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    • We cut backstage on Caramge, where we sit just weeks away from one of the biggest nights of the calander year, Summerslam! It will be on this night, that we shall see Universal Champion FDS challenge Jeremiah Flynn for his BMF Championship. Jeremiah Flynn suddenly emerges, his face directly eyed up with the camera. For the past few weeks, we have seemingly seen FDS awaken the beast inside, as Flynn has been on a tear, attacking everyone that’s stepped in his path in the Carnage locker room. The most notable being Isaiah Carter who has suffered severe injuries at the hands of the BMF Champion.    “The apocalypse is coming. Summerslam, FDS you have chosen to step in that ring with me in a Texas Death Match. You understand how fucking stupid you gotta be to do that? Or maybe you’ve just lost your damn mind huh? I’m a young Texas Stallion born in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. I busted ass and I fought in fight pits for years in the slums of that city. A Texas Deathmatch, it’s like a return to form. I have the opportunity to return to what it is that broke me into this business. I’ve torn men apart in less deadly stipulations just ask all of your young lions you keep toting around with you. Raven and KENJI have both suffered the fate of stepping in this ring with me. Alex Costa trained under me for months HE KNOWS WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF, and so do you FD. And I get it. You want to beat me at my best, you want to truly dethrone me as the fucking King of this place. YOU WANT TO BE THAT KING OF CARNAGE, RIGHT?  Let me go ahead and tell you, you will fail, and this will cost you everything. I tried to shake your hand, I wanted this to be a friendly respectful bout but you pushed me over the fucking edge. You wanted the Painmaker, well you are getting him and you are gonna get fucked up.”  “June eighth, two-thousand and two. Lennox Lewis took on an old, broken down Mike Tyson. Similar in age, similar in tenure, however one was broken down, and beaten down. Lennox Lewis broke Mike Tyson, and he bludgeoned him. It was almost poetic how beautiful of a fucking beating it was. It reminds me of us FDS. We are similar in tenure, similar in our time here in BPZ. But I’m gonna now fuck you up. I’m going to beat your ass and I’m going to retain the BMF championship. You see, this belt it represents the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER ON CARNAGE. You aren’t that, in fact nobody in the locker room on this show fits that bill but me, the King, Jeremiah Flynn. I mean you all know my resume. I got men getting themselves suspended to avoid having to get in the ring with me. However finally FDS you have gifted me with something that I have not had in two years. A truly formidable foe. Creed earned my respect but one on one, in this ring nobody has been on my level for YEARS NOW. You changed that for me at King of the Ring. I underestimated you and you made me pay for it, however now you are going to die for it. Summerslam FDS, if you want to truly grasp your future, just look at that piece of trash Isaiah Carter.”    “As I said, your apocalypse is coming, blood will rain from the heavens and I, FDS, shall be your personal Jesus. Your fate will be left in my hands and mine alone. I have a strange feeling...heh.... that you are going to get EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR!”  Jeremiah Flynn shoves the camera out of frame as he storms off, an emotional and gritty deceleration sent directly to FDS. The Painmaker will be at Summerslam. 
    • "Over liquid tarmac wastelands of cactus and heat Down cobblestone alleyways of washing day sheets" Last Time: Nomad  (The scene begins with an eagle eye view of the city as a voice over from Arius begins) Cairo..is a greatly misunderstood city, full of contradictions. You will see a clash of histories – the new building on top of the ancient, a clash of people - passersby who will happily shout “Welcome in Egypt!” in a true kind gesture who will just as soon cut you off in traffic or shout at you for not paying enough in a taxi.  I had often heard from friends: skip Cairo, it’s dirty, huge, chaotic, and stressful. But they are not patient. If you approach the city strategically, Cairo is a fascinating city with truly an endless number of hidden mysteries to uncover.   (The camera opens inside a greasy pawn shop just as the bell above the door dings. The entrance to the shop a small path through two poorly constructed cages all empty of their inhabitants outside of one)  (Just as Arius was entering the door way the final, overly energetic chicken swooped up trying their best to get his attention. Biting the finger of Arius as he puts his hand closer to the animal) Arius: Son of a..  (Stepping in, Arius surveys the shop's wares as he steps inside with his backpack over his shoulder, releasing the bandanna from his head as he stepped through into the thankfully air conditioned room. Behind the counter stands a greying man looking intently towards a newer customer) Arius: Jesus it is a slaughter out there. They weren't kidding on the news. So hot you'd have to feed the chooks ice blocks so they don't lay hard boiled eggs. (Arius fans himself with a map he collected from the hotel) Owner: If the heat stays where it is it it will save me cooking dinner later (Arius fans himself as he gives a slight chuckle) Arius: Too right, too right. ..It's a nice cosy keep you have going on here. Owner: Can I help you with something..sir? (Arius stops perusing, letting his gaze naturally land on the store owner as he cracks a smile to break the silence) Arius: So...you wouldn’t happen to hold a Gibson SG up for hock would you? Even anything similar floating around? (Arius spins a nearby lazy susan of acoustic guitars with disinterest as the shop keep sighs in a hollow act of commiseration.) Owner: Probably not i'm afraid. Not the time of instrument we get through here regularly. Wouldn't be interested in a tambourine would you?  (Arius lifts his eyebrow in bemusement as the shop keeper visibly starts become curious of this foreign visitor. Assessing what he could sell) Arius: Hm. I could actually use that for some business this Sunday... (After indulging in another pause for the hell of it, Arius cocks his head to the side and cracks his neck.) Arius: Doesn't matter I suppose. I never played, just found it one once at a yard sale and missed my chance. Been in the back of my mind since. Probably wishful thinking on my part to even think i'd easily come across one. You know, it is just those impulses we've got to act on. You know? Owner: Hm. Anything else I can do you for, friend? (Arius approaches the counter and slings his bag down on it, letting the keychains rap against the glass display counter loud enough to almost make the store owner lose his sleazy cool composure.  He unpacks the bag eventually to reveal an old Ghoul Mask and a bottle of Night Train still containing a generous swig.  The two men hover over the contents, both seemingly bewildered by what lay on the counter.) Arius: Worth anything? Owner: Interesting. The markings remind me of 16th century Spanish work. It is in surprisingly good shape for such an old relic.  God, I sound like my wife. Doubt I could give you anything for the Night Train though.  The bottle's nice, but it's pretty contemporary. (Arius rolls his eyes outside of the view of the Owner) Arius: One of a kind, exactly what I thought. How much do you think a museum would give for it? Owner: Museums don't dish out.They take donations.They are ponzi schemes if you ask me. Can't get a better read on history anywhere other than inside of a pawn shop if you ask me. We buy and sell history for a living. Arius: Well you're a sentimental fella aren't ya?  How much you take for this piece of "history" then? Owner: Welllllll, you see I'd have to find a buyer and this sorta thing has a niche market to it.  Til then, it's just taking up room in my display case for the tourists to look at while they're hocking their parent's pocket watch for the bars. I'd give you maybe...fifty...fifty five dollars for it. (Arius sighs, but then stops to roll around the number in his head momentarily, as if considering the offer.  His eyes snap back from dancing in thought with a wide gaze lit up with a good idea.) Arius: Will you trade for it? Owner: Maybe.I got plenty of junk in here that I could swap with you that's of equal or lesser value. (Arius peers down into the display case beneath his bag. He plants a finger on the glass at a pair of black jagged brass knuckles carved into the shape of an ancient bird.) Arius: How 'bout that? Owner: Rolex? Keep dreaming Arius: No no, next to it. Owner: Hm, The knux? I'd hate to steal from you, friend.  Tell you what, that mask is going to look better in that display case than that jar of lighters next to it.  How about I throw those in two? Arius: Hmm.  (Just as the two are ironing out the deal the noise from the bird out the front continues to interrupt their conversation as the owner yells in his language for it to shut it) Arius: How about I take that chicken off your hands instead?  Owner: Hmmm.. (The shop owner smirks and extends his hand, his eyes smiling behind their half-closed lids, clearly ready to take advantage of some foreign rube who ran across a jackpot on accident.  Arius stands still in thought for a long moment, before clasping the pawn shop owner's hand.) Arius: You got yourself a deal mate. Owner: Glad to hear it, now let me just trade that mask out for- (The scene transitions from the morning to the welcoming afternoon in Cairo, the sky getting a deeper orange as Arius is seen sitting in the back of a pickup truck travelling through the city to his destination. Sneaking through closing markets and busy streets, the champion shits back against his bag with his new companion resting next to his leg inside of the cage.Arius reflects about his time in Cairo so far and about his match upcoming at Exodus) (Fiddling around in his hand, another Ghoul mask he retrieved from his bag) People..take me for a sucker because of the way i dress, because of the way I present myself, they believe I somehow don't know that certain things can hold value...But in truth they just hold a different value to me.  Trade me a sandwich for a rare sports card, I'll feel like I walked away from that deal as the one with something that holds true worth. Let me sleep on your couch for some jewellery?  To me that only means I'm getting a peaceful sleep. The fool in that shop thought he was taking advantage of a man who has been playing the game much better than he has. Speaking from someone who has lived in it, you understand that the high life is only window dressings for four very basic necessities that none of us could ever live without.  Paint the picture with whatever precious oils you wish, or smear it on the walls in your own shit, so long as it depicts those four tangibles that keep you alive to see tomorrow no matter how you portray the still life.  Food, drink, shelter, and the high ground. That's all you need because that's all there really is.   Without food, you starve to death. Doesn't matter if you're indulging in meat so tender that you don't even have to chew it, or if you're scraping for bits off the cast away bones.  It's the same thing, they're both sustenance.  Likewise it doesn't matter if you're chugging down Voss or sucking on a fresh puddle before it turns to mud, water's water. Live in a home? a hotel? a hostel? a cave? They're all the same thing.  The one thing that doesn't change though? The high ground. Call it a food chain, call it a caste system, economic oppression, or simply one man in battle standing over the other.  No matter how you paint the picture, one thing stays the same every time... (Suddenly the pick up truck stops in front a market as Arius drags himself up from his seated position, jumping off the back with his new partner and bag, tapping the side it starts to drive off leaving the champion in his chosen destination.) (Looking towards the camera he lifts one hand up and plateaus it just above his head, and then lowers the other just below his knee) One man's up, and one man's down. (Arius snatches his bag from the ground as he leans down) You're up right now, Mikey. That power you hold? The momentum you have garnered? It signifies your status as apex predator of Valor. You're the physical embodiment of the high ground in all of it's forms. Your mission to try to hold everyone else down to stop them from being on your level. You rake in that purse and live a comfortable life with all of the amenities. You have a nice house, a pampered existence, and the respect of all of those who consider you a peer.  They're not your peers though, are they? Even if they've held that belt your "friend" holds, even if they live in the same neighbourhood as you, even if you've traded wins and losses with them before. All that matters is the one thing that currently sets you apart.  We are men burdened with options. Lay them out, dismiss the ones that are of zero appeal, and focus on those that not only excite you, but make sense to you. Few have the option of choice. It is a gift earned. Right from the first, I could see a calmness in you - that sort of inner tranquillity that they write about in books, but that almost no one seems to possess. I was wondering to myself, how does he do that? And I figured it could only come from having no regrets - from having made choices with .. such poise and purpose. And then it dawned on me. For months. You’ve wanted. What I wanted. That BPZ Undisputed Championship. Sure. There are two medallions in this contest. Two prizes of value. But without the words leaving your lips I know that you must take a glimpse at times right? A graceful turn to imagine what it would look like. Temptation sits within even the strongest of men. Hell, I don’t even mean the physical thing. It's nice, very pretty to look at, but the title that it represents is what really holds true dominion over the land.  A king can take off his crown and still reign sovereign after all. A king can't however fall in battle to another nation and still remain king.  They become a former king, and the land they once ruled that was taken in battle becomes their former kingdom. The Valor brand is his now his because he rules now. It makes us equals. For now.  Fools on a quest. Right now no one else holds precedence over Slim, which means he is a man to be feared.  But be wary for nobody stays on top without shedding a little blood, and nobody stays the best unless they slay anyone who can cast doubt in their mind over their position on top.   You're special, Mikey. I've said it for awhile now.  Waaaay back when we were both trading words in the NXT division, in the United States division. We’re cut from the same cloth. Trailing the path of one another. I’ve seen you grow as you have seen myself grow. Evolve. From pyromaniac with a bag of tricks to now..the Mafioso with a name the demands attention. The hired gun. I admire you, I indulge in seeing your handiwork in that ring, and I revel at the opportunity to oppose you again.  But that doesn't change the fact that you're walking towards the light on a broken bridge. Where going back is not an option. You'll either suffer the greatest fall..or become the greatest of 'em all…. The curse of being so closely connected to each others story is that sadly we keep falling into the same roles. Ascending is about keeping your focus on what’s at the end and not looking back. Egypt is pretty damn bright but that isn’t going to stop me from grabbing the golden ticket and cashing it on what my career will be remembered with; the very first winner of this Temple. Same as back at Winter Warfare. Same as back all through 2019.  Back when I had this dark hold over every living soul in Brendenplayz Wrestling.   But times change. We've both changed. For the better? That is for others to decide. I want them to see me and know that I'm better. I've been saying from day one that I'm here for a fight, to challenge the best and so far the only people that have given it to me so frequently are you and an old friend I haven't seen in a while. I want dominion over his kingdom and you're the one standing in my way. And so it shall be. (As Arius is travelling through the evening markets before they shut for the night he stops near a fruit stand and purchases a bag of grapes for himself to pick at, Thanking the young man running the market he continues on, passing through the cage to see if the chicken will enjoy the fruit) But you’re not the only man I’ve got a history with. The other ‘Champion’ in this contest. The man who has survived a thousand hardships, crafting him to be the most resilient of us all...People might see resilience as coping in spite of setbacks, or barriers...but here resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before. Which compasses Yelich perfectly. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you've lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that's good. Now you’re the ‘One Man Brand’ (baby), encompassing what it means to evolve oneself. The every-man under the guidance of a higher calling. You've seen more hard roads than anyone in this much I imagine. Stuck watching others come and go. Anyone who has ridden the subway twice a day to earn their bread knows how it goes. When you board, you exhibit the same persona you use with your colleagues and acquaintances. You've carried it through the turnstile and past the sliding doors, so that your fellow passengers can tell who you are - cocky or cautious. But you find yourself a seat and the train gets under way; it comes to one station and then another; people get off and others get on. And under the influence of the cradle like rocking of the train, your carefully crafted persona begins to slip away. The super-ego dissolves as your mind begins to wander aimlessly over your cares and your dreams; or better yet, it drifts into ambient hypnosis, where even cares and dreams recede and the peaceful silence of the cosmos pervades. That silence hides whatever truth lays under the skin. You’re a puzzle that can’t be cracked Yelich. Every changing. Ever evolving. But stuck on that train. The man who knows too much of the rot inside the walls. Yes, there's something rotten in the city of Brendenplayz, something that jeopardises safety and status, something that makes the ground under your feet quake and crumble: We have our history Yelich. A respectful history that earned us praise and accolades. But you took something that I helped build into a championship of value, built from the ground up and you dropped the ball. After all we put each other through you couldn't carry the weight and responsibility of being North American Champion, it makes me question...hell...even with that I still hold some level of respect for you. Being through what we went through. I respect you as a professional wrestler, but when it comes to the game of life, it slowly becomes to go in a state of no holds barred. While it is cruel when you shatter one's dreams with your own two hands, sometimes it's necessary, and come to Exodus, it will be very necessary.  The thing is..I'm not afraid of you. You can talk your delusions, your big talk and fight your big fights, and take every opportunistic shot you can, but to me it all holds the stench of piss and shit that only comes from fear. You're afraid I can take it all away because you've set foot in the ring with me before and seen what I can do.  For that reason alone you should be afraid.  I should have a yellow streak going down my trousers as well because the last time we faced off you walked away with the win. That too is cause for fear. You unlike everyone else know how to get the job done. I do believe I have the advantage though because as I leave my mark, as long as I keep you looking over your shoulder in expectation of the next time I decide to shake your evolved kingdom at its foundation. The only thing worse than being a conquered king is being sovereign over a ghost town, and that's exactly what you'll become if I manage to not only tarnish your brand but also the prestige of that "title" you hold. Nobody likes, respects, or fears a paper champion Yelich, and I could make you just that if I so choose...I won't allow for you to stand in my way. One way or another i'm leaving Exodus with one prize or coming to pry another. And that leaves...the bastard of the Flynn family...Gunner. Everybody wants something they can’t have. It doesn’t matter whether it’s obtainable or just a pipe dream. There’s a fine line between what we want and what we need. Some struggle to find that sweet spot nestled in between the two sides and it shows. It’s a struggle that humanity deals with every day and if we cannot weather the storms that life throws at us, if we cannot persevere and trudge our way through the pitfalls, then we’re no more than the walking dead. They say patience is a virtue and I’m liable to agree to a point. I’ve been pushed to the brink enough during my time on earth’s soil that I’ve hardened from years of wear and tear be it physically or mentally. Yet that doesn’t deter me away from taking matters into my own hands which is something that only I have full control over. Nobody can take away the fruits of my labour, the goals that I’ve reached, or the harsh lessons I’ve had to cut my teeth and learn through trial and error. Those are the very staples that created the mould of The Vulture.  I think you could be more if you tried, Gunner. I think if forced to face your own failures, you'd have no other recourse than overcome them or perish.  That's where I come in.  As far as I can tell, you're not a betting man's choice. Not yet anyway.  Maybe if you survive.  Maybe if you walk away with the fluke of snatching one of those medallions.  Maybe if down the line you can reconcile your own self-loathing and embrace the slacker within, you'll be able to harness your self-worth into a true victory instead of praying for guidance and purpose.  Then again, maybe finding that inner slacker that you truly are will relegate you to the bottom of the heap where people seem to think you belong.  Either way, I think you'll be happier once you find your true place in the circle of life. Somebody has to be the last link in either end of the food chain. As far as I can tell, I'm on one end and you're on the other. That means that one of us is the weakest and the other is the apex predator. If that's the case, then why should I bother with you at all? Why do you get to cut in line ahead of the others who could devour you whole?  I'll tell you why; it's because you block out all of the pain, including the agony of defeat.  You don't think it matters that your win-loss record reflects poorly on your perceived strength.  You don't understand that winning and losing means life and death. You're a hyena laughing along with everyone else as they make you the butt of the joke. Now I think that's unfair, especially considering you're clearly someone who has heart. You're not the first man I've met who suffers from delusions of grandeur. You're a broken man, Gunner. And that is why you've stayed silent since entering this match. Because anything of worth that resided within you has been consumed by fear. You're like a forest with an outbreak of root rot that the divine hand of mother nature hasn't mercifully stricken with lightning and lit ablaze. That's where I step in. I have to be that reset button. I have to be that divine spark that starts the inferno. I have to go full scorched earth on you Gunner so that something fruitful and healthy can grow from your ashes.  There's no ridding you of your pestilence, so we're going to have to start you over from grass roots.  Flame cleanses all in nature, even things that believe themselves above natural order.  I'm your wake up call, Gunner.  I'm the cockerel crowing at dawn that wasn't trained by anyone to crow when the sun comes up, but knows deep down inside that it's his purpose to do so. It's ingrained in me to bring you back to the land of the living and reintroduce you to the real world, and that all starts when the bell rings. (Arius begins crossing down into a lighten up back patio where old acquaintances great him, walking towards him from the opposite direction. The simple area filled with friendly faces, backpackers and warm drinks for the cold night slowly creeping in. Arius rests his bird on a nearby chair as he opens the cage and allows it to walk around) I understand basic human needs. Sometimes the paradigm needs a little help shifting in order for everyone to make it out in one piece.  Sometimes the paradigm tilts too far one way and someone falls over the edge.  Don't worry though. We're in this together. I won't disgrace you. As much as I'd love to put the fear of nature in you, I know it'll make me look just as weak as you trying to grow eyes in the back of your head while trying to dodge the big bad boogeyman that I’ve been known to be. I need to beat you, have to beat you all, and I think that's why they've given us the metaphysical freedom of physical restraint.  Nobody gives a damn what I do to you in this match, what bodily harm we do to one another, what weapons we procure and use in this battle, so long as we maintain the banal rule of keeping two men alive to win. It's childish if you think about it, but childish is just another word for primal.  This will be primal.  We'll swing on one another like we've never seen a fight, bounce whatever comes within the line of sight off of one another's heads like we've never been introduced to civil combat, and claw and scrape and stab and stomp for survival's sake without a hint of shame in our actions.  People say fights won't be pretty because they expect a bloody outcome, but this won't be pretty because it'll lack all finesse, showmanship, and basic understanding of fight discipline that's been honed across the globe since the dawn of humanity.  We'll fight like the first men who ever laid hands on one another with the violent intent of killing. Nobody's ever accused us of being original. We're not unique butterflies with ornate markings.  We're dumb ugly moths smacking our head into a light bulb.  We're not men of creature comforts, we're not picky, we're not extra, we're not pretending this is going to be anything but a fight. You know what's on the line, you know the stakes, you know the terms and conditions. Are things any different this time? Yeah, more's on the line than ever before. Two medallions hang in the balance. One holds a chance at the Undisputed Champion. I know my goal. And i know who stands in my way. I know when this is over one of us eats and the others go hungry.  One of us sleeps comfortably while the others toss and turn for the rest of their life, one of us drinks the nectar of supremacy while the others go parched. The Vulture always secures his meal "Across the wilderness Out further than the bush I will follow you, I will follow you I will follow you"
    • Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room, after a Carnage and Valor solo show, I decided to bring back the duo shows, however, I will be writing it like I am jumping back and forth from Carnage to Valor as obviously Valor is in a different country right now. So join me as we find out, what have the Death Riders been doing, why is everyone bullying GRV and who are making their return to the locker room! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start with Bart and Smith standing in front of the Valor locker room. With the shows only days away, nerves were beginning to set in for some of the guys. But, Bart and Smith had the perfect idea to lower those nerves, a return!* Bart: "Alright guys. I hope we are all doing well. Obviously we all know the show is in a few days, I trust you have all managed to stay healthy and fit for the show no matter what your form of exercise is." *Bart would look at Eric Shun.* Bart: "But, we do also know that for a few of you guys might be nervous, Nardie this is your debut so if you are then I understand. As well as a few of you guys who have never worked a place like this. But don't worry, I have some guys back here to help settle your nerves." Smith: "Come on in guys!" *As Smith would say this the Egyptian Police would walk in with Toxik. A collective sigh could be heard from every single person in the locker room. The Police sat Toxik down and uncuffed him before leaving.* Slim: "Your big surprise was bringing this dude back?" Bart: "What. No. He wasn't mean to come back." Toxik: "I wasn't meant to come back? Me! Do you know who you're talking to! Listen here you little fucker!" Gunner: "Here we go again." Toxik: "Icon, I have had enough of not being treated like a human! I am God! I could beat you all up at the same time! I know two ground-based submissions you know!" Sameer: "Toxik bro, what ground-based submissions do you know?" Toxik: "The rear naked choke and the guillotine choke." Necce: "So the two easiest submissions?" Toxik: "Listen here Mr Know It All, once I had a fight and I rested my feet on the guys neck and wrenched back on his knee!" Necce: "Toxik buddy you're like 5 foot 2, were you fighting a toddler or something?" Toxik: "That's it!" *Toxik would storm Necce and try to put him into submission. Using one arm, Necce would hold Toxik off, before knocking him out with a clean punch.* Echo Wilson: "At least some things never change." Bart: "Well now for the real surprise, welcome Ogre and Siege!" *Ogre and Siege would then walk into the locker room, the sight of Toxik unconscious on the floor spooked them a little bit, but they settled in perfectly. Over in the Carnage locker room though, there was drama.* Buddy Ace: "Flynn. Why the fuck are you making us do this match against those jobbers. We are better than that." Flynn: "Look. All you need to do is beat them and you face the Tag Champs. Creed." Alex Costa: "Don't forget, it could be AK-17!" *Everyone including Alex would laugh at this point.* Flynn: "It's the Thundermans, how hard can they be to beat?" *As Flynn said this the door of the locker room would be kicked off as the Thundermans would enter, Steph and Arrow! They would pose like Superman before entering the room.* Arrow Thunderman: "Jason Ryan you are an alcoholic and you drink because you are sad and you have no life Jason Ryan that is why nobody likes you and you lose cos you aren't very good I am a Thunderman and I am a million times better than you cos I don't drink all you are is an alcoholic who can't go five minutes without having a beer Jason Ryan and you know it is true look at the floor it is full of bottles with you name on it and oh what is that in your bag oh it's a weed." *Arrow would excitedly run over to Jason Ryans bag and pull out some weed, everyone else would be stunned to silence by the sheer amazingness of the words said by Arrow Thunderman to even acknowledge what was happening. After a few seconds of silence, Flynn would talk.* Flynn: "Uhm. Thank you for that Arrow, that was very interesting." Steph: "Wait do we have to face other people for the Championship?" Bailey: "Yeah of course." Steph: "Oh, I'm dropping out then." *Steph would run out of the locker room, still waiting for his Championship Match. Meanwhile, in the Valor locker room, things were beginning to kick off, as GRV had finally arrived.* GRV (On Phone): "Okay Tahlesha. Bye Tahlesha." Slim: "Is that your girl bro?" GRV: "Yeah Slim. She is what you would call a baddie." Slim: "Does she know about the OnlyFans subscriptions bro." Sameer: "This dude paid for an OnlyFans subscription then pretended to be dating the girl bruh." *Everyone would start laughing.* GRV: "I don't see what is wrong with that." Addy: "So much is wrong with that." GRV: "Anyway, I came here today to announce something." Aaron: "You spent 400 dollars for a selfie with someone again?" GRV: "That's it! Forfeit the match! I am done here! This is too much!" Bart: "GRV relax." GRV: "Fine! I'll do the match Jesus. Now can I do my announcement?" Slim: "Sure." *As GRV went to speak his phone would go off.* GRV: "Give me a second guys." GRV (On Phone): "Hi Tahlesha.... no Tahlesha..... but I don't wanna be the bottom anymore Tahlesha.....yes I know you could just date Paul instead Tahlesha......okay I'm coming Tahlesha." GRV: "Sorry guys, I've gotta go." ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Six. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
    • JWWA Dream Slam - Monthly Event Nagoya Congress Center - Nagoya, Japan March 2020 Match 1 Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe and Jinny) vs Dash Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto Our opening tag match of Dream Slam pits the new tag team of Momo Watanabe and Jinny taking on two mystery opponents which turn out to be the team of Dash Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto of Sendai Girls fame. It is a pretty good opening contest as the two teams jockey for position within the competitive tag division. In the end Momo and Jinny manage to secure the win with Jinny hiting Dash with a Facelift at the 9:13 mark Winners: Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe & Jinny) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 2 Donna del Mundo (Giulia, Maika and Himeka) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San) Our next contest continues the on-going story between Donna del Mundo and Tokyo Cyber Squad as Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San take on Giulia, Maika and Himeka. The two factions continuing there rivalry that has been brewing since the beginning of JWWA. This time it is Tokyo Cyber Squad who scores the victory as Konami and Giulia are busy fighting each other. This allows Death to toss down Himeka leaving Jungle alone with Maika which leads to Jungle getting the win with her Hammer Throw Powerbomb at the 13:18 mark. Winners: Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona, Konami and Death Yama-San) Post-Match Giulia call for a mic and chellanges Konami for a match next month at Nagoya Festival which Konami is quick to accept! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 3 Neo-Biishikin Gun (Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay) vs Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter) Our next match pits the new trio of Neo-Biishikin Gun consisting of Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay taking on the Oedo Tai trio of Natsuko Tora, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter. This coming in result of Bea's recent loss to Kay, before she joined with Neo-Biishikin Gun. Saki shows her displeasure on fighting Oedo Tai not engaging with them much letting Tenille and Allsyin do most of the work as they engage with Bea and Jamie. In the end it does however come out to both Natsuko and Sakisama in the ring as Saki is being beaten around by Tora only for Tenille and Allysin to come to the rescue of there leader. The match ends with Bea and Saki in the ring and Saki locking Bea in the Versailles Choke forcing the Brit to tap out at the 13:57 mark. Winners: Neo-Biishikin Gun (Sakisama, Tenille Dashwood and Allysin Kay) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 4 Maki Itoh vs Viper Our next match is the result of the open chellange laid out on week 3 by Maki Itoh which was promptly answered by the debuting Viper on behalf of Queen's Quest. Both ladies looking to make there mark in the JWWA . Viper showed her immense strength by tossing around the smaller Itoh around, forcing Itoh to resort to hit and run tactics. Eventually Itoh would take advantage to move out of the way of Viper's Avalanche attempt to gain control. After 15 minutes the end would come with Viper catching Maki with a Powerslam followed by an Avalanche for the win in her debut! Winner: Viper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Match 5 Artists of Artists Championship Match Queen's Quest (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) vs Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) Our next contest is the tag team match to determine the first ever Artists of Artists Champions featuring the pairings of Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani taking on the team of Medusa Complex. The two teams had a tough path to the finals with Utami and Saya who beat Sadie Gibbs and Shanna and then Sakisama and Tenille whereas Medusa Complex beat Saki Kashima and Natsu Sumire and then Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano to reach this stage. The match starts with Millie and Utami having a good wrestling sequence as they trade holds between each other before tagging there partners. The match continues like this back ánd forth bor quite awhile. Eventually it's Charli and Saya in the ring and it looks like Saya is going to get the win for her team only for Evans to counter and hit her with the Snapmare Driver after 20:10 to secure the win and the titles! Winners: Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match 6 Princess of Princesses Championship Yuka Sakazaki (c) vs Syuri Kondo Our Semi-Main event features Yuka Sakazaki defending the Princess of Princesses Championship against Syuri Kondo. Yuka looking to make his first title defense of the title whereas Syuri has been in a very good momentum picking up win after win. Contrasting styles here with Yuka going for more of a High Flying style compared to Syuri's more grappling style. Syuri does take control of the match for the most part keeping the champion grounded, not allowing Yuka to do most of her offense. Eventually though Yuka manages a comeback taking out Syuri with her highflying action. In the end Yuka wins with the Magical Girl Splash at the 22:35 mark to make defense number 1 of the title! Winner and still Princess of Princesses Champion: Yuka Sakazaki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Queen of Queens Championship Meiko Satomura (c) vs Jordynne Grace Our Main Event for Dream Slam pits Meiko Satomura facing Jordynne Grace for the Queen of Queens Championship. The two have been envolved in a pretty heated rivalry as Satomura and Grace start beating each other over with forearm exchanges and exchanging moves. In the end it's Jordynne that takes a bit advantage over the champ overpowering Meiko and keeping the champion grounded. However the veteran Meiko would take advantage of Grace's overzealousy and eventually secure the win at the 27:37 mark after doing the Death Valley Bomb followed by the Scorpio Rising to secure the win and retain the title! Winner and still Queen of Queens Champion: Meiko Satomura -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meiko Satomura confronted by Jungle Kyona! Meiko cuts a promo after the match, very happy about surviving the chellange of Jordynne Grace. Meiko doesn't know who is next but she is hoping for someone good to step up. Eventually it is Jungle Kyona who comes out and lays the chellange to Meiko for next month at Nagoya Festival. Meiko nods her head before offering Kyona a fist bump which she takes. It seems the match is set for next month Meiko vs Jungle for the Queen of Queens Title!
    • Number 17: NXT Takeover: Orlando This was another good NXT Takeover, with the marquee matches outclassing the other ones. They also had newly designed titles, so the old NXT, NXT Women's and NXT Tag Titles were being put down for good. We had Sanity vs Tye Dillinger, Ruby Riott, Kassius Ohno, and Roderick Strong to kick things off, and it was average. Sanity won after Killian Dain hit the Ulster Plantation on Tye Dilllinger for the win. Then we had Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aleister Black. This was a solid match,  and Aleister won after hitting the Black Mass, the same fate would be repeated the next year at NXT Takeover: NOLA. The Next Match was DIY vs AOP vs Revival in a 3 Way Elimination Match, which was great. DIY and Revival teamed up to put AOP through tables, hit the Shatter Machine, Meet in the middle, but their own personal rivalry got it the way of the mission to take out the biggest threat, as AOP would regain composure, hit the Last Chapter on DIY, and they were eliminated. Dash and Dawson tried to fight, but it wasn't enough as AOP would hit the Super Collider on them to retain. The next match was Asuka vs Ember Moon 1, which was a fun match. Ember tried for the Eclipse on Asuka but Asuka pushed the referee into the ring ropes, causing Moon to fall. Asuka then nailed Ember with a Roundhouse Kick on to retain the title. The Main Event was the second match between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura's Injured leg was Roode's target throughout the whole match. Roode hit a Glorious DDT" on Nakamura for only two. Roode then grabbed the ring bell but the referee prevented Roode from using it, allowing Nakamura to perform an inverted exploder suplex on Roode. Nakamura attempted a "Kinshasa" but Roode countered into a spinebuster on Nakamura for a near-fall. Roode performed a spinning Glorious DDT on Nakamura to retain the title. This was a great takeover, and Roode/Nakamura and DIY/AOP/Revival are things that you should definitely look at. The other matches were alright, but I wasn't really a big fan of the 8 Mixed Person Tag, when it just felt like an NXT Taping Style Match. However, that's my opinion and you should definitely see Roode/Nakamura, as it was awesome.

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