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    • Jason Ryan comes on stage, laughing and shaking his head as the fans all rise in unison to show their support for The Last Outlaw. Jason heads to the ring and grabs the microphone from Arrow's hands. Boy. You're in a heap of trouble. Arrow, you don't seem to know where you're standing. You seem to think this is a BPZ ring but when I step in it, it becomes my yard. And you have just done the stupid est thing you could have done son, you decided to run your mouth about me. I'm a simple man, I've only got a few rules. 1, don't drink my beer. 2, don't smoke my smokes. 3, don't piss me off. Jason takes off his sunglasses and gets inches from Arrow's face And what you just did, pissed me off. Ya know in the past, I'd kick your ass till I got bored and leave you lying broken and bloody. But since you're just some unknown jobber who ain't worth his weight in piss, Ima let you live. For now. But let's get something straight whelp. I ain't no newcomer, I've accomplished things most people in this company can only dream of. I won the Global Series last year. I am a former Tag Team champion. I am a former Premium champion. And I am a former and 3rd longest reigning Global champion. How many titles have you won? How many accolades do you have? Jason smirks and lights a cigarette. He takes a deep drag and blows smoke in Arrow's face And you claim you ain't a joke. Well son I gotta disagree with you. You see, you may think you're a big deal but to me, you're nothing but a goddamn loony toon!  The crowd pops at that and starts chanting Loony toon! Loony toon! Loony toon! Jason chuckles he back ups, taking another drag of his smoke And you say these people make money off my merch? Well considering I am one of the most successful wrestlers of my generation, second only to Julius, I have to say there ain't no wonder I'm worth so much. Cause unlike you, everyone actually knows who I am. Now look kid. I can respect someone who has balls. You ain't much for brains or wrestling skills or talent but you do have a set. It's just a shame that if you bow up to me again, I'm gonna rip them off as if you were a newborn calf.  Jason pushes Arrow into the corner and cages him in This is your one and only warning boy. Never bo up to me again. Cause while I ain't the heartless SOB I used to be anymore and it's been a while since I was dressing like Satan, but don't get it twisted. I am still down with the devil and I will go Medieval on your bitch ass. Jason puts his cigarette out on Arrow's forehead, winks and backs up, waiting to see what Arrow will do
    • Really liking the format of this and the booking so far. Well done Odd. I really didn’t see Cedric defeating balor, but I’m happy about it. Can’t wait for more bro!
    • A bit of an update I would love to win a title this year. And just help out the new members as much as I can and make the forums a very welcoming place. 
    • I am not a joke and at summerslam I will show you all when I win the NXT title and there’s this new person named Jason y’all cheer him but he won’t bring back a team and y’all still cheer him? Pathetic go back to your little pathetic jobs and get paid minim wage while I’m getting paid 1000k dollars a year who is this newbie Jason Ryan thinks ima Step aside to let him win NXT well not a chance in hell because I’m not stepping aside for anyone if y’ wanna show favoritism go ahead but I’m gonna prove y’all wrong. As for the returning Jason Ryan you think these fans are for you? Well your wrong they only use you to get millions of dollars by selling your signed merchandise on EBay because that’s what they do for a living y’all can boo me all y’all want but I’m not stepping aside for nobody and that includes Jason Ryan. 

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