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    • Number 5: Kota Ibushi The "Golden Star of New Japan had a great decade, winning everything except the IWGP Heavyweight and US Titles. On June 1, 2010, Ibushi entered his second Best of the Super Juniors tournament. After winning his block with six victories out of seven matches, Ibushi defeated Ryusuke Taguchi to advance to the semifinals of the tournament, where he was once again defeated by Prince Devitt. On October 11, 2010, Ibushi returned to New Japan at Destruction '10 and teamed with his regular DDT partner Kenny Omega to defeat Apollo 55 for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, after Ibushi pinned Devitt.[46] As a result of the pinfall victory, Ibushi was granted a shot at Devitt's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at New Japan's biggest event of the year, Wrestle Kingdom V in Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2011. At the event Ibushi was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the title. On January 23 at Fantastica Mania 2011, Ibushi and Omega lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship back to Devitt and Taguchi. On May 26, Ibushi entered New Japan's 2011 Best of the Super Juniors tournament. After losing his first two-round robin stage matches, Ibushi came back with a six match win streak to finish first in his block and advance to the semifinals of the tournament. On June 10, Ibushi first defeated Davey Richards in the semifinals and then Ryusuke Taguchi in the finals to win the 2011 Best of the Super Juniors tournament and earn a shot at Prince Devitt's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. On June 18 at Dominion 6.18, Ibushi defeated Prince Devitt to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the first time. Ibushi made his first defense of the title on July 24, defeating Devitt in a rematch at Ryōgoku Peter Pan 2011, and his second on August 1, defeating Devitt's tag team partner Ryusuke Taguchi. Ibushi then attempted to repeat Devitt's feat of holding both of New Japan's Junior Heavyweight Championships simultaneously, but on August 14, the Golden☆Lovers failed in their attempt to regain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship from Apollo 55. On September 12, Ibushi was stripped of both the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and the KO-D Tag Team Championship, after he was sidelined with a dislocated left shoulder. Ibushi returned to New Japan on June 16 at Dominion 6.16, when he, Daisuke Sasaki and Kenny Omega defeated Bushi, Kushida and Prince Devitt in a six-man tag team match. Later in the event, Ibushi challenged Low Ki to a match for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. On July 29, Ibushi defeated Low Ki to also win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the second time. Ibushi made his first successful title defense on September 7, defeating Kushida. Ibushi followed up by also successfully defending the title against Ryusuke Taguchi on September 23 at Destruction. On October 8 at King of Pro-Wrestling, Ibushi lost the title back to Low Ki. On January 4, 2013, at Wrestle Kingdom 7 in Tokyo Dome, Ibushi unsuccessfully challenged Prince Devitt for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship in a three-way match, which also included Low Ki. On July 5, Ibushi was announced as a surprise participant in the 2013 G1 Climax.He increased his weight from 84 kg to 88 kg  to prepare himself for the Heavyweight G1 Climax. Ibushi finished the tournament with four wins and five losses, failing to advance from his block. On October 7, 2013, Ibushi, along with Naoki Sugabayashi and Sanshiro Takagi, representatives of both DDT and New Japan, held a press conference to announce that he had signed a dual contract with both promotions; three years with DDT and one year with New Japan. Ibushi wrestled his first match under a New Japan contract on October 14 at King of Pro-Wrestling, where he, Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma were defeated in a six-man tag team match by Bullet Club.  Returning to the junior heavyweight division, Ibushi then began chasing Devitt for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.[75] On January 4, 2014, at Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome, Ibushi defeated Devitt to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the third time.[76] Ibushi made his first successful title defense against El Desperado on February 11 at The New Beginning in Osaka. On March 6, Ibushi main evented New Japan's 42nd anniversary event, losing to Kazuchika Okada in the annual non-title match between the IWGP Junior Heavyweight and IWGP Heavyweight champions. On April 3, Ibushi made his second successful defense of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against Nick Jackson. Three days later at Invasion Attack 2014, Ibushi and El Desperado unsuccessfully challenged Nick and his brother Matt, The Young Bucks, for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. Ibushi's third defense of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship took place on May 3 at Wrestling Dontaku 2014, where he defeated Ryusuke Taguchi. On May 25 at Back to the Yokohama Arena, Ibushi unsuccessfully challenged Tomohiro Ishii for the NEVER Openweight Championship. On June 21 at Dominion 6.21, Ibushi successfully defended the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against the winner of the 2014 Best of the Super Juniors, Ricochet. On July 4, Ibushi lost the title to Kushida in his fifth defense. During the match, Ibushi suffered a concussion, which forced him to pull out of the 2014 G1 Climax. On October 3, it was announced that Ibushi, now billed as a permanent heavyweight wrestler, had signed a one-year extension to his NJPW contract. Ibushi would make his return after the G1 and at Power Struggle on November 8, attacked Shinsuke Nakamura after his match, issuing a challenge for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Ibushi received his shot at the title on January 4, 2015, at Wrestle Kingdom 9 in Tokyo Dome, but was defeated by Nakamura. On March 5, Ibushi entered the 2015 New Japan Cup, defeating IWGP Tag Team Champion Doc Gallows in his first round match. After defeating Toru Yano in the second round on March 8, Ibushi first defeated Tetsuya Naito in the semifinals and then Hirooki Goto in the finals on March 15 to win the tournament and earn the right to challenge for the singles heavyweight title of his choosing. Following the final match, Ibushi announced he had decided to challenge A.J. Styles for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The match took place on April 5 at Invasion Attack 2015 and saw Styles retain his title. From July 20 to August 14, Ibushi took part in the 2015 G1 Climax. He failed to advance from his block with a record of four wins and five losses, scoring big wins over former IWGP Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles and reigning NEVER Openweight Champion Togi Makabe. As a result, Ibushi received a shot at the NEVER Openweight Championship on September 23 at Destruction in Okayama, but was defeated by Makabe. On November 2, NJPW announced that Ibushi was sidelined indefinitely due to cervical disc herniation. In February 2016, Ibushi announced his resignation from NJPW. On October 10, 2016, Ibushi returned to NJPW, taking part in a dark match prior to the King of Pro-Wrestling event. Ibushi wrestled the match as the masked character Tiger Mask W, efeating Red Death Mask. The following day, NJPW announced that Tiger Mask W would return to the promotion in January 2017. Tiger Mask W returned on January 4, 2017, defeating Tiger the Dark at Wrestle Kingdom 11 in Tokyo Dome. On February 5, Kazuchika Okada brought up Tiger Mask W as his next possible opponent, leading to a program between the two heading into NJPW's 45th anniversary show. On March 1, Tiger Mask W teamed with Tiger Mask to defeat Okada and Gedo in a tag team match. On the NJPW 45th anniversary show, Tiger Mask W was defeated by Okada.  On June 20, NJPW announced Ibushi would return 2017 G1 Climax. NJPW billed this as Ibushi's return to the company after two and a half years, not acknowledging his Tiger Mask W run.  Ibushi finished the tournament on August 11 with a record of five wins and four losses, failing to advance from his block. At Power Struggle, Ibushi unsuccessfully challenged Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. On January 4, 2018, Ibushi defeated Cody at Wrestle Kingdom 12. It had been previously billed as a title match for Cody's ROH World Championship, but Cody lost it to Dalton Castle, before he had the chance to defend it at Wrestle Kingdom 12. At New Year Dash!! 2018, Ibushi was attacked by Cody after losing a match to Bullet Club, but leader Kenny Omega stopped him from doing so. At The New Beginning in Sapporo, Ibushi returned the favor, saving Omega, who was involved in an altercation with other Bullet Club members Cody and Hangman Page. In doing so, they reunited the Golden☆Lovers tag-team for the first time since 2014.  On Night Two of Honor Rising, the Golden☆Lovers won their return match as a team against Cody and Marty Scurll. After the match, Ibushi and Omega were confronted by the Young Bucks and challenged to a match at Strong Style Evolved on March 25. At the event, the Golden☆Lovers defeated the Young Bucks. Although Ibushi would later become a regular in Bullet Club tag matches during the Road to Wrestling Dontaku tour in April and May 2018, he was not considered a member of the faction. At Dominion 6.9, Ibushi was in Omega's corner, as he defeated Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Ibushi, Omega and the Young Bucks all embraced in the ring, and formed a new sub-group called The Golden☆Elite. Ibushi then entered in the 2018 G1 Climax, finishing with a record of 6 wins and 3 losses, tied for top of his block. He proceeded to the finals due to a victory in his final block match against IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Golden☆Lovers partner Kenny Omega. This would make Ibushi the first professional wrestler to proceed to the final of the New Japan Cup, Best of the Super Juniors and the G1 Climax. However, he lost the final to Hiroshi Tanahashi. On December 9, Ibushi defeated Hirooki Goto for the NEVER Openweight Championship, but lost it one month later against Will Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom 13. In February 2019, Ibushi announced, that he was staying in New Japan. He also said, that he will be first competitor in 2019 New Japan Cup. This came after speculation he was going to follow Golden Lover Kenny Omega to All Elite Wrestling. Since this announcement he has wrestled exclusively in NJPW.It was later revealed to be a two year deal. In the first round of the New Japan Cup on March 10, he defeated Tetsuya Naito to advance to the next round but lose to Zack Sabre Jr in the second round. Due to defeating Naito, he was granted an IWGP Intercontinental Championship match against Naito at April 2019's G1 Supercard. Ibushi successfully defeated Naito and became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion for the first time in his career. Ibushi got a defense in against Zack Sabre Jr at Sengoku Lord but at Dominion 6.9, Ibushi lost the IWGP Intercontinental Championship back to Naito. Ibushi went on to compete in the 2019 G1 Climax winning the A block, finishing with 14 points, defeating Lance Archer, Bad Luck Fale, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr, Sanada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. He went on the defeat the winner of the B Block, Jay White, in the finals to win the G1 Climax. Ibushi faced IWGP Champ Okada on Night 1 of Wrestle Kingdom 14, where he was defeated by Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, before losing to White in a singles match on Night 2. On February 21, 2020 on the New Japan Road event, Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi, dubbing themselves Golden☆Ace, defeated the Guerrillas of Destiny to win the IWGP Tag Team Championship. June, Ibushi entered the New Japan Cup, where he defeated Zack Sabre Jr in Round 1, before losing to Taichi in the second round. On July 12, at Dominion 2020, Ibushi and Tanahashi lost their IWGP Tag Team Championships to the Dangerous Tekkers. Ibushi's decade was phenomenal, and he was very dominant in the Junior Division, before carrying that dominance to the heavyweight division. Let's hope the "Golden Star" finally achieves his dream of becoming IWGP Heavyweight Champion.  
    • As Joshua Scott poses before the shocked fans he was once beloved by, an unfamiliar theme cuts through the silence of the Carnage Arena. As the slightly confused crowd begins to rise to their feet Josh's head snaps towards the stage, realizing there's only one man it can be. It's Alyx Wilde. As "The Sickness" emerges onto the stage from behind the curtain, the BPZ Universe goes absolutely ballistic for the return of the man who was once in the main event of BPZMania. Wilde himself is even taken back by the reaction, as he looks around at the thousands and thousands of screaming fans he can't help but crack the faintest of smiles before clenching his jaw tightly and focusing his attention on the man who called him out, Joshua Scott. Alyx Wilde wears a baseball cap, casting a shadow on his half painted face, and a hoodie underneath a large flannel, the very same hoodie that moments ago Josh was admonishing the crowd for purchasing and wearing in support of The Sickness. Wilde also carries a heavily used, slightly damaged skateboard at his side, which he suddenly drops and allows to slowly roll down the ramp as he flips his hood up and catches up to the skateboard, hopping on as the Carnage audience grows even louder. As Wilde finally approaches the ring, he leaps from the board onto the apron, landing on his feet in a crouched position, leaning on the ropes as he stares down Joshua Scott who takes a few steps back, his eyes locked on the former Triple Crown Champion. Wilde grips the middle rope and slides himself between the bottom two ropes, quickly shooting to his feet has he now stands in a BPZ ring for the first time in almost 2 years. James Cunner fetched a mic in the meantime and goes to hand it to Wilde, but The Sickness just stares at him briefly before shoving him out of the way and making a beeline towards Joshua Scott and ripping the microphone out of his hand and cocking his head to the side and locking his icy blue eyes on "Manchester's Number One", almost begging him to throw a punch. Wilde slowly raises the mic to his mouth to speak as the crowd intently listens. Failure? You think I'm a failure? Josh...if I'm a failure, then what the fuck are you? You know, some people are stupid enough to compare us. They see two guys who have all the potential in the world but never achieved the things they said they would, they see two guys who went from the highest of highs to the absolute pits of despair. But there's a few things everyone seems to be missing. I was trapped in hell, but I clawed and scratched until my fingernails and hands broke and bled but someway, somehow I got myself out. Unfortunately for you Josh,  you're hell is just beginning. I saw that blindfold match of yours and...I really have no words. I've been around the wrestling business for almost 10 years and I can honestly saw that was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in the ring. I genuinely have to commend you Josh, I had one of the greatest performances in the history of BPZMania and still falling short of the World Heavyweight Championship was enough to make me leave the company. Meanwhile, you lost a qualifying match in possibly the most embarrassing fashion in the history of the sport and yet, here you are. But that's where my compliments for you end, cause I have to say Josh...you're a total fucking idiot. You couldn't even land on a move on Alex Costa, in a blindfold. And look, that Costa kid seems pretty talented or whatever but I'm not Alex Costa. I'm not a calculated technician, I am a sickness. I am a monster. I am a storm. You ever been in a storm, Josh? I don't mean a thunderstom, I mean a storm of violence, raining down on you, smashing into your head, hitting you in the chest so hard that you think your heart is gonna stop, you almost wish it would. You ever been in a storm like that Josh?  The Carnage audience are in the palm of Wilde's hand as his trademark intensity echos throughout the arena, a sound we haven't heard in months and years. Alyx Wilde takes a deep breath as he continues. Alex Costa embarrassed you. I will ruin you. Alex Costa made you turn on these people. I will make you turn on yourself. Alex Costa defeated you. I will end you. But Costa let you off too easy, I won't do it quickly. I will infect you, spreading from limb to limb, from organ to organ, destroying you from the inside out until all you can do is watch as I hold your career, your future and your very life in my hands. And I won't be wearing a blindfold, not because I think that'd even give you a chance, but because I want to, I need to see the look on your face as I take away everything you've ever worked for, as years and years of your aspiration and hard work all slips away from you in a matter of 20 minutes. You came out here with a lame fake apology but ironically I'm sorry Josh. I'm sorry you were dumb enough to let my name leave your mouth, I'm sorry for what I have to do to you. I'm sorry that you're just weak enough to be the perfect Patient Zero for The Sickness. I really am sorry Josh, you're just a dumb guy who made a dumb mistake. But as I know better than anyone, we all have to pay for our mistakes one day.                                                                                                                                                                  Wilde lets his words hang in the air for a moment before flipping the mic into the air, landing in the hands of Joshua Scott who just stands there, he seems slightly shocked by the words of Alyx Wilde as he just stands there for a moment. Wilde slowly walks towards the ropes, looking as if he is going to exit the ring before suddenly leaping up and off the ropes and hitting the Constant Headache out of nowhere on the unsuspecting Josh!                                                           As Josh goes crashing to the canvas Alyx Wilde makes a dead sprint to the top rope, leaping up and looking to hit the Full Blown Meltdown, but just as Wilde jumps off, Scott regains his awareness and rolls out of the ring. Luckily for Wilde he sees this just in time to make a surprisingly athletic move to land safely on his feet before dropping down to a seated position with his elbows resting on his knees. As Joshua Scott holds a hand to his his freshly kicked jaw and stumbles up the ramp, "The Sickness" Alyx Wilde just gives him a twisted grin and taps an imaginary watch on his wrist as we fade to black.
    • We are in an undisclosed Russian Prison, a horrid, dank building. A rat is seen scampering across the wooden floor. The cameraman walks up the wooden steps, creaking each time as he is escorted up by the prison guards. He is lead to a room with a wooden table where he is told to sit down, across from Yelich who's hands are cuffed together and legs are cuffed to a chair that is bolted onto the floor. Yelich was recently arrested by Russian Police after trying to steal what he believed was the Tsar Bomba (the largest and most powerful hydrogen bomb ever created), though was merely a to scale replica. Yelich has been in Russian Prison for three days now, and at this point we are unsure if anyone in BPZ knows which prison he's actually in. If he does not get out by this weekend, he can not partake in the Story of Temples match that as of right now he is still scheduled to be apart of in Egypt against Mikey, Gunner, Arius, and a mystery opponent despite, ya know, being jailed in a foreign nation. Yelich: Hey cameraman, don't speak to me, you're not allowed to talk, only my voice matters... It's day three of being in prison in Moscow. It's not been fun, but I have been praying to Xenu and L. Ron Hubbard every night and morning, I'm sure Marc or Nardie or Bart or Brenden or SOMEONE is going to get me out of here.... they've got to right? They haven't forgot about me right? Right? Yelich buried his head in his hands, mentally breaking down currently at the thought that everyone has forgotten about him already, and has left him to rot for the rest of his life in this cold prison. Yelich: Do you have a phone cameraman? The camera is set onto the table as the cameraman seems to do something, as we then see an Android phone get slid across the table to Yelich. Yelich then attempts to grab it, but his handcuffs and fact that his legs are cuffed to his chair are stopping him from grabbing the phone. He struggles to grab the phone for a bit before stopping defeatedly and simply banging his head on the table because of the situation he's in. Yelich: Okay, new plan, you grab the phone and call someone, surely you have some good contacts in that phone of yours. Cameraman: Well I ha- Yelich: DON'T-DO NOT SPEAK!... Your voice gives me hives, and I can not have it in this or any moment. Just... call Aaron or something and put it on speaker. The cameraman hits call on the contact labelled "Marc Aaron Newton" the phone then does not ring but a computerized voice begins to say something. The person you are trying to call has blocked you on this number. Do not call again. The phone call then ends on its own as Yelich looks annoyed. Yelich: Ya know what... I would block you on my phone too if I wasn't the one who had to have you to film me. I don't blame Aaron... I can't call Bart because of what I did to him, I can't be near him for a prolonged amount of time. Oh cameraman, what am I gonna do? Just then, one of the Russian Prison Guards busts into the room and goes over to Yelich and uncuffs him from his chair. Russian Prison Guard: Stand up, you have been released from all charges. Yelich is surprised and overcome with glee as he is escorted out of the prison to the opening, where he finds the person that got him released from prison, that person being... wait what the hell is that- Yelich: TOM CRUISE?! Tom Cruise greets Yelich with a handshake as Yelich is stunned with glee in that one of his lifelong heroes in Tom Cruise, star of great movies such as Mission Impossible, Mission Impossible 2, Mission Impossible 3, Mission Impossible 4, Mission Impossible 5, Mission Impossible 6, and Austin Powers in Goldmember, has saved him from undisclosed Russian Prison. Tom Cruise: Well how could I not save someone who is such a devout and firm believer in Scientology such as yourself from such a bad situation? Yelich: Yeah... totally Tom. Tom Cruise: Oh also Yelich, I have a gift for you. Yelich: Really!? What is it? Before giving him the gift, Tom Cruise walks Yelich out of the prison and to the outside. He then gives him a rolled up blue paper which Yelich marvels at as his eyes go wide in wonder. Yelich: Is this... is this a blueprint on how to make a hydrogen bomb?! Tom Cruise: Sure is. Yelich puts the blueprint in his pocket before hugging Tom Cruise from how happy he is at this moment. He stops hugging after he remembers this is Tom Cruise he's talking to and is a very important person. However, one could easily see how joyous Yelich is at this current moment. Yelich: Oh Tom Cruise, you're the best! Tom Cruise: Anything for you. Oh and also, before I forget. I have some people working on something else for M.A.N Global because of how big of a fan I am, so in a few weeks I'm going to call you and Aaron down so I can give you an extra special gift. Yelich: Well, we'll be there as soon as you call Tom. I can't wait. Anyways, how did you get me out of here anyways? Tom Cruise: I called in a few favors, I'll tell you more some other time, what really matters is you winning that Story of Temples match at Chapter 2, so go on, go to the Airport, get into Egypt and go win that match! Go get them Yelich! Yelich: Yeah! See ya Tom! I'm gonna go win the Story of Temples match! Yelich goes off to go hail a taxi as Tom Cruise walks around the corner as we see a very important man show up. Vladimir Putin: You owe me big time Cruise. Tom Cruise: Yeah yeah, I'll go to your grandson's birthday party. Vladimir Putin: YES! I'm gonna be the best grandfather ever. Thanks Tom! Putin is happy as can be at this news as Tom Cruise puts sunglasses on and looks very cool. The screen then fades to black as the segment comes to a close.
    • Darkness all around the Valor arena. A panic unfolding in the blackout. The crowd would rustle tripping over eachother and stumbling looking for a light as if their life depen- burning...subtle at first. But the sound of crisp and subtle burning. A familiar harrowing voice would sound echoing a familiar poem… Burn the dead,..theres a plague in town A foul pestilence, not one which is usually so rife… There is a sickness in town, and it comes from the mind… Cover your mouth, sweeten your smells, hang your crosses high There is a weakness to be put to rest, and a dog to be put down… The titantron would flicker on showing a lightbulb in a dark room. A hand would reach out turning the lightbulb on by a cord. Light. The Arena would once again be lit up as normal and the crowd would feel relaxed in knowing tha- A scream now. It was a woman, a sudden yelp. The camera cut to a woman stumbling back, her eyes wild and petrified. Before her...A plague doctor. The camera cut to the crowd entrances around the arena...more. Lining all around the stairs and entrances stood countless identical plague doctors. They would look around left to right, the burning sound still playing. They would all look to the stage when suddenly. The damned wall of the siren. 10 more identical plague doctors would take to the stage, look left to right and then turn inwards in ceremony fashion looking to each other forming a column. Addy would slowly make his way out to the stage fitted in a dark robe and most notably blue ceremonial decorations, golden chains and a large golden ring. Addy wore the ceremonial outfit of an elite Freemason. Microphone in hand, the harbinger’s sickening voice would begin. "You thought for a moment...you were safe?" Addy would cackle shortly, moving the microphone an inch further from his lips as he paced looking into the terrorised crowd. "W-what?! Y-you really thought I was alone? That I had abandoned my brethren? My my, such fantastic structure I have developed to keep the good word quiet unless I speak it so. You visited my home and you thought you could simply speak to a devotee? You really thought you could just...stroll in! You thought wrong. Everything you saw, experienced and heard within Whitemoor that day was hoax. You met a prisoner and follower of mine, but at no point was he preaching neither the truth nor the good word, Austin. You were met with a facade of the truth...The truth I shall teach you at Exodus." "Last night...I spoke to god. It was in a moment of respite, right after I finished praying when...A voice in my ear came to me, and that voice told me a great many things; but most of all..."Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe...for stripe!". I admit, It was well and truly a message from above, a message condoning my coming wrath..." "I later realised that was a verse from the bible. Exodus 21:24. The supreme force above works in many ways, and one of the ways in which he operates is through foreshadowing. The stars write it so that the bible correlates so well with the second coming of the Messiah, so that when he arrives he has a source and way of guidance in which he uses to educate the condemned. What you see as ironic coincidence, I see as prophecy. The Bible is my prophecy told in many parts and it illustrates perfectly that at Exodus it will indeed be an eye for an eye, Austin Omega. You took something dear to me, the one material object the lord gifted to me and now...Now it is removed. You may wonder Austin, what comes after Exodus 21:24? Is the writing on the wall?" Addy would pace around the stage some more looking to the crowd who were entirely gripped on every work he spoke, he saw how the plague doctors struck fear in the hearts and how his words moulded and influenced belief through such twisted manipulation. Addy had the crowd wrapped around his fingers. He would go to reveal the answers to the questions he put forward but would hesitate teasing the world. Addy would smirk. "...No one likes a spoiler. Those who have followed my words and have committed to the new era under my leadership know the answers to the end times already, but those of you who still dare to question the prophesy, know this...When prophesy becomes reality at Exodus, you will have no choice but to fall and pray. " The crowd would applaud. Not entirely becuase they stand with Addy, but they applaud his elegance and grace in speaking. The fork shaped silver tongue of the Harbinger flowed so seamlessly. "Previously, I told you to silence yourself, Austin Omega. I told you to not respond or chase me any further. But yet...You disappoint. You walk into Olympus with a swagger and foolishly ask to speak to those who could end your life before you could blink. You act so audaciously to walk into my own home! And you think you can just ask questions? You believe this to be mind games but in truth you are weak, you are weak and afraid. Never before have you been confronted with such passion, such fire, such power! And now your knees grow weak at the sight of me coming to this ring once again and warranting the end of your career! You are unsure of how to respond, unsure of what to do next and something tells me you are aware that you have now entered the endgame. I shall break you down, Austin Omega. Like I have promised with so many opponents however I will not build you back up, you have sinned for far too long, have stabbed me in the back in taking my only belonging and have no exposed your greed for more for the entire world to see. Austin Omega, my dear child...I will leave you a smouldering wreckage; you will be made an example of." Addy would look left and right creaking his crooked neck as he turned to the crowd relishing the looks on their face. Suddenly, Addy begins marching forward and so too do the plague doctors. More and more identical Plague Doctors flood from backstage until they almost fill the stage and surround the ring entirely. Addy would be stood in the centre of the ring now "A fish out of water and a lion with no roar. It doesn't have to be like this Austin...Submit and join us in immortality. You can make history under my close eye and under the lord's light we may join arm in arm in unity fighting the oppression of the bigger man. We are both bright, young individuals full of promise however time and time again we are put down as lesser being, we are told we must work until we can work no longer in order to earn our stripes and like millions all around the Earth, we are subjected to vile standards. We stand in a profession dominated by muscle and towering height, the little guys cast aside by a toxic masculinity so rife...But it does not need to be like that, Austin Omega..Show your allegiance, halt your pursuit and avoid the catastrophic collision of facing me once again. If you do not however and continue down this path of naivety well... The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and founder of lost children. I shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you, Austin Omega. Brother or Traitor, Truth bearer or outlier..." Addy would look behind him over his right shoulder lowering the microphone. The plague doctors would remove their masks in unison revealing their faces. Face tattoos, scars, mean looks...Every single one of the plague doctors were clearly ex-convicts of sort. The Camera would have a good look at them before cutting in close at Addy as he crept closer and closer to the ropes so his face was directly in the camera shot. With a sickening smirk Addy would murmur “Austin Omega...The doctor shall see you now.” A sly smirk, a glimmer in his eyes and then blackout. When the lights came back on, everything resumed as scheduled.

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