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Discuss the latest installement from the WWE 2k games series, WWE 2k20 here!

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    • Name - Prince Curry Age - 16 Nationality - Bangladeshi Club - Bolton Skin Tone - Brown Height - 5'6 Weight - 63kg Position - LW  
    • Number 16:  ROH FINAL BATTLE (2016) Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly This former tag team went to war in a No Disqualifications Match for the ROH World Champinionship. Their rivalry had started 2013 back in PWG, where Cole turned on O'Reilly. Cole would then win the PWG Title in December 2012, and was champion until May 23, 2014, and he lost the title to Kyle O'Reilly. Cole was champion for 538 Days. Cole would go to ROH, win the TV Title, then would become a 3x ROH Champion, the most reigns in history. He had this defense against KOR during his second reign, on his 105th day as champion. They brawled to start it off, but when they returned to the ring O’Reilly hit knee strikes before being sent to the floor by Cole. O’Reilly landed on the previously injured shoulder. They would brawl again, KOR would lock in submissions, and Cole would fail the "Adam Cole, Bay Bay" Taunt many times. O’Reilly was fired up, landing a series of kicks, and then ran off the apron for a knee, but Adam coutered and hit him in the face with the ROH title. KOR would start to bleed. Cole would then irish whip him, but KOR fell down. KOR tried to fight out of a German, got a little momentum, but Cole hit a Snap German, but KOR no sold it, before falling outside. Cole got in shots with a trashcan, put it on O’Reilly and then superkicked it. Cole then laid in some chair shots, but it only fired up O’Reilly, who connected with elbows, knee strikes, then kick. O’Reilly then suplexed Cole onto the chair, before locking in a Heel Hook.Cole kicked his way out of it. Cole flipped spit at O’Reilly, who jumped into the arm bar. O’Reilly then beat on Cole with the trashcan, laid it in his lap as he sat in the chair and hit the running dropkick off the apron. O’Reilly set up a table in the ring, laid Cole on it and went up top only for Cole to cut him off with strikes. They went back and forth on the top, before O’Reilly hit the belly to back suplex through the table! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! They then brawl on the apron, KOR tries to pick him up, but Cole reverses with a Low Blow! Cole tries to put him through the table, but O'Reilly reverses with a Lbow Blow! Then a Guillotine Attemotby O’Reilly, but Cole jumps off the apron and they go through another table!  O’Reilly then got the chain from under the ring, and we see Cole is busted open here. Low blow by Cole, and then hits the Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall!  Cole then got a brown bag, opened it up, revealing thumbtacks, while flipping KOR off. Cole tries to German Suplex KOR onto the tacks, but he fights out. KOR then lit him up with Kicks, tried for a Roundhouse, but Cole caught the foot, but him in the Fireman's Carry, but O'Reilly transitioned into a Guillotine, but then transitions to the triangle, but Cole then powerbombs O’Reilly into the tacks! Cole tried to Superkick him, but KOR caught his foot! O’Reilly then hits the BRAINBUSTAAAAAA INTO THE THUMBTACKS! HE THEN LOCKS IN THE ARMBAR WHILE THEY ARE BOTH ON THE THUMBTACKS! After about 30 Seconds, Cole finally taps out, ending his title reign at 105 Days. KOR was finally ROH WORLD CHAMPION! However, after just a mere 33 Days as Champion, he would lose it back to Cole at Wrestle Kingdom 11. This Match was great, and I definitely recommend watching it, as they tore the house down. All 20 Minutes felt Special, as I was on the edge of my seat, hoping KOR would get the job done, and he finally did. The pop KOR got when Cole tapped was insane. 4.25/5
    • Name - Eric Shun Age - 16 Nationality - English Club - Portsmouth Skin Tone - White Height - 5'8 Weight - 71KG Position - RW
    • Name: Alex Costa Age: 16 Nationality: Portuguese  Club: Everton Skin Tone: White Height in ft: 6'4 Weight: 85 lbs Position: Striker
    • This Match should be solid, but my question here is why is MVP getting the match, while it should be Lashley. I think MVP should be the manager, while Lashley and Shelton are the active wrestlers. I think MVP will get his win back, probably after a heel turn by Cedric. I think the Hurt Business need to win this title so they can be taken seriously, as just beating jobbers doesn’t help much. So for that reason, I am predicting a win here for MVP, and we can hopefully get Bobby back in world contention, or they do a last minute bait and switch, where mvp comes to SummerSlam not prepared to wrestle, and Lashley takes his place, Apollo still accepts, then loses.

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