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    • [The day before Judgement Day, a preview package plays of the matches we can expect at the event: FDS getting his first World Heavyweight Championship match in his career against the current champion, Flynn. "The Greatest Show On Earth" Alyx Wilde makes his first title defense against the dangerous Angelo Caito, and so on with many more great matches. Then, the video package goes static as a man clearing his throat. The man then yells "I AM!" before the static transits to Angelo Caito in the middle of the locker room as he is dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. The intesty he possesses is showing off as he stares a hole into the camera.] "I Am...... The Man. And my last boss didn't see that. Carnage is always about one guy and one guys massive ego. Anyone who goes there is destined to fail because The Authority doesn't want you to succeed unless he thinks you got value somehow. But now, I am that value. Look at me. What about my look doesn't scream champion? What about my look doesn't scream "money"? Huh? At thirty nine years of age, I'm more hungry, faster, and stronger than everyone else. That's why I'm one of the select few who showed up the past month. Me, a "old washed up" man putting these young punk ass kids in school on what work is. For three years, I've been the guy who been putting over talent who just start because no others will. Hell, I'm part of a dying generation. The men who were here in 2014 and 2015 are the real workers here. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this new era, as a matter of fact, all the new guys in the new era make me sick.  I am the longest active superstar BPZ has today and for that, they keep me away from the BPZ World Championship and puts me with young bastards like Storm and Josh and so on? Come on now. This company has disrespected my legacy enough. They disrespected it when they forced me to drop my title to Apex, they disrespected it when they refused to put that World Heavyweight Championship on me, and they disrespected me when they refused to put me in the Hall Of Fame. Oh yeah, watch the next induction, guys who's careers I MADE will go in while I sit in the crowd with a fake smile and a fake clap pretending I'm sooooo proud of them when in reality I hate them. I hate them all.  I hate authority. I hate the people who work in the back for the shit product we get. I mean honestly, look at the shit we got. Jason Ryan thinking it's fine to lie about a man's girlfriend dying by his hands to get a edge. JoshNow thinking he's going to win the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring after I handed him his thirty ninth lost. He keeps running his mouth I'll be more than glad to make it forty. And this King Of The Ring crap, it's been shit since the real men left in 2015." The settings turn to static again as it is then changed to the arena as the crowd is on their feet for the show ahead of them.  "I Walk Alone" plays as the crowd cheers on for "The Beast" Angelo Caito. He walks through the curtain with that known intesty once again as he quickly makes it to the stage and does his machine gun taunt as the pyro explodes again.  As the pyro stops, Caito then walks down the ramp as a young rookie by the name of Jordan Kennedy stands in the ring as Angelo runs up the steps. As he enters the ring and tries to go up to the second turnbuckle, Jordan tries to gain a early advantage and hits Angelo on the back, which seems to have not effect him. He turns around and eyes the rookie. Jordan's eyes widen as he starts to back up as Angelo brings his foot down off the rope and turns to face him. His facial expressions are of anger and says "No more real men..." before he clothesline him, flipping him inside out. He lifts up Jordan before running off the ropes and nails him with a Sling Blade. Angelo gets to his feet as he dusts his shoulders off before lifting Jordan up again. He then puts him in a fireman's carry before hitting him with a F5.  Jordan lays face first as Angelo looks down at him before walking over to the corner and grabs a microphone and speaks.] "You see what I mean? This era is the death of wrestling. I have had enough with this era. I will kill this era, because... I Am..... the Grizzled Veteran." [Angelo drops the microphone and turns and sees Jordan laying on the nat. He walks over and locks his legs around his and hooks his arm before slamming his face down with Punisher. Angelo flips Jordan's motionless body over and places a foot on him before the ref counts three. "I Walk Alone" plays as Angelo takes his foot off of him and he looks into the camera and says "Alyx Wilde, your first" before he leaves the ring, leaving this on people's mind. What's for the new generation of superstars now that Angelo is coming for them?]
    • The Valiant One Will Return 1
    • Since no one did it, I'll count the points: Bart - 8 The Marker - 7 Flynn - 5 ICON - 7 Ross - 6 Joshsnow - 4 Angelo Caito - 7 Echo Wilson - 6 TastefulChain4 - 6 I Can't Odd - 7 Which means that winner and the new champion is @Bart 
    • Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 112 and today Iam reviewing Redemption.  7. Fear vs Bash: 2.5 Stars A poor match that served its purpose as a cool down match. 2.5 Stars 6. Bailey vs Monda: 4.25 Stars A fast paced match to kick off the show. The two locked up and Bailey pushed Monda away and slapped him but Monda responded with multiple chops. He Irish whipped Bailey to the corner and went for a Clothesline but Bailey counted with an Elbow and then a Running Bulldog. Bailey tried to follow up with a Career Killer but Monda flipped out to the admiration of the crowd. Both men threw punches at each other before Monda asked for a hug. Bailey responded with a right uppercut but Monda hit a Slingblade for a 2. Monda scaled the ropes but Bailey German Suplexes him off for a 2. Bailey ran against the ropes but Monda Hip Tossed him, hit a Powerslam and then a leg drop. Monda hit a Swinging Neckbreaker and waited for Bailey to get up, tripping him up and locking in a Patriot Lock. Bailey got to the ropes and kicked Monda off but Monda hit an American Slam for a 2. Monda went for a MondaBomb and then a Superman Punch before hitting a GOATPLEX. He went for a Game Changer but Monda locked in an American Clutch. Bailey was a second of passing out but got a sudden burst of energy, spun behind Monda and hit a GOATPLEX and then a Career Killer for a 2. Bailey however hit another one for the win. 4.25 Stars 4. George vs Apex, Brad vs Peter Wilchester: 4.5 Stars  George vs Apex carried on the fast pace Bailey vs Monda had set in this great match. Both men started by locking up where George gained advantage and started to push Apex towards the turnbuckle. He tried to follow up with a Splash but Apex sent George out of the ring and hit a Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody from the inside of the ring to George on the outside. Apex threw George into the post and then threw George into the ring, followed up himself, and hit a Series of Elbow Drops for a 2. Apex lifted George up but was Irish Whipped into the ropes and then George hit an Uppercut and a Flapjack before kipping up and hitting the arising Apex with a double knee for a 2. He covered again but got a 1, before George lifted Apex up, seemingly going for the Piledriver, but he instead hit a Canadian Destroyer. Apex rolled out of the ring as George used the turnbuckles to get up and George went for a Suicide Dive but Apex dropkicked him mid air, before both men returned to the ring at the countout count of 8. Both men got up using the turnbuckles and George charged at Apex but Apex hit a Kip Up Hurricarana sending George into the ring post and onto the apron. Apex joined George on the apron and hit a barrage of kicks before pushing him off the apron. George however landed on his feet and simply moved out of the way when he saw Apex leap off the apron with a Running Senton. George rolled himself and Apex into the ring and hit the Piledriver or the 3. What followed an incredibly fast paced night was a well placed slow paced match between Brad and Peter Wilchester. Both men locked up and Peter put Brad in a headlock who pushed him off the ropes, ducked under the rebounding Peter and tried to jump over him but was caught in an Electric Chair Drop. Peter hit an elbow and leg drop for a 1. Peter lifted Brad up by the hair and whipped him against the ropes before trying to go for a punch but missed and Brad chopped him. Peter held his chest, chopped back, and dared Brad to do it harder. Peter hit a second chop but was met by a series of chops from Brad which sent Peter into the turnbuckle and caused him to collapse holding his chest as Brad roared and stomped all over him. Brad scaled the ropes but Peter pushed him backwards, sending Brads back into the post and also catching Brads leg in the turnbuckle. Peter went onto the apron and kicked Brads gut before placing Brad’s head on the steps and trying to Stomp on it but he missed and Brad began to break free, causing Yelich to break it up by throwing Brad into the ring post for a 2. Peter kicked Brad in the back, sending him out of the ring, and Peter cleared the announce table. He picked up Brad up the hair, claiming that “This was for Echo” but Brad broke Free and hit left and right jabs and charging at Peter but Peter back body dropped Brad through the table to the boos of the crowd. Peter rolled in the ring at 3 and began singing the Canadian National Anthem. Brad stirred at 6 and returned to the ring at 9. Peter hit two backbreakers and flexed, before trying to throw Brad over but Brad landed on the apron. Peter flexed as Brad returned to the ring and clotheslined him but Brad collapsed to a knee and held his back, unable to capitalise. Brad lifted Peter up but he was taken down by Peter who locked in a Sharpshooter to the hatred of the crowd but Brad crawled to the ropes. Peter tried to grab Brads legs but Brad kicked him into the ref. Peter noticed this and rolled out of the ring, grabbing a chair from the timekeepers area, and rolled back in where he hit Brad in the gut and back of the head with a chair before hitting a Canadian Destroyer. Peter revived the ref and covered but only got a 2 as the ref collapsed again. Brad rolled out of the ring and Peter followed, however he was hit by a chair from Brad and thrown into the ring. Brad followed and pummelled Peters back with the chair and locked in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. The ref got up as Brad screamed at Peter to tap who did, giving Brad the win in this 4.5 Star match 3. Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Ross: 4.75 Stars This match was a Fast Paced contest that lifted the cooled down crowd perfectly. Ross started by scaling the cage, causing Flynn to run after him. However Ross leaped behind him and shoved Flynn into the cage, before running off the ropes and Dropkicking him into the cage. Ross finished off the sequence with a Snap Suplex before stomping all over him to the hatred of the crowd. Ross Irish Whipped Flynn but Flynn caught himself on the ropes however he was Big Booted into it by Ross, seemingly knocking him out. Ross scaled the cage however Flynn joined him and hit a German Suplex off the cage, sending both men down. Both men used the ropes to stand up but Flynn was up first and smashed Ross’ skull into the cage with a Clothesline, and then followed up with a Belly to Belly Suplex. He tried to go for a Spear but Ross leaped behind Flynn and hit a kick to the back of Flynn’s head before trying to follow up with a German Suplex but Flynn elbowed him twice. Ross looked to Springboard off the ropes however it was a fake, causing Flynn to FKO no one, and Ross leaped onto the cage. Flynn followed him up there but couldn’t get the German Suplex, and Ross got to the top of the cage where Flynn followed. Both men slugged it out from the top of the cage but Flynn head butted Ross several times, sending both men down to the ring for a TKO count of 9. Flynn went to Ross but was kicked in the gut and then kneed in the side of the head. Ross then repeatedly Irish Whipped Flynn into the cage before hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker for a 2. Ross went to throw Flynn into the cage but Flynn tossed Ross over the ropes and spine first into the cage before Flynn Speared him into and followed with a Running Powerslam for a 2. Flynn would hit brutal strikes to Ross’ head and finished it with a Frog Splash for a 2. Flynn continued the assault with strikes before trying to lock in a Guillotine but Ross bit his ear and hit a Sliced Bread for a 2. Ross tried to leave through the door but Flynn grabbed his ankle. Ross stomped all over him but Flynn held on, causing Ross to lift him up and hit him with forearms. Ross tried to finish him off with a Reality Check but was FKOed out of nowhere for a 2. Flynn went for another one but was shoved into the cage and locked in a Bootleg but Flynn escaped by smashing Ross into the cage. Flynn went for a Kings Will Powerbomb but Ross landed on the cage and tried to scale it but Flynn jumped to the top rope and smashed Ross’ head into the cage and then hit an FKO off the top rope. He tried to follow up with a Kings Will but only got a 2. Flynn simply walked out of the cage for the win. The best Universal title match since June as this division continues to rise. 4.75 Stars. 1. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs JoshsNow, FDS Rules: FDS vs BiC: 5 Stars After the slow paced Brad vs Peter we got the opposite in an incredible fast paced contest between Echo and Josh. Josh charged immediately at Echos gut but was turned 360 degrees by a kick to the skull from Echo. Echo tried to follow up with a Knee but Echo dodged it and Josh hit a German Suplex before mounting Echo and hitting a series of punches but Echo kicked him off. Josh followed up by shoulder charging Echo into the corner before hitting a Flying Knee into the corner. Josh went to the middle rope and tried to leap onto Echo but was dropkicked in midair, causing Josh to roll out of the ring. Echo wasn’t far behind, throwing Josh into the barricade and then setting his shoulder up against the ring post, where Echo would Big Boot Josh’s Shoulder into the post. Echo went for a second one but Josh put Echo’s leg in the ropes and Superkicked him. Josh grabbed Echos hair and threw him into the ring before following himself. Josh locked in an Ankle Lock but when he realised Echo wouldn’t tap he transitioned into a Jawbreaker Submission however Echo started to slip out causing Josh to release the hold. Echo threw Josh into the corner, tied his legs around the ring post and then Locked in a Figure 4 but Josh refused to tap, leading to Echo releasing the hold. Echo Big Booted Josh’s legs into the steel and, after high fiving a fan, he scaled the ropes and went for a Double Foot Stomp. However Josh knocked him off the ropes and hit a Reality Check for a 2. Josh lifted Echo up by the hair and hit the It Kicks, but Echo caught the last kick and sent Josh into the opposite corner, but Josh charged back only to be met with a Dark Matter for a 2. Josh sent Echo away with a kick but was kicked in the knee when he walked toward Echo. Echo set up a ladder between the ring and barricade and chair in between the ropes but Josh threw Echo into the chair and hit a JoshCutter onto it for a 2. Josh tied to slap Josh but Echo hit a Forearm to the nose of Josh knocking him down, before Echo hit elbows to the face of Josh only for Echo to collapse next to Josh as the crowd went wild. Echo dragged Josh to the centre of the ring but Josh leaped up and hit a Codebreaker for a 2. Josh lied down stunned but this turned out to be a mistake as Echo crawled from behind and locked in an American Nightmare. George ran to the ring and Echo broke the hold to hit a Bloody Sunday to George, only to turn into a Spear from Josh and then a Great Scott 4.0 for a 2. Josh argued with the ref but was clotheslined out of the ring next to the ladder before Echo hit a Corkscrew out of the ring through the ladder onto Josh. Echo threw Josh into the ring and hit a Beautiful Disaster Combo for the 3. The greatest US Title match in nearly a year as this incredible division carries on its rise. 5 Stars FDS vs BiC was the first match of the Night not defined by a pace but was rather a match filled with brutality. Both men started by running to the ring to exchange strikes until BiC Clotheslined FD out of the ring. He tried to follow up with a Suicide Dive but was hit by a Forearm smash in midair by FD, who hung BiC on the apron and hit an Apron DDT. FDS grabbed a standard steel chair but BiC dropkicked it into FDS’ face and tried to follow up with a Suplex but FD reversed into a Brainbuster and began to smash the chair over the back of BiC until the chair bent. FDS Suplexed BiC into the barricade and tried to follow up with a Knee but missed and FDS’ Knee was driven into the barricade. BiC took advantage locking in a Half Boston Crab but it was broken up by FDS hitting the leg of BiC to break it up. BiC however Clotheslined FD and hit a Reverse STO, however when BiC tried to throw FD into the ring post FDS reversed and threw BiC into the post before following up with a Back Suplex. FD grabbed a table and tried to put BiC through it with a Death Valley Driver but BiC slipped out and German Suplexed FD into the barricade. A groggy BiC grabbed the announce table cover but FDS grabbed a chair and as BiC came towards FD, FD smashed the chair into the cover sending it into BiCs face. FDS jumped off the apron with the chair into BiC before FDS threw him over the Barricade and into the crowd. BiC grabbed brass knuckles and when FD went into the crowd to try punch BiC, BiC responded with a brass knuckles punch and then a DDT to bust FD open. BiC went to Suplex FD onto the barricade but FDS reversed into a Suplex Gutbuster to hang BiC onto the barricade before FDS sent BiC into the ringside area with a Knee To the ire of the fans. FDS grabbed a beer from the fans and swore at BiC as he threw the beer at him, before FD unloaded with a series of Muay Thai Knees to the face of BiC. FDS grabbed a line of barbed wire and cut it over BiCs forehead to bust BiC open, before trying to attempt a Rainmaker but BiC reversed into a Spanish Fly and then hit a Shooting Star Headbutt off the apron onto FDS. BiC grabbed a kendo stick and taunted FDS with it before hitting him in the face, the gut, the face again and then the gut again before repeating this for some time. BiC stopped when FDS fell to the ground, put the brass knuckles on and tried to hit FDS with it but FDS caught the punch and hit a Jumping Knee Strike to BiC and then a Clothesline. FDS threw BiC into the ring and grabbed a photo and tequila lemon juice mix before he rolled in himself. FDS held BiCs fingers apart and used the photo to paper cut them before pouring the alcohol into the cuts and then finished the sequence by snapping the arm back. FDS tossed BiC out of the ring and absorbed the crowds boos before trying to go for a Suicide Dive but missed and went head first into the announce table instead. BiC hit a Swinging Suplex Neckbreaker before scaling the announce table and moonsaulting off it onto FDS. BiC went for a Springboard Moonsault off the apron but FDS caught him and hit a Tombstone before FDS grabbed a blood stained steel chair and began to smash it over BiC’s head. FDS tried to lock in a Worst Nightmare but BiC Suplexed him onto the chair began punching FDS in the face before telling FDS to “Suck It”. BiC went for a brass knuckle punch but FDS ducked and hit a Blood Rainmaker before throwing BiC Back into the ring and grabbing the chair and going in the ring himself. FDS went for a Lay You to Sleep but BiC slipped out and went for a Handspring Cutter but was caught and hit by a Lay You to Sleep through the chair. FDS threw BiC out of the ring, Powerbombed him through the table he had set up earlier and then locked in a Worst Nightmare for a KO victory. 5 Stars Overall, the show receives 4.25 Stars. Join me tomorrow where I do the Ups and Downs of this show. Goodnight 
    • Season One Staff Members
      Owner: Robert Rodríguez
      Head Booker: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
      Announcers: Matt Striker
      Colour Commentators: Maryse Ouellet
      Referees: Justin King, Todd Sinclair
      Road Agents: Chavo Guerrero Jr., Mil Muertes

      Season One Roster
      Aero Star, Angélico, Big Ryck, Brian Cage
      Catrina, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Cortez Castro, Dante Fox
      Dario Cueto, El Texano Jr., Fénix, Ivelisse
      Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, Justin King, Killshot
      Maria Kanellis, Marty Martinez, Maryse Ouellet, Matt Striker
      Melissa Santos, Mike Bennett, Mil Muertes, Pentagon Jr.
      Prince Puma, Robert Rodríguez, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc
      Taylor Made, Todd Sinclair

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