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    • I'll give to agree with Tasteful Chain here. I really doesn't a fan of the DQ finish either and I honestly thought the match was going pretty well and the arena brawl was pretty random. But with the DQ finish it advances to story into the Hell In A Cell PPV where they have a rematch. Which hopefully we get to see Sasha vs Becky in the cell which I honestly think would be a pretty decent match because I was somewhat into the match this PPV so with the Hell In A Cell stipulation they'll have more spots and stuff.
    • 'My Demons' echoes throughout the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer comes out to an extreme amount of cheers. Just one day after his victory over Bashka in the Main Event of Survival Games Week Two. Sameer smirks standing on the entrance ramp before making his way to the ring as Hollow looks on. Hollow clearly did not expect the World Champion to come out here tonight. Sameer climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd in Orlando as they cheer for The World Heavyweight Champion Sameer picks up the microphone that Hollow dropped on the mat after finishing his speech but before he begins to speak he has a staredown with Hollow. Clearly showing that these two have had a history in the past and there is tension before Sameer even speaks. After couple of seconds, Sameer begins to speak.  It's been awhile Hollow. The last time I was in the ring with you I defeated you in the ladder match for the Money In The Bank briefcase at BPZ Mania. I didn't steal it, Just because you were the favorite going into the match Hollow doesn't mean if you lose you were robbed. I went into BPZ Mania prepared, ready to win because truly nobody wanted you to win Hollow. Nobody here wanted you to win Money In The Bank. Nobody wanted to see you as the face of this company.  You come out here with this mask on and to scare your opponents and give this sort of crazy vibe to the fans. Guess what though Hollow, you are only fooling yourself because NOBODY in the locker room is scared of you. Nobody in the locker room takes you seriously, Nobody sees you as a threat. None of these fans take you seriously if anything you are a comedian. Why don't you take that UMBRELLA AND STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY ASS because that's the only way you would actually get attention from these fans. You are a failure Hollow, you basically ended syndicate the one thing that kept you relevant. The one thing that you could get attention from fans. You failed to win Money In The Bank. You failed to hold the tag team championship for one month proving that you are weak but almost everyone knew that. You only won tag because Brenden and I were screwed over and attacked by people that weren't in the match. You want to tear me apart huh. Sorry to tell you but the pain is nothing to me. I can take anything you have. Any sick kind of idea you have inside that little emo brain of yours. Week 3 of Survival Games will be no different than the last two weeks. Blade? Hollow? It's doesn't matter you're still getting your ass kicked and pinned. Sameer drops the microphone and once again begins to have a staredown with Hollow this time it seems like there is even most hatered for one another after what Sameer had to say. 'My Demons' would play throughout the Amway Center as Sameer turns around and exits the ring heading backstage and Carnage goes to commercial break.
    • 17th September 2019   Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Gorilla Monsoon welcome the audience to this episode of 205 Live, they take the audience over the matches that will be happening tonight. The first one being Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan taking on the team of Juventud Guerrera & Billy Kidman. The second match, which is also the main event of the night, will be Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger taking on Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship. Backstage interview with Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak   Sarah Schreiber: “Drew, it has just been announced that you are facing Jushin Liger for your Cruiserweight Title later tonight, what are your thoughts on this-”   Drew Gulak: “Listen here Sarah, everyone’s already said it, so I’ll make this short and sweet, I don’t care who these legends are, and I don’t care what they’re here for, but one thing is for certain: I will make each and every single one of them tap out, and I will be your reigning, defending, undisputed Cruiserweight Champion of the world! Drew…. Gulak…”   Gulak leaves as he is about to prepare for his huge match later on tonight.   -   Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan vs Juventud Guerrera & Billy Kidman The fans were very much behind the WCW high flying duo of Juventud & Kidman, and they didn’t disappoint, the fans were dazzled with all of the technical and high flying moves coming from both teams, and in the end, it was Kidman who picked up the win for his team by hitting a fantastic Shooting Star Press from the top rope onto Oney Lorcan after 14 minutes of non-stop action. After the match Jack Gallagher picked up a microphone.   Gallagher: Well, what do I say apart from; well done, you outwrestled us, and you proved what the legends are all about. But that’s not the reason I took this microphone, the real thing I wanted to say was this-”   Gallagher starts attacking Kidman & Guerrera, and Lorcan shortly follows up with a few huge strikes of his own, the two continue the assault on the former WCW Cruiserweight legends before security drags them away.   -   Promo package hyping up a match for next week’s episode of 205 A video is shown on the titantron, showing off the main event for next week. Which will be Tony Nese taking on a British Cruiserweight Legend: Dynamite Kid. The fans pop as they see that the Dynamite Kid will be back in action next week.   -   Backstage segment featuring Drake Maverick and The Hurricane Drake Maverick is seen running down the hallway with his newly won 24/7 Championship, he then bumps into The Hurricane.   Drake: “Oh my god! It’s the Hurricane! Thank god I found you, listen here now, I need some help hiding with my precious baby here, and a superhero like you is the perfect fit to help me, please can you just do something, I’m in a massive rush, they’ll be here any time soon!”   Hurricane: “A rush you’re in? Maybe, the Hurricane can help you, after all, I am a superhero!”   Drake: “Yes, yes I know you’re a superhero, but that’s besides the point, can you just help me hide with this title? I seriously have no time to be wasting right now… Look, just please help me, and we can both carry on with our wonderful days.”   Hurricane: “Fine, I shall help you, just follow me and I will show you the way to the light, after all, I am a superhero!”   The Hurricane then opens up a container, and as Drake is about to go in-   HURRICANE ROLLS DRAKE UP! HURRICANE IS THE NEW 24/7 CHAMPION! He then throws Drake into the container, and locks it shut, so that Drake can’t get out!   Hurricane: Now! Back to my superhero ways!   -   Cruiserweight Championship Match Drew Gulak (C) vs Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger   The fans were very excited for this dream match, and for very good reason too, these two men put on a fantastic technical masterclass, and everyone, including the commentators, the crowd, and even Vince McMahon himself, loved this match, and after a solid 21 minutes of nothing but pure technical wrestling, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger shocked the world by pinning Drew Gulak after a devastating Liger Bomb on the outside of the ring, before throwing him back in and hitting another earth-shattering Liger Bomb to become the first ever legend to win a championship in the new era of WWE.   Gulak then picks up a microphone.   Drew: “Jushin, you may have won this time! But I’m not finished with you! At Clash of Champions, I will show you what a real cruiserweight is all about! I will show you-”   But he is interrupted by The Hurricane who is being chased around the ring by many other cruiserweights (and R-Truth and Cactus Jack), he then bumps into Gulak who rolls him up to win the 24/7 Title! Gulak runs away with the title to close off the show! -   END  
    • Josh waits in the ring, keeping his ears open for Mikey's music. But rather than his music, Josh hears a slow clap. The clap gets louder and louder, and eventually Mikey is seen walking out from the back, microphone in hand. Rather than walking down to the ring, he stands firmly in the center of the stage, continuing his slow golf clap mixed in with a smile and a shake of his head. Well played Josh, well played. You think this little set up here is going to trap me? You think getting me to sign that piece of paper will bind me to the match and I won't be able to back out of it once it's said and done. Intriguing. Really, it is. You think I'm scared to face you? No, Josh, I'm not scared of you at all. I'd be more scared to face a handcuffed Arrow. You see, you're in the lowest tier of wrestlers here in BPZ, and I can't afford to be afraid of someone like that who I know I can beat. Hell, the only thing I have to be worried about is you signing that contract, because I can't guarantee you're not going to pussy out before the match even starts! So with that being said... Mikey finally breaks his stance and walks down to the ring slowly, continuing his monologue while doing so. I'm more than happy to sign your contract Josh. And you know, you think you've defended yourself and covered up for what I said last week, but if that was your intention you did a damn poor job of doing so. Yes Josh, I still believe you don't have the balls to face people on your skill level. Yes, you've faced world champions, even pulled out a lucky win against a few. But they're way, way above your level. I think you're scared to step into the ring with someone who could actually give you a good fight. But that's only my humble opinion. Mikey finally reaches the ring and gingerly steps inside. Once he enters, he struts right up to the table and stares Josh down while he talks. I don't give a damn that you want this match to be built off respect. I have absolutely no respect for you, and I never will. And what happens if it's personal? Will you cry and start wailing your way around the ring, maybe hoping I'll pass out from all the tears and anguish coming out from me touching a few nerves? I'd certainly hope not. The only reason I've made this personal is because you asked for it, Josh. I can respect standing up for yourself, but claiming some of the things you do is simply not right. There are some people in this world who don't know their place and need a little reminder to put them in it, and you fall into that category, Joshua Scott. So how about you stop going around issuing warnings to Arius and Yelich and look at the true obstacle that is standing in front of you right now. With that, Mikey places the mic down on the table and grabs the pen, about to scribble his signature. A mere inch away from the paper, Mikey suddenly pauses, thinking. He places the pen down on the table and grabs his microphone one last time. But what he says next is not directed toward Josh, but rather toward Gary Green. Gary, that was a hell of a punch you threw last week. Maybe you should step into the ring sometime. You would put up a better fight than the bitch standing next to you. The crowd rains down boos as Mikey smirks, taking it all in. He once again grabs the pen and this time writes his name, the ink sealing his fate. He backs up a few steps and holds his arms out, ready for Josh's response.
    • NBA NEWS! This week the league has had some major changes and news! Changing the shape of the league a putting some teams into the championship discussion! Chris Paul To The Dallas Mavericks! Today the Dallas Mavericks traded for Former All-Star Point Guard Chris Paul! They sent away Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr, A Mavericks 2024 first round pick and 2022 second round pick for Chris Paul. Now in this trade the Oklahoma City Thunder get more assists for Chris Paul. Chris Paul gets to go to a now Championship contending team in people's eyes and gets to team up with two young stars in Luka Doncic who had a outstanding rookie season and Kristaps Porzingis who has comeback and in the last 2 games averaged 24 points and 7 rebounds looking like the all-star we saw before the injury when he was with the Knicks. This is Paul's last chance to get a ring and he should be more determined than ever. Giannis Antetokounmpo Signs Supermax Deal With The Milwaukee Bucks Today Giannis Antetokounmpo announced to the Milwaukee crowd that he invited to the Fiserv Forum Arena, That he signed a Supermax contracted earlier that day and he's ready and determined to get Milwaukee a NBA Championship. This is of course a big win for Milwaukee. They have locked up the reigning MVP for 4 years more and will be in the championship talks for the next 5 years. This hurts the Knicks who were leaving money for Antetokounmpo if he would be a free agent in 2021. Giannis has proved his loyalty to the Bucks let's see if he can deliver a championship to Milwaukee. Kevin Love to Portland Trail Blazers!  Another blockbuster trade this week as Kevin Love has been traded to the Portland Trail Blazers! Portland gave away a 2022 first round pick, 2022 & 2023 second round pick, Gary Trent Jr a young forward and Hassan Whiteside for Kevin Love and Ante Zizic. For The Trail Blazers this puts them in the Championship conversation. The West is looking even more stacked with Chris Paul going to a team that can now win a championship and Kevin Love going to the Trail Blazers who just went to the Western Conference Finals are now looking like a team that could win the championship with Kevin Love bringing more offense for them and rebounding. Love has played as the 3rd star before on the Cavaliers with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving so this role won't be nothing new to him.  

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