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All Elite Wrestling: "The Next Best Team" #34

In the new episode, Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks square off in our main event, with the winning team having the next shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution! All this plus much more in this episode of "Total Extreme Wrestling". Will we finally sign Ryback?
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"Injury Crisis" WWE Universe Mode: #42

We're on the final episode of NXT before Takeover! Tonight Keith Lee teams up with an unlikely duo in Imperium as they try and halt the momentum of the Undisputed Era. After Adam Cole's blindside attack on Lee, will he be able to compete at 100%? Plus, Matt Riddle is in action as he looks to earn one last win before his big championship match with Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover.
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Take in the destruction of the Elimination Chamber, streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Castle Attack

The New Beginning Tour recently ended for New Japan Pro Wrestling, with the major moment of the tour being Kota Ibushi defeating SANADA to retain the IWGP Double Championship. We now look into our next tour with the brand new Castle Attack, which will be headlined by two shows in Osaka Jo-Hall. Discuss here!
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Competition Diaries

This section is for collaborative diaries which emphasises competition. 

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    • What it says on the tin. I will start off with the back catalogue of either LCD Soundsystem, HEALTH, or Radiohead! I'd like to say I'm doing this to make it surprising when I choose one but jts just cause I'm a weird person who can't make decisions 
    • Jean Dawson - Pixel Bath (2020) I’m reviewing this album at the request of @Prince. I haven’t heard a Jean Dawson song before and I’m not very familiar with his work either, so I am intrigued to what this is going to sound like.  Devilish: 8/10 This was a very enjoyable introduction to Jean Dawson to me, it has a very indie sound to it but he’s also rapping on here as well. Unlike some other rap/rock crossovers though this is actually produced beautifully, there’s a real Summer vibe with the sounds on here. Underneath the music though it sounds like there’s something darker going on with Jean Dawson’s lyrics, whose performance is also really good, the chorus is really catchy.  Triple Double ft. A$AP Rocky: 8/10 Another solid track, the energy here was really fun. Jean Dawson’s opening part of the song was good, there was a lot of emotion in his singing. Hearing A$AP Rocky over what’s essentially an indie pop song is really weird, but I thought he did a good job with his verse, flowed well over that guitar. The instrumental outro is pretty sick too. Shiner: 7/10 This reminded me of a JPEGMafia song, with the experimental and glitchy production on this track along with Jean’s vocal performance. I liked it but I think I prefer his melodic singing more than his aggressive rapping voice but there’s definitely still a lot of energy there.  Dummy: 9/10 This was an absolute banger and my favourite from the album so far. The production is all over the place and I love how it switched up in the middle from the noisy bass filled production with some almost holy sounding vocals. Just the amount of detail gone into producing this and the little changes spliced into the track is an absolute joy on the ears. The chorus from Jean Dawson is also extremely catchy, he does well on what is mostly just a masterclass in producing.  Bruiseboy: 9/10 Another really great song from the album. I absolutely love the vibe on this song, with the triumphant and atmospheric production. It reminds of something off that Aries album I listened to before with the emo vocals. Jean Dawson sounded really great on here and the chorus here is so unreal, the melodic energy he brings plus the switch ups in instrumentation that follows him make it really memorable.  Pegasus: 8/10 This was definitely one of the most interesting songs on the album so far with the amount of different genres he managed to pack into this in just over 2 minutes. The guitar that plays throughout sounds really heavy yet Jean Dawson is able to accompany it well with his melodic singing vocals. He also manages to turn it into a chopped and screwed hip hop song in the 2nd half. In the chorus Jean Dawson sings about his hate for the police and how he had a lot of run ins with them growing up.  Poster Child: 7/10 This was relatively short but I enjoyed it despite it’s duration. It starts off with a very calming voice over a piano, but it starts to become more distorted and it kicks off into a more hardcore hip hop route. I could definitely see aspects of this instrumental being something Earl could have rapped over on Some Rap Songs. 06 Burst: 9/10 I was completely caught off guard by this on first listen. I’ve got another comparison coming but this sounds like an Injury Reserve song, with the massive bass and the industrial hip hop sounds in the instrumental. The track is pure madness with all the glitchy and house elements. This was already a set in stone banger for me but the 2nd half of this song is absolutely ridiculous with the text to speech voice building up the outro. Starface*: 8/10 This was a really nice change of pace after some pretty aggressive tracks. Jean Dawson sounds very emotional as it sounds like he’s reminiscing over his younger days. The production is also very pleasant on the ears. I love the glitchy effects that are done to his voice towards the end of the song and the almost subtle change up with the instrumental. Policia: 7/10 Another really interesting change in this track, with a lot of the lyrics being sung in Spanish. The message of the song returns to the message during Pegasus about Jean Dawson hating the police, which is never a bad thing. The production isn’t as detailed as some of the previous tracks but I still liked it. Despite Jean Dawson singing in Spanish it never came off as awkward and he still sounded good. Clear Bones: 7/10 This was another decent song, despite not being up there as one of my favourites. I guess that speaks a lot more about how great this entire album is rather than this not being an enjoyable tune. Everything sounds really clean but nothing blew me away personally. I liked the chorus though, it reminds me of early 2000’s indie rock. Power Freaks: 8/10 This was a really great track, Jean’s vocals on here feel very reminiscent of Modest Mouse with the slight Southern slant on it in the first verse. I’m probably repeating myself a lot at this point but the production is so beautiful. The instrumental that plays during the first verse sounds like something out of an 80’s game.  Pyrotechnics: 7/10 A very decent way to finish off this album. This had more of an R&B sound to it than the other tracks with Jean Dawson’s vocals on here. The chorus he does on this one is really catchy, but his vocals in general on this sounds a bit clunky. The production was cool as well but it wasn’t as epic as I was hoping it would be with how a lot of this album sounds.  OVERALL RATING: 78 (B) For an introduction into Jean Dawson’s music this was a very enjoyable album experience for me. There are so many ridiculous genre bending tracks all over this thing that you can’t really pin Pixel Bath down to one or two genres. Jean Dawson showed off a lot of creativity with his range all over this project, showcasing a lot of vulnerable, melodic vocals whilst also being able to bring a lot of anger and aggression to some of the tracks on here. He has a great knack for creating incredibly earwormy choruses all over Pixel Bath that you can only bang your head to. The level of production on here though is possibly my favourite part of this album. Everything sounds so bloody good with some of the more bass heavy and house/experimental hip hop inspired tracks whilst also bringing a lot of blissful moments on here like the more atmospheric and heavenly sounding ones on here. There is a lot to love with Jean Dawson and Pixel Bath, it’s consistently really good throughout and I don’t really have any major criticisms. Some tracks didn’t fully land with me, due to some of the verses maybe not being that interesting or some vocal moments not working for me but that’s just minor stuff. I’d definitely recommend checking Jean Dawson’s music out, because I think he could have a lot to offer in music in the future.
    • Kane- Indefinite HOF. I think everyone agrees that he deserves it, one of the most loyal guys in WWF/E History, and he's won almost every title they've had. He's one of the more popular guys and definitely has earned it after working for Vince around 20 Years, and has one of the/if not the best debuts in history at Badd Blood 1997. Marty Janetty- Not HOF Worthy. Besides his team with HBK, he didn't do anything. He won IC and held it for a few weeks, but other than that, his only iconic moment is being attacked by Shawn Michaels during the barbershop segment. Janetty's chances of being in the HOF seem to go down as he has confessed to murdering people, and is suing WWE for Brain Damage. Even besides that, I don't think he deserves it. Goldust- Borderline HOF. I think due to the iconic Goldust gimmmick and time he spent there that he should go in, but due to him being a centerpiece in AEW jumping off, his chances go down. If WWE were to put pettiness aside and put him in that would be great, but WWE are usually petty so I think he is borderline. Tazz- Borderline HOF. He deserves it and is recognizable due to his ECW Work, aswell as his time towards the tail-end of the Attitude Era, alongside his stint as a Commentator in the Ruthless Aggression Era. The only thing that is also holding him back is his work in AEW, where he commentates and manages. As Echo said, if WWE starts inducting more ECW Legends he should go in. Deserves it as he was one of the voices of a lot of people's childhood and a phenomenal worker in ECW. Bam Bam Bigelow- Indefinite. One of the greatest big men ever and he deserves the induction. Carried a Lawrence Taylor to a solid match at WrestleMania XI, and he was such a fantastic worker. From Japan to North America, he wowed everybody with his agility and cruiserweight-like abilities. There isn't really much holding him back from being inducted, so it is just up to WWE at this point.
    • Best promo of 2021 ❤️ “So I have decided from this that the best way to raise money for this race match was starting this OnlyFans! I hope I see all of you guys and girls over there, I think it’ll be a great time. Don’t you agree Kairi?" We’re back at the site of another gripping sckJoanny expedition, hosted on Twitch again. Now you may have some questions, didn’t she get banned? Yes but we all know Twitch has no teeth when enforcing bans against women and their simp legions, doubly so in the case of an army as dedicated as they are to sckJoanny. Some might raise that this means she can fundraise with her clothes on and yes this is also true, however, sckJoanny is not the brightest of the bunch and likely forgot this possibility as soon as it arose, God Bless, nobody saw fit to bring this to her attention either, the devil works hard, but horniness works harder, or whatever the fuck the saying is. Suffice it to say, this was definitely not a Raid Shadow Legends stream. We would see sckJoanny flanked by her all-time number one, as well as the donator and fan categories that befall this title. The two were the only thing that would be displayed in tonight’s stream, titled “VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THIS CHANNEL (& GIVEAWAY)”, enough clickbait to corral in just about anybody, from concerned fans to stragglers wanting free whatever the fuck (she gave away a conversation, the winner “realtoxik_431” was very ecstatic about their winnings, I don’t fucking know, these people are different). The entirety of the stream would be spent detailing the newest endeavor of sckEnterprises, something something “new adventures” something something “not actually leaving but I’m saying this deep enough into the stream that nobody left and I got my plugs out”. Kairi would now be undergoing sckTraining, I don’t know what that is don’t fucking ask me. For now, she was to be referred to henceforth as (aspiring) sckKairi, the entire thing, every time. Speaking of, (aspiring) sckKairi had finally averted her gaze from the camera’s capture of sckJoanny long enough to answer her question, at last, nodding rather vigorously, damn shawty ok! (aspiring) sckKairi: Yes yes, it’s just gonna be so… God I can’t wait for everything we’re going to do my PogQueen! *Weirdchamp* sckJoanny is just so incredible, she has had nothing but great ideas and plans for the future. It’s all been a dream come true and the content we make will be just as great as it has been to hang around her.” 🥺 👉👈  (aspiring) sckKairi loses her train of thought, her gaze drifting back as she begins to stare at sckJoanny again, Twitch love… so pure and wholesome. sckJoanny takes the stage again, oblivious to the lusty stare of (aspiring) sckKairi, as she again launches into details about the payment structure of her OnlyFans, definitely not trying to guilt her supporters into paying for the more lavish plans, as one does, outstandingly well all things considered. After again recommending the $50 tier before finally pivoting to something my network allows me to transcribe. “Unfortunately there won’t be a Raid stream today, I will try my 😫 vewy vewy bestest 😫 to stream again super soon, hopefully, I can get to San Diego in time for the race and stream my journey on the race! I hope everybody is as pumped for this as I am, as always though…” 👉😝 stay poggers 😝👈 (aspiring) sckKairi and sckJoanny pose to conclude the live stream, sckJoanny clicks the button allowing the two to relax, sckJoanny slumping into her chair. (aspiring) sckKairi stays silent for some time, too lost in sckJoanny’s eyes to even say anything for a good while, watching with such intensity as sckJoanny reaches down and grabs one of her endless Red Bulls. Eventually, (aspiring) sckKairi finds the strength to clear her throat, sckJoanny looks lover at (aspiring) sckKairi, causing her greatest simp to melt on eye contact and commence the whole ordeal over again. Through what can only be described as worlds of determination, (aspiring) sckKairi finally manages to speak again. (aspiring) sckKairi: So um, what do you exactly have planned? sckJoanny downs the rest of her Red Bull, her alleged thinking juice, not immediately responding to the question. The confusion apparent on her face as (aspiring) sckKairi (God I’m so tired of doing this shit) beamed on, it didn’t help sckJoanny become any less confused but it was nice to see, probably relaxing, although seeing somebody stare holes through you with a big smile can be… you know what, I’m considering it wholesome. “Well, no... nothing at the moment. I mean I figure it’s pretty easy right? Take some ooolala pictures and then post them and rake in the money. I mean I never do a lot of planning anyways, I just kinda wait, and eventually, everything just kinda works out, I don’t know life isn’t that hard, I don’t think.”   Wow. (aspiring) sckKairi: Wow. “Yeah… anyways you wanna hear about my fridges? I have twenty-four, one for every flavor of Red Bull I like and an in-progress one--” I refuse to transcribe this. I think that if you care about the ballad of the twenty-four fridges, there is a perfectly good $50 tier for you to subscribe to on her OnlyFans. If you don’t have money I assume that you can find it on Redd-- I’ve said too much. She continued to blabber on about her copious mini-fridges, I could feel the emphatic anger of Jonathan Killsington-Chan as she continued on, why the fuck would somebody need twenty-four, that seems really inconvenient more than anything else, how much space in the room is just allocated to fridges? It doesn’t make much sense, incredibly inefficient. How does somebody need that much Red Bull? How the fuck is sckJoanny still alive? I think she’s finally done with her expositing, a very weird character trait honestly. ”And the last fridge is for the Winter Edition 2019, they taste like plum, I’m not the biggest fan of them but I don’t overly mind--” (aspiring) sckKairi: So should we take the pictures now? “Oh yeah, we were supposed to be doing that weren’t we? Let’s go, my little pogchamp!” sckJoanny grabs her camera off the stand it’s situated off of, and then the wrist of (aspiring) sckKairi with the other, taking off out of the room and out into the Chimera house. It’s a rather quiet place nowadays, with the rest of the Chimettes on vacation with Tamer and Necce on their expeditions. Jonathan Kills is nowhere to be seen, likely chain-smoking doobies in his room while reading poems about death, some weird shit like that, real Killsington-Chan shit. Regardless, sckJoanny and (aspiring) sckKairi have free passage through the many halls in the house, which they spend an incomprehensible amount of time navigating the labyrinth that is this mansion, where were they even fucking going? I guess it didn’t matter much at the end of the day, it’s not like we can stop following them midway through this, I guess their giggles were entertainment enough. Fuck that sounded so predatory, can they get to where they’re going already? I guess it was better than her uber cracked Raid streams, does that mean this is ultra cracked? Shin ultra cracked? I need to work on my streamer lingo. Fucking hell finally, they arrived at a bathroom, an absurdly nice one at that, I guess maniacs valued cleanliness. sckJoanny finally released the huffing and puffing (aspiring) sckKairi’s wrist and positioning the camera on the sink. She moved out of the frame, returning seconds later to a still doubled over (aspiring) sckKairi with many things in hand, were those cat ears??? “Okay so, I’m going to try on these things, you decide whether or not you like them and then we take the pictures and everything.” (aspiring) sckKairi nodded her head as much as she could as she tried to compose herself. I would say something about the athleticism and conditioning of (aspiring) sckKairi but she is a nice person who doesn’t deserve the admonishment, just know it's something something touch grass something something, but I respect everybody and their endeavors. Back to our current action, oh nevermind, (aspiring) sckKairi steps in front of the camera to protect the sanctity of this broadcast, thank you for keeping this segment alive. Eventually (aspiring) sckKairi moves out the way, continuing to spur the intrigue by not moving to unveil all the possible outfit combinations sckJoanny dons, the very first glimpse we get is the last approved outfit, goddamnit. (nuked quality so mods can’t yell at me) (aspiring) sckKairi is almost moved to tears by the beautiful sckJoanny splayed in front of her, she cannot continue her infinite happiness, by the witness to a moment such as this is just so unlike any of life’s other gifts. sckJoanny is taken aback by the tears, presuming that something is wrong with her outfit, there soon are a lotta tears from a lot of sides. Jonathan Killsington-Chan: “Hold on my love, what inconceivable stupidities are occurring here?” Into the frame wanders Jonathan KIllsington-Chan, frightening everybody with his sudden appearance. (aspiring) sckKairi instantly jumps in front of sckJoanny, hissing at Jonathan, vexing him even further. sckJoanny scrapes the tears off her face, blubbering out her words in response. “I-I-I’m doing an OnlyFans and (aspiring) sckKairi was crying b-be-because of how--” (aspiring) sckKairi: “How gorgeous you look pogqueen. I so sowwy for crying I couldn’t keep myself together. You’re just the most gorgeous woman ever!” Jonathan Killsington-Chan: “Well I wouldn’t say--” ???: Play nice Johnny-Chan! Was that Kiera??? “Aww my God you’re so sweet. Who’s my little pogchamp?” JonathanKillsington-Chan: “What the fuck?” (aspiring) sckKairi: “I AM! I AM, POGQUEEN!” I swear to God that was Kiera. “Aww come here!” I’ve lost the plot, I’m so sorry. I legitimately can not explain what is currently happening enough for it to make sense. sckJoanny and (aspiring) sckKairi are hugging or something of the sort, sckJoanny has a really strong grip on (aspiring) sckKairi’s chin, I don’t know what this is supposed to mean. Jonathan Killsington-Chan is holding his phone in front of him, do pseudo hermit monks FaceTime? Killsington-Chan nods at the entire scene, his face not becoming untwisted from confusion, but sometimes you just fake it till you make it. Jonathan Killsington-Chan: “Okay so OnlyFans, nice, how much you charging?” What the fuck? “What the fuck?” ???: “WHAT THE FUCK!?” Jonathan Killsington-Chan: “No no Kiera it’s not like that. I like supporting local businesses, sex workers have become increasingly stigmatized in an era where freedom of expression is at an all-time high. I’m a fan of all the people who have the courage to disregard the reproach and start an endeavor in this avenue. I occasionally like to donate to their cause, help the longevity of their careers so eventually they can be recognized as legitimate career workers.” “Irregardless, I was just enquiring about the style of operation this inconceivable wench is running, I doubt that it’ll be worthwhile, perhaps her patronage just enjoys the idea of total futility in her face, they cannot happen but donate money to this imbecile to feel some sense of worth or warmth. To each their miserable own I suppose, anywhomst I suppose that you’re doing a good enough as it stands. I would make sure to watch out for the Redd-- I’ve said too much I’m afraid.” An uncomfortable silence ensues, the shock shifting from Jonathan Killsington-Chan to everybody else. Who would’ve thought, Jonathan Kills the advocate for sex workers and avid porn purchaser, the more you know I suppose. He drops his gaze to his phone again, beginning to realize the situation he has put himself in. “Um, do you want to help?” Jonathan Killsington-Chan: “No, not tremendously.” Kiera the Nicknameless: “No no, be nice Johnny!” Jonathan looks down at the phone again, the anguish he begins to show at the prospect of staying in close proximity of sckJoanny for an extended period of time no doubt weighing on him, but some encouragement from Kiera calms it a bit, as he sadly looks back up at sckJoanny. (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: “Let’s get this shit over with.” And what seems like an hour, sckEnterprises finally begins to conduct the shoot, I guess Kiera is sckKiera via association now? So much bullshit is happening what the fuck bruh, I mean… UBER POG OMEGALUL sckENTERPRISES POGCHAMP STEP ON ME sckJOANNY 👍👏😍😘 I’m so dead inside. The shoot spans across multiple locations, every outfit necessitating multiple scenes, as sckJoanny changes, one of Tamer’s robes is pulled from the closet and thrown over sckJonathanKillsington-Chan. Regardless, nothing could ever stop sckJonathanKillsington-Chan from talking, and the only person left to heed his words is (aspiring) sckKairi after sckKiera said something about calling back later.   (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: “So you like black, huh?” (aspiring) sckKairi: “Yes.” (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: “Delightful.” (aspiring) sckKairi: “I guess.” (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: "Hmm, what’s your deal?” (aspiring) sckKairi: “I’m sckJoanny’s little pogchamp. Her number one simp.” (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: “Sounds like a perfectly normal thing to be.” (aspiring) sckKairi: “If I’ll stab you if you raise your voice at sckJoanny again.” (reluctant) sckJonathanKillsington-Chan: “Oh my, sckJoanny got a good one.” (aspiring) sckKairi: "Weirdchamp." Eventually, the shoot reensues and concludes, leaving the whole of sckEnterprises poured over a computer screen, looking at the result of all their hard work. sckJoanny estatic about the results. ”Poggers.” --- nsfw warning, I'm being serious, do not click this if you are in judgmental environments, like I'm not even kinda kidding, like 100% for shoot and for true, ionwana get no DMs talmbout sum "I got in trouble", learn how to read you fucking idiots, it's hidden for a reason, stop being so goddamn nosy bro, just move on, this doesn't concern you. I'm not even kidding, leave, bye, adios, have a great evening. anyways, here it go.  

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