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All Elite Wrestling: "End of Year Awards" #31

In the new episode 2020 comes to an end and with that, we will crown the Wrestler of the Year among many other awards. Can AEW pick up any major awards as we continue to prepare for our New Years Smash PPV?
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"Upstaging Rivals" WWE Universe Mode: #41

The road to Wrestlemania continues in Episode 41 of WWE Universe Mode as we will see Bray Wyatt face Daniel Bryans opponent from last week Jeff Hardy in single's action. Can The Fiend defeat the same man that his Wrestlemania opponent beat?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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    • Thatcher and Ciampa is a very interesting duo and could really shake up the bracket. I could see them getting to the finals and maybe even eliminating Undisputed Era early. I like the story of rivals turned allies for the two of them given their viciousness and how intense their match in the fight pitt was. They may even make the finals but hopefully they barely lose out to MSK in the finals. 
    • Five minute finisher fest in which Drew wins and nobody learns anything because it's Goldberg in 2021. Rawest entrance in the game though still. 
    • Lightweight Bout | Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor Lightweight Bout | Dan Hooker vs. Michael Chandler Women's Flyweight Bout | Jessica Eye vs. Joanne Calderwood Lightweight Bout | Matt Frevola vs. Ottoman Azaitar Women's Strawweight Bout | Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Ribas I'll be honest I'm a UFC Casual so I've copied your predictions for the first 3 fights. I don't know too much about Chandler but as Hooker is a Kiwi I've watched a few of his fights and while I'll always root for the Kiwi I really do think Hooker can win this and then we'll be one step closer to the dream and annoyance of Adesanya vs Hooker for the Lightweight Championship. As for Mcgregor vs Poirier I mean surely Mcgregor gotta win here, In his win vs Cowboy (granted there was a skill gap) I felt that was the best Mcgregor might've ever fought if not atleast in recent memory, while I don't think if Mcgregor did face Khabib in a rematch he'd beat him like I saw some people say on twitter after the Cowboy fight I do think he looks his best since I've watched more UFC events and I think he'll beat Poirier and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a title shot soon because Mcgregor = Money. 
    • The title is self-explanatory, I'll be predicting each 'big' UFC PPV of 2021. I'll define what a big PPV is through the show having either a scheduled championship defence on the card, or being unavailable through television or subscription services. In recent years we've seen twelve to fifteen big shows per year from the promotion and I am expecting that rate to continue. These shows can be indicated by their similar naming, with the first show being UFC 257 and the second show UFC 258, on and on. The goal is to get 60% of my predictions correct throughout 2021. I'd consider myself more knowledgeable on MMA than the average person, having trained in multiple martial arts and followed UFC for some time now. So I am hoping to make these predictions and offer my explanations behind them. 𝐔𝐅𝐂 𝟐𝟓𝟕: 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐫 𝐯𝐬. 𝐌𝐜𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐨𝐫 𝐈𝐈 Lightweight Bout | Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor Lightweight Bout | Dan Hooker vs. Michael Chandler Women's Flyweight Bout | Jessica Eye vs. Joanne Calderwood Lightweight Bout | Matt Frevola vs. Ottoman Azaitar Women's Strawweight Bout | Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Ribas UFC's first 'big' show of 2021 brings us one of the most exciting Lightweight bouts of the last decade. Dustin Poirier, former interim champion of the division and currently second in the Lightweight rankings, takes on the charismatic and notorious Conor McGregor. It's plausible to suggest that this show might well become the UFC's highest grossing of 2021, due to McGregor's appearance. The co-main event features debutant Michael Chandler who is perhaps one of Bellator's biggest success stories since its opening, taking on the New Zealand fighter Dan Hooker. With current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov absent from the Lightweight division at the time, it's fair to say any one of these four fighters could be a win away from fighting for championship gold. The rest of the card isn't as impressive in terms of name value, but just as strong when it comes to skill. Jessica Eye and Joanne Calderwood will fight, with a potential shot against Valentina Shevchenko at stake. We'll also witness the undefeated Ottoman Azaitar face his biggest challenge yet in the form of Matt Frevola. To complete the main card, the popular Amanda Ribas will fight the dangerous Marina Rodriguez with a place in the top five of the division on the line. ________________________________________________________ Beginning with the opening match, it'd be hard to bet against Amanda Ribas. Since joining the UFC she has looked great, something highlighted by her dominant win over Paige VanZant in 2020. She trains at one of the most successful camps in the globe, alongside the women's Greatest of All Time in the form of Amanda Nunes. I feel like the UFC recognise her talent a lot, and being featured on a card which will have a lot of eyes upon it will be a great showcase for her to get her infectious personality out in the open again. Marina Rodriguez is a tough opponent for her. But I think that Amanda Ribas is more skilled and has brushed aside tougher opposition. This is highlighted by their fights against Randa Markos, with Marina Rodriguez gaining a draw from the bout while Amanda Ribas beat her convincingly. I think that Amanda Ribas is more accomplished when it comes to her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and I think that translates into a win for her in this fight. Matt Frevola and Ottoman Azaitar, for me, is the most difficult fight for me to predict. I don't think enough is known about their talents for me to figure out their weaknesses and strengths and make a valid prediction. What I do know is that since debuting in the UFC, the latter of those names has looked really good in the two fights he has had, remaining undefeated in the process. Matt Frevola has beat some accomplished names, but has drawn against Lando Vannata and was knocked out by Polo Reyes, who I do know isn't that great. Ottoman Azaitar has world championship experience in Kickboxing and also knows Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I think just looking at their skillsets and who they have fought, it'd be tough for me to predict against someone who is undefeated. So for this one I'm picking Ottoman Azaitar to win, and I also think he might become ranked in the division before the end of 2021 and fight some more accomplished, reputable names. The third of five fights sees Scottishwoman Joanne Calderwood face-off against Jessica Eye. Both these women reside just outside of the top five when it comes to their division and Jessica Eye has had a prior encounter with Valentina Shevchenko, the champion. Eye has good boxing and attack while Calderwood is competitive in grapping and defence, but also knows a handy amount of Muay Thai. Through their careers both these women have floated between two divisions, Jessica Eye especially has struggled with making weight for the division. I believe that this could happen again and there's a small possibility that, this fight may get called off. Should it not, I'm going with Joanne Calderwood for the win. I think she's had the more impressive wins in recent showings, beating the likes of Ariane Lipski and Andrea Lee. This may be my liking to her influencing my decision a little bit but I see her being able to stave off Jessica Eye's attacks and pick up a close win here. Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler's fight is intriguing, because I like many others, aren't sure how Michael Chandler will hope with the transition from Bellator to facing the best of the best in the UFC. We've seen examples of this before, Ben Askren coming in from ONE Championship and getting manhandled by Jorge Masvidal and Damian Maia. Both these men are accomplished in their respective styles. Michael Chandler was an NCAA division I wrestler while Dan Hooker is a well-regarded kick boxer. I think that Hooker's variety in his style as well as his height and reach advantage will see him through to a win in this fight. This isn't a knock against Michael Chandler, I wouldn't be shocked if he came in and submitted or rag dolled Dan Hooker around for his debut match. But it's so difficult to judge how Michael Chandler will adjust to the calibre of skill in the UFC. I think this combined with facing a really tough and tall opponent in Dan Hooker, who has wins over the likes of Gilbert Burns and Paul Felder, makes it hard for me to see this fight going in his favour when Dan Hooker has so many advantages laying in his side of the court. The main event is a contest that, on paper, is razor thin. I think Dustin Poirier's skillset is well-rounded, where as McGregor is known for his boxing capabilities and his knockout power. Both men are coming off a win, though I am not as impressed as the general population for McGregor being able to defeat Donald Cerrone inside a minute. Regardless of that, I am going with Conor McGregor for this one. I think a lot of people are crediting the different in Dustin Poirier's skills between their first fight and now, as a differential, but it's not as if McGregor was at his peak when he and Dustin Poirier fought the first time around. When Conor McGregor puts his mind to it, he can beat anyone not named Khabib Nurmagomedov. Rematches in the UFC including a change in weight class, or how many years it's been since the first first, tend to go the same way, more often than not. Conor McGregor knocked out Dustin Poirier in their first fight, and I see him winning again at UFC 257. I think the contest will be much closer and disagree with McGregor saying it'll end in sixty seconds, but I don't see Dustin Poirier doing much to stop McGregor's agility and skillset.
    • Firstly, not a big fan of Sting Wrestling against Brian Cage given his style could be very dangerous for him especially given the offence Cage's arsenal contains. Secondly, why is this not just Darby VS Starks? Like they have a built in rivalry and it makes sense to lead that into a rivalry over the TNT title but for some reason the TNT Champion is in a random tag match for his first pay-per-view as champion. I guess the Sting factor makes it better but I just am gonna be worried for Sting getting in the ring, hopefully he doesn't do anything too dangerous and just works a safer style not pushing himself too hard against the younger guys maybe letting Darby do most of the work in this match. 

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