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    • Kills looks around at the crowd in attendance as he makes his meticulous gait down to the ring with the crowd strongly opposed to the newly dubbed “Sadist Savior” after his match with Matt Evans where for the first time in months, he lost his cool, it resulted in Evans being carted off as Kills remained in the ring, in his meditative pose.  Kills flips into the ring, rolling into a cross-legged stop with the crowd howling at him. He leaves one eye open as he look out at the crowd, enveloped in this purple smoke. He closes his eye and pulls his microphone from his jacket, tapping it against his boot before putting it to his mouth.  “You’re all subject to the purple reign. Enslaved to the whim of those who call brand themselves as “The Greatest Show On Earth” and the silver-spooned champion who reigns with a Kingdom enforced fist. I find myself positioned as your hero once again, the Savior to rescue you from the purple reign.” The crowd vehemently boo Kills, who seems content enough to stop speaking altogether and simply gaze out into the sold-out arena as he twirls the microphone between his fingers, patiently waiting for the reaction to cease. It finally begins to die down and immediately, the unsettlingly even tone of Kills breaks through.  “I wonder why it is you boo me? Is it because I pulled away from the cult that abandoned me in the middle of that ring to suffer at the hands of others? Or because I exercised my demons on the newest one of your toys in Matt Evans? Isn’t doing that to people, snapping their arms the people who stepped up to me if you all loathed them. Perhaps you hate me because I did what each and every last one of you do. I lost myself, and it drives you all crazy that somebody you once respected could be as feeble as you all.” “It’s okay, you’ll won’t even realize it when you begin to cheer for me. You’ll no longer be mesmerized by the newest infatuation of the BPZ Universe in Alyx Wilde, and realize that Bart has nothing to offer you. You’ll be behind me, wishing for the Purple Reign to fade to black.” As Kills seemingly ends his address, “One True Villain” commences, blaring from the sound system as EVOLVE Grand Champion Bart emerges from the gorilla.
    • We are live after the first Carnage since Power Trip Cup, where Renee Young and John Trenton are currently doing the Carnage post show - “Talking Carnage.” Joining them first is “The Gentleman” JoshsNow Renee: First, let me introduce a man very familiar to our first guest, John Trenton John: Thanks for having me on Young: No problem. Now please welcome my first guest, “The Gentleman” JoshsNow. Josh: Hi Renee Young: Good to have you on. Now, listen you are fresh off a loss to Angelo Catio. This means that you can’t challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Judgement Day. Do you have any other plans? Josh: Renee, at Judgement Day I’ll be watching as a fan only. I’ll be resting for the King of the Ring tournament  Renee: So, as for that loss to Angelo, is there a reason? An excuse some may call it? Josh: There sure is Renee. The reason I lost is because I wasn’t good enough. He fought hard and earned my respect. What annoyed me however is that even Bailey, the general manager wanted me to lose that match. He only made that match because he knew I would fail. You know why? Because he is a man stuck in the past. He is stuck in the days of 2014-15 back when he was relevant. That’s why he made me defend IC against Flynn, because he didn’t want the belt to be on a 2016 guy. That’s why the man he claimed was “The Future of Carnage” is a 2014 guy. He was so happy that a 2016 or afterwards guy had held World, IC, Universal, won KOTR, MITB or Royal Rumble or main evented Mania. Then I changed that by winning IC. And because I spoke the truth out against him, Bailey did the next best thing to hating me, he ignored me. He doesn’t care about building Carnage up for the future. He only cares about Carnage now. But you know what Renee  Young: What Josh: I’m going to prove everyone that believes 2015 is the present wrong. The future starts now and I prove that at KOTR. I was already the first IC Champ from the post 2015 era and I will become the first KOTR winner from post 2015 and the first World Champion from post 2015. Maybe then all the Baileys in the world can see that they’re living in the past, I am the present and at KOTR I prove that. Thanks for having me on With that Josh storms out, his mind obviously distracted by anger at his loss and Bailey. 

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