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    • Next match will be Styles vs Gargano however plz do expect it to be a few days possibly a week before it’s up as i’ll need time to think of spots and to write them down.  However in the meantime plz predict.
    • BPZ.com Exclusive BPZ Bad Blood is underway in Melbourne Australia, with many of it's countrymen in marquis matches across the large selection of matches running at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. However, in the whirling hype and excitement of title matches, and the crowning of a new Mr. Money in the Bank, another ongoing event within BPZ is flying under the radar of many fans, and that is the Survival Games tournament which will take place the night after Bad Blood.   The thrilling roars of the crowd fills the arena at the conclusion of a captivating match. Meanwhile, the camera pans through the halls of the arena past the catering booths and lines of fans with refreshments and snacks hoarded aplenty. The view whips around to a staff-only hallway, where the image of KENJI awaits. He is dressed in a fitted dark green suit jacket, the mustard yellow shirt underneath casually unbuttoned at the top. It's striking contrast to the green cuts through the low lighting of the hallway, only met with similar bursts of colour from the pocket square on his jacket, and his shoes. He speaks with some added vigour and his own unique panache in proximity to a live wrestling show, the spirit of competition and battle finding it's way into the Dragon's veins. KENJI: "Time for Australia to be wowed and wooed by the dazzling lights of BPZ. Such a grand stage to make one's name. However, I see a little problem with the proceedings here in Australia. We're here at the grand Melbourne Cricket Grounds tonight, but so many seem to have forgotten what comes after. Survival Games is the ultimate test, not what you see tonight. But, my opponents on both sides have forgotten that. Their ambitions are grand, but divided beyond repair. None of them that compete tonight truly care about this tournament. No, they're all more concerned with Money in the Bank, The World Heavyweight Championship, The Premium Championship. This tournament that I hold so dear felt special only a couple of short weeks ago, but now....it feels like an afterthought......I feel like an afterthought. Survival Games has been relegated in the minds of my peers and the fans alike, not given the grand stage or recognition that is deserves". "And out of all the offenders I see up and down tonight's card, FDS, yours is perhaps the most egregious. I care not that you'll be competing in your home country. Your lack of focus on me and this tournament will be the end of you. Initially, I respected your decision to cast off your past of plunder and destruction. But sadly, nothing has been added in it's place. There is simply less of you". "For example, what exactly did you say when you were consoling with Joh? Oh, that's right....nothing. Your words were empty, and meaningless. One's past should never be forgotten, never completely. That is something that you have forsaken......Such arrogance to overlook the obstacle I present. I hold you as a true challenge just like everyone else I will contend with in Survival Games. Yes, I have more to prove than any in the Survival Games field, but I have prepared solely for this opportunity with my entire being. I am here all the same. Nothing you do is going to change that. You cannot, and will not look past me in the feeble hopes to regain the championship belt you lost so easily at Judgement Day". There is the low rumble of the speakers reverberating through the arena as another match is starting. KENJI snorts in frustration as he steps towards and around the cameraman, the angle of the camera following the Resonator. KENJI swings a door open and walks through to a balcony in the stands of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, the ring announcer's call spurring a small grin from KENJI. Ring Announcer: "The following Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Premium Championship!!" FDS' name appears on the titantron as KENJI turns to the camera. KENJI: "Enjoy tonight as much as you can, Wrestler. Because the melancholy you feel after this match will resonate over to tomorrow night as well. You won't lose in your home country because of me, you will lose, because of you. I hope you like a double serving of eating the canvas and looking up at the lights, because that is all your hubris deserves". KENJI slowly turns away from the camera and leans on the railing overlooking the vast crowd amassed at the Cricket Grounds, ready to observe this match intently.
    • Not sure if it’s my absolute favorite of these but Galaga is definitely high up on the list as it’s just a game I very much enjoy playing and is a blast to play every time I take the time to play it.

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