves just oh so much. Meanwhile I’ve been hard at work training and preparing myself for the clash at Bad Blood with Raven so when it comes time for that clash I am not only prepared physically but also now mentally as well due to knowing I have help in the search for Alice and after Bad Bloodbot only will I, no the entire BPZ Universe be NXT champion but also Alice shall be safe and sound yet again.  [ Mirage would then walk off with a smile on his face and head towards his car and drive off into the sunset as the camera returns to the arena ending this segment of the go home show of Carnage before Bad Blood ]     
    • These shows are always a bit of fun because they have that House Show vibe to them. Although nothing really gets done, or no big titles change hands it's usually enjoyable to watch. It's also going to be interesting to see who the champions will be once we get to Starrcade because December is still pretty far away 

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