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All Elite Wrestling: "Brodie Lee Tribute" #28

In the new episode of the All Elite Wrestling journey in TEW 2020 we say goodbye to Brodie Lee in our episode dedicated to Brodie and the Dark Order.
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Wrestlemania Preview: WWE Universe Mode: #40

Episode 40 of WWE Universe Mode, just before Wrestlemania, we see a preview of the RAW Tag Team Championship match as Kevin Owens and Finn Balor go one on one. Can the contender's upset the momentum of the champions before the big show?
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Streaming live on the WWE Network, its the 2021 Royal Rumble! Discuss it here!
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NJPW The New Beginning 2021

New Japan is scheduled to return on January 17 at Korakuen Hall for the start of the Road to the New Beginning! Discuss here!
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    • New Figurehead: Bald Kane New Kayfabe name: Aluhin New Theme:   
    • The Titantron shows a night sky adjourned with stars. A creeping melody plays in the background.    Then cold robotic laughter can be heard, softley at first then increases in volume till it drowns out the melody. Slowly a face appears on the screen. So you thought you had gotten what you wanted. You thought you had gotten rid of him. You told him  he represented the past. You told him he was no longer welcome in BPZ. You told him he wasn't good enough to be given a serious look. You purposefully put him in situations where he was to fail in favor of those you wanted to make at his expense. You mocked him for his demons, made him resent his existence. Tell me, do you know what a man who has given up hope looks like? Do you even care what you did? Well do you? You ruined a man's life for no other reason than viewership and profit. You had him in the lower midcard, stating he was nothing but fodder, any " chance" you gave him was a sham. You never cared for him, you only used him for an easy win. You demeaned him, you discredited him, you ruined his career, just because he doesn't fit your mold. And this isn't the first time you did this to someone. And it is about time you face  punishment for your evil ways BPZ.  The screen flickers to show a crypt. A crowd of figures dressed identically to the robotic figure with crimson red hoods draws over their masks stand in front of a casket. The only source of light comes from the torches they carry. They circle around a casket, mummering too quietly for anyone to hear. Then the one who spoke previously faces the camera. You may ask who we are. we are the  ones who have no true name. We are the ones that stalk from the darkness, ready to pounce on injustice. We are the legion that operates by its own rules, scoffing at what you call law and order. we are the Law. We are the Authority . We are The Inquisitors of The Scourge. And now we shall bring back our king.  Be silent. The Inquisitors of the Scourge fall silent and turn to a figure wearing a black robe with a hood over her face. They each kneel as she walks over to the casket. Although most of her appearance is concealed, enough of her is visible to reveal she is hideous and disfigured.  We have successfully gotten rid of the pitiful vessel known as Jason Ryan. He was a difficult pest to be rid of but now my greatest creation shall be reborn. Jason Ryan has been truly laid to rest. Now, all that remains is to bring back what the mortals refer to The Scourge. The fools do not know his true name. Aluhin. Jason Ryan served as the proper vessel for our king for many years but now my Inquisitors, our king has been fully restored! I have been waiting for many years for this day. Finally I can be by our king's side once again. Jezebel, The Dark Mistress is no more! I shall once again be Jezebel: Aide to The King of Depravity, The Scourge of the World, Aluhin!  The casket lid suddenly flies off and up sits a figure we haven't seen since his brutal First Blood match with Arrow, Jason Ryan. Jason slowly climbs out of the casket and looks over those that call themselves Inquisitors. A black cloak is draped over his scarred body and a crown of thorns is placed on his head.  It has been too long. I have not been before any of you since my beloved Babylon fell. There are those that would call us a cult: But we are no cult. We are the Temple of Aluhin and we shall once again reshackle the world as we once did when we built Babylon. And we shall start by going to BPZ Valor. After all, we owe BPZ a great debt do we not? For it is thanks to them that I have been freed from Jason Ryan and am once more Aluhin!  Aluhin looks at the camera with a cruel smile. The hooded woman stands to his right and the crowd of Inquisitors stand behind them. Prepare BPZ. For the Temple of Aluhin shall soon visit. Your precious Jason Ryan has died. 
    • We return to Carnage with a video package, documenting the brawl between Joh and Jeremiah Flynn that took place as the co-main event of Night of Legends. The final shot shows a victorious Joh kneeling over a dishevelled Flynn after a hard-fought win. A portion of Joh’s promo after Night of Legends plays afterwards, highlighting his desire for a Universal Championship shot against the current champion, Bailey. We are directed backstage, where the camera is pointed towards a match card stuck to a bulletin board backstage. The match card for Wildcard. The camera pans away from the bulletin board and towards Josh Trenton, who walks up to a door and politely knocks, presumably looking for Joh. Joh slowly opens the door and glares at Josh Trenton. He takes a deep breath. “.......Come in.” Josh Trenton cautiously enters the room. All that can be seen is a number of stacked chairs, with one solitary chair left at the back wall. Encompassing the room is a dangling lightbulb, which is the only light source aside from the lights outside. Joh approaches the single chair with his head down and sits, while Josh Trenton is made to stand with his back to the door. The interview proceeds. Josh Trenton: “.....Uh obviously I can’t imagine the frustration you’re going through right now, Joh, with this new main event we have planned for Wildcard between our Universal Champion Bail-” Joh: “Yes…..I know…...I’m aware. I walked around back here with everyone’s eyes on me. People on the Carnage roster, the commentators, that cameraman right there, they awaited my reaction. I got here and saw that bulletin board out there….and I couldn’t even act shocked. I knew I was getting my hopes up when I spoke my mind in that ring. It seems like I’m still not where I belong on this brand. I came back at Night of Legends and became a talking point, everyone had me in their minds whether they were an active BPZ viewer or not. I came back...and made a statement. It just seems...like my statement got lost in translation somehow. I’m stuck here, not getting what I deserve, Bailey’s got himself a different opponent and I’m left looking like a fool in the eyes of the title picture. You know I should be in that spot, Josh. You’d be lying if you said you don’t. No one on this roster is comparable to me at the moment but when I see the main event for Wildcard next month, I read...Bailey….vs….KENJI. You were correct, the frustration is difficult. I could go on about why I think Bailey is a con for who he feels fit to be a challenger, dodging the loaded bullet being pointed directly at him. I could go on about how much I loathe KENJI’s legitimacy to be in my spot at Wildcard, for any other reason than the fact he’s a guy they scraped from the bottom of the barrel just to make sure I didn’t get my hands anywhere near that title. But, I’ll restrain myself. I don’t restrain myself often…..but for now…..I will, because I know exactly what you want to ask me.” Josh Trenton: “...........So about this tag team match….” Joh: “This tag team match. Precisely. Well, I thought I had put this situation in the past. I pinned Flynn and moved on with my life. But apparently….it’s not as easy as I thought….because these parasites come crawling back, wanting more…...despite me already making myself known to them. I would have preferred Jeremiah Flynn to walk out of our match on crutches, but instead he walked out on the back of his more successful friends. I use ‘successful’ loosely, considering the results of Night of Legends. He went complaining to his stablemates about how he can’t possibly defeat me in the squared circle and said he required back-up. So now this is where we are. Flynn drags Julius into the scene, who’s been too busy being humiliated in a war of words against the champ…...and I…...need a partner of my own.” Josh Trenton: “The question on everyone’s minds now is….who is this mystery partner of yours? Or is that reveal yet to come?” Joh: “........It’s yet to come. I’m most certainly not going to reveal it to you of all people. I’m sure my partner has…...their own way of revealing themselves to the rest of you. In the meantime, it’s time for me to work. Now that I’ve had my time in the ring with Jeremiah Flynn, it’s time to start strategising when it comes to him and his fellow ‘Good’ Brother, Julius, in a tag team match. I’ve knocked Flynn down once….I’m fully capable of doing it again.” Joh stares at Josh Trenton from across the room, as Trenton looks back at him, bewildered. Joh: “You may leave.” Josh Trenton: “Th-Thank you for your time, Joh.” Josh Trenton scurries out of the room, leaving Joh all alone below the dangling lightbulb.
    • This was the other match I saw from Hard to Kill and right off the bat, it was cool to see Omega, Anderson, and Gallows sporting Bullet Club stuff for the first time in years. I wonder if that means there’s a deal for them to use it or such, because if not it’d likely lead to a lawsuit? Idk, as for the match itself, I thought all 6 men played their roles perfectly. However, the guy who really stood out to me was Moose as he impressed me with all the stuff he did that he shouldn’t be doing, like standing moonsault or a spanish fly off the top rope. The obvious choice is sometimes the best one and that’s what we got here, Omega pinning Swann as it will likely lead to Omega vs Swann down the line where Omega wins the Impact belt
    • I caught two matches from last night’s Hard to Kill and this was the first. Gotta say, Violent by Design is a great name for EY, Doering, and Deaner as they come off as crazy individuals who leave it all in the ring. Overall I thought this was a good match that hit all the right notes, seeing Cousin Jake and Deaner square off was cool despite me never really following their story and could just tell it was something really built to. Striker and D’Lo work well on commentary and in the end the correct decision was made to give VBD the win here over the veterans, as they continue to wreck havoc in Impact Wrestling.

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