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    • {There is pure pandemonium playing out around the arena as Arrow goes off to chase the mysterious man in the hoodie. We come back to the ring where Arrow's personal trainer Henry is standing with a microphone in his hand waiting for his client Arrow to return from his quest. Henry the Midget walks around the ring for a few seconds when suddenly}   {Henry's small midget eyes nearly pop right out of his head as he hears the theme of none other than the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Julius walks out from the back and looks less than impressed with what he's seeing in the ring. Henry backs away into the corner of the ring as Julius makes his approach. The World champion stands next to Henry before snatching the mic out of his hands and bringing it to his lips} "You know I've let shit like this go one for far too long, some things I can deal with but this I cannot. We live in a world where this company openly hires Pornstars and people with multiple personality disorder and or Schizophrenia. These two fools have been fighting over the results of a paternity test, and we even got poor old Dr Phil involved. Who's the father you ask? Is it Eric Shun or is it Arrow Orton. Well how about I throw a spanner into the works and state maybe that little baby is mine. Maybe one night while you two fools were fighting in the ring I went backstage and paid Sarah a little visit, maybe I gave her the real experience of what the Bad Motherfucker is all about. Just a thought, think about that you idiots" "But now, as I'm walking backstage I see this little creature in the ring and that pisses me off. There are a lot of things I hate in this world, but at the top of all that are Midgets. You people are a cancer to society, you are an embarrassment to normal sized people and I think it's about damn time I stand up for society and beat the shit out of your little punk ass" {Julius throws his world title to the ground and motions for a fight while Henry the Midget is still standing in the corner frightened for his life. As Julius is about to grab him, Henry throws his hands in the air and tells Julius to back off for a second. Henry then proceeds to pull out a pistol from his pants and waves it in the face of the World Champion who is caught by surprise. Julius rolls out of the ring as security rush in to contain Henry the midget. Julius then grabs a steel chair and slams it against Henry's back before ushering the security guards out of the ring} {Julius then continues the assault, battering the poor little man with the steel chair before a large midget sized dent is seen in the chair. Julius tosses it away and slowly lifts Henry to his feet. Julius then proceeds to absolutely bully Henry, using his size and power to his advantage}     {As Henry sits up on the ring apron, trying to gather his thoughts, the "Death Machine" shows a rare case of lightning quick speed, hitting a picturesque baseball slide sending Henry the midget flying to the outside} {One of the douchebag security guards who seems to enjoy this midget beating, slides Julius a garbage can which Julius just launches at Henry taking him out in the process} {A sadistic smile appears on Julius' face as he goes and grabs Henry the Midget and brings him back into the ring. He launches him around for fun before lifting him up into the World's Strongest Slam, a move Julius has never ever used before} {Julius once again grabs Henry and places him on the turnbuckle before hitting a wicked Claymore kick which sends him flying to the outside, where medics have finally made their appearance after the last 5 minutes of this brutal bashing} {Julius laugh's hysterically as the medics place Henry on a stretcher, the fans looking on in shock as Henry is wheeled to the back. Like the bully he is, Julius walks out of the ring and grabs the stretcher before using it to slam it against the ring post} {Julius then grabs his World title and exits the ring, smiling as he walks to the back. I don't think BPZ will be hiring any midgets anytime soon}
    • You have a very valid point of the RR winners not main eventing. And really, the argument shouldn't be that it won't happen. The argument should be why it shouldn't be the main event. The main event picture would be great for Bray Wyatt. It wouldn't be good for Roman Reigns if he wins. It took him having to leave and battle one of the worst diseases for people to cheer him. And still, he doesn't always get the positive reaction WWE wants. In the big picture, Vince cares more about Reigns than Wyatt. Having Reigns lose wouldn't be a bad idea, except there's not really anyone else left. This superhero vs evil power storyline is really the only option they have to take the belt off of Wyatt.
    • look at the history of the royal rumble winners  How many royal rumble winners have been denied their wrestlemania main event Jim Duggan, Big John Studd, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels(95), Stone Cold (97), Rey Mysterio,Undertaker, John Cena (08), Edge, Alberto Del Rio,  Sheamus, Randy Orton (2017), Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka,  Seth Rollins, If Charlotte Main events Drew Doesn't if Charlotte does Charlotte doesn't main event Drew Does, If Roman Main Events then neither drew or charlotte will main event, Call them Irrelevant facts But they are Factual If Vince Had any faith in Brock He would have main evented Wrestlemania 33 with goldberg he would have main evented wrestlemania 35 with Seth Rollins the royal rumble winner(95), Mr McMahon (99) HOWEVER The Runner up did, 15 out of 26 Royal Rumble winners have failed to main event Wrestlemania Studd, Duggan, Flair, Michaels, Cold,Mysterio, Taker, Cena , Edge, Del Rio, Sheamus Orton, Nakamura Asuka, Seth Rollins, Charlotte Or Drew 8 Out of 26 Royal Rumble winners have main evented
    • I think they retired after Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella at Evolution 2018, it strengthens your point but I just felt like taking the opportunity to sharpen my mind on The Bella Twins' history. 😂 

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