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    • Getting the chance to face guys like Jonathan, Natedogg and now Brad and FD. Really guys that paved the way in Kayfabe and I was lucky enough to face them. Another key highlight was winning the NXT Championship earlier this year.
    • July 16th 2019 __________________________________ Triple H's big announcement The show began with Triple H welcoming us to the NEW ERA of NXT. With nearly all the champions called up, HHH promised that NXT would go back to its roots and produce stars that would become World Champions. He announced a 16 man tournament for NXT, with the winner being crowned NXT Champion. _____________ Killian Dain vs Lio Rush Two of the early favorites for the entire tournament collided early on, with Dain facing Lio Rush Dain nailed Rush early on with the Coise Bodhar, but the NXT Cruiserweight Champion proved his credentials by kicking out. He then had hearts racing when he hit a Dropkick and followed up with The Final Hour but Dain kicked out. Dain eventually used the Ulster Plantation to win the match and advance to the quarters _____________ Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari Two of the 205Live guys that had made the move to NXT were looking to make a big impact as Daivari and "The Premier Athlete" collided And it would be Nese picking up the victory, putting away Daivari with The Running Kneese for the 3 count, joining Dain in the next round of the tournament   ____________ Jack Gallagher vs Trevor Lee Jack Gallagher stood in the ring, waiting for his opponent in the tournament when suddenly Trevor Lee came to the ring, making his NXT debut And it would be a successful debut for Lee as he moved onto the next round, nailing Gallagher with the Orange Crush for the victory ____________ Angel Garza vs Velveteen Dream The NXT North American Champion was in action in tonights main event, against the debuting Angel Garza Jr, and the match surpassed all expectations and delivered a spectacle It was Dream however that won the match, despite an impressive display by Garza, Dream's Purple Rainmaker was too much and gave him the win. After the match though, as Dream began a speech, the music of Hiroshi Tanahashi hit and the crowd lost their minds as he debuted in NXT. He stared down with Dream to end the show  
    • Joshua Scott Buddy and Bishop Julius Jones First Class Express Mikey Dokey FDS  Bob Sparks Natedog James Ropati and ??? Flynn Sameer Bonus: Prince 
    • I am with Sheri on this one. The addition of a third brand should make things interesting in this diary. Cant wait for more guys
    • August 13th 2019 The show started with video footage of Ryan Reeves trying to enter the arena, only to be turned away by security. As Ryan tried to muscle past them, security rugby tackled him to the floor and handcuffed him before taking him away We then cut to the ring where Brenden was laughing to himself. He announced that because of threats Ryan had made to him in recent weeks, Brenden had banned him from Evolve tonight, earning the boos of the crowd He then offered the opportunity of a lifetime. For someone to face him 1 on 1. An honour reserved for the highest. And he would give anyone on Evolve a chance tonight However the crowd were confused as the music of Sheridan hit. She came out and furiously tore into Brenden, before confirming recent suspicions her and Ryan were in a relationship. She accepted Brendens challenge for tonight, something which Brenden agreed to, offering his hand. However Sheridan refused to take it and just left the ring Mikey and Alex Costa vs The Mave Effect (Akki and Mave) There has been tension brewing here for the last 2 weeks. Akki has suffered defeats to both Mikey and Alex but has blindsided both post match. Now they form a makeshift team to try beat The Mave Effect And they worked quite well as a team, dominating the experienced Mave Effect. Alex won the match by nailing Mave with a Rise of Salvation for the 3 count. After the match the music of Hans Clayton hit, who was sporting a black armband with a white B on it. Last week he promised he was recruiting a stable to take down the Kingdom, could that be what the armband is about? Hans rolled into the ring and threw an armband to both Mikey and Alex. He told them they had one week to accept his offer and become Bulletproof. Hans then left the ring, leaving Mikey and Alex contemplating the offer Julius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Odyssey Sellers had an amazing chance to prove himself against the IC Champ Julius, who had all of his Kingdom teammates in his corner. Before the match could start, Arius came to ringside to stare down Julius Julius seemed put off by his fellow countrymans appearance, almost allowing Sellers a chance in the match but Julius put him away in quick fashion with the Hells Welcome.  After the match Arius stood on the apron and stared down with Julius, Bart, Echo and Slim who stood in the ring, their 3 belts in hand. We had this staredown until we cut to commercial break After a commercial break we saw a vignette play for Evolves newest free agent signing. "Some of you may know me as BiC." We then saw a man in an expensive suit, outside a mansion, putting on a watch "I am now Isaiah Carter III." We then saw the familiar face of BiC appear onscreen before the announcement that he returns soon, now under the name IC3, Isaiah Carter III Brenden vs Sheridan Sheridan was hoping for the break of a lifetime as she looked to take down the boss BrendenPlayz who was accompanied by his tag partner World Champ Sameer Sheri looked like she had it won when she hit the Angellic Demise but before she could cover, Sameer pulled Brenden out of the ring. However Sameer was suddenly blindsided by Bash, and the two began fighting into the crowd Sheri looked for a Suicide Dive to Brenden and connected, before trying to pick him up but suddenly Brenden shoved her into the steel steps. Meanwhile in the crowd, Sameer nailed a Curb Stomp to Bashka, but exhausted from all the fighting, collapsed next to his SummerSlam opponent Brenden meanwhile grabbed Sheridan and hit her with a Pedigree onto the steel steps, before rolling her into the ring and hitting a second Pedigree for the victory.  Blood was seeping from Sheri's head but Brenden continued to beat her down, sending a brutal message to his SummerSlam opponent. Suddenly the crowd popped as Ryan ran through the crowd, away from security, and to ringside He leapt onto the apron and hit a Phenomenal Forearm to Brenden, sending him out of the ring and to ringside where Sameer had come back to. The Big Ballers fleed as Ryan called medics over and the show came to a close

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