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    • NXT, now known as the 3rd Brand of WWE and the brand that goes head to head against AEW in the weekly "Wednesday Night Wars". Before all that in 2019, from 2010-2018, NXT went from a Game Show to a Developmental Brand that helped get former Indy Stars accustomed to the WWE Style. However, that didn't stop NXT from putting on potential MOTYs and having great feud, and even a Women's Division, the Opposite of the Main Roster besides AJ Lee and Paige. Take a look at the 20 Greatest Moments in NXT History from 2012-Now, in a list ranked by @Austin Omega and @Gunner. We Hope You Guys Enjoy.
    • Booker’s Journal: Positives:      In terms of positives for my brand, we have a STACKED main event scene in terms of talent. AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe (who will be back in a month) etc. are all vastly talented and could easily be the top players for the RAW brand. You also got Edge, who will be useful in his part-time role, and hopefully he isn’t in decline when I do book him in matches and segments. Not only does my roster have some awesome current stars, I also have some dope young prospects that I will try and push and get over in this save. Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Mustafa Ali, Angel Garza, and Damien Priest are the names I see being pushed or being featured regularly. So, as far as the single men’s division goes, it looks very promising and RAW will deliver in those matches on PPV and on TV from the names I mentioned. Whilst I only have 5 teams in my tag division, they are all excellent besides Indus Sher. Whilst I think another team or two could help the division, we have single stars that fill that void pretty nicely.    Negatives:      My major negative I think my roster as compared to Arius’ and Sheridan’s roster is my Women’s division. Whilst I do have the likes of Asuka, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler, those are really the major names for the division. While I do have Rhea Ripley as a young prospect, I feel as though the Women’s division is something I need to work on, and a priority of making the division as sick as it can be. I think the three women I mentioned at the start will help me, get the other women’s popularities in terms of growth. Whilst my main event scene is stacked with talented people, the only real star power I have are Reigns, Styles, and Edge. I think Sheridan’s roster definitely has more drawable people than I do, and hopefully I can change that when we are 4 months, 5 months down the line. Monday Night RAW Championships:    
    • As Alex and Gunner have said before me, good job on fixing G.O.D. to be the centrepieces of the division. Instead of handing reigns to the Briscoes or to Tencozy it's important to fill in the hole that Gallows and Anderson left, and G.O.D. are a great team to do that with. It does feel like the Heavyweight Tag Team division in NJPW has lost a bit of shimmer over the course of the last few years and your rebooking prevents that, building up the new faces of the division instead of dragging the belts through triple threat matches and shoving them onto anyone who is around and breathing. I also liked how you fixed the Killer Elite Squad problem. Good stuff.
    • Edson Barboza should dominate that division fairly easily, win the tittle then return back up for a super champ versus champ fight?    Maybe Reyes goes up to heavyweight or maybe down in weight? I just can’t see him beating Jones his IQ is way to good to gain a defeat. Anderson should consider working in a new gym to compete in the top 5 bracket.    Paige was used for her looks lol I dint approve, interesting enough I’d want to see her cling the ranks. Cruz is expected to dominate despite being so low on the rankings. I can see him being a champion again.    The main event was just another “name” under Mcgregors collection. Prime Silvia would of been dope for this fight! Still credit to Silvia for taken the challenge. Retirement should be soon for him?     
    • Bitter Rivals "He wanted a fight, i gave him a fight. I gave him the fight of his life!!" Eddie and Mysterio were like brothers, they won the tag team championships together. The chemistry and bond was off the charts but Mysterio seemed to be a star shining brighter than Eddie. As Austin explained before me at Wrestlemania after the two friends had a hard fought battle, to tear the house down, Rey Mysterio stood tall on the grandest stage. An angry Eddie Guerrero shocked would swallow his pride and shake Rey’s hand, but it wasn’t long until all this tension boiled over. No longer one half of the tag team champions, Rey Mysterio would compete in a Street Fight on Smackdown against the instigator Chavo Guerrero, only to get attacked by the new tag team champions MNM along with Chavo Guerrero after a chair assisted victory for Mysterio. MNM at the time were the tag team champions after Eddie refused to tag in and left Rey at ringside. Eddie would come out and clean house, apparently to save Rey and put their past problems behind them. This was something he had failed to do in a similar situation a couple weeks beforehand, but would attribute it to car problems. He also would interfere in a match Rey had in the bag against JBL, this time apologising for just being selfish. However, Eddie would show what he had in mind all along by turning the tables and viciously assaulting Rey, ripping his mask and busting him open in the process. The Purpose The following week this would be his explanation "I've known Eddie Guerrero over 10 years. And i can tell you over those 10 years that I..I never knew that such a class act Eddie was. He has changed. I don't know what has happened he is just a different person. I don't know this Eddie Guerrero " - Tazz "Why Eddie Why?" signs covered the audience in distraught and confusion over the betrayal. One that might've felt like it was coming in retrospect but in the moment was shocking. They kept Eddie's "Lie Cheat and Steal" music even as a heel but slowed down the beat and made it darker and more intimidating. Without the usual showmanship he is known for Guerrero slowly made his way to the ring, collecting a chair from ringside as the commentary team share their dismay at the actions they witnessed a week prior. "Eddie Sucks!" chants filled the arena as he stood in silence waiting to explain his actions. Screaming into the microphone Eddie claimed Rey made him do it. He wanted a fight, and he got the fight of his life! Eddie claimed, while grasping the ripped mask of Rey in his hand.  "Do you think that makes me happy?! I didn't want to do it Rey! Why did you make me do it! It's your fault!" Calming he explains that blessing come in disguises, that now his eyes were open and realised what Rey was doing to him. Not just Rey but the fans in the audience and at home as well. The fans living vicariously though him made him do it by stealing his love, his passion, his energy, his Latino Heat. They forced him to take it back, and he did. And liked it.  "I like what i'm feeling Rey..."  At Judgement Day, warning no one would want to think about taking away his Latino Heat again. And so he advised Rey not to return as he promised. He told Rey he wouldn’t want to take away Dominick and Aalyah’s papa from them, with a sinister and sickening smile forming on his face.  He said he had Rey’s blood his hands, but if he returned; he’d have his life. Against Eddie’s orders, Rey would return at Judgement Day to face the man that had given him the beating of his life weeks earlier.   You could feel the tension between them a long staredown to start the match, Eddie Guerrero talking down Rey for even deciding to go through with this match followed by slaps before Mysterio took over with punches to shake his former friend, followed with kicks to the ribs of Guerrero.  Quickly Guerrero bails to the floor to try and recover but Mysterio is hot in pursuit going after him. Catching him off guard Guerrero sends Mysterio into the steel steps at ringside. Not letting him rest Guerrero then sends Mysterio shoulder first into the ring post, then a spinebuster onto the announce table, but it wasn’t hard enough to break it. So Guerrero slammed Mysterio onto the table again for good measure.  Still not breaking the referee makes Eddie bring Rey back in the ring to continue the match. Guerrero toys with Rey, kicking him in the face and pushing him over as Rey trys to compose himself. Now with the upper-hand Eddie remained in control with a belly to back suplex on Mysterio and then applies the abdominal stretch submission. Eddie smiles as the body of Rey hangs between his legs. Guerrero deserves more recognition for this heel run because he did everything brilliantly. The looks, the change in demeanour, it was all masterful. Rey gets a near fall on a springboard headbutt that the crowd bit on. They are mixed in who they are rooting for though. They slug it out, but like a genius, Eddie dropkicks the knee before moving to a Boston Crab. Eddie moves to an STF that is much better than the one Cena does. To show how sick he is, he slides Rey face first outside and brings the stairs into play. It’s a callback to Eddie taking him out with a brainbuster on the steps weeks prior.  Rey counters and hits a 619 around the ring post which might've been my favourite moment of the match, while commentary continues repeating how Rey never gives up. Inside, Rey actually hits a big boot and is explosive right now. When Rey started to finally put up substantial offence and threatened to win the match, Chavo distracted the referee, allowing Eddie get a steel chair from outside the ring. Although Rey blocked his first attempt at using it into a 619, Eddie would swing at Rey when he came off the top rope for a West Coast Pop. The referee entered the ring at this point, catching the entire sequence, thus disqualifying Eddie. Eddie attacked after the match, battering Rey in the back with the chair four times. However, he still sought that victory that had alluded him over the man that seemingly had his number. The Torture On the June 30 episode of SmackDown!, Guerrero threatened to reveal a secret about Mysterio and his son Dominick. Using this secret he toyed with Rey Myserio. Above is a great example of the deluted mind of Eddie where Rey Mysterio after begging him to leave his family alone the previous week on Smackdown had been informed about a WWE Tag Team Championship match he had been booked in alongside Eddie. Against the men who they had lost the championships previously. Sitting alone in his locker room the atmosphere is tense but Eddie is calm and coy to Rey entering. Mysteiro goes on to repeat some of the same points to Eddie, explaining how he had done some messed up things to his family, his heritage, ect in the past but that holding the secret over his families head...Rey asked Eddie to please not go there. Eddie who had been mimicking/mocking Rey during the conversation in his way denied Rey and doubled down on him being his partner that night.  "Tonight I have the opportunity of becoming one part of the WWE Tag Team Champion. And i need a partner. Which happens to by..you. I mean come on! You know you're awesome! You've only beaten me five times in a row! Who else could i have better..than you." "You don't understand! I don't want to be your partner!"  "Rey! You're hurting my feelings holmes!" Using that tag team match as a way to continue to play with Rey, he would attack him and allow MNM to take advantage of the numbers game until Rey fought back and almost won the match by himself. Frustrated Eddie rushed from his ring side seat and broke up the pin, watching from the turnbuckle to make sure MNM finished the job, saying "Thank You" caught by the camera after the bell rang. Eddie would continue to hold the threat of the secret over Rey’s head in order to get another match with him.  He wanted this match to finally defeat Rey Mysterio, so he told Rey that if he didn’t not only accept the the match, but win the match at Great American Bash, then he would reveal the secret. His wife Vickie would plead for him to stop, but wouldn’t let in. When she said the secret wasn’t worth their family, he yelled at her and demanded she and their two kids leave. He’d berate her the following week on commentary, along with Rey and all his family. Eddie Guerrero was a changed, cold-hearted man that was addicted to manipulating and defeating Rey Mysterio at all costs. Before their match, Eddie informed Josh Mathews in a backstage interview that Rey’s son Dominick would have to sit at ringside during his match with his father. That, or he would be revealing the secret that Rey was trying to keep private.   To begin Cole apologies for being biased in this match which is chuckle worthy given what would come from Cole in like 5 years. But he is really good at his job and to show a great example of this, during the match there we vocal Eddie chants coming from the crowd at moments which weren't ignored. "You can hear, you can't ignore them. The 'Let's Go Eddie' chants. There are people in this society and people who are going to want Eddie to win this match up because they want him to reveal the secret! Curiosity seekers" - Micheal Cole Isn't that better than the modern day "WOAH TIPSY TURVY!" explanation? Dominic is at ringside, the camera turning back to him frequently throughout the match which might've not been the best idea because the kid isn't an actor. But i'll give the kid credit that he tried.  Both men argue over Dominick at the beginning of the match. To begin the match Eddie forces a handshake for the sake of Dominic and Rey is getting madder and madder. Rey finally snaps and hammers away as the bell rings. He gets things going and hits the bulldog for two. We keep stopping so Eddie can smile at Dominic. With Dominick watching at ringside, Rey got off to an inspired start. Emotion was oozing out of his body leaving one to wonder if the stipulation forcing Dominick to watch was a mistake, perhaps this would will Rey to victory. The gameplans for each man were revealed throughout the match, and were polar opposite. Rey wanted to end it as quickly as possible to get his son out of harm’s way and to end the nightmare he was living. On the other side Eddie wanted to prolong the agony for Rey and his son with a slow, methodical beatdown.  This couldn’t have been displayed better at the end. After Eddie taunted Dominick throughout the match, even using him as a shield at one point and sarcastically kissing him on the cheek, he looked into his eyes with a sly smile one more time just before he landed the Frogsplash on this poor kid’s father. He taunted Dominick for a few seconds before a lackadaisical pin attempt that Rey would counter; 1, 2, 3! Rey rolled to the outside and celebrated with Dominick, but the elation wouldn’t last for long. After all, Eddie did lie, cheat and steal. I'm Your Papi  'I promised my wife I'd keep my mouth shut if you beat me at the Great American Bash, which you did. But guess what? I LIED!'   Despite losing at Great American Bash, Eddie revealed his secret; Rey wasn’t Dominick’s father, he was. He was Dominick’s biological father and he had intentions of getting him back. Due to a reasonable, but still kind of silly, explanation involving Eddie giving up Dominic at birth for Rey to have as his own, Guerrero was now demanding that Mysterio would give Dominic back to him…his REAL father. After weeks of the two going at each other’s throats over it with awesome and creepy promos from Guerrero’s entitled “Eddie’s Bedtime Stories”. During a segment where they duo argued for custody of Dominic. Rey proposed that him and Eddie would put Dominic’s custody on the line in a ladder match. Eddie accepted and Rey then cut arguably one of the best promos that he’s ever done. “You’ve beaten addition, Eddie…You’ve beaten the streets…You’ve beaten your past and became WWE Champion…but you haven’t beaten Rey Mysterio! And if take Dominic away from me, then the only thing Dominic is going to know about Eddie Guerrero is that he’s a chickenshit!” …DAMN. So at SummerSlam, Rey Mysterio would face Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match for the custody of Dominic. "I'm going to climb this ladder for every father who loves his son!" - Eddie Guerrero    A lot of people criticised the introduction of the 'Eddie as Dominick's father' storyline, complaining that it turned a storyline built on respect and wins and losses into a soap opera. It was actually Eddie himself who felt the storyline could use a soap opera element in an effort to further draw in the Hispanic demographic. As for Rey, he was just happy that his son could accompany him to work.   "The angle was Eddie's idea. I'm not sure where exactly it came from. There was a somewhat similar storyline back in ECW with Sandman and Raven, with Sandman's son turning on him, though I never really asked if it had inspired Eddie. My wife and I talked with Dominik about the storyline and what he would have to do—if he wanted to do it. He was on the fence about doing it, I think, until he spoke to Eddie himself. Eddie smartened him up about what it would involve. I think Eddie talked to him longer than I did. He wanted to make sure Dominic was cool with it."  - Interview 2009, Rey Mysteiro   Earlier in the night Eddie Guerrero was in the locker room when Vickie showed up to talk to him. Vickie said this is really about Eddie wanting to beat Rey Mysterio and Eddie lied by saying that this is about Dominick. Vickie said this is about hurting Rey to be the better man. Eddie said he needed somebody to carry on the Guerrero legacy. Vickie told Eddie she loved him and give him a kiss. She spoke about how Eddie had a heart of gold, but this person won’t let him beat Rey. Eddie was mad that she thinks that he can’t beat Rey, so he told her to support him by leaving the room. Vickie left and Eddie talked to himself about how he’s going to beat Rey Mysterio. This segment foreshadowing later events. There was a briefcase hanging above the ring that included the custody papers for Dominick. That’s what the wrestlers would battle for in this match. Tazz said that he was rooting for Mysterio to win. Eddie Guerrero entered first to boos. Eddie walked over to Dominick, who was in the first row standing beside an actress that they claimed was a social worker. Dominick was about 8 years old. Tazz called Eddie a sick man.  Rey Mysterio got a big ovation for his entrance. Mysterio walked over to his son Dominick at ringside with Cole noting that Dominick didn’t speak to Rey for a few weeks. Mysterio hugged his son and kissed him on the forehead. Cole noted that he adopted both of his sons while saying that just because you are not the biological father doesn’t mean you can’t be a father. Mysterio posed in the ring and Guerrero shook the hand of the social worker at ringside. The match was on! The final match to determine the fate of Dominics future. Eddie’s plan to use the ladder as a weapon to weaken Rey was working to perfection when Dominic came out of the stands, into the ring and began shaking the ladder while Eddie was climbing. Eddie would trap Dominic in the corner and nearly slap him, until Rey Mysterio came to the rescue. The fate of a little boy quite literally hung in the balance.   From this moment forward, Rey would fight with a purpose. From a 619 and the drop of dime on a ladder to a sunset flip to Eddie off the ladder, Rey was fighting for the love of his son His aggressive style would backfire, though, when Eddie kicked the ladder out from under him. Rey held onto the briefcase, swaying in the air, before eventually falling into the arms of Eddie into a vicious powerbomb. Eddie trapped Rey underneath the ladder, so he could watch as the custody of his adopted son rot away just like his friendship with Eddie over the past number of months. Eddie taunted Rey, but Rey would move the ladder as Eddie attempted to unhook the briefcase. Rey pulled him down to even things out once again. In the end, it would be Eddie’s own wife that cost him the match. Vickie realised that Eddie wasn’t doing this for Dominic, but rather his ego. She would push the ladder over on him, allowing Rey to win and reunite with his son. Nothing Left To Lose   How can you lose when you’ve already lost everything? That was the question Eddie Guerrero asked prior to his final encounter with Rey inside a steel cage on SmackDown. He had lost the trust Rey, Dominic, the fans and his family. He had lost the vibrant joy he once had for professional wrestling. Now a shell of his former self Eddie Guerrero awaited the entrance of Rey Mysterio without an expression on his face. "Look at the face of this guy..." - Tazz Contrary of their previous matches Eddie took the edge to begin with before Rey quickly battled his way into it. While he couldn’t hit the 619, the ever-inventive Rey Mysterio would find ways to keep Eddie down. Rey’s eagerness to end the match would damage his chances however. It’d give Eddie a chance to catch his breath before ripping him off the cage and darting him around like a pinball in a pinball machine. The spot of the match occurred when Rey and Eddie battled on the top of the steel cage, then the top rope, ending with Rey drop-kicking Latino Heat to the canvas. When on top of the cage, both superstars nearly fell 20 feet to victory. Rey would climb the cage to take advantage of a huricanrana from the second rope, but an injured knee would slow him down. He’d fight off Eddie momentarily, before turning around and leaping off for a crossbody. Unfortunately for him, nobody was home. Eddie teased walking through the door, getting two steps down before opting to hit one final Frogsplash; 1, 2, 3! Alas, Eddie Guerrero had beaten Rey Mysterio! The monkey was off his back. Sadly enough, this would also be the last time he would even wrestle Rey. What a ride. I found this rivalry to be one of the most intense and interesting feuds that I’ve ever seen before. Witnessing two cruiserweight icons in their own rights rising up to take centre stage in a top-level feud akin to heavyweight legends before them was an awesome thing to behold.  Eddie and Rey now looked like “great main-eventers” even with Eddie already being a former World Champion in his own right.  It’s still sad to think of the crazy ass potential Eddie would have had in the permanent main-event scene (cutting sick promos, doing funny and insane storylines). But it’s good to go back to this feud with him and Rey to see them at their best and witness how a rivalry should be done. Legacy   A little under two months after partaking in the feud-capping steel cage bout with Rey Mysterio on SmackDown, Eddie Guerrero would be found unresponsive in his Minneapolis, Minnesota hotel room by Chavo Guerrero. Chavo would attempt CPR, but to no avail. Eddie would be pronounced dead when paramedics arrived the scene, at just 38 years old. According to stories Eddie was scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Championship that night at the SmackDown tapings against Batista and Randy Orton. This would’ve been his first reign with the title, and just his second world title in the WWE but people have disputed it.   He would be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006 by Mysterio, Chavo and Chris Benoit the night before WrestleMania 22. The next night, Rey Mysterio won his first World Heavyweight Championship and dedicated it to the memory of his best friend. Eddie Guerrero was a great wrestler, a great entertainer and a great man with lots of life still ahead of him. Years after his death, Eddie’s indelible mark on the professional wrestling business is unquestionably as big as ever. He is forever remembered as one of the greatest, as well as one of the most charismatic and lovable superstars in WWE history. Viva la raza 

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