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    • Part 2: Kharma's a Bitch Maryse’s return at Wrestlemania 28 sent shockwaves through the WWE as fans have been buzzing not only about Maryse but the entire women's division. It seems as if the women's division is finally getting some attention by not only the fans but the WWE as well. Maryse’s return sparked somewhat of a boost of interest in the WWE Women’s Division as her return went down as one of the top moments of the night at Wrestlemania 28. With that seemingly the WWE have received a bit of a push from the fans to give the women some more attention as of late. We will have to see how the WWE responds to these wishes but as of right now it is looking pretty good that the WWE will start to focus a bit more on their women in the near future.  On the Raw following Mania we would see Kharma come down to the ring furious as she cut a promo on Maryse stating things such as that she will end Maryse’s career for sure this time and that Maryse would have wished that she just stayed at home and didn’t come back to the WWE. Maryse would end up answering Kharmas call telling her that she is going to be a WWE Women's Superstar through in through. Maryse made a point here not calling herself a diva but instead a superstar. This struck a chord with the audience as we would begin to see many fans talk about possibly a name change coming in the future. Maryse would also call out Kharma telling her that she was running down this women's division with her brutal attacks and antics. The two would end up feuding for quite some time as week after week Maryse would have to either avoid or survive through brutal attacks at the hands of Kharma. Kharma would even powerbomb Maryse off the stage one week but with the new found resilience in Maryse she would return and cost Kharma a number #1 contender's match against Natalya. During this time we would also see Natalya turn on her best friend Beth Phoenix as she seemingly was sick and tired of being second fiddle to Beth’s historic reign as Divas Champion. Natalya would receive huge support from the fans as she would become one of the top female babyfaces in the company along with Maryse. Eventually we would see a match between the two at Extreme Rules. In this match Natalya would win the title putting an end to the 210 day reign by Beth becoming one of a few women to hold the Championship on two separate occasions. Meanwhile Maryse and Kharma would be going back and forth every week but were never given a PPV match as WWE seemingly did not feel ready to have more than one womens matchup on a PPV at a time. So because of this Maryse’s and Kharma’s feud would be drawn out for longer with the women not really getting that big match between each other. Vince would eventually get some backlash for this leading up to him even mentioning it in a promo in which he made the match between the two at the next PPV. Eventually though we would see them finally get their match as the Divas Champion Natalya was given the No Way Out PPV off which allowed for a number one contenders match for the Divas Championship. In which Maryse would end up defeating Kharma thanks to a quick roll up which sent the fans wild as Maryse was an extreme underdog vs Kharma leading into the match. After the match though Kharma would attack Maryse laying her out the same way she injured her the first time. Maryse would end up being out for a month missing the Money in the Bank PPV. Maryse though would return the following night on RAW and use her #1 Contendership match win as she would challenge the Divas Champion Natalya to a match in Canada setting up for the battle of Canada at Summerslam. Predictions: 1) Who wins? 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match?
    • BPZ- Nine-Nine- Episode 1 "Pilot Part 2" Welcome back to BPZ- Nine-Nine, today is our second half of introductions and these fellas are very special in their own ways. First up, is someone who is very badass but horny at the same time, Sailor Meko. A wonderful girl, but she can be sometimes too aggreisive for her own good. Sailor Meko- Thank you for taking the time to look at me, you like what you see dont you? Anyways, stop looking at me, I will end you! My job here is to be the baddest bitch in this department while keeping everything in order. Do you know how exhausting that can be? Moving on from a women with high standards now to two goofballs in their own right. As we introduce Bubba and Ropati. They dont get much done in the department, but they are very likeable so we keepn them around for the publicity. Hey dont judge me! Bubba- Hey Ropati why is their a camera in our face? Omg are we are on tv, this is the best day of my life I can not wait to show my mom.  Ropati- No you dumbass, its to show what we do in the office. And its obvious you just stuff chips down your throat all day long. Good job for ruining my day, god I hate you Bubba. Why am I still your friend after all these years? And finally, the last one of our introductions, we have the leap cop, Bart. He is a funny lad, but can also get the job done. He makes sure everything stays on track while having the job be fun in many ways. Bart- Wassup my dawgs, I am the lead dog in the pack over here. Speaking of packs, I want to speak of my best friend, Alex Costa. He has been signed to this department to make sure everything is on track, let me bring him in.  Alex Costa- Hello as you can tell I am a purified Genius, and if you didnt know piss off. As it seems Bart has forgotten me, and even my buddy Aaron North, damn he sucks. Anyways, let me introduce myself, I help this place not become massive Pus***, and my friend Aaron North here does the same thing, we are the real men here. And Finally, I promise man. It is Aaron North, he doesnt let shit go on over here. And if he needs to put someone in their place, if you known what I mean he will do so. And Now that is all for our introductions---------------- Right before we were supposed to go off the air, the lead Cop, Bart gets in the face of Aaron North, screaming "What Did You Say About Me Dawg?!" The two stay in eachothers face practically kissing before, someone of all people Sheridan gets in the way. The words "Me Likey" echos throughout the department, as everything turns silent, Bart is speechless. As he walks away, leaving Sheridan alone in embarrassment. As she walks off the frame, what is next for these two lovebirds? Bob Sparks- Well that was embarrassing wasnt it? I guess ill just leave aswell as it seems thats what were all doing right now. Sameer- Aye yo, wheres Sheri at? I guess she saw me and was just so attracted by me she had to run away. Sheri im coming baby!  ----------------- I hope you enjoyed all the introductions, next up is our first episode, and I have loads of stuff planned for that.----------------  
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