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    • Predictions for the Raw side of King Of The Ring (Round 1): Samoa Joe defeats Cesaro Ricochet defeats Drew McIntyre  Cedric Alexander defeats Sami Zayn Baron Corbin defeats The Miz
    • BrendenPlayz Stars That Could Win The Money In The Bank Briefcase At Bad Blood 5. Jonathan  Ever since the Royal Flush lost to the Big Ballers Jonathan has not appeared on BrendenPlayz TV. He's taking a break from Wrestling as of right now but him winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase would do wonders for him and relieve his career. He won the briefcase before and been world champion before so this would also be safe option since he knows what is like to be world champion.  4. BiC  BiC has been one of the hardest workers in the company as of right now. Him winning Money In The Bank wouldn't be as much of a career relieve like Jonathan it'd be more like a win that would push him up to the top again where he was a couple of years ago and he would be able to prove this time that maybe he is ready to be at the top of the company this time. He's currently in a Tag Match with Hans at SummerSlam against Blade and Slim so it might not happen but it could since we saw Sameer win Money In The Bank while in a Tag Team with Brenden. 3. Bart      Bart has made his return and is facing Flynn at SummerSlam for the Undisputed Championship. Before he had to leave due to Julius attacking him. Bart was on a role and one of the best stars in the company but he couldn't take the next big step with him winning Money In The Bank. He could take the next step and win the World Championship. Although it may be unlikely to happen since he could be undisputed champion entering bad blood.  2. Arius    Arius has been one of the fastest rising stars in BrendenPlayz him winning would no doubt do wonders for his career and it would most likely lead to him winning the world championship. Management has shown that they have no problem with pushing Arius and can you blame them? This guy is phenomenal and I don't think anyone would mind seeing him at the top of the company.  1. Smith Ever since coming back to BPZ at King Of The Ring. All the fans have been pumped to see Smith back in the BrendenPlayz ring and with him being one of the biggest stars ever in the company. I wouldn't be suprised if they give him the briefcase and put him at the top of BrendenPlayz again. He has been world champion before so like Jonathan it's another safe bet. This has been Ben Dover and this was BACK TO BACK BPZ COMMENTARIES. I have been truly kind to you people as of late with all this content ONLY ON BPZ COMMENTARIES. 
    • Smackdown Episode 31 CM Punk VS ??? (US title) SmackDown kicks off with a CM Punk US title open challenge, and on this occasion, the challenge is answered by Chris Masters. Masters uses his superior strength to ground the champion, but Punk is able to fire back with his striking and submission ability, ultimately picking up the victory over his stronger opponent. CM Punk defends the US title yet again, and he celebrates along with the audience. . SmackDown then cuts to a brawl backstage, with King Booker attacking Bobby Lashley with a steel chair after his interference last week. Booker lays into the World Heavyweight champion repeatedly with chair shots, but security soon breaks up the brawl. Booker gets the edge over Lashley on this occasion, but one has to believe Lashley won't let this attack go easily. . SmackDown's MVP's VS The Pride of Mexico In an exhibition match between two of the top teams on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero score the huge upset win over the former tag team champions, furthering the downward spiral of MVP and Mr. Kennedy. After the match, Rey and Chavo shake hands with MVP and Kennedy, and Rey announces that he wants to add SmackDown's MVP's to their Survivor Series team. MVP and Kennedy thank them for the opportunity, but before the four men can celebrate, they're interrupted by the tag team champions, Time Fault. Snitsky and Gregory Helms show up on the titantron, and they announce that since Rey's added MVP and Kennedy to his team, they're gonna draft the team that cost SmackDown's MVP's their match last week. Time Fault officially adds the Submission Masters, Chris Masters and Ric Flair, to their Survivor Series team, and the segment ends. The Survivor Series elimination match is currently Rey, Chavo, Nitro, MVP and Kennedy VS Helms, Snitsky, Burke, Masters and Flair. . Johnny Nitro VS Marcus Cor Von In an exhibition match that once again rekindles the feud of Nitro and Cor Von, Johnny Nitro picks up the victory after interference from CM Punk, who distracts Cor Von long enough for Nitro to score the win. Punk has gotten a measure of revenge on Cor Von, but one has to believe that Cor Von won't let this transgression go easily. . Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy VS Elijah Burke VS Ric Flair (Cruiserweight title NOC tournament match) In the second chance match between the four Cruiserweights who lost their qualifying matches, Elijah Burke is able to pick up the much-needed victory on this occasion. Burke scores a victory, but once again through dubious methods. SmackDown ends with Burke celebrating, and Burke will now face Chavo Guerrero in two weeks, with his goal of becoming Cruiserweight champion seeming viable once more.
    • @TheNathanSawyer: @Sheridan's best uses are in the bedroom and the porn studio from what my sources tell me.  @TheNathanSawyer: Sheridan is like a door knob, Everyones had a turn.  @TheNathanSawyer: I'd Call Sheridan a Cow but that would offend the Cow.  @TheNathanSawyer: Heard Sheridan's favorite position is doggy, Makes sense, If i looked as ugly as her I'd hide my face during sex too.  @TheNathanSawyer: To Be the Man, You have to Beat the Man. This doesn't apply to Sheridan as the only men she can beat are the one's she solicits off the streets. 

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