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    • FD's Rock Road To Redemption Cranidos Onix Aron Omanyte Lileep Dwebble Tyrunt  Archen 
    • Los Angeles Lakers: Showtime Season 2: Title Defense Episode 8       First Round Matchups:   (1) Houston Rockets (8) Minnesota Timberwolves   (4) Denver Nuggets (5) San Antonio Spurs   (3) Portland Trail Blazers (6) Golden State Warriors   (2) Los Angeles Lakers (7) Utah Jazz       (1) Boston Celtics (8) Orlando Magic   (4) Miami Heat (5) Atlanta Hawks   (3) Toronto Raptors (6) Milwaukee Bucks   (2) Chicago Bulls (7) Philadelphia 76ers      
    • Made for WWE Armageddon: War Between Worlds  
    • No Disqualifications: FDS VS Raven After an impressive technical bout between Prince and Sameer has just taken place it is now time for the main event of the evening with the ring canvas being changed out in preparation for the oncoming appropriate carnage between the two deranged men in this match. The ring Canvas has now been changed and the entrance video of Raven begins to play.    Raven makes his way to the ring and he immediately goes under the ring and brings out the baseball bat from underneath the ring and gets into the ring. He rolls in the ring and he points the bat towards the stage awaiting the arrival of his opponent.    “I am” Plays throughout the arena as the fans begin to clap politely but after a minute or so FDS is still yet to appear then suddenly the lights in the entire arena go out and the music stops, then in an instant the ominous plucking of a guitar begins to echo throughout the arena…    The Emperor Of Chaos’ music begins to echo throughout the arena as the Carnage audience erupts , FDS steps out with a spotlight on him dressed in a full black version of The Emperor Of Chaos’ garb. He stands there on the top of the stage, as Raven stand their smirking with the bat over his shoulder, FDS then throws off the mask and he unbuttons his entrance coat to reveal… AN AXE!   FDS throws his entrance gear to the ground and he runs to the ring with the Axe, sliding into the ring and he goes for Raven who he narrowly misses as he slides out of the ring. FDS is now taunting Raven to get back in the ring, Raven is demanding that FDS put the Axe away, the referee gets FDS into the corner and tries to get the Axe away from him. Raven then comes into the ring with his bat, FDS and Raven then stare at each other with their weapons in hand, the two men then just throw their weapons to the side and run at each other and begin to brawl throwing lefts and rights eventually ending up in the ropes and tumbling to the outside continuing to brawl with Raven coming ahead and going to throw FDS into the steps but FDS reverses it! FDS then steps back and goes to knee Ravens head into the side of the steps but Raven moves out of the way, Raven then tries to german suplex FDS on the outside but FDS elbows him in the head and DDTs him onto the ground! FDS now going underneath the ring and he pulls out a kendo stick, FDS now goes to cane the back of Raven but Raven hits FDS with a low blow! Raven now grabbing the kendo stick and he begins to lay into the back of FDS! Raven now calls for FDS to get back up as he stands behind the steps, What’s Raven thinking here? FDS gets back to his feet and Raven runs up the steps and drops him with a Tornado DDT!     Raven clearly targeting the neck of FDS, Raven now throws FDS into the ring, Raven goes for a quick cover but FDS up at 2. Raven now looking a little bit annoyed, he goes underneath the ring and he begins to load chairs into the ring, throwing them haphazardly into the ring, he doesn’t notice though that FDS has gotten back to his feet and as Raven gets on the apron FDS throws a chair into his head sending him down! Raven now down on the outside, FDS now goes outside with two chairs, he sets them up facing each other and he lays Raven down in between them, FDS heads to the second rope facing outwards, the fans chanting for him not to do it but he just flips them off and he nails Raven with a diving double stomp onto the chairs!    FDS with a sadistic smile on his face, he goes under the ring and he brings out a not so mysterious bag with it being pretty obvious what’s in it and FDS tips it out revealing thumb tacks, he takes Raven over to attempt to suplex him onto the tacks but Raven manages to block it, Raven then begins to smash FDS down with strikes, Raven then tries to make some separation from FDS, moving over to the adjacent side of the ring, FDS chases after him but Raven turns around after baiting him in and nails him with a massive Elbow strike, FDS rocked and Raven quickly capitalizes getting him in position for a fisherman’s suplex on the outside maybe but instead changes it into a Fisherman’s X-plex onto the apron!    FDS now cringing in pain, Raven throws him into the ring immediately, Raven follows him by going to the top rope, Raven now asking the fans to clap for him as if he’s about to do something insane but Raven just hops down from the top rope and kicks FDS in the face to the fans disapproval. Raven now grabbing a steel chair and he puts FDS’ head on top of  the chair, Raven then grabs another chair and proceeds to hit FDS with ConChairto!     Raven now with the cover on FDS but FDS kicks out at 2 and a half! Raven now calling for FDS to get back up, Raven looking for a superkick but FDS ducks underneath it and he grabs Raven by the waist and suplexes him into the corner! FDS now grabs a chair, he lines it up with Ravens head and he charges at Raven Kneeing him in the side of the head! FDS now feeling it, he goes outside the ring and he goes underneath the ring sliding a table into the ring but as he slides back into the ring Raven manages to cut him off with a sliding drop kick, Raven now grabs his baseball bat and begins to bash back of FDS with the bat. Raven now sees the table on the floor and he gets a sadistic idea in his head as he begins to set up the table, he then leans FDS on the ropes, setting him up for a Joker’s Wild through the table, Raven goes for it but FDS Holds onto the ropes with everything he has, Raven though wrenching back and FDS just uses the back of his leg to low blow Raven to make separation, Raven falls to the floor, FDS now grabs him and he places him on the top rope in the corner where below FDS had emptied out thumbtacks onto the floor, FDS now goes to the outside and looks to suplex Raven onto the outside onto the thumbtacks, Raven trying to block it, Raven now appears to try and superplex FDS through the table but FDS blocks it FDS then suddenly changes position to a Guillotine choke like position but he suddenly changes it into an essex destroyer sending Raven through the table!     FDS now slumps himself over to the cover on Raven but Raven somehow manages to kick out at 2 and three quarters! FDS now looking ready to finishing things off, he brings Raven up to his feet and he goes for the blood rainmaker but Raven counters it into a sit-out powerbomb!     Raven now gets back to his feet and he grabs a baseball bat, he calls for FDS to get back up, FDS stumbles back to his feet and Raven rail roads him with a bat shot to the head of FDS! Raven though grabs FDS and he locks in a crossface but uses the bat to pull in on the face of FDS! Raven trying to get FDS to give up wrenching back with the baseball bat, FDS though trying to crawl his way out of the ring, FDS crawling over and he barely manages to use the ring apron to pull himself out of the ring! Raven though not allowing FDS to have any space though grabbing him and taking him over to the thumbtacks spread on the outside but FDS blocks it somehow and he out powers Raven dropping him with a falcon Arrow onto the thumbtacks! FDS then immediately throws Raven back into the ring, FDS going under the ring he brings out two things: Another bag of Thumbtacks and a mysterious box, he throws both of them into the ring, he then slides back into the ring, he first grabs the bag of thumbtacks and then tips some into his hand and then sickenly loads the thumbtacks into the mouth of a kneeling Raven before hitting him with a massive superkick!     FDS now with the cover on the bloodied Raven BUT RAVEN SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! FDS now looking frustrated, he grabs the face of raven and begins to rub the face paint off gruesomely with Elbows before slamming his head into the mat! FDS now going to the small box and he takes out a small sleeve…THAT'S COVERED IN THUMBTACKS! FDS Now grabs Raven back up, he gets him in position and he cuts him down with the blood rainmaker with the thumbtack sleeve on!    FDS Now with the cover and looks to mercifully finish off Raven… BUT RAVEN SOMEHOW KICKS OUT AGAIN! FDS though not allowing Raven to breath as he immediately sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, he grabs Raven up in position for the burning hammer AND HE DRIVES RAVEN DOWN ONTO THE CHAIR WITH LAY YOU TO SLEEP!     COVER BY FDS AND MERCIFULLY HE GETS THE 3 COUNT!  FDS defeats Raven via Pinfall at 21:02  Dear god that was one hell of a match, FDS continued to prove how he earned the moniker of BPZ’s resident Psychopath by beating the living hell out of Raven but Granted Raven put up one hell of a fight against the Emperor Of Chaos and there's not many people who can say that. Wait a second, FDS is asking for a microphone, he’s being handed one by the ring crew as he leans on the ropes.  I know the guys in the back definitely don’t want me talking after the fact that I'm pretty sure we just lost all of Carnage’s sponsors but there's nobody who’s gonna stop me from speaking my mind and what’s on my mind right now is… god damn kid you’re one tough son of a bitch.  The fans applauding the effort of Raven against FDS  If BPZ doesn’t think this guy is the future then straight up i don’t know who the hell they think is. Marketability has nothing to do with any of this, all that matters is you come out here and you give your all and you did that so thank you… but get the hell out of my ring mate because I honestly don’t know what I'm gonna do next.  Raven pulls himself up, bloodied after the match looking at FDS, the two men nod at each other as a sign of respect with Raven leaving the ring by his own accord although having great difficulty due to the damage he received during this match, the fans applauding the young man after putting on one of the best matches of his young career.  Right now down to business. First things first, I've heard all these rumours that I'm wrapping up, that i’m old and broken down… well i hope to god all those rumours shut the hell up after that god damn match because I just proved that I am still the toughest and craziest son of a bitch in this locker room and there ain’t a single person who can step to me in that.  The fans chanting for The Mad King now with blood dripping down his face, the signature chant of “FD FD FD F******* S” echoing throughout the carnage arena as FDS stands there.  Next up is the tag tournament, myself and brad have the unenviable task of facing Flynn and Mikey in the first round, well let me just say this… I don’t give a damn what my record against Flynn is because if you recall the last time flynn beat me he had to cheat to do it, the last time you had your little buddy hit me in the back of the head with a briefcase… but he ain’t on your side anymore so I don't think I'll need to worry about that. As for your little buddy we both know this is a case of Bring your child to work day and it’s a bad day at the office for you my friend. So Bulletproof, y’all about to have some holes in ya when the Notorious Killers come for you and tear you to pieces!  FDS throwing the mic down as his theme music echoes throughout the arena sending a message to bulletproof to close Carnage ahead of the tag team tournament. FDS now posing with blood dripping down his forehead ending off carnage. 
    • TNA Impact - January 1st, 2010 Mike Tenay: "Welcome back everyone to TNA iMPACT! We have a great night of action coming your way tonight as we kick off tonight's show with a match between two of the best teams in TNA today and it's gonna start right now.   Team 3D vs. Richards & Raven In a great match to start the show. Team 3D defeated Raven & Richards via pinfall after the Dudley Death Drop.   Lethal Consequences promo on MCMG TNA Impact comes back from commercial break and Lethal Consequences make their way to the ring. Lethal grabs a mic and calls out The Motor Machine Guns who don't answer. Then Jay Lethal goes on a rant about how they're gonna take everything from MCMG and get revenge for what they've done in these past few months. Lethal finishes the promo by telling all the other teams: "If you get in our way, there will be Lethal Consequences."   Awesome Kong vs. Hamada In a decent match Awesome Kong defeated Hamada via pinfall after a Sit-out Powerbomb   Beautiful People Promo The match between Kong and Hamada is over and the music of The Beautiful People plays. The walk out to the ramp and the music cuts out. Velvet Sky has a mic and she taunts Kong by saying: "You'd think that with a performance like that you would be able to make it into the Beautiful People, but unfortunately you need to be beautiful in order to make it. Also we're all filled up and our leader shall soon reveal herself to all of you." The promo ends and the Beautiful People leave.   Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir In a decent match Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir via pinfall after an Elbow Drop.    Samoa Joe open challenge TNA Impact comes back from another commercial break and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and says he's holding an open challenge and says anyone can accept. He waits for someone to come out and the music of Suicide hits, Suicide rushes to the ring, attacks Joe and accepts the open challenge.   Samoa Joe vs. Suicide In a great match Samoa Joe defeated Suicide via submission after the Coquina Clutch.   Desmond Wolfe interview The cameras cut backstage where we see Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe is getting interviewed by Lauren Brooke but before she can even ask the first question Desmond Wolfe stops her. Wolfe grabs the mic and looks into the camera, he taunts AJ Styles and promises that tonight Wolfe is gonna prove his worth and value by beating AJ Styles.   Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles In an excellent match Desmond Wolfe defeated AJ Styles via pinfall after the Tower of London.   Upset victory shocks the crowd The match is over after a shocking end. AJ Styles looks on in shock and disbelief as the ref lifts Wolfe's hand up as a sign of his triumph. Wolfe looks at the crowd in disbelief and the crowd shower him with boos. Wolfe quickly leaves as the fans start throwing garbage into the ring.

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