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    • St Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks. Blues score P.Stansty Blues 1 Sharks 0. Blues score V.Transeko Blues 2 Sharks 0. Blues score C.Gunnerson Blues 3 Sharks 0. Blues score J.Schwartz Blues 4 Sharks 0. Blues score D.Backers Blues 5 Sharks 0. At the end of the first the blues are winning 5 to 0 Blues 5 Sharks 0. Sharks score P.Marrleu Sharks 1 Blues 5. Blues score V.Trasken Blues 6 Sharks 1. Sharks score M.Karlson Sharks 2 Blues 6. Blues score A.Steen Blues 7 Sharks 2. Blues score V.Tarsenko Blues 8 Sharks 2. Sharks score N.Salping Sharks 3 Blues 8. Sharks score P.Marrleu Sharks 4 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Thorton Sharks 5 Blues 8. Sharks score T.Hearl Sharks 6 Blues 8. Sharks score L.Couture Sharks 7 Blues 8. Sharks score L.Coture Sharks 8 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Thorton Sharks 9 Blues 8. Sharks score J.Braun Sharks 10 Blues 8. Blues score P.Stasny Blues 9 Sharks 10. Blues score P.Stansy Blues 10 Sharks 10. Blues score P.Bargling Blues 11 Sharks 10. Sharks score P.Marlelu Sharks 11 Blues 11. Blues score J.Shuztchl Blues 12 Sharks 11. Blues score P.Stansy Blues 13 Sharks 11. Sharks score J.Donsku Sharks 12 Blues 13. At the end of the second period the Sharks have railled back to make it a closer game can the Sharks win Blues 13 Sharks 12. Sharks score R.Burns Sharks 13 Blues 13. Sharks score short handed P.Maleule Sharks 14 Blues 13. Blues score J.Leathera Blues 14 Sharks 14. Sharks score R.Polax Sharks 15 Blues 14. Blues score A.Steen Blues 15 Sharks 15. At the end of the 3rd it’s a tie game Sharks 15 Blues 15. Blues score T.Broudux Blues 16 Sharks 15. Blues win! Blues have the lead 1-0 over the Sharks! Blackhawks score P.Kane Blackhawks 1 Coyotes 0. Coyotes score A.Taguny Coyotes 1 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score K.Dabhichelk Coyotes 2 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score Q.Enmma Coyotes 3 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score K.Communin Coyotes 4 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score M.Domi Coyotes 5 Blackhawks 1. Coyotes score S.Doan Coyotes 6 Blackhawks 1. At the end of the first the Coyotes are ahead 6 to 1 can the Blackhawks tie it up and possibly win game 1 Coyotes 6 Blackhawks 1. Blackhawks score T.Fleschmen Blackhawks 2 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score R.Sebrook Blackhawks 3 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score J.Toews Blackhawks 4 Coyotes 6. Blackhawks score D.Weise Blackhawks 5 Coyotes 6. Coyotes score A.Vertnee Coyotes 7 Blackhawks 5. At the end of the 3rd it was close but the Coyotes win 7 5. Next games Washington Capitals at Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens at The New York Islanders.
    • NBA RoundUp Now 17 games into the season, and close to entering the month of December, I think now would be a good time to look through the updated stats of the NBA season so far. So let’s do this! Points Per Game 1. Damian Lillard (33.0) 2. Stephen Curry (31.6) 3. Zach LaVine (29.7) 4. Devin Booker (29.4) 5. LeBron James (29.1) Rebounds Per Game 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (14.3) 2. Steven Adams (14.2) 3. Joel Embiid (13.9) 4. Andre Drummond (13.9) 5. Karl-Anthony Towns (13.9) Assists Per Game 1. Chris Paul (8.9) 2. DeAaron Fox (8.7) 3. Ricky Rubio (8.7) 4. James Harden (8.4) 5. Luka Doncic (8.1) Steals Per Game 1. Fred VanVleet (2.5) 2. Kawhi Leonard (2.4) 3. Chris Paul (2.3) 4. Stephen Curry (2.2) 5. Ben Simmons (2.1) Blocks Per Game 1. Joel Embiid (2.6) 2. Anthony Davis (2.6) 3. Kristaps Porzingis (2.4) 4. Rudy Gobert (2.3) 5. Bam Adebayo (2.1) Western Conference Standings 1. Los Angeles Lakers (17-0) 2. Los Angeles Clippers (14-4) 3. Portland Trail Blazers (12-6) 4. Houston Rockets (10-7) 5. Memphis Grizzlies (9-7) 6. Oklahoma City Thunder (9-7) 7. Golden State Warriors (9-9) 8. Dallas Mavericks (8-9) 9. Denver Nuggets (7-9) 10. Sacramento Kings (7-9) 11. Minnesota Timberwolves (7-10) 12. New Orleans Pelicans (7-10) 13. San Antonio Spurs (7-11) 14. Phoenix Suns (4-12) 15. Utah Jazz (4-13) Eastern Conference Standings 1. Miami Heat (12-4) 2. Milwaukee Bucks (12-5) 3. Brooklyn Nets (12-5) 4. Toronto Raptors (11-5) 5. Boston Celtics (11-5) 6. Philadelphia 76ers (10-7) 7. Cleveland Cavaliers (9-8) 8. Orlando Magic (8-8) 9. Detroit Pistons (8-9) 10. Washington Wizards (6-9) 11. Charlotte Hornets (6-12) 12. Atlanta Hawks (5-12) 13. Chicago Bulls (5-13) 14. New York Knicks (4-13) 15. Indiana Pacers (2-14) [Next Time - Pelicans & Wizards]
    • As Sameer leaves the ring, Slim watches him walk up the ramp, as 'Don Dada' now puts the Undisputed Championship on his shoulder. He sits down at the table, opening the contract and signing his name on the dotted line. With this, he then raises his microphone and begins to speak. Let me make one thing crystal clear: Not a damn soul in this arena was shocked at what you just did. You're predictable, Sameer, and you always have been. Superkicking officials, referees, backstage interviewers, some of your best work has come from doing that so it was no shock to me that you pulled that card out once again, in a desperate attempt to flex your dominance. You may be finished talking to me, Sameer, but I'm not done talking to you. And the last time I checked, I'm the god damn champion, so you sit your ass backstage and listen while I give you a dose of reality. Julius came to you simply because you NEEDED it more than me, Julius has rode with me on the road several times. He knows my preparation, he knows that I am always studying my opponent, picking their weaknesses out and setting them up to be absolutely embarrassed. There's nothing to expose about me, Sameer. I'm an open-book, what you see is what you get, everyone knows that and I have learned to embrace it. That's why I became Mr. Money in the Bank again. That's why I became World Champion again. That's why I did what you could never do, and I put Hans Clayton down, one-on-one, and took this title he worked his life to attain, and I ripped it out of his hands like the cold-blooded killer that I am. Reality is whatever I want it to be, but let's say you're right for one second. Let's say we're both frauds, the REALITY of the situation is Creed are the men who run Valor, and it has become a complete shithole. We have Brad getting unnecessary title shots every month, talent walking out on shows, hell, even the self-proclaimed locker room LEADER, Hans Clayton is gone. You're gonna tell me that's by design? That it's a coincidence? You've spent the entire time, since this match was announced, making me out to be a cancer that needs to be stopped... No, no, no. You see, CREED is the cancer of this brand, for months, I have bare witness to stupid decision after stupid decision, and it all comes to a head at Exodus. Either I will be the man to stop Creed from completing taking over their own brand, or I will go down in history as the guy who almost stopped it, but ultimately succumbed to their dominance. You refuse to let me win? Sameer, I refuse to let you win. You talk about how I'm accepting of my only reality, but yet you seem to be blind to the one that everyone else, besides your little brotherhood, sees. I'm no hero, but naturally, I have become the man who has rebelled against the machine, against the authority. I used to be in that position, I know what kind of bullshit goes on back there, and if you truly believe that being associated with Creed has nothing to do with you winning, you're more fucking stupid than I originally thought. Everything you say about me is a reflection of what you need to be telling yourself. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, SAMEER! YOU ARE THE MAN THAT NO ONE WANTS TO SEE WIN! You have become what you hate, but you never really hated it in the first place, did you? You just figured it popped the crowd, it got you over, so you rolled with it. I respect it, but it's nothing a champion would do. That's something a fake bitch would do, and at Exodus, YOUR reign of terror comes to an end at MY hands. Slim drops the microphone, as he leaves the ring now. Walking up the ramp, the crowd doesn't know how to react, but there is a wave of cheers for the Undisputed Champion. He takes one last look at the crowd, holding up his championship, as he then turns around, walking into the backstage area, as our segment fades to black. The time for talk is over, it is now time for Sameer & Slim to go to battle! Who will prevail in this clash of titans?      
    • We are going strong here at Valor Chapter 2: Exodus live from the Egyptian Army Stadium here in Suez, Egypt as we've enjoyed a great show so far as we hear Glorious Domination begins to play throughout the PA systems as Austin Mirage makes his way out.  Austin Mirage then walks slowly towards the ring as the Egyptian crowd boo him for his obvious immense self love that he exudes with his body language as he then walks into the ring with a mic already in hand as he goes to speak.   Austin mirage: Hello to all the men, women, and children of Egypt I understand that due to certain cable reasons you may not know who I am so please allow me to formally introduce myself. I am the Savior of BPZ, I am BPZ's Best Kept Secret, I am Austin Mirage and I am the best damn wrestler in this entire company, no in fact I am the best wrestler in the world.  Now allow me to ask you all this question who here knows the definition of insanity?  Austin Mirage waits around as there are murmurers throughout the arena as it seems most of the people in attendance aren't aware of it as Austin Mirage begins to speak once more.  Austin Mirage: I'll take that as a collective no then, then I shall teach it to you, you see the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result an example would be a talentless nobody like many of you trying to shoot a basketball from full court and making it go in every time, where you of course would fail horribly however that is the definition.  Now before you all start throwing your food and drinks at me for bringing light to the harsh truth I have a very special guest with me here tonight ladies and gentlemen please welcome your President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi!  The Egyptian National anthem would then begin to play as the Egyptian President would make his way out onto the stage and into the ring alongside a personal translator as Austin Mirage greets them each with a wide smile and a firm handshake as he goes to speak again.  Austin Mirage: Thank you so much for coming Abdel, it truly means so much to me have someone of your caliber as my honored guest for tonight and from I what I understand your work tirelessly day in and day out to make Egypt a better place everyday?  Translator: Abdel says that is correct and that he is honored to be the special guest of such a generous BPZ Superstar and that he appreciates you helping to enlighten his people.  Austin mirage: Anytime Abdel. Now I know that you're quite the busy man so I'll try and make this as brief as possible and say this that much like you work so hard to make Egypt a wonderful nation that I too will not only win the BPZ United States Championship and make it the best championship in all of BPZ.  Translator: Um Abdel says that he admires the confidence and he doesn't doubt your ability but he believes that you won't win that championship and that Yel.  The translator is cut off as Austin Mirage then glares at Abdel before he backs him into the corner before be begins to speak to him in a very angry tone.  Austin Mirage: Don't you dare suggest that anyone but me will ever again because if you I will come back to Egypt and I will embarrass you and utterly destroy your reputation, do I make myself clear?  Abdel then weakly shakes his head yes as Austin Mirage then says " Yes What? " as Abdel weakly say " Yes Sir " as he begins to cry as Austin Mirage rolls out the ring and heads backstage leaving Abdel in the ring in tears.        

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