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    • Slim and Raven stand opposite Julius and Bailey, as the four men stare down and Slim raises his microphone as Julius and Bailey now begin to face off with Bailey's eyes now on the BPZ World Championship which Bailey so eagerly desires. Both men turn to Slim as he begins to talk, the crowd on the edge of their seats. I don't wanna waste anyone's time, let's get straight to the point. You guys, you want a tag team match against myself and Raven? You really believe that you two can co-exist and beat us? It's not happening. What do you think, idiots? Do you wanna see Slim and Raven take on the great, Bailey Justin and the unstoppable, Julius? The crowd pops at the hint of a tag match as Slim continues to speak. That fucking sucks. You know, I found this whole ruse amusing, those whole tirades you two just went on, but I like the energy... Bailey, me and you, we're not enemies. Let's stop pretending qe are, like I told you, we're the same. We've been cast out by men who used to bow at our feet and it has been your personal mission to make sure they pay for the sins they committed against you, but don't mistake me for one of them. Men like Bulletproof, men like him in Creed. Slim points at Julius as he says Creed, before continuing to deliver his message. I will admit, Julius, I was a little surprised by your inclusion in Creed as you don't seem like the "brotherhood" type. Months pass and nevertheless, my intuition proved me right, because when we met weeks ago and you offered your services, it all made sense. You're a man built on destruction, a man who wants inflict his own pain on people, and Creed cages that. You see it, Bailey sees it, I see it. That's why when he suggested that we recruit you, I was very shocked that you even entertained the offer. Slim breaks out into a huge grin, as does Bailey and Julius. Slim suddenly reaches into his pocket and pulls out Julius' Creed chain! He shows it for the crowd to see as boos begin to rain down on the four men in the ring. Has it set in yet? I think it has... You see, Bailey recognizes what I said, he knows we are different animals but the same beast. That's why when I offered him to be the undisputed underboss of Mafia, he accepted. And yes, Bailey, you did come up short but at Wildcard, you will prevail. Those three men don't hold a CANDLE TO YOU! And Julius, Julius, how happy I am to have you as my consigilere. A heir of JF, you undoubtedly are one of the smartest men in this idiotic company, and I promise you, my brother, you will make it to the BPZMania V main event and you will DEFEAT Arius, just as I will at Wildcard. I hope everyone is paying close detail. I've infiltrated Bulletproof, I've infiltrated Creed and soon enough, this company will be Mafia throughout. We're not a group, a faction, a stable, we are a family. And I don't mean the fake shit that Sameer and Smith put on for the camera, from this point forward, these 3 men are one with me. We will reign terror down on ANYONE who opposes us and I promise you, soon enough, Bulletproof will be dusted, Creed will be gone, and Mafia will be the only men standing, with myself, Julius, and Bailey serving as Jury, Judge, Executioner. We are a MERCILESS family and this is just the beginning, the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Do we have your attention now? Slim drops the microphone in the center of the ring, as Bailey, Julius, Slim, and Raven all stand side by side, posing with each other as the Mafia has finally been revealed, a new powerhouse emerging with the most promising talent in BPZ, along with three of the best to ever do it. Who will step up to oppose the Mafia?
    • As Eric Shun collapsed to the floor following the brutal broom shot from Arrow Orton, Arrow Orton would stand over Eric Shun. “You like that punk! How does that feel huh.” Arrow would stand and laugh as blood would drip from the head of Eric Shun, who was slowly getting up to his feet. “Oh I know she liked it.” Arrow would try and hit Shun again, but Eric Shun would move out of the way and begin running down the street. Pedestrians would move to the side as Arrow Orton chased Eric Shun through the streets, a camera crew desperately trying to keep up with the pair. Eric would zig zag through the extremely busy streets of Anaheim. Before alas, Eric Shun would lead Arrow Orton down an alleyway which turned out to be a dead end. Pinned up against a brick wall, Eric Shun wondered what to do and how he could get out of this peculiar position he had put himself in. He decided to charge at Arrow, who moved out of the way. Eric Shun would then quickly turn around and found himself standing face to face with Arrow Orton. Still Eric was laughing from his earlier antics. However this wasn’t amusing for Arrow Orton who threw a left hand at Eric, connecting to the already cut head of Eric Shun. Shun would fire back with a left, right combo. Before the two would begin beating the crap out of each other. Throwing left and rights galore. Eric Shun would gain an advantage though as he dropped Arrow Orton to the ground. Eric would look around for weapons to use to his advantage, he saw on the ground an old fashioned metal dustbin. He picked it up and would wait until Arrow Orton got back up to his feet before smashing it over his head. A car would pull up at the end of the alley as Eric did this. The window would roll down and it was revealed to be Eric’s agent. “What the f*ck?” “PG show remember!” “I don’t care right now. Tell me what you did!” “You told me to have fun!” “So what fun have you had?” “Umm I think I might be a dad. That kind of fun.” “Jesus Christ. Get in the car.” As Eric got into the car, it would speed away. Leaving Arrow Orton alone in the alleyway, laying hurt in the dirt. As the titantron faded to black, and the rumble show was able to continue.
    • XFL ROSTERS REVEALED:  411mania
    • For the love of god, let this be the end of this feud. The match served his purpose, Reings got his revenge. But if they want Smackdown to become interesting again, they have to completely move on from this starting Friday. 

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