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    • I was late the party when i wondered why Billy Ray Cryus was on the hit charts but...it's 2 minutes of addicting music. It gets stuck in your head.  
    • Suprised they are going with Styles vs Rollins so quickly. It makes it fairly obvious that Rollins is winning the match, but we can hope that they have learned from the Styles Nakamura on how to do a face vs face feud.  Not a bad episode of RAW, I enjoyed it. Hope they can keep it up. 
    • I'm going to choose a more bizarre one and that is Brodus Clay. Brodus initially pitched Mark Henry's fantastic Hall of Pain Gimmick and if Brodus would have had the chance to take that gimmick I think he would have been a high level heel in the company just like Henry was. He had the size, he had the intimidation but instead they made him come out as a dancing fool from Planet Funk with the nickname the Funkasaurus. What could have been
    • This was one of the more enjoyable RAW's I have watched in recent memory because of how fresh it felt and how different it was to the stagnant filler-filled show of the last couple of months. I'm definitely a fan of Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles as Rollins first feud as champ because it adds credibility and importance to the Universal Championship. By pitting the two biggest names on the roster against each other for the Universal Championship immediately elevates the belt and is much better than a Baron Corbin alternative. Yes it could have been saved for Summerslam but I think this is still a great way to kick off Seth's Universal Championship run This new re-incarnation of Bray Wyatt is absolutely fantastic, it's a sick/twisted friendly character that no doubt looks like Bray came up with himself. There was something about Bray holding a chainsaw and acting like a babyface that was really eerie and that is what was so good about it. It's great to see Bray in a different form because his old gimmick was getting a little stale and this might just be his most sinister form yet  Also RIP The Viking Experience (2019-2019)
    • I am 100% in on Bray Wyatt with his new direction. I am blown away by how hilarious and insanely different this is. What an amazing swerve. This is such a fresh gimmick for WWE that still has the same vein of creepiness Wyatt embodies. Right now the only important note i need to see is how this new versions fights in the ring. This has real potential to be something incredible as long as they don't ruin it.  Does anyone think we could see Bo being involved as a "Mailman" type character at one point of the show? So how is this working with the Women's Titles? When Lacey mentioned she looked forward to holding both titles it caught me off guard because i thought she was challenging for the Raw Women's Championship only. Anyway Lacey Evans is growing on me with her character now that she can talk  i'm enjoying Becky Two Belts but tonight showed there is something off, Becky can't really work as an underdog anymore. It takes away the aggression and intensity that got her over in the first place. Maybe that can change but i'm not feeling it. “What I’d like to have right now is for all you fat, out-of-shape, Saskatoon slobs to keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show you what a real glorious man is supposed to look like. Now hit the music....” Okay yes Roode looks like Rick Rude but i'm just happy to see the heel Glorious one i've been craving for months and months. A victory tonight over Ricochet sets the tone nicely of hopefully a new age of Roode in WWE. It's odd but tonight with Roode, Cesaro, Alexander and Bray Wyatt. I am twice as excited for this new Raw now than i was last week. Both triple threat matches were fun matches and opening the show with all the potential challengers gathering in the ring was a good way to showcase the core talent of Raw going forward for at least now to Summerslam and it looks good. Though i would've liked to see the newly acquired Cesaro be in that position over Baron Corbin since they are both heel you can't win them all. Cesaro getting the win over the debuting Alexander was nice enough. I'm surprised by some of the negative reactions i've seen online about getting Rollins against AJ Styles "too early". On one hand i understand that they would rather they face at a point down the road where AJ has a chance but with injuries happening frequently now post-Wrestlemania, I think they want to pull the trigger right away rather than wait a couple of months. To think if either guy gets injured, it could delay the match another year. And AJ and Rollins can be done again later in the year if needed.
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