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    • As long as Nia Jax isnt in the mens rumble, I am fine with it.  If all of these returns are indeed returning at the rumble you would almost have to think that WWE has been stalling returns for the Rumble Match. Another sign that 30 is simply too much for women.
    • PWInsider: Adam Brooks likely to sign with ROH Good for Brooks. It’s somewhere well known in America and the world. Hopefully he gets booked by PWG cause he’s been fantastic since returning to Australia in late 2018. Especially in America, he’s much better as a babyface making his comeback in matches. I remember seeing him once in MLW i think but it never materialised past that. His two AAW matches with Josh Alexander and David Starr matches really ruled and were his best matches outside of Australia that didn’t involved Ospreay.
    • Less dates for the same money? It is a no brainer to stay with ROH and honestly if the billion dollar company behind ROH feel they want to keep the wrestling company afloat for their reasons and this is the way they're going to make sure it does i'm happy for it. ROH definitely has the strongest roster it's had in years. It has been over a year now but The Elite leaving seems to be the best thing for every party involved because ROH has this cool influx of really, really good talent and hopefully the booking gets consistent to match that. Good talent will only do so much but the reign of Rush dragged me back in. At least the new signings are getting good deals due to so many companies competing for them.   
    • “Yeah lads, it’s me, Cody Cage, I am here because, I saw Arius come out and say that he can’t find himself a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. Well sort of, that's the message you're trying to deliver, do not worry, do not worry, I can see the truth, so I though to myself, why don’t I come out, I’m one of the best workers in BPZ, and you guys can agree, right? Well, I’ve spoken enough about myself, let’s talk about that beautiful title you are carrying there, I like the shine of it, and I think it’s pretty pricey, so I think I might just accept the challenge that you offer, and yes, we will address the fucking elephant in the room, I am a NXT Star, not a BPZ Star, so why am I trying to take the title that shouldn’t belong even close to me? Because I fucking want to. Now Arius, I like you, you’re a hard work, but I might just overwork you and accidentally end up taking that title of yours, how does that sound? I think it’s a good idea personally, so tell me the place, and the time and I will fit in my very busy schedule.” Cody takes a look at the cheering crowd and at the champion Arius who stands in the ring, listening carefully to what Cody had to say.
    • The crowd look on at the elaborate set being set on the stage as a long flowing curtain hangs down from the titantron. Ghouls at hand tend to the set up as they make sure the creases are set out to the best of their abilities and hold each end of it ready for the next man to enter the arena. "My nature just changes"   Welcome to the Royal Rumble event! The commentary talk on commentary about how exciting the night is looking to be as The Revenant opens the show surprising the fans in the audience. The BPZ Intercontinental Champion has been coy about his opponent tonight but has said through interviews on the tour to tonight's event that it will be an exciting opportunity for those involved.  ♪♫ If thine is the glory then, Mine must be the shame ♪♫ Elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music as they see the name Arius transition over a black background on the titantron. Silhouettes of ghouls move across the screen as  suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp.  No one else but Rin Akane stands under the spotlight wearing the red demon mask we saw earlier in the week during her BPZ.com vignette. She takes in the triumph as she holds over her shoulder the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as she raises her free hand to aid the eyes and focus to The Revenant. who ascends to the sight of the audience. ♪♫ You want it darker, We kill the flame ♪♫ Dressed in his familiar suited attire Arius moves down the ramp as he looks around the area, taking in the atmosphere. Standing next to his director and business partner Rin Akane, she hands Arius his BPZ Intercontinental Championship as he holds it proudly over his shoulder, gazing into the shine. As Arius moves down the ramp. He slowly moves to 'You Want It Darker' by Leonard Cohen as the fans who've made it to the edge of the barricade reach out to the champion.   Arius stops in his tracks as he hands, taking a moment to reach out to their extended hands and embraces their calls, bringing them the championship, he holds it forward for them to touch sharing his moment with them as they move their hands across the front plate of the Intercontinental Championship. Respectfully kissing their hands before returning his focus to the ring. The champion tonight has a monumental task ahead of him as he battles 29 other superstars for the chance at facing the reigning World Heavyweight Champion at BPZMania. Taking hold of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, Arius holding it firmly in the air for the audience who give him a warm reception. ♪♫ I'm ready, my lord.. ♪♫ The movie cuts off as Arius stands in the ring amongst the simmering crowd now who are curious to what will be said tonight. The commentary talk about who might be facing the champion for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as Arius lifts the microphone to begin his address.  If anyone truly know The Revenant then you know is all about compromising positions. Here tonight at BPZ Royal Rumble I endeavour on one of my most monumental tasks in winning the BPZ Royal Rumble and etch my name next to some of the greats of this company such as Nebakos, Bailey. Right now i’m just another seeker fighting tooth and nail to try and break out into this final arc. But what brings me out here to open the show? Thank you for the question. I know from experience that Carnage is a difficult brand to break out on though, but working hard in order to achieve that is something i know the young stars in the back will definitely getting used too. Nothing worth having is ever easy, and that’s why i’m here tonight to formally hold an open challenge for this BPZ Intercontinental Championship.   I know...i know, some are going to question this decision. Call it ego driven, call it selfish, call it self sacrificing. But these words shall fall to the wayside for i know what i stand for and those close to me should as well. I’ve never been shy of trying to put the best i could behind each championship I've held in this company and even though my eyes stray over the horizon i still have complete intentions of holding this prestigious championship to the standard of which i know it is worth.  I see potential in a lot of the stars in the back. Just like myself early in my career, a lot of them are fighting for respect, recognition, and a bigger opportunity. They want more than that has been offered to them and there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re hungry and the second you settle for anything less than what you deserve, is the second you should pack your bags and go on home.   There is a quote that could be quite relative to this scenario tonight. "Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door" A reason is given to awaken each day, promising in that knowing the possibility of some brightness glowing onto a darkened heart. I'm going to be your light. I’m not someone that was given many open door chances to succeed  or fail like this one tonight. Maybe that should change in the future but for now I invite you on to my stage.   So, my friend whoever you may be, I’m going to do something special for you. I’m going to be using my ability, to put you in the showcase and have no doubts i'm here tonight to be a defending champion Arius holds the championship to the camera as he leans over the ropes, stepping back again as he continues But keep that chin up! For you will still be heralded as a someone who can waltz in the night with the best of them. People will  shake your hand, still look up to you like someone to possible mimic to garner the same opportunity. You took your heart and extended your hand, whatever the outcome. And as long as you breathe, as long as you have the fight inside of yourself, there’s no way in this can be viewed in any terms other than taking advantage of an opportunity.  Arius smirks to himself as he reflects on his accidental delay. It's a busy night tonight and the fine people in the audience want to see some action My apologies. I tend to talk a lot, a little intimidation if you will,  a little flare Airus drops his coat to Rin Akane as he turns prepared to the stage and so that puts me in a corner where my actions must speak louder than my words. I’m on this quest and tonight i must first put this championship on the line to whoever wishes to come out from the back and take it from me. Be ferocious. Be determined. Once the curtain goes up...Welcome my stage. The elaborate set that was constructed for this segment parts as the giant red curtain hanging from the titantron is parted by the Ghouls, tugging on the golden rope as the audience peer to the stage to see who might enter   (Planned Reply)

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