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    • WWE Fast Lane 2017 Week 3, December 2016 | New England | 1,100,000 Buys | 90 Show Rating WWE Fast Lane kicks off with Triple H in-ring. He says that he is a businessman when all is said and done and the decisions he makes for The Authority, ones which affect the landscape of Money Night RAW, he does with business in mind. He says that Dolph Ziggler attempting to end The Authority is an attack on WWE as a whole and the business it does. He is interrupted by RAW General Manager Christian, who comes to defend Dolph Ziggler. Christian says that although Triple H thinks what he is doing is best for business, it is not. What he does effects people like Dolph Ziggler and it makes his job as General Manager harder. Christian says he is tired of Triple H running his evil schemes and he would do anything along with Dolph Ziggler to end his business, even if that meant putting the General Manager position on the line. Nikki Bella is celebrating retaining the RAW Women's Championship when Sasha Banks attacks from behind. She proceeds to beat down Nikki Bella while Charlotte Flair recovers at the opposite side of the ring. After Banks is finished with Bella, she turns her attention to Flair, that is before Bayley makes herself involved in the post-match brawl as she enters the ring and tries to talk Banks out of attacking the downed Flair. Suddenly, Flair hits Bayley from behind, while Bella also enters the ring and tackles Flair to the mat. The four women proceed to brawl with each other until security enter to break the quadruple up. Goldberg's music hits the arena as he is seen for the first time since the Royal Rumble. He speaks about how he was unsuccessful in winning the Rumble, he he did earn a few eliminations during his stint and that includes Brock Lesnar. He speaks about how Brock Lesnar and by extension Paul Heyman have acted since then. Goldberg accepts Brock Lesnar's challenge for WrestleMania. Paul Heyman walks out and he admits that Goldberg has been getting the better of Brock Lesnar. He names Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble match as examples but he proclaims that changes tonight. Lesnar's music hits and he sprints towards the ring, sliding beneath and initially getting the better of Goldberg. But Goldberg quickly gets the upper hand and throws 'The Beast' from the ring. Dolph Ziggler emerges as the winner due to count out, but Triple H instantly begins laying into 'The Showoff' shortly before Seth Rollins joins in. The duo beat down and set Dolph Ziggler up for a Curbstomp, until Randy Orton appears from nowhere to RKO Rollins where he stands! Triple H is shocked, as Randy Orton stands from downing Rollins and the two instantly come to blows! Triple H and Randy Orton brawling as Seth Rollins recovers on the outside. Triple H gets the better of Orton initially but Ziggler comes in with a well-timed super kick to send 'The Game'' over the top rope. The Authority recollect on the outside as Orton and Ziggler hold the ring. Christian comes out from the entrance ramp and says that Triple H has pushed him to his limits but he is sick of it. He announces a tag team match set for WrestleMania. Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins and Triple H. If The Authority win then Triple H will become General Manager of RAW. If Ziggler and Orton win, then The Authority must disband and Seth Rollins will be traded to SmackDown! Chris Jericho's Festival of Friendship Chris Jericho's theme song hits, though the music has been altered. 'Y2J' emerges with a Brazilian carnival behind him. Women dressed in red and white feathers while a marching band emerge at their side, playing the drums and the French Horn with other instruments. Chris Jericho enters the ring and he welcomes the audience to the Festival of Friendship. He says a lot of emotions and secrets will be laid out on the line tonight and that the very depths of his friendship with Kevin Owens will be put out for the world to see. Before he can continue he says he needs the man of the night here. He gestures for Kevin Owens to arrive and he does on horseback. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens share a hug. Jericho talks about his friendship with Owens and their run as a tag team over the past six months. He reminisces about victories over The Dudley Boyz, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and brings up their individual triumphs such as Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble and Kevin Owens winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho reveals some gifts he has bought Kevin Owens such as an alternate renaissance painting of the Sistine Chapel, Jericho and Owens' faces edited onto the nude bodies. He thanks Kevin Owens for being a friend and helping him through the past six months, saying that teaming with Owens was one of the highlights of his careers. Kevin Owens reveals he also brought a gift, though it isn't as expensive or as extravagant as the gifts Chris Jericho bought. Kevin Owens hands Chris Jericho a list. On the back of the list printed in bold it says 'The List of Jeri-KO.' Chris Jericho looks emotional. Kevin Owens says that he watched Jericho as a teenager and while he was working the independents. He calls Chris Jericho a hero of his childhood, and says that he could retire right now and be happy because he shared a ring as a partner of Chris Jericho. He talks about WrestleMania and how both Owens and Jericho will leave as champions. He says that they'll end the night with the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship and go down in history as the most coveted tag team of all time. Chris Jericho gestures for a hug, but as Kevin Owens walks in... Chris Jericho hits a 'Codebreaker' on Kevin Owens. Chris Jericho betrays Kevin Owens! Owens is laid out as Jericho jumps on him and begins throwing punches and elbows into Owens. He stands before picking Owens up and running him face first into the painting he revealed earlier in the night. Chris Jericho hits another 'Codebreaker' on the unconscious form of Kevin Owens. He then picks up the List of Jeri-KO before signing Kevin Owens' name into the paper, throwing the list and pen atop of Owens' downed form. Jericho gestures for a microphone before telling the audience that he'll be main eventing WrestleMania against Kevin Owens, as he's using his Royal Rumble win to go for the World Heavyweight Championship.  
    • Evolve   B1 Tournament B Block: Arius VS Maasa Our second episode of Evolve's return sees early B Block favorite Arius take on the returning Maasa. In a quick match, Arius bowls over Maasa in quick and decisive fashion, scoring an early and impressive two points. . B1 Tournament B Block: Raven VS Epic Our next match sees the former United States champion, Raven, do battle with former NXT rival Epic. The match would be mostly comedic, as Epic attempts to coerce Raven to let the lord into his heart, but Raven is having none of it, putting Epic away with the Raven Claw and scoring an early two points. . B1 Tournament B Block: Nathan Sawyer VS Bart Our next bout sees the return of Nathan Sawyer, who is doing battle with an early B Block favorite in former Undisputed champion Bart. Though Nathan would try for the upset, he is simply overwhelmed by Bart, falling to the established star with Scurll scoring an early two points in the B1. . B1 Tournament B Block: Alex Costa VS Marker Our second to last match of the night sees an up and coming talent in Alex Costa look to show his worth against an established and credible foe in Marker. In a good, close bout, Alex would pick up a huge victory over Marker and move up to two points. . B1 Tournament B Block: Hollow VS Joshua Scott Our second episode of Evolve concludes with a match between two former world title contenders, Hollow and Joshua Scott, doing battle to score the first victory in the G1 B Block. The match would end with a huge victory for Hollow, putting away Josh and picking up a much-needed victory to give himself some positive momentum. Evolve closes with Hollow celebrating this massive victory in his BPZ return, and he could be a dark horse to go all the way in this tournament. . Current standings: A Block: 2 points: KENJI, Julius, Jo Nathan, Jonathan, Kieron. 0 points: Akki, Ropati, Death Angel, Keirso, Brian Gillman. . B Block: 2 points: Hollow, Bart, Raven, Alex, Arius. 0 points: Maasa, Joshua Scott, Nathan Sawyer, Epic, Marker.
    • The scene begins with a dark and misty night. You hear the streets filled with noises from many different things as we see Hans walking down this loud and busy street. He looks around with bitterness and anger, despite defeating the Thundermans in the first round. Hans Clayton still looks unsatisfied. Hans then enters into a bar. The bar is filled with loads of people having a good time, Hans enters with a disgruntled impression as he sits down. He tells the bartender to give him “the usual” as it appears Hans has been in this bar many, many times. As Hans is waiting for his beer, a man next to him decided to speak and asked Hans who was unfamiliar with who this man is. “So do you come here often?” “Yeah I do, whenever I feel like something is irritating me, or something just doesn’t feel right, I always come here to relax myself from the boring world we live in.” “I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sean.” Sean extends his hand to Clayton. Hans smirks a little as he ignores the handshake. “So um, what's been irritating you?” “You really wanna know what’s irritating me, it's the place I work at is irritating me, ever since that day on December 1st. We lost a battle to four individuals who didn’t deserve that win one bit. It has been building for months upon months and it ends with my boys on the losing end. I feel like I should move on, but….. I just can’t!” The bartender arrives with Hans’ glass of beer. Hans gives him a tip, as he takes a sip of his beer. “So you're professional wrestler I assume?” "Yeah, I am. In fact I considered myself a machine. I work harder than everybody else in the company, in fact I work twice as hard, if not more. Those Creed boys were just lucky enough to get away with the win. Now I’m in this tag team tournament called The Clapspiracy Invitationals. My Partner and I, Isaiah Carter take on our own stable mates, The Firing Squad in Alex and Mikey. Like they said before, it's all competition. Nothing personal between us, but both teams want to win, and that's what drives me. To win this tournament with Carter, and to get back to our winning ways and regain those tag team titles! The only way we can do that is winning this entire tournament and I swear to god himself that we are going to win this. Despite how hot the new team of the Firing Squad are, they are just not on are level. I’m not saying they aren’t talented, far from that. Those two have the potential to be killers and vital for the tag division but we are more hungry, more determined, and most importantly, ready to win it all.” Hans continues to drink his beer as Sean continues to ask more questions about Hans. “Now, who are the other teams remaining in this tag tournament? ” “Well, you got two teams on the other side facing off, Bailey and Slim taking on Arius and Kenji. Bailey and Slim aren’t even a team, it's mostly a one man effort from Bailey who thinks he can take on two world class performers all by himself. It's an interesting development to watch, to say the least. Then we got Arius and Kenji who have battled in the past as foes, are now mutual allies in this tournament. Loads of different factors play into that matchup. Quite honestly, I don’t really care if we face Slim/Bailey or Arius/Kenji. The First Class Express are just going to beat them anyways because we are the only legit tag team around, and like I said, we are gonna win it all."  Hans continues to drink his beer as the scene fades to black.  
    • Raw: April 3rd, 2017 – Amway Center in Orlando, Florida The usual cold-open to Monday Night Raw begins the show, with the superstars of WWE's resident flagship show being shown before we are shown a recap of Raw's matches from the two-night event of WrestleMania 33. After the recap ends, Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the Superstar Shakeup, and Post-WrestleMania Monday Night Raw. They tell us that multiple SmackDown superstars have been traded to Raw, and tonight we find out who they are, as Cole says it's time for our first move of the night... 'Omen in the Sky' begins to play, as 'The Ace' Finn Balor, followed by his "good brothers" in 'Machine Gun' Karl Anderson and Luke 'Doc' Gallows emerges on the ring, as one thing is clear. The Balor Club is officially on Raw! The three men walk down the ramp, getting into the ring where Balor is given a microphone as the fans boo the men who fell victim to The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, and saw Balor lose his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Finn Balor: The rumors are true. The Balor Club is officially on Monday Night Raw, and we're here to tell everyone in the locker room. This show is now OURS. No one else's. Not Shawn Michaels', Stephanie McMahon's, or even Triple H's. This is ours. There is not a single man on this roster that I don't like our chances against. So, I wanna know, how many of you need to realize that what I speak is nothing more than facts, gospel. With that being said... Who wants to test us? Test my patience, and test our authority? 'The Disturbed One' blasts throughout the PA system, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley makes his way onto the stage. Standing on the stage, making direct eye contact with The Balor Club, Moxley runs down to the ring, clearly not one to do much talking as the World Heavyweight Champion believes this is his show. Tackling Anderson with punches, Moxley would somehow find a way to nail Doc Gallows with a Dirty Deeds, but unfortunately turned around into a Sling Blade from Balor! Standing in the corner, stalking Moxley as he stumbles into the corner, setting up Balor's signature dropkick... "Bastard" begins to play as the crowd becomes unglued for the arrival of 'The King of Raw', Neville! Neville stands on the stage, as him and Balor lock eyes, as then Balor gets clotheslined by 'The Bastard', Jon Moxley who has recovered from the Slingblade! But from behind, Gallows and Anderson attack Moxley, forcing Neville to run into the ring with a dropkick, as Neville nails a Springboard DDT onto Gallows as Moxley floors Anderson with Dirty Deeds! Moxley and Neville stare down, getting into each other's faces, as Moxley holds up the World Heavyweight Championship, and the two talk trash. Eventually, Moxley dips out of the ring, leaving the ring to Neville as the two continue to stare down, with Balor Club reeling on the outside... as we go to commercial break. Back from commercial break, we are told by Michael Cole it is time for two new Raw Superstars to be introduced, as they'll face off in a match pitting them against each other. Suddenly, 'World's Apart' sounds the arena as 'The Underdog from the Underground' Sami Zayn makes his way onto the stage, ready for whoever his opponent is... And then, "I Am Stronger" plays as the commentary team now fears for Zayn, as tonight he will take on 'The Monster Among Men', and new Raw roster member, Braun Strowman. Strowman walks down the ramp, wasting no time as he gets into the ring, squaring up with Zayn as the size difference is shown between them, before the match begins. Match #1 | Braun Strowman def. Sami Zayn via TKO at 8:49: The match would begin and Strowman would immediately take over, getting Zayn to the mat with punches and overpowering Zayn. In the end, Strowman would beat Sami Zayn down so badly that Strowman hung him in Tree of Woe position, as he continued to stomp away at Zayn. With Zayn unable to protect himself, the referee would ring the bell and end the match via TKO. After the match, Strowman would raise his arms, celebrating his victory as Zayn was checked on by medics. Strowman, not finished with The Underdog from The Underground, would pick him up and deliver another Running Powerslam before raising his arms in victory. Backstage, we're shown Triple H walking, before the Raw General Manager, Shawn Michaels, stops him as the two begin to talk, being best friends. Shawn Michaels: So uh... Look. I got some news... With this Superstar Shakeup thing, people were bound to leave Raw, and unfortunately, Bryan really, really coveted Cesaro... So he's SmackDown now. But don't worry, I haven't messed up your tag team match at Payback. Rollins has a replacement partner. Triple H: Look Shawn. I don't care if he has a replacement partner or not. Either way, Seth Rollins will be taught the respect he needs, he will be taught you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Seth Rollins will pay for the sins he has committed. Shawn Michaels: Do what you need to do, but tonight... Let Joe handle it. He's got it. There's no need for my main event to be ruined because you want to inflict some punishment on your old student. Triple H: Since we go way-back, I'll do you this favor. But the second that match is over, I am beating the SHIT out of Seth Rollins. Triple H storms off, as Shawn Michaels can do nothing but watch as his best friend is hell-bent on destroying his former protege in Seth Rollins... We head to the commentary team, who hype up our main event of Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins for a second. And then, as they finish, "Celtic Invasion" begins to play as the crowd becomes unglued at the sight of 'Becky Balboa', Becky Lynch comes out to the stage with her Raw Women's Championship in her hand! Lynch walks down to the ring, sliding into it as she is given a microphone to address WrestleMania, and her championship win as the crowd chants "YOU DESERVE IT!", over and over. Becky Lynch: Thank... you. Two nights ago, on Night 1, that has to be the crowning moment of my career. All due respect to Emma, but that was the ascension of Becky Balboa from legend to champion... And there's no better feeling in the world than that! But tonight, I'm here to issue an open challenge to whoever wants it... Who thinks they can defeat the legend of Becky Balboa... It's gonna take your best shot! And even then, it still won't be enough! Becky Lynch removes the strap, giving it to the referee John Cone as she awaits the woman accepting her challenge tonight... Match 2 | Raw Women's Championship | Becky Lynch def. Naomi in 12:15 via Submission: The bell would ring, as Naomi would use her athletic ability to catch Lynch off guard for most of the match. Becky Lynch would fight back with her technical ability, setting Naomi up for the Dis-armher. Unfortunately for Lynch, Naomi would fight out, catching Lynch with a Shining Wizard before her patented Split-Legged Moonsault for a near-fall. After missing a second one, Lynch would seamlessly transition into the Disarm-her, this time forcing Naomi to tap out. After the match, Becky would offer her hand to Naomi who would accept, as the two woman embraced following a war. Becky Lynch would climb the turnbuckle, raising her title up as Naomi peered up, respectfully before leaving the ring as Lynch continued to celebrate as the legend of Becky Balboa lived on. Backstage, we would be shown World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley walking towards the ring for his scheduled tag team match, as he teams with Neville against The Balor Club, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, as the NEXT! symbol flashes before we go to a commercial break. And as we return from a commercial break, the theme music of Jon Moxley reigned throughout the arena as Moxley, strapped with his World Heavyweight Championship, would make his entrance with his usual black jacket and jeans, his hands taped, ready for war as his hair, as usual messed up, would be shaken out of his face as he made his way. He would get into the ring as he awaited his partner, none other than the man he will face at Payback, Neville, the winner of the 2017 Eddie Guerrero Memorial Battle Royal. 'Bastard' would hit, as 'The King of Raw' slowly walked out, the crowd cheering him on as he has been adopted as a fan favorite ever since he defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship last year. Neville walks down to the ring, as he now will go face-to-face with the group who cost him his Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series last year, in a tag team match in what is sure to be sweet revenge. For the second time in the night, the theme of The Balor Club would echo throughout the arena as the cocky trio made their way through the curtain, as Gallows and Anderson raised their hands on the stage while Balor messed with his collar. The three walked down to the ring, as Gallows and Anderson got into the ring, as they'll represent The Balor Club in this match. As Gallows and Neville look to start, suddenly, Gallows rolls out of the ring and Neville is caught from behind with a dropkick from Finn Balor! It will be Balor & Anderson, not Gallows & Anderson, teaming against Moxley and Neville! Match 3 | Finn Balor & Karl Anderson def. Jon Moxley & Neville in 14:02 via Pinfall: Moxley and Neville would be caught off guard with 'The Ace' being in the match but would slowly work out of it, as the tag team affair became a back and forth battle, with Moxley kicking out of a Gunstun, while Finn Balor would escape a Rings of Saturn, and Karl Anderson would be saved from a Dirty Deeds from Jon Moxley by his partner. In the end, Balor would send Mox face-first into the middle turnbuckle with a devastating dropkick, as Balor then turned him around, nailed a 1916, and for added impact, climbed the top rope and nailed a final Coup De Grace to put the champion down for the three count. Following the match, Moxley would be pissed off, kicking the ropes as Balor Club retreated, very content with the win tonight as Neville looked very disappointed on the outside, and Moxley and Neville began to argue, as the two came face-to-face, before they began to tee off! In the end, security and Shawn Michaels would rush out, trying to keep the show in order and the World Heavyweight Championship match for Payback safe, with two hot-heads ready to go at it. The next segment would be none other than a promo package, highlighting The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff), and their return to WWE last night at WrestleMania 33, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in a ladder match, and ensuring their return as a success. When asked about how they felt returning, Matt described it as "surreal", and that Jeff never thought it would happen. And then they said walking out in front of that huge crowd was amazing, the pop was amazing and they're happy to be back with WWE. As a last message, The Hardy Boyz said that they would be fighting champions, and that any team who thinks they can hang with them... Will be in for a rude awakening. Then, it would be confirmed by the commentary team that next week, we will have a Fatal-4 Way Number One Contender's Match to see who will face The Hardy Boyz at Payback with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, Kofi Kingston & Big E, American Alpha, and The Vaudevillains. An odd absence of Dash Wilder, and Scott Dawson, a possible move to SmackDown in the cards? We're flipped backstage, where Rusev & Sheamus stand. The United States Champion mocks his victory over Kurt Angle, making sure everyone knows what happened: Kurt Angle quit, and Kurt Angle tapped out. Rusev says he is in such a good mood, that he will give all the other pathetic members of the Raw roster an opportunity... An opportunity at gold, as right now he will issue a United States Championship Match! And suddenly, "Hellfire" by CFO$ blasts through the arena as The Union makes their way out! Match 4 | United States Championship: Rusev def. Chad Gable in 9:40 via Submission: One half of American Alpha, in Chad Gable would accept Rusev's challenge. Gable would put up much more of a fight than expected, as he used his amateur wrestling ability to work Rusev, even nailing him with a Chaos Theory for a near-fall. Unfortunately for Gable, Rusev would catch him with a Superkick to the back of the head before locking in The Accolade to submit Gable and retain his championship. Rusev raises his championship, as The Brute stands above Gable. As The Union begins to beatdown Gable, "Elite" by CFO$, as Jason Jordan runs down to the ring, as he slides in and takes out Sheamus! Suddenly, Gable hits Rusev with a German Suplex as American Alpha has cleared the ring of The Union here tonight! The Union retreats, talking trash as American Alpha dares them to get into the ring. We would be shown backstage, where Raw General Manager Shawn Michaels sat with... none other than NXT's Lacey Evans! Lacey Evans finishes signing, as Michaels proclaims she is officially a member of the Raw roster now! ???: Shawn... Michaels. I've been looking for you. Last night, I carried your squad of misfits to a win against SmackDown's team, and look tonight... I've been forgotten about. The Queen has been forgotten... HOW PITFUL! The figure is now revealed as Charlotte Flair, who stands opposite Shawn Michaels, as Lacey Evans then stands up, getting into the face of Charlotte Flair. The confrontation eventually ends with a challenge, as Charlotte Flair vs the debuting Lacey Evans is announced for next week's edition! We are flipped backstage to a different area, where the roster of cruiserweights sits at tables, before the door bursts open, and in walks Cruiserweight Champion Austin Aries, as he has a glass of champagne in one hand as he begins to talk to his competitors. Austin Aries: Cruiserweights... Allow for your champion to be admired. I have brought the cruiserweights to another level, unfortunately higher than Cedric Alexander ever could and now we reside on Monday Night Raw, the flagship show of the WWE. So tonight, we're here, to purpose a toast to us. At WrestleMania, Cedric and I lit it up, stole the show and now we have been recognized as what we are - world-class wrestlers, and it is because of me! So, to Austin Aries and his Cruiserweight division! Aries' toast is to himself, as no one in the room speaks, or says a thing. Eventually, Cedric Alexander steps up, getting into the face of Aries as the two stare down. Cedric Alexander: You may have beat me at WrestleMania... But that championship - it's still mine. For months I held this division down. I beat the best of the best, I WON the Cruiserweight Classic. I don't care if you're champion right now. Because next week, on Raw, my rematch comes. In a 2 out of 3 falls match. Aries throws his drink into Alexander's face, which ignites a brawl between the two. The rest of the roster breaks it up, as Aries smirks at Alexander, having riled the challenger up ahead of their championship match next week on Raw! Back on the stage, "Burn It Down" hits as Michael Cole lets us know that it's time main event time! 'The Kingslayer' Seth Rollins hits the stage, pumping his chest as the crowd cheers him on, with Rollins taking on the task of The Destroyer, Samoa Joe tonight. Last night, at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins avenged the betrayal of his mentor, Triple H by pinning him in the middle of the ring, but tonight, he must face the man who partially tore his MCL after the Royal Rumble earlier this year... Samoa Joe. "Destroyer" by CFO$ hits, as 'The Destroyer' Samoa Joe, hits the stage with the towel around his neck, as Joe walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring as he spits on Rollins', and the referee holds him back as Joe finishes his entrance, throwing his towel into the crowd as he settles into his corner, death-staring Rollins with destructive intent on his mind. Match 5 | Samoa Joe def. Seth Rollins in 17:43 via Submission: The main event for Monday Night Raw, between two of the most elite competitors on the red brand, and Joe and Rollins would go back and forth, with the two trading blows. There would be several near-falls, as Seth Rollins connected on a huge Curb Stomp on Samoa Joe for a near-fall, but Joe just barely kicked out as the crowd popped for the return of the Curb Stomp. Samoa Joe would nearly nail a Muscle Buster, but Rollins would reverse out before hitting a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT on Joe for a 2 count. In the end, Rollins would go for a Turnbuckle Powerbomb, but Rollins' knee would buckle, and Joe would nail a huge strike to the knee, planting Rollins on that knee as Joe then locked in the Coquina Clutch, and eventually, Seth Rollins faded! Following the match, "King of Kings" by Motorhead would hit the arena, as Triple H made his way out to the ring, raising Samoa Joe's hand in victory. The two then preyed on Rollins', as they picked him up, and The Kingslayer would fight, even connecting on a Bicycle Knee Strike to Samoa Joe, knocking him out of the ring! But Triple H would chopblock Rollins' knee, forcing him back down as he hooked his arms and delivered a huge Pedigree! As Triple H turned around... SUPERKICK! The wrestler looks up... showing himself as 'The Show-Stealer' himself, Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler stands over Triple H, as Rollins makes it to his feet, with Rollins' partner seemingly being revealed as Raw goes off the air with a huge relevation: Dolph Ziggler is the newest member of Monday Night Raw! Fade... to... black. Confirmed Matches for Raw 4/10/17: Lacey Evans vs Charlotte Flair Number One Contender's Fatal-4 Way: New Day vs American Alpha vs Gallows & Anderson vs The Vaudevillains Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Cedric Alexander (2 out of 3 falls) Confirmed Matches for Payback: World Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley(c) vs Neville Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Dolph Ziggler
    • So basically, Eddie Guerrero for the win!

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