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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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    • 2010: John Cena John Cena managed to pick up 2 World Championships in 2010. Following the full-time departure of Legends such Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker, Cena was the undisputed king of WWE, and the most polarizing figure they had. He won the WWE Title for the 6th Time at the Elimination Chamber 2010 PPV, outlasting Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, Triple H, and Sheamus. He'd lose it just seconds later to Batista, and would start a fun feud with him after. In the semi-main event of WrestleMania XXVI (26), Cena defeated Batista to become a 7-Time WWE Champion. He'd defend it succesfully against Dave in an "I Quit" Match. He'd start feuding with The Nexus in June 2010, and they'd cost him the WWE Title to Sheamus at Fatal-4-Way. Cena would team with longtime rival Edge, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, and Daniel Bryan to defeat The Nexus at SummerSlam. At Hell In A Cell 2010, he lost to Wade Barrett, meaning he was forced to join The Nexus. At Bragging Rights 2010, Cena and David Otunga won the WWE Tag Titles from Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. At Survivor Series 2010, Cena was the Special Referee in the WWE World Title Match between Randy Orton and Wade Barett. Since Orton won, Cena was fired from WWE. Barett rehired Cena in exhcange for a match at TLC, which Cena won. Despite losing to The Nexus and dropping the WWE Title, Cena's position as top guy never changed, and it was more in place than ever with the departure of HBK, HHH, and Taker, as I mentioned earlier. Even without the WWE Title, he main evented show after show, and was the best, and most popular wrestler of 2010. Despite not being a good wrestler, Cena was a larger than life star and appealed to children, and now proved PG Era was in full force. Cena definitely dominated 2010 even though it was a pretty bad year. Hope you guys enjoyed, and 2011 will be done by Tamer.
    • ( My promo was hidden away and I don’t agree with the situation considering the work I put into this promo. I don’t care what you call the championship out side of kayfabe. You can refer to it as the premium championship please just leave my promo alone.) We are on the first Carnage after Bad Blood where we saw Bailey win the Premium Championship after being a surprise entrant in the match. He made Eric Shun pass out to the ride or die as Eric chose Death. Bailey pretty much won in dominating fashion as Eric, Ark and Josh never really stood a chance. The Cameras cut to The front yard of the Mafia Manor and then cut to inside the house where Bailey is standing in front of a table with both his Universal Championship and Premium Championship laying on the table. He begins to speak    I take what I want as you see. I took an opportunity to be in the Premium Championship match because hell why not and I won the championship in convincing fashion. Because I wanted to. Everyone else gets to be a double champion why not me. Why not get a chance to be the double champion? The Champion’s Champion may you say. See I walked into Bad Blood, took what I wanted and left. Unlike DANIEL who said he was going to show me what opportunities he was going to take. And I definitely saw him take opportunities of entering the money in the bank and the intercontinental Championship matches. But there is one problem. DANIEL lost both of those matches. He once again failed to make or prove any point to me. He failed once again to win the big matches. When I want something I get it. I go in and I take it no matter what. No questions asked. I do whatever it takes to get what I want.    DANIEL talks a big game about how he was going to show me something and all he showed me was what I knew to be true. What I’ve been telling everyone this entire time. The Spark is gone DANIEL. The flame is out and you are finished. You chose this path DANIEL. Only you chose this when you decided to die. I gave you the option to ride or die and you chose death. Did you think that wouldn’t mean anything? Did you think these are just play on words? They aren't, they are what they are. What I say is for real DANIEL. When I tell people it’s Ride or Die that’s exactly what it is. The choice is always up to you on where you want your career to go next. And just like you Eric Shun chose death. I wonder what will happen next for him. I bet you Sheridan dominates him too and officially puts an end to him. I basically killed the man and she will probably sweep up the pieces and throw them away.    You DANIEL you chose death. And now you are seeing your career go down the toilet. First the Phoenix died like I said it would. Then you make one last desperate attempt to prove me wrong by trying to win Money in the Bank and Intercontinental all in one night! And you failed at that completely. All there is left to do is to pick you apart and officially kill you off DANIEL. You are a failure who has no right to throw any insults at me especially if you can’t back it up. You’re the loser not me. While Kenji continues to win in Survival Games like I knew he would you continue to lose and lose. I said it from the beginning because I was telling the truth Kenji is way better than you. Your whole run of glory was one big fluke DANIEL. A fluke that’s all it was. FD-Gun? It’s disgraceful you actually named a stable after yourself when there are more talented men in your group. The Death Riders we ride or die for each other. No man above the other we all have each other’s backs. You created a group to be all around you and it has completely backfired on your ass because you are being exposed as maybe the weakest member of that group DANIEL.    It’s funny though how everyone is calling you FD again. The promotion for the match is hyping you up as FD. The company wants to try and make everyone forget. You want to try and make everyone forget that pathetic sob story you told everyone weeks ago about how your coming out as the real you. Because you know I exposed that play by you for what it was. A desperate move for sympathy from these people. So now you go by FD again but I’m gonna keep calling you DANIEL. Because I refuse to let these people and this company forget how sad of a man you have become over these last fews weeks. How desperate you have become. You are not fit to be a champion In this company. You don’t have the right attitude or mentality. You don’t work hard enough you certainly don’t work harder than me. You even thought your match against me was a Lock. An easy win you never took me seriously DANIEL. And you paid for it you paid for it greatly because now I am the Universal Champion and I will never let you take this championship back I can’t let this brand that I built up to have a champion like you. But make no mistake about it DANIEL I will not make the same foolish mistake you made. I am not taking you lightly I will bring everything I have once again at you and I will beat you again.  But this time I will beat you twice in one match to officially break you and end you DANIEL. You won’t be able to take the suffering of knowing you got beat twice by me in one match. I know it will eat you alive. I didn’t make this match 2 out of 3 falls because I know you can’t beat me twice. I didn’t make it because of that I’m not worried at all about that I made this match 2 out of 3 falls because I want to beat you twice In one match. You are finished DANIEL.    But now on to better and more exciting things. This premium championship is mine now. But this Title is known to be cursed. No one can ever defend it. It comes and it goes. It’s by far the least prestigious championship in BPZ. I’m here to break the curse but I’m also here to usher in a new era for this championship. Because how is a championship a premium championship if everyone can go for it basically. That doesn’t make it a division and that certainly doesn’t make it a premium championship. This Championship is cursed and it quite Frankly sucks. We need something new and exciting. I want to bring greatness back to this select division of BPZ. I’m not the premium champion. The premium championship is dead to me. It has been held by the lowest of the lows this company has to offer. Complete rejects have held this championship. It doesn’t have the same value it once did and that’s why it must go.    Bailey goes and grabs a Trash Can. He pours Gasoline in the Can and lights it on Fire. He picks up the Premium Championship and dumps it in there to burn.  Look at it burn up just like the Phoenix did. The Premium Championship and its division is dead. I'm killing it off. But this leads to greatness and opportunity. Because a new era is upon us.    Bailey pulls from under the table a Championship Belt hidden away. He unwraps it and shows the new championship belt.  I present to you the Ironman Championship. This is what I represent now. This is what I will be known for. The BPZ Ironman Champion. What this championship means is that only the toughest can hold this championship. The True Ironman of BPZ can hold this Championship. Workhorses that dedicate their lives to the wrestling business. Guys that take no days off and give everything they got to be a champion.  Guys that never quit, never stop till they reach the top. That's an Ironman and that’s what this New Championship and this New Division will represent.    I am an Ironman and I am your BPZ Ironman Champion. I welcome all challengers for my Championship. Anyone can have a shot to win this Belt but only the true best will for now on win this Championship. No more will the underachievers or the losers of this company be able to win this championship just lose it a month later. This Championship will have no cruse come with its only greatness. Only the true Ironman of BPZ can hold this Championship and I declare myself as the First ever BPZ Ironman Champion. So give it everything you got boys but it won’t be easy to take this Championship off my shoulders. I will make sure this Championship means everything and is considered one of the best Championships in BPZ. The Premium Championship was a worthless title that meant nothing anymore. This Championship. The Ironman Championship will mean everything. I promise you that.  Bailey raises up both The Universal Championship and the new BPZ Ironman Championship that is now replacing the premium championship. The camera fades to black and goes to commercial break
    • Broncos vs Jets Saints vs Lions Chargers vs Buccaners Jaguars vs Bengals Vikings vs Texans Seahawks vs Dolphins Steelers vs Titans Browns vs Cowboys Colts vs Bears Ravens vs Football Team Giants vs Rams Pats vs Chiefs Bills vs Raiders Eagles vs 49ers Falcons vs Packers  
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DING DING DING KENJI: "There are times in one's career where all the sacrifices feel like they're paying off. That all the frustration and pain was at least a little bit worth it. Then there are the times when you're in the biggest slump the world has ever seen. Doubting yourself. Failing yourself. Struggling to see if it's just having such stupidly high standards of yourself to the point of self destruction, or if you really might not be good enough to cut it.....In this world, the line between those drastic changes is far thinner than you can imagine. Only the best will have a chance at making the dream work. Only the pinnacle of their craft can stick around....." 5 YEARS AGO Ota City General Gymnasium,Tokyo, Japan The black screen finally gives way from KENJI's narration to the climactic ending of a singles match in Japan between two men in matching black trunks and boots. The crowd are cheering for both men in their displays of perseverance and fighting spirit. One wrestler goes to hit a big dropkick, but gets caught flipped over into a Boston Crab! He tries valiantly to crawl closer to the ropes, barely an arm's length away before he gets pulled back to the centre of the ring. Succumbing to the pain, he has no choice but to tap out. DING DING DING Commentator: "And that is yet another close loss for KENJI.....". The screen fades and cuts to a view of the hallway backstage, where a much younger KENJI slowly walks, an icepack held to his neck. Instead of the White and Gold gear he wears currently in BPZ, or the Red and Gold from his debut, he is instead wearing much simpler black trunks and boots. No frills. No bells and whistles. A rookie. Short of breath, he leans against the wall, slowly sliding down to sit on the floor. 3 YEARS AGO Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan DING DING DING Commentator: "So close and yet so far! KENJI just falls short of winning the championship here in Korakuen Hall" KENJI: "VIctory or defeat, you're only a stone's throw away from the other". Staring at the lights. Again. The sound of the ring bell resonates out for a little longer as he groggily rolls out of the ring, scenes of more losses in his early career start to play, the ring bell beginning to ring faster, soon becoming a cacophony of noise as the losses come faster and faster too. But soon, the images of his opponent with their hand raised high start to disappear, their position being replaced with KENJI, now graduated from the humble black trunks and boots, splashes of colour on his gear now, the ring having changed from those in Japan to having "BPZ" written on the turnbuckles and the canvas. In particular, the montage shows KENJI's matches from both last year's, and this year's Survival Games block matches, where the change in momentum is stark compared to his early days. Starting with his time limit draw against Bart, where some really started to see KENJI as something bigger than they initially thought. The ringing starts to represent the toll of victory rather than defeat for the Japanese superstar. Win after win. FDS. Prince. Jonathan. Nate. Ark. Raven. The montage fades to see KENJI in the BPZ locker room. He sets his bag down and pulls out an old pair of worn out, simple black wrestling boots. From the looks of it, they have seen many a match in their lifetime. Despite their weathered appearance, they seem more than sturdy enough to see another lifetime of contests. KENJI looks at the boots fondly, reminiscing about the times that they saw him through the wrestling world. His expression is focused, definitely not complacent, but showing the weariness of this endurance test of a tournament. KENJI: "Sometimes it's the simple things that take you the furthest. Out of all the gear that I've owned, eventually being able to express myself in their design after I proved myself, it's these stupid black boots that saw me through the toughest of times. Even though we're always learning in this profession, this first pair of boots holds all the memories and sacrifices, and they're still here to tell the tale after it all. That willingness to stay the course and not break under all the pressure, the frustration....that voice in your head that says you can't do this. These boots show the most valuable lesson I can ever learn. Even if it's being so stubborn to the point of stupidity, it's to never forget who you are. Who you really are. Last year I forgot that lesson in the search for victory. I squandered that very lesson all those setbacks and defeats had taught me because the voice in my head won. That I couldn't be good enough on my own to swim, only left to sink. I let the opportunity of success take charge over who I was. It was good for a time, only until I saw that this wasn't the path for me". "Those early days were painful. Both physically and mentally. To never get the momentum, or to succeed in your home country is never enviable. When I took time away after losing the North American Championship, I thought I was slipping back into that time of failure again. Stalling under the pressure, to the point where the barrier blocking me from my dream was put back into my head. Feeling that the same failure I battled in Japan had followed me to BPZ. If I'm being brutally honest with myself, I signed with BPZ to run away from it. That failure. To see other's succeed back then while I kept falling short was....dejecting. I remember back in those days, Alex Costa was highly successful. He might speak of the anticipation of facing me back then, but I wouldn't agree, I was not on his level back then, mentally or physically. I would spend all my money as a kid, going to the very venues that Alex would win championships in, carving the legacy in Japanese pro wrestling that I never could". "But when you look at where we are today, and it's all quite different. While I don't have as many accolades to my name as others, it would be false of me to say that I've found less success than Alex in BPZ. While it took me a while to get there, we're starting to get the traction back. Alex saw some early success, but hasn't been able to really convert his momentum into something. It almost feels good to be on the other side of the fence to Alex this time, so see him where I was, but those early days are still very much in my mind with this match coming up. We've never met in a singles match before, so this is the result that really matters. Nobody else involved, the decider to see who really has developed more over the years. No excuses. I may have been able to string wins together, but I don't take this one lightly. Every match is its own battle, where one false step, especially against someone as adept as Alex Costa, can spell your defeat far quicker than you realise. Once the bell rings....it doesn't matter how many points you have, or where you're perceived, if you're injured or what your name is....the squared circle only offers it's riches to those that can crawl through the fire and emerge stronger at the other end". "When my opportunity was taken away from me, and granted to the man I defeated not a week prior, this tournament is where I can finally prove, undisputedly, that I belong. To put that voice away for good. I am good enough. A part of me sees raising the Survival Games Trophy, as putting right my wrongs from Japan. To balance the scales with someone like Alex Costa who I saw become the real potential that I wanted to be. To win a tournament as unforgiving as this, against all the odds when the powers that be have pushed me aside, for every fall that I've taken on this rollercoaster of a ride, to win Survival Games would make it all worth it. Too much is at stake here for me to lose, Alex. There can't be a state where you cost me this chance. Not again. Faction allegiance or not, I have to defeat you. I will beat you for all the lights I've stared at, all the losses, and for every step taken in the long journey of these worn out old boots". -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Broncos vs Jets Saints vs Lions Chargers vs Buccaners Jaguars vs Bengals Vikings vs Texans Seahawks vs Dolphins Steelers vs Titans Browns vs Cowboys Colts vs Bears Ravens vs Football Team Giants vs Rams Pats vs Chiefs Bills vs Raiders Eagles vs 49ers Falcons vs Packers

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