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WWE Universe Mode: #37 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! It's time to finalize Wrestlemania. Tonight, we will have two big matches to determine our championships matches for the big event. Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin to determine our number one contender's for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Plus, Buddy Murphy, Sheamus and Austin Theory will fight it out in a Triple Threat match to determine Robert Roode's Intercontinental Championship opponent.
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All Elite Wrestling: "Back Together Again" #19

After spending the last couple of months fighting alone, tonight Hangman Adam Page will finally reunite with his tag team partner Kenny Omega as they take on Proud 'N' Powerful. Will the former champions be able to coincide to defeat Santana and Ortiz?
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NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its NXT TakeOver: WarGames! Discuss it here!
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NJPW World Tag League 2020

The winners of World Tag League will set themselves up to challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Titles at Wrestle Kingdom 15!
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    • Pat Patterson Dead at 79 Source: WWE.com
    • Punk winning the WWE title was probably my first instance as a fan of remembering exactly where I was and what I was doing, and I think that's the true mark of a great "shocking" moment. For months, he felt like another main eventer in the WWE fold and as a young viewer at the time I certaintly didn't think much of him post-Straight Edge Society. So him being thrust into this huge contractual storyline with Cena and then (the important part) actually winning and leaving felt like the first big "shakeup" that I got to witness in real-time. Everything surrounding it was just perfect and so out there by WWE/Vince standards, even the Montreal tease worked well. 
    • Welcome to Days Of Our Seahawks. This week we are in Philadelphia who doesn’t know if they should move on from Wentz for Hurts and god Seattle was playing down to their competition but the eagles defense showed up but the eagles offense didn’t do shit in the first half of the game it took them until the second half to actually do something on offense and the only time they could have done something good was when they put Hurts in but then they put Wentz back in which would fuck them over and it’s sad Seattle should have fucking murdered this team but instead they decided to play down to their competition and it almost fucked us over but we got the win oh and did I mention that Carson Wentz threw a pick right to the Seahawks defender on an important 4th down which they should have went for 3 and not for 6 because Wentz is not trustable in these situations and it showed big time if the eagles could fucking start Hurts for the remainder of the season they could possibly make the playoffs but they won’t bench Wentz and it’s going to lead to no playoffs this year. See you next week on Days Of Our Seahawks.
    • 1. Aaron 2. Mecko 3. Gunner 4. Austin Omega 5. Brad
    • The retained champion continues to wait for an challenger and continues to wait, seemingly for the longest 30 seconds of his life. The audience wait in anticipation to see who, if anyone will step up to the challenge of this almost too dominant king. He begins to grow impatient, ready to give up and accept pure control over the division when all of a sudden he is interrupted by an nearly too familiar theme song.    As this song begins to play, the camera zooms into Tamer’s face, a sense of near PTSD jumps to his face and his appearance goes extremely pale. He stands to his feet and stares down the entrance ramp, as if he knows exactly who is about to step from outside of the curtain, and is awaiting the arrival of him. He drops the belt beside his left ankle and throws his fists up, ready for the altercation he knows is about to arise.  However, just when it seems he has gained his confidence back, he is immediately taken down by a sledgehammer to the back by a figure wearing a ski mask. The music is cut off and Tamer slowly drops to the mat, before receiving one final hit to the back with the sledgehammer.  The crowd begin to boo, the unknown figure takes off his mask to be Bashka! Tamer’s former tag team champion partner who recently returned to the company makes his first appearance back by stabbing his former best friend in the back in front of millions of people. He laughs maniacally, and stares into the sledgehammer with a grin, as if pleased with himself and the actions in which he has just performed.   He reaches down and picks up the microphone, barely still in the hand of Tamer, and while he waits for the noise of the crowd to simmer down, he throws the weapon over his shoulder and continues to grin.  I really did not want things to end up like this, I figured that when the day eventually came that you and I would end up squaring off, championship at stake and the fate of who truly was the better partner of The Crusade on the line, I would declare my pursuit for your belt directly to your face but unfortunately with the recent circumstances and your absolutely arrogant behaviour that you have decided to undertake in, that I can no longer show you any sort of respect or act with any integrity toward you. I vouched for you from the get-go, I knew your talents, I knew that you could play a pivotal role in this entire company and yet when everybody laughed in my face and stated that you do not possess the correct attitude to be successful in this company, I continued to over and over stick up for you and say that he does have what it takes to be the best, as is evident now. Bashka kneels down and lifts up the Intercontinental Championship belt from off of the mat. The belt in which he had just over a year ago and never saw again once he lost it is now in his grasp, but not in his possession. He appears frustrated but soon gets back to his feet, wrapping the belt around his waist and returning to his speech. To the newer guys around here, a run that you’ve had this year may seem extraordinary and out of this world, but to me who has been there with you since day one and seen you at your highest and lowest points, I can’t really say that I’m too shocked. This company was awaiting the day that you finally returned and shifted the nature of the entire locker room with you. A guy with experience such as yourself does not go completely under-utilised in a climate such as today. Unfortunately, it’s a well-known fact that you were simply never as good as your partner was. With your range of experience, a new guy such as myself used to turn to you for advice and ways to improve my craft, and yet everything you taught me to do I did it with just that much more significance and charm. I took what you had learned all over the world, and I took it to the main event scene while you were complaining about being under appreciated in the midcard scene.  Despite you teaching me everything I knew, I simply did it that much better that there really was no need for you in the company any longer. Your entire shtick was gone, and my success drove you out of the company, you couldn’t bear the sight of your protege being engraved in the Mount Rushmore of this industry while your name was getting more and more faded by the day.  Bashka takes the sledgehammer from off his shoulder and stares into it again, this stare bringing back memories of when he was attacked in similar fashion by Tamer, four years ago. Even when you finally had the balls to take me down with a sledgehammer when I was least expecting it, the moment I started preparing for a match against you, you disappeared off the face of the earth as you do best, until finally enough time passes by for us to be on good terms once again. At that very moment that you were holding the sledgehammer and I was on the mat in antagonising pain, it finally dawned upon you the amount of sheer punishment that you were going to have to endure if you continued to show your face around this company. And you were no longer to be seen, until what point? When I “retired” at BPZMania V, as soon as it became clear that I had no direct intentions to lace up another pair of boots, Tamer came back with no explanation and now that I’m back, there’s nowhere for him to hide.  For somebody that builds this huge barrier of not being afraid of anybody, being fearless when any challenge comes his way, you’ve done a real awesome job at hiding the fact that you’re shitting yourself at the thought of me challenging for your belt. Watching everybody hail you as the greatest thing since sliced bread ever since you returned here makes me absolutely sick, because the best in the company should not be intimidated by a quote on quote “washed up P.O.S” in the way that you are. Touring the whole world with my best friend as part of The Crusade; dominating the tag team division, and being the two best that there was is up there with the best times of my life, but the Tamer that I knew wouldn’t back down from any challenge.  Due to the fact that this was never done, I am officially abolishing The Crusade, The Pride, The Enigma Dragons or whatever name we went by, and I am officially declaring myself as The Lone Crusader. Everybody knew that the goal of The Crusade was the pursuit of change, we aimed for change in the social hierarchy of the industry and we successfully achieved that. Sadly for you, the change that the Lone Crusader will be pursuing this time, will be against my best friend and the Intercontinental Championship division. Don’t take it personal, bud.  He unwraps the championship from around his waist, and throws it onto the champion, who is still clearly unconscious. He then proceeds to spit onto his former friend, the ultimate sign of disrespect, as he is seen holding the sledgehammer above his head as the crowd flood him with boos, but he doesn’t care. He’s proud of this moment. Bashka is getting retribution. The segment fades to black.

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