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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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Clash Of Champions

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    • The BPZ Survival Games tournament has kicked off with the first match of Yelich vs Mikey, which is currently underway. Both men have gone through hell in this match, giving it their all with neither competitor willing to give an inch. We are just about to approach the 15 minute mark, and both men are currently down after Yelich landed a crossbody on Mikey from the second rope. Yelich grasps onto the middle rope, using it to drag himself back to his feet. He limps over to Mikey, his right leg injured from being worked on all match. Despite this, Yelich is able to gather himself and begin to slowly drag Mikey to his feet. Once he has risen, Yelich begins to lay into the top of Mikey's head with hard, heavy punches. After several, Mikey falls to one knee again, and now Yelich sprints off the ropes behind him. He floors Mikey with a massive big boot, knocking him down once more. Yelich now rolls Mikey over onto his back and falls into a pin. 1..., 2..., not quite three. Yelich nods his head up and down a few times, not surprised by the result. Yelich now scales up to the top rope slowly, mirroring Mikey's movements. Once Yelich is at the summit and Mikey has reached his feet, Yelich leaps off, looking for a double axe handle onto Mikey's head. However, Mikey swiftly sidesteps and raises his leg up, kicking Yelich across the midsection. Yelich lands hard on his feet, and when he turns around, Mikey nails him with a dropkick that drops Yelich straight on his back. Mikey now rises up to both of his knees, grasping his lower back while slowly returning to a vertical base. He picks up Yelich as well, hooking his head underneath his right arm and Yelich's left arm around his head. Mikey hoists Yelich high into the air and plants him down right in front of him with a falcon arrow. Almost seamlessly, Mikey gets back to his feet and leaps into the air himself, falling down while bringing an elbow down on Yelich's chest. Mikey once again scampers back to his feet and sprints at the ropes, this time hopping onto the ropes and leaping off in a backflip. The lionsault nearly connects, but Yelich is just able to get his knees up in time, meeting with Mikey's sternum. Mikey falls back into a seated position, grasping his midsection while Yelich rises back to his feet. Yelich then sprints at Mikey at full speed, leaving his feet for a lethal knee to the head. Sensing the end of the match drawing near, Yelich shoves Mikey's head between his legs, looking for the Concussion Syndrome. But before he can lift Mikey up, he is met with a flurry of punches to the side, breaking his hold. Mikey now rushes at Yelich who ducks, causing Mikey to clothesline the referee! The official collapses to the ground, rolling out of the ring while Mikey looks on at him. However, this slight hesitation proves to be cost worthy as none other than Danny DeVito sneaks up behind Mikey and nails him in the back with a steel chair much like he did last week! Once again, Mikey turns around, completely unfazed by the attack. Mikey lunges at DeVito, but he wisely tumbles out of the ring, getting out of harms way. But now Yelich is back on his feet, and he whirls Mikey around, kicking him in the gut! In one fluid motion, Yelich connects with the Concussion Syndrome, flattening Mikey on the ground. Yelich now rolls over and hooks the leg of Mikey as the crowd chant the 1 2 3, but the referee is still knocked out against the barricade. DeVito now grabs the referee and is able to shake him awake, but he still takes a few seconds to roll back into the ring and gather his whereabouts. Finally, he counts the pin. 1..., 2..., Mikey kicks out! Yelich now slams the mat in frustration, rising to his feet and yelling right in the referee's face which causes him to fall down once more. But wisely, Yelich wastes little time in belittling the referee as he turns back to the still fallen Mikey. He grabs him by the hair and hoists him to his feet. Yelich goes for a massive blow on Mikey's head, but he is able to duck underneath the blow and catch Yelich when he turns around with Adrenaline! Yelich simply falls to one knee, so Mikey steps back a few steps and charges at him, nailing him with Adrenaline for a second time. The impact causes Yelich to slump down Mikey's body, something he wastes no time in capitalizing on. Mikey now grasps Yelich's head in his arm, pressing it deep against his side as he twists both of their bodies simultaneously, nailing a Nightmare on the owner of Evolve. Mikey now falls to both of his knees and lightly covers Yelich as the referee slams the mat. 1..., 2..., 3! HERE IS YOUR WINNER, THE STAR ATTRACTION, MIKEYYYYY! Mikey now stands up in the ring, his arm raised high in the air by the official. Rather than celebrating in the ring, Mikey exits it and heads to ringside where he retrieves the same item he brought in, a flag displaying the Inner Circle's name and logo on it. He holds up the flag with both hands, the banner trailing behind him as he paces around the ring, a slight grin on his face. Tonight, Mikey started his road to victory in Survival Games. But he still has four formidable opponents in his way, all of which he will face in the upcoming weeks. The camera fades to black, the scene of Mikey holding the Inner Circle banner while standing on the turnbuckle being the last seen on screen.
    • Even though there was only like 4 matches on the card, WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede i think should be considered top 5 best PPV's from the 90's and my personal favourite. I think every match on this card delivered, whether that Mankind battling it with HHH, The Great Sasuke and Taka Michinoku tearing it up, or The Undertaker going up against Vader in the midst of his WWF title reign.  The main event of the show was huge multiman tag match which featured the Hart Foundation being cheered by the calgary crowd, and Steve Austin who despite was the enemy of Hart Foundation, was still being cheered even in enemy territory. I think it's PPV you should check out on the network if you can.  
    • Even though he passed away in 2008, I think Heath Ledger's "Joker" Character would've done great in Pro-Wrestling. I think it would've been similar to the gimmick of Mankind mixed with the Fiend, which is a deadly combination. I think his matches could be great, as throughout the match he just plays mind games with the oppponent, and I'd definitely would've loved to see it in professional wrestling. He could easily played a psychotic heel, and just have an insanely scary and seemingly split-personality in the ring, versus having a character similar to Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt while doing promos and/or segments.
    • Right now I'd say it would be Hiromu Takahashi as others have said. He's truly remarkable in my opinion. All time is undeniably Rey Mysterio, has Sheridan said herself, his accomplishments in wrestling speak for themselves being a multiple time cruiserweight champion, tag team, and world champion respectively. He's the most recognizable cruiserweight at that too, as I'm sure many would be familiar who Rey Mysterio is. Jushin "Thunder" Liger is another cruiserweight i think should be considered on top of the list, spanning a 30+ year career, he has plethora of great matches with the likes of Pillman, Benoit, and the aforementioned Rey Mysterio.  
    • Any character Dwayne Johnson has played would be a great professional wrestler hell Dwayne Johnson himself would be a great wrestler I think. Dude is jacked as fuck

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