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    • 8.5/10 very chill guy and easy to talk to, also very good on the forums and you have future world champ written all over you
    • 7.5, you get a really bad rep but you're a nice guy and are decent to talk to when you aren't whipping out crazy opinions out of your ass
    • My experience in this field is extremely limited, I really have two or three options to choose from, but I'm gonna have to go with being apart of the Firing Squad. Being apart of Bulletproof was absolutely amazing as I had a really good opportunity to learn from some of the best and form bonds with some guys that I'll have for months (hopefully years). But being apart of the Firing Squad was just different. Sure, I had been apart of a team with Owen before, but we don't think about that. This was my first real experience to not be a singles star, and in my eyes it was a huge success. We had our fair share of victories and losses, and every single match helped both myself and Alex improve and become what I would say legitimate stars. Everything about it just worked for me, and hopefully down the line I have another opportunity to be in something similar to it.
    • World: Bailey, Bart, Arius, Hans Undisputed: Smith, Arius, Hans (again), Flynn IC: Alex, Ropati, Gunner, Bailey NA: Bob, Gunner, Me, Alex US: Me, Bob, Kai, Toxik NXT: Austin, Addy, Amai (again), Yuvraj (hopefully)  

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