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    • Name - Austin Mirage  appearance - White, sky blue eyes, mostly black with a hint of brown hair, full grown beard  backstory - Grew up idolizing the armed forces and was amongst the first to sign up into the army. personality - Comedic but serious when needs to be  quote - “ The difference between us and the enemy is we don’t lose “  War I’m fighting in - World War 2/ American   
    • Name: James Nolan Appearance: White, blue eyes and brown hair Backstory: A man with no family, just trying to do what he can to survive. Being in a war is the only way to do that. Personality: Smartass Quote: "If you dont want to love, then dont". War I am fighting in/Nationality :World War 1/ Italian
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    • Whelp, I'm trying this again. I know I have a very terrible track record of updating diaries, but I actually am going to try with this one, pinky promise. For anybody wondering, the premise of BPZ: War Stories is that you get to send in a character that will fight in a historic war of your choice(I'll provide the list below). Once you do, I'll write them in to be as accurate as I possibly can, both to history and to your information form. Without further adieu, here's what you need to fill out: Name: Appearance: Backstory(Remember to make it accurate to the times): Personality: Quotes(Only one or two is necessary): What War They Are Fighting In and Which Nationality(If it's a multi-front war, please provide the theater as well):   List: World War 2(1939-1945) American(Pacific Theater, Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) Soviet German(Western Front, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) British(Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa, Burma Campaign) Italian(Greece, North Africa, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign) Chinese Japanese(Pacific Theater, Burma Campaign, Chinese Theater) Brazilian World War 1(1914-1918) British(Western Front, Middle Eastern Theater, Gallipoli) French(Western Front, Gallipoli) German(Western Front, Eastern Front) Italian Austro-Hungarian(Italian Theater, Eastern Front) Russian(Eastern Front, Caucasus Campaign) Ottoman(Gallipoli, Middle Eastern Theater, Caucasus Campaign) American Belgian Korean War(1950-1953) Chinese North Korean South Korean American British Turkish Colombian Ethiopian Dutch Spanish-American War(1898) American Spanish Cuban Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871) Prussian French Russo Turkish War(1877-1878) Russian Ottoman Romanian American Civil War(1861-1865) Union Confederate Crimean War(1853-1856) Russian Ottoman French British Mexican-American War(1846-1848) Mexican American Napoleonic Wars(1803-1815) Austrian(Third Coalition, Fifth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Russian(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) British(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition, War of 1812) French(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Prussian(Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Spanish(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) American American War of Independence(1775-1783) American French Spanish British Seven Years' War(1756-1763) British Prussian French Austrian Russian Spanish War of the Spanish Succession(1701-1714) British Austrian Dutch French Nine Years' War(1688-1697) English Dutch Austrian Spanish French Great Turkish War(1683-1699) Austrian Polish Russian Ottoman Thirty Years' War(1618-1648) Bohemian Palatinate Dutch Swedish French Austrian Spanish Danish(Protestant Side, Catholic Side) Great Siege of Malta(1565) Maltese Spanish Ottoman Crusade of Varna(1443-1444) Hungarian Polish Serbian Ottoman Byzantine-Sassanid War(602-628) Eastern Roman Sassanid Persian Gothic War(535-554) Eastern Roman Ostrogoth   And that's all! Long list, I know. Anyways, if you haven't been scared off yet I really hope you submit some characters, since I need to keep this diary going so I can beat Mikey at Halloween Havoc!
    • Eli Smith The Kingdom The Mob Arius Bart Hoogveld

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