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    • Since others have mentioned HBK in the Rumble 2010, Rumble 92, and Taker and Shawn in both 07 and 08 Rumbles, I'm going to go with a different option with another favourite rumble of mine which is the 2006 Royal Rumble. The final 3 of that year's rumble had Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Triple H. Both HHH and Rey were #1 and #2 while Orton came into the match at the #30 position. I love the story they presented here, Rey the underdog against 2 of the companies chosen guys. Rey eliminating both men and winning the rumble lasting an hour+ was special and prob my favourite piece of Rumble storytelling considering this was after the Eddie Guerrero tragedy.
    • This storytelling involves two rumbles. In the 2007 Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker were the last 2 competitors in the match. In the 2008 edition, they were the first 2 to enter the match. I find that a very cool thing, shame I wasn't following the WWE when it occured live but looking back now, I still think it's a good thing. I don't think it is something that they should do every year, but I think with 2 legends like Michaels and Undertaker, it works perfectly. Really cool way to kick off a rumble, by reminding the people of the final moments of the year prior. 
    • We are live during the Royal Rumble Press Conference, streaming on BPZ.com as well as the related Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch channels. We have heard plenty of names talk about their expectations for one of the biggest events in the BPZ, and next up, we have one half of the Tag Team Champions, Bart. Bart walks into the press room, greets the reports who are about to ask him the questions and sits down, posing the Tag Team Championship next to him. He then looks at the reporters again, and allows them to begin asking questions.  Manny Moleman, BPZ Commentaries: Last year you were the runner-up in the Rumble, being the last man eliminated. How does this influence you heading into the match? Bart: Of course, it influences you. While obviously the first feelings about that match are not the most positive, it also shows that I am able to succeed in this chaotic match. It shows my ability to eliminate others, and gives me a good amount of experience in the match that I have only competed in once thus far. The final stages of the match were awful last go round, but it has made better. I have studied it, watched it back time after time to prepare for Sunday’s match. Last time around, I didn’t have the required focus or motivation to win the match. I had 2 titles and felt unbeatable, just like how others feel unbeatable now. It made me lose to someone who wanted to win more than me, and what it told me, is that if I wanted to win, I had to want to win more than anyone else. No one out of those 29 others wants to win this match more than me. No one out of those 29 others have worked as hard as me. No one out of those 29 others will fight as hard as me. And no one out of those 29 others will survive being in the ring with me.    Mike Hunt, Smarks Daily: One of the big questions heading into the match is how your partnership with Smith will stand after the Rumble match, where both of you are looking to win and main event BPZMania. Are you scared for the possible effects from this match on your team with Smith? Bart: The only people who should be worried about anything to do with the team of me and Smith are the other ones in the match. Because the moment the two of us are in the ring at the same time, we will dominate everyone in that match like we have dominated the tag team division for the last few months. Our tag team wrestling is unstoppable offense, with a unlimited arsenal of deadly move that can eliminate anyone in the Rumble match. Some of them have experienced this before, and after the match, everyone will have experienced the deadliness of the team known as Creed. Whether it is Arius, whether it is Bailey, Hans or anyone else who thinks that they have smallest of chances to win the match, all of them will fall at the hands of the best tag team in the world.  Now of course, that was not what you were referring to. Since you are such a great guy who has never betrayed anyone in his life, I will give you the answer that you really wanted to hear. What happens if me and Smith have to fight in order to determine who wins the Rumble. Well, that’s an easy question for me. The only time that I would be disappointed in Smith is if he wouldn’t bring the fight to me with the main event of Mania on the line. We are competitors, the most competitive ones in the business. We pride ourselves on this and we want each other to live up to this. So in that scenario that the media loves to predict upon, that is what will happen. We will battle it out like the fighters that we are.    Fanny Mcfee: You are looking at your 3rd BPZMania this year, what would it mean for you to main event this show?  Bart: It would mean that I finally got my rightful reward. A reward for being the best that this company has seen, for being the hardest worker that this company has had.  Ever since I stepped foot in this company, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship has been my goal, my target. After winning and dominating with every title that I have set my eyes on, I think it is about time that I get a shot for the big one. I have given this company more than anyone over the last 2 and a half years, I have dedicated myself and my career to making this company better. Whether it was the resurgence of the Global Championship, the historic Intercontinental Championship reign or the current renaissance of the Tag Team Division.  At the Royal Rumble, the time has come where I finally take my credit for this. When I win the Royal Rumble, setting me on my way to win the World Championship in the main event of the biggest show of the year. Thank you for the questions.     

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