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    • The Great American Bash has been met with a lot of expectations, on both storyline side and booking side, both leading to a tremendous disappointement, i had to change the Taker vs Triple H match because they have awful chemistry together for exemple, or Sting and Goldberg being not part of the Invasion angle somehow. Another error of mine. But we are done with talking, now the results for Great American Bash 2001: Pre-Show: Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs Curt Hennig: 72. Very solid, Brock is getting there in terms of popularity, but it's a grinding, but i have a plan for him in the future.   Jeff Jarrett vs Shane Douglas for the US title: 65. Although i am a bit disappointed by the performance of those and my hype concerning Shane Douglas is slowly fading i'm still waiting after Wrestlemania for the draft to decide what to do with him next. Jarrett is a good assett, he could be that low main event guy.   Main Show: Rhyno vs Raven vs Tazz vs RVD for the Hardcore title: 80. Great match for midcard guys, i gave the belt on Rhyno because i didnt wanted Raven to have it that soon again but at the same i wanted someone from the Raven's Flock to have it and Rhyno has been great lately, always putting on great matches, the only annoying thing is that others dropped heavily in popularity.   Hardy Boyz vs Booker T & DDP for the WWF tag titles: 77.  Thank god we have the Hardyz, matt hardy 91 performance and jeff 100, because DDP is old and broken down, and Booker has not lived up for expectations.   Owen Hart vs Perry Saturn for the European title: 71. Owen is good, he needs to be pushed heavier, and Perry is ok-ish but is not a great performer at all.   The Steiner Bros vs the New Age Outlaws: 77. Scott Steiner is very solid, im glad ive signed him a bit longer than his brother. And the Outlaws are good but doesnt have the same pop so it kind of hurt their performance.   Gregory Helms vs Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight title: 83. Rey is here to save the day once again! He is the face of his division, and undefeated since he got the title back from X-Pac (whose in rehab right now), that's a plus and also that's a malus because he is so good that i will be forced to make him step up and go for bigger titles, but no one is legit enough to beat him right now. The most difficult thing is that i don't have a lot of babyfaces cruiserweights to build a heel around.   The Undertaker vs Kevin Nash: 79. That's the replacement match and luckily they have great chemistry! I know for 79 thats not obvious but keep in mind it's 2001 Kevin Nash in singles competition, don't ask him to run too much.   Goldberg vs Chris Benoit: 78. Disppointement n1, no storyline attached to,  that hurts a lot.   Sting vs Eddie Guerrero: 77. The other botched booking of my part.   Hulk Hogan vs Scott Hall vs Steve Austin for the WWF title: 81. Thats not the main event because i didnt wanted the old-ster to ruin the overall rating of my PPV, but i gave him the championship which in itself is a good trade off.   Ric Flair vs The Rock for the IC title: 82. Ric Flair is good, but too old for that stuff, at least he gave his pop to the Rock. And then i realized Rock will miss Wrestlemania because he will be gone filming a movie. Damn.   MAIN EVENT: America vs Canada, WWF vs WCW: Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart: 82. That one i was so pissed off, i dont know what went wrong with that one, maybe the Storytelling aim idk.   Story wise, although the two big titles are still in WCW's hands, they do not dominate the WWF roster as much as Eric wanted them to. So next night he is gonna announce the next PPV: Souled Out. Which will feature a WarGames. The participants have yet to be announced... Also, i called up Randy Orton because he was crying so much about being in developmental.
    • Predictions for WWF No Way Out 1998 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match Iron Man match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) Kane vs Cactus Jack - Last Man Standing match Steve Austin vs Triple H - WWF European Championship match Steve Blackman (c) vs Jeff Jarrett The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, and The Rock) vs Ken Shamrock, & The Legion of Doom - WWF Tag Team Championships match Headbangers vs New Age Outlaws (c) Vader vs Dan Severn - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brian Christopher (c) vs Flash Funk Bonus Questions One of these matches will get a rating of 87, which match will that be? Kane vs Cactus Jack Which 2 superstars will get the highest in-ring performances? Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin What will the score be for the Iron Man match? (ie; 4-5) 2-4
    • Damn man these are all so great, really in love with every single last one of them. My only critique, is maybe dont have the intro of your videos be so long, like for the Sheridan one, it was atleast 20 seconds, maybe show more clips. But other than that very fine work bro. 
    • Saw this match in my recommendations so i decided to give it a watch. I really enjoyed TLC 4.

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