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    • I think at this point we can say that sadly Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship have entered this terrority. Yes he isn't the champ currently, but when I think of the belt, Lesnar will still pop my mind almost instantly for his 2 year dominance over the belt and RAW.   
    • In potential I think this would be closer but anyone picking Joe in his current state would be foolish. He hasn't been used good since like the Lesnar thing, which was more than a year ago (ACTUALLY 2!) at this point. The AJ stuff was cool but really needed Joe to win to help him. Bryan on the other hand is just excellent and will continue to be so and despite WWE having some history with screwing him over too, it's nowhere near as bad with Joe. I would take Daniel Bryan. 
    • What if the WWF didn't buy WCW is the obvious one, but what if they hadn't done the Invasion angle? Their talent was still amazing and they didn't need to freshen it up at all. You had enough likeable young talents to go up against Heel Austin and Vince. Maybe they wouldn't have lost their momentum as much as they did, and it may have even led to the WWE being in a completely different place today.
    • The way how they go about creating new stars, or better put, not creating new stars. Guys like Almas and Black are in this weird spot where it's clear that the WWE thinks they have potential to be something, but there is no willingness to make them something. Black has had one ppv match since leaving NXT, completely taking away any of the hype he has had. I get that he had an injury, but to my knowlegde it wasn't anything major that kept him out for months. Almas is suffering from the same booking disease, where you will see him face a top guy and have a good showing, only to do nothing for the weeks and months that follow. These squash matches that they have given both of them do nothing for them, and won't do anything for someone that follow.  The same can be said for Drew, Joe and many more. They know they have the potential to have an incredible roster with enough talent to deliver amazing ppvs month in and month out, but for some reason, they just can't be arsed to do something with this. Instead talentless performers who can work as midcarders but will never become anything more than that like Corbin are getting constant tv time and ppv matches. 
    • Finally have a feud with @Slim. The story is there and has been there, and I think with both of our talents we should be able to create something really special. Oh yeah, I want to beat him as well.  Have another match against @Julius somewhere down the line. I think last time, while I won, it wasn't as good as it should have been, mainly due to Echo getting suspened and taken out of the match.  Win the world title, either via the rumble, mitb, or just winning it.   

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