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    • Evolve opens up to its usual fireworks and fanfare. The commentary team is hyping the show as usual and the fans are ready for a night of action that can only be found here on Evolve. Suddenly the lights dim and the Tron lights up. It has an old-time static effect before turning clear. It shows scenes of old riots and anarchy. A voiceover from Ark can be heard while the clips play.   For months now I have had to sit and watch as my name, my legacy, my career was slowly disregarded and forgotten. I had become too passive, I had lost that spark, I had lost my way. I had forgotten who I was. Now, I remembered. Seeing the rise of factions once again, just like that of last year, showed me what my purpose was, it showed me why I had gotten to where I was in the first place. To hear about the ushering a new era, to hear about the greats of the old, to not hear my name mentioned once, struck a nerve in me that woke up that sleeping beast, it lit that flame once more when I remembered why I was here in BPZ. I got here by following my code. To get the spotlight, I had to take it. I had to dazzle, to be at the show, but BE the show. A new era is coming, and I want my name at the forefront, so I'm going to put it there. History isn't made by the losers, nor the winners. Its made by the determined! The video ends and we return to Ark in the ring, mic in hand. He waits for the crowd to quiet down before beginning to speak.  It feels like I have woken up from a long dream. That I was in a faraway place and now suddenly I'm back. I don't know how or why, but losing that belt earlier this year through me off course so much that I wasted this year. I have two months to salvage it. And you can bet that I'm going to give it a run for all its money. First and foremost, my match at the Global Series Finale. I have to redeem my past self of its passiveness and show you all why I am THE Show. Expect an entrance to be remembered and a performance to give it at the very least 4 stars. That other star relies on Gill really. Hopefully, he comes with his fire and his fight, but I'm coming harder. Stronger. Faster. I'm going to fly even higher, soar even longer, and remind everyone backstage, at home watching, and in the crowd, why I am one of the best to run this ropes and touch this sky. We don't have long Gill, but a women's scorn isn't the worst fury in the world, it's an Ark that's been forgotten. I have to reestablish  Ark's Army. I have to rebuild the loyal fans of the 96, I have to show everyone backstage that finally, Ark has reawoken and that a new challenger approaches.  Ark pauses and smirks before sliding out of the ring. He reaches under it and pulls out a flagpole. attached to the top is a flag with a red A in a circle. He slides in the ring and plants it on a turnbuckle.  It is customary to raise your colors before the war. Well, I'm declaring war. Why? Because there is something more pressing then Gill. It's not letting snakes slither way. I have not forgotten. I was viciously attacked and hounded by one faction. The Frontier. The Flock, whatever they call themselves now. I was hit by a car, beat down not once but twice, I was disrespected and called out by name. Well, here's my response. You wanted to break me, you wanted to end my career, and that failed.  You tried to use a car, and that failed. You beat me down as a unit twice, and that failed. Well, here I stand. Ready. Willing, and Able. Everyone is talking about Flock versus Kingdom. That's the war splitting BPZ. Everyone is taking sides. Well, I'm drawing my own line. It's Flock versus Kingdom...Versus Ark. I don't care who, how or what happens. I am fighting for my own spot in history. I don't see friends. I only see enemies. Enemies are better to have then friends. At least enemies have the decency to stab you in the chest. Friends are just enemies that stab you in the back. I learned that the hard way.  Ark looks around then glances at the stage.  I have to claim my spot at the top. If that means going through the two warring factions, then so be it. Gone are the days of playing nice. I'll play by the rules, but now I fight to end. The saying for most factions goes you're either with me or against me. Well...no one is with me so that only leaves one conclusion.  Ark drops the mic and salutes his flag before sliding out the ring and walking towards the entrance. The camera zooms in on Ark's flag, still there, as if claiming the ring, no, as if claiming Evolve as his territory.     
    • Mike Hunt: Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to an exclusive BPZ Commentaries interview, I am you host Mike Hunt and today I am joined by two of EVOLVE's finest Jason Ryan and Joshua Scott. How are you guys feeling? Jason" I'm doing good Mike, nice to see you again as usual. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our HQ, keep up the good work" Josh: I’m doing alright, other than the fact my father is in the hospital as we speak Jason" fuck you that was funny" Mike: Yes let's address that to start. How is your father holding up right now. Do you have any updates? Josh: Well actually I just received a text from my family saying he’s good to come out although the doctors say it will be a while until he is fully fine again. He may have suggested brain damage Mike: Now Jason, I have come to know you very well over the last couple of weeks. But this, this was disgusting. Why did you feel the need to attack an elderly citizen? Jason: " So Josh knows I'm serious. So that he'll get it through his damn mind that this ain't no game. And if Josh thinks I'm done, he's dead wrong. I'm didn't do it to get into his head, I did it to send a message. I'm bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Little Josh here doesn't stand a chance in hell. But what I want to now is what kind of son lets someone do that to their own father and doesn't have the balls to do anything about it? Josh, you should go play in traffic until you get hit by a semi, cause you ain't got a set of balls anywhere on you son" Josh: Now the thing is Jason believe me when I say I will avenge what you did to my Father. I’m just going to wait until this Sunday to do it Mike: Will Gary Green be in your corner? Josh: Me and Gary are done now. He slapped my Father at the end of the day and although it may counter his Flock buddies I’m not letting him be in my corner. For the first week after the Flynn fight I had nearly 100 missed calls from him but yesterday I received a weird text - “I have found the man who can stop this. And when I set him free, I will set you free too. So I think he’s moved on from me like I’ve moved on from him. But if I can ask my own question, will Jason need help from his Flock buddies? Or does he grow some balls and fight by himself? Jason" you do know I could snap your neck right now and nobody would remotely care right? Listen here, you child toucher. What i'm going to do is none of your damn business. For all you know I've sent them to burn your house down. You don't get to worry about The Flock. If Gary shows up, I'm going to send your ex boyfriend to the hospital. I didn't need my boys to beat Echo and unlike you, he actually has some talent. Don't worry what I'm gonna do and worry how the fuck you're gonna live cock sucker" Jason lights a cigarette and breaths smoke in Josh's faceJ  Mike: If you would be so kind as to extinguish the cigarette. I am allergic Josh just ignores it, trying not to breathe it in. Josh: Wrong Jason. If someone did snap my neck I have people that would care. These fans would care, my family would care but if it happened to you Jason no one would care. Even your Flock buddies would be happy to see the end of you Jason: Apologies mister Hunt Jason puts it out and smirks Jason: " These fans can go step on legos and drink bleach for all I care. I hope they all get a fatal disease just so I can piss on their graves, kinda like what I did to your grandfather's, what a bitch he was. Must run in the family. And last I checked, my Flock family have always been there for me, not even Gary Green can stand you anymore." Mike: Before things get out of hand. Your move to EVOLVE from Carnage has seen you reach a lot of success, case in point reaching the finals of the global series. What about the move triggered success for you Josh? Josh: I felt happier and more respected on Evolve. Bailey never treated me well but the first thing Ross did was put me in the Global Series. He obviously liked me and I believe being happier, more motivated, led me to be unbeaten thus far since the move Mike: And Jason since your return from a brief hiatus, you have been on fire capturing the Premium Championship and maybe the Global Championship. What changed for you? Josh: Before that repulsive man answers the question I’ve got a text from my Father to go and pick him up from hospital. So thanks for the interview Mike and I’m sorry I have to keep it short. And as for Jason see you on Sunday Jason: " No you dont you pussy. Sit your ass down. You leave when I say you can or so help me God, I'll pay your old man another visit." Mike: No worries Josh, send him my best wishes. WAIT. Would you be interested in purchasing Exclusive Mike Hunt merchandise for just $5.05? Josh looks at Mike in confusion before quickly exiting the room  Jason: " To answer your question Mister Hunt. What changed was I knew everything was going to change once The Frontier was revealed. So I decided to destroy everyone in my way for the sole purpose of making sure we accomplished everything we set out to when we formed." Mike: So now that is just the two of us, there is no way you are feeling 100% after the gruelling circus death match at Halloween Havoc. How are you going to overcome the pain? Jason: " Mister Hunt, you are aware that I am a war veteran yes?" Mike: Yes sir Jason: " Well when I was in war, I was shot at, stabbed, whatever and I still pushed on. I am going to overcome the pain by inflicting even more on Josh." Mike: But still.. You know what scratch that. Ark Universe has made his intentions clear that he wants to wage war on the Flock. What is your response to this? Jason: " Ark is nothing, I kicked his ass in The Frontier Series, He can wage war on us all he wants, I say bring it and this time, make it worth our time." Mike: Well I will let you get back to whatever you like to do. Can I interest you in a T-Shirt? It comes in Black, Blue, Pink, Maroon, Rainbow, Sea Blue, Puke Green and Red? Jason: " I'll take four my friend. Black for me, Maroon for Vala who says hi by the way. by the way, you left your spare keys at our house and One pink and one Sea Blue for our future twins" Mike: Why thank you I have been looking for them. Tell Vala I said Góðan daginn, spoken in my native tongue of Icelandic Mike: Anyway I wish you the best of luck and I'll catch you at Marker's game night on Thursday Jason: " Sounds good buddy. I just hope we're not playing Texas Hold em again, getting sick of losing my fucking money." Mike: I believe it's Monopoly this week Jason: " Great, Vala is gonna kick all our asses, you know how she is with any kind of board game." Mike: Extremely feisty. Thanks once again Jason Jason: " Thanks for having me my friend. I'll be sure to give you a nice bonus. Don't forget, instead of BTF this week, we've got that afterparty at the Mariott." Mike: I can't wait
    • What terrible news it was hearing that Roman is suffering from Leukaemia. A truly terrible disease and I wish him all the best in his recovery, and hopefully he can return to a wrestling ring soon  I thought the show was pretty good. I liked the Heyman and Strowman segment and I am loving Braun the rivalry between Braun and Drew, a potential money making program for the Universal Championship. Didn't like the Ronda and Nikki segment at all though because it wasn't hot enough to be a successful go home angle. Ronda should have killed Nikki after she slapped her, a much better option than taking it like a bitch and walking away  Main Event was great once again. Those four guys have amazing in-ring chemistry together and once again the match delivered. I loved Strowman's run in and the title change was a breath of fresh air. The turn however was amazing, especially after seeing all three members of the shield earlier in the night embracing like brothers. Ambrose looked dangerous and deranged which is exactly what the character needs. RAW is set up to be very interesting over the next couple of months with feuds such as Drew and Braun as well as Seth and Dean. I'm also assuming there will be a tag-tournament to crown new tag-champs. Hopefully AOP   
    • THE GOAT PLAYS. Bailey is here and he's is going to deliver his promise on a Cash in tonight. He slowly walks down the ramp staring at Julius holding the Briefcase. All Confidence on Bailey's face. He gets in the Ring  and just stares down the beaten up Julius.   But Wait Out Of Nowhere! IT'S ECHO WILSON AND BART! They are attacking Bailey trying to prevent the Cash In. They have looked to save there brother from defeat tonight! Julius joins in on the attack now. As the Kingdom is just wearing down Bailey. As a Defeated Flynn is starting to get back to his feet. He sees what is going on but Hesitates to do anything. It doesn't look like Flynn will do anything as he turns away! But wait Flynn gives a well screw it look and runs in on the Kingdom! Flynn is punching away on the Kingdom. As Now Bailey gets back to his feet helping Flynn in a 2 on 3 fight! Belive it or not Bailey and Flynn in a disadvantage are getting the upper hand! Flynn Tosses Echo out of the Ring! Bailey tosses Bart out of the Ring! Julius is fighting back on Bailey but Flynn comes from behind and strikes him! Together Bailey and Flynn throw Julius out of the Ring! They send The Kingdom on the Retreat! Flynn gives a staredown back at Necce as well who is shown to be impressed by Flynn's actions. Bailey and Flynn then stare each other down. They give each other head nods! That Sign of Brotherhood and Reunitement closes out the Show and sends the fans and the Kingdom home in Shock!
    • As we return back from Commercial break hyping BPZ's next PPV Survivor Series, the camera shifts to the front row of the audience where the most hated man on the planet Necce is seated. He sparks a crowd chant of "Fuck you Necce" as the fans await the challenger to the World Heavyweight Champion    "Never Recover" blasts around the arena signalling the arrival of the "Omega" Flynn as he looks to slay the monster he created Julius and win back the World Heavyweight Championship The crowd roar as Flynn shows his face, he looks as confident as ever leading the head to head series between these two 1-0 after slaying Julius in the finals of the Power Trip Cup tournament. Flynn makes his way down to the ring and makes eye contact with Necce who is sitting in the front row as the crowd erupt, Flynn just stares at him and shows no emotion before sliding into the ring preparing for the match    The BPZ World Champion steps out in front of the BPZ Universe to chorus of boos as he makes his way down to the ring. Julius also spots Necce in the crowd and mouths off to him before sliding into the ring. Julius then walks over to Flynn and raises the title high above in the air, however Flynn doesn't flinch and remains focused for the match ahead. The referee goes through the introductions and calls for the bell as the Main Event of Halloween Havoc gets underway  Julius and Flynn walk to the centre of the ring and meet face to face. The crowd make some noise as the master meets his creation for the first time since Julius' shocking turn. Julius raises his arm up in the air and then flips of Flynn before trying to reel him in for the Hell's Welcome but Flynn ducks under and hits a dropkick staggering the champ. Flynn then points to his head signalling that he knows the champs every move. Julius enraged at this point runs at Flynn who leans against the ropes sending Julius over the top. Flynn then runs against the ropes and delivers a suicide dive taking Julius off of his feet as the crowd get firmly behind the Omega.  Wasting no time Flynn immediately rushes over to Julius and rolls him back into the ring. Flynn jumps onto the apron and calls for Julius to get up and attempts a springboard cross-body but Julius delivers a huge right hand which sends Flynn crashing to the mat. Julius shakes his head getting himself back into focus and targets his opponent. Flynn leans against the turnbuckle as Julius signals a handgun before running at Flynn looking for the splash, but Flynn once again evades Julius and kicks him in the head. Flynn once again goes for the springboard cross-body and lands it. Flynn then sees Julius on the floor and motions his own handgun signal much to the applause of the audience. Julius eye's filled with rage gets up to his feet and both men lock up however the strength of Julius is no match for Flynn and he pushes him down to the mat. Julius then irish-whips Flynn into the ropes and quickly follows up with a discuss forearm. Julius then quickly covers but Flynn is out at 2  Julius then eyes his prey as he lifts Flynn up into a gorilla press position before dropping him to the floor as he taunts the crowd. Julius once again picks up Flynn and launches him to the other side of the ring before once again roaring to the crowd. This time Julius wastes no time and delivers a corner splash before once again falling for the cover but Flynn kicks out easily at the count of two. A fire is lit in Julius' eyes as he grabs Flynn's skull and looks to lock in the devastating Vise Grip, but Flynn slides between Julius legs and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Julius, dazed after colliding with the turnbuckle head first turns around into an almighty Spear! Flynn covers the champ looking to win his fifth world title, but it's Julius who kicks out this time at the count of two. Flynn looks up at the top rope and looks for his iconic frog splash but Julius rolls out of the ring to boos from the crowd. Flynn quickly jumps down onto the apron and hits an apron running cannonball. Flynn looks towards the announcers table and starts nodding his head as the fans here in attendance rise to their feet. Flynn removes the cover and then the monitors before trying to lift the heavyweight Julius up so he can place him on the table. Julius, too heavy for Flynn starts elbowing Flynn to the side of the head before launching him up on to the apron but Flynn evades danger as he penalty kicks Julius almost taking his head completely off. Flynn once again jumps into the ring and and looks for the suicide dive, but Julius catches him and delivers a devastating Crucifix Powerbomb through the announce table! Stirring a "Holy Shit" chant from the Dallas faithful here in the American Airlines Arena The referee rushes over to check on Flynn put Julius shoves him away and throws Flynn back into the ring. Julius now once again tosses Flynn into the turnbuckle and delivers another corner splash before Julius follows up with a devastating Chokeslam. Julius goes for the cover but Flynn kicks out once again. Julius getting agitated picks Flynn up once again and delivers a spinebuster, before picking him up once again and delivers a running powerslam. Julius screams at the referee to count the pinfall but Flynn once again kicks out 2. Julius gets up and grabs the referee screaming in his face as he questions what more he must do. Julius getting flashbacks from the last time these to met sits in the corner and just looks at Flynn's limp body. Julius then rises to his feet and ascends the top rope. He looks for the Samoan Splash, something he rarely uses. Julius launches at Flynn, but the Omega moves out of the way at the last second. The crowd go berzerk as both men lean against the ropes on opposite sides of the ring. Flynn is the first to his feet and delivers a brutal V-Trigger. Flynn then follows it up hitting a second and then third before climbing the top rope and hitting the Frog Splash! Flynn covers 1..2.. NO This time Julius kicks out and Flynn can't believe it. Both men lay on their backs as the crowd shows their appreciation. Flynn gets up onto his feet and flips off Julius before going for the FKO but Julius pushes him away and delivers another rolling elbow taking Flynn down to the floor. Julius then sets up for the big boot on Flynn, but the Omega moves out of the way and pushes the referee into harms danger as Julius clobbers the ref with the big boot. Julius shakes his head as he looks at the fallen referee as he turns around into an attempted spear from Flynn which is countered into the big boot. Julius decides to go for the cover but realises there is no referee. He goes to the outside and launches the referee back into the ring  Julius then sets up Flynn for the Hell's Welcome but Flynn rolls all the way around and hits the FKO! Flynn realises that this wont be enough to defeat Julius so he sets him up for the "King's Will" Powerbomb. The referee is still down and Flynn goes to lift him up but from out of nowhere it's NECCE!!!! Necce floors Flynn with the Death from Above and the American Airlines Arena goes nuts. Necce then rolls out of the ring and walks to the back as the fans serenade him with boo's. Julius still dazed from the FKO, Powerbomb combination gets up and see's Flynn on the floor. He then raises him to his feet and delivers the Hell's Welcome as the referee rises 1..2..3. Julius is still the World Heavyweight Champion and it's all because of that Son of a Bitch Necce! The referee hands Julius his titles and he raises them up in the air as the fans throw their garbage in the ring, showing their hatred for the despicable acts that just unfolded. Julius is still the King of BPZ!             

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