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    • Love these guys but in the end Punk still edges out Cole. We haven't yet seen the best of Adam Cole whereas Punk has been at the top of the Mountain and did well there. Maybe this can change in the future but for now Punk still beats Cole. This would be an amazing match IRL though.
    • Killer Bean Forever This was being streamed by xQC and i feel into the rabbit hole of watching the whole movie. The story goes that Killer Bean is sent on a mission to kill another bean, while being hunted by another bean with police in the middle of the whole thing..i'm sure there is a better way to explain it. But this is a dumb but fun movie in every way. I didn't think I would like the animation and ended up admiring it. There have been much worse done by a single person. Commendable that a man poured his heart and soul into animating a dancing, killer bean movie for five whole years. The kill count is high, but it fits well into the story. Killer Bean definitely lives up to his name. "Well, I know I can't have a crazy vigilante bean runnin around shootin beans. But you're no vigilante, are you?" - Detective Cromwell
    • Worlds Collide 2020 Results Winner: @BobdaBomb - 8 @Arius - 7 @Hans - 6 @Death Notorious Angel -  6 @I Can't Odd - 6 @JoshsNow - 6 @bailey14 - 6 @Gwynfro - 5 @Slim - 5 @Bart - 5 @Alex Costa - 5 @FDS - 5   @Maddrix2900 - 4   Champion: Bob!
    • I’m glad to see Sheamus back but not having this as his first feud back. I like Shorty G, but they don’t deserve a ppv match in my opinion. But as they do have one, I am going to go with Sheamus to get a Dominating victory for his return match, and go on to bigger and better things. I’m hoping that this makes Sheamus a viable threat once again. 
    • The scene opens up and we are brought to a beach setting, Ko Olina Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, California, right down the road from the Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa who are hosting all the talent coming in for the next BPZ Carnage taping after the recent BPZ Royal Rumble event. A polaroid picture of the last show of the match as Arius stood in shock was gifted to him after the event as he gazes up to it. "That's going straight to the pool room!" he thinks to himself.   With beautiful skies and the sound of soothing waves. It seems to be a picture perfect day in the sun as the winner of the illustrious event lays back under a carefully placed umbrella, sunglasses on as he looks over the sea line. Fans passing by waving, pictures are being snapped as he flashes his pearly whites at the camera.  The weather is slightly cooler during the winter, though still quite tropical and warm and today is a lucky day for The Revenant as he looks to celebrate Australia Day abroad. The Ghouls around him organise the day around him, the eskies are packed. Sunscreen is lathered on every place available and hats are fastened. Rin Akanes German Shepard laying right by them in the shade as he watches over the people running past and enjoying their day. The sand is the most gentle hue of gold, almost earthen and muted, the humble star of the scene. The Ghouls to his side seemed to love the beach as the started cooking at the set up BBQ they had hired from a local on luck. Arius couldn’t help but feel at peace as well being reminded of where he had come from all those years ago, admiring the driftwood that comes upon the buoyant waves, the burning sun keeping watch over the world,the flora of those salty waves as deeply green as any high summer foliage. 'ken oath! Back at the Aluani the night had been full of enjoyment, recovering after the long flight in, taking advantage of the local food, the commodities and the open bar but for the day now it was just beginning. Despite some commotion when D.N.A had let his anger get the better of him and got into an argument with reception and later that night BPZ Superstar Siege threw a waiter jokingly into the near by pool on a whim..,well, it seems the situation was hopefully sorted out smoothly between the head mouse and company management. A drizzle of beer is poured over the meat as the flames of barbecue flicker for the camera as above the smoke and sizzling snags a chatting group of tourists try and start some small talk with the master of the grill.   This is a day of rest for everyone who had fought hard through the event and The Revenant had left an open invitation back at everyone at the hotel. Though this seemed like an illogical decision given the disaster his last event had led to, the repairs for the cat being driven straight through the wall still being dealt with by insurance...Being in a public space, witnesses, families and nature watching around them it should be a safe place to let your guard down and sink into the paradise. Who might accept the invitation to enjoy the day? Will there be any problems at the resort after the previous night? Let the short holiday continue.  (This is open to anyone involved in Kayfabe to interact with other members at either location, do their own scene, enjoy themselves, build tension for future angles, explore the setting ect as long as it isn't killing someone ect.)

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