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WWE Universe Mode: #37 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! It's time to finalize Wrestlemania. Tonight, we will have two big matches to determine our championships matches for the big event. Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin to determine our number one contender's for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Plus, Buddy Murphy, Sheamus and Austin Theory will fight it out in a Triple Threat match to determine Robert Roode's Intercontinental Championship opponent.
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All Elite Wrestling: "Back Together Again" #19

After spending the last couple of months fighting alone, tonight Hangman Adam Page will finally reunite with his tag team partner Kenny Omega as they take on Proud 'N' Powerful. Will the former champions be able to coincide to defeat Santana and Ortiz?
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    • BPZ Wrestling | BPZ Valor: No Mercy (October, Week 2)   The intro and pyro would go off as the fans in Chicago, Illinois go insane as BPZ Valor would present No Mercy live on the BPZ Network. CPE, Sheepy, and Wallace welcome us to the show as they run down the card for tonight’s show, and what the fans and viewers can expect from such a stacked lineup. vs. vs. Echo Wilson vs Alyx Wilde vs CJ Sellers Kicking things off we got this explosive triple threat match between Echo Wilson, Alyx Wilde, and CJ Sellers. These guys have been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks so let’s see who will prevail in our opening contest. Right away, the action starts off fast as immediately CJ Sellers hits a superkick to Alyx Wilde, and Echo Wilson follows pursuit hitting Sellers with a devastating running knee strike. From there, the match’s flow would run smoothly as the match would go from Echo to Alyx, Alyx to CJ, CJ to Echo, and the combination of the three at the same time. All their styles would mix together to come up with a fun opening to start this PPV. At the end of the match, CJ Sellers would lock in the modified Dragon Sleeper to Alyx only for Echo Wilson to hit Stardust Stomp (Diving Double Foot Moonstomp) on both men. Echo would pin Alyx to get well deserved victory in 13:56 Winner via Pinfall: Echo Wilson vs. Killer Triangle (Amai & Ryan Reeves) vs Ark Universe & Siege Next match of the night would see the Killer Triangle of Amai & Ryan Reeves go up against the team of Ark Universe & Siege. Ark & Siege have had their problems with Killer Triangle for a few weeks as the group were hazing the young Siege backstage, only for Ark Universe to stand up for the rookie. Ark would go up against Slim the following week in a losing effort but GM Hans Clayton granted these two a match against the Killer Triangle. This match would be more in favour towards Killer Triangle and despite that Ark & Siege had some offence in this match but it wasn’t really enough to secure them the victory. The experience & the talent of Amai & Ryan Reeves was too much for Ark & Siege as Amai and Reeves would hit the “Magic Killer” as they pinned Siege in 7:40 for the decisive victory. Winners via Pinfall: Killer Triangle (Amai & Ryan Reeves)   Backstage we would see Echo Wilson being interviewed by Valor’s own Danielle. She asks Echo how it felt to get the victory tonight. Echo would respond saying that it was a well fought victory, and was very glad the result went his way. We would see someone else enter the shot as it's none other than Hans Clayton, as he congratulates Echo on his victory. He tells Echo due to his momentum, and the past accolades he’s had over the years, he felt it would be right to have him be the next challenger for Undisputed Champion. Echo looks delighted as he shakes Clayton’s hand in glee. vs. Raven vs Jason Ryan w/ Jack Bishop BPZ European Championship No Disqualifications Match It’s looking to be one hell of a car crash as “Last Outlaw” Jason Ryan goes up against “Messenger of Death” in a No Disqualifications to crown the first BPZ European Champion since the introduction of the three brand split. This rivalry has been a personal one, with Ryan attacking Raven at his ranch a couple of weeks back, leaving him high and dry in the middle of nowhere. Raven looks to seek pain and vengeance, as well as the Euro gold that’s up for grabs. Ryan is accompanied to the ring by his partner in Outlaw Inc. Jack Bishop as he gears up for a fight against Raven. The match would be strength on strength action, as both men use their hoss like offence to destroy one another. During the match, Raven would attempt the Nightmare Pendulum, only for Jason Ryan to counter it with a vicious old school DDT. From there, the match would consist of brutal weapon spots as Jason Ryan would use things like a kendo stick, and chains to inflict pain to Raven. While Raven would use a steel chair and even steel steps as these two would throw everything at each other. Tables would be set up around and in the ring as we come to the closing moments of this contest. Jack Bishop would get himself involved as he climbed up the ring, only to be hit by a big boot from Raven, sending him crashing to the table below. Jason Ryan would try to capitalize but Raven would see it, and hit one thunderous shoulder tackle. He would put Ryan’s lifeless body onto the table in the ring as he hit a massive “Bird Bomb” for the victory in 16:04. Raven would celebrate the European Championship proudly as we see laid out Jack Bishop outside the ring, and a bloodied Jason Ryan. Winner via Pinfall: Raven vs. Natedog vs Yelich Following that brutal match, Natedog squares up against “Global Champion” Yelich who have had this personal feud start since the very first episode of Valor. Whether it was Yelich attacking Nate, Nate kidnapping Danny Devito, these two now settle their differences tonight. Compared to the last match, this was a more calmer, and more technical affair as Nate and Yelich went to work as the match started off slow. From there, the unique styles of both men shines through as Nate’s high flying, yet power based offence faced off against Yelich’s quick and flashy style. The ending sequence of this match would see Yelich try and go for Slice Bread #2 but Nate would block that attempt and push Yelich towards the referee. The referee would get startled but not taken out, as his vision goes blind. Yelich would see the opportunity as he pokes the eyes of Natedog and hits the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver for the win in 10:26. Yelich would over celebrate with Danny Devito on the outside, holding up the “Global Championship”. Natedog looks furious. Winner via Pinfall: Yelich vs. KENJI vs Nebakos In our semi main event of the evening, it’s the anticipated match between KENJI and Nebakos. Essentially a past vs present matchup, as KENJI looks to earn the respect of Nebakos, while Neb looks to prove he can still be a threat even in the current landscape of BPZ. The match would start up with a lockup as KENJI and Nebakos, have a test strength which turns into headlock and takedowns from both sides. From there, Nebakos would hit a variety of moves to weaken KENJI as he hits clothesline, elbow drops, and shoulder tackles. KENJI’s blistering King’s Road/Puroresu style would take a toll on Nebakos in this bout however, pulling off suplexes, vicious strikes to the head and abdomen of Nebakos. During the match, Nebakos would go for a five knuckle shuffle, and KENJI would grab on Nebakos’ right leg applying a leg lock of sorts but Nebakos would escape. These two performers go quite a bit of time as it's a very competitive back and forth match between one of BPZ's top legend, and BPZ’s rising star. Nebakos would hit Attitude Adjustment during the match but to the surprise of everyone, KENJI would kick out. Closing moments of the match would see Nebakos go for another Attitude Adjustment and hits it successfully but would roll and transition as he sits up for a third AA. However, as Nebakos would motion to go for the 3rd AA, KENJI would turn into Triangle Lancer submission which turns the crowd in a gasp of excitement. Nebakos would be clinched for 30 or so seconds, trying desperately to get out of this predicament but ultimately taps out to “Golden Supernova” in 17:56 After the match, KENJI would celebrate in the ring while Nebakos watched on. From there, Nebakos wouldn’t necessarily shake the hands of KENJI but KENJI would prove that he can hang with some of the very best this business has to offer. Winner via Submission: KENJI vs. Arius vs Slim w/ Amai & Ryan Reeves BPZ Undisputed Championship Match After a quick ad break, and a video package, it’s now time for our main event here at No Mercy. It’s for the BPZ Undisputed Championship as Arius goes up against Slim. Arguably the two best Valor has to offer squaring off in this high profile main event, who will prevail? Slim and Arius would make their grand entrance as we get set for this contest. Amai & Ryan Reeves are at ringside for this match. The atmosphere in this contest is incredible as the crowd haven’t died down from the previous match. Slim and Arius would just stare, letting the crowd chant and cheer as they stare into the abyss. It looked like they were gonna tease a lockup until Amai climbed up the ropes, which distracted Arius slightly which allowed Slim to run it full steam and attack. Both Slim and Arius are masters when it comes to psychology and dissecting their opponents' weaknesses. Slim would target the head of Arius, locking in headlocks, punches to the skull, and knee strikes to the side of his head. Arius would recover from that though, as he methodically strikes Slim, taking him apart bit by bit. The action would continue as these two took their time to tear each other apart. During the match would see glimpses of Amai & Reeves looking to get themselves involved and eventually the referee would get involved and eject them from the match. Before that, Amai handed something to Slim which would affect the entire outcome of the match. Match would continue on, as these two amp up the speed of this bout, as one after another they would hit big move after big move. Arius would bust out a Bridging Dragon Suplex only for Slim to hit an Essential Eliminator but miraculously, Arius would kick out. Slim would be in disbelief as we came closer to the ending of our main event. Slim would try and remove the top turnbuckle but the referee wouldn’t allow him to do that, but that was just a distraction. Arius would attempt the Testimony but Slim would seemingly punch him. As it turns out, it was brass knuckles that Slim had, the same one Amai tried to use when he went against Arius on Valor. Slim would hit the “Lights Out” (JML Driver) to Arius as the referee would count the one, two and three. In 25:04, Slim defeats Arius to become BPZ Undisputed Champion. The show would end with Killer Triangle on top of the stage as Slim officially seals the deal, being the face of Friday Night Valor. Winner via Pinfall: Slim Prediction Winners: Toxik, Slim, and Alex Appreciate the support on the diary everyone, i feel myself, Bob, and Sheridan have put out some banger ass PPVs. Can't wait for when we reach Survivor Series.
    • The beaten up mini van slowly crawls through the streets of Manchester as Owen and Joshua walk off screen. Inside, it is full of smoke as Isaiah Carter and Epic roll down the windows. Smoke spilling out as Isaiah sticks his head outside of the window, "Got It On Me" by Pop Smoke plays loudly before Carter turns it down and begins to speak, coughing in between his words. "Ah shit? Did we miss em??? Josh and....uh.....fuck....uh....Josh and Jack. Sounds like a gay couple, but aye, no hate. No hatred here, love who you want. We drove this piece of shit all the way here to meet these guys and god dammit, they aren't even here. Can you show me what they said?" The camera fades to black as the camera man turns the camera around, showing him what Jack Bishop and Joshua Scott have said about Ebic. When we return, Isaiah Carter is sitting on top of the car. Epic passed out in the passenger seat. "So I watched your little video. And god damn you're annoying Josh. I mean just your voice, it sounds like two elves having rough sex while one does coke. It made it very hard to listen to you speak, and I can't imagine what the people at home think. I know recently you've had a lot of backstage support, you know, the higher ups wanting to get behind you or something. But I won't speak on that, what I will speak on is your lack of smarts. How are you???? HOW DARE YOU insult my show? That hurts my feelings Josh, I could of sworn we were friends. I mean, hell I was even going to share a bowl with you but nonetheless. You sit here, doing some stupid shit, insulting me and my friend." "Waste of space? Come on man, its such a broken record. I don't even want to fight it anymore, I am tired of taking this whole thing so serious when every single one of you build a wrestler fucks says the same thing. All you do is watch what better stars say, write it down in your little notes and repeat it. Repeat it. Repeat it. Its a never ending story and once again Joshua, you picked up a little bit of steam and now ur ego is the size of a house despite still being the same old Joshua." "Your poor tag team partner, I mean come on Jack. You can't be serious, this man spent more time talking about his singles match against Prince then he did talking about you, and you think he has your best interest? I truly hope you don't get tagged in, because I like you, I see some potential in you. And If I have to end up ending your career, then its going to suck. But that is what happens when you team up with Joshua Scott....I suppose." "Josh we were not a team. We never competed for tag, we never even had a match. You were simply my bitch, that I used to win the King Of The Ring tournament. And all of these years later, you haven't gotten a lick of revenge. And yet, you still wont." "Embarrassing" Isaiah jumps off the top of the van and gets back in, it takes 3 tries, but it starts the Epic wakes up from his nap. Asking about the weed as the two drive off, their adventure continuing.
    • The dining room was  lit with only two candles. The camera zoom in on Debby eating steak, the victory of steak.There’s nothing better then eating a steak after a victory.    While Debby is enjoying her meal, the camera focus on Ogre who is also enjoying his victory dinner. Ogre’s plate is stake high with steak. Ogre notices the camera, he smiled with a mouth full of steak and said. “Big man got to eat right?”  Orge got to get something off his chest, he heard what Danny said, Orge is disappointed in Danny. He should of took his lost like a big boy but Orge thinks Danny is a kid. Danny should of listen to my fans, they were shouting “Ogres going to Destroy you” Ogres thinks Danny isn’t so smart. Ogre had seen what he said after losing to Ogre. Danny said he will bury me 6 feet under.  Ogre started to laugh very loud and hard. Ogre smiled and continued on.   Danny I dare you to bury Ogre. Ogre can dig himself out of anything so Danny. Ogre voice grew low and dangerous. You can bury me 6 feet, 8 feet, or even 10 feet. Ogre will dig out no matter the how deep! We can face off again Danny, Ogre will gladly accept. This time Ogre will not fall for no tricks. No more playing games with you Danny..no more. Ogre got bigger and better things to do then play with a kid but Ogre will teach him a hard lesson on how things is run around here.  Ogre smiled and continued eating his meal while humming the tune ”Ogre gonna kill you, Orge gonna kill you 
    • As Julius handed over the microphone back to Danielle,an unexpected arrival appeared at the top of the ramp as “Unleashed- Killswitch Engage” began to play as the Tiger appeared at the top of the ramp in a dark leather jacket and shades with microphone in hand. What did The Tiger want with Julius? There was no logical reason to suggest for him to be out there but it seems like the BPZ Universe is about to find out as he approaches the ramp headed towards the ring. “Before we begin, if you think that I’m out here to assault you like the joke of an individual called Austin Mirage you are mistaken. This entire situation of him attacking Jeremiah Flynn reminds me of Ace Arrow making his way to Bob Spark’s home, it’s going lead into a one sided slaughter. Some may think this is entertaining that someone like Austin MIrage has given himself a death wish at the door of your partner but I don’t find it entertaining at all. For too long, the jokes have been given opportunity to thrive in this environment and they’ve not been put down.  How much longer are we going to see Ace Arrow vs Jason Ryan?  It's like having an untrained dog fighting against a Hound and expecting different results. Now I bet you must be salivating wondering why I’m here for you, why I have chosen to come and confront The Death Machine. It is rather simple if you think about it, it’s people like you who constantly overlook what I’m capable of. People like Jonathan, Prince, Bailey who are so far up their own ego that they cannot comprehend a world where their little glass mansion shatters into a million pieces. People like Bob Sparks, Necce and Mr Slim who have this aura about them elevating them above the usual crop of talent believing that they are above the rest and thus aren’t willing to give those below an opportunity to prove their worth. Survivor Series was your opportunity to prove me wrong. To prove to me that you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been doing on Carnage- a show that you drafted me to. Again and again, I have proven my worth and been running through every little hurdle that has been placed in front of me.  There were those who believed that when Aidanator returned from his injury that he would take me down on his path of decay and irrelevancy. They were wrong. There were those who believed that when I declared my intention for the NXT Championship that I wouldn’t win it at Summerslam.  They were wrong. Those who believed that when I would go fight for the North American Championship that I would be a little cub fighting against the more experienced Lion to get chewed up and spat out to the bottom of the pile destined to go in circles with Ace Arrow,Jason Ryan and the Penguin. They were wrong.” The Tiger removed his shades to make direct eye contact with The Death Machine to make sure that he was paying attention, the muscular man didn’t want the message going on deaf ears after all. “You talk about every member of your team for hypocrisy of a Pay Per View having this killer instinct and the ability to unleash their inner beast. It’s laughable that you needed to bring it out in a match which makes zero logical sense in the landscape of BPZ where every bastard puts a knife into the back more often than a team is formed. I’m aware that every individual has their own set of accolades and know that they deserved to be on that lineup- Sheridan Múller:the current United States Champion and Atlas Champion, Bob Sparks: Former NXT and 2x Premium Champion, KENJI: Longest reigning North American Champion and winner of the Clapspiracy with Invictus and Ropati: A former World Champion and Tag Team Champion. The thing that pisses me off the most was that...I wasn’t even in the conversation. Of course there are definitely more qualified roster members who got chosen but the fact I wasn’t in the conversation just shows how little you’ve been paying attention. Ask James Knight how easy it was for me to unleash my Inner Beast and use my Killer Instinct, it is because of me we haven’t seen him ever since. The Chain of Command will be broken. It just will be when the jaws of the Beast devour whatever scraps are left of the Death Machine.” With that last line delivered,The Tiger dropped the mic and couldn’t help but laugh as he continued to stare at his latest target. This was going to be a lot of fun.

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