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    • I would say that the right time to turn Cena heel would have been in his match against CM Punk at Money In The Bank 2011. Due to the stipulations in affect, Cena could have snapped under the pressure when his two Attitude Adjustments didn't do the job. Considering CM Punk was the fan favourite in 2011, if Cena were to lash out and give Punk a kayfabe injury, that for me would be the best time to turn him heel. From there you could move into a storyline of Cena joining Vince in eradicating people like Punk.
    • I didn't think that Aleister Black was called up too early. I thought his match at NXT Takeover: Phoenix against Tommaso Ciampa was a perfect send off and him teaming up with Ricochet against the Viking Raiders at NXT Takeover: New York was also a great send off, I might even argue that the Tag Team match was a bit unnecessary for Black as The Forgotten Sons could have won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and benefited from the big match for the NXT Tag Team Championship.
    • Paramedic Stanley stands up, clearly surprised. But then the referee takes his disguise off and reveals George AK. George throws Stanley into the side of the ambulance and pins him. Another referee comes and counts 1-2-. Paramedic Stanley kicks out! So for some reason George has a featherduster and tickles Stanley so bad that when George pins him again, 1-2-3. George AK is the next 24/7 champ.
    • You can't really blame Seth Rollins' reign for his opponents as it is WWE that booked the likes of AJ Styles and Baron Corbin as Raw's main eventers. I can see that Rollins still puts his best face work into his reign regardless of his opponent. Personally, I think Rollins has been awesome as a face after he defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 33 and even more awesome after his performance in the Raw Gauntlet Match last year, he just needs a true rival to cement his reign as Universal Champion. While at one point it could've been Drew McIntyre, he is currently stuck under Shane McMahon in terms of power ranking and will probably have a better shot at the United States Championship, hopefully it might lead to Rollins vs McIntyre for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 36.
    • Buddy Ace is shown sitting at home. Bandages and bruises are evidence of Blade’s brutal beatdown of Buddy at BPZ’s most recent pay per view. Buddy Ace rubs his chin and chuckles before he starts to speak.   “I guess that I got exactly what I asked for from Blade, huh? Heck I got a lot more than that. Though I do think he might have gone a bit overboard I still have to thank Blade. So Blade, thank you for the lesson. Now I know that I’m still a long way from where I want to be as a competitor. It wasn’t what I was hoping to learn but it’s nobody’s fault except my own. Clearly I haven’t worked hard enough for long enough. That’s okay because I’m willing to take as much time as I need. Now while working in the gym and such for a month has been great for me, nothing beats being in the ring in front of a crowd in an actual match. It’s an experience you just can’t replicate no matter how hard you try. I want to be in the ring again soon. I want to face another top talent even if that means I get my ass handed to me because that’s the best way to improve. Iron sharpens iron as they say. If anyone in the back wants to go or management wants me out there I’ll jump at the chance to wrestle. Of course it will take a little while to heal up these wounds but then I’m going full throttle after that. I guess now I should get back to resting so goodbye everyone.”  

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