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All Elite Wrestling: "The Next Best Team" #34

In the new episode, Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks square off in our main event, with the winning team having the next shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution! All this plus much more in this episode of "Total Extreme Wrestling". Will we finally sign Ryback?
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"Injury Crisis" WWE Universe Mode: #42

We're on the final episode of NXT before Takeover! Tonight Keith Lee teams up with an unlikely duo in Imperium as they try and halt the momentum of the Undisputed Era. After Adam Cole's blindside attack on Lee, will he be able to compete at 100%? Plus, Matt Riddle is in action as he looks to earn one last win before his big championship match with Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover.
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Take in the destruction of the Elimination Chamber, streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Castle Attack

The New Beginning Tour recently ended for New Japan Pro Wrestling, with the major moment of the tour being Kota Ibushi defeating SANADA to retain the IWGP Double Championship. We now look into our next tour with the brand new Castle Attack, which will be headlined by two shows in Osaka Jo-Hall. Discuss here!
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    • The camera points at a closed-door, before panning across a dark room, bathed in dark red lighting. We see Kiera sitting in a chair with a book in hand and reading glasses on.  Kiera: To Kiera, long time no speak. Hmmmmmm. Storytimes are always so fun. I really loved this new fiction title by our very own member of the Valor roster, Prince. I must say, I'm flattered that you decided to create a times bestseller all about me, it shows real dedication to your Megami. If you were here right now, I’d give you a gold star sticker and a pat on the head for your dedication to me.  She takes off the reading glasses and places down the book on the table beside her.  Kiera: Fortunately, I don’t need to hide behind this veil of weird letters. It’s 2021 anyway who even writes letters, Prince? Just talk like a normal human being, or send a text. You could even tweet like the rest of the roster loves to do for some reason, but no, you have to be the pretentious artsy guy.  Kiera pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath Kiera: I would like to take the air time that I have right now to talk about you though. No voice-overs or cringey videos of me writing a letter and pausing in thought, just a woman telling it how it is. Prince. Let’s not lie and say that you’re in good standing for this match first of all. You just took a beating at the hands of Mi Amor. Your last match was a loss at the hands of Jonathan. Not just a loss, but a complete beating, victimization. Your stock must be very low right now. Your body must be beaten and bruised, it's a wonder that you were even picked to be a part of this tournament. I respect the resilience. But that respect doesn’t get in the way of the fact that at the end of the day, you are just not in a good enough shape right now to go in the ring with me one on one, let alone with Alex Costa in the mix too.  She very overdramatically ponders for a moment before chuckling and looking at the camera Kiera: Oh but no wait, even if you were full health you didn’t have a chance. Aha, I should have known. It's YOU after all Prince! If there’s one thing that all three of us have in common, its failure, I will be the first to admit that, but at least I’m coming into this one with a hot streak. You are coming off of the beating from Jonathan, a failed defence of your title, a history of making yourself a joke with comedy in order to pop the crowd, all to hide the fact that if you were really serious just for one moment, if you stopped hiding behind your stupid letters and gimmicks, you would be nothing but a loser. There’s two people in this world Prince, people who can face their flaws and change them, and people who run and hide from their problems, failing to improve themselves and dying with no achievements outside of when luck was on that side. I don’t know about you Prince, but I feel like the latter is pretty apt when describing you.  You took precious time in your letter talking about how I was blaming the crowd for my loss against Sameer. If anything, I said the opposite. I take great joy from their boo’s, the crowd will never be able to affect me negatively, because after all, they are all stuck in their dead end jobs, spending all of their money to come and see me, their Megami. I am their leader, they are underneath me, bowing down to me at every show with their money in hand ready to hand over. Not understanding that Prince, it really hurts. It’s disrespectful. You haven’t been listening to what your Megami has been saying. Usually, a violation of this sort is worth a beating on the spot. But I will let you off this one time. You have enough punishment coming to you very very soon.  We were Young & Free. We both aren’t young anymore. But there is only one of us that is free. It is me. Kiera Black. Free from the chains of my past, free from the judgment of the people. Free of any kind of worry. Your Megami is the one who has seen the light here, not you. You are the one still shackled to your chains, you remain in the dark locking yourself in the prison of self-deprecating comedy and gimmicks. I want so desperately to set you free because seeing someone who was once my friend fall down the hole so far really pains me. You are addicted to the bright lights, the fame, the roar of the crowd whether it's a laugh, a cheer or a boo. I want to help you so much Prince. So, so much. But any progress with an addict can only come mutually and you just don’t seem ready to put the pipe down, you just need one more hit and so you sit there, pen in hand, voice over playing. For what? Your next fix? You don’t need to worry about it anymore though Prince. You needn’t worry anymore. Your Megami is coming, she’s coming to help you. Set you free of your chains. Make you see the light that made itself clear to me. Whether you like it or not, you will be bowing down to your Megami by the time the bell tolls. I just hope that the beating I give you is enough to save you before you really embarrass yourself.   Kiera turns around and turns on the TV, where we see the final moments of Prince VS Jonathan and the vignette fades to black, Valor returning to its regular scheduled programming. 
    • What a fucking show. I think my tiredness at the end of occasion and the overall wear of a four hour wrestling show zapped a bit of my enjoyment in the moment, but this was a very good show from a match by match perspective, though I think the overall show as a whole was odd. I would recommend so many matches on this card to somebody who wants to get into Joshi or a fan who missed the show, but I don't think I would ever tell them to watch the whole of the show, regardless it would be impossible to say any of these matches were bad, two disappointed but they were just not up to the quality of the whole show, just an incredible night of wrestling. I'll share some thoughts on some matches, don't feel like talking about everything. In order, I'll talk about them from my favorite to least favorite, here we go: Momo v Nanae Best match on the show for me personally because I am unable to separate my bias when it comes to Momo. I'm very upset that I knew the result of this match before it happened, but God this match still went fucking insane. Momo is the fucking man, in every sense that that phrase is applicable in, and Nanae is just as good, they are just two incredible Joshi who went to town for each other with no reprieve. This match was so brutal, everything was done so snuggly and they stiffed the fuck out of each other with everything they did. Momo's Somatos looked deadly, the forearms Nanae threw were top tier, every kick landed and perhaps this wasn't the best sounding stiff match, but you could see every follow through being completed. I love this match so much outside the finish, but it was to be expected. I hope that Momo gets some positive direction soon but I know she won't. I don't know, they've booked themselves into a corner with Momo. She's lost everything to everyone, maybe MOMOAZ have a tag run now but idk, they'll just lose again. Queen's Quest have become a second thought as of late, they are definitely the least respected stable in terms of protection, even Oedo Tai got elevated into an angle with STARS so they have direction, maybe they feud more with DDM now that Giulia is prob coming for Red Belt in the near future, I guess that would be cool but DDM seem to be going full domination arc. I think QQ will have to drift for a while, maybe Momo can go back to SEAdLINNNG to try to avenge her losses and turn the corner, but I'm overall wary of what's to come for Momo and the rest of QQ. Yoshiko v Mayu STS did a highlight video on it, peep if u wanna get a taste of the match Probably the objective best match of the show, everything I thought it would be. I struggle to come up with things to say about this match because it had an expectation that was clearly laid out and met that in every facet. The sequences in this match were incredible, the brutality of Yoshiko hopefully opened her up to more people, she has phenomenal matches in SEAdLINNNG, her trilogy with Sareee is phenomenal, her Iroha matches as expected are incredible, her Nanae/Arisa/Tsukasa matches need no explanation, she is the definitive ace of SEAdLINNNG and one of the best active Joshi. Mayu did the Mayu thing, get her ass kicked first half, epic gamer mode second half, that sequence though where Yoshiko drops Mayu to sleep with a wicked forearm, Mayu wakes up in epic gamer mode, forearms Yoshiko to sleep, and then is folded in half by the two Yoshiko lariats to set up Yoshiko's final flurry is incredible, and Mayu's epic gamer mode finishes never lose their luster for me, regardless of how many times I see them, the flip she has is unlike any other. I think from here she gets Konami and Bea matches, maybe (probably) wins Cinderella to get the Tam match that she so desperately wants, would make for good shit. Idk when she gets the reprise on her Ace run, but I don't see her declining any time soon, pumped for her upcoming stuff even if she's the biggest villain in wrestling history. Syuri v Konami I'm so very conflicted on this match. Okay so, obviously I liked this match because I have it so high but like, this match has left me perplexed like no other. I liked it, it was good and stiff and snug and they wasted absolutely no time firing off on each other. The chain wrestling on display was rly good, their transitions were smooth and Konami and Syuri's (esp Konami) ability to pick out improbable submissions and selling the transition incredibly well was just the best part of this outing, followed by the kicks. The MMA angle worked in this match was very compelling, which is why I liked the finish. MMA matches end suddenly, 50/50s decided in seconds, and this finish, that fucking Triangle being reversed into a stepover Brock Lock was just muy caliente, one of the best submissions I've seen and that shock finish was really really well done. But at the same time, they built so much stuff to make it seem like this match was gonna go so much longer. They have Konami tell Tora to not interfere because she wants to beat Syuri clean and no pay off unless I'm supposed to believe Bea pushing the rope toward Konami was the big pay off to that. Konami comes out with all he toes out and throws maybe four or five kicks, we couldn't even kick a cheeky spinning heel kick from either side, none of Syuri's big kicks came out either, it just... so much potential here left untapped in the end, it just hurts man. Wanted a 30 minute outing and got 8, still great match tho. I've invented a very asinine head cannon that Jungle Kyona returns and beats Syuri for the title, fighting for the Republic of Senegal instead of Japan so she is still open to facing Japanese competitors, meaning we can get Konami challenging again, Momo singles match, Mayu match maybe if Mayu is fucking around for a little bit, originally contrived for the White Belt but I know that that reality is even less likely than this one so I resign all my hopes in this Jungle Kyona: Senegalese Superstar, God this is never gonna happen is it. ig we can talk ab that for the Tam/Giulia match. AZM v Poi POI! Great match POI! POI POI POI!  POIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Once again POIving you don't have to be smart POI to be a chamPOIn. Great match, they did some wild shit, final flurry was cool. Giulia v Tam You know, I don't mind the result, I think we'll still eventually get DDM with all the titles and drop accrued, and bald Giulia will go crazy, Tam is cool, I'm not as high on her as others but she's pretty cool, she bust out some extremely batshit spots in the close of this match. I don't have a lot to say about the match because I was trying not to pass out from exhaustion, but yeah. I don't know where they go from here necessarily, safe money is on Mayu match after Mayu wins Cinderella, I hope they don't cuck Tam out the gate but it is an avenue I can see them taking. I'm not sure enough on Tam's history outside Mayu and Giiulia to recommend a match for the future, I assume they'll job Momo out to her or something, I rly think Momo should go on a run in other Joshi pros for a while but whatever. I think Tam should drop to Jungle anyways, some time in like September whenever Kyona is fully cleared, it has the Stars retribution and all like please Bushiroad. Then Kyona/Konami, Kyona/Momo, and Momo/Konami bc of this ofc, so much to do here, plz Bushiroad plz. Rambo Momoe Nakanishi and Yuuri Haruka carried this match on their backs I swear to God they did. Very chaotic match, very good watch party match because of all the wild shit that happens in it. Cosmic Angels omegapog, UNAGI WON A MATCH LETS FUCKING GO! I'm happy the Happy Boob Girls stood together at the end of the match, absolutely adored the match and extremely happy ab the result. Saya/Utami good match, idc ab the Bea challenge. Tag was cool, Saki gets better and better, MaiHime looked extraordinary, Tora is a menace.
    • Finisher: Midas Touch (double wrist-lock knee strike to a kneeling opponent)   Uber Finishers: Triangle Lancer (Kneeling Step-Over Head-Hold Armbar Choke) Final Lancer (Kneeling Step-Over Head-Hold Armbar)
    • We are live on Valor, hours away from the final match to determine the Number One Contender for the Valor Atlas Championship. We suddenly cut to a pre-taped vignette of a man looking at his cabinet. A bunch of titles are on display but the man seems depressed. We do eventually zoom in and see that the man in question is Alex. Alex Costa: Do yall know what I see when I look at all these accomplishments whenever I walk past them? It's a painful reminder of where I was before I signed with this company, a reminder that I was amongst the best. Yet it seems ever since 2019 I have been cursed with this tag of never managing to get the job done. No matter how hard I try, how much I work for, I can't seem to win when it matters. Alex then takes a seat in an armchair in the room. I could be like others in this company and easily blame others for my failures, talk about conspiracies, management holding me back, people making political decisions but the truth is those are just lame escuses. At the end of the day if you are good enough to succeed you don't hide behind those failures, you learn from them, you use them to improve. After losing to you last year Prince, I learned that you are doing whatever it takes to win, even resort to cheap tactics if you have to. It's funny you always mention your time in the Karico Brand, your time with Bart, almost as a reminder that you can never truly let go of the past. Bart who has surpassed you, way beyond belief. In a way his time with the Karico Brand is almost like a whisper, something that people don't mention at all. And that pisses you off doesn't it Prince? It pisses you off that matter what you accomplish, no matter what you do, you can never measure up to him. Just like you can not measure to me anymore. I've learned from our match last year and I am not the same guy you faced last year. Last year all I was a man lacking focus, following orders. And the orders were simple, help Raven get the North American Championship. And I was willing to do it, I was willing to sacrifice myself to help a man who I consider like a brother to me. Do you have family yourself Prince? Have you ever truly had to do whatever it takes to help someone closer to you than blood? I want you to ponder these questions deeply Prince and then tell me if I am correct. Alex then turns around to begin speaking about his second opponent the Megumi Kiera Black. It's been almost a year since we've met hasn't it Kiera? The Intercontinental Championship match at BPZMania, how does a year change things. But my respect for you still exists, but I have to question. You say it's your destiny to face Mikey? You are very misguided Kiera, it's not your destiny to be the one to face Mikey, you are not the one that got screwed over by him. You are not the one who got the pleasure of screwing him back and denying him his place in the Main Event of BPZMania. That honor, that destiny it belongs to me. Now I like the atitude you are showing at the end of the day, these fans can cheer for us, they can boo us for what we do. But we control our fate, our actions, our path. It's not up to them to decide what we must do, it's up to us. Unfortunatly for you and for our World Heavyweight Champion I might have to do something regretful towards you in order to get what I want. And what I want it is to be the one to eliminate the stain on Valor that is Bad Influence. Mikey, you and your goons have run over this brand for far too long. Tonight is just the first step when I win this match, and god I will do whatever it takes to win this damn match, I am going to look you straight in your damn eyes and tell you how much I want to beat the living piss out of you for what you have done last year. Our story is not over until I say it's over. And it will only be over when I take everything you hold dear. So Prince, Kiera, I am sorry to have to do this but as everyone witnesses, I will if necessary let your bodies be left broken in that ring. And as my hand is raised and I am declared the winner I will simply look down on you both as you lie down in the middle of the ring bloody and broken and simply... LET IT RAIN! The camera immediatly fades to black as we cut to a commercial break, it will happen later tonight, Alex Costa, Kiera Black, Prince who will advance to BPZMania? We shall find out

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