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    • BPZ is on the road to Summerslam as the titantron flips over to a pre-taped segment. The screen fades in to a hospital room in Sendai Japan, where KENJI is sitting up in his bed, speaking with a visiting Shirada who is sat next to the bed. There are less bandages over his face and chest this time, and he has more colour to his complexion. While it's slow going, he is on the road to recovery. KENJI's expression holds a reserved tension, holding something back before speaking up. KENJI: "Shirada, throughout all of your career, did you always keep to the rules, or a code? Or did you take some shortcuts? I don't know, I've just been thinking......I tried sticking to what I know, but being so rigid to it didn't get me anywhere in BPZ. I only really gained some momentum when I cut loose at Emergence.....and I don't really know what that means". Shirada sighs slightly under his breath as he looks at his former protege. Shirada: "I did have some years where I tended towards the eye rakes, and underhanded tactics sometimes.......and while it did get me some early success, when I look back at my time in the ring, those days only served to hold me back. I became reliant on those shortcuts after a while, my skills became sloppy and beatable. Maybe it's because I'm not the largest wrestler, it was a way to even the odds. I.....we started the Shirokuro Dojo to train rookies how to wrestle properly, so that they don't need to pad out their arsenal with these strategies". KENJI: "Yes.....I suppose that makes sense......I've been thinking, a lot, that maybe I need to change up my style, even if just a little bit. Maybe my style is a little too clean cut to really make it far in BPZ. At Emergence I had to throw my usual strategies out of the window, because the match type dictated it.....But maybe being a little more rugged about it might be a good thing". Shirada squints his eyes at KENJI, not understanding where this is coming from. Shirada: "I don't quite understand, KENJI, you said that you wouldn't fall down into hardcore wrestling. Even if you start to change your style, it drives you closer to an early retirement.....or maybe worse....." KENJI: "It's alright, I'm not going to become a hardcore wrestler, but I think opening up my style would be goo-" Shirada cuts KENJI off, his voice is stern this time, his eyes slightly steely and shaky. Shirada: "You say that now, but how long until you're mopping up your own blood every night? Putting even more wear and tear on your body, or pulling thumb tacks out of your fingers? You're my greatest student, I trained you to avoid mine and Benkei's mistakes in this business". KENJI: "But I'm not you......and I'm not Benkei either......I might be your student but it's still my path to choose. If I keep trying to do exactly the same thing over and over, expecting different results.....then I'm a lost cause before I even think about stepping into the ring again. You saw what happened at King of the Ring, I choked immediately after gaining a modicum of momentum......I don't want that to happen again.....You're the greatest friend I've had from the first day I stepped into that Dojo, and I cannot go back to that abyss that Brad took me too.....But resting on my laurels isn't going to help". Shirada pauses for a moment, a pained look in his eyes as he looks at his former student. He takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly in the quiet hospital room. KENJI looks at his mentor intently, his response was earnest and true, hoping that Shirada would see it as such. Shirada: "......If you start down this path, I can't lie and say that I support it......but I can't hold you back if you think that I am......It's a tough road, KENJI, to change one's self". KENJI: "Don't worry, I am fully aware. This last six months have been nothing but a painful lesson that I need to change, now more than ever. This path is something that you cannot teach me, but your foundation will never be lost. Ever. The horizons I see for myself, it's a long way away, and there is a lot of hurdles that I must survive in the coming months, but I will get there". Shirada's concerned frown slowly morphs to that of a small smile, letting out a breathy chuckle as he pats KENJI on the shoulder, who winces as he is still sore from Emergence, both men sharing a moment of camaraderie. Shirada: "Always stubborn, even in the face of self-realisation". Shirada and KENJI smile as the screen fades to black, ending the segment.
    • You know I had to come with the UK tracks  
    • Pretty good episode Marker. Pushing Mal Hades as a destructive monster is a good idea, but if you have him look weak to Sheridan then you might as well kill him off right then and there. All seriousness good episode and I can't wait to see more. 
    • Ether - Nas Hit Em Up - Tupac Long Kiss Goodnight - The Notorious B.I.G Exodus 43:1 - Pusha T Back To Back - Drake  

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