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    • 13 Reasons Why For the past couple of weeks, I have been speaking of how I started watching 13 Reasons Why over in the discord. I had heard about here and there in the past, but never decided to watch it until a few friends suggested that I do so. Well how did I enjoy it in the end? I honestly loved it, it told the story of the struggles not just one person can face but so many others. Real-world struggles that sometimes we look past, or don't even acknowledge for the most part. Throughout the series I felt a range of emotions, from anger, sadness, pity, & confused, I really enjoyed how the show was able to tell stories of each individual without making it too complex. I feel too many shows struggle to make multiple stories in the same timeline workout, but 13 Reasons Why is able to do that very well. Now into the main plot, of atleast the first season, Hannah Baker someone who had took so much shit from practically everyone who walked into her life. Leading her to taking her own life, effecting everyone in her own life. Mostly Clay, but what I took from this show was these are real problems, & dealing with them is the biggest struggle. A really great show from Hannah Baker, all the way to the ending but I don't want to give away too many spoilers.
    • Men's Superstar of the Year: Moose Women's Superstar of the Year: Tessa Blanchard Men's Match of the Year: Ace Austin vs Willie Mack (Rebellion) Women's Match of the Year: Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace Men's Rising Star: Ace Austin Women's Rising Star: Jordynne Grace Best Pay-Per-View: Hard To Kill Most Memorable Moment: Moose revives the TNA World Heavyweight Championship  Best Feud: Ken Shamrock vs oVe Best Heel/Face Turn: Sami Callihan joins forces with Ken Shamrock  Most Extreme Moment: Sami Callihan launches a fireball at Ken Shamrock upon his return as ICU Best Promo: Can't think of any particular promo that he has done but Sami Callihan has been consistently good with his promos especially during his rivalry with Tessa Blanchard Biggest Surprise: Crazzy Steve return (Rebellion)
    • So I recently bought Football Manager 2020 and I decided that I wanted to do my own diary on this game so I could share my passion for football here. As you can probably guess from both the title and the short interlude I will be managing my favorite Premier League team Everton. The goals for this diary are twofold: Winning both the Premier League and Chmapions League and in fact attempt to do it in one season and two turn Everton into the backbone of the English National Team (A sub-optional goal I will set for myself is if the English job becomes available I will be applying for it and try to win the Euros and World Cup with England). I hope if you are football fans that you follow me along on this journey. Let the Toffee Army rise begin!  
    • 3 Matches We Want to See at BPZ SummerSlam 2020 Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of BPZ Commentaries, its your main man, Manny Moleman! We are in a current hot fire King of the Ring tournament, as Valor and Carnage competitors battle it out to determine your 2020, King of the Ring winner! With the likes of Hans Clayton, James Ropati, and Bob Sparks all trying to secure their position on the top of their throne, today we want to talk less about King of the Ring, and more about the biggest party of the summer, SummerSlam! We are so slowly but surly getting closer to one BPZ's hottest events (no-pun indented). I, Manny Moleman have piled up 3 high stake matches that we want to see happen at this year's event. The Cut-Throat Crew (Hans Clayton, Bob Sparks, and Sheridan Muller) vs Creed (Sameer, Eli Smith, and Bart) I think a match up between these two stables has got to happen eventually right? There is some history in this six man tag match, from Hans Clayton's past war with Creed, and more specifically with Sameer, and Bob Sparks just recently knocking off, arguably the favourite of the entire King of the Ring Tournament, Bart. We have seen teams go to war in the past, and Cut-Throat Crew taking on Creed has the all the hype in the world to be a barn burner. We will also see the likes of Sheridan, and the aforementioned Bob Sparks fair in this match-up against 3 BPZ greats. If Bob or Hans don't end up winning the King of the Ring tournament, opening SummerSlam with a match like this will sure make the crowd go haywire. Jeremiah Flynn vs KENJI Revenge can be bitter sweet, and this matchup has all the dollar signs you can imagine. Jeremiah Flynn defeated KENJI all the way back at Backlash of this year, capturing and later diminishing BPZ North American Championship. Ever since that loss, KENJI had spiralled out of control, no showing events and being defeated by Buddy Ace at the Last Resort event. Now reborn as the Golden Supernova, KENJI is looking rebuild himself, to hopefully face Jeremiah Flynn in a star struck rematch and what better way to do that then at SummerSlam. Whether Flynn is able to retain his title or not when Summerslam gets around, a bout between them, especially with the Universal Title on the line, will be one amazing ride. Bailey vs Arrow We talked about two high stake, high action, high energy matches, but this ladies and gentlemen is the match EVERYONE wants to see without a shadow of a doubt. Months in the making, all the tension, all the bad blood, everything you ever wanted in a wrestling match, is right fucking here. The GOAT himself, Bailey taking on Arrow. Arrow recently was in a program with Jo Nathan with their rivalry ending in last man standing match at the clone factory. Imagine the many clones Arrow has to have in order to take down one of the greatest of all time. Everyone wants to see this happen and it's up to BPZ to either capitalize on it, or completely ignore it.

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