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    • BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week Welcome once again Ladies and Gentlemen to the no doubt Slammy award winning show of the year, that's right welcome to the BPZ Top 5 Segments of the week and as always I am your host the always remarkable, the conqueror of Smarks Daily the one and only Mike Hunt. Well with that amazing introduction by myself lets head into the Top 5, a week dominated by one familiar group, a group that may be dying lets have a look 5. But before we get into all of that stuff lets talk about the return of one of BPZ's legends who has been out since Summerslam and has now made his triumphant return. Guess who's back, back again, Johnny's back tell a friend. And yes you are all the friends that I will tell about Johnny's return. Johnny has always found ways to reinvent himself, to keep him from staying stale and well this time is yet another one of those. He came out with more confidence and the words he spoke were more captivating. He has a big match at December to Dismember with a chance to qualify for the Carnage Scramble against the always dangerous Diego Garcia, and if Johnny can keep this up he may go straight to the top once again. Welcome back Johnny  4. Well I did say that this week was going to be dominated by The Kingdom and all of their soap opera bullshit but nonetheless coming in at number 4 is a very intriguing promo by none other than the World Champion himself Julius. The 'Executioner' made his way down to the ring to more intimidating music, which may signal a new pathway for the champ, one where he breaks away from the Kingdom as we will come to later. Anyway this promo was all about Julius trashing and exposing Echo Wilson for what he really is, the weak link of the Kingdom. Another solid promo from the World Champ that spoke some truth, maybe if Julius wasn't in the spotlight Echo would be there himself. With saying that I am sure that Echo will respond in due time, just hang in there Echo 3. Well if you want to talk about a great promo then look no further than the one cut by Echo Wilson on this weeks Carnage, which fuelled Julius' response. Echo knocked three birds with one stone talking about his tag-team match, his US match and his Universal Championship match in one well-delivered segment. We all know that Echo Wilson is championship material and this segment just proved it yet again. Echo Wilson is someone that shouldn't be looked past and the build to this Kingdom Triple Threat continues to get hotter with each passing week 2. From Echo back to Julius and Slim. Yes that's right don't forget that Slim is still lurking around on his quest to defeat Julius after his loss to him at Summerslam. Julius has ignored Slim and focused on his other matches which shows the lack of disrespect by the young champion. However Slim's masterful tactic to go to Carnage and make Julius notice him was excellently done. Slim spoke about how Julius only made it to the top because of Bart and Echo and revealed that Julius wasn't going to be the face of the company for much longer. If we go back maybe 3 minutes prior, Julius was the one who called for the Kingdom's death something he may regret when going into battle against Slim 1. But number one has to be the action packed segment involving Sameer, Angelo Caito and Brendenplayz. Yes that's right Sameer made it to number one on the Top 5 I am bloody impressed. Anyway Brad was left to fight on his own against Brenden and Sameer, something he did very well but the larger question was where the fuck was Echo. He left his partner by himself to be verbally abused by two of the best talkers this company has ever seen. Now Echo Wilson may have had larger things on his plate but this dysfunction left Angelo fuming and cost them their match against Brenden and Sameer. Angelo is one pissed off son of a bitch right now  Superstar of the Week The moment you have all been waiting for, the Superstar of the week and it goes to JULIUS. Yes the World Champion had another solid week causing headlines and proving why he is currently on top of the company. Will this continue into December to Dismember next weekend I'm not sure but surely he has to be the favourite in the matches he is competing in. So Echo won it last week and now Julius this week does that mean Bart will emerge from his hole and win it next week? Tune into find out, I have been Mike Hunt and this was The Top 5  
    • Company: Texas  Wrestlers: Cyrus, Hans, Daredevil & Kurt Justice Stable Name: Watchers Tag Team: Hans & Daredevil Finisher: Watch List
    • 1. Seth Rollins (The GOAT, a very strong showing heading into TLC especially in his promo and then the TLC match against Corbin) 2. Asuka (Stood tall to end SD Live and is a dark horse to win this Sunday, put on a very engaging match with Charlotte. This is the type of character we really want from Asuka) 3. Daniel Bryan (His Heel character continues to evolve and get better each week, he is the best heel on the Main Roster and only second to Ciampa in the whole company) 4. Buddy Murphy (Great match with Metalik on 205, very much recommended. Continues to elevate the cruiserweight championship) 5. Heath Slater (Played a big role on RAW and it looks like WWE is doing something with Slater, albeit in a officiating role)
    • MY FAVE 5
      10th December 2018  - 17th December 2018
      (I want to do it before TLC but others can wait until after)

      1 - Seth Rollins 

      2 - Daniel Bryan

      3 -  Ricochet/Tyler Breeze 4 -  Buddy Murphy 5 - Asuka
    • Company Name: BPZ
      Name: To Die As Kings
      Wrestlers: Arius, ??, ??

       “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice."
      "You will wear your independence like a crown"