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    • We are backstage in a production truck where several BPZ employees are hard at work. However, one man is out of place here. He places his hand on a BPZ employee, causing the man to jump. Jason Ryan gives the man a smirk and looks at the monitors. At ease Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I just need you to go back to when I taught Kenji his place. Go on. Having no real choice the employee does as instructed Stop right there. Right there Jason has the man stop right as his sneak attack on Kenji began You see that? Huh? That look of shock? Of pain? Of horror? I've seen that expression on a man's face a hundredfold and it gets me excited every time. It brings an honest smile to my face. Sir, could you let go? Your grip is rather tight? Oh I'm sorry? Am I hurting you? ... Yes sir. Please... Oh I'm sorry Jason's grip on the man's neck tightens Now, fast forward. Keep going... keep going...stop there Jason has the man stop when he gives Kenji the pink eye That was such a rush, kicking that pussy in the face. It may be the best superkick I've ever given someone. It was certainly well deserved, don't you think? Jason looks at the man, the hold on his neck tightening even more Don't you think?! Yes... sir please let me go What's wrong? I sense fear. Do you fear me? ... Yes sir Good. You'd be a fool not to. Now keep going The footage continues up to Jason pulls at Kenji's nose with a pair of pliers Pause and zoom in The whimpering employee has no choice but to follow the orders of this sadistic man. Jason puts his face inches with in the other man's You see that? You see the look of agony on his face? You see the pain he's in?  Yes sir? You know why I went that far? Because Kenji makes for the perfect target. Everyone love Kenji don't they? Even you. Do you love Kenji? Of course you do. Everyone is a mark for Kenji. Which is why I targeted him. Because he is a symbol of hope to you people. Which is why I erased Kenji from BPZ you people will be lost, nowhere to go, no one to cheer. He is the perfect hero for me to slay. When we have our match, it's going to be more of the same.  Without warning, Jason jerks the man out of his chair and forces him against the wall. He rears back as if he is going to punch Kenji but stops, opting to fix the man's collar and ruffle his hair No. I'll let you live with hope for you. It'll be so much better for when I kill Kenji. I want to see the life leave your eyes as you realize there is no hope for BPZ. And what I do to Kenji is only the start of my crusade against BPZ's heroes. I won't stop until every single person you cheer for is gone, never spoken of again. You know the Skillet song" Heroe"? You can keep singing hymns to your favorites all you want cause one by one I am going to reap their souls and in doing so, I will reap the soul of every single one of you. Jason grabs the cheeks of the man's face and smooches them, forcing his lips to pucker up Do you understand me? All the terrified man can do is nod. Jason releases his face and steps back Good. Good. There may be hope for you yet With that, Jason leaves the production truck      
    • After Valors commercial break came to a end, the titantron shows the venue of Northern Star Wrestling, as we see Tony Tastic walking out to the Northern Star Arena to address his suspension and Marc Aaron Newton. What’s up Northern Star!, to the people who don’t know me my name is Tony Tastic, Protege Of Marc Aaron Newton, The Son Of A Hall Of Famer And A Well Respected Wrestler, And the person who will crush the presence of GRV in August. Yeah, I hear the questions, I hear the speculation, I hear the rumors that I’m leaving BPZ Wrestling because I chose to come here tonight, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the reason I’m here right now is to address 2 things, my suspension from BPZ Wrestling, and the current status of Northern Star Wrestling’s Owner, Marc Aaron Newton. The Crowd At Minneapolis, Minnesota goes off the roof, chanting “MARC!, MARC!, MARC!, MARC!” Out Of respect of it’s owner. But sadly to explain my current suspension from BPZ, I’ll have to explain the bug that’s been pissing me the fuck off lately, and that bug’s name is Ty Kelly, some people call him GRV but I call him Ty, because Ty Kelly and GRV are two different people in my eyes, Some people AKA This Creative Team in BPZ would want you to believe that this GRV character is a recovering alcoholic, drug user, and sex offender, but I don't fall under that “some people” category, I know the real GRV aka Ty Kelly for the dumbasses who left for a bathroom break during this, yeah you, sit the fuck down! *The fan then sits down, because he doesn’t want a problem with Tony Tastic* now like I was saying, I know the real Ty Kelly and he’s really the same person he was 5 years ago, if not even worse, but somehow Brenden just keeps on giving him the benefit of the doubt, he keeps on letting him come back just to waste a spot, then it happens again, and again, and again hell it even got to the point when he was getting roster spots over people like Ogre, Marc, And Especially Me! But somehow people backstage, people on Twitter, People outside of the business, and even fucking family members have some type of problem with me trying to get rid of Ty before he hogs up another roster spot, and I’ve had enough, you know it’s hilarious that everybody I retaliate about something that should’ve been retaliated on, I get punished, just like a few weeks ago when this fucker GRV gets a entire crowd to throw beers at me, ruining my suit and somehow doesn’t get punished for it, but when I spill 2 beers on him it’s a problem, and the next thing you know I’m receiving repercussions, I’m getting suspended without pay while he gets to cash in a check he never deserved. so here I am, at Minneapolis, Minnesota speaking on the matter at Northern Star Wrestling, instead of valor, and let me tell you something, after reflecting back on this I’m not in the mood for any interruptions, so try me if you want to, I am begging you!, but if you do, you might be in the same fate as Ty and Tobias, but I’m definitely not gonna give a shit, because you made the decision, and if i have to make you an example, then so be it. The crowd at Northern Star Wrestling are in complete silence after what Tastic just said, knowing that he will stoop that low to prove that he’s not in a playing matter. Now I Hope the people at Minnesota understand why I had to take out all of my frustrations on here, because now I’m gonna talk about the reason why you’re here, I’m gonna be talking about the current whereabouts of Marc Aaron Newton. The Northern Star Wrestling Crowd Erupts In cheers because their finally gonna be getting some current information about Marc Aaron Newton, But Just when Tony Tastic is about to speak, a unknown wrestler in Northern Star Wrestling’s music hits as he walks down the ramp and takes a microphone. Carlton Craft: Tastic, You may not know me, hell this crowd may not even know me, but my name is Carlton Craft, and I have a lot of issues with you that i’d like to discuss. Ever since you even got suspended all you ever did was bitch and moan about how GRV didn’t get any punishment, and about how he got signed before you, well Tastic, maybe it’s a reason why they brought him back before they bought you in, and I have the answer why, they didn’t bring you back, because you’re a immature son of a bitch, all you do is talk abou...... Tony Tastic: WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO, WHO!, DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHO I AM, IM THE MAN THAT PUT TY IN THE HOSPITAL, I’M THE MAN THAT PUT TOBIAS IN THE HOSPITAL, AND I WILL GLADLY SEND YOU WITH THEM!. *He starts to cool down as he says* you know what, I have an idea that I’m sure the whole Northern Star Would like to see, I’ll give you a chance to back the things up that you claim I am, if you face me in a match, but this is at your risk little boy, not mine, so the choice is yours, thumbs up or thumbs down? Tastic and Craft begin to stare eachother down as Carlton Craft begins to put his thumb up, but before he puts it fully up, he smacks Tastic in the face, resulting in Tastic low blowing Carlton Craft, he then charges up the running knee, which he is successful in hitting, then goes outside the ring. A nearby fan passes him a beer bottle as Tastic gladly takes it and goes back inside the ring, waiting for Carlton Craft to get up, and as soon as he does, he smashes the beer bottle on the head of Carlton Craft, similar to what he did to GRV, he then poses as the paramedics stretchers Carlton Craft Out the ring, showing GRV what may happen to him this August, and after he laughs at the paramedics stretchering Craft Out the building, the camera fades to black.
    • As announced on social media, IMPACT Wrestling’s stacked Knockouts Division will take center stage at Slammiversary when they compete in a Gauntlet to determine the #1 Contender. Taya Valkyrie, Kiera Hogan, Susie, Rosemary, Nevaeh, Tasha Steelz, Kylie Rae, Alisha, Havok or Kimber Lee – who will be next in line for a shot at the Knockouts Championship? [/Quote] Impactwrestling.com

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