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    • I'm guessing we're finally done with AOP vs Titus Worldwide. I think they should start building AOP up now, maybe lead them to take the belts off of B Team. The women's segment with all the women was awful. Ronda sounded so damn phony and irritated the hell out of me. The attack on Stephanie just seemed stupid to me as well, not rrally justified and only the supposed heels were the ones that cared about it. The main event was good, figured they would put Balor away clean so the fans would shut up about his rematch. Braun and Roman have had good matches before, I'm sure it'll be a good fued. Now that Dean is back, we can finally continue the botched Shield reunion lol.
    • We see interviewer John Trenton driving through the streets of Bradford. He looks confused at the fact that all the shops seem to be selling curry and that he is driving on the wrong side of the road compared to what he is used to. Eventually he drives out of Bradford and into the countryside where he sees a country house. He parks outside and sees a “Residence of the Scotts.”  John: This must be it. John knocks on the door, which is open. He walks in and sees the familiar house of JoshsNow, however the man who John has gone to interview doesn’t seem to be in sight. He looks in the study before he hears the sound of PAC Man. He walks into an arcade room where JoshsNow is playing the classic game. Josh speaks to John, but his attention is fixated on the game Josh: I didn’t know you were an Evolve interviewer  John: Actually I work for Carnage but seeing as you’re facing the Carnage GM at SummerSlam I’m taking the interview Josh: Fair enough.  The screen flashes up with Level 254 complete. Josh takes another sip of his drink, a cup of tea, before turning to John who is smiling as Level 255 begins. John: I never imagined you as an 80’s person. Maybe an 1880’s person. John chuckles to himself but Josh doesn’t seem to get the joke.  Josh: My parents met in the 80’s so they were big arcade fans. When they sold their business, left Bradford and bought this place, they bought a lot of arcade machines for this room and it became my favourite room.  John looks at the machine and sees the words Level 255 complete. Josh takes a breath and drinks his tea, before Josh takes a look at John.  Josh: John, do you want a drink John: Do you have a beer Josh: I have gin and tonic, or wine and blue cheese John: I’ll take the gin and tonic Josh: I will give it you once this game finishes. John: And how long will that be Josh: Not long, look I’m on Level 256 John looks at the screen which shows Level 256 which is incredibly glitched and impossible to complete John: What the? Josh: It’s a glitch. The fruit rolls onto the screen and means that it is practically impossible to complete. The screen is corrupted so no one has completed it before. You know what it reminds me of. Bailey. John: Bailey? Josh: Yes. My father once told me that where there is power there is corruption. And Bailey is like that. He believes he is untouchable. He can destroy a career just by clicking his fingers. Like Level 256, he is corrupted. But you know something. John: What Josh: I can beat Level 256. And I can beat Bailey  John looks in shock as Level 256 is completed and the machine turns off Josh: I’ll go get your gin and tonic.  The screen turns off as JoshsNow has proved his point. Although Bailey may seem in a different universe and it may seem like it is impossible for JoshsNow to beat him but if there’s one thing “The Gentleman” can do it’s defy the impossible 
    • I feel like we should bring back the Monthly Awards. It was a good way to celebrate who had made the Best Diary, Promo or Graphic of the month.
    • 7/10. Interesting start Odd. A feud between Mahal and Jericho is something I never saw coming and your other main event between Goldberg and Lesnar should be brilliant. Also Rusev’s performance could earn him a US Title shot and with Balor pinning Miz I expect him to earn an opportunity. Also big wins for Nakamura, Cara, Elias and Titus Worldwide, and it also looks like a feud between Reigns and Joe could be on the cards. Great work Odd and I’m excited for more 

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