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    • Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room, after a Carnage and Valor solo show, I decided to bring back the duo shows, however, I will be writing it like I am jumping back and forth from Carnage to Valor as obviously Valor is in a different country right now. So join me as we find out, what have the Death Riders been doing, why is everyone bullying GRV and who are making their return to the locker room! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start with Bart and Smith standing in front of the Valor locker room. With the shows only days away, nerves were beginning to set in for some of the guys. But, Bart and Smith had the perfect idea to lower those nerves, a return!* Bart: "Alright guys. I hope we are all doing well. Obviously we all know the show is in a few days, I trust you have all managed to stay healthy and fit for the show no matter what your form of exercise is." *Bart would look at Eric Shun.* Bart: "But, we do also know that for a few of you guys might be nervous, Nardie this is your debut so if you are then I understand. As well as a few of you guys who have never worked a place like this. But don't worry, I have some guys back here to help settle your nerves." Smith: "Come on in guys!" *As Smith would say this the Egyptian Police would walk in with Toxik. A collective sigh could be heard from every single person in the locker room. The Police sat Toxik down and uncuffed him before leaving.* Slim: "Your big surprise was bringing this dude back?" Bart: "What. No. He wasn't mean to come back." Toxik: "I wasn't meant to come back? Me! Do you know who you're talking to! Listen here you little fucker!" Gunner: "Here we go again." Toxik: "Icon, I have had enough of not being treated like a human! I am God! I could beat you all up at the same time! I know two ground-based submissions you know!" Sameer: "Toxik bro, what ground-based submissions do you know?" Toxik: "The rear naked choke and the guillotine choke." Necce: "So the two easiest submissions?" Toxik: "Listen here Mr Know It All, once I had a fight and I rested my feet on the guys neck and wrenched back on his knee!" Necce: "Toxik buddy you're like 5 foot 2, were you fighting a toddler or something?" Toxik: "That's it!" *Toxik would storm Necce and try to put him into submission. Using one arm, Necce would hold Toxik off, before knocking him out with a clean punch.* Echo Wilson: "At least some things never change." Bart: "Well now for the real surprise, welcome Ogre and Siege!" *Ogre and Siege would then walk into the locker room, the sight of Toxik unconscious on the floor spooked them a little bit, but they settled in perfectly. Over in the Carnage locker room though, there was drama.* Buddy Ace: "Flynn. Why the fuck are you making us do this match against those jobbers. We are better than that." Flynn: "Look. All you need to do is beat them and you face the Tag Champs. Creed." Alex Costa: "Don't forget, it could be AK-17!" *Everyone including Alex would laugh at this point.* Flynn: "It's the Thundermans, how hard can they be to beat?" *As Flynn said this the door of the locker room would be kicked off as the Thundermans would enter, Steph and Arrow! They would pose like Superman before entering the room.* Arrow Thunderman: "Jason Ryan you are an alcoholic and you drink because you are sad and you have no life Jason Ryan that is why nobody likes you and you lose cos you aren't very good I am a Thunderman and I am a million times better than you cos I don't drink all you are is an alcoholic who can't go five minutes without having a beer Jason Ryan and you know it is true look at the floor it is full of bottles with you name on it and oh what is that in your bag oh it's a weed." *Arrow would excitedly run over to Jason Ryans bag and pull out some weed, everyone else would be stunned to silence by the sheer amazingness of the words said by Arrow Thunderman to even acknowledge what was happening. After a few seconds of silence, Flynn would talk.* Flynn: "Uhm. Thank you for that Arrow, that was very interesting." Steph: "Wait do we have to face other people for the Championship?" Bailey: "Yeah of course." Steph: "Oh, I'm dropping out then." *Steph would run out of the locker room, still waiting for his Championship Match. Meanwhile, in the Valor locker room, things were beginning to kick off, as GRV had finally arrived.* GRV (On Phone): "Okay Tahlesha. Bye Tahlesha." Slim: "Is that your girl bro?" GRV: "Yeah Slim. She is what you would call a baddie." Slim: "Does she know about the OnlyFans subscriptions bro." Sameer: "This dude paid for an OnlyFans subscription then pretended to be dating the girl bruh." *Everyone would start laughing.* GRV: "I don't see what is wrong with that." Addy: "So much is wrong with that." GRV: "Anyway, I came here today to announce something." Aaron: "You spent 400 dollars for a selfie with someone again?" GRV: "That's it! Forfeit the match! I am done here! This is too much!" Bart: "GRV relax." GRV: "Fine! I'll do the match Jesus. Now can I do my announcement?" Slim: "Sure." *As GRV went to speak his phone would go off.* GRV: "Give me a second guys." GRV (On Phone): "Hi Tahlesha.... no Tahlesha..... but I don't wanna be the bottom anymore Tahlesha.....yes I know you could just date Paul instead Tahlesha......okay I'm coming Tahlesha." GRV: "Sorry guys, I've gotta go." ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Six. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
    • JWWA Dream Slam - Monthly Event Nagoya Congress Center - Nagoya, Japan March 2020 Match 1 Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe and Jinny) vs Dash Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto Our opening tag match of Dream Slam pits the new tag team of Momo Watanabe and Jinny taking on two mystery opponents which turn out to be the team of Dash Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto of Sendai Girls fame. It is a pretty good opening contest as the two teams jockey for position within the competitive tag division. In the end Momo and Jinny manage to secure the win with Jinny hiting Dash with a Facelift at the 9:13 mark Winners: Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe & Jinny) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 2 Donna del Mundo (Giulia, Maika and Himeka) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San) Our next contest continues the on-going story between Donna del Mundo and Tokyo Cyber Squad as Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San take on Giulia, Maika and Himeka. The two factions continuing there rivalry that has been brewing since the beginning of JWWA. This time it is Tokyo Cyber Squad who scores the victory as Konami and Giulia are busy fighting each other. This allows Death to toss down Himeka leaving Jungle alone with Maika which leads to Jungle getting the win with her Hammer Throw Powerbomb at the 13:18 mark. Winners: Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San) Post-Match Giulia call for a mic and chellanges Konami for a match next month at Nagoya Festival which Konami is quick to accept! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 3 Neo-Biishikin Gun (Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay) vs Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter) Our next match pits the new trio of Neo-Biishikin Gun consisting of Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay taking on the Oedo Tai trio of Natsuko Tora, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter. This coming in result of Bea's recent loss to Kay, before she joined with Neo-Biishikin Gun. Saki shows her displeasure on fighting Oedo Tai not engaging with them much letting Tenille and Allsyin do most of the work as they engage with Bea and Jamie. In the end it does however come out to both Natsuko and Sakisama in the ring as Saki is being beaten around by Tora only for Tenille and Allysin to come to the rescue of there leader. The match ends with Bea and Saki in the ring and Saki locking Bea in the Versailles Choke forcing the Brit to tap out at the 13:57 mark. Winners: Neo-Biishikin Gun (Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 4 Maki Itoh vs Viper Our next match is the result of the open chellange laid out on week 3 by Maki Itoh which was promptly answered by the debuting Viper on behalf of Queen's Quest. Both ladies looking to make there mark in the JWWA . Viper showed her immense strength by tossing around the smaller Itoh around, forcing Itoh to resort to hit and run tactics. Eventually Itoh would take advantage to move out of the way of Viper's Avalanche attempt to gain control. After 15 minutes the end would come with Viper catching Maki with a Powerslam followed by an Avalanche for the win in her debut! Winner: Viper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Match 5 Artists of Artists Championship Match Queen's Quest (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) vs Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) Our next contest is the tag team match to determine the first ever Artists of Artists Champions featuring the pairings of Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani taking on the team of Medusa Complex. The two teams had a tough path to the finals with Utami and Saya who beat Sadie Gibbs and Shanna and then Sakisama and Tenille whereas Medusa Complex beat Saki Kashima and Natsu Sumire and then Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano to reach this stage. The match starts with Millie and Utami having a good wrestling sequence as they trade holds between each other before tagging there partners. The match continues like this back ánd forth bor quite awhile. Eventually it's Charli and Saya in the ring and it looks like Saya is going to get the win for her team only for Evans to counter and hit her with the Snapmare Driver after 20:10 to secure the win and the titles! Winners: Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 6 Princess of Princesses Championship Yuka Sakazaki (c) vs Syuri Kondo Our Semi-Main event features Yuka Sakazaki defending the Princess of Princesses Championship against Syuri Kondo. Yuka looking to make his first title defense of the title whereas Syuri has been in a very good momentum picking up win after win. Contrasting styles here with Yuka going for more of a High Flying style compared to Syuri's more grappling style. Syuri does take control of the match for the most part keeping the champion grounded, not allowing Yuka to do most of her offense. Eventually though Yuka manages a comeback taking out Syuri with her highflying action. In the end Yuka wins with the Magical Girl Splash at the 22:35 mark to make defense number 1 of the title! Winner and still Princess of Princesses Champion: Yuka Sakazaki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Queen of Queens Championship Meiko Satomura (c) vs Jordynne Grace Our Main Event for Dream Slam pits Meiko Satomura facing Jordynne Grace for the Queen of Queens Championship. The two have been envolved in a pretty heated rivalry as Satomura and Grace start beating each other over with forearm exchanges and exchanging moves. In the end it's Jordynne that takes a bit advantage over the champ overpowering Meiko and keeping the champion grounded. However the veteran Meiko would take advantage of Grace's overzealousy and eventually secure the win at the 27:37 mark after doing the Death Valley Bomb followed by the Scorpio Rising to secure the win and retain the title! Winner and still Queen of Queens Champion: Meiko Satomura -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meiko Satomura confronted by Jungle Kyona! Meiko cuts a promo after the match, very happy about surviving the chellange of Jordynne Grace. Meiko doesn't know who is next but she is hoping for someone good to step up. Eventually it is Jungle Kyona who comes out and lays the chellange to Meiko for next month at Nagoya Festival. Meiko nods her head before offering Kyona a fist bump which she takes. It seems the match is set for next month Meiko vs Jungle for the Queen of Queens Title!
    • Number 17: NXT Takeover: Orlando This was another good NXT Takeover, with the marquee matches outclassing the other ones. They also had newly designed titles, so the old NXT, NXT Women's and NXT Tag Titles were being put down for good. We had Sanity vs Tye Dillinger, Ruby Riott, Kassius Ohno, and Roderick Strong to kick things off, and it was average. Sanity won after Killian Dain hit the Ulster Plantation on Tye Dilllinger for the win. Then we had Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aleister Black. This was a solid match,  and Aleister won after hitting the Black Mass, the same fate would be repeated the next year at NXT Takeover: NOLA. The Next Match was DIY vs AOP vs Revival in a 3 Way Elimination Match, which was great. DIY and Revival teamed up to put AOP through tables, hit the Shatter Machine, Meet in the middle, but their own personal rivalry got it the way of the mission to take out the biggest threat, as AOP would regain composure, hit the Last Chapter on DIY, and they were eliminated. Dash and Dawson tried to fight, but it wasn't enough as AOP would hit the Super Collider on them to retain. The next match was Asuka vs Ember Moon 1, which was a fun match. Ember tried for the Eclipse on Asuka but Asuka pushed the referee into the ring ropes, causing Moon to fall. Asuka then nailed Ember with a Roundhouse Kick on to retain the title. The Main Event was the second match between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura's Injured leg was Roode's target throughout the whole match. Roode hit a Glorious DDT" on Nakamura for only two. Roode then grabbed the ring bell but the referee prevented Roode from using it, allowing Nakamura to perform an inverted exploder suplex on Roode. Nakamura attempted a "Kinshasa" but Roode countered into a spinebuster on Nakamura for a near-fall. Roode performed a spinning Glorious DDT on Nakamura to retain the title. This was a great takeover, and Roode/Nakamura and DIY/AOP/Revival are things that you should definitely look at. The other matches were alright, but I wasn't really a big fan of the 8 Mixed Person Tag, when it just felt like an NXT Taping Style Match. However, that's my opinion and you should definitely see Roode/Nakamura, as it was awesome.
    • GWW Crush, Kill, Destroy Kahagas (c) vs. Rob Conway vs. Mil Muertes for the Million Dollar Championship Tonight kicks off with what was supposed to be Kahagas vs. Rob Conway for the Million Dollar Championship until there was a third man added to the match to punish Million Dollar Corporation for their actions. The third man is revealed to be Mil Muertes who runs to the ring after the match is already under way, he quickly grabs Rob Conway by the throat and pushes him out of the ring to be left alone with Kahagas. This match would be a good one and a quick one as Mil Muertes was able to get the crushing win in 03:26 when he destroyed Kahagas with three Mesias Splashes to get the pinfall win and the Million Dollar Championship. "The Fury of The Tokyo Monster" Kahagas is still down in the ring, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase gets into the ring to console him but "The Tokyo Monster" is furious. He then spits green mist into the eyes of Ted Dibiase and hits him with the Hosaka Street Cutter. Starbuck vs. Jimmy Lloyd - Hardcore Match It's time for our second match of the evening between Starbuck and Jimmy Lloyd. Ever since the cowardly attack from Starbuck to cost Jimmy Lloyd a spot in the semi-finals of the hardcore tournament, Jimmy Lloyd has been wanting revenge against Dirtbag Inc. ever since and he's gonna get it in his own playing field... in a hardcore match. This match would end up being a great one with a lot of blood and a lot of good wrestling, the win ended up going to Jimmy Lloyd in 12:45 after an elbow drop through a table and a pinfall to get the win. The Prime Time Players (c) vs. The Resistance Tonight's third match of the evening is a tag team match for the tag team titles between The Prime Time Players and the #1 Contenders The Resistance. There's been tension in the tag division recently, it's time to see if we'll get a fair match or not and who will walk out as the winner. This match would end up being great, as The Prime Time Players were able to get the win in 10:46 after Darren Young hit El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr. with a Bonecrusher Powerslam to get the pinfall win. "Hardcore Title Open Challenge" After a short commercial break Alex Colon walks out to the ring. It seems like it's time for his open challenge, he grabs a mic and gets into the ring with the Hardcore title on his shoulder. He tells anyone backstage to walk out and accept his challenge. Suddenly an unfamiliar theme plays and Sam Adonis walks out, Alex Colon looks impressed and prepared until another man hops on the apron behind him, it's Simon Gotch, Alex Colon doesn't notice Simon Gotch and keeps his eyes on Sam Adonis. Another man appears on the apron behind him, it's Ariya Daivari. Alex Colon turns around and notices Gotch and Daivari. He's surrounded in the ring and then another man walks out, it's Chris Dickinson. Chris Dickinson climbs to the other side of the ring with Sam Adonis, there's no escape for Alex Colon anymore. He throws his belt to the ground and gets ready for a fight, suddenly they all get in the ring and rush him, they give Alex Colon a brutal beatdown and leave him bloodied and unconscious. Sam Adonis pins him and gets the win in a surprising and controversial win over Alex Colon. Sam Adonis then grabs a mic and declares that this group is the future of this business, and this group will is full of future stars, and this group will go far and BEYOND to achieve stardom and to get what they want. This is the future, this is BEYOND. Alex Colon is carried away on a stretcher as we move on to our next match. Aerostar (c) vs. Caristico for GWW X-Division Championship Tonight's semi main event is between Aerostar and Caristico and it's for the GWW X-Division Championship. Caristico got this match after defeating Serpentico to become the #1 contender. This match would end up being an excellent match as Aerostar got the win in 15:38 after hitting Caristico with an Imploding 450 Splash and a pinfall to get the win. "Face to Face with Death" The match is over and suddenly the theme of Suicide hits, he rushes to the ring and comes face to face with the X-Division champion. He points a finger gun to Aerostar's head and sends a clear message to the X-Divsion Champion. Drago (c) vs. Josh Barnett Tonight's main event is for the GWW World Championship, it's between Drago and "The Warmaster" Josh Barnett. These two are very excited to face each other as both men have tremendous respect for one another. It's gonna be a tough match but let's see who wins it. This match would end up being an excellent match with a lot of hard hits, great wrestling and athletic maneuvers, the win ended up going to Drago in 17:23 after Drago hit Josh Barnett with the Dragon Twist to get the win via pinfall.
    • MEGALO Nitro #3:   Daniel Bryan, fed up with the corporate lifestyle of other wrestling companies, sought to create a company solely dedicated to the art of wrestling, In order to call upon all of the best types of wrestling, Bryan has gathered the best talent in the world.   Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the heat. This is Nitro!   Segment 1: In a MEGALO World Title first round match, both Sami Zayn (0-0) and KENTA (0-0) take one another to the absolute limit. It is only through a misstep on KENTA’s part where Sami is able to hit the Helluva kick on KENTA and pick up the win, barely.   Segment 2:  Following the match, KENTA begins a vicoius attack on Sami Zayn, targeting his surgically repaired soldier. KUSHIDA (0-1) and Akira Tozawa (1-0), friends of both men rush down to try and stop KENTA, but as Tozawa is able to calm down KENTA, KUSHIDA turns on Tozawa, hitting him in the back with a chair, and KENTA and KUSHIDA leave the two wrestlers laying motionless in the ring   Segment 3: In an enhancement match, Bianca Belair (0-1) takes on a Local Talent. Throughout the match, Bianca dominates and shows her strength, easily overpowering her opponent. Eventually, Belair puts away her opponent for the win.   Segment 4: In a Video, Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears, and AOP run down the remaining contestants in the World Title tournament (Joe, Cesaro, Zayn, Lee) and Spears reminds the viewers that he is the chairman, and will take out all of them, any means necessary.   Segment 5: Back in the ring, Belair is still waiting in the ring, and she talks about the story is about Becky, and Bayley, and Banks, and the Joshi’s when it should be about her. And she feels as though her opponent tonight wasn’t on her level and she wants another one more deserving. Candice LeRae (0-1) comes out and says nobody in this business deserves anything, and she’s willing to let Belair earn anything in a match. Belair scoffs and walks away.   Segment 6: Will Ospreay (0-0) comes out to the ring, adamant on having a match and makes an open challenge to anyone in the back. Chad Gable (1-0) comes out and he has been claimed to be the best mat wrestler in MEGALO and Will Ospreay has been claimed to be the best high flyer in MEGALO. Ospreay sees where this is going and prepares for a match, until Daniel Bryan (1-0) comes out. Bryan makes it clear that he wants Ospreay at 100% at Revolution so he refuses to allow the match to happen, however, Bryan says he is willing to face Gable. Gable accepts, still excited with Ospreay clearly annoyed.   Segment 7: In a technical match, Daniel Bryan (1-0) takes on Chad Gable (1-0). Much like his match with Sammy Guevara, Bryan does not prepare himself truly, and the match is more even then the fans would’ve predicted. Eventually, Bryan locks in the Label Lock for the win.   Segment 8: The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho (1-0) begins. Jericho admits that while the Highlight Reel May be an old idea, he figures it might be good to bring back an old idea for an old concept, leading to him calling down Kevin Steen (0-0). Steen comes down and the two trade back and forth banter going over their history, saying they’ve faced eachother twice before, and Steen, knowing he’s better then everyone on the roster, wants to beat Jericho at Revolution before he does what he wants, and Jericho accepts the challenge.   Segment 9: Cool Masters (1-0) take on a team of enhancement talent. The enhancement talent team was defeated relatively easy   Segment 10: The Cool Masters, wanting time defend their moniker of the best tag team in MEGALO, decide to challenge the team of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly to a match at Revolution.   Segment 11: Joe Henning, Keith Lee, and Johnny Gargano are backstage checking on Sami Zayn and Akira Tozawa, until Cesaro rolls around, saying while he’s upset for Sami, it changes nothing, and soon enough, he’ll take them out, as well as KENTA if he tries anything.   Segment 12: A hype video for Drago runs, showcasing his talent and his history in the industry, and also alluding to the fact he is looking for something in MEGALO.   Segment 13: The Joshi Warriors (1-0) take on the makeshift team of Bayley (0-0) and Becky Lynch (1-0). Despite the caliber of Bayley and Becky’s in ring skill, they have very little chemistry teaming with eachother, leading to them being taken aback by Io and Kairi’s offense. Eventually, Kairi hits a flying elbow on Bayley to pick up the win. During the match, Sasha and Kana are on commentary and while Sasha continues to taunt Becky, she praises Bayley, meanwhile Kana remains silent.   Segment 14: Following the match, Kairi and Io begin to beat down Bayley until Becky comes in with the save. Becky however is taken out by Sasha, who locks in the Bank Statement, not letting go until Becky passes out. However, Kana, who has entered the ring, lands a stiff kick to Sasha in the head, knocking her out. The Joshi’s stand tall over three of the most dominant women’s wrestlers in the world to end the show.   (Editors Note: Apologies for the extended wait. Future Posts from MEGALO should appear on time going forward.)

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