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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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    • No Cody, moving on now.
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The BPZ Bad Blood Festival is in full swing, soon to enter its next day of action. This time with the competitors of the Survival Games Tournament. Backstage in the locker room, KENJI is in his gear, applying a healthy amount of athletic tape to his right knee before pulling up this kneepad. With the third week of Survival Games about to be underway, he's about to pass the halfway point. But even for someone who has endured this gruelling tournament before, it is evident that he is feeling the physical strain of it all. There is anticipation in his voice, a slight nervous tick in his fingers as he tries to hype himself up ready for the battle ahead, but partially held back by the nagging pain in his knee, and the path of staying calm. However, unlike his comments earlier in the week, now that it's the eleventh hour and curtain is about to lift, KENJI's eyes hold the same fire that they did when he first stepped into BPZ. KENJI: "How the final minutes can really bring some clarity to it all. It's a little startling really, how that extra shot of adrenaline and the buzz down your spine can focus you, hone your mind and body to the bare essentials of what you want and need in this very moment. How you feel here and now in this very moment, and how they're so incredibly different without the urgency you feel just before a match. In the weeks leading up to today, after seeing this match on the calendar, I was certain on how I felt about meeting Raven in our second singles match. To make right what I thought was wrong. The way I carried myself back then, trying to spread my weight across who thrones like I was some conqueror of divisions...." "I was given a shot. Back at PowerTrip 2019, that's what I was given. Not a title, or a guarantee, it was a chance. The NXT Championship Battle Royal at Judgement Day, it was a chance. Do you know what I did with those chances, Raven? A stumbled. Just like I had done long before coming to BPZ, never quite making it to the top. When you're in a slump, I know it can eat away at you. Just a few months ago I was in the same mindset. The chance I had at making the North American Championship the top title in BPZ, I blew that too. Do you know what ate away at me? Seeing you win title after title. Making the act of taking a championship into your grasp with such ease, you can't speak of being a failure when you became a 6-time champion in less than a year. You were a conqueror of divisions, the numbers stacking up at a frightening rate. That not who I've ever been. When anything resembling a 'hotshot' for me, pales in comparison to you coming back right into the main event of Last Resort, competing for the title that replaced mine at the top of Carnage. It took me eight months to finally win my first. What whispers doubts to me now is that even my lone title reign is now poisoned by my own failure to see it though to what I wanted it to be, and seeing that I betrayed myself to have a taste of the same success that came to you like second nature". "The success I found, that wasn't me. But right now, you're facing KENJI. The real, honest deal. I wanted to finally bring some respect to a man I find myself standing side-by-side with. I want to respect you, Raven. But, the barbs we were throwing ahead of Night of Legends, and where we are now, I need to make that respect happen in the ring. Between those ropes, it's like opening the curtains to see what's really out there. It goes beyond the stats, further than the surface level of success that you have. This isn't just to preserve a record, Raven. Having been in this tournament last year, it took me until Week 3 to actually get my first victory. That was against FDS. None of these matches are just numbers, statistics to be lost on a spreadsheet. Nothing about the chances I got are left to raw numbers. What I gained, and lost holds more value than any of that. I'm not consumed by the numbers like you, Raven. Maybe that's why people think I'm the favourite to win, even if I don't see that about myself". "Nonetheless, I will beat you again. I will survive you again. Not for points, and not for respect. If you want to show your strength. Your real strength, to cast aside the cloud over you as a follower, you'll only bring more from me. You denied me my first championship back at Judgement Day, and ever since I've never been able to let my position slide into stagnation, for better or worse, without my times as the Resonator, I wouldn't be standing here as the man I am today. If you really think that I, or anyone in this hellish tournament don't need a victory, then you're failing yourself before you step out there to control your own destiny". "I can critique my own history all I want, take the weight of doubt on my shoulders every passing day. But in that ring, I let myself control where the wind blows. If you do that, embrace the teetering of this tournament, how it can make, or break you, you never lose. I did that last year, and I'll do it again. In all the opportunities that have come my way, even in defeat I made them my own. FD-Gun ties are meaningless here, when I won't resign myself to a middling placement, defeat or victory that won't be the fate for me. I will win Survival Games, I won't let myself fall to anything less. This tournament is the real test that I have lived through before. I remember dubbing myself the Dream Ender, cutting people short. As much as I want to reject those days, I will do it again. My dream to win Survival Games doesn't end here, and I will fight for my life against a force like you to make it happen". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • shut the fuck up nardie
    • bro this shit is gold man lmaoo.
    • Not to steal FD's Thunder here but here are my own thoughts on the G1 Climax Matches from Nights 2, 3 and 4, a bit more on the condensed style from the format I am using for other shows now. I will just explain my thoughts but not exactly give it ratings this time. Also like FD I will skip on the Young Lion Matches since they will be the same thorought the whole tour but I will highlight what I enjoyed from Gabriel Kidd, Yota Tsuji and Yuya Uemura and there progress during it at the end. Night 2 (B Block) Juice Robinson vs YOSHI-HASHI - I admit that YOSHI-HASHI is probably one of my least favorite wrestlers in New Japan but since the return he has been showing a side of him I never thought he had. His match was Juice was alright and I am glad Juice won but Hashi had a pretty good showing. On the matter of Juice I am not a big fan of his new attire with the vest and the pants it looks pretty weird. But I guess in a way it's classic Juice. Solid match and a nice return for Juice Robinson. Toru Yano vs SANADA - Anytime the KOPW 2020 holder Toru Yano enters a match, you can expect to be entertained and this was no different. Yano and SANADA work so well together because they are pretty much polar opposites. Yano being this entertaining comedic act who tries to constantly cheat to win whereas SANADA is this calm stoic very technically sound grappler. It's what I like in both so when they clash it's very entertaining. Yano winning is a good thing like FD said because usually the path of a G1 winner has him lose his first couple of matches and in my eyes SANADA is one of my picks to win it this year (Not that I think he will but he is still among the favorites). Hirooki Goto vs KENTA - This match was alright, nothing much special and certainly worse than there Wrestle Kingdom encounter for NEVER. A good way to bring KENTA back into the Japanese shows and he picks up a win here which does well for him. Just wish the match could have been better. Zack Sabre Jr vs EVIL - I really enjoyed this match as it allowed us to see Zack Sabre Jr play the Babyface something we haven't seen much of if at all in New Japan. He continues his role of being EVIL's Kryptonite as it seems no matter what EVIL does Zack always has his number. Great win for Zack and a nice way to position EVIL again as a potential Block Finalist if not the Block Winner. Tetsuya Naito vs Hiroshi Tanahashi - My favorite match of the first round of G1 Matches. We saw glimpses of the old Tanahashi as he and Naito renewed there heated rivalry. It was great and I don't want to repeat myself or what FD already said. Naito winning was the right call, but yeah go out of your way to watch this. Night 3 (A Block) Jeff Cobb vs Shingo Takagi - A pretty solid opening to the 2nd night of A Block. Cobb really been impressing me in this G1 thus far and his first two points here. Shingo 0-2 but it's probably gonna lead to a resurgence in the next couple of days. Good Match. Kazuchika Okada vs Yujiro Takahashi - Didn't really like this match. Okada still using the Money Clip really pisses me off a lot. Okada gets his first two points here which could be the feeling Okada might not win the G1 at all though. Minoru Suzuki vs Taichi - This was such a good Suzuki-Gun vs Suzuki-Gun fight which I really enjoyed. Two guys just trying to break the rules to gain the advantage. Taichi winning was a very interesting choice in what can be Suzuki-Gun's future and I really enjoy that decision. Good match to watch for sure. Tomohiro Ishii vs Will Ospreay - Expected a bit more from this match considering Ishii and Ospreay's past encounters with Ishii. Again not a suprise for me Ospreay won considering how both are viewed within the company, just expected a better match. Kota Ibushi vs Jay White - It was a solid match, not as good as there G1 Finals last year but better than there Wrestle Kingdom Match. White winning does make his position as a G1 Finalist a bit more questionable and it completly throws me into a loop as all 3 favorites have 2 points with Dark Horse Ospreay at 4 now. Night 4 (B Block) Hirooki Goto vs SANADA - Good match in my books, can't go wrong with these two in the ring. Goto gets a win and SANADA goes 0-2 which could be a great sign that he might do the comeback to win G1 now. Toru Yano vs Hiroshi Tanahashi - These two are really good together and it was another typical Yano match. Interesting that's he's 2 for 2 meaning the chances of people getting Yano'd are now slimmer. We probably still gonna see two more as I can see Yano finishing on 8 points but not more than that. Juice Robinson vs KENTA - Solid match I think both did a good job and the win here by Juice is key story wise to set up a match for that briefcase (or depending on the Moxley situation for the title itself). Another good win for Juice. EVIL vs YOSHI-HASHI - Have to agree with FD here and say this is probably the best match of YOSHI-HASHI's career. I like that EVIL picked up his first two points though as no way should he be losing to YOSHI-HASHI right now, but still very good on the part of HASHI. Tetsuya Naito vs Zack Sabre Jr - This match didn't disappoint at all. Two of my favorites in New Japan going at it and it was really good, best match of the tournament so far for me. Like FD said heading into this I was sure Naito was going to win but Zack and Naito played it so well I though Zack could pull the victory here. Well done by NJPW. Overall I've really enjoyed it so far, I will be back later with my comments on Night 5 when the Preview comes up.  

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